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The Hottest Event Stationery Trends in 2019

The last five years have seen a massive shift towards personalisation and bespoke touches in party stationery.

This can be attributed to the proliferation of graphics software, and the digitisation of printing and paper handling. We’ve now got access to amazing materials and machinery for creating unique pieces. This has led to some of the most defining trends of late, including that ever-popular mainstay, foil stamping.

Above: Fiesta invitation suite: Emily Baird Design x Ink Letter Love; Photo: Madison Short
Photo: Madison Short

This has made customised stationery more accessible to all consumers – a trend in itself. A stunning set is not just for weddings anymore, but all events. In addition, we are no longer limited to invitations. We now have access to a whole suite of custom products for all events, from favour tags, to welcome posters.

Pineapple party poster: Pom Pom Kids; Stylist: A&J Wedding Party Events; Desserts; Icing Hill Brisbane

Die-cutting is nothing new, however, it is one of the most expensive processes to gain accessibility recently. It has not yet enjoyed the same level of success as other processes such as foiling and letterpress, but 2019 definitely is the time for die-cut invitations, elements and embellishments to have their time in the sun!

Diecut placecard: ELK Prints; Photo: Niki Harris, Fotogenica

White ink is a recent printing technique that has also seen its popularity increase over the last year. Paired with strikingly dark papers, it makes for stunning effects. Beautiful dark papers and cardstock will also dominate as a result of this.

Blue foiled invitation; Inked Design

Paper is not the only medium being used in 2019. Printing (rather than just etching) on non-traditional materials is another technique that is gaining ground.

In addition to unique printing and finishing techniques, crafty embellishments will also make an appearance.

Foiled circle invitation: Handmade by Mee 

Playful and casual typography will emerge too. It’s safe to say that the sun has set on brush font, but modern, mid-weight script fonts will continue to trend. Outlined fonts and handwritten block lettering will make a mark. Paired with quirky patterns and custom cartoon-style illustrations we will see the ultimate culmination of stationery reflective of the individual.

Memphis pattern invitation: Claudia Owen Design