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I(ILLER INSTINCT: FASHION GOES SAVAGE Lady Gaga seems to be splashed across the tabloids in stories relating to her eclectic choice of outfits rather than her musical achievements. We've seen the lobster hat, the bow made out of hair and the latest jawdropper: the 'meat dress' she wore to the MTV awards. This is not an article about Lady Gaga; it is about the surreal development that fashion is taking . lt appears that the hunter-gatherer instinct of our humanity is becoming more apparent in the world of fashion . We've killed the animal, skinned it and wrapped ourselves in its fur. We've been draped in feather boas and clutched crocodile skin purses. Yet it seems it is not enough to just take on the look of an animal, it's been done darling, done to a very literal death. Now, fashion has taken to the brandishing of raw meat, with cold, bloody, dead flesh touching pure, MMESJAPJ warm, living skin. For a field where perceptions abound with all things superficial, this is certainly an ethical debate to sink our savage teeth into. Yes, we know that Gaga's dress was not made of meat and was only an allusion to it, but the principle is the same. The intention is the same, it cannon-bolted the questions out into the world of how much more extreme fashion can get and how much of a superior species we regard ourselves to be. To be honest, meat is just a material; but not a good one for dress-making as I imagine it to be quite ..,..,.~ tough on the old needle and thread . Circa the war .:====:::::::=::::::::==:=-


t imes: our grandmothers made the most of what they had; rationing food, sewing holes in socks, sharing bath water etc. Surely we are doing the same. We are being econom ical in using every part of the animal. This primitive concept can also be seen in the shark tooth necklaces around the neck of a man and rabbit skin gloves on the hands of a well-to-do lady. We are strutting around like proud peacocks, embracing our top-of-the-food -cha in status. Where can we go from here? This is a sordid choice of subject even in our modern western society, which is generally quite open to newness and the impact it can create . However, after initial observation of said meat dress, it poses a similarity to a piece of art by the Canadian artist Jana Sterbak. Sterbak assembled a garment entitled "Flesh Dress" out of fifty pieces of cured steak.The artefact explored the role oft he human being through power, control and sexuality. These themes mirror the reaction to the contemporary meat dress; provoking a mixture of fear and excitement, it lures us in . In an almost surrealist fashion, it approaches the status of a fetish, an unknown unsure how to act. So it seems the future of fashion lies in the past. Previous ideas and impressions are waiting to be dusted down and recycled into avant-garde pieces. Fashion is rapidly becoming less about wear-ability and more about morality. KatJones

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Venue - Issue 248 - 23 November 2010  

Venue - Issue 248 - 23 November 2010