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RISEBA University of Applied Sciences is a private university with more than 27 years of experience, which offers competitive education and prepares high-level specialists and managers in business and creative industries for work in an international environment.


The school's history dates back to 1993, when the first two classes of the four-year study program opened at the Poděbrady castle. For the first two years, the school operated as a branch of the Prague EKO Gymnasium and, from 1995, as an independent gymnasium.

Is an NGO working since 2010. The services are provided for different target groups: victims of violence, (ex) offenders, social risk families, youth, volunteers, social workers, social partners, disabled people, etc.


European Institute for Local Development (EILD) is an active. EILD was founded in 2009 as an independent non-governmental organization whose members are European citizens, entities and organizations devoted on supporting regional development activities and transnational collaboration.

Tenerife Job Training was founded in 2010 and has been working on Educational Tourism providing experiences related to #travelingtolearn and #learningtotravel.



The company has been at the forefront of introducing new, interesting, and innovative teaching and training methods in the field of adult education and entrepreneurship.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program. The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the content, which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Eesti People to People is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation registered in Estonia in 1997 and with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International NGO. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT (EILD)


The BABBAT project has become a focus in labour offices. People who lost their jobs during the pandemic lost trust in re-education. They also lost the courage to start a new career and their own business. They need motivation and encouragement. BABBAT develops further on a previous Erasmus+ project, Minds into Matters. One of the outputs of that project was the Book of Business (BoB), a simple manual for training newly recruited staff in a brief, concise, clearly arranged way. The examples of BoBs are available at

The aim of BABBAT Output 1 is to map the situation in all project partners’ countries. We established teams of experts who help us consult the labour market in various commodities: business, production and services. We interviewed and recorded the ”best examples”, people whose stories are here to motivate and whose models we will follow. For BABBAT Output 2, we collect short stories from company owners and entrepreneurs who have started their businesses for various reasons. Their stories reflect their life-changing experience, losses and gains, and increasing self-confidence. Book of Business Lágafell 2016 1 IS01 017090

The Icelandic coordinator (Skref Fyrir Skref/ Step by Step, Hansina B. Einarsdóttir) applied for this Erasmus+ Partnership project in 2018. The project aims to motivate adults and low-skilled workers in lifelong learning. The project partners’ countries will work on a much-needed tool to indulge adults in education and restart their previously lost careers; regardless of age, we couldn’t know that the covid-19 pandemic was hovering over the world, enhancing this need. After two years, when we all fought for success in our businesses, families, and communities with the virus impact, one fact remains.



Better Adult Training – BABBAT 1 BAT Training Textbook 1

I had a coffee meeting during Covid time with Dagmar Jóna Elvarsdóttir, who finished her BS in tourism at the University of Iceland after she became 50-year-old. She told me that her best ways were to learn something new and try to step out of her “comfort zone.” She mentioned some positive experiences and learning after having the courage to step out of her comfort zone, like “I learned to be more critical in my thinking, which led me to review my prejudices”. She said this experience gave her strength and strength to become a good role model. These steps also increased self-confidence and led to extensions of my personal and professional network.”

BABBAT – Better Adult Training 2 BAB Training Textbook 1

“To dare me and to step out of my comfort zone.”

How would you enrich your life or try to affect your working andwell-being,situation,health?

What is needed to do that?

Dagmar believes diversity of educational choices is essential for older students regarding employment possibilities. She chose an education in tourism because of her interest in the industry. Dagmar has worked for two Icelandic tourism companies over the last eight years. The university education has not increased her salary but helped her evolve.

I had a conversation with Zane Rascevska; she is 29-year-old. She completed her master’s degree in business administration at BA School of Business and Finance. Despite her age, she is inspirational and has achieved a lot.

Better Adult Training – BABBAT 3 BAT Training Textbook 1

She said: ”I would like to think so! My story is complicated. I grew up in a small town in a family where no one believed in me. I was expelled in 7th grade because I didn’t pass exams. People say I wanted too much, and girls like me do not achieve anything. Today I am a PhD candidate, Forbes 30 under 30, Head of Business incubator and businesswoman.” Yes, I almost failed to finish high school. At 18, I met my biological father, and he took me to New York. After a breathtaking day on Broadway and Times Square, I admitted that this is the life I would love to live. My father supported me by saying: “You can have it all, as long as you study at university and do not give up on yourself and your life”. I didn’t give up – I started my first business in high school and graduated from a school full of dreams and new goals to achieve.

When I asked her: ”Can you empower others?”

”Believe in yourself, start doing what you love, and everything else will come”.

I want to inspire people to look at things more broadly. Not everyone can be a doctor, an engineer or a pilot. Schools often move toward specific subjects, but they needed to think broader. These days we also need innovators, business people, and people in marketing and sales. We should be creative and flexible to help young people find themselves.

“Do what you love, then everything else will come!”

This great dame, Kolbún Vidalín, was 52-year-old when she decided to apply for Art education out of a clear blue sky. She tried the University of Iceland but did not have the required qualifications. Still, the University of Akureyri in the North of Iceland, about 600 km from her home, accepted her application based on the text and notebook she sent. ”Well, after the main interview with the principal, I asked him, ”Do you think I belong here? And he replied promptly, ”you have every right to be here, welcome to the Uni” I never doubted my decision. I knew this was going to be backbreaking work. I was worried about my fellow students. They were all under 25-year-old. How would I go along? I worried about how to manage independently and begin alone for the first time. I got married when I was 18. At 52, I rented a small cottage in a forest where I had to dig my way out of snow to get to the University most of the winter. The reward was worth every minute of it. I was resilient and strong after being a seaman’s wife for most of my adult years. That experience made me unbeatable. I felt that I could deal with so many things, and now I can work and live anywhere, giving me the motivation and spirit to deal with and face unknown situations.”

”You have every right to be here, welcome to the Uni”

Interview with 43-year-old Gita Anderson, Kokle master, Kokle teacher, composer and music arranger, multi-award Whenwinner.I

There have been so many reasons to quit and give up. But if you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve, then never stop going for it, and if you cannot go, then crawl, and if you cannot crawl, then just lay down with your eyes on the goal, continue this step by step until you have reached your goal! You think that You can empower others?

One of my teachers would always end our lessons with the words: ”Nothing will ever come of you anyway”. I would have to carry a 10 kg heavy instrument for about 5km every day, but not even that or my teachers could put me off wanting to learn how to play this instrument. Then I joined Riga’s music high school, from which I was dismissed because of a failed exam, but not even that stopped me as I entered a Jelgava music high school soon after. The time I spent in Jelgava was some of the most successful of my life. There I learnt how to express myself through music and arranging, gained a lot of concert experience performing at various events and got a job at a music school. At the age of 17, I was already working as a teacher. Now I have worked in this field for more than 25 years.

It took a lot of willpower, courage and determination to play, but I never gave up. With time I not only played but also started arranging and composing the music adapted to Kokle; this is how I created the first songs. One of my works was rewarded in a competition for new compositions, which was a significant accomplishment. This was so well-loved that in 2015 it got included in the repertoire of the Latvian School Youth Song and Dance festival concert, and I got invited to be the lead conductor of the Kokle orchestra, where all the ensembles from music schools around the country joined together. The feeling when about 200 children follow the movement of your hands and, with joy in their eyes, play your composition is a feeling words cannot describe. This is the highest high a musician can achieve.

“If you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve, never stop going for it!”

was nine years old, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play a Latvian folk instrument called Kokle. My parents were quite against this idea and tried to change my mind. And said they were not sure if I would even be talented enough to play it. Despite this, I applied to a music school.

BABBAT – Better Adult Training 4 BAB Training Textbook 1


I am Jolanta Chlevickienė. I am running the website I am the manager of the project and also the editor of another portal I am a mother of two children and work with a project that enables women to develop their entrepreneurial skills, career opportunities and opportunities for personal development. I have been working with the project for the past five years: organising training courses, entrepreneurship, career growth courses, and seminars. I am working on a network of contacts for, where women get to know, look for friends or partners, and develop business or social projects together.

The story of my business is unique in a way that it is difficult to find a business that suits you. What were the challenges I encountered developing my business? It’s a lack of knowledge. Because you need to know a lot, or you need to have money to pay for specialists who can do all the work.

Nothing is more important in your career for success than real, sincere, unplayed self-confidence. Some people think they don’t trust themselves by nature. They put a ”shy” label on themselves and say, ”I’m just like that.” Of course, life becomes easier and more comfortable. However, to succeed, such an attitude will have to be changed.

The most significant achievement of my business is probably the project for businesswomen, ”Contact Mornings”, which is currently taking place all over Lithuania, in cities of Lithuania. The network unites over 1,500 women. Meetings are held regularly, where women get to know, exchange contacts, communicate and collaborate. Self-confidence is essential in my work. When communicating with people and making new contacts, I can’t afford to be shy.

How important is self-confidence for creating or running a business?

Better Adult Training – BABBAT 5 BAT Training Textbook 1

What motivated me to start my own business? My work experience. Because when you keep gaining work experience for a long time, you realise you can use it. You can use your talents and employ somebody by yourself. Without any intermediary, you can create a job, develop your own business and get paid for it.

“Undoubtedly, a relevant and strong academic background can contribute significantly to a potential engagement in entrepreneurship. Although, except the knowledge and the know-how methods needed for an engagement, some personal attributes can contribute similarly. According to my personal experience, I would include flexibility, decisiveness and risk-taking in this category.

Giorgos Karampetsos was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Social Administration and a Master’s of Science in Human Resources Management. Despite his young age, he has already engaged extensively in the business industry. More specifically, he has worked as human resources administrator and as a general sales manager in a Greek clothes design company. He also has business consulting experience, undertaking consultancy projects for 3 EU tech- Startups by distance as a part of an English company’s representative team in Greece.

During our virtual conversation, due to the Covid-19 situation, Giorgos mentioned that he would start his own Clothes E-shop within a month. As a result, we asked him about the role and the significance of self-confidence in creating or leading a startup. “Selfconfidence is a fundamental entrepreneurial skill which contributes to the creation of the management of a company. There are many parameters of self-confidence to be mentioned. In my opinion, the most significant is related to effective communication. Moreover, by being self-confident, you can speak concisely and with clarity. If you confidently communicate, you can convey what you want to your clients and co-workers/partners clearly and efficiently.”

Which are the characteristicspersonalneeded to engage with entrepreneurship, according to your personal experience?

BABBAT – Better Adult Training 6 BAB Training Textbook 1

During the Covid-19 crisis, as a general sales manager, I spent three months negotiating prices to ensure the company’s deals with importing raw materials with fabric factories and wholesale trade markets in several Asian countries. Despite the pandemic’s limitations and difficulties, the three attributes mentioned above led to a successful outcome. This personal experience persuaded me that they are fundamental attributes for anyone who wants to engage with entrepreneurship.”

Better Adult Training – BABBAT 7 BAT Training Textbook 1

Sofia Jurimäe: I am 20 years old. I am from a mixed family: my mother is Estonian, and my father is Russian. It often happens here, in Estonia, where 1,3 mln is 60% Estonians and 40% Russian-speaking population. I finished at Tallinn Kuristiku gymnasium, where I studied in the Estonian language. Mostly I have Estonian friends but also many Russian speakers. I am a first-year student at the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University. We study in English, and students are from many countries, even South Korea. So, I can tell that I have a cosmopolitan, open mind and like to cooperate with people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

I am learning the filmmaking process from the beginning to the end, and, of course, I dream of creating my films. I succeeded in finishing my first documentary this year. It is about my father, he is a journalist and has a fascinating life, so I made a gift for his birthday and showed this film to all his friends. If I am an entrepreneur, I can decide who my next hero will be and what story I will tell people.

Would you like to be an entrepreneur?

BoB as a Bate – better adult training (BABBAT) is a project to develop competence and good methods for adult trainers to motivate low skilled adults for stronger engagement in lifelong learning to enhance their working lives opportunities through entrepreneurial skills.

Of course, working for big and famous film/movie studios will be great after graduation. Still, I would like to be an entrepreneur because I would like to be independent, control my time and money, to have the opportunity to choose what to do and with whom I would like to do my films. I know that there are very few women film directors, but I would like to try and hope to be successful.

This is the background of our project, BoB as Bait – better adult training BABBAT

The name of the project refers to bate, fishing and fun. The consortium will through this project, create “fishing” methods for adult trainers to help to hook more low skilled adults to make lifelong learning a reality and through that increase their competence to remain compatible and become a part of the labour market. The goal is to develop and test a tool for adult trainers to use in adult training (focusing on low skilled adults): in entrepreneur thinking, social responsibilities, language competences and digital skills. Jobs are changing, vanishing and we need to find a way to sustain ourselves. Equipping low skilled people with new way of thinking, motivating, and involving them back in education, might be the strongest move we can take to preserve and to prepare us for the future.

SCAN to visit our informative website.

”My piece of advice is that all we need is trust and confidence to become an entrepreneur. The rest is hard work, no more. It doesn’t look easy at the moment, but I am strong-minded and I believe in myself. So yes. I love being an entrepreneur. I am a brand new entrepreneur and proud of it!”. Marta Agustí. February 2021

My name is Marta Agustί. I was born in Zaragoza, live in Tenerife, and am a mother of one boy. Twenty-three years ago, I was an Electrical engineering student in northern Spain. I decided to quit my studies and go to Tenerife. I had different jobs on the island: waitress, security guard, sales, insurance agent and finally, account assistant, a career lasting 12 years. I thought of returning to my engineering studies, but it was too late. I had to start from scratch, and it was too hard for me. When the company where I was working as an assistant started to slow down, I realised I had been so many years there that I had to update my skills to find a new job. So I decided to go back to study at the age of 43, and I got it, and I was certified on accounts at the age of 43, which helped me to get a new job. Here we are on 2020, the pandemic situation arrives, and I ask myself: Do I want to be an entrepreneur? I started to look for answers to this question during the lockdown in 2020 and decided that the answer was YES......Why? Because the economic situation is challenging and will be hard for a while, finding a job and even more difficult is finding a job that suits your objectives and ambitions. Therefore, I am confident in my skills after all these years of experience. January 2021 is the beginning of this new chapter of my life. I have become an entrepreneur and a private teacher for kids. I know it is a hard way along, but I am sure that I can guarantee a professional future for myself.

BABBAT – Better Adult Training 8 Training Textbook 1 “I am a brand new entrepreneur and proud of it!”

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