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CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF MOMBASA ISSUE NO. 233 DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013 BEARING FRUIT AS WE AWAIT THE COMING OF OUR SAVIOUR Reflection: Word from the Editor: Medical Award to Dr. Susan 1st Graduation Ceremony Use Media to Evangelize Seven New priests Education News Word from our Archbishop

Habari Kutoka Jimbo La Malindi The Pope on Twitter From the Pope to the Youth Pilgrimage of Trust AoS Ministry Catholic Men News Opinion: with Vicar General Kipengo cha Kiswahili

WORD FROM THE EDITOR: We come to the close of the year with joy and hope. Hopeful about the coming of our Saviour, hope that we shall have a better year as we end this one; joy that we are able to be with our family and friends as w celebrate the birth of our Saviour, and much much more. Let us share with you the happenings of our archdiocese for the past few months, apologizing for delay in passing the news to you. Read about the bumper harvest of priests and a new deacon, an experience of life in Kigali from the youth, a visit to the Vatican from the Apostleship of the Sea ministry, a graduation ceremony from Mgange Nyika, jubilation from the Catholic Men, plus more information. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year, filled with hope and joy!!!!! Always, Bertina top

REFLECTION: JOY & PRAISE Read: Luke 1:57-66 In this passage from the first chapter of Luke‟s Gospel we find a theme that keeps appearing again and again throughout the writing of St. Luke. “Rejoiced” and “Praised God” are the theme words here. Note the response of Elizabeth‟s neighbors and relatives to the birth of her son: “Hearing that the Lord has extended His mercy to her, they rejoiced with her.” Luke has already told us how Elizabeth praised Mary for trusting in the Lord. Now Elizabeth shows her own trust in God‟s word by saying, contrary to friends and relatives, „The boy shall be called John.” Luke told us that Zachariah had been struck dumb because he had not trusted in the Lord‟s message. But now Zachariah obeys the Lord‟s word without hesitation. All the relatives and neighbors say, “Name the son after the father. This surely would have been a source of pride to the father, it would have been traditional, and it would have pleased the relatives. But Zachariah obeys the angel‟s command, “You shall name him John.” This response to God‟s word loosens the father‟s tongue, and he, too, begins “to speak in praise of God.” What Luke is teaching us here is this: if we are God‟s people, we accept God‟s word, and we rejoice in the wisdom of God‟s plan. Luke thus connects obedience and trust in the Lord with rejoicing and praising God. They are the right response to God in our lives! Luke shows us this: Elizabeth, Zachariah, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, Simeon and Anna – and later, John the Baptist and Jesus: these are the poor of the Lord, the holy ones who are empty of pride and self-will; they have opened the way for God to work in their lives. God in turn fills them with the Holy Spirit, who inspires them to rejoice and praise God for the wonderful things He does! This teaching runs throughout Luke‟s gospel, so that his is called the Gospel of joy and praise! Lord, let this message of Luke speak powerfully to our lives, as You intended! (Reflection on the Good News) top

NOTE: The Catholic secretariat will close for the Christmas Holiday on 19th December, 2012 and will be open on 3rd January, 2013. top

SEVEN NEW PRIESTS FOR MOMBASA The Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa was filled with happiness yet again this year after she received seven new priests and one new deacon. The ordinations took place at the Pastoral Centre, Tudor on 17th November, 2012, with Archbishop Boniface Lele being the main celebrant. The new priests are Frs. Richard Ooko Airo, Joram Mlekenyi, Ronald Wafula, Stephen Anjeru, David Kalua, Joshua Munguti, and Peter Opiyo, while the new deacon is Angelo Karanja. Fr. Richard comes from Mikindani Parish and was born on 26th December, 1980 to the late Mr. Silvanus Achola and the late Mrs. Patricia Achieng from Asembo, Luo Nyanza, Lwak Parish. After successfully graduating from the seminary in May, 2010, Richard was posted for pastoral work to: Mikindani (Home Parish), Mgange Nyika, St. Maryâ€&#x;s Kwale, Bura Mission, Bamba, Changamwe, Lunga Lunga, Mwatate, Taru and as a Deacon in Lushangonyi. Fr. Joram Mlekenyi was born on 12th June, 1977 in Voi to Mr. John Kiteto and Mrs. Samuela Samba. Through pastoral experience he has been able to serve; Voi (home parish), Kinango, Mgange Dawida, Ndavaya, Sagalla, Lunga Lunga, Kikambala and Kichaka Simba. Fr. Ronald Wafula was born on 17th May, 1972, to the late Mr. John Musumba and the late Mrs. Dinah Rita Namikoye from Nangina Parish Busia County. His pastoral experience has taken him to: Changamwe (home parish), Mwanda, Kikambala, Lunga Lunga, Sagalla, Kiembeni, Wundanyi, Lushangonyi, Mgange Dawida, Bomu, Mwatate, Customs and Bamba. Fr. Stephen Anjeru was born in Kongowea in 1972, to Mr. Njeru Ndamberi Macharia and Mrs. Margaret Wambere from Kianyaga, Kirinyaga. His pastoral experience has seen him serve, Lunga Lunga, Mgange Dawida, Sagalla, Timbila, Mwanda, Kinango, Voi and Kikambala. Fr. David Kalua Kai was born on 7th April, 1981 to the late Mr. Stephen Kalua Mâ€&#x;Bwana and Mrs. Florence Luvuno Kalua. Pastoral work experience has had him serve in; Chonyi (home parish), Lushangonyi, Changamwe, Mwatate, Kwale Junior Seminary and Mgange Dawida. Fr. Joshua Munguti Kamukwawas born on 15th April, 1982 in Kikoneni, to Mr. Peter Kisilu and Mrs. Lucy Mueni. Pastoral experiences had him serve in; Kichaka Simba (home parish then), Bura, Wundanyi, Kongowea, Lushangonyi and Timbila parishes. Fr. Peter Deacon Peter was born in 1979 in Siaya County Nyanza Province. His parents are Mr. Cornel Opiyo and Mrs. Alice Oyugi. Pastoral experience have made him serve in; Tudor (home parish), Bamba, Sagalla, Mghange Dawida, Makupa, Maungu, Timbila and Lunga lunga parishes. Deacon Angelo Ndonyo Karanja was born in 1971 to Mr. Stephen Karanja Kuria and Mrs. Elizabeth Nyambura Karanja. His home parish is Infant Jesus Catholic Church, Mtwapa. The pastoral experience has had Angelo serve; Mtwapa (Home Parish), Mtopanga, Ramisi, Wundanyi and presently Bura Mission. We wish them all the best in their journey of faith. top

WORD FROM OUR ARCHBISHOP My dear brothers and sisters, the post election violence brought discord. As Kenyans, we then became more aware of our tribes which in turn took us back to the days when we could only relate with our tribes. I am not saying that tribes or ethnicity is a bad thing. There are many positive values in our different customs, traditions and practices. I myself have benefitted and learnt a lot of things from shepherding the Archdiocese of Mombasa which has people from different cultural backgrounds. It has been a very unique experience. Ethnicity is a positive thing if we harness our diversity for the greater good and for posterity. But we have to say NO! to negative ethnicity. I want to emphasize this; we cannot remain silent and watch as negative ethnicity and impunity take root in our beloved country. The time has come for Political leadership and Kenyans in general to transform negative ethnic attitudes and embrace Nationhood. In as much as we are proud to identify ourselves by our ethnicity, it is even more important to love and take pride in our identity as Kenyans. True Nationalism requires national

consciousness and patriotism. This calls for love and commitment to defend the interest of one‟s country. It is important that we Kenyans become confident in who we are as Kenyans so that others or politicians cannot impose an identity on us. Yester years in Kenya and in most African countries, we were living in small tribal units. Today, we are having dialogue to live as one united people. Today because of modern means of communication and technology, we find ourselves together; we see that we have a new reality with closeness and networking together. So why do we want or choose to remain in our small tribal units? + Boniface Lele, Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa. top

ST. ANNE’S ELIMU CENTRE HOLDS ITS FIRST GRADUATION CEREMONY There was jubilation, on 20th November 2012, at St. Anne‟s Elimu Centre, Mgange Nyika as it celebrated its first graduation which was organized by Rev. Fr. Mathew Mbuthia, the parish priest and school manager. The program commenced at 9 am with the Eucharistic celebration which was led by Rev. Fr. Reginald Mwanyasi who congratulated the 40 grandaunts (20 from Kg 2 and 20 Class eight candidates). The graduation procession was led by Kg 2 pupils followed by class eight, teachers, B.O.G members, the manager and the chief guest madam Martinah Wachenje. The head teacher congratulated parents, pupils and teachers for making the year successful. Fr. Mathew Mbuthia commended all the stake holders for their constant support and contribution. He also reminded the parents on the importance of education and bringing up children in a cultured way. He highlighted the challenges but called for co operation of all stake holders. Rev. Fr John Mwamburi Mwaiseghe called for the realization of the value of education in today‟s society. The chief guest madam Martinah Wachenje commended the school management for the good work and urged the parents to generously cooperate with the management. First and foremost she congratulated the teachers and she prayed that they may be inspired and have great knowledge. She also pointed out that it is good for pupils to get quality education, urging the stake holders to join hands to make sure that our pupils succeed. She quoted “unity is strength and divided we fall.” The ceremony concluded with a get together for parents, pupils, teachers and the guests. We wish success to all class eight candidates. top

BISHOP ENCOURAGES EVANGELISM THROUGH MEDIA Bishop Emmanuel Barbara OFM cap of Malindi Catholic diocese has urged social communicators to employ the emerging media channels alongside the traditional ones for a better evangelization. He said this at the first ever commissioned Mombasa metropolitan workshop held at the Malindi Pastoral centre on Friday November 23 and which was attended by social communicators from Malindi diocese and Mombasa archdiocese. Mombasa metropolitan see comprises of Malindi, Mombasa and Garissa dioceses, but Garissa social communicators were not in attendance due to insecurity and heightened curfew in their area. According to Bishop Barbara, the media has made the world a global village, and has created togetherness in a real way, and it will be useful in spreading the word. “Let us use all possible means provided by the media to promote the gospel. All forms of media, especially radio, help penetrate the families without physically going to them. This makes it even easier to evangelize,” he said. The bishop further pointed that The Holy Father is on Facebook and thus the need for the communicators to embrace new platforms of communication. The challenge he posed to the communications team was to be present in the new media, be able to create a dialogue of peace with one another and always stand for the truth, forging the way forward The communication teams from Malindi and Mombasa were then left to task and were to also forge the way forward. top

DR. SUSAN NAGELE RECEIVES AMA’S MEDAL OF VALOR FOR MEDICAL WORK IN AFRICA The American Medical Association (AMA) presented Susan L. Nagele, M.D., a lay missioner, with its Medal of Valor for her life-long work leading primary health care programs in Africa today at its semi-annual policy making meeting. “It is an honor to present Dr. Nagele with this award in recognition of her selfless work to improve the health of African people,” said AMA Board Chair Steven J. Stack, M.D. “Her commitment to helping provide much needed health care to underserved patients is an inspiration to her fellow physicians.” Dr. Nagele currently works as the medical consultant to the Kenyan Health Care Coordinator of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa and oversees 19 health units. Dr. Nagele moved to the south of Sudan to begin a primary health care program for the Diocese of Torit in 1991. She established multiple dispensaries and health centers throughout various parishes. Dr. Nagele began a tuberculosis treatment program that cared for over 500 patients before it was closed due to war. At one point, she was the only physician for more than 30,000 displaced people in two camps. Her interest in helping the underserved began after Dr. Nagele participated in mission trips to Appalachia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Dr. Nagele decided to become a lay missioner for the Maryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful in 1984. She spent six years in Tanzania, where she renovated a health center and provided primary health care to those in need. Dr. Nagele received her undergraduate degree from University of Illinois and completed her medical degree from the University of Southern Illinois. Hongera Dr. Susan!!! top

YOUTH NEWS: TAIZE PILGRIMAGE OF TRUST AT KIGALI, RWANDA. More than 8500 youth from about 35 countries in the world gathered at Kigali, Rwanda for the Taize Pilgrimage of Trust experience from 14th -18th November, 2012. Of this number, there were about 800 Kenyans with nine coming from Mombasa Archdiocese. In Kigali and the surrounding area more than 50 local communities joined in preparing to welcome them and more than 4000 families opened their homes to lodge the participants. The morning programme took place in each welcoming community around the theme "visiting and meeting witnesses of hope", people who make commitments for others. In the afternoons the young people took part in prayers led by the Taizé Community, as well as workshops on different themes, a cultural forum and a visit to the Genocide Memorial Centre. The pilgrimage of trust is first of all a meeting; with the Risen Christ and with others. Participants have times of prayer together, and make themselves available for God. Through sharing and hospitality, everyone agrees to overcome barriers and differences in order to welcome and enrich one another. During the stages of the pilgrimage of trust, whether big or small; international or local, the participants and their hosts are first invited to encounter others. Sometimes families welcome young people from a country that was at war with them a few years ago. Hospitality lived in great simplicity breaks down many barriers and prejudice. This was striking during the meetings in Kigali-Rwanda. Following a meeting from Nairobi in 2008, a young man wrote: "The pilgrimage is an event for those who make it, those who dare to leave their homes and risk failure, but also for those who receive guests and discover that they receive much more. Thousands of young pilgrims have joined thousands of people who have agreed to open their homes to strangers. They shared more, much more than their possessions; they shared their lives, their beliefs, their hopes." After taking part in one of the stages of the pilgrimage of trust, each person is invited to go home and live out what he or she has grasped of the Gospel; and to do this with an increased awareness of the life that dwells within them and of the practical gestures of solidarity they can put into practice in their own immediate environment. In many countries, young adults come together on a regular basis for prayer with songs from Taizé, while remaining in touch with the reality of the local Church.

The next stage in the "Pilgrimage of Trust", the 35th European Meeting, will take place in Rome from 28 December to 2 January. Several tens of thousands of young people are expected in the Italian capital. Report by Silvestre- Youth Office top

RWANDA GENOCIDE: For about 100 days from April 6 to July 16 in 1994, Rwanda went absolutely mad. Militiamen, police officers, national troops and civilians led by the ethnic Hutu government engaged in a carefully organized government plan to kill people believed to be Tutsis, an ethnic minority in Rwanda, and Hutus sympathetic to them. During this period, more than 6 men, women and children were murdered every minute of every hour of every day. Approximately 800,000 to 1 million Tutsis and some moderate Hutus were massacred in the Rwandan genocide Not even churches were safe. Thousands of people ran to chapels for refuge, but most of the time church authorities were unable to stop the Hutu attackers. In a few cases, priests and nuns were unwilling to help, and some even turned against their flocks. According to estimates by war crimes prosecutors, about 20 Catholic officials are awaiting trial in Rwanda‟s genocide courts and a number of others are under investigation. Two-thirds of Rwandans are members of the Roman Catholic Church, the most influential institution in the country after the government. Compared with the 120,000 Rwandans awaiting trial for involvement in the genocide, the number of suspected church employees is small. And priests were also victims of the slaughter, which left an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus dead. top

WORD FROM THE POPE TO THE YOUTH: I invite you to prepare for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro by meditating even now on the theme of the meeting: “Go and make disciples of all nations!” (cf. Mt 28:19). This is the great missionary mandate that Christ gave the whole Church, and today, two thousand years later, it remains as urgent as ever. This mandate should resound powerfully in your hearts. The year of preparation for the gathering in Rio coincides with the Year of Faith, which began with the Synod of Bishops devoted to “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith”. I am happy that you too, dear young people, are involved in this missionary outreach on the part of the whole Church. To make Christ known is the most precious gift that you can give to others. -Holy Father. top


MOMBASA CATHOLIC NEW CHAIR OF THE CATHOLIC MEN’S ASSOCIATION OF KENYA The CMA Annual General Assembly this year was held on 29th – 30th November, 2012, at St. Mary‟s Pastoral Centre accompanied by the national elections. Nairobi, Embu, Nakuru, Ngong, Meru, Murang‟a, Kisii, Malindi, Nyahururu, Garissa and Mombasa dioceses were represented, with each team being accompanied with letters from their respective bishops confirming them as the legitimate officials in their dioceses. The CMA Chaplains in attendance were: Fr. Mgambi- Nyahururu, Fr. Paul Ng‟ang‟a-Embu and Fr. Charles Odira – KEC National Secretary who gave a talk on the Year of Faith and a bit of civic education. During the elections each diocese gave three people to participate in the elections. The elections were done by secret ballots. The New CMA National offices holders are therefore: Chairman: James Mwai from Mombasa Archdiocese, Vice Chairman: Aloyce Nyatudo from Kisii diocese, Secretary: Justus Mwarichia from Meru diocese, Vice Secretary: Francis Ngone from Murang‟a Diocese and Treasurer: George Odundo from Nairobi Archdiocese.

The team will serve for three years. They will be holding their first meeting with the bishops on 6th December, 2012 at Waumini House. The Mombasa Archdiocese CMA men and all wish to congratulate Mr. James Mwai from Ukunda Parish on his election as the National Chairman. My God bless him. Report by Mr. Roman Chengo. top

AOS UPDATES: THE POPE BLESSES THE CATHOLIC MINISTRY TO SEAFARERS Pope Benedict XVI paid a glowing tribute to those involved in the Apostleship of the sea ministry around the world and urged them to continue serving the spiritual and social needs of the seafarers. Speaking at the close of the largest ever World Congress of the Apostleship of the Sea‟s 23rd held in the Vatican, the Holy Father said: "Today, the Church sails across the seas to bring the Gospel to all nations, and your presence in ports throughout the world, your daily visits to ships docked in these ports and the fraternal welcome you give to the crews whilst in port are a visible sign of your concern for those who are not able to receive ordinary pastoral care. “The vulnerability of seafarers, fishermen and sailors must encourage even greater concern on the part of the Church and stimulate the maternal care that, through you, she shows to those you meet in ports and on board ships, or assist during long periods at sea". Pope Benedict XVI blessed the Catholic ministry to seafarers at in the first audience with a pope since the dedication of the AoS 90 years ago, the more than 400 delegates and guests of the 23rd Congress were witness to the Holy Father‟s re-commitment of the Church to this vital ministry. The Kenyan four man delegation was led by Archbishop Boniface Lele, who is the Vice Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for the Immigrants, Itinerant People and Seafarers. He added that the world of seafaring, with its continual movement of people, “must take account of the complex effects of globalisation and, unfortunately, has to face situations of injustice, especially when crews are subject to restrictions on disembarkation, abandoned along with the vessels on which they work, face the threat of piracy at sea or suffer the consequences of illegal fishing.” He then spoke of those who work in the fishing sector and their families, emphasising that more than other groups they have to "face the difficulties of the present time and the uncertainty of a future threatened by the negative effects of climate change and the excessive exploitation of resources. “I guarantee the Church will remain close to fishermen who seek dignified and safe working conditions, safeguarding the value of the family and the environment and defending the dignity of each individual". At the end of his address he was presented with a high-visibility jacket with the words “Holy Father” written on it. The opening mass was held in the iconic St Peter‟s Basilica, moving from there to the John Paul VI Synod Hall for general assembly. The daily celebration of the mass took place in full view of the magnificent sculpture The Resurrected Christ. Delegates were treated to a private tour of the Vatican Museum, highlighting the Sistine Chapel. The Congress, packed with memorable highlights from start to finish, had two very deeply moving moments which delegates will not forget. · The Master of a vessel held captive by Somali pirates for almost a year, came to tell his story of faith, endurance and compassion. He spoke of his deep concerns for his crew, his personal terror, and of his forgiveness for the pirates. The standing ovation lasted several minutes. · And on the final day the Congress moved to the papal palace for a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI, receiving his blessing for AoS and the Catholic ministries to seafarers. Apostleship of the Sea‟s 23rd international congress attracted over 400 delegates from 70 countries. Report by George Sunguh: Coordinator AoS top

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT KCPE CANDIDATES PRAYER DAY On the 30th November, 2012, K.C.P.E. candidates gathered at the Pastoral Centre in Tudor, for Mass prepared by the Archdiocesan Education Office. Eighteen schools were in attendance with a total of 1,500 pupils. The main celebrant was Rev. Fr. Wilybard Lagho, the Vicar General who is also the former Education Secretary assisted by Fr. Henry Ndune – the current Education Secretary, Fr. Nemesius Macharia – Former Education Secretary, Fr. Paul Miyam-Former Seminary Lecturer and Fr. Kariuki-Mariakani parish. The vibrant and beautiful mass had Star of the Sea Primary school as the choir while St. Claret – Kiembeni did the liturgical dance. Other guests at the function were; Mr. Abdullswamad-political aspirant in Mvita Constituency, Mr. Ibrahim-TSC Director-Msa, Mr. Tony Njaramba-Hotel Keepers‟ Executive and a number of class representatives of the various schools present. During the speeches which were all geared at motivating the pupils and general advice, Mr. Abdullswamad encouraged the students by pledging; provision of lunch, mineral water and full secondary education sponsorship to the best pupil at Star of the Sea Primary School, apart from extending his help to assist other pupils too. The students left the venue with renewed vigour to tackle the exams the next week. top

NEW NATIONAL PMC COORDINATOR The Catholic Bishops of Kenya have appointed Sister Esther Wangui Kimani of the Franciscan Elizabethan Sisters‟ congregation as new national Coordinator of the Pontifical Missionary Children (PMC), with effect from January 2013. Sister Kimani succeeds Sister Jane Nugi of Consolata Sisters‟ congregation, who moves to Tanzanian as new regional Superior of Consolata Sisters in the country (Tanzania). Sister Kimani will work under the direction of the National Director of Pontifical Missionary Societies (PMS) in the country, Father Celestino Bundi Budi, a Diocesan priest from the Meru Diocese. top

POPE BENEDICT XVI LAUNCHES TWITTER ACCOUNT The Holy See Press Office officially announced Pope Benedict XVI's presence on Twitter. The Holy Father is set to send out his first tweet on December 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, under the username @pontifex. Presenting the initiative to the press was Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office; Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication; Professor Gian Maria Vian, director of L'Osservatore Romano; and Dr. Greg Burke, Media Advisor to the Vatican Secretary of State. Also present at the press conference was Dr. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Director of Social Innovation for Twitter. Archbishop Celli noted the significance of the Pope's presence on Twitter was not so much an emphasis on the modern world nor a tribute to technology, but more importantly a means to show that technology "is put in our hands to announce the Gospel." "The desire of this Pontiff is to enter into dialogue with the man and woman of today, and to speak with them in places where they are found," Archbishop Celli said. Recalling the question as to how can the Pope evangelize in 140 characters, which is the limit of characters for an individual tweet, Archbishop Celli said that while it is a challenge, it is not a significant setback. "The problem is not 140 characters; the main concern is to give profound human expression to the words that are given," Archbishop Celli said. The head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications stated that Twitter would give the Holy Father the opportunity to express what Archbishop Celli described as "pearls of wisdom". Greg Burke, Media Advisor for the Vatican Secretary of State, stated that it would be surprising if the Pope was not present on Twitter given that it is "an excellent means" of communication. Burke also noted the dual meaning of the Pope's user name. "@Pontifex not only means 'pope', it also means 'bridge builder', which suggests unity with all men of good will," he said.

Burke stated that the Pope's Twitter account will allow followers to ask the Pope questions and engage in dialogue with the Supreme Pontiff. The first tweets will be answers to questions on faith from followers who send the Holy Father questions under the hashtag #askpontifex. Pope Benedict XVI will send out tweets in various languages as well. Among the languages are Spanish (@pontifex_es), Italian (@pontifex_it), Portuguese (@pontifex_pt), German (@pontifex_de), Polish (@pontifex_pl), Arabic (@pontifex_ar), and French (@pontifex_fr). Other languages could be added later on in the future. While he wasn't sure how many tweets the Holy Father would be sending on a given day, Burke assured that every tweet will come straight from Pope Benedict XVI. Other initiatives announced by the Pontifical Council for Social Communication would be an upcoming YouTube page for, an e-book to coincide with the Year of Faith, and a mobile app, called "The Pope App" which includes news, live broadcast of the Pope's addresses, and live webcam feeds to St. Peter's, Castelgandolfo and other papal sites. The app is due to be released this month for iOS and will be available for Android in January. top

IN THE CHOICE OF POLITICAL LEADERS WHAT COMES FIRST: THEIR INTEGRITY OF RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION? What would I do if it becomes so clear in my mind that God was asking me to choose my neighbour as heir of my wealth? Leaders in whatever sphere be it religious, political or social should first and foremost be honest people not only because it‟s a constitution requirement but especially because it‟s required by almighty God. A Hadith attributed to Prophet Mohamed S.A.S, says that “any man whom Allah has given the authority of ruling some people and he does not look after them in an honest manner, will never have even the smell of Paradise (Sahih Al Buhkari-The book of Al-Adab) In the Bible we read about the rich man who disqualifies himself from paradise by ignoring the plight of poor Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). The rich man in this biblical story could be any one who wields power either financial, economical, military or otherwise and fails to use the same power for the vulnerable members of the community; the hungry, ignorant, sick, refugee, foreigner etc. The moral behind the Hadith from Al Bukhari and the Bible is that entering paradise is to a large extent determined by the choices we make while living here on earth. It‟s very clear from the Hadith and Bible that man will have to render a final account with almighty God and that paradise is the ultimate reward for good people, good leaders. The forth coming election will be an opportunity for Kenyan voters to choose honest leaders irrespective of the aspirants wealth, ethnic or religious affiliation. The choice of political leaders will be a test of the voters own integrity. What comes first: leaders‟ integrity or their religious affiliation? Would I rather be ruled by a dishonest leader belonging to my religious affiliation or by honest leader irrespective of their religious identity? In coast region and especially in Mombasa County where Muslims and Christians live in the same neighbourhoods, let us envisage living together in peace to the extent you can trust your neighbour with your political destiny. One of my favourite Hadith regarding good neighbourhood depicts Jibrael (Gabriel) saying that the Prophet S.A.S continued to recommend me about treating the neighbours kindly and politely, so much so that I thought he would order me to make them my heirs (Sahih All Bukhari-The book of Ahkam) In my reading of the Good Samaritan story in the Bible, Jesus actually ordered his followers to treat their neighbours kindly when he answered the question who is my neighbour. Christians are taught that your neighbour is the most needy, the wounded, in other words the most vulnerable irrespective of their social, ethnic and religious affiliation (Luke 20: 25-37). Let religious leaders therefore unite and encourage voters to choose honest leaders who will liberate our people from the corrupt leadership that has unfortunately lead to chronic impunity in our Nation. For once let believers raise above social, ethnic and religious affiliation in the choice of political leaders. Fr Wilybard Lagho, Chairman of the coast interfaith council of clerics-CICC top

CATHOLIC BOOKSHOP MOMBASA The Bookshop is situated at the entrance (gate) right hand side of the Holy Ghost Cathedral.

Latest books at the bookshop include: Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), Jesus of Nazareth, and Holy Week SIKILIZA IDHAA YA KISWAHILI YA VATICAN RADIO Radio Vatican husikika kila siku ya Jumatatu hadi Jumapili katika masafa ya muda ufuatao: Saa za Afrika Mashariki: Jioni saaa moja: katika masafa ya kHz 13765 (mb21)-11625 (mb25). Asubuhi: saa kumi na mbili na nusu: kHz 7360 (mb41)-9660(mb31). top

KISWAHILI NEWS: MWAKA WA IMANI JIMBONI MALINDI: Tarehe 11/10/2012 Jimbo la Malindi lilijiunga na Kanisa Nzima kuzindua mwaka wa Imani 2012_2013.Baba Askofu Emanuel Barbara pamoja na mapadre na watawa wanaohudumu jimboni, waliwaongoza waumini wa parokia za Malindi kwa uzinduzi huu katika kanisa kuu la Mt. Anthony hapo tarehe. Akiwahutubia waumini hao, Baba Askofu alisema kuwa Baba Mtakatifu Benedicto wa XVI alitangaza mwaka huu wa Imani Kuambatana na kusherehekea miaka 50 tangu kuanzishwa kongamano la Vatican II na miaka 20 tangu kuzinduliwa upya kwa Katekisimu ya kanisa Katoliki.Aliendelea kusema kuwa baadhi ya Maaskofu na wataalamu wanakutana huko Roma kujadiliana kuhusu Uenezaji Injili (New Evangelization). Wakristu walihimizwa kudumisha Imani yao na kuitetea bila uoga. Ilikua ni sherehe ya kipekee, na wakristu kutoka parokia tofauti tofauti walihimizwa kuzindua mwaka huu katika parokia zao. Mwaka wa Imani utaendelea hadi mwaka wa 2013 wakati wa sikukuu ya Kristu Mfalme. Padre Peter Karanja Msimamizi wa Liturgia jimboni aliwafahamisha waumini kuwa katika kipindi hiki cha mwaka wa Imani kuna Sala Maalum ambazo zimetayarishwa na zitatumika katika kipindi hiki na kupelekwa katika kila parokia. Sala hizi ni Kanuni ya Imani pamoja na sala iliyo tungwa maalum ya mwaka wa Imani itakayokua ikisemwa baada ya komunyo. Aliongezea kusema kuwa Motto wa Mwaka wa Imani ni; IMANI THABITI KATIKA KRISTU: UMOJA THABITI KATIKA KANISA. Pia Askofu aliwajulisha watu kuwa ameunda Baraza la Walei (Pastoral Council�) la watu wawili wawili kutoka kwa parokia zote ambao watasaidiana naye kwa kupeana habari za maendeleo ya Parokia zao wakati watakapohitajika kupitia kwa maparoko wao. Ripoti ya Esther Nyanje top

KWAYA ZA KANDA YA KUSINI Kwaya za kanda ya kusini zilikusanyika katika kanisa la Marian Shrine Msabaha kwa tarehe 24/11/2012 ili kusherehekea sikukuu ya Mt. Cecilia- somo wa waimbaji. Ibada ya Misa ilianza saa nne na iliongozwa na Padre John Nzeki Padre msaidizi wa Parokia ya Msabaha. Alianza kwa kueleza maisha ya Mt. Cecilia kuwa alizaliwa kwa familia ya wapagani Roma na kuolewa na familia isiomjua Mungu hata hivyo hakuvunjika moyo aliendelea kuwaombea. Mwishoni walibadilisha maisha yao na kumhubiri Kristu. Viongozi wa nchi yao hawakufurahia na kumuua Mt. Cecilia kwa kugeuza wengi kumfuata Kristu. Alipokua akienda kuuwawa aliimba nyimbo za kumtukuza Mwenyezi Mungu. padre Nzeki alisema uimbaji utumike kwa kumtukuza Mungu, aliwapongeza waimbaji hao kwa kukumbuka siku ya somo wao na kutoa wito kwa waimbaji hao kuwa na mazoea ya kutembeleana, kujuliana hali, kuwajibika katika kila jambo( kila wakati na mambo yake), kuwa na uwiano kati yao na mapadre. Kuonyesha mfano bora kwa wasio waimbaji hasa kwa kuzingatia Sakramenti za kanisa. Uimbaji wao uvutie waliovunjika moyo, kuunganisha makabila, jamii, na ulimwengu wote. Mwisho padre huyo aliwaomba wasiwaache waimbaji wengine ambao hawajajiunga na muungano huu. Patrick Wambua mwenyekiti wa muungano huu alisema nyimbo za mashindano ya 2013 zitatolewa 9/12/2012. Ripoti Esther Nyanje top

UKUMBUSHO WA UPADRISHO Mwezi wa December Askofu Mkuu Boniface Lele Miaka 38

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