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Online ‘zine For-Sims-By-Sims! editor in chief - xocaptiveox layout editor - SpatialHeather interior designer - Chemicalwibs home builder - KOman123 interior designer - Amy6 writer - NicNicole issue 2 - July 2011 layouts done in InDesign for links and more resources visit:

f you are taking the time out of your busy day to read this, thank you. The Composition staff has been hard at work trying to make Issue two as far as possible from a Sophomore Slump and I believe that we have reached our goal. Over the past couple of weeks, this magazine has become more than I could hope for. I thought that I would still be working on this magazine alone, but I am glad to be accompanied by four talented people to help me really bring this magazine into full scale. But even with these wonderful people at my side we are always looking for more people to bring their special light to the pages of this Magazine. If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the Staff, please do not hesitate to contact me. So wit This issue is like a learning process for all of us and if you see something that is a bit off, tell us about it. We have tried our very best to make sure that everything is tip-top but we are not perfect, and will definitely make mistakes. I would like to take this time to make a correction from issue number one. For my ad for Flux Studios, I ignorantly wrote the incorrect web address. And sadly I found this out after the first issue was released. Luckily I was able to quickly change it and swap out the wrong one. And that just reiterate the fact that I will make mistakes. So if you have any questions, comments, critiques, errors to point out, or job app. you would like to submit, head over to compositionmagazine. and let us know! Because we want to hear from you!

ECO frie K

olby and Dirk Trotter are a newly married couple who were searching for the perfect eco-friendly home in Sunset Valley. They found the incredible little red home located right in the heart of Town. This red and white home features one bedroom, one bathroom, a study, and eat in kitchen. The neutral interiors were a nice start, but the Trotters were ready to get their hands a bit dirty and bring their own style to their new home. They decided to take the project on by themselves. “The home was fantastic. All the rooms are of great sizes. All we really needed to do was add a little color and texture to the walls, rearrange some of the existing furniture and bring in some new ones.” On the inside, they carried out the red and paired it with a cream color. “It looked nice, but we were hoping for something more green. Which happens to be our favorite color! We felt that in the bedroom it was the most important to bring that green and it would act as a nice compliment to the red.” “Yes, exactly. In the bedroom the colors were red, black, white and cream. It was such a sweet room, but we’re avid on bringing that touch of green to the most important room in the house.” The previous accent wall was very geometric and full of color, but the Trotters wanted to take it away and make the accent green. Also done in this room was deepen the beige tone to compliment the brown on the accent wall. “It was very important to stick with the actual set up of the home, because it was just right with the space and the overall layout, but we wanted to change the actual tone of the different pieces.” Now moving out of the bedroom and into the living room, the Trotters decided that keeping the same style, layout, and color scheme would be a smart thing. “We weren’t really avid on changing anything but the bedroom. I love the idea of reusing the different furniture pieces and tweaking them just a pinch.” The accent wall remained the same, and so did the seating. By adding a new rug, artistic lights, some


ndly living room



kitchen dining room

back deck



candles and new glass coffee tables, they achieved a new look in a room that barely changed. From their old apartment they brought that awesome white multifunctional shelf to add a beautiful show piece and also act as a home for a lot of their stuff. Now moving into the kitchen, the Trotters were a so pleased with how the kitchen already looked. The beautiful white and red tiles and the sleek counters and appliances were a huge plus when they bought the house. And they were more than pleased to have them remain where they were. “The only other thing we wanted to change in the kitchen was the dining area. We bought this nice sleek wood table and sideboard to accent the sleek appliances and counters. We added some lighting and mirrors and it was really easy to transform into something important to us. The back deck was complete and full furnished with an outdoor cooking/eating area that is just stunning. The furniture is a bit outdated, but we think it would work for now. We have no intention of changing it for a while as we do most the entertaining inside any ways. The office and bathroom were two rooms we did equal amounts of work to like the bedroom. The bathroom was okay, but we wanted to bring in new tiles and wall coverings and mixed in some art and other decor. We went along with the red from the other rooms and added some grays and whites too. My favorite part of the room is this big beautiful painting. It expresses my Mexican roots and is just a painting and I knew it would be a perfect accent in that room. As far as the office goes, we still decided to carry that red over and kept the accent wall the same tone. We found that it offered a lot of space for my photography equipment and enough room of Dirk’s music stuff and had enough space for a computer area too. It is a nice room in which we spend a great deal of time. This the perfect example of what you can achieve in an eco friendly home. □

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Cliffside Usonian Modern Lot Spotlight


he newest lot in sunset valley, a Cliffside Usonian, built at 120 Wright Way, this ultra modern sheik abode features all the amenities of traditional homes

with a modern flair! Boasting a two story living room, chefs kitchen, 2 storey study, 3 bedrooms, a beautiful dining room, media room, and modern Juliet balcony. Recently commissioned by Frank Sim Wright, to follow his Usonian plans, this home was built by Composition Architects Inc. Stunningly priced at 265,939 simeloneons, you will not regret this purchase! Custom lush landscaping surrounds the main perimeter, while a tasteful glass styled fence provides extra security, this home is a dream for any well-to-do family! The back porch opens to seating, and a infinity pool, with a cabana in back!

Lot and article by KOman123

Want to see more of this modern marvel? See the story behind the building and its unique design on page 69 in this month’s Design Diaries!


This month’s colors are inspired by some of the most stun-

SanJuan, Puerto Rico


Inspired by the beautiful homes that fill the narrow streets of Old San Juan, this wildly vivid color is as flavorable as the rich culture of Puerto Rico.

Taken from the energetic colors of Paris’ night life, Royale Gold is sure to bring the feeling of walking down Quani Branly at night to your own home.

energetica #FB6420

RoyaleGold #ECBE2D

If you haven’t spent at least one summer in Puerto Rico, then you are missing out. From the crystal clear beaches to the lush jungles, Puerto Rico can offer you everything necessary for the perfect vacation, from sunrise to solset.

Inspired by the reflection of the night sky on the ground of the Louvre, Habile Turquoise is the perfect color to bring that memory of France back to you even after you have left the country.

solset #FFA51C

HabileTurquoise #09483C


ning places on Earth. From the Caribbean to Eurasia, we have been inspired by some of the most stunning sights.


St.Petersberg, Russia

Brittlebush is a common color among the city of Tuscany, from nature to the architecture to the sunrise and sunset. Brittlebush is the perfect color to keep the memories of Tuscany prominent.

Straight from the colors of the interior of the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersberg this play on Amber is a great reminder of the extravagance of the beautifully decorated mansion.

Brittlebush #F98E58

Amber #ECB079

While on top of the hills in rustic Tuscany, your eyes are automatically taken by the site of the tall cypress trees. The deep greens are as earthy as can be and would make a lovely addition to your living space back home.

Taken from the beautiful building that is the Church of the Savior on Blood, this eccentric green is a great tone to mold into your homes character like seen on the churches beautiful dome roofs.

Cypress #4B5D30

St.PetersGreen #697E29

This month’s designer is an Architect based out of Sunset Valley, but has done quite a bit of work in Bridgeport also.

You maybe wondering where you have seen this month’s Designer. Two of his houses were featured in last month’s issue. His home and a bachelor pad he designed were shown off from head to toe. Cerek Hurst is a graduate of Sim State University where he studied to receive his Masters in Architecture. He and his wife work as an Architecture and Design team out of Sunset Valley, but are pretty popular among the residence of Bridgeport. When asked about his favorite style, Cerek leaned forward and whispered “Traditional”. We were so very shocked that this guy, who for goodness sacks lives in The Plain Jane, likes traditional styles. “Well let me elaborate on that more. I grew up in a very Traditional home in the suburbs. I had a great childhood, filled with lots of activities and good old memories. But most of that fun took place outside because my mother would never allow me and my friends to play inside. And who could blame her. Well any ways, the style was basically silk shades, cornices, gold trims, balanced symmetry and no frilly stuff. Traditional was imprinted in my head so it was a no brain-er that it would grown on me.” Though Cerek maybe a Traditional guy, he is known for his ultra modern builds. Cerek and his wife Chelsie have worked their butts off in designing their home and

equally as hard on their clients homes too. “We’ve done some renovations for apartments in Bridgeport, but also got the chance to do about five luxury homes up in the mountains. Which came out great. We were so lucky to have that chance, because we were really wanting to break into building those types of homes and the clients seemed just as pleased.” With a total of 31 jobs under his belt under his own business with his wife and a total of 50 jobs with his previous employer, Cerek is the perfect man for the job. And who could deny those credentials? “I mean, I am not as old as you may think. But I have had the opportunity to do a lot of work and I am just so fortunate. It has helped me with clients as well. They can trust that I know what I am doing, and I have a broader sense of

what exactly is needed for different cases. Bringing both functionality and style to every build. When asked about his first official job as an architect, he laughed and glanced at the bistro we were sitting at. ”My first job was a community building. I had just started to get into the whole process of things, with being out of the whole intern persona. I got a call from this aspiring sous chef who really wanted to break out of being number two and start running his own business. He told me all the details, like how much money he has and the style he was going for and I jumped on it. We met the next week and got the blue prints done and construction began about three weeks later. We were both looking to really prove ourselves as “number ones” so we really dug down deep and worked really hard. And the cool thing is we have grown close, he is my best friend.” We were so touched to hear such an amazing story for his first job experience. And thought that it must be awesome to get a best friend out of the whole thing. Cerek Hurst is the perfect overall person, let alone Architect. From his stunning manners, to his electric smile, he is such a great person to sit down at a cafe with and have a nice chat with that we almost forgot that we were there for our jobs. If you are searching for a well rounded architect, Cerek is definitely your guy. □

Industrial Kitchen with an Eclectic Touch r e n n i w of theeroom th design t s e t n o c

After many years of traveling, Sam decided that it was the perfect time to settle down and find the perfect place. But his dream apartment ended up being far from a perfect place downtown. But Sam was up to the challenge of fixing up this place and making it be what he envisioned. Through months of hard labor, Sam finally made this apartment look and feel like the dream he knew it could be. And his friends could no longer call it a dump, as they did at first. From flea markets to antique shops, Sam scoured the city in search of perfect pieces to accent his elaborate home. From interesting little knick knacks to actual furniture, Sam was able to find great stuff to compliment his own eclectic style. And the room that shows that the best is his kitchen. Its masculine features go perfect with its industrial style. None of his friends are laughing now, as they all appreciate the hard work and effort that Sam put into making this room feel and look like him. It’s the perfect place to have people hang in as you’re preparing a meal. “I am usually a pretty modest person, but when it comes to my kitchen, I cannot deny how incredible the turnout is. It’s a great feeling to be able to say that I built this kitchen with my own two hands.”

Crate & Barrel Rug Series VonAsch Creations - ยง52

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rugs Rug Runner Series 2 b5studio - ยง52 Crate & Barrel Rug Series VonAsch Creations - ยง52

What’s Hot

&What’s Not a ll t h i n g s h o u s e s

Readers tuned in and voted over the past two weeks for their favourite styles of homes! Well, the results are in and the most favourite style of homes are... modern! Of course many people love for their home to have a nice modern feel to it! Now, building a house with a modern feel can be challenging so here are a few tips! • Try to keep the colour scheme very light. You may notice many modern homes are all white, which gives them a very bright, state-of-the-art feel! • Try not to have too much furniture in one room, but at the same time don’t go too far and have rooms with no furniture at all! • Light is important, but when it comes to windows don’t overdo it. Try to have large windows but don’t place them close together!

Well of course this article is not just called what’s hot, it’s what’s hot & what’s not! So the house style that received the least amount of votes was… southern style! Of course there is nothing that I can really say about Southern homes if you don’t like them, but if you do I would say look for some pictures of southern homes online and draw out plans from your homes based on the styles of these homes! Now what makes people like modern homes more than southern homes, well that’s like asking why people like pop music more than country music! Like everyone has their own unique style, everyone has different tastes, and we can all walk around liking and disliking what we want to! I would like to say thank you for xocaptiveox for building the modern house that you see in the pictures and to all the readers that voted on the poll! See you next time as we discuss What’s Hot & What’s Not!

article: Amy house and pictures: xocaptiveox

Oahu A

re you looking for the perfect one week getaway? A place to raise the family, with a hint of Sunset Valley and Bridgeport? Or maybe just a picturesque town to take the family? Well, look no further! Oahu is the place for you!

the Perfect

Hawaiian Getaway

When you first arrive you are greeted with a city full of nightlife; drive a little further and you are met with a rural town with families playing on the streets! So whether you’re a young couple looking for some city fun or a young family looking for a place to raise the kids, Oahu meets all of your needs.

Recently Oahu was put under renovation to meet the needs of all of the residents! While visiting I was lucky enough to meet with the head builder Jasumi and ask her a couple of questions: Was it hard at times to work on Oahu? Who helped you through these hard times? Oh yes, ensuring that the island maintains its Hawaiian heritage was tricky at first. Especially downtown, certain styles of building just don’t bode well with the landscape -- it just looks silly. It was best to consult the local architects when deciding what to do with the place, turns out that was a good idea! What was took you the longest to finish? Aku’Hai Cove took the most effort, but was finished in the least amount of time, odd as it sounds. We really rushed through our deadline so the community can enjoy the new park. It’s quite a lovely place at sunrise. Do you plan on doing another “Extreme Makeover” on another city? Hmm, not really. The office has been awfully frantic lately, I think we all just need a break... In your mind, will Oahu ever be finished? Nope! We plan to continue making Oahu the best island for vacationing sims and its residents. In Oahu there are plenty of things to do, will you lay on the beach? Play golf on the edge of the volcano? Or just drive around town? Either way Oahu is sure not to disappoint, so when you have time make your way over to the Oahu website and book some tickets down to this Hawaiian Paradise! □

Visit the Oahu website: jforum/posts/list/

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Heart of Rugness Generations - §115

Jope_living5_chair Jope @simplystyling - §150

Recording Studio-Lectern Around The Sims3 - §177

JS_blondmermaid_Jefferson Living set JS @ Vitasims3 - ยง50 Paper Clutter Box Camille - ยง35

NMS Rusty Watering Can Repulsively Desirous - ยง5 Sylvia Ji Painting Horizontal evelyn @ garden of shadows - ยง200

Come on down to Showcasing Your Lots Workshop, a place to get constructive criticism and even help on all of your lots: WIPs or Completed!

hen we decided that expanding our family was our next big goal, we knew that we needed to find a bigger house.” The Barlow family decided that this was their best bet. Moving into this cute Victorian house had always been their dream, but they only had themselves to house, they didn’t see the need to find one to live in. But when Iona became pregnant with twins, they knew that it was time to move along and find something that can house their expanding family. This cute Doll House is an antique Victorian, with all the same furniture, windows, and doors. “When we purchased the place, they told us that we could have all that currently is in the house. We were thrilled. Of course there were a lot of things that we had to change, like the upholstery and such. But it definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We found things that matched as close as possible, but you can’t find everything.” Seeing how traditional the house was, we were pretty surprised and overjoyed at the fact that what they found was so close that you couldn’t even tell the difference. As we moved from the furniture to the actual layout and building materials, our emotions were met at an equal level. Inside most of the floors, including the formal living room, the sunroom, and master bedroom were covered in beautiful cherry wood flooring. On the walls, stunning floral and foliage prints bathed the rooms in all its glory. We began our tour entering the foyer. It was a big room with a gorgeous spiral staircase that stood off to the left of the door. The room was adorned in a beautiful blue carpet and the walls were covered in blue and yellow floral wallpaper. We wouldn’t have guessed that this room looked different only a couple months before. “Yeah this room had the same color scheme but was

falling apart. We had to go out and find some new wallpaper. And we also had to find new carpet too, because the previous one was worn and stained.” We asked about the spiral staircase next and Gethin looked over at us and smiled. “It may be hard to believe but that is the original staircase. We replaced the rail and repainted the steps but it was actually in great shape, I mean a couple of steps needed repair but was easy to fix.” The next room we entered was the sun room. It has actually been converted to the study. It has been completely remodeled. “We were so pleased with the overall shape of the room. And we thought that a great way to show off the shape is to fill it with plants. It is the perfect place in the home to have plants and it was also very logical to make it the study because of the amount of light it gets. We took out the tile floors and replaced them with wood and changed up the plain white walls with a beautiful dark olive color.” The room was a great renovation. It was nice to see how they transformed a room without making it feel detached from the rest of the home. As we moved forward with the tour we walked through the

first floor

second floor

kitchen and into the dining room. It was a beautiful blue room. They kept with the original design and just replaced the chairs and curtains. We repainted the table and the cabinets. It was a very nice and traditional room. The balance of the blue, cream, and white brought a cool feel to the room and kept the simple style going through out.

top floor

On ward we discovered the formal living space. The fireplace was original but was sort of made over and cleaned to the bone. They rearranged the furniture and got rid of some old living chairs. It was a very spacious room and kept with the theme of the dining room. The walls were repainted a warm neutral tone and the blue was carried in in the furniture. A big bay window sits at the fore front of the room and adds lots of natural light to the already airy space. Heading upstairs we checked out the three bedrooms. The master suite was a huge portion of upstairs. It includes a stunning fire place and lots of room for whatever they wanted. The earthy theme from the sun/ study room was carried in and makes the space very inviting. The second bedroom was huge too. It has lots of windows and is perfect for a nursery. The third and final bedroom felt very secluded and spacious. It would be nice for a teenager and probably was made for one. The remodel of the room was nice, adding in a couple more windows for more light. At the top of the home was the huge attic which is used as a recreation room for the family. A portion of the room is dedicated to Gethin for his exercise equipment’s. Another portion features a nice bar and sitting area and the last is a play area. “It was perfect; I use it for my day care kids. I have plenty of space for toys and activities. It is just a fabulous space to have.” This home has really come a long way in the tiniest way possible. Not much has changed, but in a good way. The original state of this house is important to the character of the place and it was nice to see such a classic home get the proper treatment. □


s a little girl, Rose grew up in a rural area of Charente, France. The lovely rolling hills in this farm town were the perfect place for a family to grow. With six brothers and a sister, Rose dreamed about living in her own place with space for herself. Sixteen years later, Rose’s dream has finally come true. She found herself a stunning little brownstone in the outskirts of sunset valley. “I wasn’t expecting to find a brownstone so far away from the heart of the city, but I was pleased. I still wanted that secludedness of a rural area, but the luxury of a bustling city.” Rose landed a job at the School for the Gifted where she teaches French, and was so excited to move away from her home town to explore the world. “Sunset Valley has been such a pleasure. The concept of having a combination of both rural and city in one was fantastic. Its great to be able to have the chance to go to one or the other in a short amount of time.” We were so pleased to find Rose living in such a beautifully crafted place. The architects at Awesims did an amazing job representing the homes from the city and bringing it to a place that isn’t so busy. The location is to die for, especially with the view she gets in her back yard. When you first walk up the stairs to her front door, you enter into a cozy little entrance, with a cute welcome mat. Through the first door you are lead into the main living space. Its an open floor concept with the kitchen being at the back and the living room at the front. The floor is a lovely mocha color and the walls are just as inviting with traditional style wallpaper in brown tones. Everything has been recently updated, but looks surprisingly traditional and as though it had been there from the beginning. Hanging along the walls are


back yard




greatroom master bedroom

some of Rose’s family heirlooms. “When my grandma past, I was given pictures of our family from the 17th century and old china.” As you move up the stairs onto the second floor you are welcomed to the informal living space. It houses a half bath and a study. Also in that room is this great sized desk. It is a beautiful antique with lots of character and adds lots of flare to the room. Moving on to the top floor, you find the master bed. The walls are covered in a beautiful burgundy, but what is special are the bay windows in the front, which are covered in the original stone work. “I was happy to see it, as I thought it would add some spice to this room.” But to be honest, this room is in no need of any more spice. The open concept upstairs is nice with bathroom being open to the room. Rose added a divider, but says she keeps it open most of the time because, “I see no reason to keep it closed. This is my room and there is a half bathroom downstairs any ways.” Each of the levels features a nice terrace on the right side. And the top two floors feature a back area, too. “I also have a floor below the kitchen, that opens up to my backyard, but I haven’t decided what I would do with it yet.” Though Rose hasn’t decided on the space, its great to have it. And with her rent being at a reasonable rate, I think its great that she has the space to do what she wants with it, when she so desires. □

it’s time for:

! O

K Where

k KOman answers syour building questions!


Dear KOman, How do you build the amount and size of homes that look as real as some of my neighbor’s homes? Do you have inspiration for each build you do? -MW1234Dear MW1234, When building houses for clients in Sunset Valley, I often draw upon outside resources to help get an idea of what I want a house to look like. My feature article in this issue was actually based off of a house by a very famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright! And to answer your second part, no not always, sometimes the future home owners will rely on me for all the ideas therefore sometimes I just go into a project blind, although I rather do prefer to have inspiration it helps to make the houses more lifelike! Dear KOman, How long does it take for you to build a quality home? -MW1234Dear MW1234, It’s good to hear from you again! Actually most of my lots are pretty much about 45 minutes to an hour of exterior finishes, 1 hour to 1.5 hours of landscaping, and about 2-4 hours of interiors! Dear KOman123, Who would you say you look up to most as a builder? ~Alicat22

Dear Alicat22, Hmmm this is a hard question, but I would have to say the builder - or should I say builders - I look up to most are probably Ruthless_kk, Mch, and Yanti, they all have helped me with each and every one of my builds, giving me criticism that doesn’t tear me down, but builds me up, especially yanti!

Submit your building questions to: re: askKO

Showcation Vacation Home Showcase T

he hustle and bustle of the city is a lot to take in: the sounds of cars and people as you find yourself walking among the many faces down the streets of Bridgeport. Sometimes it’s a nice place to live, right in the heart of it all, but when that becomes old and you need a place to unwind, the coastal areas are you best bet. Sunset Valley is the perfect oasis. And the Thompsons found that out the hard way. You’re probably thinking, there is a hard way to find the perfect oasis? Well for Penelope and Devon, there definitely was. “We both were born and raised in fast pace cities. We were so used to having to walk everywhere and a beautiful sandy get a way wasn’t as close or affordable as we wanted.” Penelope and Devon Thompson are both natives of the big city of Bridgeport. They met in high school and also were fortunate enough to attend the same College. “We lived in Bridgeport our entire lives. We never really knew much else. But when our friends talked about their Vacation home in Sunset Valley, we knew that we needed to find one for ourselves to get away from the demands of the city and our works.” With the help of Real-estate Agent Angela Fin, the Thompsons’ began their journey into the world of Real-estate. “I was actually quite pleased to work with such an amazing couple as the Thompsons. They were very inexperienced when it came to buying homes, but they were so open to homes that needed a bit of work, and they looked past the little things such as paint and carpets.” Located on the southernmost part of Sunset Valley, was the perfect home. It had just gone on the market the night before they had begun to look at properties and it just so happened to be the one they were dying to have. This home is everything the Thompson’s dream of, and has enough room for them now and for the future. The previous owners did a great job with the home and the décor has not changed much once the Thompson’s moved in. Pictures speak louder than words in this case.

Lot Spotlight


reetings Valley.

from Our

Sunset spotlights

descend on our newest

neighbors, Charles and Lisa Carson, and their latest addition to Sunset Valley: Carson Mansion. Carson Mansion is a stunning 4 storey abode boasting all the amenities of a modern home, without forsaking the comforting feel of a traditional home. This gorgeous residence features 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, a large chef’s kitchen and pantry, 2 beautiful sunrooms, mahogany study, splitlevel staircase, underground garage, and many other features. Charles Carson walked into our office one day demanding only one preliminary guideline, Green! With that task we set to work, Charles Carson the wealthy sim that he is, actually inherited most of his money from his parents, Julie and John, who at the time had built a lumber empire! The exterior of this beauty is greatly influenced by this fact, hence the striking wood exterior and highly decorative facades. Carson’s eccentric amount of money also led to the high number of decorative accents added to the home. “Stunning” was one word that a neighbor, Yomito Yashimoto had to say about the estate, she goes on to say, “This work of art asserts its

dominance, without looming over the other homes.� In




Queen Anne techniques, the interior is decorated in highly intricate wood finishes, and wrought iron flourishes. Upon entering you are greeted by a stunning dark cherry wood staircase that wraps around the main tower, followed by a cozy sitting area with a handcrafted built in fireplace. Sweeping tray ceilings dominate most of the interior living space, giving the feel of openness, and the large amount of house plants bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Almost every room contains a beautiful








Simterranean Sea. The bedrooms are open and spacious with an ensuite bathroom attached to each. The third floor contains the media room and green house, and the fourth floor is dominated by an observatory. This beautiful residence was built for a stunning §535,299, a price which seems so small for all the amenities the Carson Family receives! We look forward to seeing more of Carson Mansion!

Lot and article by KOman123 Queen Anne Style Home

on a his is the Bergen family, Finn and Marianne plus their two daughters Emma and Ingrid. They have just bought this modest home with plans to fix it up. The purchase price was ยง16,630 and they have a budget of ยง20,000 for the renovation. They plan to renovate it room by room, and also improve the exterior and garden. In this issue we will be focusing on the open planned kitchen/dining/living area.



dark and awkward


study/living room

Once a rather bleak and dark room it has now been transformed into a lively and vibrant family area. The small windows have been replaced by larger ones to bring in more light. The biggest change was the decision to move the kitchen to the front of the house by the entrance. “I didn’t like the idea of walking straight into the living room”, Marianne says. The whole family is thrilled with the new room. “I like the pink chairs” Emma, the oldest says. “I can’t wait until mine and Ingrid’s room is done!”. And on that note we leave the family for now.□ Article and Pictures by Wibs kitchen/dining

bright and fun


This Month: KOman’s Cliffside Usonian Hello Everyone, Just stopping by for a breather, this month’s newest lot in Sunset Valley was one hectic one! Wednesday June 1st, while at the Corsican Bistro picking up some coffee, I was approached by a man indescribable in stature, he was very tall, with brown wispy hair and I knew who it was instantly… Frank Sim Wright, simrenowned architect of “Falling Water” a beautiful modern abode situated right above Sunset Valley’s Waterfall! I instantly introduced myself, and he recognized me too!(From my previous works around Sunset Valley!) We talked for a bit and right as we were parting, he sprung a surprise on me. “I want you to build me a deviation of my Falling Water, I want you to choose your favorite aspects of my homes and incorporate them into a new statelier modern abode… but there is a catch… It must be in a Usonian Style!” I then proceeded to mutter something unintelligible with hints of thanks and swept out of the bistro. I had no Idea what a “Usonian” was, so I hoped online and found out. What you will need for this lot: -A cliff side lot - 3 different exterior patterns -glass fencing - 30 palm trees - 4 tons of dirt - Creativity A Usonian as defined by Frank Sim Wright means: A utopian home in which all of America or the “U.S.” should be modeled after! Now moving on to the easy part, the visual, visually a Usonian has large blank walls and sharp jutting features such as squared off balconies. Modern homes are defined by large floor to ceiling windows and generally sterile interiors, An idea I decided not to include in this one!

So let’s get started, to get us into the groove of things quickly I have decided to show just the preliminary exterior work, notice the boxiness of the main building, followed by smaller boxes jutting out form the building. Windows are so crucial to a modern home, and some simmers may try to completely scale the outside with windows, I’m here to tell you, NO don’t do that.

Use windows to highlight parts of your building that you like!

To begin I chose 3 primary colors for the exterior found in the “Good Friends� color palette.

The rest of the house kind of followed right along!

Ok, moving on to some of the home features: Landscaping: Create eye popping landscaping work with this one simple tutorial! Lushness, it is the one word to think of while you landscape a modern abode, Frame in a 2x2 square, plant a segopalm right in the middle followed by a banana leaf plant! Use filler plants such as daisy and boxwood to fill in the rest! Fill in the rest of the property line and you have a lush tropical paradise on your front door step!

Back porch: The back of the home was looking to plain, so I decided to implement a supported deck.

To start off, Frame out the area you’d like to have, put a low fence around the perimeter, build and color the support columns, lay down the floor area, then fence the place up, with a modern home I decided to use the “Glassic Fencing” because of its modern qualities!

Front Walkway: Every home should have a stunning entrance and this was no exception! To start off we had this plain looking grassy entrance, so to soup it up I used a wood finished flooring that is rain resistant, frame out 2x1 rectangles on every other, and then fill in with the finest sand simeloneons can offer!

Side balconyNo home would be complete without at least 1 balcony. So to start off, begin with your balcony area, throw down some flooring, and once again fence in with the “Glassic Fencing�, build and color your flat support columns, ant add a flat platform roof!

Main RoofFollowing all standards of modern homes, this home boasts a multi level flat roof! To begin, define the area in which you wish to change the leveling, place a frieze around this area, and floor the top. Moving on add a platform on top of that to highlight certain areas of the build, floor that and you are done!

That’s it for this week's Design Diaries! Stay tuned for next month’s article where I will show you how I make a Georgian Revival Home! Good Luck and Happy building, KOman123

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green renovation

Challenge T

INY house was designed with sustainable concepts, resulting in a dramatic architectural statement. The most prominent trait of this house is its size. Small footprints minimize the effect we have on the environment. Coming in at a scant 6x13, this home makes a 15x20 lot look huge! Double-height ceilings and an open floor plan insure that a small footprint doesn’t equate to cramped quarters.

Other green features include a butterfly roof with a underground rain-water collection cistern, deep roof overhangs to minimize direct light, clerestory windows to maximize indirect light, stained concrete slab floors to minimize materials, bamboo flooring, and operable windows to utilize natural ventilation.

“I bought this home the minute I saw it. It has beautiful structure, but that’s all it is right now: bare bones,” says TINY homeowner Heather Spatial. That’s why she is sponsoring a green renovation design challenge this month. Those seeking to enter should do a little bit of research on sustainable design, and keep the following eco-friendly renovation concepts in mind: • Destruction of perfectly good structure puts needless waste in our landfills. No destruction of existing walls, floors, windows, doors, roofing, or railings will be accepted. The stairs, fireplace and black ashlar stone walls are to remain for the same reason, and should be showcased. • The rain-water collection cistern in the basement can not be moved. • Designers can finish the unfinished basement by adding walls, rooms, and treatments, but no additional square footage should be added to the home. • Fixtures, counters, and any starter furniture is all in good condition and can be donated to charities if designers would like to replace them. • The interior, non-stone surfaces can be painted, wall-papered, or treated to the designer’s specifications. • The landscaping should utilize native and drought-resistant plants in a way that adds curb appeal and provides a functional outdoor space for residents and guests. • The homeowner requests concrete counter-tops and the use of cork or bamboo in lieu of lumber.

All entrants will receive recommendations & Winning Designer will be featured in next month’s issue. For more contest and lot information visit:

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There is no need to sugar coat it... Sometimes its best to just tell it like it is. And the 2012 Ford Focus is the perfect example. We didn't need to go out of our way to make this ad all sparkly and bright, we just need to show you the product. It speaks for itself. This four door sedan has a 2.0 L Ti VCT Engine and seats 5 passengers. It also comes in a variety of colors, eleven to be exact. The 2012 Ford Focus is the perfect car for any sim looking for style and convenience. And at such a reasonable price of 36,500 Simoleons, what more could you ask for?

designer From Bridgeport to Twinbrook these designers are here for you!

Type: Architect Location: Sunset Valley Phone Number: 532-784-4323 Experience: 15 yrs. Work Area: Bridgeport & Sunset Valley

Type: Architect Location: Bridgeport Phone Number: 379-543-2979 Experience: 10 yrs. Work Area: Bridgeport

Type: Designer Location: Sunset Valley Phone Number: 532-897-6300 Experience: 20 yrs. Work Area: Sunset Valley & Riverview

Type: Architect Location: Riverview Phone Number: 379-435-7777 Experience: 10 yrs Work Area: Riverview & Bridgeport

Cerek Hurst,

Craig Ramirez

Type: Designer Location: Twinbrooke Phone: 697-966-8459 Experience: 12 yrs Work Area: Twinbrooke

Adeline Gilbert

Terrance Miller

Type: Designer Location: Bridgeport Phone Number: 379-785-4935 Experience: 15 yrs Work Area: Bridgeport, Sunset Valley, Riverview

Linda Lu

Patricia Lowe

directory Type: Designer Location: Twinbrooke Phone Number: 697-548-4433 Experience: 7 yrs Work Area: Twinbrooke & Riverview

Genevieve Allan

Type: Architect Location: Riverview Phone Number: 379-114-7856 Experience: 18 yrs. Work Area: Riverview, Twinbrooke, Sunset Valley

Cora View

Type: Designer & Architect Location: Sunset Valley Phone Number: 532-258-7954 Experience: 12 yrs. Work Area: Sunset Valley, Bridgeport, Twinbrooke, Riverview

Markus Warhol

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Composition Magazine: Issue Two  

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