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CONTENTS PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook


FOREWORD The Peterhead Port Authority (PPA) is now in its sixth year of amalgamation (Peterhead Harbour Trustees and Peterhead Bay Authority) and continues to go from strength to strength. With fish values rising to consecutive record levels and approaching £150M this year, Peterhead is firmly established as the UK’s premier port for both demersal and pelagic fishing. The recently completed Smith Quay and Embankment has heralded in a renewed era of confidence to the port. This £33M project, completed on time and budget, provides for the pelagic fishing and burgeoning commercial activity associated with subsea, renewables and oil and gas support. In addition to this large scale marine civil works, the Board has provided for the needs of the ‘day’ fishermen with the installation of a new marina at Port Henry Harbour. As a Trust Port, whose profits are all reinvested for the benefit of our stakeholders, this marina typifies the ‘dividend’ the Authority delivers each year. PPA - Board Members, Officials & Adviser (from left to right): Standing - David Buchan (o), Bruce Davidson (bm), Ian Davidson (bm), Robbie Middleton (bm), John Maxwell (bm), Douglas Armstrong (bm), Donald Anderson (bm). Seated - Stephen Paterson (o), Tom Hemingway (o), John Wallace (bm), William Mackie (bm), Barbara Bruce (bm), Jimmy Buchan (bm), Graham Jones (MacKinnons, legal adviser). Not pictured - Ian Moir (bm).

Currently PPA enjoys a high level of environmental recognition as evidenced by the Ecoports PERS award, one of only two ports in Scotland. The Health & Safety programme at the port mirrors ISO18001, which in tandem with the environmental awareness has helped secure British Retail Consortium recognition for our fishmarket; this being the first such award in Europe. The foregoing accolades and accomplishments represent the culmination of the concerted efforts of a Board, management and workforce operating wholly in unison. This inimitable ‘force’ will be challenged in the future, in part by day to day affairs but in particular as it reflects the aspirations of their Master Plan and Business Strategy recently compiled to chart the Authority’s future and build upon its success. It is a great privilege to be part of the Authority’s legacy and on behalf of the Convenor and Board I invite you to join us on this important journey.

John E Wallace Chief Executive

FOREWORD PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook





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ETERHEAD IS ONE OF THE UK’S MOST VERSATILE PORTS, providing exceptional all-weather, deepwater berthing facilities and serving a broad range of industries including fishing, oil and gas, renewables, subsea and leisure. As well as the modern facilities available at the port, users enjoy congestion free access to its berths, no city centre rush hour delays and immediate access to trunk road networks. Together with a really positive approach to customer service, we are providing clients with an unrivalled port service in the North-east of Scotland. We are proud of our heritage as the UK’s largest white fish and pelagic (mackerel and herring) port and are building on our reputation as a traditional centre of excellence for both fishing fleets by providing a full range of modern quayside infrastructure and services. We are equally proud of the role the port has played in the development of North Sea oil and gas over the past


40 years, serving areas such as survey, construction, offshore logistics, oil rig IRM and subsea. Specialist facilities have been developed to ensure the prompt and efficient turnaround of vessels, saving time and money for clients. The quays accommodate a full range of other cargoes and commodities including frozen fish, agricultural products such as grain, fertiliser and timber, as well as complex fabrication projects, fuel, stone, salt, chemicals and bulk handling. The port welcome cruise ships, and hosts a thriving leisure marina, with an excellent reputation as being one of the best and friendliest on the east coast. Peterhead is mainland Scotland’s most easterly port. Its proximity to the major North Sea fishing grounds as well as oil and gas fields has been a critical advantage. The port offers a deepwater entrance and berthing to a maximum depth of 14 metres. One of Peterhead’s key strengths is its unique ability in north-east Scotland to accommodate and offer safe facilities

to very large ships. The largest vessel to be accommodated at the port to date is the 127,553 dwt tanker Kitty Knutsen. The Port of Peterhead further enhanced its facilities with the opening of Smith Quay. Built to serve existing markets and the growing renewable energy and decommissioning sectors. Smith Quay provides an easily accessed 200-metre sheltered berth with a 10-metre water depth and a working area of 16,000 square metres including heavy-lift capability - and full quayside servicing. Our clients know they save time and money with well-managed, efficient port calls, and that’s why they come to Peterhead. How can the Peterhead Port Authority team help you optimise your business? Contact us today to find out.


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PORT AUTHORITY Management HE PETERHEAD PORT AUTHORITY board has 11 members, one of whom is Chief Executive, John Wallace. Board members are appointed directly by the Authority through an open and advertised recruitment process. Candidates are assessed using criteria established to achieve and maintain a balance of board membership in terms of skills, experience, local knowledge, specialities and demographic balance, following the principles and guidelines laid down by the Guide to Good Governance for trust ports.


The Board is responsible for the appointment of the Convenor and Deputy Convenor, and usually meets 11 times a year. Convenor is Mr William Mackie. Deputy Convenor is Mrs Barbara Bruce.

Community Links As a trust port, Peterhead Port Authority has a duty to balance the interests of all stakeholders, including commercial shipping, other port users, local authorities and the local community. As part of this, the Port Authority sponsors a number of local events

including the main event in the annual Peterhead Scottish Week. Other sponsorships include underwriting the annual North of Scotland Scottish Pipe Band Championships and supporting the Young Engineers Club at Peterhead Academy. The Port Authority has a close working relationship with the local Sea Cadets’ organisation, and provides complimentary berthing for two vessels at Peterhead Bay Marina to support their regular training activities. Many other charities and local causes receive financial and practical support.

PORT AUTHORITY MANAGEMENT (from left to right): Back row: Richard Baird (Health & Safety Officer), Jerry Ewart (Senior Assistant Harbour Master), Andrew Cowe (Assistant Harbour Master). Front row: Tom Hemingway (Harbour Master& Director of Port Operations), John Wallace (Chief Executive), Stephen Paterson (Chief Financial Officer), David Buchan (Senior Port Engineer).




SMITH QUAY £31.5MILLION PROJECT TO CONSTRUCT AN ALL WEATHER, DEEPWATER BERTH AT PETERHEAD has been completed on schedule, with the Smith Quay now operational and open for business. Completion of the 18 month project – which incorporates a 200 metre long berth, breakwater, dredging and land reclamation works – has heralded the start of an exciting chapter in the future of Peterhead Port Authority. The facility will allow the Authority to attract new business and target previously untapped markets, through significantly expanding the range of projects which can be completed and handled at the port. Boasting an adjacent working area of 16,000 square metres and water depth of 10 metres, the berth can be utilised by a range of industries, including subsea, renewable energy and the oil and gas decommissioning sectors, as well as the very important pelagic fishing sector. The facility is ideal for the subsea industry with its ability to accommodate the new generation of


larger vessels now coming onstream. The large adjacent working area provides capacity to assemble or manufacture components for offshore wind and wave devices. The berth will allow Peterhead Port to reinforce its position as the UK’s premier fishing port. The new deepwater berths provide increased capacity to service the growing business associated with importing and exporting pelagic fish caught by Scottish and foreign vessels The berth offers impressive heavy lift capability. Lifts of up to 500 tonnes can take place at the heavy lift pad. The quay’s design also allow modules of up to 2,500 tonnes to be skidded ashore and therefore meets all of the requirements for future involvement in the offshore oil and gas decommissioning market. As a first in the north-east of Scotland the berths have been fitted with a high capacity electrical connection point. This allows vessels to plug in to the 350Kva supply and switch off main engines, saving money and reducing carbon dioxide emissions whilst in port.

QUAY FACTS Quay size: Length - 120 metres Width - 40 metres Berth: 200 metres long Water Depth: Berth - 10 metres CD Approach - 9 metres CD Quay Height: 6.2 metres above CD Lift Capacity: Heavy lift pad - 500 tonnes lift 2,5000 tonnes skid Elsewhere - 300 tonnes lift Fresh Water: Available each end of quay Electricity: up to 350kVA 3-phase for vessel Storage: Adjacent site 11,000 square metres Security: Fenced site - no public access Fenders: Heavy duty Dockguard system Vessel lie 2 metres off quay edge Cargo Handling: 16 tonne Kalmar forklift on site

SMITH QUAY PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook



BLUEPRINT for the future HUGE ADVANTAGE OF MERGING THE TWO FORMER PORT AUTHORITIES was the ability to plan ahead as a single unit. A common strategy and Master Plan for Peterhead is being developed to build on the port’s current position and plan for the future. Peterhead holds a leading position in Europe for both demersal and pelagic fishing and as the most easterly deepwater port on the Scottish mainland it plays a critical role in servicing the busy North Sea oil industry. By combining these strengths Peterhead Port Authority can further build its activities in these two key sectors whilst continuing to explore other market opportunities and plan for expansion and diversification. At present, the £8+ million turnover of the Peterhead Port Authority is split 58% fish, 35% oil and the balance from other trades and general property leases. Historically, the south side of the harbour has been focused on oil and offshore activities, whilst the north side has been primarily used for fishing, ship repair,


agricultural products and subsea activities. The economy of the town of Peterhead is heavily dependent upon the success of the port and that means it is essential that plans move ahead to stabilise the existing business, attract in other types of income streams, and build an integrated development strategy for the port’s future direction. Balancing the needs of all users is of paramount importance to Peterhead Port Authority as a Trust Port. Consultation with stakeholders is ongoing to see where further investment is required. All stakeholders – from port users to local authorities, international oil producers to local painting companies and community bodies – will be considered when planning the future development of the Port of Peterhead. Alongside this consultation a detailed study was carried out into the opportunities to attract new business to the port. Peterhead is widely seen as a potential base for offshore renewable energy projects. A study was also commissioned to look at offshore oil

and gas decommissioning and the role Peterhead could play in response to North Sea fields reaching the end of their useful life. There are further opportunities to capitalise on the port’s leading position in the fishing industry. Further strategic investments will be considered to improve the facilities. These include the provision of a deep water berth for the larger white fish boats at the end of Albert Quay. Electronic selling of fish at the auction has been considered by a working group comprising all sectors of the industry. Options to provide additional deep water berths are under constant scrutiny as the trend in all marine sectors has been towards using longer and deeper drafted vessels. One consequence is that parts of the inner harbour that were fully utilised by fishing vessels have been freed up due to draft restrictions. Options to revitalise these areas are being considered, including developing facilities to support offshore renewables.



No.of Berths Length




Least Depth

(above MHWS)

(Below Chart Datum)

Water Fuel

Explosives (Kgs)

255m n/a n/a

28m 28m

2.4m 2.4m

9.0m 8.5m

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

50 Nil










173m 95m 87m 86m

23m 23m 23m

2.4m 2.4m 2.4m

6.0m (Northern 95m) 6.8m 6.8m

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

650 1000 500

4 5 6 7 8

486m 98m 96m 97m 94m 101m

18m 18m 18m 18m 18m

2.4m 2.4m 2.4m 2.4m 2.4m

6.6m 6.0m 6.4m 6.4m 6.0m

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

500 125 125 125 125

West Section East Section



No.of Berths





Least Depth

(above MHWS)

(Below Chart Datum)

Water Fuel

Explosives (Kgs)

9 10 11 12

397m 94m 101m 101m 101m

17m 17m 17m 17m

3.4m 3.4m 3.4m 3.4m

5.8m 6.7m 6.7m 6.7m

No No No No

No No No No

20,000 40,000 65,000 44,000

13 14 15

255m 85m 85m 85m

14m 14m 14m

3.4m 3.4m 3.4m

9.6m 13.9m 10.8m

No Yes Yes

No Yes Yes

7,600 4,700 2,200

17 18

106m 122m

15m 15m

4.4m 4.4m

5.0m (Southern 60m) 6.0m (Southern 80m)

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

1,400 1,400

















166m 60m

29m 16m

2.4 2.4m

6.5m 9.0m

Yes Yes

No No

Nil Nil




53m (knuckle) n/a
















QUAY FACTS ALBERT QUAY Albert Quay, including East Quay, provides 340 metres of all-weather deepwater berthing. It is used by larger whitefish and pelagic fishing vessels and for handling bulk cargoes, oil imports and other trades. Sheltered deepwater berthing and heavy lift capability make Albert Quay one of the best facilities in northeast Scotland for the Subsea industry. Quayside

fabrication projects can also be accommodated. It has 9 metres water depth and the quay is 30 metres wide. East Quay is situated at the east end of Albert Quay. A processing factory, freezing facilities and a cold store are located on the quay and large volumes of pelagic fish landings take place in this area. A grain sampling gantry is also available.

SMITH QUAY Smith Quay (120 metres long x 40 metres wide) accommodates vessels up to 200 metres long. It provides a minimum water depth of 10m. The berth has a 500 tonne heavy lift pad and 11,000 square metres of adjacent storage area.

It was designed to handle a broad range of trades including pelagic fish and subsea vessels. The site is ideal for quayside fabrication and larger scale mobilisation projects.

PRINCESS ROYAL JETTY The Princess Royal Jetty was built to meet increasing demand for berthing of offshore oil and gas support vessels. The 170-metre-long jetty has three berths with depths of up to 7 metres, all serviced with fuel and water. Berths 2 and 3, on the eastern side, are operated by ASCO within the South Base. Berth 1, on the western side, is operated by Peterhead

Port Authority. It is available for the handling of bulk and general cargoes, including fertiliser, grain, peat and frozen fish. A Border Inspection Post is located at the Princess Royal Jetty where there is also a weighbridge and sampling gantry for use in handling grain or fertiliser in bulk.

SOUTH BASE The South Base acts as the centre of ASCO’s Peterhead operations. It has a total of 11 berths across the South Base Quay, South Breakwater and Princess Royal Jetty. The South Base was designed to enable the fast and efficient turnround of vessels supplying and servicing the offshore oil and gas sector. It offers both covered and open storage; its berths are protected by purpose-made Balmoral fenders. The South Base Quay has five

berths including Berth 8 which incorporates a 200 tonne heavy lift pad. Chemical contractors are represented at the base for the supply of mud and cement materials. Fresh water is available for loading at up to 100 tonnes per hour. The granite-built South Breakwater provides four berths. Fuel, fresh water, bulk chemicals and cement are available by road tanker. The berths are used by commercial shipping and as general layby facilities.

17 NORTH BASE The North Base is also operated by ASCO and provides a wide range of services for the construction and hook-up sectors of the offshore industry. The base offers heavy crane capacity, deepwater berthing, open storage and ready access to engineering and fabrication services. Three berths are available at the North Breakwater and there is an additional berth at the North Base Jetty. The North

Breakwater has a 17 metre wide working area and minimum depth alongside of up to 14 metres. The breakwater also incorporates a purpose-built rig mooring system. Yokohama fenders are available for deployment when required. Vessels of up to 250 metres in length and 96,000 dwt have been handled at the breakwater. The North Breakwater is protected by a wave wall.

The North Base Jetty berth 18 was refurbished in 2003 and a new fender

system installed.

TANKER JETTY The Tanker Jetty was originally designed to accommodate oil tankers of up to 50,000 dwt, with a draft of 11.5 metres and length of 280 metres, delivering fuel oil to Peterhead Power Station. It is also used for servicing North Sea supply vessels, diving support

vessels, survey vessels and cruise ships and also for other activities such as crew changes and layby. The jetty is used for demonstrating or testing remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other equipment.

MERCHANTS QUAY Merchants Quay offers 200 metres of berthing for fishing vessels discharging into the new fish market and those landing fish to be sold privately. An additional adjacent finger jetty is 60 metres long and provides berthing

on both sides. It is used principally by pelagic vessels. Water depths are up to 6.2 metres at the quay and up to 9 metres at the finger jetty.

SOUTH HARBOUR South Harbour is a 350 metre working quay with minimum depth of 3 metres. Deeper drafted vessels can enter on high water spring tides. The maximum length of vessel which can enter South Harbour is 92 metres. A flake ice factory is located

on the east side of South Harbour, while the Port Control Tower and harbour administration offices are situated on West Pier at the entrance to South Harbour.

NORTH HARBOUR North Harbour is entered from South Harbour through a junction canal (Queenie Brig) which is spanned by a lifting bridge restricting vessels to a 10.5m beam and has 720 metres of quay. The

port’s ship repair facilities, including the shiplift and covered repair berth, are located in Alexandra Basin within North Harbour. The water depth is between 2.7 and 3.0 metres Chart Datum.

PORT HENRY Accessed via North Harbour, Port Henry Harbour offers 740 metres of quay with water depths varying from two to three metres Chart Datum. The ship repair slipway capable of handling four vessels

up to 30 metres long, and 7.2 metres beam is located here, which is also home to a tube ice factory and a number of engineering workshops. There is a working marina for small fishing boats.

QUAY FACTS PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook



HEAVY WEIGHT in fishing ETERHEAD is accredited as the UK’s largest whitefish and pelagic port and it is also in the top league in European terms. Despite some tough years, with the much-publicised challenges of quota cuts and the enforced decommissioning of fishing vessels, that reputation remains as strong as ever.


The port has successfully diversified to make up for a lower volume of whitefish, by handling larger volumes of pelagic fish and shellfish. Together with higher prices for fish landed at the port these factors resulted in a record year in 2010, when the total value of fresh fish handled through Peterhead was the highest ever, at almost £150 million. Half of this was pelagic species, mainly herring and mackerel, and the rest was whitefish, including cod, haddock, coley and monkfish, and also shellfish.

The value of fish handled at the port has increased for each of the last 5 years, by a total of over 50%, and with consumers ever more aware of the benefits of fish in their diet, there is strong demand from buyers for good quality fresh fish. During the past 20 years there has been significant investment in state-ofthe-art facilities and support services to meet the needs of the fishing industry at Peterhead. This has included providing more deepwater quayside, building a large temperature controlled fishmarket, and investing in state of the art ship repair facilities. Peterhead Port Authority directly operates the Merchants Quay Fishmarket which is a 2,850 square metre modern temperature-controlled. It is built on Merchants Quay; a 200 metre quay which has 160 metres directly serving the fish market. Fish are auctioned in the market

five days a week, starting at 7.00 am – but since the entire market facility is refrigerated, fish can be landed at any time. The market holds up to 6,000 boxes and any excess landings can either be accommodated at a second sale or landed for sale at the Greenhill Fishmarket. A study is ongoing into the possibility of introducing electronic selling of fish at the market. In 2011, the Merchant Quay Fishmarket became the first fish market in Europe to achieve the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Storage accreditation which is regarded as the international benchmark for the handling of food produce. The BRC standard identifies best practice in areas of quality, hygiene and product safety, ensuring compliance with food safety legislation. There have been significant advances in recent years in improving the quality of fish sold to the consumer.




Fishing boats have invested in new equipment, procedures and practices to keep fish in tip top condition up to the point of landing. Processors have done their bit with many already having achieved a comparable standard. Peterhead Port Authority can now demonstrate that the fish market completes the food safety chain between a fish being caught and sold on the supermarket shelf. Landing the fish is one thing, but processing it is also a huge industry that needs highly specialist staff and facilities. Peterhead’s modern chilled fishmarket, fish processing centres, cold stores and freezing plants all help to maintain top-quality fish landings. The sector is also supported by a broad network onshore with ice making operations, trawler management, fish selling agents, ship repair services, ships’ carpenters, painters, electricians and engineering companies. Four companies have invested in large and modern pelagic fish processing and freezing factories located next to deepwater quayside within the port – Denholm Seafoods, Fresh Catch, Lunar and Caley Fisheries. They attract landings from

UK and foreign vessels. Peterhead port is open for business in all sectors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a critical advantage when servicing the fishing industry. Up to 80 trawlers regularly land at the port. Whitefish is landed by vessels from as far away as Grimsby, Shetland, Denmark and the Faroes. In the pelagic sector, ships land at Peterhead from Shetland, Norway, the Faroes, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. Fish is also consigned to Peterhead for sale from Scrabster, Ullapool, Mallaig, Lochinver, Shetland, Orkney and elsewhere in Scotland. Skippers are eager to consign fish to Peterhead to make top prices achievable because of the buying power concentrated in Peterhead.

Brain Food Whether it helps us to lose weight or improves our brain power – press reports on the benefits of eating oily fish continue to push up demand. Peterhead is well equipped to meet that growth in the market, with a throughput valued at over £65 million of pelagic fish a year. Recent innovations have included the landing of a new

THE FISHING INDUSTRY Peterhead’s fishing industry consists of three basic categories of species landed: Demersal, Pelagic and Shellfish. The landings apportioned as follows (2010) Demersal 27% Volume, £70,851,000 Value Pelagic 69% Volume, £66,835,000 Value Shellfish 4% Volume, £10,438,000 Value Demersal Landings, otherwise known as whitefish consist of: Haddock 34%, Cod 21%, Whiting 10%, Flatfish 5%, Monk 4%, Coley 11%, All others 15%. Pelagic Landings, otherwise called oily fish consist of: Herring 20% Volume, Mackerel 57%Volume, All others 23% Shellfish Landings are almost all Nephrops



range of pelagic species which are being processed for the first time for human consumption. Previously these fish would have been used in the production of fish meal. Such species include Blue Whiting, Capelin, Sprats and Horse Mackerel. The North Sea and North Atlantic are considered amongst the best areas in the world for catching high-quality herring and mackerel. Demand is very high from the UK market however frozen fish is also exported to over 50 countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Japan, China, Korea and Russia. Fresh Catch is based in Peterhead. Their quayside location allows fish to be pumped by underground pipes directly from the vessel to the state of the art processing area. Landings are processed quickly and efficiently to achieve the freshest product. The factory surpasses all quality control standards thus ensuring the finished product meets clients exacting requirements. Customers are serviced world wide through a combination of bulk cargo exports by ship from Peterhead and utilising the group fleet of temperature controlled trucks. Cold storage capacity at the site is 17,000 tonnes, with plans to

extend this by an additional 8,000 tonnes. Another major pelagic company involved is Lunar, a family-owned business established in the 1950s. Lunar has its head office and main factory on the quayside at East Quay, on the northern side of the harbour. Most of the fish their vessels land go direct through this factory for primary processing and freezing, either whole or in fillets. Machine-cut fillets are produced at the quayside facility, and the company has a second factory just outside the town for hand-cut fillets. Lunar has total cold storage capacity for 9,000 tonnes of fish – 6,000 tonnes in its main cold store, and 1,500 tonnes at each of the factory sites. The entire operation is fully integrated, offering a “one-stop-shop” from sea to customer. The customers themselves include secondary processors – buying the fish for smoking, breading or other “added value” – and also retailers, buying the fish to sell fresh or frozen. Lunar’s three pelagic fishing vessels, Lunar Bow (built 2000), Lunar Pathway (built 2010), and Kings Cross (built 2001) are each about 70 metres long and are crewed by ten men. They are high-volume, high-powered vessels and typically

travel 240 miles from the port on an average 24-hour fishing trip for herring and mackerel. However, they sometimes go much further – 200 to 300 miles into the Atlantic from the west coast of Scotland – for blue whiting. The remaining two companies, Caley & Denholm Seafoods employ equally superior methods in processing and landing. Together these facilities make Peterhead the largest pelagic processing base in the UK.

Services From box washing facilities to fresh water and ice, the full range of services required by the fishing industry is offered within the port. Fuel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via four refuelling points on Albert Quay and by road tanker alongside other berths. Several electrical engineering companies with marine expertise are located in or near the port and are available around the clock, and there are a number of net-making and repair firms in Peterhead. Ships’ carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers and chandlery are all based around the harbour as are marine engineers and craneage.




SUPPORTING role S THE MOST EASTERLY DEEPWATER PORT on the Scottish mainland, Peterhead has played a very important role in the development, logistics, servicing and maintenance of the North Sea’s offshore industry.


The port is close to the major oil and gas fields of the Northern and Central North Sea – and in response to this favourable location, a major logistical support operation has been developed in Peterhead. The ever-increasing price of crude oil has ensured that activity in the North Sea has remained buoyant in recent years. Peterhead has been attracting oil support vessels in record numbers, by offering deep and sheltered berthing, fast turnrounds, ample quayside space and facilities for mobilisation, onshore storage, heavy lifts and fabrication work.

In 2010 Peterhead handled 2,200 calls by offshore support vessels, most of them measuring 70 to 80 metres in length, and responsible for over 1.2 million tonnes of cargo. A total of 16 berths across two purpose-built oil support bases meet the very tough demands of the offshore sector – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Separately to the bases, Smith Quay and Albert Quay are also excellent facilities for accommodating the large offshore and diving support vessels as is the Tanker Jetty on occasions for crew change and lay-by. ASCO, the leading supplier of logistics services to operators in the North Sea, uses Peterhead as its main logistics hub. The company continues to invest in upgrading and improving its facilities at the port in response to the changing needs of customers. ASCO

continues to secure new contracts, hosting many major clients. ASCO has many years of experience in providing managed supply chain solutions to the international oil and gas sector and other related industries. Its key services include logistics, fuels, lubricants, chemical distribution and waste management and environmental services. Although it is now an international operating company, ASCO has always had its roots in Scotland – it was originally founded in Aberdeen, 40 years ago. Today, its Peterhead base is a well-established facility that has served the Central and Northern North Sea for more than four decades. ASCO recently demonstrated its commitment to the port with major investment in the redevelopment of its main warehousing complex at the South Base. Part of the


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warehousing was upgraded and other areas decommissioned to provide more working space next to the quay. Over 160 people are employed by ASCO in Peterhead. With the benefit of Peterhead’s sheltered deepwater harbour with no tidal restrictions, ASCO’s operations are backed by plenty of quayside, a range of warehousing solutions and a well-trained, experienced workforce. The company’s Peterhead Base is actually made up of two complementary bases. The North Base is ideal for the support of construction and heavy lift operations, while the South Base provides a valuable storage area,

which eliminates congestion on the bases and provides a range of cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ storage needs. A number of offshore operators and support companies operate from ASCO’s Peterhead facilities, including Talisman, Apache, Marathon, ADTI, ExxonMobil, Nexen, Senergy, Aquatic and Subsea 7. ASCO adopts a flexible approach, tailoring services to the specific needs of the client – so its activities can range from provision of basic resources through to a fully integrated logistics service that includes material handling, transport and shipment.

BERTHING: A total of 16 working berths are available across ASCO North Base and ASCO South Base, with water depth ranging from 6 to 14 metres. Heavy lift capacity of 200 tonnes is available on the South Base, while up to 1,000 tonnes can be handled on both the North and South breakwaters. Fuel and water is available at all berths at the South Base and at the North Base Jetty. The North breakwater quayside can accommodate vessels up to 250 metres in length and up to 100,000 dwt. FUEL: ASCO Fuel & Lubricants division provides a range of services both for land and marine customers, including marine gas oil at both bases, derv and kerosene at the North Base, and lubricants at the South Base. DRILLING PRODUCTS: A complete range of dry bulk, cement and liquid mud products are available at the South Base – these are supplied at four berths, all of which have fuel and water, so that movement within the port is minimised. STORAGE: ASCO has over 200,000 square feet of secure, covered storage at Peterhead South Base. The company also has 15 acres of external storage and pipe yards at Dales Industrial Estate and a further 30 acres at Upperton which is zoned for industrial development and located next to the new Energetica business park. These sites are only 1.5km from the port with excellent road links. ENVIRONMENTAL: ASCO subsidiary Enviroco offers waste management. These services can be divided into three categories. Offshore there is training, segregation of waste offshore and compliance monitoring and support. Onshore services include tank cleaning, processing of cuttings, tanker services, hazardous waste treatment, disposal and product recovery. Transport services include waste containment, bulk removals and legal compliance.





TARGE TOWING LIMITED Based N.E. Ports of Scotland Firth of Forth Thames

Phone: 01674 820234 Fax: 01674 820351



24 Hour: 07836 702856



SUBSEA t has been predicted that over two-thirds of future developments in the North Sea will involve subsea tie backs to either existing infrastructure or floating production systems. This allows smaller fields to be developed profitably by reducing capital expenditure. Tie backs also extend the economic life of existing infrastructure and help maximise utilisation of resources. The UK was a pioneer in subsea technology. Skills have been learned and honed in the rough and tough marine conditions around the UK. Expertise has been developed and the UK is acknowledged as the world leader in this area. Collaboration of UK industry and academia is leading to further innovation to support the industry and solve challenges in the North Sea and around the globe.


The centre of the UK subsea industry is clustered around Aberdeen and from the very beginning of North Sea exploration more than 40 years ago, Peterhead has played a leading role. In the early days the port hosted project teams which co-ordinated the development, hook-up and commissioning of some of the largest discoveries including Forties. The port hosted all manner of survey vessels, construction ships, heavy lift barges, drill ships, pipe laying and trenching vessels and rigs. This association has continued and the port has particularly developed business from the subsea vessels which are generally too large or deep drafted to visit other ports in the region. Until recently, subsea activity at Peterhead has been concentrated at the North Breakwater (operated by

ASCO) and Albert Quay (operated by PPA). The opening of Smith Quay allows larger vessels and projects to be handled and provides more capacity on a year round basis. The quay can accommodate the new generation of larger subsea vessels up to 160m long and 9m draft. There are no delays waiting for high tide and the relatively straightforward entrance means vessels can be tied up within 45 minutes of arriving off the port. The extensive site at Smith Quay provides an opportunity to store large or heavy items in a secure environment on a short or long-term basis. Where road transport is required, there is immediate access to the trunk road network without the delays and uncertainty associated with city centre congestion.

SUBSEA PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook


DECOMMISSIONING ETERHEAD WAS AT THE FOREFRONT OF DEVELOPING THE NORTH SEA OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. The same strengths that led to this leading role will also benefit the forthcoming decommissioning industry – strategic location, established infrastructure and a determination to provide excellent service and make the most of the opportunities available. Decommissioning of North Sea infrastructure has been anticipated for most of the last decade. As fields mature and output declines it spells the inevitable end to many platforms, pipelines, wellheads and associated infrastructure. However, high oil and gas prices and technical innovation have allowed much of the existing infrastructure to remain operational.


Subsea tie backs have also increased utilisation and extended life and this is likely to continue. However, the extension of life is finite and a time will soon come when much of the infrastructure will require to be decommissioned. Peterhead is ready to service this multi billion pound industry. Key to future involvement will be having appropriate infrastructure and skills to decommission assets in a safe,

Decommissioning Ltd who are actively targeting opportunities to decommission items at the port. The group will have access to heavy lift quayside at ASCO South Base and Smith Quay and is in the final stages of designing a purpose-built decommissioning base at Smith Quay. The initial phase is expected to extend to 3,000 sq m and incorporate specialised heavy lift capacity and

clean and responsible manner. Recycling and refurbishing as much as possible and minimising the amount going to landfill will also be key criteria. Peterhead has a range of companies which specialise in the core skills required to complete this task from specialist stevedoring to waste handling, fabrication, refurbishment and engineering companies. Many of these have joined together to form Peterhead

bunded area with specialised drainage and waste handling capability. This site could be extended by up to 50,000 sq m as necessary to meet the demands of large scale projects. Whilst the port may not be suitable to accommodate single lifts of entire platforms, other methods of decommissioning such as module deconstruction are ideally suited to the port's capabilities.




RENEWABLE energy ENEWABLE ENERGY IS THE LARGEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR SCOTLAND for several generations. It is estimated that the country has around a 25% of the European potential for offshore wind, wave (35%) and tidal (50%) generation capacity. The industry could be worth ÂŁ8 billion by 2020 and ports will play a leading role in the deployment of and operations and maintenance of the many thousands of devices that will be required to meet the Government's green energy commitments.


Peterhead is recognised in the Scottish Government strategy document 'National Renewables Infrastructure Plan' as one of the best locations in the country for basing a business which is involved in offshore renewables. This accreditation is justified on the basis of location, infrastructure, expertise and opportunity. Since the 1960s Peterhead has been at the forefront of the UK energy industry. It was one of the first ports to be developed to service North Sea oil and gas activity. The port played a leading role in the search for oil. Many oil fields were developed by project teams working from the port and major pieces of infrastructure were built, shipped and commissioned from Peterhead. One of Scotland's largest power stations is also sited near the port. Initially electricity was generated from fuel oil delivered through the port by massive oil tankers. Since then the port has continued to serve the offshore oil and gas industry, though its role has evolved. Peterhead is now a

leading logistics centre for offshore support and plays an important role in the subsea sector. More recently a business importing turbines for erection on wind farms throughout north-east Scotland has been established. This success over the past 40 years has

developed by Scottish Enterprise for energy related business. The inner Harbours at Peterhead were traditionally used by the fishing fleet, but many vessels have been decommissioned. This leaves capacity for establishing pontoon berthing and

been achieved through provision of modern and capable infrastructure and a proven record of providing the best possible service. We are committed to ensuring that our service to every port client is delivered effectively, efficiently, on time and on budget. Looking to the future, Peterhead port has plenty to offer the energy industry as new opportunities develop. Mindful that client requirements are always changing, a ÂŁ33 million investment in additional quayside, dredging and reclamation was commissioned in 2008 and has just been completed. Smith Quay provides sheltered, deep water berthing for the new generation of larger subsea support and construction vessels as well as other sectors. The project also provides an adjacent working site suitable for component manufacturing, assembly, storage, quayside fabrication or project mobilisation. A second stage of development at the site could create dedicated berthing capacity and 60,000 square metres of working space on reclaimed ground. This has been the subject of recent studies by Halcrow Group and certain statutory consents for the development have already been secured. Other sites are also available close to the port including the new 30 acres Energetica Business Park only 1.5miles away which is being

adjacent quayside facilities for an operating and maintenance base to support offshore wind farms in the region. The port is well placed midway between approved offshore wind sites in the Cromarty Firth and Firth of Forth. Several other prospects just off Peterhead have been identified as potential sites for the fourth licensing round by The Crown Estates. Expertise and specialist input can be sourced from an extensive supply chain network which has built up around the oil and gas industry, centred in Aberdeen. There are many experienced energy related contractors either based in Peterhead or who work regularly at the port. These include ASCO who has had a pivotal presence in the port from the very earliest days of oil exploration in the North Sea, and Score Europe, a leading turbine, valve and subsea business. Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University and Banff & Buchan College have all developed specialised research, development, education and training products for the industry. The planned European Deployment Centre is to be built at Aberdeen and will offer 15 offshore turbine test sites and extensive development expertise. Falck Nutec operate a training base at the port to support offshore industry requirements and are looking to develop this for renewables.



AGRICULTURAL products HE NORTH-EAST OF SCOTLAND BOASTS EXTENSIVE AREAS OF FERTILE SOIL which provides an abundance of grains, oil seed rape, potatoes and other crops. Of the 1.3 million acres of agricultural land in Aberdeenshire, about a third is used for growing crops. Whilst this is only 9% of the Scottish total, Aberdeenshire accounts for 27% of cereal production. Some of this harvest is destined for export markets and Peterhead is an ideal port for this trade. There are extensive grain storage stores located close by the port and vehicles have ready access to the quays without incurring delays


associated with city centre congestion or long journeys on country roads. Depending on the size of vessel and weather conditions, bulk cargoes are normally handled at either Princess Royal Jetty or Albert Quay. Both sites have a grain sampling gantry, portacabin and weighbridge to facilitate the trade. Elevators are available at the berths from experienced stevedores; Euroline and William Whyte Cargo Handlers. Imports of fertilizer, either bagged or in bulk, are also facilitated at these quays or for smaller vessels in South Harbour. The local area benefited from

extensive tree planting in the 1970s and 1980s. Aberdeenshire has an estimated 150,000 hectares of forest with Scots Pine representing a third of this area. Many of these forests are reaching maturity. Timber production from the area is typically 750,000 tonnes per annum but is expected to grow to above 1,000,000 tonnes over the next few years. The port handled several shipments of logs and both quayside and remote storage for consolidating consignments prior to loading is available. To date these have typically been in consignments of 2,500 tonnes for export to Scandinavia.




UPLIFTING ship repair facilities NE OF PETERHEAD’S MAJOR STRENGTHS IS ITS EXTENSIVE RANGE OF SHIP REPAIR FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS. Peterhead Port Authority owns and operates all of the repair facilities, which are made available to engineering, fabrication and painting companies on a contract-by-contract, ship by ship basis.


Shiplift The state of the art Syncrolift ship repair facility was commissioned along with an adjacent repair hall in 2001 to accommodate the largest ships in the UK whitefish fleet. It attracts a steady flow not only of fishing vessels but also of tugs, ferries and offshore support vessels. It can accommodate vessels weighing up to 2,000 tonnes for inspection, repair, maintenance or survey. The lifting operation takes only 45 minutes and the vessel can be positioned on either the outside repair berth or in the adjacent repair hall. The hall can accommodate

vessels up to 47 metres long and 25.2 metres high. There is good access to the vessel at various heights. This enables work to be carried out in a controlled environment. Weather dependent activity such as painting and welding can proceed without delay

and five metres draft. It is also used by companies for testing various items of underwater equipment. Peterhead has a maritime tradition stretching back over 300 years. This association with shipping has encouraged a wide range of

and to the highest quality standard, thereby reducing the risks to all involved associated with the vagaries of the weather. Both interior and exterior berths provide ample flat working space around the vessel to accommodate plant and equipment in a safe manner. The facilities are serviced with high capacity power supplies and fresh water.

support companies to set up business in the town. The skilled tradesmen have extensive knowledge and experience working on vessels of all types and sizes, as well as a network of business contacts to source parts and other specialists. This can greatly assist in completing projects on time and to the lowest possible cost. You will find them helpful and appreciative of any business opportunity. One such company, Bill Mackie Engineering Ltd, says it has been able to attract additional work in the non-fishing sectors thanks to the facilities the port has to offer. Ship painting company Davidsons is another regular user of the ship repair area, and it describes the Syncrolift as “the best facility in Scotland”.

Slipway The slipway has four cradles and accepts ships up to 27.4 metres keel length, maximum beam of 7.2 metres, and weight of 360 tonnes.

Dry Dock The dry dock can handle ships up to 57.9 metres long, 10.6 metres wide




LEISURE tourism & cruise ETERHEAD PORT AUTHORITY OWNS AND OPERATES PETERHEAD BAY MARINA, in the south-west corner of the harbour. Renowned as one of the best and friendliest marinas in north-east Scotland, it has a total of 150 berths. Twenty of these are reserved for visitors and the remaining are rented out on an annual basis. The pontoon berths accommodate vessels up to 20 metres long and the depth of water at the entrance to the marina is 2.3 metres. However, vessels up to 2.5 metres draft can lie afloat at the deepest berths. Fresh water and electricity is available at most berths. Showers, toilets and changing facilities are provided in the marina’s service building and diesel and gas are on sale. A chandlery, repair services, restaurant and laundry facilities are all nearby. The marina is a popular choice for


visiting yachts and leisure craft, usually recording in excess of 1,000 visitor nights a year. As the most easterly point in mainland Scotland, Peterhead is ideally located as a safe stopover point for vessels on their way to and from Scandinavia. It is also used by

expand when Donald Trump opens his new £1 billion golf resort 20 miles south of Peterhead, which is being promoted as the world’s best golfing resort. Cruise ships usually berth at the North Breakwater, but the new Smith Quay provides an alternative location

vessels heading for the Caledonian Canal and the popular sailing areas on Scotland’s west coast.

within a short walk of the town centre. This new quay also has ample space for marshalling coaches allowing a fast and efficient despatch of passengers to their chosen excursion. In the past few years, the port has handled three to six calls each season, typically from vessels carrying up to 1,000 passengers. Every effort is made to ensure Peterhead is a desirable stop. The berth is decorated with flags and bunting, a pipe band plays on the quayside and, for larger vessels, a complimentary shuttle bus operates throughout the day to the town centre.

Cruising Ahead Peterhead has welcomed a good number of cruise vessels to the port in recent years, despite the strong competition for this business. The port is well placed to offer a number of highly enjoyable visitor experiences at local attractions including gardens, lighthouses, distilleries, golf courses and National Trust properties. The port also hosts speciality golf cruises playing at nearby Cruden Bay. This trade is expected to


Elm House, Cradlehall Business Park, Inverness IV2 5GH Telephone: 01463 796000 Fax: 01463 796010 BUCKIE Fishselling & Chandlery 22 Commercial Road, Buckie AB56 1UQ Tel: (01542) 832137 Fax: (01542) 832159

FRASERBUGH Fishselling Maxwell Place Industrial Estate, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire AB43 9SX Tel: (01346) 513211 Fax: (01346) 517649

PETERHEAD Fishselling Maxwell Place Industrial Estate, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire AB43 9SX Tel: (01346) 513211 Fax: (01346) 517649

PISCES Pisces Marine Safety, Net and Trawl Warp Maxwell Place Industrial Estate, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire AB43 9SX Tel: (01346) 510847 Fax: (01346) 510851

MALLAIG Fishselling Harbour Buildings, Mallaig PH41 4PY Tel: (01687) 462305 Fax: (01687) 462178

ULLAPOOL Fishselling Shore Street, Ullapool IV26 2UJ Tel: (01854) 612040 Fax: (01854) 612283

JOHNSTON BROTHERS Chandlery and Fual Distributers Harbour Buildings, Mallaig PH41 4PY Tel: (01687) 462215 Fax: (01687) 462375

PORTAVOGIE Fishselling 3 Coastguard Cottages, Portavogie BT22 1EA Tel: (02842) 771429 Fax: (02842) 771992

Fabrication and Welding Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel

MALLAIG ICE CO. Flake & Slurry Ice The Harbour, Mallaig PH41 4QD Tel: (01687) 462262 Fax: (01687) 462856

LOCHINVER Chandlery & Ice Culag Square, Lochinver, Sutherland IV27 4LG Tel: (01571) 844398 Fax: (01571) 844344

Tel/Fax: 01779 477588 Mobile: 07817 370312 or 07970 310414


PROPERTY portfolio ETERHEAD PORT AUTHORITY OWNS A PORTFOLIO OF OVER 100 PROPERTIES located mainly around the northern side of the port. This includes a mix of land and premises suitable for fish processing, workshops, storage and office requirements.


The properties are located right in the heart of the harbour and therefore perfectly placed for businesses which draw their trade from activity in the port. A number of fish processing firms are located in purpose-built units at Albert Street, Volum Street and Gerries Yard. Many of these units have recently been upgraded to meet the latest food

hygiene regulations. Typical units contain a secure outside yard, fish processing area, cold store and rooms fitted out for office, canteen and store. Typical internal sizes are 140 square metres although some have been converted into double sized premises. Workshops are provided at various locations including Seagate where self-contained units of 100 square metres provide a home for several local businesses. Alexandra House offers serviced office accommodation above the Greenhill Fishmarket. The suite contains 30 offices, each around 20 square metres in size and tenants include a cross section of organisations working around the harbour area.

Larger offices are available at Bath House. Open storage is available for harbour-related activity at both the north and south sides of the port. Sites of up to two acres area are available for temporary storage or fabrication. Quayside fabrication projects can also be accommodated at Princess Royal Jetty and Albert Quay. Greenhill fishmarket is seldom used for fish auctions and provides space for inside storage. Much of the market was upgraded to food hygiene standards and is insulated, making it suitable for processing and temporary storage or sorting of produce.



Conservancy The Port Authority’s responsibilities include monitoring, protecting and ensuring that the hydrographic regime within the harbour is accurately established. This requires control of all construction and dredging projects to ensure that the safety of navigation is not in question, and also providing and maintaining navigational aids and information. A programme of hydrographic surveys ensures every part of the harbour is surveyed at regular intervals. However, ad hoc

surveys are also carried out for specific requirements. The Port Authority owns its own portable survey equipment which is operated from a 17-foot survey vessel; all processing of survey data from DGPS, survey echo sounder and tidal gauge is carried out in-house.

Oil Pollution Prevention Pollution of the harbour from any source is strictly prohibited. The Harbour Authority has duties and obligations under the Prevention of Oil Pollution Act 1971 to take action

against any polluters and to initiate clean-up activities where appropriate. Vessel masters are asked to take the greatest care to ensure that no pollution of any kind originates from their vessel or operations. Tankers discharging or loading bulk such as fuel oil and bunker oil should be guided by the advice contained in the International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide (IOTTSG) with particular regard to the section on pollution and safety precautions against fire and explosion.


SERVICE FOR A safe, efficient harbour ETERHEAD Port lies between Keith Inch to the north and Salthouse Head to the south. Its sheltered waters are protected by the North Breakwater extending 400 metres south-south-west from Keith Inch, and by the South Breakwater extending 750 metres north-east from Salthouse Head.


As the statutory harbour, pilotage and conservancy Authority, Peterhead Port Authority is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of Peterhead Harbour, Bay and outer limits. That includes coordinating the needs – and movements – of the largest oil tankers or jack-up rigs, offshore supply vessel calls, trawlers that need to land fish around the clock, grain and fertiliser ships, all making use of more than 3,500 metres of quayside. The leisure craft making their way to and from the marina are also part of the equation. For the port operations team, navigational safety, security and environmental issues are top priorities, but at the same time commercial shipping and offshore operators require an efficient, effective and reliable service delivered in a professional manner. Pilotage and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) are coordinated around the clock from the Port Control Centre. There is close cooperation and liaison with towage operators, ships agents and stevedores. Following the appointment of a full time Health & Safety Officer, new policies and procedures have also been implemented throughout the port regarding Health & Safety and Environmental matters. The Port

Authority is responsible for ensuring compliance with national and international standards and policies have been developed regarding safety, security, emergency planning, pollution and waste handling. In 2008 Peterhead Port Authority was awarded the PERS Environmental Award by Ecoports, one

pilotage act is only 50 minutes. Pilots join and leave vessels aboard the Port Authority’s 17 metre pilot launch Blue Toon. In the event that pilot boarding is considered unsafe outside the breakwater, such as in poor weather conditions, smaller vessels may be permitted to embark a pilot inside the

of only two such accreditations in Scotland.

breakwaters, with entry having been made under advice from a pilot who will be onboard the pilot boat. Large vessels, oil rigs and where appropriate barges under tow may only enter at slack water periods, but may normally leave at any state of the tide. A detailed pilotage passage and manoeuvring plan is drawn up in advance and agreed with the vessel Master. This is specific to each individual case, with pilots drawing on their knowledge of the harbour, its approaches, tidal and weather conditions as pertains to the vessel’s requirements. Local knowledge and professional skills are both clearly vital and ongoing refresher training of pilots is carried out in-house, on a simulator and utilising manned model ship handling.

Pilotage A team of highly experienced and trained pilots provides a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week service, coordinated from Port Control. Pilotage is compulsory within the Port of Peterhead for all vessels over 3,500 gross tonnes (Peterhead Bay) or 200 tonnes (inner harbours) and in a number of other specific cases including all tankers carrying oil in bulk as cargo and vessels carrying hazardous cargoes or dangerous goods in quantities of 100 tonnes or more or one tonne of explosives of IMO Class 1 category. Other vessels may be required to take on a pilot if this is considered necessary for any reasons of safety. Vessels less than 20 metres long and fishing boats less than 47.5 metres do not require a pilot, and pilotage is not required where the Master or Mate of a ship holds a Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) for that ship. The Port Authority as statutory Harbour Authority is responsible for the administration and issue of PECs as examined by the Pilotage Superintendent to qualified Masters and Mates. The pilot boarding area is two miles ESE of the South Breakwater light. The average duration of each

Vessel Traffic Services All vessel movements in and out of the harbour are monitored, coordinated and recorded by Peterhead Port Authority’s Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). The Port Authority has responsibility for VTS within the port limits, which encompasses an area of about a two mile radius of the port. Two radars feed information into the 24-hour Port Control Tower, where there is an experienced VTS operator on duty at all times. All of Peterhead’s VTS operators are qualified to V-103


Dales Engineering Services Ltd provide round the clock Engineering and Fabrication solutions both onshore and offshore. STRUCTURAL PIPING MACHINING ONSHORE/OFFSHORE

DALES ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED Dales Industrial Estate, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire AB42 3JF

Tel: 01779 478778 Fax: 01779 471846 Email:

Providing continued Consulting Engineering services to Peterhead Port Authority • Harbour and Ship Repair Facilities • Architectural Services • Project Management • Fish Processing Factory Specialists • Environmental and Geotechnical Studies • Surveys and Diving Inspections • Industrial and Commercial Buildings • Fuel Storage and Distribution Facilities 26 Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen AB10 1XE Telephone 01224 631122 Email A S S O C I AT E D O F F I C E S AT L E RW I C K T H U R S O D U N D E E

enviroco, your local waste management partner liquid waste management interceptor management waste container hire recycling of wastes special waste collection & treatment vessel & industrial tank cleaning dry waste collection recycling of wastes training, awareness & reporting services

Damhead Waste Management Centre Upperton Industrial Estate Peterhead Aberdeenshire AB42 3GL t: 01779 485200 f: 01779 485222 e: w:



standard. All information gathered by radar, VHF radio and telephone is recorded. Information, advice and directions are passed to vessels via VHF Channel 14. Vessels are required to establish contact a minimum of one hour before arrival, using the call sign ‘Peterhead Harbours’ on VHF Channel 14, prior to entering, leaving or manoeuvring within the harbours. A listening watch is maintained on VHF Channels 14 and 16. VHF Channel 9 is also designated as a port user channel. ASCO Operations and Agency may be contacted on VHF Channel 11 using the call sign ‘ASCO Base’. In cases of emergency including pollution clean-up operations, vessels engaged in the incident will be requested to communicate on VHF Channel 10.

Anchorage By arrangement with the Harbour Master.

Tides Spring range: 3.3 metres. Neap range: 1.6 metres.

Port Plans Peterhead Port Authority has the following plans in place: a) Port marine safety plan b) Emergency plan c) Security plan d) Oil pollution plan e) Port waste management plan

Port Users’ Group

Harbour towage can be arranged through shipping agents provided sufficient notice is given. A small harbour tug (Ugie Runner – 9 tonne bollard pull) is available on request. This boat utilises the latest Mampaey dynamic oval towing system.

In accordance with the tenets of the document ‘Modernising Trust Ports - A Guide to Good Governance’, the Port Authority set up a Port Users’ Group. The objective of this group is to provide an effective link between port users and others with a direct interest in the port’s operations and the Board. The group meets twice a year. A Port Landings Committee also meets to look specifically at matters relating to the fishing industry and ensure its smooth operation.

Weather Forecasts

Customs Declaration


The Meteorological Office provides a twice daily forecast tailored to harbour requirements that includes a four day projection and 24 hour sea state prediction. Weather information can be obtained from Vessel Traffic Services.

Dredging Dredging operations within the port are carried out by recognised dredging contractors using their own plant and machinery. Before any dredging takes place, the Port Authority ensures that the correct licences are in place, issues a Notice to Mariners identifying details of where and when the work is being done, and ensures that all vessels using the port are notified about the dredging work in hand.

VESSEL ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Documents required for presentation to H.M. Customs and Excise are as follows: • IMO FAL form 1 (C94) – General declaration • IMO FAL form 3 (C95) – Ship’s stores declaration • IMO FAL form 4 (C96) – Crew’s effects declaration • IMO FAL form 5 (C97) – Crew’s list • IMO FAL form 6 (C98) – Passenger list • A cargo declaration. The master of the vessel, or a person authorised by him, is responsible for making the report. A shipping agent usually lodges the report on the master’s behalf. If these “Report” documents have not been

collected from the vessel within three hours of making fast alongside (24 hours of anchoring) by H.M. Customs & Excise or the vessel’s agent, then one copy of the forms is` to be lodged in one of H.M. Customs & Excise’s post boxes, keeping the other copy together with the manifest and release notes onboard. There is one post box on the ASCO South Base, one on the Albert Quay and one at Customs House. All vessels leaving a UK port for a destination outside the EU or for a free zone within the EU must obtain customs clearance outwards. Vessels destined for another UK port or for other EU ports are not required to obtain customs clearance. Masters will require to complete an IMO FAL form 1 (C94) in duplicate, IMO FAL form 5 (C97), IMO FAL form 6 (C98), if the vessel is carrying 12 passengers or fewer and provide a copy of the cargo declaration. The IMO FAL form 3 (C95) will also need to be completed on departure if stores have been loaded in the UK.

Dangerous substances Vessels carrying dangerous substances as defined by Regulation 3 of The Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations 1987 must comply in every respect with these regulations. Peterhead Port Authority holds a licence permitting explosives to be brought into, carried and handled within Peterhead Port. Twenty berths are available to handle up to 65,000kgs of explosives. Full details are provided on the Port Plan.


Davidsons Marine & Industrial Painters

Services Provided: • Hydrojetting Specialists • Grit Blasting • Hot Zinc Spraying • High Pressure Cleaning • Foam Injection Insulation • Fish room Refurbishment • Specialist plastic coatings Facilities/locations • Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Macduff • Covered shiplift for vessels upto 40m

MAIN OFFICE Grampian House, 59 Palmerston Road Aberdeen AB11 5QJ Tel: 01224 586882 Fax: 01224 581762 Email: After hours Tel: 01779 473537 - 07860 141633

Seagate Peterhead AB42 1JP Tel: 01779 474455 Mobile: 07831512384 Email: davidsonspainters



INVESTING in modern facilites uring the past 20 years the port has developed into one of the foremost bases for servicing the fishing and offshore oil and gas industries. Strategic investment of over £75 million in port infrastructure has ensured the port continues to provide modern facilities that meet clients’ needs and expectations. This has been possible because Peterhead Port Authority is a trust port. All profits generated from operations are reinvested into the port for the benefit of the Authority’s stakeholders. New projects are designed to ensure that the legacy of opportunity provided to the current generation is protected and enhanced for future stakeholders.


2010 Provision of a new 30 berth marina at Port Henry for small inshore fisheries vessels.

2009/10 Completion of Smith Quay, reclamation, Albert Quay breakwater extension and deepening to provide additional berthing capacity for a range of existing and new trades.

Berth for deep drafted fishing vessels at end of Albert Quay

1998/2001 Construction of a wave wall along the seaward edge of the North Breakwater to reduce berthing downtime and improve working conditions.


Provision of a Synchrolift ship repair facility with an adjacent covered berth that can accommodate the largest ships in the UK demersal fleet.

Construction of Princess Royal Jetty offering three additional berths for oil-related and bulk cargo vessels. Construction of Peterhead Bay Marina providing purpose-built facilities for the leisure sailor.



Completion of a 2,850 square metre modern temperature controlled fish market on Merchants Quay.

Completion of Albert Quay which provides 340 metres of all-weather deepwater berthing. It is used for pelagic fish landings, oil related traffic, handling bulk cargoes, fuel imports and other trades.


2000 2011

120 metres berthing on the finger jetty which is used principally by pelagic vessels.

Completion of Merchant’s Quay with 200 metres deepwater berthing for fishing vessels and additional




LOCATION & communications Road



Peterhead is linked by the A90 trunk road to Aberdeen and increasing lengths of this 56 kilometres (35 miles) road have been upgraded or dualled. Intermediate towns and villages have been bypassed improving access and reducing journey times to the nearest centre for rail and air communications. A western by-pass of Aberdeen is planned during the next few years. Beyond Aberdeen there is an extensive duel carriageway and motorway network enabling the rapid transfer of road freight between Peterhead and supply, distribution and manufacturing centres throughout the UK.

Aberdeen Airport is situated at Dyce, on the northwest side of the city and only 45 minutes by road from the Port of Peterhead. As well as numerous regular scheduled flights between Aberdeen and London (Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick) there are scheduled services between Aberdeen and all of Britain’s major cities. International direct flights to cities in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland and France are also available from Aberdeen. Expansion and modernisation of Aberdeen Airport has developed along with the North Sea oil industry and it is consequently the major centre for helicopters engaged in oil industry support work.

The rail network links Aberdeen Railway Station to all major cities around the UK and high speed trains have reduced journey times between Aberdeen and London (878 kilometres/546 miles) to seven hours.





ABERDEEN city and shire OR GENERATIONS ABERDEENSHIRE HAS BEEN SYNONYMOUS WITH SOME OF THE FINEST FOOD AND DRINK TO GRACE THE NATION’S TABLE premier beef, fresh seafood and superior malt whisky. The same fertile land yielded a more durable ingredient in sparkling granite which was used for many fine buildings throughout Europe and gave Aberdeen the Granite City nickname. The region hosts many natural advantages - steeped in the past but prepared for the future. The outstanding natural beauty of mountains, countryside and coastline are complemented by a dynamic business, educational and leisure resource. Together these give Aberdeen City and Shire one of the best qualities of life anywhere in the country. Peterhead is the largest town in Aberdeenshire and the most easterly town in mainland Scotland. It has a population of 19,000 and while fishing and offshore-related activities dominate, it has a relatively diverse economy. More than half of Peterhead’s working population are employed in the town, while nearly 10% commute regularly to Aberdeen, and nearly 22% work elsewhere in the area. The countryside surrounding Peterhead offers wide open rolling fields dotted with hamlets and villages full of history and wildlife, large forests to walk in and a dramatic and beautiful coastline. Farming is an important part of the economy, with fields full either of cattle or sheep, or producing crops.


Peterhead has the world’s 18th oldest golf club, with both 18-hole and nine-hole courses, while Cruden Bay has two golf courses, including a world-class championship course which is consistently rated in the top 100 worldwide. Donald Trump is building what is promoted as the ‘worlds best golf resort’ at Menie, 20 miles south of Peterhead. The area has a network of paths and cycleways along the Buchan and Formartine Way, and a host of historic buildings, ruins and sites to visit. Peterhead was founded by the Keith Earls Marischals in 1587 and was developed as a planned settlement. Port Henry, the town’s first harbour, was constructed in 1593. The continued development employed engineers such as Sir John Corde, Thomas Telford and Robert Stevenson. Peterhead established itself as a major whaling centre, then a thriving herring port and now is one of Euope’s leading whitefish and pelagic ports. During the late nineteenth century a prison was constructed to provide convict labour to build the breakwaters which form the Bay Harbour. This part of the port was little used until oil was discovered in the North Sea. The strategic location led to the development of purpose-built oil services bases. Aberdeen is the nearest city, has a population of 212,000 and is a prosperous, modern and vibrant place. Known as the Granite City and energy capital of Europe, Aberdeen has an international feel with the oil industry bringing people from around the world.

It hosts two of the UK’s finest universities and offers a wide choice of sporting, shopping and recreational facilities.

New Beginnings Energetica is an ambitious public-private partnership designed to create the world's greatest concentration of energy technology companies, housing and leisure facilities along a 30-mile coastal strip between Peterhead and Aberdeen. The aspiration is to position the region as a global energy hub focussing on a broad range of energy technologies. Energetica will be unique bringing together talented people and providing them with a stimulating environment in which to be creative. Over the next 20 years a range of commercial investment opportunities will be brought forward. These will be designed using sustainable techniques and with a low carbon dependency. Energetica Industry Park is prominently located at the Southern Gateway to Peterhead. The 30 acre site is only 1.5 kilometres from the port and has direct access to the A90. Serviced development plots are available for both industrial and service operators involved in an energy related business.


Leading the way in Britain

for over 75 years

Westminster Dredging Co. Ltd is leading the way in Capital & Maintenance Dredging, Land Reclamation, Coastal & River Defences, Sand Winning & Supply, Pipeline & Outfall Trenches, Marine Drilling & Blasting, Site Surveys & Investigation.

Westminster Dredging Co. Ltd. Member of Royal Boskalis Westminster group

Westminster House, Crompton Way, Segensworth West, Fareham, Hants, PO15 5SS. Tel. 01489 885933, fax 01489 578588 E-mail

R D Buchan & Sons Ltd Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium Alloy Fabrication & Repair Specialists • BESPOKE FABRICATION IN MILD / GALVY STEEL, STAINLESS & ALUMINIUM ALLOYS • SITE FABRICATION & REPAIR SPECIALISTS


Port Henry Pier, Peterhead Scotland AB42 1ZY Tel/Fax: 01779 478503 Mob: 07711841995 or 07899792936 Email:


Directory AIRPORT Aberdeen Airport Dyce, Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 775845 www.

ARCHITECTS & CONSULTING ENGINEERS Arch Henderson & Partners 26 Rubislaw Terrace Aberdeen AB10 7XE Tel: (01224) 631122 Fax: (01224) 632233 www. McAdam Design Partnership 70 King Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475157 Fax: (01779) 473944 www. Peter Fraenkel Maritime Ltd South House 21-37 South Street Dorking Surrey RH4 2JZ Tel: (01306) 879797 Fax: (01306) 879798

Lloyds TSB Bank Scotland Plc 14 Queen Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 472638 Fax: (01779) 470225 Royal Bank of Scotland Plc 10 Marischal Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476336 Fax: (01779) 478646

BLAST SERVICES Davidsons Blast Services Ltd Seagate Peterhead AB42 1JP Tel: (01779) 474455 Fax: (01779) 475218 www.davidsons G.C.G. Shotblasting Services Ltd Unit 3 Upperton Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475002/477507 Fax: (01779) 477579 www.


ASSOCIATIONS North East of Scotland Fishermans Organisation Ltd 75 Broad Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478731/479149 Fax: (01779) 470229 North-East Fishermans Training Association Suite 4 2 Port Henry Pier Alexandra House Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478751 Fax: (01779) 478288

BANKS Bank of Scotland 32 Broad Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 429000 www. Clydesdale Bank Plc 43 Broad Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477321 Fax: (01779) 478618

J Buchan & Sons 2 Baltic Place Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475395 Fax: (01779) 475395 www. R D Buchan & Sons Ltd Port Henry Pier Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478503 www.

CARGO-HANDLING EQUIPMENT ASCO Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 873000 Fax: (01779) 470549 WM Whyte Crane Hire & Cargo Handlers Hindstones New Aberdour Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 511056

DRILLING FLUID MANUFACTURERS M-I Drilling Fluids UK Ltd c/o Asco Soth Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476647

DREDGING SERVICES Moray Council Roads DLO Ash Grove Road Elgin IV30 1UU Tel: (01343) 551322 Westminster Dredging Co Ltd Westminster House Crompton Way Segensworth West Fareham Hants PO15 5SS Tel: (01489) 885933 Fax: (01489) 578588 www.westminster

FISHING INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT Box Pool Solutions Keith Street Peterhead AB42 1DX Tel: (01779) 481956 Fax: (01779) 476 782 Chep Ltd 12a, Alexandra House Greenhill Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479010 Fax: (01779) 479278

Alba Fish Supplies Ltd 11 Murrays Lane South Esplanade West Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 249444 Fax: (01224) 878188

GMR Seafoods Blackhouse Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478653 Fax: (01779) 480689

Andrew Christie Jnr North Esplanade West Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 590327

Grampian Seafoods Ltd Cables Lane South Esplanade West Aberdeen AB11 9AD Tel: (01224) 897048 Fax: 01224 871474

Caley Fisheries Ltd 11 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479772 Fax: (01779) 477931 www. Cowie Seafoods Ltd Unit 5-8 Volum Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475550 Fax: (01779) 470047 Denholm Seafoods East Quay, Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477380 Fax: (01779) 471910 www. Duthie & Summers 25 Denmark Street Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 513221 S J Edwards & Co Shore Street Lossiemouth Tel: (01343) 812200 Frasers 26 Russell Road Aberdeen Tel/Fax: (01224) 590238

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine Farmers Lane Peterhead Tel: (01779) 473005

Colin Fraser Ltd 15 Raik Rd Aberdeen AB11 5QL Tel: (01224) 593132 Fax: (01224) 591772

Scotia Box Services Box Washing Depot Unit 4 Port Henry Pier Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479213

Fresh Catch Ltd Kirk Square Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474860/479767 Fax: (01779) 477190

Thistle Marine (Peterhead) Ltd 5 Baltic Place Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477210 Fax: (01779) 471804

FISH MERCHANTS AGD Duff Palmerston Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 588976 AKL Ltd 5b & 7a Alexandra House Greenhill Peterhead Tel: (01779) 491218

French Fish Experts Units 1 & 2 Fraserburgh Industrial Estate South Harbour Road Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 519376 Fax: (01346) 518525 Garfish Ltd Poynernook Road, Aberdeen Tel/Fax: (01224) 571073

GT Seafoods Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479301 Fax: (01779) 479123 H & H Fish Unit 8 Gleenrole Park Poynernook Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 212094 Fax: (01224) 212429 John Charles 19 Crombie Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 249330 Fax: (01224) 249345 Ken Cassells Wilson Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476057 Fax: (01779) 477637 Robert W Henderson 24 Russell Road Aberdeen Tel/Fax: (01224) 589648 Highland Fish Products 31 Sinclair Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 875401 www.highland Iceberg Ltd Old Station Yard Harbour Road Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 515856 Fax: (01346) 519040 G & J Jack Ltd Harbour Road Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 514433 Fax: (01346) 517091 KMD Fish Ltd Unit 2 Palmerston Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 583958 Fax: (01224) 582150 Laeso Fish Ltd Damhead Circle Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477740 Fax: (01779) 470745

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We’re here to help Scottish business grow. At Bank of Scotland we’re here for Scottish business, supporting opportunities for growth and encouraging enterprise. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers to offer them the support, guidance and expertise needed to take their business forward. From growing your business in a recovering economy and beyond, you can be sure that we’ll be with you all the way. For more information speak to either Nichola Scott on 07919 113 152 or James Morgan on 07818 012 636.

J.& J.Buchan Ltd

General & Marine Engineers Are you looking for an excellent steel fabrication company in Peterhead? We may offer exactly what you are looking for. • Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Fabrications • Welding • Marine Engineering • Ship Repair • Pipework • Mechanical Repairs Contact us on

01779 479851 or 07850 032449 Wilson Street, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire AB42 1UD


Andrew Leiper & Sons Palmerston Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 213344 Fax: (01224) 213320 Lunar Filleting Ring Road Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477780 Fax: (01779) 477784 E J & Mrs H Mair Old Station Road Marine Place Buckie Tel: (01542) 832680 Fax: (01542) 831763 John H Milne Fish Merchant The Old Smoke House 17 Ellis Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 490024 Noblesea Fisheries North Lane Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 510234 Fax: (01346) 517865 Prime Seafoods Ltd West Shore Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 516549 Fax: (01346) 514067 R & J Seafish 31 North Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 480590 Seafoods Eccose Unit 1-3 Dales Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475718 Fax: (01779) 475846 G & W Summers 11 James Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 472393 Thistle Seafoods Ltd Harbour, Boddam Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478991 Fax: (01779) 471014 Welch Fishmongers 23 Pier Place Edinburgh Tel: (0131) 552 5883 Fax: (0131) 555 0511 Whitelink Sea Foods Maxwell Place Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 518828 Fax: (01346) 513902 Youngs Seafood 3 Harbour Road Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 515101 Fax: (01346) 519292

FISH SALESMEN Caley Fisheries (Peterhead) Ltd 11 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479772 Fax: (01779) 477931 Denholm Fishselling Ltd Maxwell Place Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 513211 Fax: (01346) 517649 Don Fishing Company (Peterhead) Ltd 20 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474231 Fax: (01779) 477469 Grampian Sea Fishing Ltd Greenhill Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475285 Peter & J Johnstone (Peterhead) 5-8 Bridge Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 473007 Fax: (01779) 470026 Lunar Fishing Co Ltd East Quay Peterhead Tel: (01779) 473344 Fax: (01779) 476730 Peterhead Fishermen Ltd 13-16 Alexandra House Greenhill Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478205 Fax: (01779) 476589

HYDRAULIC PLANT & EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Kerard Workshop Supplies 17 Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476943

ICE SUPPLIERS & COLD STORAGE Lunar Freezing & Cold Storage Co Ltd East Quay, The Harbour Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477446 Fax: (01779) 476599 Peterhead Ice Co Model Jetty, Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478681 Fax: (01779) 470018

Pelagic Freezing (Scotland) Ltd Castle Street, Keith Inch Peterhead Tel: (01779) 481481 Fax: (01779) 483683

Surelift (UK) Ltd Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477775 Fax: (01779) 477771


WM Whyte Cargo Handlers Hindstones New Aberdour Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 511056

Scottish Boatowners Mutual Insurance Company 26/30 Marine Place Buckie Tel: (01542) 832045 Fax: (01542) 832386

LICENSED WASTE DISPOSAL CONTRACTORS Enviroco Damhead Waste Transfer Station Damhead Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 485200 Fax: (01779) 485222 Northburn Industrial Services Unit A Blackdog Industrial Centre Murcar, Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 825448 Fax: (01224) 826462 Shanks Waste Services Ltd Redmoss Recycling Centre Greenbank Road East Tullos Industrial Estate Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 893770 Taylor Industrial Services Hareness Circle Altens Industrial Estate Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 872972 www. UK Waste Management Ltd Greenbank Road East Tullos Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 875560

LIFTING GEAR SERVICES Chandlers International (Abdn) Ltd Froghall Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 626364 Fax: (01224) 624005

MARINE FUEL SUPPLIERS ASCO Oils Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 873000 Fax: (01779) 470549 Ship Street, Keith Inch Peterhead Tel: (01779) 480011 Brogan Fuels Steven Road Huntly Tel: (01466) 799111 Fax: (01466) 799197 Caley (Peterhead) Ltd 11 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 481679 Fax: (01779) 481685 Conoco Ltd Conoco Centre Warwick Technology Park Gallows Hill Warwick Tel: (01926) 404000 Fax: (01926) 404099 Esso Petroleum Co Ltd Mailpoint 10 Esso House Ermyn Way Leatherhead Tel: (01372) 222000 Shell UK Oil Aberdeen Terminal 1 Minto Road Altens Industrial Estate Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 880480 John A Smith & Sons 12 Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 472800 Fax: (01779) 471362 Texaco Ltd 1 Westberry Circus Canary Wharf London Tel: (0171) 719 3000

MARINE ELECTRICIANS Electrotec Solutions Ltd 27 Prince Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 470095

A M Campbell 2 Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476433 Peterhead Marine Electrics Ltd 8 Bridge Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479461 Fax: (01779) 480186

MARINE ENGINEERS Bill Mackie Engineering Ltd 3 Baltic Place Peterhead Tel : (01779) 480290 Fax: (01779) 480559 Dales Engineering Ltd Dales Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478778 Fax: (01779) 471846 www. Thistle Marine (Peterhead) Ltd 5 Baltic Place Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477210/479443 Fax: (01779) 471804 R D Buchan & Sons Port Henry Pier Peterhead AB42 6LA Tel: (01779) 478503 Fax: (01779) 478503 J & J Buchan Wilson Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479851 Fax: (01779) 479851

OIL & GAS FIELD SERVICES & SUPPLIES ASCO plc Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 873000 Fax: (01779) 473248 Baroid Ltd Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474730 Fax: (01779) 474162 C & L Supplies (Peterhead) 7/9 Wallace Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477986 Fax: (01779) 478967 Cebo (UK) Ltd Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475827

DIRECTORY PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook


Score (Europe) Ltd Glenugie Engineering Works Peterhead Tel: (01779) 480000 Fax: (01779) 481111 Wood Group Engineering Services Ltd Blackhouse Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474293

PERSONNEL AKL Ltd 6a Alexandra House Greenhill Peterhead Tel: (01779) 491218 Genesis Personnel Marine House 2 Marischal Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476311 Fax: (01779) 476312

PLANT & TOOL HIRE Buchan Power Tools Blackhouse Industrial Estate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 473608 Fax: (01779) 472755 M B Plant 14 Wilson Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475397 Fax: (01779) 479236

ROAD HAULAGE SERVICES ASCO UK South Bay Oil Service Base PO Box 19 Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474712 Fax: (01779) 473248 BJN Transport Denview, Toddlehills Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478854 Fax: (01779) 478854 William Coutts Transport (Peterhead) Ltd Howemuir Road Blackhills Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475232/476086 McKay Transport Seaview Road Sandend Tel: (01261) 842408

D Steven & Son Harbour Quay Wick Tel: (01955) 602381 Marshall Logistics 2 Alexandra House Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476945

SHIP CHANDLERS Caley Fisheries Ltd 11 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 479772 Fax: (01779) 477931 www. Chandlers International (Aberdeen) Ltd Froghall Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 626364 Fax: (01224) 624005 J.N.W. Services 1 Harbour Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 477346 Fax: (01779) 476168

SHIP PAINTERS Brian McDougall 62 Lochside Road Peterhead Tel: (01779) 475301 Davidsons Seagate Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474455 Peter Bruce Harbour Road Fraserburgh Tel: (01346) 514056 Fax: (01346) 519424

SHIPPING COMPANIES (AGENTS, FORWARDERS AND BROKERS) ASCO plc Peterhead Offshore Supply Base Peterhead Tel: (01779) 873000 Fax: (01779) 473248 Andrew Smith & Schultze Dock Gate House Waterloo Quay Aberdeen Tel: (01779) 472210 Fax: (01779) 470638 Enship 70 St Clements Street Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 211500 Fax: (01224) 213123

GAC-OBC Shipping Unit J, Nord Centre York Street Aberdeen Tel: (01779) 213312 Fax: (01770)213319

ADVERTISERS INDEX Aberdeenshire Council 52

Streamline Shipping Blakies Quay Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 211506 Fax: (01224) 211520

Arch Henderson & Partners 44


Bill Mackie Marine Engineering 28

Gray & Gray 8-10 Queen Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 480222 Fax: (01779) 470 741

Box Pool Solutions 22

John MacRitchie & Co Town House Broad Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 478877 Fax: (01779) 481133

Clydesdale Bank 8

Mackinnons 14 Carden Place Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 632464 Fax: (01224) 632184 Masson & Glennie Broad House Broad Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 474271 Fax: (01779) 476037 Stewart & Watson 35 Queen Street Peterhead Tel: (01779) 476351

SURVEYORS MARINE Pirie & Smith Ltd 59 Palmerston Road Aberdeen Tel: (01224) 586882 Fax: (01224) 625026

TOWAGE Targe Towing Ltd Mountboy Montrose Angus DD10 9TN Tel: (01674) 820234 Fax: (01674) 820351

ASCO OBC Bank of Scotland 54

Caley Fisheries Ltd 8 CHEP (UK) Ltd 22 Dales Engineering Services Ltd 44 Davidsons Blast Services 46 Davidsons Marine & Industrial Painters 46 Denholm Fishselling Ltd 40 Enviroco Ltd 44 Fresh Catch Ltd 54 Grampian Sea Fishing Ltd 52 Halcrow 54 J & J Buchan 54 John A Smith IBC Lunar Group 30 Mackinnons 6 Masson & Glennie 46 Moray Council Road DLO 6 Peter Fraenkel & Partners Ltd IFC Peter & J Johnstone Ltd 34 Pirie & Smith Ltd 46 R D Buchan & Sons 52 R J McLeod 40 Royal Bank of Scotland 2 Score Group 22 Seagate Fabrication 40 Subsea 7 28 Targe Towing Ltd 28 Westminster Dredging Co. Ltd 52 Whytes Cranes 34

DIRECTORY PETERHEAD Port Authority Handbook



JOHN A SMITH & SONS 12 SEAGATE, PETERHEAD AB42 1JP PHONE FOR SERVICE OFFICE: 01779 472800/479419 MOBILE: 07850 756286 / 07710 036019 HOUSE: 01779 472802 / 478812 E-MAIL:

This is a place where experience matters ASCO Group is one of the world’s leading integrated Oil and Gas logistics companies. For many years, Peterhead has played a major role in our operations as we continue to invest in the local community and economy.

Peterhead Port is becoming increasingly recognised as a European Energy Hub with facilities and expertise to support decommissioning, renewables and of course, the oil and gas industry. If you want to know more about how ASCO can deliver more for you, contact us now.

Through our partnership with Peterhead Port Authority,

Contact: ASCO Group, Peterhead Offshore Supply Base, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire AB42 2PF T: +44 (0) 1779 873000 F: +44 (0) 1779 470549 e:

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