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taco bar

Summer is officially here; time to start the backyard and neighbourhood parties! Summer entertaining usually means burgers, hot dogs, mom’s famous potato salad, and no-bake desserts. Want to mix things up a bit this year? Try a Taco Bar! It’s so easy to prepare and you can get most of the food prepped the night before so you have more time for visiting on party day. To set the scene for a Taco Bar, load up on those brightly coloured party supplies. The easiest way to set a party backdrop is by covering foam poster boards (found at the dollar store) with various colours of wrapping paper. You can then attach some brightly coloured paper fans and banners to decorate it even more. I love using the foam poster boards for a party table – they are so easy to make and you simply set them on the back of the table (leaning against the wall or fence) and you’re done! Fresh flowers are always a great idea for decorating a party table – just make sure they’re not going to attract a lot of bugs around your food at an outdoor party. My son insisted that our Taco Bar had a piñata, so I found one at the party store and used it like a centerpiece on the food table. I also found a brightly coloured tablecloth and mini ponchos for drink bottles at the party store that worked great for this Taco Bar. Need sombreros? Yep, the party store has those too!

Now let’s talk about the food! There are so many options when it comes to a Taco Bar. You’ll want to start with the taco shells (both hard tacos and soft), then choose a couple of meat options and all the delicious toppings. Here are some tasty ideas: • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

shredded cheese rice salsa sour cream guacamole hot sauce nacho cheese sauce

Tacos can be a messy food, so make sure you have lots of plates and napkins. Instead of serving traditional tacos, you could set this up as a “Walking Taco Bar,” which is basically where everyone is given a small bag of Doritos, then they load their toppings right into the bag and eat it with a fork. No additional plates required! For drinks, you could serve frozen crushed ice drinks in margarita glasses. For a summer party, you’ll want to have plenty of ice cold drinks for the guests to choose from. Now on to my favourite part of a party – dessert! Some dessert ideas that go with this theme are churros or ice cream nachos. Ice cream nachos are broken waffle bowl pieces dipped in chocolate with scoops of ice cream served on top – you’ll find more details on Ice Cream Nachos on the www. blog. I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with great memories and plenty of ice cream!

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by Cheryl Kirkness