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donut party

Donut walls at weddings were a popular trend last year and the whole donut theme seems to be continuing this year with birthday parties. These donut buffet ideas could be used for any type of party – a child’s birthday party, a sweet 16 party, a bridal shower, a tea party, a slumber party, etc.

• Candy coated chocolates

• Sprinkles in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes • Crushed cookies • Chopped candy bars

Setting The Scene: One of my favourite & easiest ways to design a party table starts with the backdrop. I use foam poster boards from the dollar store, cover them in wrapping paper, and set them on the back of the party table. For this party I also added a variety of paper fans in various colours and sizes. I added a chalkboard sign to the wall with “Always Say Yes To Sprinkles” written on it. There are also lots of fun donut puns you could use in your party on signs, as favour tags, for invitations, etc. A few of my favourites are:

• Toasted coconut • Chocolate chips For party drinks, you could serve: • Sparkling juice in champagne glasses • Juice boxes or bottles • Tea

• Donut Worry, Be Happy

• Coffee

• I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You

• Milk in decorative milk bottles or small mason jars with paper straws

• I Donut Know How To Thank You

• You Donut Want To Miss This (for a party invitation)

A fun idea would be to set up a “Sprinkles Photo Booth” area where guests could take selfies with their donut creations. You could even create a fun party hashtag that your guests could use on social media so you can see each other’s photos.

• Donut Leave Without A Treat (for the favour table)


There are probably lots of items around your house that you could use on your party table like:

There are so many fun ideas for party favours for this theme:

• Flower vases to hold fresh flowers or candies • Mason jars for holding candies • Candlesticks for paper lanterns or candles • Decorative boxes and plates to use as cake stands

• Donuts in personalized to-go boxes


For more fun Donut Party ideas including free printables, visit my Donut Party board on Pinterest:

• I Like You A Hole Lot • Thanks A Hole Bunch

The obvious food that every donut party needs is donuts! You could buy your donuts at a donut shop or the grocery store, or you could bake your own donuts at home. If some of your guests have nut allergies, most grocery stores sell donuts made in a nut-free facility.

• Gift cards to a local donut shop • Jar of sprinkles • Donut-themed stationary

I hope your next party is filled with love, laughter and plenty of sprinkles!

You could serve plain glazed donuts, donuts with fillings, mini donuts, donut holes and more. Donut holes could be dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles and served on a cake pop stick or a mini appetizer fork. Set out a large variety of toppings so your guests can design their own donuts. Some topping ideas are: • Marshmallow fluff • Chocolate icing • Vanilla icing • Fudge ice cream topping • Caramel ice cream topping

by Cheryl Kirkness


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