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what is led lighting fixtures Lighting is a very important thing in everyone’s life, whether it is office or home. Various people have various needs and hence there are lots of customized options in the market. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is very environment friendly and hence is becoming more and more popular. It also produces low heat and adds lots of style to your outdoor area. The cost of maintaining it is not very high which a big plus is. With an introduction of LED lighting landscape or specialty outdoor lighting, many doors are opened for unique lighting set ups that are based on specific requirement.

amazing homemade lighting design The outdoor lighting design is an expensive thing done professionally for clients and who are very okay with paying the huge amount associated with it. Anyone looking to brighten up their homes needs experiment with the setups till they found one that suits their budget and needs.

Thanks to the innovations in the LED lighting fixtures, homemade designs now are looking like a like outdoor lighting. The LED lighting bulbs are sturdy, versatile, and very long lasting; this makes them an ideal experiment with. Expert designers and commercial companies jump in to give advice totally free of charge to customers if you buy their products! With the help of LED Lighting fixtures you save about 40% on your light bills. Some of the basic research will yield good information.

purpose of your lighting is very important First thing that you need to consider while deciding your design is a purpose. What you want you’re light to show or to whom? Usually, outdoor lighting can serve the multiple requirements once, which includes aesthetic enhancement of home's exterior, unique features like gardens and fountains, and high security through illumination for surrounding areas. You do not need to select just one function while designing, but it’s very important to ensure you take them in consideration.

weather proof lighting One more significant topic is how weather proof you need the lighting to be. Suppose it will be exposed to water regularly, then hardier range of bulb will be the best option. Depending on the climate, your best option for glass may vary, thus ensure to ask your local hardware shop what they suggest in LED lighting fixtures.


decorative light for one and all Additionally, it’s always a good idea checking with your neighborhood about the policies of lighting design. Most of the residential communities welcome the decorative light for the beautification and the safety benefits, however it does not hurt running your ideas to the neighbors first in order to avoid undoing your hard work. One very important part is you should be satisfied with finished product, thus take your own time all along the way and do not get afraid to ask any questions while you go! LED lighting is an mind blowing way to add lots of innovation to outdoor lighting and save the money along with that.

You can buy led strip light conveniently with heavy discount 

Buy Compact Lighting: Compact Lighting is a manufacture of varieties of led lights. The main motive is to provide the energy-efficient and light-saving products. We have been offering different types of lighting products from 25years. Our successful experience make us confident to deliver the maximum value for our clients through providing the Solar Street light, Outdoor Lights, Shop, office and Home Lighting.

We are the famous for the manufacturing of led strip light. Our advance technology designs the lighting products with different patents. Our main focus is to make quality strip light with extra running power.

review our some of the available Led strip lights 

LED Strip Light 3528: This light which you can buy with or without electronic driver. The main feature is the brightness. This consumes very low voltage. You can buy this strip light from our store at Rs. 215 only.

LED Strip Light 5050(purple): This product is available in different colors and styles which you can buy only at Rs. 500. This is energy-saving light which can save your high energy bills.

LED Strip Light 5050(blue): We provide the options for our online users to buy these lights with the color of your choice. We offer 2year warranty with the purchase of these strip lights. This 5050 lighting product is also available in different colors at the cost suitable your pocket.


buy commercial led lighting The name compact lighting is popular, which is the leading brand in the manufacture of varieties of led products. We are launching commercial led lighting to give the low consumption features for our customers. Today a big part of audience wants to install lamps and tubes which should be efficient and low consumption power. That is why, we introduces lamps with light emitting diode to save light energy as well huge bills.

Special features of these products are High light output, Powder coated of CRCA Sheet, and Mirror optic reflector which make high efficient to install in the homes, hotels and kitchen. These are suitable for Armstrong/GRP/TRA/USG/Ceoltex/POP Modular Ceiling Systems.

Review our some of the commercial led lightings 

Mirror Optics


Softlight-Recessed Direct Indirect Fixture


Recessed D/L Horizontal Deep Glass Square Round


Recessed D/L Horizontal Pressed Glass Square Round



Surface Down light


Recessed D/L Halogen

Review Our Some of the Commercial Led Lightings 

Low Glare


Recessed Mirror Optic Paralite (1'x1')


Recessed Mirror Optic Paralite (1'x2')


Surface Mirror Optic Paralite Square


Softlight-Recessed Direct Indirect Fixture


Softlight-Recessed Direct Indirect Fixture (Square Perforated)




Box Type


White reflector


Aluminum reflector


Hi-lux Reflector


compact lighting offers new led interior lights Compact lighting is one of the best lighting companies in India, which has broad range of led lighting products. From 25 years, we are delivering the quality productsencompassing LED Lighting, Outdoor Lights, Interior Lights, Office and Home Lighting. Our main motive is to deliver the maximum value to our users through deliver the versatile led lights with special features.

We are offering different lights with special effects and features with the help of advance technology. Our main focus is to give you environment-friendly products which can save the loss of energy.

these are our some of the new interior lights 

Junction Box: This is highly- energy-efficient which is designed as a junction box fitting. The main benefit of this product is low maintenance cost. So, if you want to decorate your rooms and save your electricity bills at Rs 120 only then install this junction box in your home.

12W CRYSTAL MIRROR LIGHT: This is one of our most selling light which is coated with PMMA Acrylic Cover Opal round. This light can be installed in hotels, homes, showroom, kitchen and office. This led is available at Rs3000.

12W LUNA Ceiling Light Round: This is double insulated light emitting diode which provides the protection from splashed water. The input is 240 V and produce output of 40V DC 350mA. We are offering ceiling light at just Rs 1,540.00.

18W T5 LED SPARKLE: This is best to install in the interior of hotels, homes and dark groove. This has coated CRCA body with PMMA opal round. You can buy this in two colors cool white and warm white at Rs 2100.

We have unlimited varieties in the lighting products which can be installed in outdoor and outdoor of homes, kitchens, showroom and office. We are not limited in the manufacturing of strip or led interior lights; we have thousands of commercial luminaries, lamps, and fixtures. If you want to see our available products with image and details then you can visit our website

You have another option to get to know more about our product via call us at +919312022588 or via mail us at

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