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Generating Ideas for a Screenplay

Today’s Session • Orientation • What’s in a Kit • Lesson Plans • Getting Started • Additional Support

Orientation • Mini-courses • Thematic design • Learning-by-doing • Educational and fun!

Being a Screenwriter Topic Overview

Being a Screenwriter Course Kit Includes 2 Instructor’s Guides 20 Student Activity Books Supplies for all Activities

Complete Course Kit

Lesson by Lesson • Clear learning objectives • Hands-on activities reinforce objectives • Step-by-step instructions • Culminating events

Lesson Plans Learning Objectives

Materials Needed

PreparationGetting ready to teach

Notes for the Instructor includes background information about lesson and activities

‌guide your class‌ Notes for the Studentsintroduces content and goals for hands-on activities

Vocabulary defined for all terms introduced

Step-by-step instructions on learning activities

‌every step of the way! Additional Learning Activities

Wrap-Up Questions

Getting Started • Review Training Tips • Read Student Introduction and preface in Instructor’s Guide • Review student books and familiarize yourself with supplies • Try Lesson 1 and 2 together

Additional Support Three Ways to Get in Touch • Toll free telephone 1.877.347.0461 • Email directly • Fill out a support request at

Additional Resources • Course Outlines • Vocabulary extensions, crossword puzzles and word finds • Web Links • Certificate of Participation

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Training slides for Being a Screenwriter Course kit