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COMMUNITY The Fellowship Open Wednesday announced its honorees for 2014 are Major League Baseball legend Frank Robinson and history maker Velvalea "Vel" Phillips.

Vel Phillips

Each year, the Fellowship Open honors individuals who have had a dramatic impact on the improvement of lives of people in America, with a particular focus on those who have created more opportunities for the nation’s youth. Past recipients include Henry Aaron, Herb Kohl,


Willie Davis and Junior Bridgeman. The Fellowship Open is one of the nation’s largest community empowerment golf tournaments, attracting participants from more than 25 states. “Frank Robinson and Attorney Phillips are true examples of what it means to provide tangible benefits to so many,” said John W. Daniels Jr., chairman of the Fellowship Open. “Both are remarkable people who have demonstrated an amazing and sustained commitment to others. Frank Robinson is a true legend — the only player in baseball history to be Most Valu-

VOL. XXXVIII Number 45 June 4, 2014

The Milwaukee

able Player in both the American and National Leagues, and the first African American in the history of the sport to manage a major league team. Former Wisconsin Secretary of State and Milwaukee’s own ‘First Lady of Justice’ Vel Phillips is a phenomenal woman, whose contributions to our city and state are unmatched. For the past 50 years, she has stood for justice, equality and integrity for all of us.” The Fellowship Open event will be held on Friday, August 15, 2014 at Silver Spring Country Club. 25 Cents


W I S C O N S I N ’ S L A R G E S T A F R I C A N A M E R I C A N N E W S PA P E R

Hope Christian High School does it again! For the third year in a row,

100 percent--every senior--of Hope’s graduating class has

been accepted to college. The 35 students of the class of

2014 have received 200 letters

of acceptance and more than

$2,000,000 in financial aid and

Milwaukee Brewers stars Carlos Gomez (pictured below right with microphone) and Scooter Gennett (same photo to Gomez’s right) descended recently on Milwaukee College Preparatory (MCP) 38th Street Campus, 2623 N. 38th St., with the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages (shown above) to take part in the Brewers’ annual S.C.O.R.E. for Excellence Day presented by The Gordon Flesch Company. S.C.O.R.E. stands for “School, Community, Opportunities, Role Models and Excellence. The program emphasizes education, interaction and life skills. During the program, Gennett and Gomez engaged with students in a dialogue about the importance of the five S.C.O.R.E. elements. The program helps open communication between the students and their role models. T-shirts (like the ones kids pictured below are wearing as they surround Brewers legend Larry Hisle) and game tickets were provided. In the above photo, Milwaukee College Preparatory students hold up baseballs spelling “S.C.O.R.E.” with (behind them left to right): Brian Anderson, Brewers television play-by-play announcer; Kurt Konicke, representing the Gordon Flesch Company; Gennett, Gomez, Hisle, and Maggy Olson, principal of the MCP-38th Street Campus. (Photos by Yvonne Kemp)

PULSE OF THE COMMUNITY Brewers S.C.O.R.E. big with students Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


We asked four members of the 2014 graduating class at Hope Christian School--all of whom are going to college: “How important is education for Black America?”

at Milwaukee College Preparatory

academic scholarship offers.

The school is located in the

Harambee neighborhood on

Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

Each student showed off a

T-shirt of the school they will

be attending, several of them

in the Milwaukee area and

Wisconsin. A number of the

members of the class of 2014 will be attending Historical

Black Colleges and Universi-

ties. The students also participated in a signing ceremony

witnessed by other students, staff and faculty, including

LLOYD MARLOW: “Education is very important to African Americans, because it is a way to better life in the future. Most Black Americans are in areas that are not good; meaning temptation is high for many. Education will help beat stereoptypes and build a gateway to a better future.”

D’JON MILLER: “Education--as a whole--is fairly important for African American students, espcially in Milwaukee. A lot of Black people live up to mounds of bad statistics. A student like me from Hope has learned the true value of education and what it takes to fight through adversity.”

Gov. Scott Walker.

Hope Christian High School

offers a comprehensive col-

lege prep program designed

to ensure that all students

who graduate are prepared to

attend, and to be successful,

in college. Pick up a copy of a

special WKND Focus edition

about the students and the

school’s accomplishment.

KENYA GREEN: “Education is the future of our Black society and very essential at Hope. It will give us a chance to accrue something higher in life than what society has set for us. Education is the key to a better life.”

SIERRA GILLIAM-JONES: Education is the equlizer for Black America. Having an education proves that we can be just as great as any other race or group of people. Getting a great education creates a chain reaction for generations and will ultimately destroy the overwhelming depth of our own ignorance.”

Juneteenth Day approved as optional holiday for city workers

CITY HALL--The Common Council overwhelmingly approved Tuesday“Juneteenth Day” as an optional holiday for city employees. The annual holiday falls on June 19 and marks the date that the last enslaved people of African descent received word of the Emancipation Proclamation. Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs authored the legislation, which was cosponsored by 11 Council colleagues. “Juneteenth Day is a time of reflection on history, remembrance of culture, and celebration of family and community. It is important that we allow city workers the option of a paid holiday (using vacation) for Juneteenth,” Alderwoman Coggs said. City employees may now take the optional paid holiday by using vacation time on another paid holiday in the same calendar year. Juneteenth Day does not change the total number of annual paid holidays, and if it falls on a work day, departments will remain open and workers will not receive holiday premium pay.

Although President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, Juneteenth Day recognizes the date Major General Gordon Granger and his regiment of Union soldiers landed at Galveston, Texas, and freed the enslaved Africans there in 1865. The Common Council passed similar legislation in March 2014 recognizing March 31 as “Cesar E. Chavez Day,” an optional holiday to honor the birthday of Cesar Chavez, a champion of civil rights, labor rights, voting rights, and women’s rights.

Baby Boomer Men and Health Matters

(Above photo by

Yvonne Kemp)

By Kathy Gaillard

Let’s be real--why is it that millions of seemingly intelligent men don’t go to the doctor for preventive screenings and suffer from poor health choices? John W. Saultz, M.D., professor and chairman of Family Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University cites several reasons why men don’t go to the doctor. Among those reasons are that men are not socialized to visit the doctor, they tend to rationalize reasons to avoid seeing the doctor, they are in denial and they usually don’t take their screenings (or health) seriously until they are in their 40s. The truth of the matter is that regular doctor visits can save lives. According to a report published by the Mayo Clinic, many of the leading causes of death among men in the United States can be prevented. Moreover, the list of the greatest threats to


men's health is surprisingly short. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the list includes heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease. The good news is that a few lifestyle changes can significantly lower the risk of these common killers. Eric Von, former radio talk show host and publisher of Brain, Brawn & Body, a website that caters to health issues related to men, has had his own health challenges, including a heart attack

several months ago. In his 50s, Eric acknowledges that as he recovered, he started researching health and wellness issues. He said that he had a difficult time finding information that featured, “men who looked like me and had experiences that I could relate to,” which led to the genesis of his website. “I wanted to develop a relevant and timely site where men could go and see people that looked like them, and where they could feel comfortable and free to not only find information they were seeking, but share their stories with others,” said Eric. As men pass the 50-year mark, regular checkups and screenings can really make a difference in their future health. Unfortunately, most men take better care of their cars or lawns than they do themselves. (continued on page 7)

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 2


The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 3

GUEST COMMENTARY Giving Hope to Victims of Sex Trafficking By Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4)*

April Bentley was 14 years old when she was betrayed and manipulated into sex trafficking. For 19 years, she was beaten and raped. Her childhood was stolen, and her life was unalterably changed.

For many, April’s story may seem unique. However, the unfortunate reality is that each day our children are being taken into this $9.5 billion illicit business. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that in the United States, at least 100,000 kids are currently sex trafficking victims, and another 200,000 are at risk of sexual exploitation. These children are our daughters, sons, siblings and neighbors – quite literally. Behind its diverse people, rich culture and beautiful Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is known for its rampant and horrific sex trafficking trade. Last year the FBI conducted a nationwide investigation entitled Operation Cross Country. Over 100 sexually exploited minors were rescued during this effort, with Milwaukee housing the second highest number of recovered juveniles. "A very disproportionate number of pimps in other states and prostitutes in other states come from Milwaukee," according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Wall. Something must be done to help our trafficked youth. Late last year, I joined with Republican Representative Erik Paulsen to introduce the “Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act.” This legislation would alter our laws to ensure that trafficked minors are treated like victims rather than perpetrators of a crime. The bill would incentivize states to establish “safe harbor laws” that help direct victims towards protective services, in lieu of prosecution. This legislation would officially establish a national human trafficking hotline to help connect victims with the services they need. This hotline would also allow others to pass along crime tips to law enforcement. Equally notable, the “Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act” would provide opportunities for survivors to gain job training skills, including the opportunity to participate in the Job Corps program. Finally, this Act would establish a process to collect and analyze data so that the Department of Justice has adequate oversight to ensure that victims receive restitution payments they are due. This bill is common sense; however, common sense is not always so common. In our current dysfunctional and hyper-partisan Congress, very little meaningful work has been accomplished. Yet, late last month, we broke that pattern. I was so proud to stand with Representative Paulsen and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support the “Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act,” which unanimously passed the House of Representatives. We joined together and voted to help those silenced by sex trafficking, regain their voices. Each day, thousands of our children are living out a nightmare. Though some physically escape, the horror can remain with them mentally and emotionally. We must do all we can to protect our kids from the painful grasp of sex trafficking and assist those who have survived the trauma. I am proud of what we accomplished in the House, and I sincerely hope the Senate considers this legislation as soon as possible. Our trafficked girls and boys in Milwaukee and across our nation cannot wait another day for the help they desperately need and deserve. --*(Dana World-Patterson Chairperson, Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee contributed to this article)


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”--Dr. Maya Angelou

Why I want to purchase an HBCU and use it as a boarding school to serve Black boys By Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson

NATIONWIDE (BLACKNEWS.COM) -- Black boys were gifted with an all-new G.E.D. test for the 2014 school year, which will make it even more difficult for them to escape the trappings of low expectations, as the only alternative to a high school diploma, the G.E.D., has now been made just as difficult to obtain as the diploma itself. Why a new G.E.D.? Politicallyspeaking, keeping Black boys from having a gambler’s chance at a decent life in this country seems to have be-

come a fetish of the American Social Order. As states scramble to find more dollars to incarcerate young Black males, a quiet but very powerful sense of hopelessness is settling in amongst the Black boy population in America. In quiet protest, many have dropped out of school and have taken to the street corners, not necessarily to participate in the underground economy, but to puff their life away and daydream amidst the purple haze of marijuana. While educational racism and eco-

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Resources Help Community Residents

Hundreds of Milwaukee area residents were able to talk to employers who were hiring plus access valuable resources at the 8th Annual Spring Job and Resource Fair held by the Social Development Commission (SDC) and Journey House. The daylong event was held at Journey House located on W. Scott Street on Milwaukee’s Southside. It featured businesses including Aurora Health Services, Dairyland Transport Company, Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, and Site Services who were seeking to hire employees. Job training programs such as WRTP-Big Step, James Place and the Department of Workforce Development- Job Service were also able to help residents seeking to better their job skills. Educational institutions including MATC, Bryant & Stratton, and Kaplan College were on hand as were a variety of youth programs and fatherhood resources. The Milwaukee City Health Department’s Safe Sleep program helped young parents with information on keeping their infants safe at night time. Staff from the Milwaukee County Child Support Program, Justice 2000 and Driver’s License Recovery also helped attendees. The Spring Job and Resource Fair was coordinated by SDC in partnership with Journey House. Volunteers from AKA and La Luz Del Mundo Family Services helped provide critical support for the event.

“Each day, thousands of our children are living out a nightmare. Though some physically escape, the horror can remain with them mentally and emotionally. We must do all we can to protect our kids from the painful grasp of sex trafficking and assist those who have survived the trauma.”


nomic castration suck the life out of Black boys in America, the Black community sits distracted by American foreign policy initiatives, reality television shows, and professional sports. As neighborhood violence increasingly becomes a fact of life in Black communities, many are at a loss for what to do. However, we know exactly what must be done. If we want to reverse the special education, ADHD, psychotropic drug, juvenile incarceration, and premature extermination wars (continued on page 11)

Youth Look at Gun Violence in "A Single Bullet" Presentation

Shootings and violence fill the daily news and often involve young people. Why? And what could be changed? Since the beginning of 2014, the “Single Bullet” youth project has been studying the nature and impact of gun violence cases in Milwaukee. The young women and men have begun presenting their ideas to their peers in area high school and middle schools. A final presentation addressing how gun violence affects the victims, the perpetrators, their families and the community as a whole will be presented Saturday, June 7. The “Single Bullet” Core Team brings together youth from programs at the Social Development Commission, Milwaukee Public Schools and other

area agencies. They have been meeting with Milwaukee Police, community leaders, staff from Project Ujima at Children’s Hospital, and the Homicide Review Commission gain perspective on gun violence and its repercussions in the Milwaukee area. Their research and observations have identified common and concerning elements. The Core Team has developed its own representative cases from these to share and discuss The hour-long presentation “Making Our Own Cases” will offered by the youth to their peers and families on June 7 at 9 am in the Youth and Family Development Program offices at the Social Development Commission (SDC) at 4041 N. Richards Street in Milwaukee.

The “A Single Bullet” project, coordinated by SDC Youth programs, is funded by a grant from Safe and Sound. It promotes education and awareness in youth with the ultimate goal of reducing the behavior and situations that lead to violence. Following the presentation, SDC Commissioner Dr. Demond Means, who is co-chair of the agency’s Task Force on Youth and Poverty, will conduct a discussion and listening session with those participating in the “Single Bullet” presentation. That session is part of that Task Force’s efforts to get input from the public on issues surrounding low-income youth living in Milwaukee County including the issue of violence.

RELIGION The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 4

RELIGIOUS QUOTE: “There put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”--Ephesians 6:13

FATHER’S DAY: Good Husbands-Good Fathers


The two most difficult and rewarding things we as men will ever do in our lives are, to be both good husbands and good fathers.

The Lord tells man to love his wife. I have listened to some of my male friends’ say, “I wouldn’t have married her if I didn’t “Love” her”. Well; Love, as I understand it, means much more than just affection. It means more than just emotional feelings.


Love for your wife also means that we as husbands are committed to make sure her welfare, comfort, and happiness are our number one priority; and in return we will be the beneficiaries of all that she can do to keep us pleased as the “MAN”, of her life and the home you share together. Also functioning as a man, is taking responsibility as a man, thinking like a man, working like a man, are all prerequisites to being a “Good Father”. You will not be a “Good Father” until you are a “Good Man” first. I thank God that we still have many good husbands and fathers today, (despite what we read and see on TV); but in “Our” society we can always use a few more. How about you? We are also to provide spiritual leadership. Paul writes in Ephesians 6:4 N.I.V., “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord”. A recent discussion with a few men I have known for a long time turned to the upcoming Fathers’ day observance. The discussion included some surprising statements that might reflect the thoughts of some of the men reading this article; see if anything sounds familiar. “If I could do it all over again, I would probably showed more affection to my wife. I would listen more to what she had to say, especially about our children”. “I would stop praying for my fam-


Pentecost Sunday: By Fr. Carl Diederichs, All Saints Catholic Church

The day we become aware of the Holy Spirit and true forgiveness

unday June 8 is Pentecost Sunday. A wonderful day to become more aware of the Holy Spirit living within each of us and in the community we call our church.

The readings for this day are: Acts 2: 1-11, 1 Corinthians 12: 3b-7, 1213, and John 20: 19-23. St. Luke writes in the Acts that the entire community of believers was filled with the Holy Spirit. And it came to them like tongues of fire. Luke also wanted us to know that the believers came from all over the known world. And they understood each other while maintaining their own identity and language. They were united, but still maintained their uniqueness. That is an important lesson for us today. We can be united in heart and soul with our brothers and sisters around the world and in our own country, without sacrificing the culture and individuality of the person. Paul tells us this too; we are a diverse community with many kinds of spiritual gifts, but one Spirit in all. And we have all been baptized into one body: "For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body…and we were all given to drink of the one Spirit." The Gospel from John carries a very joyful message of peace and for-

giveness as Jesus comes to the eleven who are scared-to-death and He offers them "peace." He breathed on them and said: "Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained." When Jesus comes to the apostles, what do they need the most? Yes, peace and forgiveness. They are given power to forgive or retain sins. What is the "retain" all about? Remember, these are the guys who abandoned Jesus, denied Jesus and were probably meeting together for the last time before they went back to their old way of life and would forget all about Jesus. And He comes and says "peace" and knows full well that they more than anyone needed forgiveness from Jesus. And having experienced that forgiveness, how could they ever "retain" another's sin? Really. Jesus gave no hint of retaining their sin. And they were to do likewise. I guess they finally realized how fortunate they were and they could now spend the rest of their lives preaching peace and forgiveness, because they had experienced both. And what about us? We are called to be Jesus' disciples. Why? Because we are somehow better than others? No, the job description for being a follower of Jesus begins with knowing how wrong we are, with knowing how much we are forgiven. It begins with recognizing our own guilt and then having the great experience of being forgiven. And after we have our sins forgiven, how could we possibly retain the sins of others?

ily so much; and start praying for myself to be a better husband and father”. “I would pay more attention to successes achieved by my wife and our children; and listen better when they have something to say that’s important to them” Good men are; men who have (continued on page 11)

Mt. Zion Youth Ministry to celebrate Youth Day, to hold week-long Revival

The Mount Zion Youth Ministry, “L.E.G.A.C.Y.” (Living Eternally Grateful As Christian Youth) will celebrate its annual Youth Day on Sunday, June 8, 2014 and will host a Youth Revival June 9 to June 11. The theme for this great occasion

is “Being a Better You.” Mount Zion is located at 2207 N. 2nd Street. The day will begin with Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. and Morning Worship at 10:45 a.m. The revival will be Monday through Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m.

The guest speaker for this time of praise and fellowship will be Rev. Julian Earl from Antioch Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn. For more information, contact the church secretary at 414-372-7811.

Professional pallbearers dance, march casket to the grave

The John B. Houston Funeral Home offers its “White Glove” professional pallbearers services to families.

Professional pallbearers will march, or even dance, caskets to the grave at some funeral homes. Some charge as much as $1,400, or more, for the fancy perk. Others give it away for free, as a way to one-up the competition. John Houston, owner of the John B. Houston Funeral Home of New Jersey and New York, has been offering professional pallbearers since he attended Lena Horne’s funeral in 2010 and first saw professionals in action, he told ABC News today. “It’s show business,” Houston says of the service that seems to be catching on in the industry.--Article by Alan Farnham, ABC News via



GOP can learn from Democratic State Confab this weekend Article courtesy of Urban Media News

Secession, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. Other extreme ideas included nullification of the Affordable Care Act - despite thousands of Wisconsinites being pushed to the federal health care exchange by the standard bearer of the party - and an effort to censure moderate party members for their opposition to the rabid attack on Common Core. Even more telling is what did find its way into the Republican party platform. Delegates voted to endorse “Right to Work” laws and pursue expanding the notorious voucher program without “any strings attached.” It’s clear which party is truly fighting for freedom and fairness for all of Wisconsin. The Democratic party platforms are an extension of what party leaders fought for during the previous legislative session. Lawmakers came together last year and proposed raising wages for working families, proposing a common sense idea to install a raise to $10.10 an hour over three years. A raise in pay would benefit over 400,000 Wisconsinites struggling to make ends meet today. At a time when people are working two or more jobs just to survive, Democrat’s commitment to economic security is unwavering. And the big tent party seeks to bring as many people as possible into the fold, including those historically marginalized from success and opportunity. Democrats understand the importance of leveling the playing field and making sure everyone has a chance to succeed, that’s why they have repeatedly called out Scott Walker for his attack on pay equality laws. This weekend, party members will vote to reaffirm that stance and high(continued on page 11)

“The Democratic party platforms are an extension of what party leaders fought for during the previous legislative session. Lawmakers came together last year and proposed raising wages for working families, proposing a common sense idea to install a raise to $10.10 an hour over three years. A raise in pay would benefit over 400,000 Wisconsinites struggling to make ends meet today.”

In the days and weeks leading up to the Republican Party’s State Convention, party bosses weren’t focused on the future of Wisconsin. Instead, leadership was fighting an internal battle, attempting to stave off a large group of delegates pushing to affirm our state’s right to secede from the Union. The resolution failed to make it into the party platform, but not before party leaders were able to embarrass Wisconsin on a national scale by defending such a ludicrous proposal. If the divisive policies Scott Walker and Republicans have pursued aren’t an indicator of what their priorities are, a look at their party platform reinforces the truth about their extreme agenda. Party platforms are usually a solid guideline of where the party is headed, what they believe in, and what they will fight for in the near future. When Democrats come together in the Wisconsin Dells for their annual state convention this week, one thing is certain: there will be no talk of seceding from the union. Instead of throwing rocks and hiding their hands, Democrats are putting their money where their mouths are, voting on party resolutions that party leaders have spoken openly about and brought up during various legislative sessions. It’s a stark contrast to the Republican Party, which tried to downplay talk of secession as the product of a small, fringe, extreme wing of the party. More than 100 delegates voted for the platform resolution, a sign that the issue is of high importance in behind the closed doors of the party.

Former State Sen. Gary George to challenge Cong. Gwen Moore

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 5

Article courtesy of Wisconsin State Journal

A former state senator convicted of conspiracy in a kickback scheme now says he plans to run for Congress. Gary George, a Milwaukee Democrat, announced Monday that he will run for the seat currently held by fellow U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee. He submitted his nomination papers with the state Government Accountability Board. “I’m running for Congress because public service is my calling,” George said in a release. “And Milwaukee desperately needs the results-oriented leadership that I can provide.” George, 60, was once a rising Democratic star in the state Senate, but his political career crumbled after he pleaded guilty about a decade ago to a federal charge of conspiracy to defraud the government. Prosecutors said he took about

Gary George

$270,000 in kickbacks in legal fees paid to an attorney for a Milwaukeebased nonprofit organization and took money from a businessman who got state contracts. He was also accused of using legislative aides to run personal errands. He was sentenced in August 2004 to four years in federal prison and was ordered to pay nearly $570,000 in resti-

tution. Nearly four years ago, the state Supreme Court reinstated George’s law license, which it had suspended in 2004. The press release announcing George’s campaign called him the “most powerful African-American legislator in state history.” “Since my targeting and forced departure from politics in 2003, the Milwaukee political class has been content to watch its clout and ambitions diminish,” he said. “I cannot, in good conscience, stand idly by as real people suffer and our community crisis worsens.” In his release, he called Moore a “friend.” “I respect my friend Gwen Moore and her place in Wisconsin political history, but we need greater urgency and savvy in returning jobs and hope to every corner of Milwaukee County.”



The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 6

Introducing: The Career Depot! New column will focus on strategies to successfully tackle the challenges of the private sector and entrepreneurism


and was determined not to stop until Hello Milwaukee! I fulfilled my goal. My name is Wendy Johnson and I During this journey, I earned a am excited about working with the MBA and a PhD in Administration Community Journal. I am also elated and Management from Walden Uniabout my new column, The Career versity. I also authored a book titled, Depot. This commentary will gratify Missing in Action Black Women in people that work for others as well as the Boardroom – How to Break the By Wendy Johnson, PhD those that own their business. HowGlass Ceiling and Rise to the Top and ever, before I go into details about the ” was fortunate to have Dr. Cornel column, let me convey a little bit West (Prominent intellectual and about myself. I am originally from Milwaukee and attended 24th Street School, Bur- University Professor at Princeton) prepare the foreword. This book is about roughs Middle High School and graduated from Vincent High School in the evolution of a black woman’s career and what it takes to successfully nav1983…Go Vikings! Vincent was definitely an experience as we attended igate through this process. when construction was still talking place, that’s right. We did not have a gym, Feel free to visit my websites @, any school colors or uniforms nor did we have a swimming pool. We selected and www.nationalempowerthe school colors and the school mascot. We were also the FIRST 4-year graduating class. You can also hit me on Facebook @ After high school, I attended the University of Oshkosh for a short period Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get back to the column. The of time and thought I was on a roll and going to have some FUN until…I had Career Depot will publish every other week. It will provide various profesto go back home because I was pregnant. sional coaching tactics and strategies and address topics you will eventually That’s right! That was a reality check, as I had to buckle down and decide encounter in the private sector or as an entrepreneur such as: How to Be an what I was going to do with my life, which was not easy to do at that age. Effective Leader, Are you a Leader, How Not to Be a High Maintenance EmFrom there, I attended Stratton College and earned an Associate Degree. ployee, How to Advance Your Career, Difficulty Conversation, How To NavThis was definitely not easy; however with the assistance of family and igate the Corporate Ladder, etc.). friends, I completed that first goal. After that journey, I continued and earned We will also address matters such as: You Have Not Interviewed for 10 a Bachelor of Arts from Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI. Again, this Years and Just Lost Your Job – Now What? You What to Change Careers – was not an easy task, however my family (especially my mom – Anna John- Now What? You Just Started College and Want to Know How to Develop son) was there along the way. Your Career in College – Now What? You Just Graduated From College – After a few years of not knowing what I wanted to do, getting laid off or Now What? fired, I decided to make a change. So NOW WHAT! Well, my sister moved The column will address these matters and many, many more. It will be to Houston a few years before I decided to make a change. So…I packed up interactive as you can email us questions and topics that interest you. I am the kid and the car and headed to Texas! excited about this commentary, as it will give you a chance to deal with issues Living in Texas was definitely a transition. First of all, it was extremely “head on”. Now, let’s get started! HOT, people talked a little different and I did NOT have a job, however I was The first article will hit next week!. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you. ready to jump into the fire and start over. When I first arrived, I enrolled in school as I was on an education mission Wendy Johnson, PhD, The Career Coach

“The Career Coach

Will training help your company’s sales team? By Greta Schulz


Will training help? This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as yes or no. There are certainly variables, and some are very basic. Here are some questions to ask: Is your sales training actually product training? Is it a one-day training that is packed to the gills with information? Is there follow-up coaching and maintenance to assure success? Are there activities set up to create true accountabilities, not just meet the revenue numbers? Are your salespeople trainable? I recently read a survey of 500 small and medium-size businesses that I want to share with you. This particular survey found 6 percent of salespeople are at the top of their game. They are consistently beating their goals. As a matter of fact, they set their own goals, depending on what they want to earn. An additional 20 percent are doing well, but could do better. They are

fairly consistent, but could really sharpen their tools a bit more and be unstoppable. Then there are 74 percent who are not cutting it. Most of the people (about two-thirds) in the 74 percent bracket can improve if they get training. The other one-third in this group are in the wrong job and really aren’t fixable. Unfortunately, we spend more time with these bottom-end performers and try to get them to improve, when our time and energy should be really spent at the top. It doesn’t seem to matter what industry you’re in, or what type of company you are. Not sure? Ask

yourself: What percentage of your sales representatives are consistently successful? Out of 20, two are typically successful, five are pretty good and the rest are not really cutting it. In a group this size, the Top 2 are trainable, but will not change what they are already doing right away. (If it ain’t broke ….) Twelve or 13 will improve quite a bit with training, and the last five or six should be gone. We hold on to salespeople for much longer then we should. Here is another brilliant comment about training: “I like to go to training seminars, even if I learn just one tip.”

You want a tip? Here’s one for losing weight: “Eat more vegetables and less carbohydrates.” How’s that? How about: “To be a better spouse, be a better listener.” A tip is nice, but will not change behavior. It is, of course, the easy way to “get motivated,” but continue

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Four Tricks for Creating a Winning Corporate Culture CEO & Sales Guru Says the Right Culture Fosters Engagement, Loyalty & Productivity

If you’re the CEO of a company, the realization that much of what you do can be copied by your competitors may be distressing, but veteran sales manager, consultant and business speaker Jack Daly says not so fast. “Sure your competition copy what they can, but there are two things they can’t: your people and your culture,” says Daly, author of “Hyper Sales Growth,” ( “I specialize in corporate coaching and sales, the latter of which really counts on the talent and sustained motivation of the sales force. Even your best salesperson needs that extra shot from time to time, and the best way to ensure a driven team is to create a culture that fosters the results you want.”

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Pioneer African American realtor Edward Smyth celebrated at memorial service

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 7

ples of our fraternity which are Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift,” recounted longtime friend and frat brother Dr. Timothy Knowles. He adds that Smyth, “was

the MCJ lifestyle & entertainment section

CIRCUMSTANCE Two local women achieve academic success

Nyande Bowers recently joined a growing legion of adults who go back to school while raising a family...and graduating with a degree. Hers is a Master’s Degree she received from Cardinal Stritch University during its commencement exercise at the Bradley Center. (Photo by Yvonne Kemp)

Edward Smyth By Taki S. Raton

Tiffinie Jana’e Cobb recently received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health during that school’s commencement exercise last month at the U.S. Cellular Arena. (Photo by Yvonne Kemp)

Third Annual Gilbert Brown Youth Football Camp and New Amp It Up Tumble and Cheer Camp planned

Boys and girls in first through sixth grades are invited to the football camp with the “gravedigger” himself, Gilbert Brown and several Packers players: Ahman Green, DuJuan Harris, Sean Richardson and Don Barclay. The Gilbert Brown Football Camp is scheduled July 22 - 24, on the grounds of Wisconsin HarleyDavidson in Oconomowoc. Proudly sponsored by Associated Bank, Lake Country Pediatrics, The American Legion, Waukesha Sports Cards, Oconomowoc Lions Club, the Wisconsin State Fair, Legends of the Field and many more, the camps are poised to engage children throughout the area. The Amp It Up Tumble & Cheer Camp is for girls and boys first through sixth grades. Scheduled to attend is Olympic and World Champion, Chellsie Memmel and UW Badger former and current cheerleaders. Mayfield Sports Camps provide children with an environment that fosters skills such as teamwork, discipline, responsibility, respect,

Gilbert Brown

family values, hard work and fun. Campers will learn in a very safe

& fun environment. All campers will receive an official Camp Tshirt, a special gift from Associated Bank, a team photo and more. Registration is ONLY $95 plus registration fees per camp until June 15, 2014 and $125 plus registration fees after June 15, 2014. Multiple times are available for each location. These events expect to sell out. For more information on how to register for the camps or sponsorships, visit or email

City-Wide Stop the Violence Prayer Walk

On Saturday June 7th Churches from all over the City will be having a Prayer Walk in their own neighborhoods. This is the first of its kind that you will have churches from all denominations ministering out in the communities on the same day. Just to name a few churches that will take part in this event. Greater New Birth, Holy Redeemer, City Church, Triad Ministries, Redemption Fellowship church, Nation if Islam, etc. The Churches will pick their own time to fellowship. For more information contact Tracey Dent at 414-502-7296 or refer to the attachment.


As Men's Health Month is celebrated nationwide, Eric Von, founder of the online health and wellness website, Brain Brawn & Body, ( along with partner organization Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, joined Mayor Tom Barrett, other city leaders and healthcare community stakeholders Tuesday to proclaim the month of June as Men’s Health Month.

This year marks the second year of this recognition. The objective is to raise awareness among African American men about health issues that disproportionately impact them and their families. Von says, “All men can benefit from this awareness. But African American men are particularly hard hit on matters of health, suffering a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, disability and death. Through Brain Brawn & Body and our partnership with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, we are able to reach men with the type of information that will teach and encourage them to make healthy behaviors the priority for them and their families.”

(continued from page 6) to do what you’re doing. Sales tends to be a misunderstood phenomenon. We feel like the excuse of doing pretty well or getting close to the goal is OK. Here is the question I ask salespeople when they say that: If your company’s payroll department says “well, we may not get to create and sign all of the paychecks this week, but we will do the best we can,” would your

sales rep kick up his/her heels? You bet. So what is the difference? Greta Schulz is President of SchulzBusiness, a sales Consulting and training company. She is a best selling author of “To Sell IS Not To Sell” and works with fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurs. For more information or free sales tips go to and sign up for ‘GretaNomics’, a weekly video tip series or email sales questions to

Black health website and city leaders proclaim June Men’s Health Month

Will training help?

“He was a sincere and honest man and always tried to help people and believed in his personal mission of being able to provide good housing in a good neighborhood.” These opening statements by Karen Dotson vividly resounds the thoughts and reflections of Glendale real estate broker Edward Wycliff Smith who passed on April 9, 2014. Officiated by the Very Reverend Jeffery Haines, family, friends, community members and close business associates filled the pews of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, 812 North Jackson, for his Celebration of Life Memorial Service on Friday, May 23. “I have known Ed for seventeen years and he sold me my first house,” adds Dotson, a Milwaukee Springfield College Human Service adjunct instructor. “He helped me with other real estate investments,” she continues, “and always gave me straight, honest, and helpful advice.” Grandson Cory Scott Lockridge, Jr.-- says that he remembers his grandfather, “as a very stern but humble person. He was always able to share with you his wisdom. When I needed help with something, he was there to offer guidance and was always available to help others in the community.” Born February 10, 1926, Smyth was the only child of master house painter Edward W. Smith and school teacher Maetta Cole Smith of Waynesboro, Georgia. According to his daughter, Schauneille Allen, he changed his name to “Smyth” in college, because he wanted to be unique.” Although his father’s education ended at the third grade, daddy Edward and mama Maetta felt that education was very important and “they wanted to make sure he had a good foundation,” as stated in an April Journal Sentinel published account on his life. His parent’s foundation, nurturing and vision were rewarded when in 1947, Smyth graduated summa cum laude from Clarke College in Atlanta – now Clark Atlanta University – with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. While at Clarke, he joined Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and served as president of the campus chapter of the NAACP. He along with other fraternity members founded the Kappa Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi and in 1962, headed the local NAACP Milwaukee Chapter. Upon his death, he would be the last living founding member of the area Kappa Phi Milwaukee chapter. “Ed represented the highest princi-

a good man, a loving parent, a proud grandfather and a very proud great, great, grandfather.” Noting the Jan Uebelherr April (continued on page 8)


The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 8

CYD to honor “Warning” basketball league alum Kevon Looney

RBI participant delivers first pitch before Brewers game

Darian Hemphill, a student at Rufus King International School, got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw out the first pich before a recent game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Baltimore Orioles at Miller Park. Hemphill threw out the first pitch as reward for her being named Athlete of the Month for Major League Baseball’s RBI (Reviving Baseball in Innercities) program. She plays for her school’s softball team

Kevon Looney

Career Youth Development invites the community to join them June 10 at 5 p.m. to celebrate “Warning...We Must Respect Each Other Kevon Looney Day,” at its offices, located at 2601 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. Looney is an alumni of the “Warning We Must Respect Each Other” League. He is graduating this month and will be attending UCLA in the fall. "When watching Looney it's his skill and ability to rebound that standout,” according to a report on Looney by Internet-Scoutshoops. The report further stated: “At 6-8, he's a versatile forward that handles the ball well, has great touch and can score in a variety of ways. “He can hit mid-range range shots and even threes, although his shot could be more consistent, and he's also capable of scoring at the rim. He's a relentless rebounder who plays the game with energy and toughness. “Kevon Looney's debut appearance at occurred during his freshman season, when he broke through at the NY2LA Swish 'N Dish. There, he impressed so much with his perimeter ability — and stood only 6-5 at the time — that he first slotted as a fulltime wing. He proceeded to capture conference player of the year honors as a sophomore, averaging 23 points per game. “He sprouted to a full 6-8 and entered the 2012 travel season as one of the country's most touted rising juniors. Marquette, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Georgetown jumped into the race early in order to initiate a long-standing relationship. “By the end of that summer, scouts began to view him as more of a faceup power forward as opposed to a wing. His shoulders broadened slightly and his talents seemed best suited for an inside-out game. “Heading into his junior season, he'd drawn offers from Georgetown, Marquette, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State and Cincinnati, and others such as Louisville, North Carolina State, Florida State, Florida and Maryland followed suit last winter. “Looney entered the 2013 circuit as a top-10 prospect and increasingly hot commodity. He said in April that Duke, Michigan State and Florida were recruiting him hardest, and all three had stepped forward with offers. He took an early summer unofficial visit to Tennessee, which enjoys a family connection and has become highly visible in his recruitment. “He performed in characteristically impressive fashion this past July, showcasing his versatile and consistent game. By early August he was ready to craft a list of finalists: Duke, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, Michigan State and Wisconsin.”

Yo comes t hr o u g h i n th e c l ut c h !

Brewers Pitcher Yovani Gallardo is mobbed by his teammates after delivering the hit that drove in the winning run in the Brewers recent game against the Baltimore Orioles at Miller Park. Gallardo, who is one of the better hitting pitchers in the Major Leagues, came off the bench in the bottom of the ninth to pinch-hit. (Photo by Yvonne Kemp)


MADISON – With a crowd of more than 36,000 baseball fans, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's mascot, "Otto the Autopilot," was a big hit as he threw out a striking good pitch during pregame activities at the Milwaukee Brewers game versus the Chicago Cubs on Sunday, June 1. Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett and Hollywood directors and Wisconsin natives, David and Jerry Zucker, joined Otto at homeplate as they aired the new Travel Wisconsin summer TV commercial on the Jumbotron, in which Otto has a starring role. "Kicking off Sunday's Brewers game with Travel Wisconsin was a blast, and I 'Shirley' nailed the opening pitch," said "Otto the Autopilot". "I had a great time on the field, hanging out with the other mascots, taking photos with fans and even visiting the Press Box.

I have to admit that the response from the crowd was so enthusiastic, my ego and my entire body got inflated." Secretary Klett led the pregame activities with remarks about Travel Wisconsin's marketing initiatives and focus on "fun" before airing the summer TV commercial on the Jumbotron. "Otto the Autopilot" and the 2014 Travel Wisconsin TV ad campaign spoofs the original 1980s comedy hit, "Airplane!' directed by the Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams. The original cast including Otto, Kareem AbdulJabbar and Robert Hays was reunited to create these ads. Travelers looking for year-round Wisconsin getaway ideas, travel planning, events and free guides can discover their own fun at You can also choose to "Like" us at, follow

"Otto the Autopilot," with Bernie Brewer and the Racing Sausages. along on Twitter at and find us on Earn your "Brag Badge" as you travel with the free Travel Wisconsin™ iPhone or Android app.

BHCW to hold 11th annual African American Walk for Quality Health June 7

On Saturday June 7, 2014 Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. (BHCW) will have their 11th Annual African American Walk for Quality Health. This year's theme is Women's Health. Event cochairs are Dr. Earnestine Willis, Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Bevan K. Baker, FACHE Commissioner of Health for the City of Milwaukee The primary purpose of BHCW's Walk for Quality Health is to garner city-wide support for the Wisconsin African American Eliminating Health Disparities Institute. The Institute was established by BHCW to specifically focus on the elimination of health disparities for African Americans in Wisconsin through data warehousing, research and policy development.

The Institute also allows for the African American community to have control regarding the development, analysis, and dissemination of health information. Another very important reason for the African American Walk for Quality Health is to engage the community in a meaningful healthy activity. The promotion of good health is key to the reduction of health disparities. This event goes a long way in sending a positive message that African Americans do care about their health as the event route is directly in the community that is adversely impacted by health disparities the most. Registration for the African American Walk for Quality Health on June 7th starts at 9:00 am, the Walk begins at 10:00 am. Registration can be completed online at or at the

event. Individuals can register for $10 and teams of ten can register for $35. There are also opportunities for people who can not attend the Walk to gain pledges. The event registration and kick-off activity occurs at the Milwaukee Urban League (435 W. North Ave.). The Walk route goes from the Milwaukee Urban League to Dr. King Drive, north to Center Street, west to the Wisconsin Black Historical Society & Museum (2620 W. Center). Festivities after the Walk will include a brief program, informational booths by the event sponsors, and an African American Women Business Fair. For more information, please contact BHCW at 414-933-0064.

A winning corporate culture

(cont. on page 6)

Some companies are outpacing their competition because of their culture, including Southwest Airlines, Zappos and the Virgin Group, says Daly, who offers these tips for growing a business culture that inspires loyalty, engagement and the high performance those qualities produce. • Start new hires on a Friday – and with a big welcome. Many managers think new employees should start on Monday – the day when their new coworkers are facing a long to-do list for the week. Consider starting them on Friday, when the office is a bit looser. Also – how about throwing the new hire a welcoming party? Many offices hold going away parties for departing employees, but it makes more sense to put this enthusiasm toward the person with whom you’re making a commitment, rather than the person who’s no longer working for you. • Recognize accomplishments by putting it in writing – handwriting. Typing emails and instant messaging is clearly much more convenient, which is why an employee who deserves special attention will recognize the extra effort behind a hand-written note. A letter has that personal touch; the receiver knows that the manager or CEO has taken some time and effort to create a special communication just for him or her. • Provide lunch – for free. “One of my clients started with just 10 employees, and each day one would bring in lunch for everyone,” Daly says. “As the company grew to several hundred employees, the CEO found that free lunches were so beneficial, the company now hires a caterer to maintain the boost in culture it provides.” While many may cringe at the expense, employee appreciation outweighs the cost, Daly’s client says, and it keeps people engaged within the office, rather than having employees leave for lunch. • Flatten the privilege structure. It’s not a good idea to create anything resembling a class system, including special parking for upper management. “I was the No.1 salesmen at one company, but I always preferred to park with the others,” Daly says. “I’d come in at 5 a.m. and noticed that those with reserved parking arrived significantly later than those who parked in unreserved spots.” Parking should be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upper management shouldn’t feel too entitled or privileged above other employees.

Pioneer African American realtor Edward Smyth celebrated at memorial service

(continued from page 7) Sentinel writing, the illustrious path of this pioneer real estate trailblazer began when the then Clark College president, Rufus E. Clement, made a visit to Milwaukee on behalf of the United Negro College Fund. Clement met with Columbia Savings & Loan Association founders Ardie and Wilbur Halyard. The association was instrumental in helping African Americans buy homes in Milwaukee. Looking for a recent graduate with a business background, Clement recommended Smyth to the Savings and Loan founders. The Halyards offered him a job making $125 a month. For two-and-a-half years, Smyth was employed in their mortgage department and at the age of 21, he earned his real estate license. He soon thereafter founded Wesley and Wychiff, a realty firm along with the Halyards’ nephew, John W. Halyard. The firm was named for the middle names of each partner. He married Delores Bobo, daughter of local dentist Fred Bobo, in 1949. This 27 year union blessed the couple with three daughters before her passing. He later married Persephone Ward, his wife of 37 years, affording him 2 additional daughters and a son. One theme that repeatedly surfaced at the memorial gathering was his active opposition against injustice and racial discrimination whether in housing or in education. He assumed a vital role in the ending of defacto-segregation in Milwaukee Public Schools and participated in the open housing marches of the 60’s. Our exemplar realtor “work tirelessly” to ensure that his clientele regardless of race or creed had access to the best housing stock in Milwaukee. “He had a clear dedication to freedom, justice and equality,” recalls Knowles, “and he always demonstrated a ‘client first’ attitude thereby making their community a better place in which to live. He will always be known as ‘Mr. Real Estate Man’ and a true foot soldier for humanity.” His many stellar accomplishments include being one of the first African Americans to apply for membership in the Milwaukee Board of Realtors and later serving as the organization’s president. He became the first African American to head the Metropolitan Association of Realtors of Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties and served for 6 years as state director of the Wisconsin Realtors Association. In 1975 with key associates, he merged to form the United Realty Group with 60 sales people and later joined Fenceroy Realty as Vice President of sales from 1979 to 1986. He then joined Executive Systems, now Reality Executives, where he worked until his death. “I met Ed Smyth when he had his real estate company on 6th and Center Street,” says our renowned elder and noted community historian Reuben Harpole. “I was working at the Milwaukee Star Newspaper at the time and I went by his office to talk with him and to get an ad for the newspaper. I always found Ed to be upright and honorable with strong unwavering principles and dedication,” he adds. Fraternity member Orlando C. Rice says that, “I knew Brother Edward Smyth through Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. I pledged in 1976 at Marquette while attending UW-M. He was a great influence in my life and always stood firm in mirroring the principles of our fraternity – Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. We will continue to celebrate his proud legacy throughout our respective life journeys.” Mequon Shorewest realtor Jill A. Gilmer remembers Ed Smyth as a, “personal friend of my grandfather and was also a good friend of my dad.” Gilmer says that when she returned to Milwaukee in 2006 from New York, she got in touch with Smyth to help her find a house. “He became my personal realtor and then when I went into real estate two years ago, Ed was my mentor and helped me to get my business off the ground. She adds that the St. John memorial service “was very touching because so many of the things that were said reflected my own experience with him and a reminder of why I am in this business. It’s not just about the money, but also about helping people. And that is a value that he proudly modeled.” Former Journal Sentinel editorial writer and columnist Gregory Stanford recalls that Smyth helped him when he was searching for his home back in 1988. “He was also of tremendous assistance when I was looking for another duplex. Ed Smyth was my personal real estate person that handled all of my property purchase opportunities for me.” Stanford adds that he knew Smyth not only as a real estate professional, but also as a person. “He was true to his word and he had a great character presence.” Director of Housing for the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation, Willie Smith shares that, “Those of us who knew Mr. Smyth knew that he was an exceptional real estate practitioner. But we also knew him as even a greater man.” Additional to a host of extended family relatives, friends and business associates, our pioneer African American realtor leaves to continue his legacy his wife Persephone, 6 children – Schaunelle R. Allen, Michele Smyth Kirkland, Crystal Lockridge, Kimula Wilson, Pamela Ward and Russell Ward, all of Milwaukee; 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-great granddaughters. And as cited in the memorial program, a year ago he began writing his memories, “Real Life, Real Love and Real Estate” with daughter Schauneille. He wanted to share his life journey from a place of joy and celebration. He was a man of integrity, a man of faith and a man who deeply loved his family.

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 9



The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 10

Dr. Umar

(continued from page 3) against Black boys then we will have to build schools that are uniquely designed to teach Black boys, not only how to succeed in a racially-biased society, but also how to avoid the trappings of a racist criminal justice system. Unfortunately, historically Black colleges have been under attack as well. Many state higher education systems are underfunding HBCUs in an attempt to force mergers will larger white universities who are not sympathetic to the needs of Black youth. Other private HBCUs have struggled with financial difficulties and a lack of support from the larger African-American community. One such college is the historic St.Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Founded by a contemporary of the legendary Booker T. Washington, the great James Solomon Russell, St. Paul’s would be the perfect location for a residential school for Black boys. Located in a rural section of southern Virginia, not far from the North Carolina border, St.Paul’s campus is reclusive enough and sizeable enough to be the perfect psycho-academic training camp for the current generation of Black boys. America’s foremost school psychologist and kinsman to Frederick Douglass, Dr. Umar Johnson, is attempting to purchase the St. Paul’s College to be transformed into the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Black Boys. This academy will be based on a global business model that prepares Black boys for self-employment and entrepreneurship, not merely acceptance into college. The banking establishment and the higher education systems of America are in collaboration to put more African-Americans into financial debt in the name of a collegiate education. This is a collegiate education that is increasingly becoming useless in the face of an economy that is becoming more global, while it does nearly nothing to ensure that enough jobs remain in the United States for college-educated young adults. This situation is sending devastating numbers of Black children with college degrees to the homeless shelter and soup kitchens of America. Our children have to be taught how to make a living anywhere in this world regardless of the circumstances of the political economy in which they live. The FDMG Academy will teach our

children to be masters of Agricultural/Agronomical Science, Economic/Financial Science, Political/Military Science, Nutritional/Dietary Science, Family/Community Science, and African-Centered Spiritual/Cosmological Science. In addition to these six core sciences, and the three “R’s,” our boys will be taught to master at least two building trades (i.e., electrical, cosmetology, plumbing, auto, carpentry, HVAC, computer network/design, masonry, etc). Why the trades? A man’s bread and butter are only guaranteed when he can work for them. During the 1970s America’s public school system began working in concert with the racist building trade unions to systematically see to the removal of the trade building programs from predominately Black high schools, which created a blue-collar skills gap in Black communities, particularly in the inner-cities, which was then quickly monopolized by white labor. With Black parents brainwashing their children into thinking that their is no hope without college, we have seen generation after generation of Black youth turn their backs on the building trades only to end up graduating Magna Cum Laude with a doctoral degree that has no marketability in the competitive job pool. Why a residential academy? Black boys are disproportionately raised by single Black mothers, who oftentimes struggle escorting their sons safely and successfully into manhood. Although some Black mothers, blinded by the influence of Eurocentric feminism would argue that their sons don’t need fathers, many know otherwise. The crisis in Black male education isn’t really about education at all: it’s about the lack of masculine energy in the schoolhouse leaving our boys hungry for guidance from male role models that they rarely get to spend time with. Our residential academy will provide our boys with the discipline, structure and masculine energy needed from strong caring Black men. A heaven on earth, a home away from home, is what we have in store for our boys. A powerhouse academy where they love coming to school and never have to worry about being mis-diagnosed and thrown into special education for “invisible” disabilities like ADHD and Emotional Disturbances (ED). This would be the first residential academy in U.S. history for boys based upon the principles of traditional African culture.

The African-American community must change its paradigm and approach to education if our children are to have a fighting chance in this world. With white racism using the charter school movement as a front for its ethnic cleaning campaign, thereby gentrifying every major Black inner-city in America, public school will soon be a distant memory. If you care about the future of Black boys, and of all African-Americans please donate to help me acquire the historic St. Paul’s College, to be used as the FDMG Academy, before it is purchased by those not interested in the welfare of our children. Visit for more information on the school project and to make your much needed donation to this critical fundraiser. We must raise $5M by August 21, 2014 and need your immediate help. Resumes are now being accepted at Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Certified School Psychologist & Certified School Principal. He is one of the most requested speakers in the world and has lectured in North America, South America, Europe, Afrika, and the Caribbean. He is author of the best-selling book “Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.” As a private-practicing school psychologist he works with parents, educators, superintendents, attorneys and mental health professionals to better serve the needs of African-American children. He is a descendant of both the great Frederick Douglass and Bishop Alexander Wayman, 7th Bishop under Richard Allen’s AME Church. Dr. Johnson can be reached at or 215-989-9858.

GOP can learn from Democratic State Confab this weekend

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 11

(continued from page 5) light the importance that everyone has an equal and fair shot. Everyone should have an opportunity to move up and get ahead, Democratic leaders beat the drum all legislative session on restoring full funding to public education and investing in our state’s education system. Education has long been a path to the middle class, but lack of state support has made it harder for schools to succeed. In addition, students a face a huge burden when pursuing higher education. The high price of a college degree has priced many out of school and saddled others with crushing debt. Last session, Democrats committed to reducing debt

for graduates and making higher education affordable for everyone. The resolutions up for a vote this weekend weren’t cooked up in a smoke-filled room by elites. Party leaders have been public about these issues, speaking out and proposing legislation to these very ends. Standing up for public education; fighting for access to quality, affordable healthcare; and creating a path to the middle class is what the Democratic Party believes - their platform certainly represents that. At a time when we need it most, Democrats are fighting for progressive values that move the state forward. Republican leaders should take note if they want to be taken seriously.

(continued from page 4)

“Scripture also teaches us that there must be a balance. God has always provided for His children, but He never provided too much. When we focus too much on providing things, we present an unbalanced picture to our children that things matter more than family.”

FATHER’S DAY: Good Husbands-Good Fathers

learned to lean on the Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6; “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path”. What does the Bible say about our responsibilities? The Scriptures tell us that one of our responsibilities is to provide. Paul writes in 1st Timothy 5:8, “If anyone does not provide for his relatives and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever”. Scripture also teaches us that there must be a balance. God has always provided for His children, but He never provided too much. When we focus too much on providing things, we present an unbalanced picture to our children that things matter more than family. The second thing, fathers must do is protect. Naturally, almost all of have those feelings of wanting to hold our families close and make sure that nothing ever harms them. Finally, we are to pray. We pray because we are not re-

ally sure how to answer all their questions, or solve all their problems; or even how to be a good father, so, we pray. We pray that God will help us, give us wisdom and strength and guidance. Because, without God’s help, I don’t see any way that we can be the kind of fathers we want to be.Fathers, ask yourself, “Am I meeting that very basic need for my children, so that their minds are being filled with wholesome truths, protecting them from all evil I am capable of.

The Milwaukee Community Journal June 4, 2014 Page 12

MCJ June 6, 2014 Edition