21st Century Marxism

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Global Warming, Food & Hunger Graciela Romero Vasquez, Mike Walker, Romayne Phoenix Seminar, Great Hall

British Democracy - reality or a good idea? John Callow Workshop, Upper Hall

Globalisation - the death of the Nation state? Jonathan Michie, Harsev Bains Seminar, Courtyard

NHS on the critical list? Christina McAnea, Dr Jacky Davis, Dr John Lister, Andy Chaffer (C) Seminar, Great Hall

Fighting back against ConDemCuts Zita Holbourne, Dom Eagleton, Kevin Donnelly Workshop, Upper Hall

The New Russia - Is socialism an alternative? David Lane, Jean Turner Workshop, Courtyard

Women Race and Class Revisited Mary Davis, Wilf Sullivan Multimedia Seminar, Great Hall

Britain Needs Public Ownership Andrew Fisher, Neil Clark, Robert Griffiths Workshop, Upper Hall

Breaking the power of the media monopolies Richard Bagley Workshop, Courtyard

EU Austerity - Coming our Way? Alex Gordon, Andy Bain, Robert Wilkinson Seminar, Great Hall

Solidarity with Palestine Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Marwan Musa Workshop, Upper Hall

Cuba - Socialism in action Carlos Alfaro Workshop, Courtyard



1.30-2.30pm 11.30am-12.30pm



International Solidarity with Working People in Struggle International Rally, Great Hall

Reclaiming Our History Multimedia Seminar, Great Hall Can the Labour movement defeat the ConDems? Megan Dobney, Kevin Courtney, Anita Halpin Seminar, Great Hall

Under-Class or Working Class? Ben Stevenson Workshop, Upper Hall

Independence for whom? The Bankers’ Takeover Elinor McKenizie, Robert Griffiths Mick Brooks, Jerry Jones (C) Workshop, Great Hall Workshop, Upper Hall

Labour - Free to Move, Free to Exploit? Alex Gordon, Harsev Bains, Linda Kaucher Workshop, Courtyard Has Socialism failed? John Green, Roger Fletcher Workshop, Courtyard


12.45-1.45pm 11.15am-12.15pm

Rally, Great Hall

Broadening the battle lines - from Pensions to Popular Front Tony Conway, Anita Halpin, Moz Greenshields Seminar, Great Hall


Sunday 22nd July

Upper Hall

People, Power & Democracy


Saturday 21st July

Great Hall

What’s our Economic Alternative? Taking Office & Taking Power What’s the difference? Bill Greenshields, Pete Ainsley Gawain Little Workshop, Upper Hall Workshop, Courtyard

Marxism in the 21st Century - Voices for the Future Seminar, Great Hall