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If you don’t tell your story who will?

‘From the Dawn of Aviation’ was a superb publication and an excellent corporate relations tool. So when it came time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kangaroo route there was no question that a Focus book would meet all our requirements. Gary Pemberton, former Chairman, Qantas

Corporate histories A powerful marketing tool Every company has different corporate marketing needs. Focus creates unique, relevant and targeted oral histories and books to preserve your history and meet your company’s strategic marketing objectives. Drawing from a wealth of experience, the Focus team offers a turn-key service, from concept development, interviewing, writing, editing, design and production to funding solutions, marketing and distribution. With access to many high-profile specialist interviewers and writers, Focus is able to ensure each oral history and corporate book is distinctive, targeted and high-quality. Focus has earned an outstanding reputation for creating, not only corporate histories, but also industry books, international trade books and co-funded corporate books. Focus delivers cost, quality, performance and certainty.

Oral histories

Tell your story in your own words and on your own terms.

This is an inexpensive exercise and it can be started tomorrow.

A company’s story mostly resides in the memories of the

Recollections from your leaders, employees and customers can

people who are in your company right now. Their recollections

provide invaluable insights into the way your organisation:

are invaluable parts of your organisation’s net worth – especially

• communicates its vision for the future

if you have long-term management or employees. The sooner

• develops its workplace culture

you capture their memories, the better equipped you will be

• values and shares the benefits of its achievements

to move forward profitably.

• presents itself to external and internal audiences.

An oral history project involves interviewing your key management, staff and perhaps some clients to capture and preserve the different strands of your organisation’s history.

Custom books and oral histories blend content with commerce They allow you to deliver several key messages at once to specific target audiences. This enables you to use your story to: • enhance sales presentations • support employee engagement programs • strengthen export contacts • lift/shift/change market awareness • reinforce brand campaigns • leverage major events/anniversaries • educate and inform key stakeholders

The power of telling your story The quality and substance of an oral history or corporate history makes a powerful statement that delivers impact and increased awareness to both existing and potential clients. Working closely with you, Focus can help build a specific marketing and distribution program around your book that will deliver access and high exposure to your target audiences. A well-planned custom book database is 100% related to what you want to sell and a custom book delivers the ideal vehicle to sell it. A custom book’s value is based on purchase potential per thousand (PPM) not cost per thousand (CPM).

We have published books for many of Australia’s Top 500 corporations, including:

Family and brand clients have included:

Australia’s most powerful books are not in bookshops The strength of a Focus corproate book is that it is created to appeal to specific target audiences with clear and consistent messages in a format designed to appeal. A Focus corporate book’s greatest advantage is providing companies with a credible and unique way of accessing and engaging their customers and clients on a more personalised basis.

If you don’t tell your story, who will? Focus has a 22-year record in creating high-quality corporate books. Focus Publishing provides a turnkey service tailored specifically to the requirements of each project, from concept development, interviewing and writing through to editing, design, production, print management and distribution. Our service includes: • Planning • Content development • Format selection • Design and artwork • Production and print management • Distribution and marketing • Web-based applications • Project management

The development of the Myer corporate book was a significant milestone in restating the history of the company. Bernie Brookes, CEO, Myer

The books were a fantastic way to give various interest groups a better understanding of the company. J McKrill, former Co. Secretary, Coal & Allied

Every company has a unique story and different corporate communication needs. Focus creates unique, relevant and targeted oral histories and books to preserve your history and meet your company’s strategic marketing objectives. Jaqui Lane, Publisher

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