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The Common Deer Catalog June 2020 first one ever


a note from sharon. The past few months have turned the whole world upside down. Through days and weeks of uncertainty, we have remained focused on creating a new path forward, with our families, staff, customers and makers in mind. As small business owners, we know that our choices affect many people beyond ourselves. So, our decision to temporarily shut down our brick and mortar store in mid-March was a difficult one. But for us, it was right. We knew we could keep Common Deer running in a new way. Our first priority was to pay our team and to keep them safe. We wanted to be there for our customers, and help them stay connected with their loved ones — through a gift or a card from afar. And, as always, we were motivated by our family of over 500 makers, who depend on us to support their own families. Times like these bring out the true spirit in all of us. Sarah (my co-founder and daughter) and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Our whole business operation moved into my home; we hooked up xerox machines and scanners and hauled inventory from the store to the house. One day, Sarah handed me something she’d grabbed from my Common Deer office. It was a small print with the words “Make It Happen” — a motto we have lived by since day one. It made me teary to think of how hard we’ve worked to build this business,


and how quickly things can change. But, we are more determined than ever to fulfill the mission of our company. Today, my dining room is still a “shipping department,” and Sarah’s childhood bedroom is “backstock”. Long days and late nights have become a blur, as we focus all our energy on innovating and re-inventing the nature of our “store”. Despite the uncertainty, there is one thing I know for sure — I could not have a better partner in running this business than Sarah. From the first days of the crisis, she was on the phone with local leaders, coordinating plans for how to help small businesses survive this. She’s driven, as I am, to ensure that we all weather this storm — and see not only Common Deer, but our whole small business community thrive again. I have no doubt we will come through this time with many lessons learned. Wiser and stronger, hopefully, but most of all understanding what is truly important — each other. Please stay safe, healthy, kind and support local business. We will get by... by supporting one another.




inside: These pages are a way for us to share Common Deer with you. Read on to explore the ideas behind our ethos, and the goods from our amazing makers! Until we’re able to welcome guests into our storefront again, experience our shop here, from a safe distance.

screen-less ftw........ 7 vermont love........8 send a smile........10 500+ strong........ 12 making it........14 stock the pantry........16 hard to shop for........ 18 candle club........20 goods made here........22 relax + recover........24 custom gift boxes........27 Please note that products shown may sell quickly (that’s the plan!)... so if you like something, don’t wait! We’re always on the hunt for new goodies — follow @commondeer to get first dibs, and keep an eye out for future releases! 4

>> Cover Photo by Julia Shepley


our store story “A rising tide lifts all boats” is a founding philosophy that defines our business. Our company was founded on the belief that investing in American-made makes our economy work better for everyone — workers, consumers and the planet. Accordingly, we wanted to see quality, USA-made goods be more accessible to the public. Since day one, we’ve worked hard to collect the very best makers, artists and manufacturers from around the country, and bring them together under one roof. Common Deer is a family-run small business — the culmination of a longtime dream and whole family effort that came together in 2013. Today, mother and daughter Sharon and Sarah, along with a small team of ladies, keep things running day to day. But don’t let the term “small business” fool you! Our goals aren’t at all small — we’re on a mission to revive American-made (all in a day’s work, right?) After seven years, we are proud to be both a platform for American makers, and a source for ‘goods made here’. Though our business is ‘small’, our network is wide and we support over 500 artisan partners throughout the U.S. Our work is completely inspired by the passion of the people we work with — and

luckily, American creativity is never in short supply! Lastly, yes — our name is a wordplay (like: hey, let’s commandeer the retail market and make it better!) But we usually think of the name ‘Common Deer’ as a nod to our raison d’etre: the common good. We hope our work can make the world a little brighter, and we know that investing in our community multiplies all of our individual efforts. With your help, we complete this circle — customers, small businesses and communities connecting to help one another thrive.



I Love Vermont Puzzle $19 6


screen-less for the win Give your brain a break from screens — grow something, make something, or just let yourself play. You’ll feel better! It’s science. We are well-stocked in kits, puzzles, games, coloring books and more! Screen-less fun - the old fashioned way.

1. Terracotta Cactus Grow Kit $20 2. Hydroponic Tumbler Kit Kale & Arugula $31 3. Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit $31 4. Beers of New England Puzzle $19 5. Hard Cider Making Kit $48 6. You Got This Coloring Book $13 7. Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book $11 8. Marble Game - Europe $30 9. Travel Backgammon Set $120 10. Felt Rainbow Unicorn Sewing Kit $25



vermont love: for tourists and locals alike We’re kind of known for our Vermont souvenirs, and it’s part of the reason we’re a natural stop for visitors to Burlington. But, we’re no tourist trap; we don’t sell anything that a local wouldn’t buy. We’re quick to tell you how much we love being Vermonters. We stock items

that share our pride for our state, and that can be loved by locals and visitors alike. So, even though our doors aren’t open yet, we’ll continue releasing new “souvenirs” to show Vermont the love! Plus — did you know that we donate a portion of all VT souvenirs sales to local causes?! Check it out below...

1. Vermont Mountains Baby Onesie $24 | 2. Vermont Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener $48 3. Vermont Homesick Candle $31 | 4. Mountains of Vermont Blue Long Sleeve $38 5. Burlington VT Canvas Flag $75 | 6. Vermont Pennant Mug $32 | 7. Greetings From Vermont Balsam Pillow $14 | 8. Camel’s Hump Silhouette Small Hoops $95 9. Vermont Wool Pennant $25 | 10. Vermont Cribbage Board $30 11. Born in the Vermont Woods Art Print $24 | 12. Camel’s Hump Tumbler Glass $48

At t of t item cutt shirt the 8


the end of each year we donate a portion the proceeds from every Vermont-themed m sold. Yes, that means the Vermont-shaped ting board you gave as a wedding gift, the VT t you wore home from vacation, and even little souvenir state magnet have all helped

us make significant donations to local charities and programs. In the past we have donated these funds to Vermont Parks Forever, The Nature Conservancy in Vermont, and to many other great organizations. The recipient organization(s) for 2020 sales have not been selected just yet! 9


send a smile These days we are really feeling the old adage: laughter is the best medicine. With everything that’s going on, we all need to let off some steam! If you’re missing loved ones, send a bit of giggle therapy their way and share that good medicine. Warning (!!) — there are some ‘bad’ words on our website. Those items might not be for you, but they are a much-needed laugh for others. So while swear words might offend you, we hope you can skip past them knowing that they are just what someone else needs.


THIS PAGE: 1. Obama Mug $45 | 2. Parks & Recreation Coloring Book $11 3. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters 90s $25 | 4. Cool to Be Kind Baby Onesie $28 5. Bernie Mug $45 | 6. The Book Is Better Gym Sock $13 7. Be Kind Iron-On Patch $6 | 8. Mini Ceramic Dish Jeezum Crow $14 | 9. Ice Cream Cone Sidewalk Chalk $21 10. OMG WTF Does the Constitution Say Book $35


THIS PAGE: 11. Stay Fab Card $6 | 12. Letter Board Black with Oak $65 | 13. Schitt’s Creek Pencil Set $14 | 14. Brass Peace Gesture Stud $55 | 15. Ray of F**king Sunshine Keytag $7 | 16. Speak the Ruth RBG Tote $24 | 17. Hold On Let Me Overthink This Name Plate $28 | 18. Victory Pottery Head Planter $25



We Dream in Colour salem, ma

500+ strong Without our incredible makers, Common Deer wouldn’t exist. We work hard to seek out the best talent from around the country: American makers, artists and manufacturers who share our vision. Currently, we’re proud to work with over 500 partners across the U.S., and our goal is to fill out our map by finding makers in every state! The excitement of discovering a new artist is why we love what we do. Their creativity is a constant inspiration, and these talented people are the core of our company. With your backing, our small business is able to support a wide network of makers, and help them to make a living doing what they love. 12

Envisioned by designer Jade Gedeon, this vintageinfluenced jewelry line is hand-made and woman-powered. Owing to her family’s nomadic lifestyle, Jade’s aesthetic has been shaped by a range of global influences. Her line is well known for its nature-inspired motifs, and especially its saltwater patinaed pieces. Dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact, WDIC prioritizes socially conscious decisionmaking throughout their business.


Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics isle la motte, vt Known for their functional and artistic mugs, this brand also has a strong sense of fun. The founders are (no surprise!) two animal lovers, and they embrace and enjoy the title of the “Crazy Cat Ladies.” Their hand thrown ceramics even undergo an extra inspection – by their four cats! The pets are stars behind the scenes (boasting a large social media following) and are featured on many of the ceramic designs, alongside famous faces and original art.

Uncle Goose

Devi Arts Collective

grand rapids, mi

vancouver, ca

In 1983 William Bultman was dismayed to find no one was making wooden alphabet blocks, the classic children’s toy, in the USA. So, he decided to hand-build his own. Thus began a family business, and today Bultman’s son Pete runs the company his father started over three decades ago. He remains committed to crafting everything entirely in the USA with materials sourced from around the Great Lakes; each creatively designed block is non-toxic and built to be passed down to future generations.

Inspired by collaborations with artists from around the world, Devi Arts features the natureinspired designs of Bayoush Mengesha. Wanting to be more accountable for the impacts of sourcing her raw materials, Bayoush built Devi Arts in the image of the ‘slow fashion’ movement. Slow fashion encourages and enables consumers to make more conscious and sustainable choices. We occasionally feature standout makers from our neighbor to the north - Devi Arts is based in Canada.

Red House burlington, vt Britt and Matt quit their jobs, packed up their family, and moved to Vermont practically sight unseen. Wanting to engage life more passionately, they aimed to shift focus from economy to community. The couple began making waxed canvas bags somewhat by accident. But, following the dream of living a simple fulfilling life, they harnessed their serious talents to build their line of stylish, Vermont weather-ready bags. Each piece is still made by hand. As business grew their workshop moved into a bigger space — and the family moved into a sweet red house.



making it The talent behind Common Deer Here’s your chance to get to know Jeff Edwin of Ashari Woodworks out of Burlington, Vermont. Jeff is full of talent and as we found out, has lots to say about “making”! Supporting our business means we support more makers like Jeff!

to add your energy into the world. In this way, the spirit of the maker movement can be found everywhere, anyone that loves what they do for work or as a hobby, and gives that task their good energy...making, creating, it seems to just be about a positive way of life.

How did you get started as a maker? I honestly was quite fortunate to kind of fall into it. I was always interested in studio art growing up, dabbling as an art major in college, and continued to do a few projects here and there. After not feeding that for a few years, I found myself called into the world of carpentry and construction. Then as a result of a downsizing economy, I went from that large commercial outfit slowly on down to a little woodshop space, that I share with a truly inspiring artist, Mark Dabelstein.

How do you find balance and motivation with “life”, other jobs, your creative work, etc? My family. That’s my main inspiration, my motivation, and when I need it, my excuse. Life just hands inspiration out all the time, keeping a notebook is a great idea. I should do it.

Why is the act of “making” important to you? The act of making itself aligns with a simple philosophy, at least in my mind. I believe wholeheartedly that people are designed to create, and to grow and nurture the world around us. That’s really all making is, it’s finding the way

How has Vermont’s maker culture been a part of your development as a maker? Vermont as a whole is full of people that just do things. There is a category of maker, I get that, but there are makers here in all kinds of fields, with all kinds of products. Isn’t the activist that’s around every corner of this state making something? The person with the incredible home garden in your neighborhood? Vermont has a culture of doing, it’s probably what has made the maker movement so incredible here for everyone. Any particular moments in your maker career that you’d like to share that were exciting? It sounds corny, but my favorite moments are cleaning up a piece of rough cut lumber and seeing something particularly beautiful reveal itself. It’s hard to know exactly what it will look like, and sometimes it’s just so much more than you could have imagined. Where is your favorite creemee in Vermont?



And... what’s your order? The maple creemee with maple crumbles at Palmer’s in Jericho is the one for me. It was the first place my wife and I went after exchanging vows, just the two of us, on Mount Mansfield. How could I beat that? How does the concept of “race” enter the conversation for you for making in the USA? Race in the USA is a part of every conversation for me. It’s the unfortunate truth... but it’s not always bad. Particularly among makers, there seems to be an excitement around interacting with those that might bring something new to the table. A new experience,

or one that you may not know much about. It has been my experience that the vast majority of makers really prioritize the spirit of creation, growth, and addition, and for that reason are enthused to see what they learn from another person’s difference. Just like team sports encourage the celebration of each teammate’s unique contribution to the common goal, the maker movement seems have created a similar community of openness and inclusion. >>> Catch more maker highlights and “Making It” interviews @commondeer on instagram and in future journal releases. Thank you for supporting our family of makers and our small business! 15


stock the pantry Go ahead, treat yourself! Now is a perfect time to jazz up your bar area, or build up your kitchen skills. Pantry items also make a perfect gift for all occasions; is there anything that can lift a person’s spirit

like the gift of sugar? Even better, these items help support local farmers and producers, so go ahead and help yourself to seconds.

Flour Sack Napkins Set - Falling Ferns $38 | Maple Syrup Mini Plastic Jug $7 | Vermont Organic Cornbread Pancake & Muffin Mix $8 | Vermont Organic White Flour $10 Little Notes Olive Branches $14 | White Oval Woven Basket $58 16


1. Grapefruit Bitters $19 | 2. Pure Flake Sea Salt $13 | 3. Citrus Passionfruit Syrup $14 | 4. Simply Natural Mints $4 | 5. Goat’s Milk Caramel $7 | 6. Maple Sugar Candy Gift Box $16 7. Honey Bear $9 | 8. Blackberry Honey $12 9. Maple Syrup Sampler Pack $18 | 10. Vermont Organic Flour $21 | 11. Maple Sriracha Cashews $7 12. Local Tang Hot Sauce $8 | 13. Big Hibiscus Iced Herbal Tea $15 | 14. Travel Sriracha Hot Sauce $6 15. Chocolate Cha-Cha Cookies $7 16. Kombucha Making Kit $51 | 17. Infused Salt Set $30





hard to shop for: “dudes” Gifts for guys/dudes/male-identifying folx tend to stump even the most thoughtful of gift givers. We hear it often in the shop: “I have no idea what to get my [husband][dad] [boyfriend][son][partner]!” Well, since every person is different,

we always recommend focusing on what he’s into, how he spends his days, what he respects, and what would make him smile. We’re always available to help -- but here are some ideas that we suggest to get you started!

1. Wall Mounted Moose Puzzle $66 | 2. Ursa Major Go Easy Shampoo $26 | 3. Common Deer Goods Made Here Mug $32 | 4. Bourbon Nib Brittle $15 | 5. Proper Cologne - Huron $30 | 6. Merino Wool Uncle Buck Men’s Socks $25 | 7. Artisan Canoe Paddle Mufferaw $220 | 8. Tin Cloth Packer Hat Dark Tan $70 | 9. Best Damn Beard Oil $30 10. Leather Wrapped Flask $85 | 11. Vermont’s Original Bag Balm $9 | 12. Leather Handmade Garden Journal $70 | 13. Whiskey & Mountains Tee $32 14. Refillable Leather Golf Log $24 | 15. Slim Leather Trifold Wallet $175 | 16. Leatherman Skeletool CX $80 | 17. Double Duty Face Moisturizer $28 | 18. Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm $36 | 19. Pistachio Cherry Cookies $6 20. Beer Making Kit - New England IPA $48 21. 24 Hour Tin Briefcase $395 | 22. Best Dad Ever Name Plate $28



get in the candle club

Want exclusive deals on your future favorite candles? Join the club...the candle club! Every month, we’ll be releasing 4+ featured candles (brand new and classic favorites alike) that our Candle Club members will be able to get at a special price! Here’s how it works: Pay the one-time $10 Candle Club membership fee (good for up to 6 months!), and you get access to the unique discount code (15 - 30% off) on the newly released candles of the month. Deadline to sign up to receive the July release is June 30 - an email will be sent at the beginning of each month to club members. Any sold out candles will be replaced - so all club members get access

to special candles! There is no obligation to buy each month and you’re welcome to buy multiple from the month’s release. Current sign-up memberships will go until December 31, 2020. Mid-month sign-ups are eligible for the next month’s release and the $10 cannot be pro-rated. So the earlier you sign up, the more value you’ll get out of it!

four fave candles Charcoal Signature Candle $38 This sleek, high-quality soy blend candle burns with a smooth and enticing scent. Smokey, and just a bit brooding, cedar wood and sandalwood combine to build a full-bodied and boyfriendapproved fragrance. 11 oz

Yellowstone’s Sagebrush and Fir Candle $34 With a scent marrying citrus and forest, this candle is fresh, relaxing and inspired by the flora of Yellowstone National Park. The vessel is textured for use with strike anywhere matches, while the wooden wick brings home the campfire vibes. Bonus for nature lovers: this candle supports our Parks! 20


Search Laura Zindel at commondeer.com

Lake Soy Candle $24 Is it possible to bottle sunshine? This candle is the aromatherapy version of a day at the lake. Striking a happy balance between musky and fresh, its scent highlights the smooth notes of sandalwood. Made with pure soy wax, this candle is long-burning and perfect for the lake house. 13 oz

Mason Jar Candle Fir $18 Warming and cozy, this little mason jar candle creates a fresh scent that fills a room. Made using the leftover needles from an organic Christmas tree farm (yes, really!), this handcrafted candle instantly evokes forest, fresh air and, of course, Christmas. It’s a year round favorite. 8 oz 21


why goods made here? Now this is the conversation we’ve been wanting to start! We know there are endless places and ways to spend your money. But we hope you’ll agree: that it’s actually more rewarding — and more fun! — to buy Americanmade. Why? Simply put, we believe that our economy should lift people up, not grind them down – and that buying American-made will help us build a better economy. Actually, it is one of the most impactful ways that you can do good with your dollar. Just by changing the way we shop, each of us can be a part of this movement. Every gift or necessity that you buy from an American maker, manufacturer or artist is unique; it has a story and a face behind it. And each time you choose goods made here, you support a whole web of domestic businesses that have a direct stake in the success of their communities. 22

Because these companies are rooted locally, they tend to do things pretty differently from the big multinationals. They create good local jobs that are safe and pay living wages; their practices are more sustainable and have a lower carbon footprint; and they prioritize your family’s safety by creating quality goods that are built to last. Supporting these companies directly fights exploitation and helps local economies and communities to thrive. Shopping American-made is really about upholding the common good – ensuring better opportunities in our neighborhoods, better products in our homes, and a better world around us. Also...it just plain feels good. So take a stand for what you believe in! Our choices, together, can build a shared prosperity that benefits us all.


Help Local Economies Thrive - When you spend your money on a product made here, you’re supporting businesses that are rooted in their local communities. These businesses rely on each other, and when they thrive they strengthen supply chain networks across the economy. This not only protects existing jobs, but it creates a ton of new ones! Small businesses are the engine of opportunity in our economy, generating not just jobs — but good jobs — that pay living wages and directly respond to the needs of their communities. It diversifies the economy and encourages those that aren’t chasing the cheapest production. Take a Stand for Best Practices - When an item is made here, it meets certain standards; both in how it’s built, and how it’s built to last. You can be sure that your purchase is safe for your family and heirloom quality. Beyond that-- choosing goods made here ensures your items were manufactured under fair labor conditions. Locally made goods also have a smaller carbon freight footprint than imported items, producing less pollution and meeting strong environmental standards. So — when you buy USA-made, you are also taking a stand for the health and safety of your family, of workers and of the planet. Put your Dollar to Work: By simply changing the way we shop, each of us can be a part of this movement. Every gift and necessity you buy can have a meaningful impact on people’s lives; the items you get from an American maker, artist or manufacturer all have a story behind them. Shopping American-made is about upholding the common good — ensuring better opportunities in our communities, better products in our homes, and a better world around us. Take a stand for what you believe in! Together we have the power to create real change for the better.



relax + recover Don’t forget to focus on your well-being. Stress levels have been high, and we all need to check in with our own mental health. If you’ve been needing a little more rest + reset in your life, give yourself permission to slow down. Create an environment for calm and relaxation so you can build those good vibes. After all, taking a bubble bath probably won’t fix everything but...someone should at least test the theory, right?

1. Lavender Scented Neck Wrap $43 | 2. Little Book of Self-Care $15 3. Isleboro Cotton & Alpaca Throw $416 | 4. Focus Candle $20 | 5. Hydrating Body Oil $37 6. Salty Caramels $12 | 7. Peppermint Herbal Tea $22 | 8. Royal Treatmint Tea $11 24




e n t e r “ f r e e t o t e” on orders over $50 for t his tote FREE . 26u n t i l 7. 31. 2 0 , 1/c u s t o m e r, c a n n o t b e c o m b i n e d w i t h o t h e r o f f e r s .


cus t om gif t boxes What’s in the box? Let us handle the hard work! Our custom gift boxes are a super easy way to brighten someone’s day, and be present for them (even if you’re physically apart). And customization is easy! Just head to our website to choose your price point, tell us a little about the recipient, and we’ll tailor it to make them smile. Are they candle-obsessed? A beer connoisseur? Will

love anything in plaid? We can work it out. Or if you’re not sure, we can help! Matching people with great gifts...it’s actually our job. We also offer pre-made gift boxes to support essential workers, loved ones in isolation, your favorite Vermonter, and more! Shipping and local delivery available — find all the details and instructions at commondeer.com.


Common Deer is a family-run small business with a big mission: to make American Made more accessible. By choosing domestic goods, you help ensure that more jobs stay stateside, skilled artists are doing what they love, and local economies thrive. Purchase goods made here to take a stand for our environment and workers. Thank you.

@commondeer 210 college st, btv commondeer.com

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Common Deer Catalog 01, Summer 2020  


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