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Visitor maps

CREATE TRAFFIC TO YOUR STAND: GAIN EXPOSURE ON THE VISITOR MAPS! The show maps (large map and orientation maps) offer maximum exposure as the item viewed by the largest number of visitors to SIMA throughout their entire visit.


Large visitor maps Ongoing visibility

Guaranteed visibility during and after the exhibition.

Your company in the spotlight! Distributed for free at the show entrances (200,000 copies), the large visitor map is helpful for everyone attending the event. The roadmap-style folding map features a plan of the exhibition halls and exhibitors list on the front and a road map of France on the back. n Banner at the foot of the cover page n 4 Back cover n Logo on the map (and on the interactive map)



e 8,840 e 8,840 e 2,600

Your logo featured on your stand on the large visitor map (and on the interactive map). n Four-colour page n Half four-colour page

e 5,300 e 2,600 e 73

n Company name in red in the exhibitors list

Your company name in red (instead of the standard black) on the exhibitor list.


Orientation maps Effective and high-visibility presence


Repeated visibility during the show thanks to the 40 signboards set up at strategic locations in the highest-traffic areas. These signboards guarantee and effective presence for your brand.


Show yourself! There will be total of over 40 panels, each with: - Front: a map of the hall in which the stand is located and the exhibitors list. - Back: an overall map of the exhibition. n Your company name in red on the exhibitors list e 104 n Your logo in four colours on the hall plan e 2,000 n Your banner in the map header e 4,680 Your banner above the exhibition map, on both sides of the map. The map header will be reproduced on each of the show orientation maps. Exclusive space available for only one advertiser. All our products are reserved for a limited number of advertisers. Orders will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Visuals provided as examples only.

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Visitor Maps

SIMA 2011 - Visitors map  

SIMA 2011 - Visitors map