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Energy isthed€signer andmanutacturer of: oA-RA a Suspens onandJ0ntnOHardware forCofdrc:a'i r 'i . r i l Sels . Slspens (Single onSets anddoibsl . Tens 0nSets(Snqe.double andtf ! e . l\,4idspan Tens onJonts . Compressior (orbolted typelDeaf. ril: :' . Repair S eeves. . Parallei Groove Clamps Su sp € non s a ndJontiig Hafa"-,a,, . Suspefsion S€ls . Tens onSets . Sect onSLspefs..f SB:: . Fxin!Canps


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. Spacer Dampers tortwin andtrple bufdle cordrclors Aircrali Warning Spheres "\,.^

Pr€lormed rods

ForEnergy Trafsm ssonLin€s andSubslatois \i/thiftheranqe ol 1l 500K V Beng awafeot thecf tica nportan.e of hardWares tf transll] sson nes.ou des0r ..,riir ridalrI nq.tI vaIzdlof afastarirortf! ncacL,/ naak i es,:ra.eilzrdbr trsc01lhi eqrr"rr.1 ,,,'rhfrieN' ' " a rra a r i] t f , I S ilg Nria f L l I ur,



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W€utlze o0fcompuler controlled aboratory eq!ipm€itsto p€rlorm al mechanicaland eectrica testsreqlired bytheslandards BS3288IEC61284, (iofdampefs)and IEC61897 EC61854 (l0rspacefs afdspacer-dampers) nclLdng: . Nlechan ca andchemica tesls lorrawmaterla s andI n shed prod!cts. . Gavanzation tests . Crack coftroltests. ppaoe a Conductors tests forlension ionls measLrement, a Resistance . Heatcyce lests, a Elaslic andDamp ngCharacterstic testsandlatique t€stsior spaceF0ampers an00ampers, Wea soltiliz€Indepeideit testnq aboratores inT! eyand oLtside lorpedorrn nqCofona. RIVandShortctrcLttestsfor ifs!latof strifgs andCofona andRIVtests lordampers. Weak€ady hav€ typetestrepods fora s€res of34,5, 132.154, 220and400kV hardwares !sed n Turkey Pakislan, raqand many other countnes r€alized andcertl€dby ndependenl testnq lab0fatories

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RIiEAEiICFS Besides having thebiqqesl share inTurkish energy market, hisproducts $A RAexports to Cli€nts n many countries includ ngPakistan, lraq,Syria, Ethiop a,Nig€ria, Jordan Ageriakeland, Gre€ce andmanyolhers 0urClients aregovernmental andprvate companies andcontractors whchuse0ur products projects. n lh€r conlracted ls accepted andapprov€d byoullead n0electricity transm sionanddistribut $A-RA on ofqanizatons nTu eyandoth€r qual coLnh es,dueto htsweI known ty andt mely supply of hisproducts




q A - RA isa qroup ofcompanies lo!nded nl9B5afdaclive nlheareas ol€f€rgy, con$ructon, trade andtoursm $A-RA Acl!ilesoIlh€qroup inenerqy seclor covers Turn.key Contiactlng:


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Enerqy Transmission Lnes Subslalions andSwitchyards. MV/LVDistribulion Nelworks. T€lecommlnicationProlects

Transmission LineTowers andPoes, Towers Commlica|onSysl€m andPoes gh Light ngPoesandH Masts, Transmission LineHardwarc Fa$eners. SLrbslalion Steel Slrlctlres Steel Hols€s andStruclures

PLANTS PlantIn Polatlr/ Ankaia: Purpose: lvlanulaclur ngandgalvaf zing ol a I types 01laltcesleelowersp0€s and sleelstr!ctures Capaclty(rnanulacturlng):40000T/yr. Capaclty(galvanlzatlon): 60.000 T/yr. ClosedArea:20000m2. openAroa:60.000 rn2. No of C C Lines:4 ines foratlic€ lowers, 2Ines forpoles. No of galvanlzingpools:2 poos wlh capacily ol 8 rnl, 1 poowth capac ty 01 12mlinsngle operalon.

Plant Complex in Adana: A- Tower and Steel Strucluies Manutactudng Plant: Puipose: Manlfaclufing andgavanz fg ol poes and al lypesof allicesleeltowers, sleelslruclures Capaclty (manufacturing): 70000T/yr. Capacity (galvanization): 90000T/yr m2. Closgd Aroa: 35.000 Ooen Area: 420000rn2 2 nes o ol CNC Lines: B nesforanqles lofprotlesand4 | neslorplal€s. No ol galvanlzlngpools: 3 B. HardwareManufacturingPlanll oitransmission inehardware. Planl iscomposed ofrnanulaclurin! andassen'rb ingufilsandatestjnq statonl!ly Purpose: lvianlfacluring pp€d loftensof crack andvibralion tests. "qu Capacity:2.400 Vyr. m2. ClosedAiea:2.000 C. FastenersManufacturingPlant: Purpose: Maiufaclur n0 ol faslen€rs Plaft s equipped w lh fullyaulomat c mach nes.heallrealmenr and!alvan zalion units andlesling aboratof es. Capaclty:l4 000T,yr Closed Area: '2 OlC-2


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