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CAPrAIN'S LOG Good evening! So sorry to have kept you waiting for this. the IGng awaited eighth issue. I do beg your understandin~; this Author. Editor and this past summer. actress. has been busy!!! lAnd we now must make do. alas. without the modern technology available once in the form of the mighty. the heloved. WORD PROCESSOR!) Yes. thinf,s have h8en ha?pening. If you have been anongst those fortunate enough to see The Two Companions. you will know that. I was among that silly grou, which made a Dr. Who Video this past summer. This effort fit in nicely with the October 4th Convention. featuring Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton. at whlch we aired the preview for this production. is

We owe some very wcn1e:-rful people s,ecial mentionin.g. K€H in +/wn C()stu~P. rt:!nt,8.1 business, The Seco1).d Act. The m'lners

e. w,.....r./ier:nl

donated wigs and helped make The Two Companions a bit more fun. This place is a must for anyone into costumes! Walls of robes. dresses. wigs. jewelry. capes. I mean. everything you could want is there! A second thank you to Sean from Worlds Within. a fairly new bookstore. (he designed the cover art for us!) This looks to be an up and coming hot spot for Whovians. (including a huge screen) and they advertised the video a good deal! For those of you who missed the Cctober Convention. aaahhhh •••Too. too bad! That was something else! Working there gave me. and my friends. a delightful e~ening with the stars. We all got a look at the Dr. Who Trailor. (filled with props and really. a wonderful exhibit!). as well as easy access to LOTS of autographs. pictures. etc. We who lives in the Twin Cities should feel honored. as it may well be that this will become a regular stop. NOW •••for this issue! We began a 4 part story by Karen Hellekson. "Checkmate". Author Harlan Faul offers us a new rendition on the Ransom of Red Chief. ( if you have nEver read t11is. it is worth it!) with his version. "The Kid and Me". Also for your enjoyment. Moi offers "Four Flew Into a Cuckoo's Nest" which you should be able to guess centers on things a bit similar to certain elements in the movie it is named for. We need: Yearly Suns! (Form for it now available. in back). MORE STORIES! LETTERS! ART! And now. let's sip a little eggnog. sit back ••• nut the dog out. let the cats in. and read •••


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THE Kill AND ME by Harlan Paul

Don't get me wrong, I love my younger brother very much. When we were growing UP. we played and had a lot of good times. But. well. ever since he was born and the folks nearly lost him because he came early and all that. the Kid was s?oiled rotten! He always got the first of everything. and the old folks didn't help out much there! He was the youngest grandkid, so our grandnarents added to the problem. And 'cause of his health. (he was small and cOllld spi1<e fevers and all). he had Mom wrapped around his fi~er. I loved him. but man. there were times he could be a grade A pain. I'd think about some poor guys kidnapping him and than coming to us crying for us to take him off thier hands! That reminds me. we did. once. end up in a place a bit like tha~. only. if the people involved had wanted to. they could've taken the kid and me, too. to a place no one would Ever have found us! That was the day we met the Doctor. I'm not one to get lost easily. I've been with the Scouts and all since I was 10, and I was 12 the summer Dad and Ur.cle Pete decided to take the whole family to the farm and a whole week of fishing in the north country. I was really looking forward to it, because Pete had this huge boat and a cahin and great rods. We were going to stay in a motel right across from the beach. too! en our second day there, dad decided we could have a picnic in the woods and mayee do some berry picking. I li~ed that idea. Aunt Anne and mom made chicken sandwiches. and my cousins, Marty and Kim. went with me to buy pop and some snacks. We all 100kAd forward to a day ~f great ;roort,


the ~'id. ;{e was


8~~ i1ad

WlJcx1S an""l

may e

as a ",et r-itten!


SOflle G"'

;{e wanted to






He would

not helrywith the basket. and all the way to the "oods, on a huge hill dad knew about. he oouted. although mom got him calmed down a bit. I should have known it meant trouble. though! Bemis Hill was the best oicnic site I ever knew. There were only a few families there, and we ~tuffed ourselves! We had potatoe salad and hot dogs and sandwiches. water melon. chips, pop and marsh mellows. I guess that is what started us on our way to getting lost. because we decided to have a game of hide and see~ while the grown ups cleaned up. Thp. ~irl saw a rabhit, and off roe went, aftp.r it. Hell,! ~new th~t ~eant t~ouble,li~e ~0ison ivy or sOMethin~,so I tooK off aTter hiM. Tr.~ hill is full of trails, cabins, pond~,steep. root covered deer paths and the wood finally joins the Canadian forest. so it is a big, big place! I didn't want the kid in there by himself! "You get your bottom back here right now!" I yelled. but he knew only dad would ever really spank him. so he ignored me and kept right on running. I trioped over a root, and the next thing I knew, I was sprawled in the brush with a twisted ankle! "Jimmy! Come back now!" I "oared. trying to follow him. I couldn't. because it hu:::-t too much to stand. I sat down ar.d bawled like a kid, and I guess that shook him up because all of a sudden, the"e he was, sucking his thumb and staring at me like an idiot.

• •




t,\. /









-jl:'~,J;6 :,'/ -~ . 1



"You hurt yourself." he said. What a brilliant observation. I thought. "Oh. great! You just notice that?" I snapped. His lip started to quiver and I shut up. After all, he hadn't made me fall! COl'leon. don't you start. too. I just twisted my an'de. that's all." I said, trying to smile. Nice way to start a vacation. It was about that time that I noticed we were really not in a great way. I couldn't hear anyone. couldn't see exactly where we were. and the way I was hurting. it wasn't going to be easy to find anyone, either. "Harlan. we're lost!" the kid blubbered. I swore, under my breath. "No, we're not! 'lIe'rejust a little way away from the camp. that's all'" I said brif,htly. "I'M going to have to aalk a little slow. though. ok?"

"Hey. Harlan, look! There's a cave over there! Think a bear might be in it?" the kid asked. I froze. Trust the kid to mention one of the few things I am afraid of. Bears are an unpredictable lot. The kid headed for the cave like a trooper. "Hey! Don't go in there!" I yelped. I started for him, then stopped. A sound. a rUl'lbling.hissing thing like I had never heard came from right next to the kid. And he froze, too. !Harlan!" he howled, I stared as there, by the mouth of the ce,ve, a blue box slowly wheezed into view! As the sound died away. we both stood t~er~, too scared to run for it. And then a door opened, and a guy looked out. Harlan screamed and scooted behind me. while I stood there, shaking in my boots. Well. boot. actually, because I was holding the one. , "Hello! I didn't mean to frighten anyone! I say, are you all right?" the fellow asked. looking at my leg. I stared at the man. He was tall. very tall, with a long scarf and a long coat, too. "Are you a spaceman?" the kid asked. peering from behind my leg. The l'\B.n smiled at that, and Jimmy blin.ked and smiled back. He could be so cute, sometimes.

"Well. ••not exactly. I'm a TimeLord." he said. Great. We get lost in a forest and stul'lbleon this traveling oddball' I had sort of hoped we'd see a silver being with green skin or something. He didn't even fly a UFC. although I did thin.k that blue box was a classy act, thougrr. "You •••you 're not from earth, are you?" I whispered. "Boy, are you dumb!" the kid sneered. I glared at him. "Well. those are earth words!" I snapped. pointiIll>at the !'lue hox. He was only

~n first

grarle, rmt he managed them.

"Police call box. ilrat does that mean?" I never did get to answer, because a pretty dark haired wOl'\B.n came out at about that tiMe. She stared at us. "Doctor. shouldn't we let theM inside? He looks as if could use sOl'le assistance!" she said. The man nodded, anrl offered I'!ea hand. "This .•. is too much." I said. staring at the inside of the box. "Hey! It's bigg~r in h~~e than it is outsi'le!" .immy said. "Ch. very ghar?!" I muttererl. It was, though, LC'!'Shicg~r! "WC'.'" This is keen!" the kid yellen, and :,efore a~yone could ~top hiM. t~e Kid was in action, Dushi~p, buttons an~ evp.ryt~ingin si~ht!

Both the Doctor and the WOMan mo~ed for him. but I knew how dad talked to the kid and I managed a good likeness. 6'

"You touch one button without permission, young man. and you're not going to sit for the rest of this vacation!" I guess the tone of my voice was very close to a perfect copy of dad's. because the kid froze in midstep! He looked over at me and I just stood there. without once moving. I thi~k he knew I would've belted him, hecause he sort of wilted and whimpered and came back to stand by me like a puppy. "Tha~k you!" the woman said. looking shaken. "I'm Sarah Jane Smi th, and he is the Doctor." She smiled at me. "Who are you?" "I'm Harlan Paul and this is Jiml'lY. What is this thing?" I asked. "This is the TARDIS." The Doctor said calmly. "A time machine." he a~ded. I remember thinking that at about that til'lewe really had to be goi~, but that I';irl'ssl'l'.le toov p.way the fear I was fe"ling. "'ile sloouln rave a look at your lee." sh" " fently. "l,oIhat's this for?" the kid as"ed. I froze. He was about one inch from a glowiny, button on the control panal. Sarah started fcr him in alarl'l,but once again, I came thro~h. You couldn't trust the kid for J minutes! "Jimmy! You better think about this! If you touch something you shouldn't. you might get hurt!" "Uh uh!" he said, the little brat! "I wonder if the Doctor has a nice, long needle. just right for your bottom!" I growled. That worked! You8d have thought he was facing an execution the way he flew across that room, away from the panal. The Doctor began a muted protest. but Sarah stopped him. As he knelt to look at my ankle, he gave me a knowing little smile. !I really am quite fond of children." he confessed. "But I am not that kin::!of a doctor!" "SHHH! Don't tell him that!" I waJ:ned him. "Play it up. will you! I can't do all the work!" "Do you really have any needles?" the kid asked. Ch, he was sly! "Yes! 'l1hatkinn would you prefer?" Th" Doctor as/eo J ightly. I had to look away and even Sarah had a ti",e hFing her inpuls" 1:.0 laugh! The "id" and watched the Doctor as he finished wrapping I'IYleg. "Doctor thanks for helping us." I said as he finished. "Fut we r.ave sort of a prohlem." "Yeah. 'l1e'relost." Ji:nl'lY piped up. "Lost? can supply.

Nonsense! Now then,

You1re merely lacking t;;eolcF,ical where were you?" he as~,:ed.

~ata which


"Uh, the cal'lp5 ite on top of the hill." I said sheepishly. "Ah hah! That should be simnl" enou;;h." Sarah said. I wondered why she "ounded so sarcastic. "Can you take us the,..e?"I as""d. Ee smiled. "Ch,




you to the top of t.~e hill

is easy.

arrive a little early or l' than you left it." "like before white man discovered the place?" "Uhf Doctor .•. ?" He scowled at her.

But we mi?;~t

Sarah riFgled. I stared.

she teased.

"Sarah is just teasing!" he said. The kid smiled. I'd like to see the Ind ians!" he said. I glared at him. "This thing can go anywhere in time?" I asked. ~e nodded. "And space, too, huh?" I asked as he programed it. Imagine! You get into a real life UF'O and you only go up a stupid hill. "All right •••here. 'l1e'llbe back at the camp in just a minute •.•" the Doctor began. "I "ANNA GO TO l".ARS!"The kid screamed suddenly, making us jul'lp. "Shut up!" I yelled. But the combination of all the excitement. no nap and now the dismal prospects of a boring aftern~on was too much. T

He ignored me. "I WANNA GO TO MARS!" he howled, throwing himself on the fllor in a full scale tantrum. No amount of threats, and not even an offer of a sweet from the Doctor worked. "Is he always so cheeky?" Sarah asked in dismay. "Look, is that any way to act around a spaceman? Now do try these. They are jellytabies. Very good." The Doctor said. The kid hesitated, then accepted one. "Hey, Harlan! Try one!" he said. I did. They were good. "There now. You can have the tag and we'll get you back." the Doctor said. I groaned. Why did he have to say anything? "I DON'T WANNA GO BACK!" the kid. yelled like a betrayed soldier. The Doctor stared in dismay. I found myself thinkihg about a story I read once, called The Ransom of Red Chief. I wondered if he had ever read it. I was powerleSS; he had played his trump card. But then. there was Sarah. "If you don't hush your crying this minute, we'll take you to Mars all right, and we'll just jolly well leave you there too! And there are some very nasty people there who might have you for tea. As Martian Muffins!" she said. I could've kissed her, but not in front of the kid. He shut up as if facing a weekend in a closet! The Doctor blinked and stared at Sarah. Then, without another moment's hesitation. he had us back to the camp. behind a little stand of trees. Sarah ushered us out the door. "Sorry we can't stay a bit. It was very nice meeting you," she said. "Don't worry about his saying anything. I'll just say it was all a "ame." I told them. "Are you sure you'll be all right?" the Doctor asked. "Oh. yes. I'll just tell him you told me you would come back and buy him if he gets too wilet!" I said. The Doctor made as if to protest, then he smiled weakly. "Well, we'll be off then." was all he said. "He really does like children." Sarah explailed. I hesitated. "Well, if you really want me to, I'll tell him something else." I offered. He hesitated. then shook his head. "No. no. just this once you may use my name for any threat you wish!" he said quickly. Too quickly. I guess. because Sarah began to laugh. The kid was hovering etangercusly close to the controls again. I dragged him out and we headed for the picnic tables. "Mom" he began tc strain towards them. "Dad! You'll never guess what we've been doing!" he 1:egan. "Listen. You say one word about being in that TARDIS, and you know what's going to happen?" I whispered in his ear. He hesitated. From behind the trees the sound of the Doctor leaving reached us. ";rhat?" he asked, his eyes getting big. "They tole me they would come hack, and buy you. And if I let them. they'll trade you off for some lovely tea. And you'll end up in a salad along eith some tossed Venesian turnips!" "MAMA!" the kid squealed, flying out of my grasp and into her arms. She gave me a puzzled glance. "Uh, we got a little lost. He's just tired." I said. Dad looked at me for a long moment, tran at my leg. "Who bandaged your ankle?" he asked. I froze. "Dada I would really, really rather not say, Just this once. ok?" He looked at me, than over at the kid, and shrugged. He never asked me about it. And guess what? The Kid didn't mention the Doctor, neither! 8

.{J ~


And Now for Something Different ••• In a part of the universe, far far away, a blue box was gently spinning along its merry way. This was the DARTIS, which stands for Dimensions Aren't Relative To' Its Steering, horne to one Lord of Time known to one and all as Hoctor Do. He wasn't alone, for traveling with this great champion of th~ underdogs (and cats) was the brave Jarah Sane. The DARTIS traveled along for some time quite undisturbed, while inside Jarah and Hoctor Do sipped tea and read slightly outdated and pre-dated magazines. It was a lot of fun being able to travel in time, always knowing the answer to questions before they got asked and generally being smartie pants wherever. they landed. Suddenly a'blipping light appeared on the' patrol canel. in alarm. "Hoctor Do, Hoctor Do! The light is blinking!" The Hoctor eyed it calmly.

Jarah leapt up she said pointing.

"Oh, that's nothing important •••just a signal of some alian presence


"But, it could be something dangerous, could it not?" Jarah Sane asked anxiously sucking her thumb. Hoctor Do sighed. "Perhaps. It may be •••MYber~n! ••he said loudly, making poor Jarah jump. "Or, then again, perhaps it could be •••the terrible Doolaks!" nOh, Hoctorl

~.~ish you wouldn't do thatl" Jarah said scowling.

He smiled.

"No problem. If it should by MyberGn or Doolaks I will just use my trusty little Tonic Drewsiver on them and take them apartl" "But wouldn't you have to get very close to them to do that?" Jarahpointed out. Hoctor Do frowned abruptly. "Oh Dear. I hadn't thought of that!" and he sat down in a jumble of logic to sort it all out: If one got too close to Myber~en there was a chance of being strangled or blasted before being able to use any'.weapon on them, although they were unusally vulnerable to table salt. "Perhaps we could lure them to a McBonalds •••••the Hoctor mused. "Always have a good deal of salt at such places." If, on the other hand, it Was the terrible Doolaks they faced, the problem was merely that of finding a garbage can to distract them with. Doolaks were dangerous in their own right of course, but nothing frustrated one more than an unresponsive, sexy looking garbage can. Minus its cover, of course. "Hrnrnrn •••we could check out the scene near a Murger Bing ••• always a good deal of.waste at such places." the Hoctor said. ",

"Yes, but they might use updated disposal units which do not resemble the Doolaks and then the Doolaks would proceed to destroy everything in sight." Jarah Sane said reasonably. Hoctor Do glared. "Smartie Pantsl" he snapped and he chewed angrily on his scarf. "Hoctor Do! We forgot something. Maybe it isn't a Doolak OR a MyberCanl" Jarah stared at the light. "It could be Wartaran Sorrier!" "Oh dear •••Wartaran the Hoctor agreed. stomache."

Sorriers •••they are worse than Doolaks OR MyberCans." "At least, they are far uglier. Don't do much for one's 10

"Hoctor Do, what is a weakness of \~artaran Sorriers?"

Jarah asked.

"They might be distracted by the motion picture Rocky •••especially Rocky IV. He looks a little like one of them before its allover •••" Hoctor Do said thoughtfully. "If that doesn't work we can always foil them by letting them look into. a mirror." "It wouldn't be an Itty, would it?" Jarah asked, remembering the terrible stories the Hoctor had told her about his adventures with the great furry Itties when he'd been a little pudgy fellow who wore dirty hides for a coat. "No. Itties aren't into attacking DARTIS vehicles." the Hoctor assured her. "What else could it be, though ••••I wonder ••• " he mused. Jarah stared at him. The Hoctor was paling. What horror could possibly have this effect on him, she wondered. And then she thought of something. Something so terrible it made her turn to jelly. Could it be? she thought. No. No way. Not here, parsecs from anyplace of importance. But it was. Tne Hoctor and Jarah stared in horror as the Hoctor opened the view screen. "Its •••its •••ITS THE ACTORS Born Taker and Sweeter Pavidson!" they both screamed. Yes, the DARTIS had happened upon the movie set in England. And there, looking at them with equal disbelief, were the others'as well, Bliz Laden and Pohn Jerkwee. It was"a nightmare of nightmares come true. "Hurry, Jarah! If we can just reach the DARTIS controls ••• l" Hoctor Do and Jarah flung themselves at the control panel just as Born Taker and Tohn Jathan Nerder began pounding on the DARTIS doors. The DARTIS dissolved beneath their hands and the two fell on their heads to the studio floor. "That •••that wasn't what I thought it was, was it?" Tratric Pouton said as he helped Mr. Taker to his feet and brushed off poor Nerder. "Of course it was you ninnyl" Sweeter Pavidson it •••we could have had the real DARTIS!"


"Just think of

"Well, we couldn't have gone anywhere in it." said Bliz Laden practical as always. Sweeter sighed." Pohn Jerkwee placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well, aI;!yway,we shall all be able to tell our grandchildren one day how we actually saw the DARTIS, even if it was only for a moment. I do wonder, though, how the Hoctor is?" "Hoctor DO? Are you all right now?" Jarah Sane asked as she fed the Lord of Time some chicken soup. He smiled wanly up at her. "Jarah, theres a scarf in my soup." he said. Jarah scowled. You could just never please the Hoctor! she thought as she wrung out his scarf.


FOUR FLEW INTO A CUCKOO'S by Car1a Hemmingson


The Android Nurse number 32 broke down, conveniently, in the lock up ward on West wing, in the base hospital on Moon T., 009-01-5. It was convenient because for exactly 3 minutes the patients had no mechanical eyes on them, no one to shock them, (mildly), if they tried to touch forbidden things, such as the communications panal, which she so zelously guarded. So. with a whoop and a holler, Zane Gebar, red hair flying and green eyes blazing. shoved aside numerous files and cups from the panal, to fire off as rapidly as possible all manners of coded distress calls which he remembered from his piloting days .•

"Go get 'em, Zaney!" yelled old man Paulie Charlson, his arms danicng about him in response to too many years of high doses of drugs. Little Bo and gentle Mike applauded from their wheelchairs, while Sander and his brother Scott stood ready to take on anyone, android or other, who might seek to impede Zane's efforts. All in all, Zane managed to send same 10 different messages, as garbled as he could make them. The messages were piCked up by an incoming supply cruiser, and from there swiftly tracked down to west wing. In a matter of minutes guards, security, doctors and others were on their way to take back control of the unit. But, not before at least one message escaped the tracers and pressed on for the outer reaches of space. "No. whatever is this all about I should wonder .••" the Doctor mused, frowning at the control panal. Nyssa glanced up, curious. Usually the youngish looking man known as the Doctor had little problems with any messages he picked up on the TARDIS. "This is unusual •••old code •.•scrambled no doubt. I wonder why?" "Perhaps the person sending it doesn't know quite how to use the equipment?U Nyssa suggested. The Doctor frowned. "No •..that couldn't be right. Too many variables to be random mistakes.1I he muttered. "Where is it originating from?" the Doctor asked himself as he continued to study the readouts. Turlough frowned and punched in the coordinates. And stared. Tegan, jOining him, also stared. "Doctor? That can't be right, surely!" she said. He looked anxiously at her. "We'd best have a look, yes? Although I can't say as I'm eager to upset the Hospital Base ••.still, one never knows, does one? To receive a distress call from within that place bears some thinking! Now, either that is some doctor, indicating a riot, perhaps, or ••." his voice trailed off. It was common practice in the old days for hospitals to serve double duty at times, as prisons. The "patients" would be held much as criminals might, only under the disguise of being treated for some ailment.


• •


Nyssa watched Tegan's reaction to the Doctor's unspoken suspicions. Her eyes had darkened. "I know what you mean. On earth I remember seeing pictures from a hospital for the insane. They were terrible places! she said bitterly. "Doctor. will it be dangerous going there?" Nyssa asked softly. "Probably_ But don't worry. I am the Doctor. Shouldn1t be much trouble convincing them 11m a visiting physician.1I he said smiling wryly. Unspoken were the words "I hope." Zane crossed him arms defiantly, joined by Sander and Scott, who were not by any means small men. So far the Doctors had had very little headway in determining just who had sent the signals, and how many of them. They did know, of course, that the android nurse had been down for some 5 minutes. an event quite uninfluenced by the patients. But no amount of threats seemed to impress the 3 grinning men before them. "Mike my dear, I wonder if that wheelchair floats?" Dr. Trece said, his cold blue eyes calculating the effects of his threat on the mild manner youth. "Perhaps your plight would impress one of these gentlemen." nyou sadist!" Zane spat. liMymy, touchy are we? Perhaps you need some sedation. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself getting all excited now, would we?" Trece sneered. "'scuse me sirs, maybe I could help." Little Bo said, as Trece's face broke into a wolfish grin. "See, I was across that room when the nurse broke down.1I Bo went on. nGo on.1I Trece said. Sander stared hard at his friend, puzzled, as the man continued. "Well, sirs, all of a sudden, this guy charges in from the outer door and starts pounding on the panal! I thought he was just signalling the nurse1s condition." "Anyone else care to add to your story?" Trece asked, looking about the room. "Little Bo, either you are lying through your teeth, or you need your anti-hallucinagens upped. Which is it?" "No go? Well, that's how it looked to me!lI Bo said. "Sorry you can't believe me, but hey! I'm in a mental ward." nAh, gentlemen? Anything yet?" Dr. Fabian asked, entering the room. There was a visible sigh of relief as tension lessened. Fabian was a fair minded chap who seemed to really care for his unhappy clients. "Garret my dear, 80 had just offered us a unlikely story. Other than that, we have little to go on.1I Trece's honeyed voice did not match his expression. Fabian glared at him. "Can you believe any of them? If Sander here says he did it it's probably his attempt to take credit for somehting they would all be proud to admit to and even fight for the chance to do! Trece, I hate what we have to do here!1I Fabian II




said softly. "It pays well. If they hadn't been on the wrong side. none of them would even be here!" Trece growled. "Feeling a little rightous. eh?" Fabian grinned. "I must belong here. I don't even know for sure which side was the right one!" He smiled at the guards and Ilr". Trece. "Really, we shouldn't waste time with thinking. Now why don't you all go to your wards. and leave me to mine, yes?" He smiled at the fuming ~ece, who abruptly took his advice and wheeled to stalk off. followed by the guards. "Well now. whoever you are. well done. Can't say as I think it did much good. but then, I am only a humble doctor who happens to sympathize with all of you but wouldn't lift a finger to help you." Fabian waved at the android nurse. "Bow girls. and feed the crew." "What '11 it be?" Fabian asked as he checked his patients' charts. "Ah. Doc. you old softy. Chicken, if you please," Paulie said. "Double that!" Little Bo shouted. "Any fish? Hungry for the sea, I am," Scott muttered, Sander and Zane eyed the menu greedily, "Dr. Fabian. isn't it risky. letting the others know how you feel?" Ail eyes turned to Zane. The young doctor glanced sharply at him. running a hand nervously through his graying dark curls. "Not really, Not anymore. They know I couldn't change things if I tried. But I do not have to add to my failings by denying my convictions. now, either!" he added. "r suppose one day I may well end up here for all I know." He looked away. "Oh well. at least I'll have friends, eh? Til then. I'd like to keep my job, though. At least you have one or two of us here who don't look upon you as "test material". right?" "That's just great. Tell it to Paulie," Scott said grimly. "We all know he's a dancing fool because of one thing, D RUG S." Fabian looked away. the pain in his eyes making Sander elbow his brother sharply in the ribs. "Man. we only have a few friends! Why pick on one of the few we can talk to as equals!" he snapped. "Fabe •••" Scott said softly. "Its ok. I just hepe someone, somewhere. heard that signaL •••• Someone. somewhere, was at that moment arranging himself in a slightly dated but quite functional physician's attire. "Oh, very nice!" Tegan said. smiling at the Doctor's look. "It is a fetching style." "Well, for all our sakes I do hope it passes." The Doctor's remark quelled Tegan's humor as sufficiently as a bucket of ice. "And you'd do well to keep in charactor, too!" he added. "No telling what we shall be up ~ainst here. I have my reasons to believe this is not just a hospital." "Hello! I'.a.ven't seen your face around before." a voice said as the Doctor eased his way around a corner. Tegan tried to look the professional nurse, while Turlough and Nyssa, coth in students' uniforms. tried to appear as studious as possible. "No! I'm the new resident physician, JaMes Carter." the Doctor said brightly to the guard who stood before them. The fellow bought it and nodded. "Oh. I do have a terrible time with directions. though!" The Doctor smiled. "Could you be so kind as to direct us to West wing?"










"No. no problem at all! Oh, do come around al';ainthough. Don't have many pretty as those two!" the guard said. leering at Tegan and Nyssa. "Come along girls •••thank you •••" the Doctor said. trying to ignore their eyes. "Can't have you getting too defensive so soon. now!" he warned them gently. Fabian walked out of the ward. punched his card, and tried to ignore Zane's pleading green eyes. He looked away. Zane stood. trying to fight his rage. and then he whirled and uttered a wild. hooting laugh. If he couldn't be angry, then. by God he'd laugh. He knew it drove the guards wild to see that. he. who had so little reason for joy. laughing. The real crazies, on 7th. laughed a lot. But then. they made up their whole world. so why not? Everyone knew very well that West ward had no real nut cases on it. "Let's have a party!" he yelled to Paulie and Scott and Sander. "Go get Tom and brine; Lee and Sammy in!" Little :00and Mike rolled their chairs off to ~ather more patients. "Drums!" !"ike said. plopping a >,ook onto his metal tray. The android nurse stirred, but seeing no danger. she ignored the rising noise.

"Second drums!" Little Bo shoutea1, get,ting into the spirit of things. Cuts ide the door. the Dnctor and his compan'ons eyed the scene with some anxiety. "Zane what are you up to?" Tom mumbled. Tall. ~,eathly pale and suffering from drUY, induced lethargy. he seldom was awake enough to eat let alone talk. Lee, the youngest on the ward, walked like an ancient man. bent anding over a cane. Sammy. wracked by fears the medication enhanced, jumped at every move and sound. He stared at the noisy men with pleading eyes. "Ah. get in there! You know it's just the dope makes you scared not the noise!" Paulie said fi.rmly. "\,eall know what Zane started here nortay! We are gonna party!" "Paulie! You don't !'now who might be monitorirw. us!" Scott hissed in alarm. "S" what? Even if they do know. the message went out. I don't care. It'll be too late to stop them all.!' Zane said happily. "Bingo!" the Doctor said. preparing to enter. Tegan grabbed his hand. pointing. From across the room. a door opened. Dr. Trece and two guards moved into the room. Paulie and Little Bo pounded on the trays. glaring ,at them defiently. "Zane. Zane. what ever are we going to do? Sending distress signals? You know we can't have some poor misguided do-gooder coming here thinking you are all really prisoners of the colony. now. can we? No. no. some poor. paranoid patient. needs his medication changed. perhaps something soothing ••.like the baths?" Trece smiled as Zane's wicked smile slid away at the last comment. He backed up. while Scott and Sander moved to his side. watching the guards readying their stun guns. "Please.

Not the baths!" Zane whispered.

"Ch? Can't swim? Dear me! I will have to tell Fabian later. I'll be sure he doesn't feel too guilty, Zane. For what it's worth. I'll make sure it is over quickly. :Jrowning can be so •••unpleasant." "I'll tell Fabian!" Mike wailed into the silence of the room. Trece swung around and eyed him. Mi~e quailed under the look. "Do so. and you won't talk for a month. If ever!" he hissed. The Doctor moved. pushing the door wide and trying to decide what to say at the same time. "Look calm!" he ordered the trio.


"Hello! Hope I d idn't arrive at a bad moment? I am the new resident. James Carter •••this is Nurse Tegan and students Nyssa and Turlough." The Doctor said. smiling at the looks of outrage from Trace and the bewildered ones from the guards. "Doctor Trece. isn't it? S6 very pleased to meet you!" the Doctor went on. grabbing the man's arm. "I have looked forward to discussing these clients •••" he all but dragged the man away from his intended victim. while Tegan and Nyssa charmed the guards with similar chatter. Unnoticed. Turlough slipped behind the watchful android nurse. The Doctor nodded toward him. "Turlough, do have a close look!" His hand dropped something very small into the younger man's palm. Turlough smiled. glancing at the object. "A micro-disruptor!" he muttered with approval. "How do you like working here?" Tegan said as the gaurds eyed her with open appreciation. Nyssa. her hands gently moving to catch the attention of the curious patients. moved slowly towards the door. Catching on. the men began to wander her way. Trece tried to fend the Doctor's steady barrage of questions. while Turlough hovered near the motionless android. And into this walked Dr. Fabian. "Ah. Doctor Fabian! New resident." Scott said, his hand touching the man's arm, the <-esture urgent and quick. Fabian hesitated, his glance taking in the strangers. the patients gathering in the room. He looked into Scott's eyes, and smiled slightly. Hello, he thought wryly. Could Zane have been so lucky? "New resident? Glad to meet you!" he said grinning hraodly. quite ignoring Trece's look of disbelief. Zane and Scott tried to get close enough to spea~ without Trece overhearing them. Trece tried to dismiss the D"ot"r, but icehung on like a leech. "Trece plans to ,ill Zane!" Scott finally mana.,ed to whisper into Fabian's ear. He nodded as if they had been discussing the weather. "Of course, Soott. I'll see if the lad ies would find the time to give you an autograph." he said as Trece pried himself away from the Doctor. "Scott seldom sees beautiful things here. so I suppose that might make him feel better." Fabian said brightly, while Trece relaxed and once again tried to fend off the Doctor. "Facinating! Great work you do here!" the Doctor said. watching as Turlough and Tegan put the two guards down for a sudden nap. In another moment, Trece joined them as the Doctor olipped him! "No time to ohat! Get these men out of here!" Fabian said. as he helped Paulie and Mike. "They are all prisoners of the Colony Wars. More on A and E wards. but no one can help those poor chaps. Listen. whoever you a-e, I can do more for them here. Please. get these men away!" he said. staring at the Dootor. "Sporting of you! 1'1'\the Doctor. This is Tegan, Turlillughand Nyssa. We are just down the hall. In the storage compartment." Fabian gasped. "How did you fit into there;" "I don't exactly use the usual mode of transportation. But what I have should be able to ca=y everyone here." the Dootor said. Fabian helped round up all the patients. then turned anxiously to the strange man who was rescuing them. "Before you go. I would like to know where you are frol'\. And where you will go." he added. stuffing down the suoden pain. He would


never see these men again. he thought. Let alone know if they reached a better place. "I am a TimeLord. and perhaps it would be better if I did not say where they go? You might be suspected of aiding me." the Doctor said. "Well. most of these men do have kin somewhere. I suppose you will see them to their homes? I'm only sorry I did not do more. The long arm of the Tyrant shoulein't reach them once you've gone." Fabian said grimly. "Fabe. take care old man!" Zane said. giving him a hug. "You have been a real friend." The farwells were cut short. as Nyssa;.s shout of alarm spun them about. "Sol'leoneis cominl\!" The Doctor grabbed Paulie's chair while Tegan sboved Michael's. "We have to I'lakethis look like you. too. had no choice." The Doctor said to Pablan. "Don't worry. I have a good medi~l bay. and Nyssa should be able to eiiscover antidotes to their drug conditions. Now then •••goodnight! " A well placed hand dropped Fabian gently to the floor as the Doctor scrambled towar1s the storage compartment. The clanging sirens greeted the Doctor as he hurrieei into the TARDIS. He glanced at the hall lights blinking red warning signs. "Dear me. I say. someone must be escaping!" He grinned at the anxious group within the TARDIS. "Well. say 'goodby. friends'" he said as he set the controls. "Goodbye. friends!" Michael said happily. The gua"'llsand Trece flung the storage doors open. and stared as the TAR~IS vanished before them. A short time later. medications disperseei and side effects tended to. the Doctor wandered a~ongst their new friends. "Doctor. I wish there was a way we coulrt all than\< you." Zane sa iei. "I hope ?abian will he all right." 3anrtp.rl'lutterp.rl. Tre DoCtor watched as the nen ea[erly awaited the rejcini~~ of lovpn ones, t~en his eyes ~et Zane's. "There is one thine.

Why WF!re

you. the cthe~Sf loc~en up?" he

asked. Zane sighed. Well. Paulie and Michael. they were writers. Sander and Sco~t. they were artists. I was and am. an actor. Tom. Lp.e and Sammy were from the other side who came round to ours. They wanted us dead and all. but they chose to play around with our heads. they did. Reminds you of old Terra. doesn't it." Zane muttered. He smiled. "I wonder if the old planet did rna!<eout all right. I read once that some of the great countries hart their share of violence and all ... ma~es you wonner how people ever survived!"

':'heDoctor sl' "Zabe, it was people like you who helped it to. I still ~e~nfin~in~new reasons why hunans are my favorite species!"

Late that night, after seeing the last of the Hospital Base's members off, Nyssa and Tegan sat quietly together. looking at some skecthes Scott had drawn. "Will they be all right?" Tegan asked. Nyssa smiled. "Once the drugs wear off? Yes, l'lostof them. Paulie might walk." Tegan grinnert. "I wonder what's happening there now?" she giggled.





"On the base? Oh. r ima"ine Trece is an('TY!" Nyssa said laughing. On West wing. Fabian hoisted a bottle of wine and sMiled out at the stars. The YQlmg ward clerk. Jamie by name. sat by him at the table â&#x20AC;˘ "Well. to the Doctor. Hey. want to join us?" he calledto the head guard. Da-ren. who nodded. "Remind me to keep a closer eye on you! r dare say we'll see more of his type. Let's do try to keep old Trece miffed about this! He is so much fun when he's mad!" Darren sipped the wine and smiled. The colony prisoners had many such friends they knew little about! "r wonder how they arel!" Fabian muttered. staring out the window. "r wonder who he really is?" But that answer. even as it was voiced by many once hopeless men in many spots in the galaxy. would only have one answer. The Doctor.

t " ,


TRIVIA ANSWERS I) AdricI introduced in "Full Circle", stowed away with Doctor; died in an attempt to save Earth in "Earthshock" Nyssa: introduced in "Keeper of TraKen", joined Doctor to search for her father; left in "Terminus" to stay on Terminus and care for the Lazars Tegan: introduced in "Logopolis", entered the TARDIS thinking it was a real police box; left in "Resurrection of the DaleKs" because she'd gotten tired of the Doc tor's I i hs tylo Turlough: introduced in "Mawdryn Undead", joined the Doctor to Kill him for the BlacK Guardian; left in "Planet of Fire" when he had the chance to return home as hero Kamel ion: introduced in "King's Demons", joined Doctor to get away from the Master; was destroyed by the Doctor in "Planet of Fire", at his own request, again to get away from the Master Peri: introduced in "Planet of Fire", joined Doctor for the opportunity to travel with him; will be leaving in the new season, though title of story and her reason for leaving are unknown to this writer 2) "Black Orchid"; happy, too.

• •

I want to be happy, but I can't be happy until I make you

3) March 21, 19B1 4) A metamorphic


regenerator •

5) Murder -- eight times over **************f*************************************************************** Corridors of Time (by Karin Dixon) I walK the corridors of time My companions have traveled with me For a shor t time But they cannot stay with me For, apart from Susan and Romana, They count their lives in years And I count mine in centuries How often I have wished it could be different To see Jo's smile, hear Sarah Jane's laughter For just ali ttle whi Ie longer But it cannot be Their I ives are short To be spent in the company of an old Time Lord And so I walk the corridors of time Alone


THE DOCTOR'S CHRISTMAS SHOPPING LIST Sarah ••••••••• 2 rolls of typing ribbon. one package paper •••J pens. Nyssa ••••.•••• 2 new lenses. 1 box slides. A Travelers Guide to Herbs Tegan .•••...••New high heeled shoes ••.some new hose. Leela ••••••••• One finished hide. 2 bones, some laces K-9 ••••••••••• Light oil. ball bearings Turlough ••••••One black tie, (silk) a set of keys Peii •••••••••• One natural bristle brush, ;aeey (scratch that)



One new walking stick Two a new tie Three Silver hair rinse Four Dry cleaning coupons Five Sun-in Golden hair lightner Six

A wardrobe Consultant.

(one time only. free)


CllECKl1A TE by' Karen Hellekson-


Part the First The TARDIS materialized characteristlically "


in transit mode, lurched

to one side, then steadied.

In a back room

of the TARDIS, K-9, a small robot dog with unusual abilities, came to life.

His ears, actually data-gathering



swiveled briskly; then he set out on a firm course for the console room. "Master?


he said in his short, clipped electronic

voice as he nosed the door to the console room open.


enough -- though K-9 had known for some time, thanks to his unique ears -- there was no sign of either the Doctor or Romana.


in the console room, and not within a 40-parsec block of space. They had disappeared. K-9 thought for a moment, then dismissing,

his computer-chip

billions of possibilities.

memory considering,

He gave up after several

seconds, lowered his head to slip into suspend mode, and noticed the faint outline of a tall, curly-haired


man in a bohemian-style

outfit on the floor.

K-9 at once connected

of one Doctor-Master,

though could not make a positive

without bio references. K-9 predicted

it with visual



The 3-D shape on the floor had none, but

a 3,147 to 5,000 odds in favor of. He moved his field

of vision over a few meters,

and discovered

high probability


Mistress, also in a transparent state. K-9 watched impassively as the two figures slowly gained then solidified


He made positive bio i.d., then waited

quietly until the Doctor scrambled alert. "K-9!" the bohemian


up to his feet, suddenly

figure demanded.


"How long have I been

asleep? " "Ten point one three seven Earth minutes,"

K-9 answered,

rounding the number off from seventy decimal places to three. The Doctor did not seem to find the information


because he suddenly flung himself to one side, skidding to a stop near Romana-Mistress.


"She'll be all right, won't she?"

he queried anxiously. "Mistress is K-9 rolled over and did an in-depth bie scan. high level of adrenal in perfectly normal except for an unusually " 2) .



.OH, yes,. the Doctor broke in absently •• With the adrenalin .• •--which her metabolism

1 injected her.

is rapidly dissipating,.

K-9 finished.

Romana's eyes opened then, looking at K-9 and the Doctor almost angrily, til one saw the smile in her eyes.

.And I'd be able to


talking! •

it a lot faster if you two weren't

•Sorry,. the Doctor said contritely .• Can you get up? Romana got

up easily.





a moment.

can get up. So we're back?" The Doctor hit his head with his hand in a theatrical then, rubbing it, examined the console .• announced.



Yes, we're back,. he

.Real time, real space, and a really well-installed





.You did it, Doctor,. Romana reminded him. "Oh!


So I did.

Really a very fine job.,."

began twisting knobs furiously.

"Let's go, Romana.

The Doctor



the wild black yonder ...• •Random again?

Romana asked.

.Yes, all right.

I'll go

change; let me know when we're wherever we're going .•

• Romana sang to herself tunelessly green dress she had discovered closets.

as she buttoned up a simple

in one of theDoctor's


She tried to pretend she hated Random, because she thought

she should be a good influence on the Doctor and convince him that planning things ahead was always wise.

In reality, she admitted

to herself, Random was quite exciting.

One never knew where or

when one would turn up. The TARDIS gave its customary Romana had been waiting for.

.we're almost there. lurch that

She laid down her brush and hurried

to the console room, just in time to check the controls and discover what star sector and planet system they were in, but not the name of the planet. "We're

The Doctor, reading her mind, supplied

on Kergiard,"

closed viewscreen.

he announced,




it quickly. at the


Romana quickly raised the shield so the Doctor's

gesture would not be in vain.

"Very beautiful planet,. he continued .

•The people are very nice, too -- the culture is one of the knighterrant, beautiful maidens, dragon-hunting,


chivalry -- •


"Yes, yes," Romana broke in. "Exactly!"

, head.

"Medieval Earth, in other words.'

The Doctor found his hat and jammed it onto his

"K-9, be a good dog and guard the TARDIS.

Come on, Romana!'

The Doctor was right, Romana thought; Kergiard was very beautiful,


witha blue sky, now darkening green plant life. pla~,

as dusk came, and an abundance


It reminded her of Earth, the "Doctor's favorite

though most habitable planets humanoids

to look like Earth.

She stood on the outskirts

settled on tended of a meadow;

TARDIS had landed near a grove of trees, so it was shielded though the tall blue box was anything but inconspicuous.

the a bit,

She watched

as the Doctor carefully shut the door behind him, then they both strolled into the grove of trees, following a narrow dirt path. ~

'We nd the good fortune to land on a beautiful Doctor commented to Romafla.



"We're also near a river, so if we

walk long enough, we should find a town before the night gets too

. --

far along." Romana ducked under a low tree branch, noting the interesting scale-like texture of the bark, then said, '"Then what do we do?" The Doctor smiled.

"Then we sit down, have their equivalent

of ginger beer, and have a very relaxing Romana turned to face him.

time of it."

"No angry aliens?

us up and trying to sacrifice us to some god?

No one tying

No one trying to

imprison us? No shooting?" The Doctor sighed. "No, of course not, Romana!

This planet

has a long history of peace, prosperity, and harmony There was a low, keening sound from their right, and both their startled eyes watched close to Romana.

as a blue laser fire burned perilously

Her eyes flew to the source of the blue beam

and she saw a Class III laser gun held by an abnormally in a green and silver jumpsuit. ,

Under her almost-fascinated

he broke out the tiny silver power-pack one into the crevice.

tall man stare,

and deftly fitted another

Before he could aim and fire again, the

Doctor had grabbed her arm and the two of them were running. "__ or I could have been wrong," the Doctor finished, panting a little.

They rounded a corner a little too quickly and ran full

tilt into another green-and-silver


Romana quickly hooked

her foot behind his leg and twitched; the man lost his perilous


. ,"



balance and fell.

The Doctor kicked the gun safely out of reach

and ran again, scarf trailing.

Romana dived into a hedge after


him, and they both sat and panted for a minute. "I thought you said this planet was in the Middle


she was able.

She thought she kept the accusation

out of her voice remarkably well.

"Laser guns weren't

medieval times, were they?" "No, of course not!" the Doctor responded. not on Earth, " he amended.

used in

"Well, at least

"But all my file information

planet states that of the Survey, Age; pre-Renaissance,

Ages," Romana

it was definitely

on this

pre Atomic-

at that."

"When was the Survey in relation to now?" Romana asked. "About ten years from now, I believe,"

the Doctor answered

absently, taking off his hat and putting it back on. have a nice temporal anomaly here, or else something

"We either is rotten

in Denmark."

He put his finger beside his nose and rose quickly

to his feet.

"We seem to be on someone's grounds,"

peering around in the rapidly-falling


he commented,

"Nice lawn, nice hedge ...

so where did they put the house?"

Romana trotted off after the Doctor. a pet.

As usual, she felt like

"Probaby over where the lights are," she said crossly.

"Behind you." The Doctor whirled he applauded.

around suddenly.

"Very good, Romana!"

"Let's go calling, shall we?"

Romana sighed and did an about-face.

The two of them headed

toward the lights, using the dark and the shrubs as cover to avoid a few other jumpsuited


The house was farther away than

she had originally

thought, and it was a good fifteen minutes

they got near it.

As they drew up closer, Romana realized why


they had been able to see the house from so far away, even in the dark.

In the gardens in fron~ of the house, torches were set intermittentl~

giving off blazes of light.

And amongst.the

"A party I " the Doctor cried, pleased.

torches "We're just in time!"

He scrambled to his feet from his half-crouched


but Romana

pulled him down. "Doctor -- before we go rushing in there, take a good look at the guests."

Romana pointed through her bush cover to the nearest 26


guest, a woman dressed in a clingy red dress slashed in odd places. It was slit daringly up the side, in a manner medieval •

tended to think of as unseemly.

"The fabric is certainly

fiber; the design is not one of function.

peoples a synthetic

And the jewelry is definitely

that of Ria Hale, Sirius IV, 80th time lane." "This is very odd," the Doctor admitted to himself, in the rest of the guests.

Most were dressed

"80th time frame?" he repeated suddenly. "Of course I'm sure.


in a similar


"Are you sure?"

Doctor -- the presence

of several


with lasers is strange enough, but can be explained

-- a surveyor,

perhaps -- but the presence of over 50 individuals, from over two centuries in the future, at a party?

definitely Something


strange is going on here." "Well, yes, " the Doctor agreed, rising to a crouch.


investigate -- but quietly.," Romana silently applauded

the Doctor's decision

-- maybe she

was a good influence aftter all -- as the Doctor began the slide •


She was about to sneak behind the house after the Doctor's

lead when someone tapped her on the shoulder. around, then froze.


The Doctor, hearing Romana's quick movement,

turned around more slowly, rands carefully

in sight.

They both

saw the red-clad woman theyhad noticed before, handling dangerous-looking Romana wondered

a very

metal object that strongly res embed a disintigrator. for a brief moment where the woman had gotten

"Please -- come join the party." and dangerous.

she whirled

The woman's


voice was flat

The Doctor was about to answer when they both saw

her finger tighten just a hair on the trigger.

The Doctor wordlessly

shut his mouth as they stepped forward into the light .


) I

• , "


--=~~':, I









, \






by Carla Hemmingson "Doctor, what did you say the name of this river is?" Turlough asked, eying the mighty expanse of water before them. He was a bit overwhelmed by the beauty and serenity of such a magnificant body of water.

"The Mississippi." the Doctor said shortly, not bothering to open his eyes. He was doing what he liked to do best when he didn't have to be doing anything else, namely, fishing. Turlough found it a frightful bore, although Tegan seemed more at ease with it. She had donned a colorful pair of shorts and was soaking up the sun although carefully, since both of the companions were fair redheads. The Doctor had urged them to take the precaution of suntan lotion. Quite suddenly they were all three startled to hear the distinct sound of gunfire, and not far from them, either! Snatching up his rod the Doctor leapt to his feet and waved them into the forest. "Best we don't let nayone see us until we know whats up." he whispered. Runing through the brush and stumbling through vines was a young boy, perhaps 14 or so, with a mop of sandy hair and firghtened brown eyes. He stopped and stood panting, glancing back the way he'd come. A nasty bruise stood out on the lad's face.

"Doctor, he's injured!" Tegan whispered,fighting the urge to run to his rescue. The boy stood motionless now, taking deep breaths. ANother shot rang out and he froze in alarm, then bolted again, right into the threesome! "What in tarnation are you doin', hidin' round here an' scarin' poor folks?" he demanded crossly as they untangled themselves. "We heard gunfire.

What's that all about?" asked Turlough


"Taint much, just my pap in another of his drunken sprees. He's off his head on corn liquor, sure as I'm standin here." the boy said. ANd then he stared, very hard, at Tegan, who abruptly colored. "Its not polite to stare." she snapped. "Pardon me, lady, but I aint ever seen a gal dressed in the likes of them there things you got on. Pretty sassy, but the preacher'd have your hide and your mama's, too, if'n he seen the likes of you!" the boy siad, grinning openly at her. Turlough snickered.

"Doctor •••what year is it?" demanded Tegan, scowled. sighed •

"Its 1856." he said a bit unhappily. for a long time •••"

The Doctor

"That style won't be around

"Heck, where are you from? You don't sound much like you's from 'round here." the boy said shaking his head. "Sound too educated." "Say, lad, what's your name?" asked the Doctor. "Huck, sir.

Huc}; Finn.

29 ..

The boy smiled.

"Huckleberry Finn?" Tegan gasped.

The Doctor hurried her.

"Why of course, Huck Finn. I should have known." he said, his eyes boring into Tegan's who took a long breath and nodded. "You done heard of me? chuckled.

Gosh, I didn't know I's so popular!"

the boy

Turlough looked uneasily at him. "Will your father come this way?" he asked. Huck's smile faded slightly. "Taint likely. By now the law ought to have 'im. He done put a bullet through the widow's window I reckon. Its me he wants." "The widow?" Turlough asked, curiously. He could be forgiven for not knowing a thing about Huck's adventures, having no opportunity in his brief time in the boarding school to indulge himself in the works of Mark Twain. "SHoot, she's a church type, too. Took me in last year, she did, tryin' to make a regular gentlemen out of me. I figure she's got a hold of me too late. Pap's spittin' mad 'bout it too." he added. "Was it your father who hit you like that?" Tegan asked softly eyeing the bruises. The boy looked down unhappily. "Pap's got two real skills, he does. Drinkin, and the hickory. I don't know which one I hates the most." he said bitterly. A new sound reached their ears now, the cry of a man in pain. "Is that you father?" asked Turlough anxiously. head. "No sir.

Huck shook his

I don't know who that is, but is aint pap."

"We had better have a look, yes?" asked the Doctor, and the four of them set off, carefully keeping out of sight, towards the sounds. The Doctor carefully parted some branches, and froze. Tied to a tree, his back glistening in the light, was a tall black man. Tegan groaned as she saw the marks of the whip on the man's back. A small group of men were standing about him, talking. One held a long whip in his hand. "Doctor, can't we do anything?" his lip.

Tegan whispered.

"Are you some no good abolitionists?" The Doctor glanced sharply at him.

The Doctor bit

Huck demanded

a bit heatedly.

"Huck, we're not from this •••part of the world. We don.t have slavery where we're from, so naturally we find it shocking." he replied softly. Huck hesitated, then nodded slowly. "Well, you best not say anything. Round these parts folks get might sore if you do. Like to hang you for it. "he added gravely. 30

"Doctor!" Tegan whispered in sudden alarm. Another man was being led forward, a handsome young man, with a shock of long dark hair and wide blue eyes. His hands were tied behind him • •

"An abolitio[iist!

He's gonna be hung fer sure." Huck muttereo.

"Doctor, we can't just leave him to die, surely?" pleaded Tegan. The Doctor scowled. He was loath to prevent it, knowing what such intervention might do. But at the same time he couldn't very well allow it, either. "Get the rope ready!" one of the men near the tree yelled, while another cut the weary slave free and led him away. The abolitionist uttered a cry of horror and struggled in vain against his bonds. "I want to see a preacher first!" he cried. One of the men turned and slapped him, but another stopped him from further abusing the man. "He's got that much right. Won't take more'n twenty minutes. Leave him tied to the tree and we'll bring the preacher. Then, we'll hang him properly." The first hesitated, than nodded and tied the man to the tree. "Doctor." Turlough whispered as the men left the prisoner beneath the huge oak. Huck glanced at him questioningly. "You're gonna set him free, aren't you?" he demanded. glared at him.

"Do you have a problem with that?" she snapped. "Well •••it just don't seem right is all." at him.



Huck winced .

The Doctor smiled

"But you're not sure, yes? Huck, perhaps one day you will see a very new kind of world, one without slavery at all. Would it be so terrible if all people were one day to considered equal?" The boy looked shocked, but he frowned, obviously mulling

it over.

"Look, you know what its like to be considered less than others," Tegan said gently. "Other people go to college, maybe they think they are better because they go to church or live in a city right? Well, its no different than having a different skin color or daring to express your belief." said Tegan, hoping she wasn't saying too much. Huck studied her thoughtfully • "Who are you?" the abolitionist whispered as the Doctor cut him free. "You're taking a terrible risk." He spoke in the educated voice of one with a formal background. The Doctor smiled wryly. "More than you know." he muttered. "I'm the Doctor. Look, you had best be going. I don't really wish to be found here." he said, as the man greatfuly seized his hand. "Yes, of course, you're right. Thank you so much!"


He turned

and hurried off. Turlough and Tegan stared after him. "Will he be all right, Doctor?" Tegan asked softly. smiled grimly. "Yes, I rather thin)~ so.

The Time Lord

Now then, Huck, where are you off to?"

"I'll be gettin back to the widow's. I'm late as it is." he hesitated, studying their faces with the knowing look a child may get when they have solved a puzzle no one thought they could. "You three, you're sure nuff not from these parts. I reckon you all is from a real far place. I do wish Tom could have met you. He'd know fer sure if you were just normal folks." he said. "Normal folks?

What do you think we are?" demanded


"Best not to say, Ma'm. Witches would get me good if they knew some of the things I know 'bout them. I reckon you may be some of those types Tom's all the time telling me' bout, genis and that sort." The Doctor grinned broadly at this. "Well, in a way, I suppose you are right." he said gently. "I knowed it, I knowed it for sure! All that talk 'bout me maybe seein a day when there aint no such things as slaves. You know. You've already seen it. I could tell sure as you spoke." Huck grinned broadly. Tegan looked alarmed, as did Turl.:mgh, bu the Doctor smiled. "It has been nice to meet you, Huck. Keep 'Ill open mind now, yes?" the Doctor said as the boy grinned and set off for t,he Widows. "Doctor, isn't that rather dangerous?" head gently.


He shook his

"Huck wouldn't be able to express the truth even if he wanted to, and few adults would believe him. Ton, might, but then, they are children. But of all the people to meet •••',~hata pleasure!" Turlough found a smile wandering on his face. Rare inceed were the times he saw the Doctro so totally pleased. Huck Finn, he thoght.' Whoever you become, I think the Doctor's got you on his list of favorites.




.' ... '.




," " "





..'",'"1 '

i: . "..:





"',',... ;'T

," ..•






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';. • :.



,','" ..: .•~ i.. (


••••••• L


.. :,.

~"" .. " ',.:; (~ ...• t~"'" ,,: .••• .;' \{.. .',

(. t.

"> •




"!, 'Co'•••


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