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March 24, 2011

Pediatric HealthSource

Home sales Canal Winchester


10634 Red Fox St, 43110, Joel E. and Ester M. Schittenhart, $232,500. 5379 John Browning Dr, 43110, Craig A. and Julie Kowalski, $139,900. 6975 Pearce Ln, 43110, Fannie Mae, $136,000. 6553 Dorothys Creek, 43110, US Bank, NA, $118,900. 6537 Hilliard Dr, 43110, Fannie Mae, $118,000. 5182 Echelon Dr, 43110, Huntington National Bank, $96,000. 3429 Lockland Ct, 43110, Fifth Third Mortgae Co., $92,000. 5401 Blanchard Dr, 43110, Fannie Mae, $74,000. 3930 Cleggan St, 43110, PNC Bank, NA, $68,000. 6628 Cloverlawn Cir, 43110, Charles S. Wysong and H. Irene Wysong, $65,000. 5445 Beresford St, 43110, Kathi Marie Hughey, Trustee; Condo, $50,000.

116 E North St, 43105, Nicole M. Jewell, $88,000.

Pickerington 13594 Violet Meadows Blvd, 43147, Steven and Lisa Borkowski, $276,900. 183 Longleaf St, 43147, David and Karen Waters, $223,081. 8525 Chevington Chase, 43147, Thomas M. and Beth A. Huth, $220,000. 13894 Woodsedge Ct, 43147, William E. West, $210,000. 13051 Summerfield Way, 43147, James and Melissa Wolfskill, $174,000. 11894 Kennington Square E, 43147, Michael E. and Christina F. Chapman, $159,900.


3041 Hollybank Rd, 43068, Scott Mallory, $100,000. 1350 Azalea Dr, 43068, Fannie Mae; Condo, $90,000. 6433 S Birchview Dr, 43068, Deutsche Bank National Trust., $90,000. 1350 Azalea Dr, 43068, Fannie Mae; Condo, $90,000. 6433 S Birchview Dr, 43068, Deutsche Bank National Trust., $90,000. 6999 Wind River Dr, 43068, Savoeun Kann, $54,500.

7824 Cheriton Cir, 43068, Awetash T. Amare, $170,000. 7200 Calusa Dr, 43068, Georgeann McCrary, $157,152. 7881 Cheriton Cir, 43068, Brian M. and Rachael Norris, $144,000. 216 Spinosa St, 43068, Keith E. Alleger, $134,542. 7834 Astra Cir, 43068, Jason J. and Sylvia Smith, $129,000. Pataskala 7182 Rondeau Dr, 43068, 380 Warrenpoint Lane, 43062, Robin D. Smith, $126,167. Holly L. Hunt and Jeremy D. Hunt, $265,000. 223 Autumn Way, 43062, Judy Gang & Associates Nancy J. MacKenzie and Bran“Still... The Nicest Gang In Town” don C. MacKenzie, $229,000. 317 Woods Edge Loop, 43062, Lottie Farris, $151,000. 128 Andiron Dr, 43062, Ty Miller and Amie Miller, $144,687. 29 Purple Finch Loop, 43062, Nancy A. Barrow, $129,000. Judy Gang,




Kari Elkins

Melissa Roush

Tammy Mazzocco

Linda Walker

Jackie Cordle

Tim Shriner

CHAMPIONS Each office independently owned and operated

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224 Barnhill Ct, 43230, Fannie Mae, $198,000. 6167 Prairiefire Ave, 43230, Jesse Gavin, $154,210. 5331 Nottinghill Way, 43230, Paula J. Denicola; Condo, $150,000. 6237 Needletail Rd, 43230, Joseph A. Bernicken, Jr. and Kathleen M. Bernicken, $136,300. Check out recent home sales in other central Ohio neighborhoods at Click on Recent Home Sales.

Children suffering severe burns need care from team of doctors Burn injuries can be physically harmful and emotionally challenging. For severe burns, the recovery process can be both long and painful. Fortunately, there are many options and treatments available to help. Children who suffer burn injuries may face two stages of surgical intervention. The first is to assist with the initial healing of the burn and the second is to provide for long-term restoration of both form and function. Many burns heal without the need for surgical intervention. If the burns are deep enough, however, healing cannot take place, and skin grafting is necessary. This process involves the surgical transplantation of thin sheets of skin from an uninjured part of the body (usually the buttocks or thighs) to the burned area. Skin is removed from an uninjured part of the body using a special surgical instrument called a dermatome. The site from which the skin is taken is called the donor


site. The burned skin is removed and the injured area is resurfaced with the skin graft. It may be held in place with skin glue, stitches or skin

staples. With time, the transplanted skin heals and replaces that which was destroyed by the burn. It typically takes seven to 10 days for the skin grafts to heal. Grafted skin, however, always has an abnormal, scarred appearance. In the long term, plastic surgery may be needed in order to reconstruct damaged structures, such as the lips, nose, ears and hands. Plastic surgery may also be performed in order to improve the appearance of scars and to release tight scar bands (called contractures) that interfere with the motion of the underlying joints. In many cases, rehabilitation

following burn injury requires the work of several professionals (pediatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, physical and occupational therapists and nurses) working as a team. The Burn Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital also includes dieticians, social workers, therapeutic recreational therapists, massage therapists and psychologists. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Section of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides comprehensive care for all pediatric plastic surgical problems, including reconstructive surgery following burn injury. With the support of family, friends, a specialized teams of surgeons, physicians and therapists, patients can expect to recover from this experience and live normal, healthy lives. Dr. Richard Kirschner is Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Director of the Cleft Lip and Palate-Craniofacial Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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Honoring the men and women who dedicate their time, have a passion for helping others and a charitable spirit that makes the Memorial Tournament better for the players, the patrons and the Memorial Tournament



Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.










That older refrigerator or freezer in your basement or garage is burning up as much as $150 in energy every year. Fortunately, you can recycle it without using any energy at all. We’ll pick it up free, you’ll pick up $35, and you’ll reduce your energy use. And the only finger you have to lift is your dialing finger.

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No age restrictions. Refrigerators and freezers must be in working condition and must be a minimum of 10 cubic feet in size, utilizing inside measurements. AEPOhio contracts with JACO Environmental, an appliance recycler, to pick up and recycle refrigerators and freezers that are in working condition. This program is funded by AEP-Ohio and is available to its residential electric customers. Funding for this program is limited. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled. Limit two units per residential address. A check will be mailed to the AEP-Ohio customer within four to six weeks after the appliance collection. Some geographic restrictions apply. See Web site for details. © 2011 AEP-Ohio

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