Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly Spring 2020

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Points of Practice

Caveat Emptor: How to Protect Your Record–And Your Case– From the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence by ANGIE STARBUCK

Stenographers are often referred to as “the person with that little machine.” While the technology behind “that little machine” is state-of-the-art and is continually improved upon, it’s really the human aspect of stenography that makes it the best method for capturing the spoken word and preserving the record of some of the most important cases in history.

In the past year alone, stenographers have played an important technological role with a seat at the Oscars, presidential impeachment hearings, Coachella Music Festival, presidential debates and just about any other important venue where words are spoken that need to be preserved or instantly viewed to provide access. Even with the modern advances of voice recognition software and automatic speech recognition, the

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