Onion World May-June 2022

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A Collaborative Effort Joint Allium Research Meeting Showcases Latest Research on Onion Production, Pests, Diseases By Heather MacKay and Lindsey du Toit, Stop the Rot Project Mike Havey, National Allium Research Conference Peter Rogers, W-3008


ith the ultimate goal of helping onion growers increase crop yield and quality, a trio of onion research groups met to share information on onion breeding, production and disease managment. The three research groups held a joint meeting in Denver, Colorado, on Feb. 28 - March 2. The National Allium Research Conference (NARC), W-3008 multistate research project on integrated onion pest and disease management and the “Stop the Rot” research project team gathered in person and online, in association with the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association, which was holding its annual meeting at the same time in Denver.

NARC, W-3008

Presenters shared some of the latest research on onion cultivation and breeding, along with disease, pest and weed management, during the NARC sessions. This was followed by reports from all participating states in the W-3008 project comprised of onion bulb production, climate influence, and disease and pest pressures encountered during the 2021 growing season. Topics of discussion included the paucity of water resources and extreme temperatures in western production regions and their effects on bulb quality and yield. The loss of registrations of important pesticides and the increased

Lindsey du Toit with Washington State University presents Robert Sakata of Sakata Farms in Brighton, Colo., with flowers in appreciation of Sakata’s longtime support of the onion research community. Photo courtesy Julie Kerr

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New short day yellow granex introduction: Strong upright tops with great plant habit. High yielding deeper granex shape, strong root system, and firm bulbs. Pink root and bolting resistance.

Early maturing grano red. Strong healthy tops. Pink root resistance. Excellent bulb firmness and color. Uniform round bulbs. Good internal color. Widely adapted across short day growing regions. High percentage single centers.

Late season short day yellow granex with upright tops. Deeper high yielding granex shape. Bolting resistance and very uniform. Strong outer skin layers. Produces well sized bulbs that result in good yields. Great option to fill later season slot in Vidalia.

Main Season short day yellow granex. Attractive lighter colored skin. Uniform and extra firm bulbs with high yielding deeper granex shape. High percentage of jumbos. Great post harvest appearance. A widely adapted variety across many short day regions.

Earliness: Early main Sowing period: 09-15 - 09-25 Taste: Sweet Pyruvates: 3.6 Lacrymatory Factor: 2.8 Shape: Granex IR: Foc; Pt

Earliness: Early Sowing period: 09-25 - 10-05 Taste: Very sweet Shape: Grano IR: Foc; Pt

Earliness: Late Sowing period: 09-25 - 10-05 Taste: Very sweet Pyruvates: 3.5 Lacrymatory Factor: 2.4 Shape: Granex IR: Foc; Pt

Earliness: Main Sowing period: 09-18 - 09-28 Taste: Sweet Pyruvates: 3.4 Lacrymatory Factor: 2.6 Shape: Granex IR: Foc; Pt

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