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Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s

Saving Places

2014 Conference

Preservation in Plain Sight: Developing a Community Vision ips h s r e n t r a P


Cultural Landsca pe

· Please add ext. 230 to my phone number on the back page · Remove the comma after tours in the second sentence (on the back page) and capitalize the C in conference. o Through AIA/APA/LEED certified educational sessions, tours, and workshops, the Conference…. · On the front, it should be 17th annual Saving Places Conference (don’t know how I missed this before!)

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Outreach Photo courtesy of Denver Public Library Western History Department

17th annual Saving Places Conference

February 5-7, 2014

This project is paid for in part by a State Historical Fund grant from History Colorado

Saving Places 2014 Conference Program  

The theme for the 2014 Saving Places Conference is “Preservation in Plain Sight: Developing a Community Vision.” The National Historic Prese...

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