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2nd Annual Voodoo Mardi Gras Masquerade and Circus to Hit Casselman’s March 1 by Tim Wenger

The second annual Voodoo Mardi Gras Masquerade and Circus, presented by MOTH Poetic Circus, is coming to Casselman’s Bar and Venue on March 1, and the musical lineup this year is stellar. Featuring Juno What?! , Dr. Fameus of The Disco Biscuits , Garret Sayers Trio, and Namaslay,in addition to the masquerade and circus party itself, this looks to be one of the most unique events to hit Denver this year. Costumes are encouraged. The event is 18+. Much more than just a show, this event combines music with many different forms of performance art. “The whole idea is that we are bringing music and circus equally together, that it’s not a separate entity,” says MOTH Poetic Circus Artistic Director Deena Marcum.

“So many shows have circus in them now, but it’s what I call glorified go-go dancing. So for me, as a circus performer, it’s really important to have my career and my performance be highlighted. Visa versa, so many of the circuses have musicians in the background, and it’s not really integrated.” The party will be as close to the craziness of a New Orleans Mardi Gras as can be found in Denver. “This particular party we are continuing to grow the voodoo theme and the voodoo Mardi Gras aspect, and it’s really as much revelry as you can get for Denver in terms of a Mardi Gras type situation, like Burning Man or one of those type events where people really feel they can lose inhibition.” Variety is the name of the game for Marcum and her crew, and there should be no shortage of that this year. “We’ll have some African drumming, and parade as much as we can,” says Marcum. “We’ll have the masks, the costuming, the bead throwing, and performers that are integrated into the audience as well as a circus that happens between the acts.” Throughout the night, there will be about fifty

Inaugural Mile High Ska Fest to Rock Gothic February 22

Fest sounded nice, but our ultimate goal is to be International Mile High Ska Fest and bring ska bands in from everywhere to support the awesome Denver ska scene!

CMB: You mentioned doing one a month in satellite markets, how is that coming along?

by Tim Wenger

The first ever Mile High Ska Festival will be skanking the night away at the Gothic Theatre on February 22, Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra, The A’OKs, Synthetic Elements, P-Nuckle, Judge Roughneck, The Dendrites, and more will be taking the state to showcase for Denver’s ska enthusiasts and spread the word that the ska scene is still alive and well in the Mile High City. Tickets for the 16+ event are $10 and available at Mike Blecha of Synthetic Elements gave CMB the lowdown on what’s brewing for the event. CMB: How did the idea come to fruition? MB: Chad Aman fromASO and Chris LaPlante from P-Nuckle had been chatting on doing an all ska show and trying to get all of the denver based bands together for it. They approached me and Kinnon Entertainment to make that happen. We got almost every local Denver ska band on the bill and are planning on growing it to an annual event! We decided Mile High Ska


MB: Good so far, working on dates in Greeley and Pueblo and moving fwd to other markets as the opportunity arises. CMB: Does Synthetic Elements have any tricks up their sleeve for the show? MB: Absolutely.....we decided we wanted to play a bunch of songs that all ska fans know and love, so we are tagging it as “Synthetic Elements: Playing other peoples hits.” You’ll have to come to see what songs we decided to choose. Online:

people performing including stilt walkers, fire performers, and a body painter. There is a story line to the madness, although for many a partygoer, it may just pass them by. “There is a Voodoo Queen and some Voodoo dolls. There is a scorned lover, basically, and she goes to the Voodoo Queen. The audience doesn’t necessarily have to get the story but it’s what drives our characters and it gives a reason for doing and act as opposed to just having it be cabaret style. Everything has a purpose.” “It is so much fun because you get to be a part of it, you’re not just an observer you’re a participant,” Marcum says. The crew is currently in the process of putting the show together, trying out their ideas and getting people up to speed. “We all get together and try things, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” says choreographer Christina Conger. The circus will consist of two half hour acts between the musical performances. Conger was brought out last year to work with MOTH Poetic Circus by Marcum. “She brought me in as the dance captain and cochroeographer,” says Conger. “It’s been fun to dive in.”

Front Range Voice Over Workshop Group Offers Networking by Tim Wenger

They seem to reside in the shadows. Ever-present but never seen, all-knowing and dark. Hard pressed you would be to find someone who has never taken notice of the voices behind the video, on the radio, in the airport. But where do they come from? How did they get that gig? More importantly, who the hell are they? In short, they are actors. Voice over actors, to be specific, and Denver has a united front of them ready to fill your ear with instructions, commercials, character voices, and just about anything else that requires that special touch of audio-espoused love. The Front Range Voice Over Workout Group is a monthly networking meet-up for voice over actors, giving them the opportunity to meet each other, hone their talents with constructive criticism, and establish connections that can (and often do) lead to paid gigs for the members. Each member of the group has a unique story of how they became a part of the voice over world. “I got into it because, in the last five or six years as a pharmacist, I’ve been on the phone,” says Cindy Johnson, a founding member of the group. “People would say, ‘You have such a nice voice.’ I got this thing from Arapahoe Community College about their classes and one of them said ‘Do people tell you that you have a great voice? You should consider voiceover.’ I thought, ‘I’m going to go do that.’” “They’re used in so many places,” says Johnson. “Apps, kids toys, in the gym. They’re used in the airports, everywhere.” The class not only informed its’ students of the uses for voice over, but gave them the opportunity to record demos in a professional setting and get some real-world experience in the field. In the class, Johnson met fellow student Doug Mass. “Doug and I kept on meeting. I said ‘Maybe we should do a meet-up so we can find out who are the other voice over people in the area.’” The idea quickly came to fruition. “The first meet-up was in Littleton,” says Johnson. “We were calling ourselves then the Littleton Voice Over Group. And then we realized it’s bigger than that, people are all over.” The group kept holding meetings and watched their attendance rise, with voice over actors and people

February 2014 |

“Christina is my brain, I’ll have an idea and I’ll say create that and she’ll say ‘OK,’” says Marcum. MOTH (Movement OfThe Heart) Poetic Circus was brought to life by Marcum over five years ago. She is an aerialist and has made her career in the arts since moving to Colorado from New York. The ‘Poetic Circus’ aspect refers the storylines and show aspect, as the dancers are far more than just athletes. I like Denver because it is in an international city but it’s in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine,” says Marcum. “And it’s growing.” Cirque Side of the Moon, MOTH Poetic Circus’ other production which kicked off at last year’s inaugural Voodoo Mardi Gras, will be touring nationally alongside the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. Tickets for the Voodoo Mardi Gras Circus are available through Hold My Ticket and

interested in the subject from all over the metro area taking advantage of the networking opportunity. It grew into what is now the Front Range Voice Over Workshop Group. They meet once a month, and alternate between spending the time at Rocky Mountain Sound Garden working on recordings and discussing the tricks of the trade, with the following month being more of a networking opportunity for the crew. Mark O’Clock is a solid example of what the group is all about. Having two agents currently representing him, O’Clock is hard at work trying to make a full-time living at doing voice over. “I learned on my own, over the past several years,” says O’Clock. “I’ve purchased my own equipment, built my own studio in my basement. I’ve been at it part time for about seven years, and here as of three months ago I’m a full-time voice-over actor.” O’Clock has also gotten pretty good at the audio engineering side of the business, and did the behind the scenes work on the meet-up group’s commercial that they put together for Rocky Mountain Sound Garden. “The neat thing about the meet-up group- I thought that would be a great place to network, learn the do’s and don’ts. Hopefully, this old guy can make a career out of this voice thing.” FRVOWG gives its members the opportunity to get connected with work in different ways, often through the member’s agents and other personal connections. “The good thing about it is, if their agent is wanting a certain voice and they can’ t do that voice, amongst the group they might say, ‘Oh hey, there’s a person I know,’” says O’Clock. O’Clock and the fellow members are also constantly networking outside of Colorado, trying to find people outside of the state to represent them. The best ways to contact the group or click and search Voice Over Denver Colorado. “That was the premise of our starting the meet-up group,” says Mass. “Cindy and I were both standing there looking around, not knowing where to go to, and we thought ‘Surely there’s got to be other people in the area who have done the same thing and don’t know the next step, how to set up your LLC, etc.”

Read more of this article at

VIP pass will include daily admission, VIP parking, shade and relaxed seating with stage viewing, a fully hosted open bar, access to the Grand Tasting, complimentary catered food receptions, private bathrooms, and much more.

Preneur of the Month

by Angela Kerr

Welcome to Buzzpreneur, the place to meet entrepreneurs who are kicking it up a notch in the Colorado Marketplace. This month we focus on Drum City Guitarland located at 9225 W. 44th Avenue, Wheatridge, CO. 80003. A musician’s favorite, this entrepreneurial venture began with Ronny Kae who founded the business with $50 in his pocket and one drum set sold out of the closet of his house. Ronny operated a home based business until a robbery in his home prompted him to get a storefront. He purchased the current location in 1965 and continued to run the company until he passed in 1993. Tim and Jason Kae, sons of Ronny began working in the store as teenagers and made their family business their career. Little would Ronny know that his sons would take the business forward in the last 10 years to international acclaim, as Drum City Guitarland serves clients world-wide. When asking Tim how they have developed such an impressive internet business, he states: “The internet opened the door for everyone to get business all over the world. We have a lot of manufacturers who will send the customer right to us. It is the best advertising ever.” Both Tim and Jason chose drums as their instrument growing up, as according to Tim and Jason, “drums were everywhere.” Jason chimes in with, “We started Guitarland in 1970.” Tim goes on to explain that Ronny changed the name from Drum City Inc., to Drum City Guitarland, Inc. He went on to share: “It was a huge thing back then as for us to get franchised for Fender, they wanted $50,000 up front. You had to have tons of equity and the buy-ins were unbelievable back then. The companies require that you keep up with weekly, monthly and quarterly sales commitments in order to offer their products.” This is an amazing feat given the competition with larger corporations. From the service perspective, the in-house sales are given a tremendous priority. The core team is Tim Kae who focuses on the Drums and Jason with Guitars, Kyle Christy who is all around support and Ross Lawson who has spent 21 years with the Kae’s whose focus is in guitar tech and repair. Ross also plays in a local band named Trail. This gives him personal interaction with musicians all over town. All team members support everyone and no one is paid on commission. This single decision ensured that people were only being sold what they needed; a hallmark decision which feeds their top notch reputation in the industry. When asking how they have survived so long with such stiff competition in economically

challenging times, Jason states: “This is all we know. I’ve worked here six days a week for 30 years, Tim even longer. We have started closing on Sunday and Monday which has been really nice for us.” The team let me know they are sticklers for getting the sale right and ensuring that clients leave with exactly what they want. Kyle adds: “What really makes the difference is Tim and Jason as owners are here every day.” To this Jason adds: “We are a referral based business – most everyone we see are referred to us by existing customers…someone sent them in to see us because they know we are going to take good care of their friends.” To this Tim states: “We always remember the customer when they come back. We like to know how their last purchase worked out for them…it’s the simple things.” This company definitely has a line on “the personal touch.” When asking how the Kae’s saw the future, Jason suggests: “Everything is going to change in the next four to five years. It will eventually move to internet sales with a warehouse. The industry is all that is where the whole world is going. Most Drum and Guitar companies are moving to a direct sales model where they will no longer need dealers.” Tim adds: “We are watching music stores all over the world put signs out front that say By Appointment Only. You would meet the customer here when you know they need to buy something. It has its pro’s and con’s there is so much involved in shipping a single item. Being able to see, touch and feel the product personally ensures less unnecessary returns by ensuring the correct sale in the beginning.” Ross interjects: “Thank God for Rocksmith because it is like having a teacher 24-7 and it requires a real guitar. It is a game that teaches you a skill.” Ross spent the day completing set ups for five guitar sales. Tim agrees and suggests that when you buy drums or guitars in his shop they are set up and tuned before you leave the shop. In my humble opinion, losing the experts to an internet sale is a sad day a coming. The human interaction including the no commission sales model of this successful company would be a serious loss to our local music scene. Drum City Guitarland is a destination for musicians in and out of state as well as international sales. Drum City Guitarland is the official music sponsor of the OWN IT Music Master Mind Series hosted by Colorado Music Buzz Magazine and CREATE MSU Denver.

Snowmass Mammoth Festival Lineup Announced

January 29, 2014 (Snowmass Village, CO) The Colorado summer festival season kicks off in Snowmass Village at this year’s Snowmass Mammoth Fest. Snowmass Mammoth Fest is proud to announce that Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and Leftover Salmon, will headline the event this summer. Additional musical artists include Xavier Rudd, Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang, Denver, Colorado’s The Motet and Nathaniel Rateliff, Bonerama, Houndmouth, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Wheeler Brothers, The London Souls, Miner, and local DJs Berkel Beats, and Echo Da O. The Snowmass Mammoth Fest, formerly Snowmass Chili Pepper & Brew Fest, returns for its 11th year on June 13-15, 2014 in collaboration with Snowmass Tourism. Tickets for Snowmass Mammoth Fest will go on sale, Saturday, February 1st at 10:00 a.m. Snowmass Mammoth Fest is proud to announce new events, ticket products, and amenities to this year’s festival: a VIP ticket experience for the festival guest, a children’s area, and a free event to kick off the festival weekend on the mall in Snowmass Village. The 2014 festival is also expanding to three days, while continuing the traditional weekend of specialty chili and microbrew competitions with tastings. Mammoth Fest’s newly added VIP area is the ultimate way to experience the festival. The

2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Carnival Masquerade

February 14, 2014At Cervantes: The Other Side $15 General Admission, $25 VIP ($17/$27 Day Of Show) ! Bonnie and the Beard and Roniit invite you to enjoy a night of wonder and debauchery as they celebrate the 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Masquerade. Guests will be treated to not only a night of music, but performances by Aerial Dancers and a few surprise others that the bands will announce as the event nears to build the anticipation and “wet your appetite”.

February 2014 |

“We are extremely excited to continue building upon and expanding the event going into our second year as the festival promoter,” said Steve Gumble, President of SBG Productions and Festival Director. “With the support and collaboration from Snowmass Tourism, we are pleased to return a portion of the event to the Snowmass Village Mall on Friday evening as a free event to kick off the festival weekend.” Along with a full weekend of music and entertainment, the Snowmass Mammoth Fest will host the renowned chili competitions and tastings on both Friday and Saturday on the Snowmass Village Mall.Friday night kicks off the festival weekend, with our newly added Free Friday event featuring music and entertainment in a family friendly atmosphere, specialty chili and salsa tastings, and a cash bar, open to the public from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Festival goers can prepare for a full day of music on Saturday with another chili tasting on the Snowmass Village Mall starting at 12:00 p.m. Patrons can grab a quick taste and then head down to Snowmass Town Park for our Grand Beer Tasting kicking off at 2:00 p.m. and main stage music until 10:00 p.m. Sunday completes the festival weekend with music in Town Park from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The festival offers on site camping, late night shows, crafts from local and regional artisans and food from top area vendors and restaurants. Tickets for Early Bird Two-Day, VIP Two-Day, Single Day, and Camping passes will all go on saleFebruary 1st at 10:00 a.m. (MST). Early Bird Two-Day passes are $70 each (a savings of $15), VIP passes are $225 each, Saturday Single Day tickets are $55 each, Sunday tickets are $45 each and Friday’s event is Free. Three-Day camping passes are $30. Snowmass lodging partners will be offering Snowmass Mammoth Fest lodging specials. For festival information, or to purchase tickets, please visit or call 877-987-6487.

In addition to the performances, guests will also be able to partake in massages, free desserts, and many Carnival and Valentine’s Day-themed games: Big Sexy Jenga, Sensual Tarot Card Readings, Risque’ Caricatures, and more. Those wanting an even grander experience may purchase VIP tickets which will grant you access to free premium desserts, free champagne, and a private area for you to enjoy these treats, the company of others, and more…allow your mind to wander. Online:


Desciples- Still Got Dah’ Riddum’ Mon’ by Charlie Sullivan

Main stays on the local music scene, dread rockers the Desciples (Bob Marley meets Pink Floyd) have gone through some major changes in 2013. In June the bassist and the drummer walked, leaving founding members Stephen Hashbarger (guitar, vocals) and Chilli Moreno (congas) without a rhythm section. “We had a show scheduled at the Marquis Theatre and Chilli gets a text message that Terry and TJ are not going to do the show”, relays Hashbarger, “It pretty much sucked what the hell were we going to do.”

Q + A With Steele & Colfax by Tru Blu

Steele & Colfax produces as unique a sound as any band in Colorado. Their brand of original music can be described as hard driving southern blues blended with harmonies and hooks from 50’s and 60’s rock and topped with a Motown vibe. Have they discovered something new and relevant? Maybe… Have they put together a steller line-up of amazing musicians? Definitely! Steele & Colfax is Tim Yunker , Tyler Callihan, Shelby Britton and Dalton Callihan. CMB: Your vibe and sound are so unique. What inspired you guys to do something so different musically? TY: I think it started as an idea inside the mind of our lead guitarist, Tyler Callihan. We were introduced through a mutual friend, he had heard one of my previous albums and didn’t believe that I didn’t use any pitch correction or auto tune. He immediately recognized the potential of what kind of sound we could create. He heard my voice in an entirely different context than I was used to, and it just clicked. We started reaching back to the golden era of Mo Town/Atlantic etc. What we created surprised us both! We’ve been trying to get this project together for a while now, it’s great to see it getting off the ground and how positive people are reacting. We’re thrilled! CMB: Do you write all the songs with the full band and who takes the lead? How often do you guys write new material? TY: This project is a collaboration in the true sense of the word. The early material was primarily written by Tyler and myself. However, after adding another great song writer to the mix, bassist Shelby Britton, it gave us the freedom to truly explore the concepts and ideas that we created individually. There are some songs, such as our single City on a Hill, which were written by the entire band. We sit down and bounce ideas off each other until we all come to something we enjoy. We’re all songwriters, we write constantly. We’re just very picky about which songs make the cut!


CMB: What are some of your previous or current projects besides Steele & Colfax? TY: The three older members, Shelby Tyler and myself, have been involved in several projects, all successful in their own rite. Tyler was involved with the extremely popular band out of Fort Collins, Tickle Me Pink. He was also involved in Swear By This. Shelby was involved with We Were Cosmonauts and is involved with his solo project as well. I was the man behind the curtain, so to speak, in The Sound Junkies, who were blessed enough to make it to the finals in last years bandwagon. I’m really excited to be returning this year with Steele & Colfax! What’s truly remarkable is the story of our drummer, Dalton Callihan. He’s Tyler’s little brother. Not only is this his first project, but this is his first musical experience period. He happened to have a drum set, we were in need of one, he dropped it off, Tyler showed him how to play some of our songs, and before we knew it, he earned a permanent spot in Steele & Colfax. I’ve never seen anyone pick up on an instrument and work as hard at it as Dalton. We’re all very impressed with his work ethic and intuitive musicality.

But small miracles are known to happen, local artist Apex Vibe also went through a major shake-up and low and behold Dubs (drums), Derek Smith (bass), and Sam Caudill (keyboards) magically appeared and Hashbarger’s prayers were answered. “We hooked up with Steve, figured out was going on, and jumped on board,” say Caudill and Smith, “He taught us four of their songs and we pretty much winged it from there.” Recently Moreno decided it was time to hang up the congas and Hashbarger found himself with the three newest members. “I really lucked out when these three guys came knocking,” states Hashbarger, “Things are lot less stressful than they were a few years ago, we were in a retrogressive groove, and things were stagnating with the old line-up.” “Dubs, Sam, and Derek are talented professionals,” adds Hashbarger, “On stage it’s loose, instinctual, we can just let the show take over, be part of the live experience, and have some fun”

band helping to add body to the music offering counter melodies to Hashbarger’s guitar. Also Caudill’s backing vocals are a pleasant surprise. “It’s nice to have someone to harmonize with,” says Hashbarger, “It’s helping us expand our boundaries as a band.” “It’s nice to play with someone who has some substance behind his music,” adds Smith. Six months, a dozen shows, and coming off of last summer’s Roots Down, a stunning two CD release with a great mix of electric and acoustic pieces, the band rolls into 2014 with high expectations. The band can immerse you in melodic grooves without overwhelming you like so many reggae/ ska bands manage to do. Hashbarger is still focused on writing new material and getting the new crew into the studio. The band rehearses regularly, “We run through the songs, covers and originals,” states Dubs, “It’s regimented and when Steve shows up we have to have only green M&M’s and six and a half bottles of water for him.” The act has been landing some private shows to help bolster their resume and actively seek dates at live venues in town. When asked what direction they want to take the band, besides weddings, Hashbarger responded, “We want to be the band in town that opens for national acts. We want bands to say we want the Desciples to open for us.” You can find more info on the band at and desciples.bandcamp. com. “One good thing about music, when it hits- you feel no pain.” Bob Marley February 8th, Bob Marley Birthday Bash @ Herman’s 21 and Up April 19th 420 Bash @ Herman’s

The new line-up comes with some added perks. Caudill’s keyboards are welcome addition to the

CMB: Where can people find your music? TY: You can find our music and everything you want to know about us at steeleandcolfax. Throw us a like :) CMB: Do you guys have some live performances scheduled in the near future? TY: We have a lot coming up. We’ll of course be playing Band Wagon, stoked, we’re headlining Lost Lake on feb 15th along with Sarah & The Meanies and The Driftin’ Suns, 2nd place winners at last years Band Wagon! What we’re really, really excited about is South By Southwest in March. We’ll be playing the festival on the Spokesbuzz Stage with some of the best acts in Colorado. We’re so proud to be playing a long side these bands and to have the privilege to be involved in such an awesome event. Online:

February Placements: - Nuela Charles “Good In Me” on Single Ladies - airs February 10th

- GUNFNGR “Never Stop” on Giuliana & Bill - Airs in April - Nuela Chalres “Final Round” on Basketball Wives - April 21st

- Ally Rhodes “Deadbolt” on Giuliana & Bill Airs in April

- Grant Sabin Catalog in Tunechat App

- Andrew James “Broken Now” on Couple’s Therapy Episode 408 - Air date TBA

- Roniit “Don’t You Forget About Me” cover featured in movie Hobbes and Phil Vs Zombies - Summer Premier

- West Water Outlaws “Come On” on Giuliana & Bill - Airs in April

February 2014 |

The SamplesAmerica


by Corey Blecha

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

The Samples dropped their new record America on December 31 to an upbeat crowd at Herman’s Hideaway. The full-length album showcases the best things about the band- soulful lyrics that touch the emotions in ways that only Sean Kelly has been able to do, and melodic instrumentation that crosses genre lines. Bits of country, soul, reggae, rock, and pop are all meshed together to create a sound that an unpleased ear would be hard to find. The songs are far from hurried, maintaining a pace easy that is easy to follow and understand. “Boulder” stood out with its reggae-tinged guitar work, but the strongest song on the album is “Day Goes By,” a tear-jerker that is impossible to pin down into one specific style. The entire album is a showcase of Kelly and the gang’s raw talent and passion- here’s to hoping they get it in front of as many ears as possible. Online: Spies- Dine Like Lions

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

SPIES! are up to something good with their music lately, and they’ve got an earnestly titled EP, Dine Like Lions, to prove it. Featuring strong emphasis on guitar work, Spies puts intricate leads on top of captivating rhythm lines and solidly descriptive vocals to create a sound that while mellow, is exceptionally picturesque. Their sound falls somewhere between indie rock and pop- drawing that tight line between popular appeal and musical honesty, and is an eclectic take on guitar-heavy modern rock. The band is not shy to sing about their love of alcohol, which must have influenced their pseudonym Drunk Spies. Whether that is true or not, we raise a glass to a refreshingly original take on our favorite genre. Online: Forsyth & Gee

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

Forsyth & Gee hit home with their debut EP. The six -song offering is exceptionally harmonic and makes for an easy listen. Strong male and female vocals contrast in pleasant counterpoints throughout the disc, accompanied by rhythmic guitar riffs and a good taste of banjo, mandolin and piano mixed in at appropriate times.

CBlecha@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

Local EDM producer ILLENIUM has been rising fast in Denver’s music scene lately, with performances at the city’s insanely popular weekly event, ElectronicTuesdays, at Cervantes on January 14th, and a recent single released titled “Drop Our Hearts”, which immediately rose to #1 on the charts. With the release of his latest EP, Risen, the young gun continues to elevate his game, with tracks like the appropriately titled, “Up”, which seamlessly blends elements of trance, trap, and dubstep into a huge track capable of smashing dance floors across the state. While “Drop Our Hearts” features a more aggressive take on bass music, with ripping synth leads and elegant vocals laid over triumphant drum samples, something akin to dubstep giants Zeds Dead, the second track, “For Truth”, has a more ethereal approach, with sheening textures and out-of-this-world melodies, resulting in something more like a Glitch Mob track. Despite the comparisons, ILLENIUM manages to create a vibe all his own, with top-notch production and a knack for combining various elements of EDM into fresh and innovative compositions. Catch this up-and-comer at his next performance at Cervantes Otherside on February 4th and go grab the Risen EP if you haven’t already, it may just take you higher! Online: Mollie O’Brien by Tru Blu

trublu@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

release Love Runner.

Take a slow rollin’ train ride through the country side with Mollie Obrien’s new

This eleven track album is chock-full of sippin’ and tappin’ music at it’s finest. You can help but catch the fever that Mollie and her partner in crime and husband of 30 years, Rich Moore, are spreading. Their infectious blue grass grooves should and could be found in the New Orleans French Quarter on a lazy Sunday afternoon but you don’t have to go that far… they’ll be back from a national tour on April 19th for a live performance at the High Street Concerts in Lyons CO. The Love Runner studio project was produced by Lyons, CO ace arranger and acoustic bassist, Eric Thorin, who often joins them on stage. Online:

Treehouse Sanctum- Shake The Shadow

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

Shake The Shadow, the new record from Treehouse Sanctum dropping in March, is Colorado proud. It is upbeat but mellow- easy to dance to but also perfect for a calm listen. Ambience is a big thing for this harmonious four-piece- they let emotions ride high throughout the record with vocal patterns that at times almost seem to be humming. Their music is indie rock stock full of folk, with male and female vocals harmonizing for optimum effect. Steady guitar work and soulful lyrics dominate the music and leave a pleasant taste in the ear of the listener.

Jessica Eppler- Dust Storm Dance

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

Jessica Eppler of The Prarie Scholars has dropped an instrumental EP dubbed Dust Storm Dance. The songs are very easy listening at its finest. Piano work is what it’s all about here, and she does it with the class of the finest lounge in Vegas. “The Two Handed Scramble” was my favorite song on the album, maintaining an upbeat tempo throughout. The title track is another strong tune, a catchy melody is present throughout. Online:


Kim LIndell- To The Secret Fire

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

To The Secret Fire, the new release from The Lindells’ Kim Lindell, is yet another solid demonstration of well-orchestrated mountain folk music. Soft and soothing, but not without toe-tapping energy, the full-length record is the perfect soundtrack for the Colorado outdoors. Lindell’s vocals are reminiscent of sixties-style rock music, laid on top of modern America riffs. We’ve always appreciated The Lindells here at CMB, and a well put together new disc, as Lindell herself has offered here, to pop in the player at the office or power the speakers in the car on the way up to the hills is something we always look forward to. Online:

Erin Cookman

by Tim Wenger

TWenger@ ColoradoMusicBuzz. com

Erin Cookman takes singer-songwriter style indie rock, a genre of which Colorado has no shortage of, and does it with angst and raw energy. Upbeat and honest, her songs are chalk full of punk fury and indie style, and bring to mind the image of her on stage in a dark and smoky dive singing her heart out to a jaw-dropped audience.

The record is stylistically solid, representing another strong take on mountain-influenced folk music here in CO.

Cookman’s lyrics are full of disappointment and determination, backed up by solid guitar strumming that furthers the emotional impact of her music. A solid take on indie rock, and a collection of songs that surely make for an poignant live performance.



February 2014 |


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ADAM Audio A7X

Fender Vintage Modified Aplifiers

by Jake Forsyth – Sales Manager Guitar Center Denver

by Jason Richards Guitar Center Denver

Chances are, if you are reading this then music plays a major role in your life. One does not simply pick up the Colorado Music Buzz by mistake. Whether you play an instrument, record and produce music, or simply sit back with a fine microbrew listening to some tunes, you are engaging in the enjoyment of music. From a very young age I have always been concerned about what kind of speakers my music would be played out of. My busy engineering lifestyle over the years has allowed for many hours of listening on many sets of speakers. I have been so impressed with a specific pair that it has allowed me to rediscover my love for music all over again, and I want to share it with you.

Today, we get a closer look at one of Fender’s Vintage Modified line of amplifiers, the ‘68 Custom series. Available in three different power levels; a 12w 1x10” Princeton model, a 22w 1x12” Deluxe model, and an 85w 2x12” Twin model, these amplifiers boast all your favorite aspects of the late 60’s Silverface, plus a handful of new, modern features that make this amp a perfect choice for anyone chasing that late 60’s Fender tone but would like the reliability of a new, road ready, factory-warrantied amplifier.

ADAM Audio is a relatively new name to the audio world. They were founded in 1999 by Klaus Heinz in Berlin with the purpose of creating world-class professional loudspeakers. Where most speaker manufacturers use silk or titanium to construct a dome tweeter for high frequencies, ADAM’s are equipped with a folded ribbon. This Ribbon is folded back and forth, and when expanded has a greater diameter than the traditional 1” dome tweeter. For the low frequency driver they are using a carbon/glass/rohacell cone rather than paper. That’s right, your average speaker cone is made of paper. The speakers aesthetically integrate with any environment. They are available in a matte black, glossy black, or white finish. The box has nice angles and the speakers can either stand upright or be turned on their sides. ADAM Audio specializes in active speaker technology. Meaning the power supply and amplifier are built into the speakers. This gives you a number of ways to hook them up. The back of the speakers have either XLR connections for a mixer or audio interface for recording, as well as RCA inputs for more simple connections like a direct iPod/ MP3 connection, video games, or movies. There is volume control right on the front for easy adjustments, as well as fine tuning adjustments for bass and treble on the rear. I have been recording, mixing, mastering, and most importantly, listening for a long time. When you are involved in the creative process there is a lot of back and forth listening involved between different sound systems. Since picking up a pair of the ADAM Audio A7X’s my work has gotten much easier, and more enjoyable. From a creative stand point they give you the total absolute truth on what you are hearing. From a listeners perspective they can perfectly reproduce the sound stage in such a way you become immersed in the mix. If you are looking to pick up a pair of speakers to take your music production to the next level, or simply treat yourself to one of the most impressive musical experiences EVER, the ADAM A7X’s are right for you. If you would like to schedule an appointment to listen to the A7X’s, or any other studio equipment, please send an email to

We would all love to find that perfect closet-classic that was stored in someone’s attic for 40 years, in its unstretched vinyl cover, under a blanket, and away from any windows. Aside from possibly needing a new cap job (due merely to its age), and maybe an updated 3-prong power cable for safety, it fires right up and sounds sweeter than a summer ham! Unfortunately, these show up once in a lifetime and when they do finally decide to peak their heads out on the market, it’s always your friend’s dad’s boss’ kid that’s telling you all about how he/she somehow got so lucky. So you keep an eye out for an amp that scores a five or six on the mojo-scale. It may need various repairs, replacement speaker(s), a new set of tubes and/or an obscure part you know will take forever and a day to find. And even then, you never know just how reliable the rest of the components in that amp will be, so you decide what you are really after is a vintage amp that has already been overhauled by a reputable tech that isn’t going to cost you the same as the down-payment you made on your new car. Someone throw this dog a bone! Luckily, our friends at Fender have put together this killer series that will give you vintage tube-tone, including that signature Fender reverb and vibrato we all know and love (that is now active on both the “Custom” and “Vintage” channels), transition-era appearance with the silver & turquoise faceplate and authentic “drip-edge” grillcloth trim, and a modified “Custom” channel that boasts a Bassman tonestack that compliments the “Vintage” channel quite well, and really opens up the amp’s versatility with pedals. To top it off, Fender has also modernized the circuit, allowing for more gain at lower volumes as well as increasing the overall touch sensitivity of the amp by reducing the negative feedback or “presence” level. Fitted with Celestion speakers designed to recreate our favorite rock tones of the late 60’s, Fender hits the nail on the head with this classic re-creation that has been revamped with modern appointments to offer guitar players golden-era tone without sacrificing time, money, and most importantly, reliability. If you have any questions regarding this series or any other Fender series of amplifiers or guitars, please feel free to contact me at the Guitar Center Denver location.

GRETSCH MARK SCHULMAN 6X13 SIGNATURE SNARE by Chris Waldheim- Drum Sales Expert Guitar Center Denver

Many come close to reproducing the signature Mark Schulman punchy popcorn pop, but none can match it. This snare drum is the perfect all around workhorse; Whether you are playing jazz, funk, rock, punk, or metal The Schulman delivers the versatility a seasoned drummer can appreciate and be proud of. It’s a 9 ply, 8.6 mm mapleShell that features a double bubinga inlay, di cast hoops, and a 45 degree bearing edge that delivers one of the sweetest rim shot tones known to man. The Schulman that I have in my set up also happens to be rocking a 30-strand snare wire on the bottom, which only adds to the overall juiciness of the drum. I had the pleasure of swapping this snare with my stock Pearl Export 5x14 and the difference in my bands sound was immense, my bass player even joked that I must have been practicing for a change. While I may not be a better drummer just for buying the Schulman; I have given myself the tools to succeed. I recommend this as a must have for any serious percussionist’s snare collection. If you would like to hear what this snare is all about stop by Guitar Center in Denver anytime and just ask for Chris in drums! You can contact me via email as well from the link on my profile page:

Check Out My Bio @ Or just stop by -


February 2014 |

the Lyric

by Angela Kerr

Highlighting Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts My Town Management & Promotion:

Meeting the Rough Cuts is meeting modern outlaw country. I watched as the core band assembled which includes Ryan Chrys (vocals and guitar), Bradley Weaver (vocals and lap steel guitar), Vic Stauffenberg (Drums) and Paul Lanier (bass). Missing this evening are Laura Quam (fiddle) and Josh Skelton (voice, guitar). As an overall feel – extremely polite and “way laid back” comes to mind. I begin by asking a few questions about each band member and what they do when not playing music. Ryan the leader of the Rough Cuts works with an internet company where he builds websites, e-books and website and social media presence for companies. Bradley works with the Home Depot, as well as teaches guitar lessons. Vic teaches the drum line for CU Boulder’s marching band as well as he offers private and group drum lessons. Vic also works as a para professional for special Ed students. Paul (aka the prom king) works in the healthcare industry. They formed the Rough Cuts about a year ago each representing 20+ years with their instruments. The guys were very comfortable with one another and had played together in different ensembles in the past. All state the same end goal: To play music full time. When I asked how many shows they performed in 2013 – they respond “about 100.” Their music is comprised of sixty or so songs with a third of them being originals. Although most of the existing works have been written by Ryan, he sees the future with more co-written material. When I asked about the “MY TOWN” submission to the Lyric, Ryan responded “I wrote the song in 2012 about my hometown, Phillipsburg, Montana.” In researching his town, I found that Phillipsburg has over 75 lakes and reservoirs and is located in the heart of sapphire country. “We played the home fair last year, it is a really small town - it’s a great place. The lines in the song are true. A lot of people that I knew worked in the mill and they shut that down and it is just a graveyard now. My high school buddies worked in the mine and still do. I grew up raising cattle…that is how it was, and still is.” Ryan eventually moved to Colorado with his older brother’s roommate, now Rough Cut Bass player Paul Lanier… over sixteen years ago. I follow the guys down to their practice site to hear My Town:

I was born up in the valley with a jack knife in my hand this land and these people taught me how to be a man I grew up workin cattle, while my buddies worked at the mine my brother he’s a hunting guide and logger in the summer time I ran off to the city like a hobo and hunkered down, but one thing I’ve never forgotten is that this is my town… this is my town Chorus we work hard for a living sometimes till our hands bleed, we ain’t got much but what we got is all that we need we help each other when times get tough

and when the crops go brown, same for when the floodin’ came and when the mill shut down this is my town….this is our town. Repeat Chorus You can say that we’re simple but it ain’t as simple as that we’re a damn smart bunch of people we know the simple life is where it’s at Chorus: It is my town, and I loved livin every day of my youth this is my town, and this is where I’m gonna stay, until it’s through no there ain’t no better place, anywhere around, no these are my people, and this is my town.

The practice site is immaculate, beautifully designed and equipped with mixing room. The performance was all country and was followed by Ryan’s favorite Johnny Cash song… Cry, Cry, Cry. According to Ryan, the reason they consider themselves outlaw country is because of the Johnny Cash influence in their music. Other notable influences include Willie Nelson, Whalon Jennings and Merle Haggard. Although each member has recorded several CD’s with other bands, they have one recorded album as the Rough Cuts entitled: A Lick and A Promise. Plans for 2014 include continued performance and the recording of their second album. Vic summed it up for me: “Music is never going away. It is rare when you can have something that is a passion and a small business all at the same time.” Paul adds: “The goal is to do what you enjoy doing and be able to survive. You don’t need to be super rich millionaires; you just want to do what you love to do - be solvent, and be comfortable. It’s not a job when what you do is what you love.” You can find Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts at their next performance dates: Feb 7 @ The Boot Grill in Loveland Mar 7 @ The Bluebird Theatre in Denver with Rev Payton’s Big Damn Band Mar 22 @ The Little Bear in Evergreen

Pictured to the left: Bottom left to right: Vic Stauffenberg, Josh Skelton, Ryan Chris, Laura Quam, and Bradley Weaver Top: Paul Lanier


February 2014 |

by Tim Wenger Euforquestra might be a tough name to pronounce, but it’s easy to see why this Fort Collins based sextet has gained so much steam. Since getting their start in Iowa City, IA, the band moved to the big CO in 2008 and jumped head-first into the rapidly evolving music scene here. The band will be dropping their fourth studio album this March, followed by a plethora of touring to spread it around to as many ears and eyes as possible. Colorado Music Buzz has had an eye on these guys for quite a while, and decided that the time was right to pull the trigger and get acquainted the Euforquestra and what their plans are for what looks to be a big year in their career. CMB: Let’s hear about the upcoming albumwhere was it recorded, how long did it take? EQ: The new record was recorded and mixed at Scanhope Sound out in Littleton, CO. It’s a fairly new studio and is a great facility. They’ve got lots of great equipment and it’s run by two great engineers (Joel Scanlon and Josh Fairman). We tracked and mixed over several sessions starting in late August and wrapping in early December. We probably did about 20 days in the studio total. We mastered the record at AirShow Mastering in Boulder with Dominick Maita. CMB: How was working with Kyle Hollingsworth? EQ: Working with Kyle was great for us. He really jumped in helped us make a record that we’re very proud of. He helped us write and edit lyrics and melodies, tightened up forms and arrangements, but also encouraged us to experiment. We are fortunate to have developed a relationship with Kyle over the last several years so it was a very comfortable and creative experience. CMB: Any plans for music videos or single releases? EQ: Yes! Both! We are going to release the album in March and we’ll release the first single prior to that. We are currently working on storyboards and pre-production for the first video, which will accompany that single. We’ve got several ideas for other videos coming up and we’re excited to push that medium a little harder with this record. CMB: How does the record differ from what you have done previously? EQ: I think this is the funkiest music we’ve written to date. It’s also our strongest songwriting and our best studio work. We listened to a lot of great music to prepare for this album and found a lot of inspiration in different tones and studio techniques. We really poured our hearts and souls in to this one, as did Kyle, and the result is something that we’re very excited to share with the world.

CMB: Your music is pretty diverse and eclectic, would you consider yourselves part of the “jam” scene or perhaps something else? EQ: Yes, I consider us part of the jam scene, but I do not consider us a jam band. Our music is structured and tight, but we keep it loose and open up for improvisation in spots. The great thing about the jam scene is that it is very eclectic and the fans are very open-minded. They want to hear all kinds of things when they go to a show, so you end up with festivals that have all kinds of great music reggae, jazz, funk, bluegrass, folk, fusion, electronic, indie rock, etc. And that’s just a start. A lot of festivals even book comedians and other forms of entertainment, which I think is cool.

CMB: What originally brought you guys from Iowa to CO, and why Fort Collins? EQ: We met a lot of great people when we started touring around Colorado and the music community seemed to dig what we do. People were very welcoming and encouraging. But it was also a lifestyle choice. The music industry is great out here, but so is the weather. Several of our original members grew up vacationing in Colorado, so we’ve been drawn this way for a long time. Fort Collins was an easy place for us to move because it has similar vibe to Iowa City. It’s a great college town. Austin (sax) and I live in Denver now but the rest of the crew is still in Foco and we still rehearse up there.

With many CO bands across genre lines making big footprints nationally, what are your thoughts on the local scene here along the front range? Do you think we are at a peak, or still on the rise? The scene here is amazing right now. You’ve got bands like The Lumineers, Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic that are really blowing up incredibly fast and helping to keep Colorado in high-standing on the national scene, but there’s also an insane amount of local talent with tons of up-and-coming potential. It’s an honor to be a part of it. One of my favorite things about the local scene is that it’s very communal. It’s community, not competition. I think that’s part of why we were drawn here.

CMB: What are some of the strongest markets for you when on the road? EQ: There are a lot places across the Midwest where we do well. Iowa is obviously great for us since it’s where we’ve got our roots. But we also love places like Chicago, St. Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, etc. In Colorado, our best market and favorite place to play is Durango. Every time we go there it just gets better and more insane. We usually sell out the theatre and our friend Eugene Salaz from Durango Massive Productions always knows how to take care of a band.

CMB: What else is coming up for 2014? EQ: We will release the album in March and then tour to support it. We are going to release singles and make videos to go along with the record as well, so we will really be promoting it hard. The first video is the pre-production and planning stage right now and we excited to get it moving! CMB: When you first got going, who were some of the clubs, promoters, etc. that gave you a shot? EQ: Our band started in Iowa City, IA and at the time we only had a couple places to play. There was The Green Room and The Yacht Club. Blake and Scott (owner’s of the clubs, respectively) were the guys that gave us a most of our early gigs when we were still very young. The first big festival we ever played was SummerCamp in Chillicothe, IL and it was a great experience. On our first trip to Colorado a few years later we met and played a show with The Motet at the Blue Door in Snowmass, CO. Then, on our next trip to CO, Dave had us open for The Motet at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. That was a big moment for us because we still hadn’t played a theatre like that, and we’ve always been grateful for the support that The Motet crew has given us.

CMB: What do the members have going on individually right now? EQ: We all have different musical side projects that we work with and we tend to keep ourselves pretty busy in our personal lives too. We all do miscellaneous work to make ends meet too. Some of the guys teach private lessons on their instrument. I do a lot of graphic design work. Also, Austin got married last summer and Matt (keys) and I are both getting married later this year so that’s super exciting. We are lucky to be doing what we love and to have the support of all our families and friends. CMB: Do you feel that marijuana legalization is a good thing for show business? EQ: I certainly don’t think it will hurt show business. I think it will increase Colorado tourism for a while and will probably open up doors for the same thing to happen in other parts of the country. It’s important for people in Colorado and Washington to remember that it’s our responsibility to set a good example of what this can do. It’s not just about the delightfully intoxicating effects of cannabis, it also has the potential to do wonders for the local economy. Let’s enjoy it responsibly and make the most of this opportunity to be the leaders of a new movement. Online:

Mountain Standard Time Nederland is an undeniable hotspot for bluegrass and jam bands, and Mountain Standard Time is living proof of the epicness that is born when an entire town lives and breathes a culture. The band has spent time on the festival circuit, performing at Wakarusa,10,000 Lakes, SummerCamp Music Festival, and others, and is currently right in the middle of their winter tour. Classifying themselves as “Rocky Mountain Freegrass,” the band brings a wide variety of influences and instrumentation to the table. Colorado Music Buzz is excited to see what these guys do with the remainder of 2014. Online:

The Motet (Joey Porter’s Vital Organ, GS3, Juno What?!) Few bands in Colorado have the diversity of The Motet. They have spent over a decade on the road, playing everywhere from large festivals to dive bars, but are perhaps best known in Denver for their annual Halloween tribute shows. Dubbed “musical costumes,” they pay homage to greats from then and now across genre lines by covering entire sets of their music. The band has also released seven studio albums, which in addition to relentless touring have earned them a place at the peak of Colorado’s jam scene. Online:

Tiger Party Blake Mobley has been gaining some traction with his project Tiger Party, featuring a rotating cast of musicians that makes for unrepeatable live performances. Their album dropped last April and is available through the band’s bandcamp and tigerpartyband.bandcamp. com. With upcoming gigs at the refurbished 1UP on Colfax as well as Cervantes, Mobley and crew look to further establish their name as one to be tossed in the hat with the major players of Colorado’s jam scene. Online: tigerpartyband

Fox Street Fox Street just might be the most unique band on this list, fusing a honkytonk inspired soul sound in with the funky freshness of the jam scene. The band, which sports up to seven members during live performances, has been spreading the love across the nation over the past few years, having hit the markets like Pennsylvania and Ohio. The press train continues to add critical acclaim to the band, and Colorado Music Buzz is proud to present Fox Street as a top band to watch in 2014. Online: foxstreetallstars

Gipsy Moon Perhaps the newest name gaining traction out of Nederland, Gipsy Moon is exactly what their name suggests- and emotional, transient expression of bluegrass featuring whaling harmonies and leaning heavily on strong string solos. They are working up their tour chops, hitting mountain towns throughout the winter, and show no signs of slowing down any time soon- Gipsy Moon is hard at work, in the process of stamping their name permanently into the book of Colorado’s jam scene. Online:

Kinetix Kinetix is no stranger to the scene nor to CMB, and the reason why they have become so beloved is their wreckless disregard for boundary lines. At a Kinetix show, be prepared to witness funk, straight up rock, jazz, electronic and maybe even a taste of hip hop. Straight out of the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, Kinetix has evolved into the nationally touring act that has held down slots at festivals across the country. Online:

Atomga Atomga just dropped a self-titled EP at Cervantes, and we fully expect it to gain the band some major steam. Being a full 11-piece ensemble is an eye catcher right off the bat, but once you witness the major dosage of authentic Afrobeat the band drops into their body of danceable wonderment, there is no turning back. In their 2+ years as a band they have shared the stage with a handful of the jam scene’s key players, exposing themselves to a wide audience of dance music enthusiasts and beginning to gain them the recognition needed to become a player in the national festival circuit. Keep your eyes out for Atomga in 2014. Online:

Smooth Money Gesture What hasn’t already been said about the scene in Nederland is being said by resident psychedelics Smooth Money Gesture. SMG has established themselves as the modern standard for jam music in Colorado and have taken their sound across the country. CMB once described them as “the very Wiki of a happy jam band,” and our feelings on the band maintain that position- they kill it onstage and leave the crowd in a wicked frenzy of excitement. Hopefully, these guys will keep the wheels turning for quite a while. Online:

DeadPhish Orchestra The name says it all here- they may play other people’s music, but in the psychedelic world, what they do is nearly godly. They take the two forefathers of the jam movement and blend them into one smooth smorgasbord of ecstasy that appeals to just about everyone who is into the genre. They will be hitting the mountain towns as well as the front range for the remainder of the winter and spring, so if you feel like getting your groove on, a DeadPhish show is the place to be. Online:

Jet Edison Boulder likes to have a say in everything, and in jam world, Jet Edison has been doing a lot of talking. Touring around and spreading their fusion of jam and progressive rock, the band has attracted fans from across genre lines. A hit not only in the metro area but up in the mountains as well, these guys have a string of shows coming up through the spring and are offering their newest single for free download through their bandcamp page. Online: jetedison. Article by Eric Frank and Tim Wenger

The Manager’s Corner

by Chris Daniels

I’ve managed my own band for 30 years. I’m in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and we have 15 albums out so far. It’s been a fun career and it keeps developing. And despite the amazing changes in technology, success in the music business is built around some tried and true elements: great music & performance, really hard work and timing (often mistaken for luck). The book I wrote for my UCD class on artist management is called “DIY: You’re Not in it Alone” and that is exactly what you need to understand … there are a lot of us out there doing everything we can to survive...learn as much as you can from your peers. Is your band, DJ, solo artist etc. booked for summer 2014? If not you are in trouble. Many young artists don’t understand the basics of the booking and presenting “timeline” for promoters, venues and festivals. The mistake is pretty easy to make…you are concentrating on getting all the tracks mixed and the record mastered. Then there is the artwork and the distribution and marketing. And in some cases young artists get so fixated on the CD Release Party or gig that they completely lose track of what it means to be a “presenter” (or the term the industry uses – the promoter) for summer

shows, festivals, concert series and the like. Before we get to the timeline question, here is a little background on Colorado that you really should know. NUMBER ONE, this area has got the best venues in just about any market in the world!! That is a fact, not just my happy-booster BS. The Billboard Award for best major concert venue was won by Red Rocks so many times that they retired Red Rocks from winning the award and named it after the venue. Plus an amazing group of venues from The Bluebird to the Fillmore – from Swallow Hill to Soiled Dove Underground – from Beta to The Fox and a hundred more that I did not mention – this area flippin ROCKS when it comes to live music. And that, my dear readers, is the tip of the old iceberg when it comes to the summer concert series. From New West Fest in Ft. Collins to the Parker Days Festival, every community, town, HOA, pool party and golf course has some kind of summer concert event. You, my dear friends and musicians, are living in Candy Land when it comes to gigs to play. But there are rules and young artists tend not to know them. 1st, the timeline: The annual Parks and Rec Booking Jamboree presented by Venture West Talent happens the end of January. This is the place where many Colorado cities, parks and concert series come to “shop” for their summer talent. By March 1, almost all of those series are booked. Each series had an application

DrumCity GuitarLand Product Review- Practice Quieter Vic Firth drum sticks are the leading brand in sticks. I’ve been playing VF since the day I picked up the sticks. They’re my right hand man, 5B’s to exact. I would take them anywhere and everywhere along with the HQ ReelFeel 14inch practice pad. I’m a drummer that likes to make one trip with my gear. Having a 14 inch pad is the last thing I’m looking to load! Vic Firth knows most drummers are this way and brought the million dollar idea to the table. The CHOP OUT! VF offers Three styles.

“5BCO” Practice Sticks with rubber tips also referred to as Firth’s 5B “Chop-Out” Practice Sticks. These useful practice sticks have a rubber tip for quiet practice. The sticks have an elongated taper to simulate the balance of the 5B.

process (for example Boulder On The Bricks Concert Series has an online application) and some have specific agents they work with (like Skye from Skyline Talent) and some book directly with the artists. And here is a little known secret: many of these concert series and festivals have taken to booking their events as early as October of the year before they happen. Wonderful series like the Highland’s Ranch Concert Series are now contacting artists as early as September of 2013 for shows that will happen in the summer of 2014. 2nd, the process: People mistakenly think this is a political ‘who you know’ type of game. It is not. They are, for the most part, people who really love music and want to bring the very best performers to their community and festivals…but often times they are working within very difficult restraints. There is a “board” that makes the final decisions, or there is a one-year on and one-year off policy, or they are trying to book more national acts one year and more local acts the next, and there are always budget restrictions. The trick for young artists who are booking themselves is to never take that stuff personally. These good people are trying to bring the best entertainment to the people they serve – the music fans – and if they don’t work with you this year they might next. So what do young artists need to do? (1) have a great stage show (2) get your poop in a group

DrumCity GuitarLand Product Review- Ludwig Break Beats At Drum City Guitar Land, people come in all the time looking for the all in one kit. The four piece setup with the small kick and toms with light weight hardware. Just so happens this past year Ludwig and Ahmir Thompson aka “Questlove” of (The Roots) teamed up to make just that. Words from Questlove “I wanted to build a device that was apartment-friendly and compact for the street musician; but also something that was quality-sounding. A gritty, raw, ‘Break-able’ kit for gigging in clubs that you can fit in a cab”. With this in mind: They created the “Breakbeats”. Drum set designed for the city/urban drummer. This kit lets your beats be heard on the fly at gigs and on the street. Break down of the kit: Bass Drum 14x16” bass drum, 7x10” tom, 13x13” floor tom, and 5x14” matching snare.

“MS6CO” Special taper to simulate the authentic feel of the MS5 Marching Snare stick. Great For practice‚ or for creating unique sound color possibilities on the drum. In Hickory.

The Hardimon “Hammer” The ultimate workout stick! I use the 5BCO everyday just to keep me going when I’m not sitting behind the kit. This is a must have for every drummers stick bag!


February 2014 |

– a good website, facebook and twitter, and marketing outlets, great CD or tracks available including good YouTube and good promotional materials, (3) research, start now – watch for the summer concert series, festivals that have music, 4th of July Celebrations with music – you name it .. google it…find out the contact info …contact them about the series … find out how to apply for 2015 and check and see if they have any spots open for 2014 (4) talk to other artists who are playing these series, venues, festivals and gigs. It’s not about “opening” for them (most times they don’t have any control of that) it’s about who they work with, what they get paid (if they will tell you) and how you can contact the promoter directly. This is a good community and artists stick together and pass around gigs to each other so when somebody does you a good turn, do them one back. Last but not least “playing G” – if your act starts out every concert with your song “Motherfucker got my AK” or “This fucking song is for all my pickup driving motor-boaters” you have a problem. George Carlin, Chris Rock and every great comic learned how to “play G” when they got that gig on the Tonight Show. This is no different. Most of these concert series and small festivals are ‘family events” – so figure out how to “play G” or you will never get the gig – or never be asked back. The bass drum in positioned on a riser for optimum reach. Straight from the factory with two ply pinstripe Remo heads. 7-ply hardwood shells. F using low-end kick punch with focused tom and snare midrange Velvet bags included for dust/moisture protect. Drape the bags over the toms and get lower volumes while changing the tone. At DCGL we carry this set in two colors White sparkle and Black sparkle. If you’re looking for a kit and don’t want to break your back or lose tone/ volume. This is the setup for you to see. Online:

grow and become a more focused company.” With these new opportunities came much learning about the business and a bit of a restructuring of how she did things. Putting on shows five nights a week became less of a priority than making sure her shows were well promoted and executed. “Essentially, I’m able to do less shows and put more quality time into promoting them and getting the bands on the same page as far as expectations,” says Darling. “I have also changed part of the company’s emphasis so I can be more focused on event promotions and marketing.”

Backyard Hero: Brandy Darling of Girl Wreck Presents by Tim Wenger

Brandy Darling is no stranger to Denver’s music scene, and with the continued growth of her booking and promo company Girl Wreck Presents, she is becoming increasingly more familiar with the business of music outside of Colorado’s state lines. In addition to contributing to the booking duties at Tennyson’s Tap, 12 Volt Tavern, Gary Lee’s Motor Club and contributing to the talent buying and marketing at the Oriental Theater, she has put together out of state shows in fourteen other states and one in Canada. In the past year, Darling also booked tours for four different groups. CMB got her to take a few minutes from her hectic schedule to go over her roots in music and what’s coming up for GWP in 2014.

Santa Cruz’ The Expendables Love Denver Culture, Drop in For Winter Blackout by Tim Wenger

California reggae-rock icons The Expendables are heading to Colorado on their fourth annual Winter Blackout Tour, hitting the Gothic Theatre February 1. Their sound is a bit experimental for the genre, held back by no boundaries but always remaining true to its’ DIY reggae and punk roots. The progression and constant hard work the band has displayed over the years make it near-certain that they will see their fan base continue to grow. With a new album in the works and years of seemingly endless touring, The Expendables continue to make a name for themselves as one of the hardest working bands in the genre, and they intend to keep it that way. Colorado Music Buzz caught up with bassist Ryan DeMars and chatted about the new album, this massive tour, and the weed revolution that has boomed along with their style of music. The guys have been in the studio finishing up their seventh album, set for release later this year. “We just finished tracking our album and we’re doing some overdubs right now, so our fans can expect some new music this year,” says DeMars. A solid drop date has not yet been set. “It’s still up in the air. It gets tricky, because we’re still trying to see what tours we might be doing towards the end of the year, and you want to release the album while you’re doing a tour. It will definitely be 2014.” The band recorded about twenty songs, and will

The Girl Wreck Presents name has been around for three years now, but Darling began her booking career under the name 43rd Street Zoo at the Lion’s Lair in 2009. “There was a point in time where I needed to take on a second job,” she says. She found herself at the Ogden and Bluebird Theatres, working the box office and waitressing. “A lot of the work I also did for them was hospitality and catering for bands. That gave me a connection through Doug Kauffman to Lion’s Lair. They brought me on board to bartend and there was an opportunity to start booking because no one was booking the bands anymore.” Darling worked her ass off putting shows together for Lion’s Lair, eventually bringing the booking to the point where they were hosting shows five nights a week. “I had a good few year run there,” she says. “I started promoting under the name Girl Wreck while I was still at the Lion’s Lair. I left there for some other opportunities, and once those opened up for me, everything changed. Girl Wreck was able to be choosing their favorites for the new album. Single releases and promos will likely come in advance of the full album release. “Denver is easy for us,” says DeMars. “It’s just like California but in the mountains. The fans love our music and it’s a lot different than if we were playing Mobile, Alabama. I always tell people that California, Colorado, and Florida are the three best states for our genre.” The Expendables have met and meshed with the rising success of the reggae-rock genre, touring incessantly and dropping albums every couple years along the way. They are constantly writing new music and working hard to keep this labor of love as their fulltime career. “We’re just hammering it out,” says DeMars. “There’s not really a specific goal or anything, we just want to make a living of this and keep it going. If we get morecommercialsuccess, that also comes with more work. I think we’re in a pretty happy place right now.” Happy indeed, as the guys have retained rights to all of their music, keeping corporate hands out of their pockets and allowing them to steer the band’s progress in their own way. “I think that was a big part in us being able to finance our careers,” says DeMars. “I think as long as we can continue to make a living at it and see

Dealing with touring bands can be stressful for any promoter. Girl Wreck has been working with touring acts for years, and Darling has learned who she likes to work with, and who she doesn’t. “I didn’t bring as many touring bands through this year as I did last year because I was working with a lot of new venues,” says Darling. “A lot of the touring bands I did bring through, I already had a relationship with and I know what to expect from them and I know they’ll work hard at promoting. “I do look forward to what new, and older touring acts, I will connect with this year.” While Darling essentially runs Girl Wreck Presents by herself, she does rely on some close companions for assistance from time to time. Her husband, Mike Catz, puts in his two cents and effort from time to time. “He’s so loyal about attending shows with me and making sure the bands are comfortable,” says Darling. “If there are any issues that come up, he’s there to help me take care of them. He talks to a lot of bands and his passion for music ties in.” Katie Sternig and Eryn Mulloy are working with Girl Wreck on shows as well. Darling also brings in interns to assist with basic tasks. the business grow, that’s all that is important to us.” Solid promotion has been a key to the band’s success, and they are all about the DIY ethics. “We’re in the age where artists can be hands on with how they market themselves,” says DeMars. “We’re always hitting the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the internet stuff. Then we have street teams in all the regions that will go

As far as challenges, Darling says “What I find that works best is when there is a good amount of communication and an emphasis on marketing utilized by all parties in anticipation of a show.” 2014 should see GWP working on more national tours for Barb Wire Dolls, The Front, Obsessive Compulsive, and others, and a European tour for Sterling Wit. Darling also hopes to continue working on strong local shows and maintaining connections. “The tours get me excited, I get to travel a bit with the bands,” says Darling. “I’m really focusing on the caliber of bands that I’m booking. I want to also reconnect with a lot of the bands that I booked in the early days that are now getting popular.” Look for the 3rd Annual Girl Wreck Fest on Saturday, May 3 at the Oriental Theater as well as more Songbirds Music Showcases, and a consistently strong lineup of local and touring acts in her venues in 2014. The Songbirds Music Showcases have been gaining steam, and are turning into one of her personal favorite events. “That’s an event Jane Thatcher and I are co-promoting and rotating around different venues every three to four months,” Darling says. “We’re looking at our location for our next one, but that has been fun to be involved with especially because it’s mostly all female driven. Girl Wreck Presents considers working with new artists, get in touch with Brandy Darling at Check out the full show lineup at the website listed below. Online: and The Expendables have turned reggae rock into a national phenomenon. The California Roots festival has launched The Carolina Sessions on the Atlantic coast, and Colorado acts such as Coral Thief and P-Nuckle have enjoyed some national success. “I think it’s growing,” says DeMars. “But I also feel like it’s getting a little diluted. When we first started out, there was maybe a handful of bands that were touring and playing this kind of music. Now they have that California Roots festival. They get all the bands in the genre. We did it the last two years, and showing from that festival alone, it looks like the genre is growing and growing. I don’t think it’s peaked out yet.” Hopefully, the genre has many strong years ahead. The Expendables last hit Denver on the Cabin By The Sea tour with Dirty Heads back in July of 2013, and since the tour’s conclusion have been home in Santa Cruz. “We’re super excited to get out on the road,” says DeMars. “Our Winter Blackout tour has been something that we’ve been building, and it just gets better every time. It’s becoming a name brand for our winter tour. We’ve been home for six months finishing the album and not playing too many shows, so we’re ready to get at it.”

put up flyers and stuff, word of mouth. Any way we can network out to people, and doing it all the time, repetively.”


Being a part of a steadily growing movement and culture has also been a big thing for The Expendables. The increasing social acceptance of marijuana (including legalization here in CO and in Washington) and the continued popularity of pioneers like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid,

February 2014 |


“I got kicked out of Canada, I was 16,” says founder and front man Gordy Roscoe about an adventure across the bridge from Detroit into Windsor as a teenager. Perhaps being a little rough around the edges isn’t quite as appealing to upstanding Canucks as it is to the stud-sporting players in the street punk world, but then again, that’s why Denver’s own The Bad Engrish have found much more success in the world of oi! than in international security.

Bad Engrish Keep Street Punk Alive in Denver

by Tim Wenger

Art Smart Anamoty Offer Fresh Take on Jam Scene by Tim Wenger

Art Smart Anatomy has been working hard to make a name for themselves in Colorado’s jam scene. With a style that draws a thin line between trippy jam-band rock and electronic dub, the guys have found their niche and now look to spread their blanket around music lovers nation-wide. CMB caught up with the band and got the scoop on their formation, practice routines, and take on CO’s jam scene. CMB: Art Smart Anatomy spent a year rehearsing, jamming and getting acquainted with one another before ever play a live show... Why? ASA: With a new band, there is often pressure to gig immediately... And it’s understandable. New bands get really fired up to get their name out there and start showing people what they’re made of. But a lot of the time they don’t even know what they’re made of yet. Personally, we’ve been there before and quite frankly, it’s an uncomfortable, potentially embarrassing experience if you’re not ready for it. For us, we wanted to build something tangible. Something that was our own. Brian and Eric had played in bands in the past so they’ve had that opportunity. But even so, it’s building and forming the band into a cohesive unit that, together, is ready for anything. So we just jammed and played tunes risk-free which afforded us that insight. By the time we came out of our rehearsal space we knew each other well enough musically to overcome any of those early obstacles... On another, potentially accidental level, it allowed our personalities to manifest within the music itself. CMB: What can people expect when witnessing an ASA show? ASA: We like to keep the audience guessing, in suspense. The most important thing is the music, of course. But we like to bring in outside


The group, a five-piece that resembles the early days of hard-core punk rock complete with studded jackets, brash first impressions, and (I’m guessing) a love for mail order catalogues, has become a household name in Denver’s punk community. “We started in 2009 in a small garage up on Federal,” says Gordy. The band played some of their first gigs at former Denver DIY spot The Wasteland and other such venues, finding a home amongst the all-ages punk rock community that has remained strong in the Mile High City throughout the coming and going of the trends of modern music. Shortly, the group found themselves touring the mid-west, putting out a record on New York’s Joe Pogo factors to the unexpected too... Audience participation, theatrics, videos, characters, samples, etc. If we told you too much more it wouldn’t be a surprise. But most of all we just want to share our brand of music with people and hope that they enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy playing it. CMB: How do your songs come to be? ASA: Who knows, really? Generally speaking, they form from our jams. We like to drink whiskey and just play. No talking - just drink and play. During that first year of musical exploration, we learned to improvise in a way that is almost like on-the-spot composition. And since we record everything we do, we’re able to go back and pick some of the choice parts and embellish on them. Sometimes that first improv yields several sections, other times we have to sit down and write things out a little more. Eric and Nate also write a lot of music for the band. When that happens, a full tune is usually brought to rehearsal. Once everybody learns the tune at its core, everybody starts throwing in their pieces and their flare to make it a bit more interesting and personal. CMB: Do you feel that the jam scene in CO is at a peak, or still on the rise? ASA: Colorado’s music scene is on the rise not just the jam scene. I think that the jam scene is changing a bit but Colorado in general is thriving. The music scene is bustling, marijuana was just legalized giving the economy a nice boost, the weather is great, the mountains are

Records, and securing a strong fan base of oi! supporters around the country. While that sounds like a lot to accomplish in just a few years, especially for a DIY band with nearly no budget, it is merely proof that hard work and solid marketing towards a specific audience can pay off big-time. The Bad Engrish spend a good amount of time touring the midwest, a place they have found both easy to tour and easy to secure dedicated fans. “There’s so many cities close to each other, there’s a short distance in between once we do the eighteen hour drive to get there,” says Gordy. “There’s a big scene out there too.” Street punk has been around since the seventies, and while time and evolution have twisted the punk rock world in a multitude of directions, Gordy still feels that there are new things coming out the scene and that The Bad Engrish are a solid part of what is happening. “There’s definitely progression in the genre,” Gordy says. “It’s pretty popular right now, it comes and goes, some years are better than others. But we’ve been true to ourselves and playing the same music for five years now.”

of the resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records, having put out multiple releases, with plans for a new comp and other releases this year. The band has put out releases on Joe Pogo Records, Oi! The Boat Records from Lafayette, IN, and are about to be on a compilation from Charge Records. “We’re mostly a Joe Pogo band though, they put out most of our records,” says Gordy. “My brother is in the Chernobyl Babies, they put their 7 inch out on there, and that’s how I was introduced to the owner of Joe Pogo. I gave him our demo that we recorded in our kitchen, he loved it, and he’s been putting out our stuff ever since.” Upcoming, the band will be hitting the road from Seattle to Tijuana, Mexico in April with The Virus. The band credits online promotion and constant touring for the recognition they have received. “Tour , tour, tour,” says Gordy. “Kids from Tijuana are emailing us telling us what songs they want to hear, that’s pretty cool. They will also be playing the Fuck You We Rule OK festival in Tulsa, OK over the 4th of July weekend. Online:

The Bad Engrish are also taking full advantage beautiful and active, our sports teams are winning and our women are beautiful. Who could ask for more? I think Colorado and its music are on a major upswing. Our only concern is that the machines will rise and take over the music industry... We’re fighting for the humans and their music-making abilities. CMB: How did you guys come to form? ASA: Eric and Brian knew each other from when they were like 13 and playing in a grunge band together. Several years later, Eric was forming “Chinese Fingertrap” (Eric was on keyboards in that band) and recruited Brian for bass duties. CFT did pretty well around the midwest and broke up at what was probably the height of their popularity. Keeping bands together isn’t easy which is why the idea of a trio was so appealing. So after the disintegration of CFT, Brian moved to Denver and went back to school. But Nate, who was already in Denver playing with The Tickle Mafia, didn’t meet Brian until Eric moved to town and forced them to be friends... Eric saw Nate playing at an open jazz jam and the trio was born. CMB: Where can we find your music? ASA: We’re up on all of the usual social media sites: Facebook, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, YouTube. There are also links up on COjam: The Colorado Jam Scene’s website,, to our music. We’ve worked side by side with COjam for a while now and it’s proven to be an integral part of our booking and promotions. CMB: What are some of the big inspirations for the

February 2014 |

band as far as song writing, and in choosing sound bites? ASA: We’ve all got our own inspirations... I don’t think any of us really sit down and think about how to bring those inspirations into our compositions. Those inspirations are ingrained into our mind and souls - into who we are as people and as musicians. We write music that is fun to play and that we would otherwise want to listen to. A song should have certain qualities to it... It should invoke emotion on some level. It should move and take you places. It should be sincere and it shouldn’t be forced. We also like to make music that is complex yet danceable. As far as they sound bytes, it’s probably best not to investigate the inner workings of Eric’s mind... Online:

ReverbNation Featured Artists of the Month give five independent acts that have not previously been featured in Colorado Music Buzz the opportunity to get on our radar, get their bio in the magazine, and get their tracks played on Music Buzz LIVE Radio on Wednesday evenings. The artists are selected through submissions made via their ReverbNation pages.

Them Raggedy Bones Them Raggedy Bones is a six piece outlaw country/folk/rock band featuring two guitars, bass, drums, lap steel/dobro, and keyboards. The band began in 2012, as an acoustic collaboration between songwriters Andy Matteo and Adam Frishman. The two found that their similar approaches to country, folk, and blues influenced songs, firmly grounded in the American roots tradition, formed the basis for a strong musical partnership. The addition of Adam’s long-time collaborator Kevin Joseph on bass guitar brought some improvisational flair to the group, in addition to filling out the low end. With Colorado native Luke Smith on drums, recent Texas transplant Doug Clement on lap steel and dobro, and keyboard player extraordinaire John Miles rounding out the sound, Them Raggedy Bones is equally comfortable playing outlaw country, blues, folk, rock & roll, or embarking on extended improvisational excursions. At a Raggedy Bones show you might hear anything from Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, to Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, to The Band and The Grateful Dead. What you will hear is a great combination of down home, rootsy, originals and covers that will keep the toes tapping and the beer flowing. Online:

Pride in Pieces Pride In Pieces is a brand new band out of Denver, Colorado. Since September of 2011, Levi Johnson (Vox/Guitar) and Stephen Figueroa (Drums) have been defining their sound and direction. With new members Aaron Graves (Bass) and Brett Guy (BGV/Guitar), their sound is sure to be full and pound the audience from any stage they set foot on. Heavily influenced by bands with passion infused music, such as Deftones, Periphery, Audioslave, Karnivool, and many others. Their music is very diverse and varied for a heavier band, going from grunge/funk in one measure to a brutal math metal breakdown in the next! Infusing a hope for a better tomorrow, and lyrics that inspire a personal change, the music will affect many people differently, from many different perpectives. Online:

Clar1ty Its hard for me to do a small Biography LOL but im 20 years old from cheyenne wyoming been making music for 4 years now its my life my escape about 2 years ago i lost my brother and my father and ever since my thought process changed in a good way i love my family friends and any and all REAL people my mission with my music is to help the youth by understanding my lyrics hopefully they can understand life before they have to learn it the hard way ive been through a LOT currently working oil rigs to pay the bills hoping one day music can do it for me. Online:

Joe Hunt Joe Hunt doesn’t just consider himself a song writer and producer but also an evangelist called to minister to the musical culture he was raised up in. Joe grew up listening to artists like Tupac and Eminem and was greatly influenced by the rap and hip hop culture. When he listened to the lyrics it was as if they were depicting his life and struggles in a musical form! Before he knew it, he began writing his own struggles and feelings into musical lyrics. As time passed, his skills grew and it wasn’t long until Joe was actually pretty good at articulating his life struggles in musical art form! In April of 2005 Joe had a real encounter with Jesus Christ and that night gave over His life and decided to follow Jesus. Four years later, Joe would make the decision to write Christian rap music! Since then Joe has been able to perform at various churches around Colorado and even performed along side Nationally known artists like Christian rapper and producer K-Drama and rapper and singer Rachel Washington! Joe has also had a taste of the National stage opening for big names like Steven Curtis Chapman, Big Daddy Weave and more. Joe hopes to continue to grow as an artist and to spread his music all around this great Nation and in time around the world! Online: reverbnation.comjoehunt

Lotus Gait A menacing merger of punk and metal, Lotus Gait nicked its name from Propagandhi and its game from a lifetime love of Slayer riffs. No frills and nothing fancy here. Just four working-class lads purging the soul-suffocating pangs of punching a clock with adrenalized odes to authenticity. Online:

February 2014 |


What’s the Buzz about CREATE MSU Denver? by Leah Parker

Since its launch over a year ago, CREATE MSU Denver Virtual Incubator (CREATE) for creative entrepreneurs is quickly making a name for itself in the Colorado creative scene as being an emerging resource in helping artists and musicians with their business. CREATE gives us an in-depth look behind the scenes of their program as they kick off 2014. Q: What is the CREATE MSU Denver Virtual Incubator? CREATE MSU Denver is for the creative entrepreneur who is ready to turn their “Business into a Work of Art.” Each program is custom designed to develop and grow their business to the next level, whatever that might be. Our advisors meet with them virtually, oneon-one, on a monthly basis. Q: What does a “virtual” client mean? This is what sets CREATE apart from other incubator programs. Our advisors meet with clients virtually (i.e. Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.), no matter where they live, allowing them more time to work on their art and less time driving to and from meetings. Q: What do you offer to the creative community? In addition to our virtual incubator program, we host open houses, exhibits, free webinars and networking events. Our latest project is the Own It Music Master Mind series in collaboration with Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, Guitar Center, Drum City Guitarland, and IPie launching M a r c h 2014. Local experts from the music i n d u s t r y are brought together to share their thoughts to a room full of budding artists and afterwards everyone is encouraged to attend the after-party networking event. We are always looking for ways to promote and enhance the arts and we want to become a hub for the creative industries here in Colorado. Q: What kinds of business needs do you provide? Based on one-on-one interviews with potential clients, we determine what aspects of the business they need assistance with. We provide guidance on areas such as marketing, accounting, and management, resulting in increased sales.


Q: How did CREATE start? After attending the first Colorado Creative Industries’ Summit in 2012, we realized that we could offer a program tailored specifically to the creative entrepreneur and that it needed to be virtual, allowing us to help all creatives no matter their geographic region. The program would focus on the business needs of creatives as well as offer a free online Marketplace for them to sell their works. As with any new venture, we are continually making changes to enhance the experience. Currently, we focus on music and art (i.e. fine art, photography, sculpture, jewelry, etc.) industries, but we’ll be expanding into fashion and freelance writing in the near future with a goal of eventually assisting all creative entrepreneurs. Q: Why creatives? According to Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who spoke at the September 4, 2013, Center for Innovation OWN IT concert, “The arts and culture community provide about a 1.7 billion dollar economic infusion into our economy locally.” Creatives are often individuals who are accomplished in their craft but need guidance when it comes to business. As with most artists, business is more than marketing and this is where we provide the additional components to allow their business to increase the Colorado economy. Q: I heard that you’ve just become a part of the Colorado Creative Industries’ “Creative District Professional Advisory Network” (PAN). What is that? It’s an honor to be listed as a resource to help cities and counties be recognized as creative districts in Colorado. “PAN members deliver customized t e c h n i c a l assistance to the 14 communities based on the district’s needs assessment and goals. In this way, PAN members act as consultants to these communities.” Q: What are your next steps? How is the future looking? According to Assistant Director Cindy Busch, our next steps are building awareness of the creative industries in Colorado. We want to become the business education hub for creatives. Our program continues to grow with each new client, and we’re excited to have added three new artists to our program in the last month. The future is an open canvas.

Q: Any success stories? Yes, we have several success stories. Most recently, former client Amy Laugesen was featured in the 2014 Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale during the Nation Western Stock Show—and sold all of her pieces. Client Patricia Finley had three of her pieces selected by the jury for the Greater Castle Rock Art Guild’s show “On the Edge.” When Pat was asked what one of her goals was when she entered the program, she said that wanted to sell 10 times as much art as before. As of December 2013, she told our client advisor Kathy Beekman, “I have already achieved this goal.” Q: How can someone get involved? To learn more, check out our website CREATEmsudenver. com, watch our free webinars, and post your work onto the online Marketplace. We’re always looking for supports, sponsors, and partners. Call the office at 303-352-7274 to find out how to get involved.

CREATE Showroom

Metropolitan State University of Denver 890 Auraria Parkway Student Success Building, Suite 120 Denver, CO 80204 Phone: 303-352-7274 Fax: 303-352-7376 E-mail:

MSU Students Design Paper Dress for ADCD Show

by Bridgit Coffman, Lisa Padgett, and Kate Oakley

Back in 1966, Scott Paper Company invented the paper dress. Intending it to just be a marketing tool, it became a pop culture sensation instead. For one dollar, women could buy the dress and also receive coupons for Scott paper products. Women surprised the company by ordering half a million of these dresses in under a year. Other companies began manufacturing them also, however, the dresses ripped too easily and, of course, were too much of a fire hazard for every day use. Hence, the trend fizzled out soon after. Fast forward to 2014, where the sensation is rejuvenated with the 10th

February 2014 | |

/CREATEmsudenver @InnovateToday Annual Art Directors Club of Denver (ADCD) Paper Fashion Show. The Denver show is the largest paper fashion show in the nation, as 50 design teams compete by creating runway dresses made almost entirely out of paper. Partial proceeds of the event benefit Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) that provides communitybased arts education programs for atrisk youth ages 3 to 17. Three MSU Denver Communication Design students: Bridgit Coffman, Lisa Padgett and Kate Oakley have teamed up to enter this year’s show. Bridgit is a senior with years of graphic design and fine art experience, and the compulsive need to be a part of something out of the ordinary. Lisa is a junior who is taking an associate’s degree and freelance career in graphic design to the next level, after working in civil engineering for 15 years. Kate, also a junior, has a thirst for knowledge, a keen eye for design and a vibrant mind for creating. All three have a spirit for creative collaboration and innovative thinking that the Center for Innovation supports and encourages. See their design come to life in the CREATE Showroom in February on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons,andontheirFacebookpage: Paper Dress Collaboration (facebook. com/PaperDressCollaboration).

Colorado Creative Industries Investing in Communities by Christine Costello

stimulate their commercial creative business. The annual Colorado Creative Industries Summit is a chance for creative professionals to meet and network with fellow creatives from around the state. The 3rd annual event will be held in the Salida Creative District on May 1-2, 2014.

Few would deny that participation in and appreciation of the arts offers significant benefits for individuals -personal enjoyment, inspiration, and deeper meaning, to name a few. But the arts also deliver important social benefits - economic prosperity, student achievement, healthy and vibrant communities. In 1967 Governor John Love launched the Colorado Council on the Arts. In his executive order, Governor Love noted that “a healthy, vigorous life of the arts is the best evidence of a strong and growing state.”

Colorado Creative Industries is small but mighty, leveraging major partnerships and community support to maximize the return on investment to Colorado citizens. With our new focus of supporting creative entrepreneurs, CCI has partnered with several groups including the Colorado Small Business Development Centers and organizations like CREATE MSU Denver (CREATE) to provide low-cost training and business advisement programs grow and prosper in Colorado. As a board of advisors member, Colorado Creative Industries director Margaret Hunt works in concert with CREATE to guide these efforts.

Through a partnership with the Boettcher Foundation, Colorado’s 14 From an initial appropriation of Creative Districts were responsible for $25,000, the state increased the an economic impact resulting in a ripple Council’s funding steadily over the effect of 3,489 additional jobs with over decades to almost $2 million in 2001. $71.5 million in earnings according to But in 2002, the State of Colorado was the Creative Vitality™ Index. faced with dramatic budget deficits and the legislature was forced to A recent study conducted by the U.S. reduce the agency’s budget. By fiscal Bureau of Economic Analysis and year 2004, the state appropriation had the National Endowment for the Arts plummeted to $200,000. As a result, estimates that the arts and cultural grant dollars were reduced by one-half, sector contributed 3.2%, or $504 artist assistance and school programs Billion, of U.S. Gross Domestic Product were suspended, and seven of eight in 2011. Given the thousands of jobs in staff positions were eliminated. It was arts and culture, related employment clearly necessary to take an entirely and spending, and millions in state new look at the agency’s programs and local taxes, it’s time we start to in light of economic and political recognize the real impact creative conditions. In July industries have 2010, Colorado’s time we start to on our economy new Creative “It’s support I n d u s t r i e s recognize the real impact and Division (CCI) creative industries have on the people that merged the our economy and support the make it happen. the former Council on people that make it happen.” Although impact of the Arts and Art in the creative Public Places program to capitalize on industries is significant, state the immense potential for our creative investments in the sector are not sector to drive economic growth proportionate. It is important that in Colorado. In 2014, the agency citizen’s stay involved as advocates functions with four staff members for the industry. Contact your elected and a state investment of $2 million officials today to discuss the important dollars from the general assembly role of the creative industries in your and $700,000 from the National community. Endowment for the Arts. This funding is leveraged through partnerships with numerous organizations and community partners. Grants and services have been reestablished with a new focus on stimulating Colorado’s Creative Economy.

Check out the Local Art District Scene

A division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, Colorado Creative Industries sees a future where Colorado is a premiere “Creative Economy.” We strive to create a strong brand identity, a Top 10 reputation, and create significant and sustained investment in the creative sector where creative entrepreneurs and enterprises will flourish. It’s our goal for Colorado to “grow its own” creative workforce.

ARTrepreneur of the Month

Photo by Stephen Hume

Former CREATE client Amy Laugesen specializes in the creation of mixed media sculpture and public art using firing techniques such as raku. Having showcased her sculptures in the National Western Stock Show, Amy is our first featured ARTrepreneur. CREATE: Tell us your story… why horses? Amy: I have a profound relationship with horses that is hard to put into words. My muse is my childhood friend, a quarter horse named Tic Tac. He is no longer physically here with me...but his spirit inspires my artworks. It is the story of the ancient and contemporary human/horse relationship that fascinates me. I use the powerful symbolism of the horse to create a statement in both a classical and contemporary context. CREATE: All your pieces focus on the head and body, why? Amy: Inspired by ancient artifacts, my sculptures intentionally appear broken or weathered as relic treasures to honor the profound essence of these magnificent creatures. What is not there/missing is part of the story of the sculpture... CREATE: You’ve been a CREATE client for 10 months. What growth have you seen since graduating from the program? Amy: The CREATE staff has been wonderful and supportive. I have seen growth in the way I perceive and run my business as a mixed media sculptor since I graduated from the CREATE program. I have a background in art and going through the program helped with my business skills so that I could focus on being a professional artist. CREATE: What brought you to CREATE? Amy: A friend introduced me to Mick Jackowski, Director of the Center for Innovation, and to the CREATE program. I was intrigued by what the program offered artists/entrepreneurs working to improve their business skills. I applied and was accepted into the program in November 2012.

CREATE: What was your goal in coming through the CREATE program. Did you meet them? Amy: My goals coming through the CREATE program was to improve my business skills as an artist and strive towards becoming internationally renowned for equine sculptures that connect people to their profound relationship with the spirit of the Horse. Yes, I have improved my business skills through the CREATE program and also know it is an ongoing/ evolving process to follow and finance my creative passion. CREATE: What prompted you to apply to have your work in the Coors Western Art Exhibit at the National Western Stock Show? How did you get in? Amy: Two years ago, I applied to the Call for Artists posting on the National Western Stock Show website. I was selected by Curator Rose Fredrick to display several artworks in the 2013 Coors Western Exhibit & Sale ( With success of sales and positive response from collectors and visitors, I was invited back for the 2014 Exhibition & Sale.

CREATE: Tell us your experience in being a part of the Coors Exhibit. Amy: The Coors Western Art Exhibit has a reputation for being one of the finest contemporary western art shows in the United States. It is a great honor for me to have my equine inspired ceramic and mix-media sculptures included in this prestigious exhibit during the National Western Stock Show here in Denver. CREATE: Did you sell any pieces? Amy: Yes, all five of my sculptures selected for the 2014 exhibition sold. CREATE: What shows do you have on the horizon and what pieces are you currently creating? Amy: I will have sculptures on display at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo--Art in the Park Exhibit in Denver, on March 7, 8 & 9, 2014. I am also one of sixty artists included in the 2014 Governor’s Art Show at the Loveland Museum/Gallery, May 2 - June 15, 2014. I am very busy in the studio creating new works for 2014, The Year of the Horse. Several large scale commissioned sculptures is on permanent display in public and private locations around Denver and Colorado Springs. Other small-scale works are in private collections throughout the United States. For more information about Amy Laugesen visit

A special thank you to the PassionFruit Networking Group and Lynn Smith with The Idea Broker for support.

Support for creatives is offered through an array of programs encompassing financial and technical assistance as well as professional development. Recently announced Career Advancement grants range from $500 – $2500 and support Colorado creative entrepreneurs and artists to help

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Pho2Love Shines For Arts Along Colfax by Angela Kerr

Sitting Down With John Zelzer of Roo Bar by Angela Kerr

Sitting down with John Zelzer, the General Manager of Roo Bar is like native Coloradoan meets Green Bay Wisconsin, accent and all. Laid back and warm in his response, John is busy establishing “place” as the Roobar is not quite downtown, not quite Lodo, off the path in North Denver in the realm of “no neighborhood.” Zelzer focuses on the positives: “We get so much traffic, such an eclectic crowd because of our location, we have become the neighborhood.” As a young man of 18, he worked with his uncle in the bar business. John shares: “My Uncle owned a neighborhood bar. He taught me the tricks of the trade like; if a person buys 3 or 4 drinks, buy them one. If they ask for it…don’t. His knowledge was vast.” Once a graduate of Westwood College in graphic design he went on to work for a Green Bay newspaper, and became the final eyes before the paper went to print. John adds “Despite working for the paper, I always ended up bartending on the side. It was a great way to make friends, make money and meet girls…that is where it all started.”

As one walks into Pho2Love, a large framed thank you from 40 West Arts suggests they are grateful to the owners of Pho2Love Restaurant for partnering with them, allowing them to display artwork as part of the Arts Along Colfax Program. Pho2Love, owned by a brother and sister team opened in July 2013 as part of a long term strategy to create a family restaurant. Ryan, who sponsored his sister’s move to the United States, suggests “I promised to help my sister who is a chef - open a restaurant. She owned a small restaurant in Viet Nam for 15 years where she raised her children. She has worked for the last 13 years in many restaurants along Federal Boulevard, while we saved money to buy our own place.” Pho2Love shares the JCRS shopping center location which hosts the historic Casa Bonita Restaurant . Ryan explains: “We wanted an area that was not yet served by a Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, yet we needed a location with infrastructure (e.g. coolers, hoods, rest rooms).With a background in engineering, Ryan personally designed the restaurants interior. He shares that “Art brings me joy. I think that the arts, whether visual, performance or culinary enrich our lives and our state of being. I would like to expand that joy with the customers who come through our door with not only good food, but good art.

Once relocating back to Colorado, Zelzer developed a 12 year relationship with the owner of Roo Bar. Zelzer states: “I always thought I would change the world with print, media (ya know, the years before the internet) however, after working for a newspaper for years I decided it was tearing my soul out. In the end I was much better at bartending than at graphic design.” When asking him why he preferred the “human element” he replies: “Because every day is a new challenge; it may be the same four walls but every day you’ve got a new group in here, with your regulars of course, your bread and butter. They say you don’t get to pick and choose your family or your regulars. You have to find ways of achieving harmony with them while enticing new people to come in and making them all feel welcome.” That pretty well said it all for me; John struck me as a very conscious individual working within his passion. John considers his employees as family who attract their own clientele. John explained that many bartenders who no longer work at the Roo Bar due to relocation will call him and let him know they are in town and will do “guest bartending” shifts where they reunite with regulars they developed relationships with during their tenure. As General Manager, John sets the tone by focusing on the things that matter for the customers. “We pride ourselves on our food. We make everything from scratch, our own pizza dough, sauces and dressings. Our Pizza dough recipe has been alive for 20 years and is made fresh daily.” I personally tried the Spinach Pizza, smothered in in garlic and mozzarella and parmesan cheese with fresh spinach tossed in balsamic vinaigrette. Great company. Great Place. Great Food. Online:


February 2014 |

”In asking Ryan about his affiliation with the 40 West Arts District, he suggests that he shared the vision of bringing renewed energy and vitality to the West Colfax corridor and emphasized service to the community. He continues: “my sister and my wife run the restaurant. We are a family business committed to service. We offer authentic Vietnamese cuisine at a reasonable price and offer great service in a comfortable environment.”I for one can say that I became enamored with Pho2Love on my first of many visits. My favorite quick lunch: Egg rolls with an Avocado Boba Smoothie. FRESH ► HEALTHY ► Outrageous customer Service while surrounded by ▲ local artistry. Online:,

Wed Feb 5 For Today w/ Like Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path, Fit For A King @The Summit Music Hall

The Magic Beans, The Malai Llama @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

The Northern Way w/Claymore Disco, Stu Miller & His Moderately Sized Orchestra @The Summit Music Hall

Toxic Holocaust and Exhumed w/Ramming Speed, Gomorrah @The Marquis Theatre

Dresses and Cumulus w/The Outfit, The Bell Hours @ The Marquis Theatre

LAMA LIVE w/ The Type, No More Excuses, Miles to Mountains @ The Marquis Theatre



Ultra Bide + WHILT + Black Lamb + Eiron @ Lost Lake Lounge


5th annual Waylon Jennings tribute w/ New Ben Franklins, Jimbo Darville & the Truckadours Red Whiskey Blue @ South Moe’s BBQ - Englewood

Joey Porters Vital Organ w/The Quick and Easy Boys @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Channel 93.3 & Illegal Pete’s Presents : THE EPILOGUEs w/NIGHT RIOTS, FLASHBULB FIRES, A BAND IN PICTURES @ Larimer Lounge

Thu Feb 6 The Pollution, Rough Age, PW3 (Perry Weissman 3) @ Lion’s Lair YOUTH CODE w/ COMING ,BLACKCELL, DJs ON.DRE & DV @ 3 Kings Tavern Touche Amore & mewithoutYou w/Seahaven, Drug Church @ The Marquis Theatre Mike Ring & The Connection + Larry Nix @ Lost Lake Lounge MILES TO MOUNTAINS w/ IN MUCH OF MADNESS , SUGAR SKULLS & MARIGOLDS , SPIES! @ Larimer Lounge 90.5 KCSU PRESENTS: The Dirtball of KottonMouth Kings @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins Fri Feb 7 Bud Bronson n the Goodtimers Album Release w/ FaceMan, Colfax Speed Queen @ Lion’s Lair

Valentines Day with: Rowdy Shadehouse + Aspen Hourglass @ Lost Lake Lounge Warhawk, Six Shooter, Black Acid Devil @ Lion’s Lair Cornmeal, Whiskey Tango @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Sun Feb 9 The Menzingers w/ Off With Their Heads, Broadway Calls, Lawsuit Models @ The Marquis Theatre

97.3 KBCO Presents : Zappa Plays Zappa @ The Ogden Theatre

Terrible Buttons, Hello the Camp @ Lion’s Lair

Dark Tranquillity w/Omnium Gatherum, Exmortus @ The Bluebird Theater

Mon Feb 10 KS 107.5 Presents: 2 Good to be T.R.U. Tour - 2 Chainz w/ Pusha T, August Alsina @ The Ogden Theatre Tue Feb 11 Miss Massive Snowflake, Rainstick Cowbell @ Lion’s Lair

HOUNDMOUTH w/WILLIE WATSON @Larimer Lounge Sat Feb 15 Steele & Colfax + Sarah & The Meanies + Driftin’ Suns @ Lost Lake Lounge

Twist & Shout Presents: White Lies w/ Frankie Rose, Boyhollow @ The Gothic Theatre

KINGPIN ~ Bowling, BBQ & Bands! feat. The Photo Atlas w/Cobraconda, CRL CRRLL @ South Moe’s BBQ - Englewood

Amon Amarth w/Enslaved, Skeletonwitch @The Summit Music Hall

Cages, Spells, Joy Subtraction @ Lion’s Lair

97.3 KBCO Presents: Mayer Hawthorne w/Quadron @ The Ogden Theatre

Winter BrewHaHa : Passafire / Ballyhoo! w/ Pacific Dub @ The Gothic Theatre

Skyfox w/Glass Delirium , Syke 96 @ South Moe’s BBQ - Englewood


Soda Jerk Presents : As The Sky Darkensw/ Ruins Of Tomorrow, Highfive, The Fulfillment, Stillness Before The Storm @The Marquis Theatre

The Epilogues, Night Riots, Post Paradise, Shatterproof @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Wed Feb 12 Twist & Shout Presents: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks w/ Tyvek @ The Gothic Theatre

Sound Legion Entertainment Presents: Valentine’s Day Massacre w/ Skinned, Last Word, Wyvern Spire, Awaken The Masses @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins


Ones To Watch Presents Savoy - Get Lazer’d Tour w/ DotEXE@ The Fillmore Auditorium

James Durbin w/ Kelley James, Ian Mahan-Neef @ The Marquis Theatre

Cornmeal w/ Whiskey Tango @ The Bluebird Theater

GUILTY PLEASURES ~ DJ DANCE PARTY! @ Lost Lake Lounge Lampwick w/ Filth Industry, Autumn Burn, No Matter The Fate, VELA @ The Gothic Theatre Breathe Carolina w/Mod Sun, GHOST TOWN, Lion Fight @The Summit Music Hall Twist & Shout Presents: Reggie & The Full Effect w/ Dads, Pentimento, Boats Without Oars @ The Marquis Theatre CLUB SANCTUARY FEATURING LOST NETWORK @ 3 Kings Tavern Bury The Hatchet Tour : feat Falling In Reverse , Escape the Fate, Chelsea Grin, Survive This! @ The Ogden Theatre Love and Light w/ Future Simple Project, Proper Motion, T.Wilde@ The Bluebird Theater Lotus with Poolside (DJ Set) @ The Fillmore Auditorium Rabbl presents: HR PEOPLE w/PHONOreason, MARCELLUS LEWIS, CHURCH FIRE @ Larimer Lounge Sat Feb 8 Mile High Improv Night with: The Free Electric Band + Facial + Lucida Tela + Parafunk @ Lost Lake Lounge Buncha Grief Presents : SPAM @ Lion’s Lair The Revivalists w/ Musketeer Gripweed, Solwave @ The Bluebird Theater 97.3 KBCO and Twist & Shout Present: North Mississippi Allstars w/ Lightnin’ Malcolm @ The Gothic Theatre Lotus w/ Zoogma @ The Fillmore Auditorium NSD Presents: The Fourth Annual Mardi Gras w/Vaski Uppermost, Mr.Skeleton @The Summit Music Hall

90.5 KCSU Presents: Shaley Scott w/Kita Hudson @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins Thu Feb 13 Tommy Freed & The Sound + Sarah Slaton + Dustin Morris (of Brave Song Circle) + Justin Hulsey + Mike Trujillo (of Disgrace The Traitor) @ Lost Lake Lounge

HOUNDMOUTH w/WILLIE WATSON @Larimer Lounge Sun Feb 16 The Ends, Murder the Cat, Tom Waits for No Man @ Lion’s Lair Inna Di Red + Givers Gain @ Lost Lake Lounge

The Brontide Effect, Flint Forehead, Mouth Major and the Box Doctors @ Lion’s Lair

Pristeen Events presents: Midnight Masquerade @The Summit Music Hall

Pixies w/Best Coast @ The Fillmore Auditorium

Deafheaven w/ SubRosa @The Marquis Theatre

94.3 KILO Presents: The American Dream Tour - Bring Me the Horizon & Of Mice & Men w/ Issues, letlive @ The Ogden Theatre

No Time For Bulls#!t Tour w/ FUTURISTIC, Devvon Terrell, Denzil Porter @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins LUCIUS w/YOU WON’T @Larimer Lounge

America Noir Tour 2014: Moonspell w/ Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity, Cellador @ The Bluebird Theater

Mon Feb 17 INCAN ABRAHAM @Larimer Lounge


Blackstone Rangers + Strange Powers + Knifight @ Lost Lake Lounge

Sub.Mission Dubstep Presents: Coult 45, Shank Aaron, Subliminal, Caustik, CurlyOnE @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins BALLS ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS : MAGIC CYCLOPS PRE VALENTINES DAY JAM FEATURING MAGIC CYCLOPS, LUKE SCHMALTZ(KING RAT), AND SPUTNIK SLOVENIA (JIM YELNICK OF PITCH INVASION) @ 3 Kings Tavern Fri Feb 14 Twist & Shout and Channel 93.3 Present: Bop Skizzum’s Final Show Nerd Prom feat. Bop Skizzum w/Mega Ran, Sundown Social, Filthy T @ The Gothic Theatre

Tue Feb 18 This Or The Apocalypse w/ Sworn In, Shai Hulud, Sirens and Sailors@The Marquis Theatre Kings of Metal MMXIV Anniversary Tour USA - MANOWAR @ The Ogden Theatre ERIC MARTINEZ w/PACEMAKER , WINDUP MONKEYS , HARVESTMEN @Larimer Lounge CID Initiative DJ Battle - Round 1 @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins Wed Feb 19 Television Generation + Thousand Frames + Vertical Arrays + SR3 @ Lost Lake Lounge

3 Deep Productions Presents: Get Home Safely Tour - Dom Kennedy w/ special guest Skeme @ The Gothic Theatre Sno-Core Tour: The Pretty Reckless w/The Letter Black, Crobot @The Summit Music Hall sub.mission Presents: 12th Planet w/ Protohype, Antiserum, SPL, Steady @ The Bluebird Theater HeartYourFace Productions Presents: DJ Mahf @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins Thu Feb 20 Tyler Stanfield Band + Vetta Star + Storm Circus + Sean Lea @ Lost Lake Lounge Lil’Thunder, Good Gracious, Alien Space Kitchen @ Lion’s Lair


CONFLUENCE (tour kickoff) w/A BAND IN PICTURES , WILD HIGH @Larimer Lounge

I SANK MOLLY BROWN (Album Release & 10 Year Anniversary) @Larimer Lounge

The Grant Farm, Westwater Outlaws, Jeremy C. Grant of Deadwood Saints @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Wasteland Hop, James and the devil, The Deadwood Saints @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Sat Mar 1 Mardi Grass 2014: Mountain Standard Time featuring Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth @ The Bluebird Theater

Sun Feb 23 The Bell Hours @ Lost Lake Lounge Love Vice Podcast w/ Dr Love + Miss Know It All @ Lion’s Lair BkG42 Presents: Twisted Insane, Psychological Records @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

The Delta Routine, Rossonian, the Red Pyramids, the Dives @ Lion’s Lair Robby Wicks Band @ Lost Lake Lounge Twist & Shout Presents: Russian Circles w/ Ken Mode, Inter Arma @ The Gothic Theatre

The Hounds Below w/ We Like Monsters @The Marquis Theatre

Mon Feb 24 Channel 93.3’s Throwback Lunch and Twist & Shout Present: Skinny Puppy w/Army of the Universe @ The Ogden Theatre

Twist & Shout and Soda Jerk Present: The English Beat w/The Dendrites, Denver Vintage Reggae Society @The Summit Music Hall

Walk Off the Earth w/ Parachute, Camera2 @ The Ogden Theatre


Saving Abel w/ Blacklite District, Resonance, Scarlet Canary , Averse to the End @The Marquis Theatre

Radio 1190 Presents : COM TRUISE w/PHANTOMS @Larimer Lounge

Hollywood Ending w/Fourth & Coast, This Is All Now, King The Kid, Almost Maine @The Marquis Theatre

Reggae Movement Presents: J Boog w/ Los Rakas @ The Bluebird Theater

Tue Feb 25 The Risin’ Sun + Cloud Catcher @ Lost Lake Lounge

Fri Feb 21 Rumours Follow w/Pullman Standard, Saving Avery, Finding Common Ground @ South Moe’s BBQ - Englewood

We Butter the Bread with Butter w/ Lions Lions, honour Crest @The Marquis Theatre


Word of Mouth Tour: Aer w/ RDGLDGRN, New Beat Fund @ The Gothic Theatre

Radio 1190 and Twist & Shout Present: XIU XIU TEARIST , FAREWELL @Larimer Lounge

Spies! , Taverns, Quantam Creep, Cop Circles @ Lion’s Lair Rossonian + Dirt + The Rose Petition@ Lost Lake Lounge Lord Huron DJ Set / After Party @ Lost Lake Lounge Channel 93.3 Presents: Cowboy Mouth @ The Gothic Theatre Forty Fathoms w/The Burial Plot, Dead for Denver @The Summit Music Hall


Mon Mar 3 Animal Eyes + Male Blonding @ Lost Lake Lounge

97.3 KBCO Presents: The Wild Feathers w/ Saints of Valory, Jamestown Revival @ The Bluebird Theater

The Hat Madder, Indigenous Robot, the Vanilla Milkshakes @ Lion’s Lair


Channel 93.3 Presents: TJ Miller@ The Gothic Theatre

Mustard + Torch The Wagon + Shik Sham Booty @ Lost Lake Lounge The Patient Zeros ‘Tour Send Of’f , Cutthroat Drifters, Dead Pay Rent, An Awkward Photograph @ Lion’s Lair

Kodaline w/ LP @ The Bluebird Theater

90.5 KCSU Presents: Afro Zep (Performing the Music of Led Zeppelin) @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Lord Huron w/ Superhumanoids @ The Ogden Theatre

Sat Feb 22 Channel 93.3, 88.5FM/1390AM KGNU and Radio 1190 Present: Denver Ska Fest: P-Nuckle w/ Judge Roughneck, Synthetic Elements, Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra, The AOks, The Brixton Guns @ The Gothic Theatre

Sun Mar 2 Moonface @ South Moe’s BBQ - Englewood

Mountain Standard Time featuring Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

Thu Feb 27 Acid Reign + Uncommon Nasa + GeorgeLife & DJ Pookie + Flowalition + Dent + Evolution & DJ Kaotic @ Lost Lake Lounge




Hellfyre Club (Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Nocando) @The Marquis Theatre JJ Grey & Mofro w/ Keller Williams, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers @ The Fillmore Auditorium

BKG42 & Strong Survive Promotionz Presents: BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE, Scum, ScotFree @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins

As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God Documentary @The Summit Music Hall The Dirty Dozen Brass Band w/ Pimps of Joytime @ The Bluebird Theater COJam: The Colorado Jam Scene Presents: Juno What w/ Garrett Sayers Trio @ Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins Fri Feb 28 Dead Wolf, Miles to Mountains, No More Excuses, Blue Collar Killers @ Lion’s Lair

Tue Mar 4 Neck Deep w/ Knuckle Puck, Light Years @The Marquis Theatre Mardi Gras show w/ the Drunken Cuddle, Kiel Grove @ Lion’s Lair GARDENS & VILLA @Larimer Lounge Wed Mar 5 We Are The In Crowd w/William Beckett, Set It Off, State Champs, Candy Hearts@The Marquis Theatre Cody Jasper + The Freeway Revival Band + The Baltic + DJ Set by Eric Halberg & Cole Rudy (of Dragondeer) @ Lost Lake Lounge Lord Dying / Doperunner / Abrams / Khemmis @ 3 Kings Tavern Thu Mar 6 Pleistocene, Thee Dang Dangs, Best Creeps @ Lion’s Lair

Roots & Rhythm @ Lost Lake Lounge

Twist & Shout Presents: Children Of Bodom w/ Death Angel , Tyr@The Summit Music Hall

Hot Buttered Rum w/ special guest Billy Nershi @ The Gothic Theatre

Middle Class Rut w/ Brick + Mortar, Dinosaur Pile Up @The Marquis Theatre

Pentagram w/Radio Moscow , Kinds Destroy, Space In Time @The Summit Music Hall

Cash’d Out (The Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute) @ The Bluebird Theater

Paradise Fears w/ Sunderland @The Marquis Theatre

The Metropole Tour : The Lawrence Arms w/Teenage Bottlerocket, Potato Pirates @The Summit Music Hall

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band w/ Pimps of Joytime @ The Bluebird Theater

Presented By Channel 93.3 : Royal Teeth w/ Chappo , Parade of Lights @The Marquis Theatre

SCOTT H. BIRAM / Granny Tweed / Miss Allison Olassa @ 3 Kings Tavern


Colorado Music Buzz Magazine February 2014  

Featuring the best in local music talent in the state. This month we feature the best jam bands in Colorado along with tons of reviews, prev...

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine February 2014  

Featuring the best in local music talent in the state. This month we feature the best jam bands in Colorado along with tons of reviews, prev...