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Energy Flow


Elena King is an LPGA Class A Professional and won a 2013 CAGGY Award as “Best Instructor for Women.” Contact her at or 303-503-0330

By Elena King

here are you focusing your energy in your golf swing? Is it towards the ball or towards the target? Much like a baseball pitcher, who initiates his throw by unwinding with his lower body before following through with his entire body weight directly at the catcher, it’s crucial for golfers to direct their power toward the target, not the ground. This will help with proper body rotation, full arm extension, increased accuracy, improved ball contact and, above all, more power.

Incorrect: Energy at the Ball

• Swing is out of sequence starting from the top • Body does not rotate properly • Arms separate, resulting in poor contact • Huge loss of power due to abbreviated swing

correct: Energy Towards the Target • Swing is in sequence with proper body rotation & power release • Body rotates towards target with weight finishing on the forward foot (left foot for right-handed players) • Arms stay extended, close together and in front of body



To simulate the motion of directing your energy towards your target, take a golf ball and throw it underhanded downrange. Start the forward swing with the rotation of the hips, transfer your weight to the forward foot and complete the throw with your chest facing the target. Cag


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