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New phonic readers A brand new selection of 20 phonic readers will be available in January 2013. ●

With the usual 50/50 split of fiction and non-fiction, they are perfect for phonic practice both in the classroom and at home.

The new decodable readers are fun and motivating and complement any existing scheme.

To find out more about Collins Big Cat Phonics, please see pages 14-19.

New struggling reader progress books New Collins Big Cat series Progress was launched to help struggling readers in 2012. ●

Now another 32 titles will be added to the series in May 2013, this time with a higher reading ability level, which has been much requested by teachers.

The new releases cover reading levels Orange-Gold, with interest levels of Copper-Diamond.

There’s a greater choice than ever to help close the reading gap between KS1 and KS2 and develop a love of reading in every pupil.

Plus new decodable progress readers too New for September, we are pleased to offer a range of decodable Progress books for struggling readers. Aimed at children in Year 2 who have failed the phonics screening check, the books provide catch-up support to get them back on track. To find out more about Collins Big Cat Progress, please see pages 20-23.

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