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Band 2B Red B – simple story development and a satisfying conclusion Fiction


Tec and the Litter

At the Dump

Tony Mitton Tec the detective decides to find out where some litter has come from.

Claire Llewellyn Explore recycling on a visit to the dump, in this illustrated non-fiction book.



Ben and Bobo


Martin Waddell Ben and Bobo are painting, but Bobo is very clumsy and things keep going wrong.

Jonathan Emmett What bones have you got in your body? Where are they? Are they big or are they small?



Super Ben

What Are You Making?

Steve Smallman There’s a shark in the duck pond, aliens at the roundabout and even a monstrous toad in the puddle.

Alison Hawes Piece by piece, the children make something that is finally revealed as an amazing monster.



Where is the Wind?

The Oak Tree

Celia Warren Mole sets out to see the wind. He sees Bee blowing about, but he doesn’t see the wind!

Anna Owen What lives in, on or under the oak tree? Find out in this simple non-fiction book.




Let’s Go Shopping

Paul Shipton A band of pirates are searching for some hidden treasure. One by one, they get into trouble.


Betty Moon This colourful book takes children through the experience of shopping.


What do you like? Woody’s Week Michaela Morgan Woody decides he can’t wait for his dad to build his playhouse.

Anna Owen What types of food do you like to eat, and when? 978-0-00-718564-1


What’s for Breakfast? Paul Shipton Three hungry ants send their dad out to hunt for food but aren’t satisfied by what he brings back! 978-0-00-718668-6

The Lion and the Mouse T Anthony Robinson A A tiny mouse accidentally disturbs a ssleeping lion - but the lion lets him go. 978-0-00-741288-4 9

Bad Bat B L Laura Hambleton Bad Bat enjoys tricking the other animals B when they are sleeping. w 978-0-00-741289-1 9

My Exercise Diary Alison Hawes Follow a week in the life of a boy who loves to run, swim, rollerblade and trampoline in this simple non-fiction book. 978-0-00-718669-3

River Journey Fiona MacDonald Follow a river from its source to tthe sea and see how it adapts to its surroundings. 978-0-00-741290-7

All in a Month A Monica Hughes One boy describes the events in his life in the past month. 978-0-00-741291-4


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