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Olympic BMX Charlotte Guillain Find out the skills that go into making a great Olympic BMX competitor. 978-0-00-742874-8 Interest band Ruby

Muscles Anna Claybourne What is a muscle? How do they work? Why are they so important? 978-0-00-742876-2 Interest band Sapphire

When Rosa Parks Met Martin Luther King Junior Zoe Clarke Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King publicly fought against prejudice – in very different ways. 978-0-00-742878-6 Interest band Diamond

Tigers in Trouble Louise Spilsbury Once, there were 100,000 tigers, but now these beautiful creatures are under threat of extinction. 978-0-00-742880-9 Interest band Copper

World’s Deadliest Creatures Anna Claybourne Take a closer look at some very poisonous, venomous and deadly animals. 978-0-00-742882-3 Interest band Ruby

The Modern Pentathlon Zoe Clarke Discover the extraordinary skills needed to compete in this challenging event. 978-0-00-742884-7 Interest band Sapphire

Animals in War Jillian Powell & Imperial War Museum With photographs from the Imperial War Museum, learn about the animals that were involved in battle. 978-0-00-742885-4 Interest band Diamond

Natural Disasters Adrian Bradbury Find out about the natural disasters people face around the world. 978-0-00-742888-5 Interest band Copper

Long-Distance Lunch Anita Ganeri Where does the food in your lunchbox come from? How far has it travelled? 978-0-00-742890-8 Interest band Ruby

Amazing Escapes John Foster Read survival stories of people who were bitten by a shark or trapped in an avalanche. 978-0-00-742891-5 Interest band Sapphire

Growing up in Wartime Jillian Powell & Imperial War Museum Find out what life was like for the children growing up during World War II. 978-0-00-742893-9 Interest band Diamond



Cool Cars John Foster Find out about some of the world’s coolest and most unusual cars. 978-0-00-742872-4 Interest band Copper

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