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In the Game Katy Coope A manga graphic novel. Dan and Sara are bored but little do they know what adventures are about to happen. 978-0-00-742873-1 Interest band Ruby

Top Secret Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom Christine Granville was a British spy who risked her life to save her comrades. 978-0-00-742875-5 Interest band Sapphire

Thin Ice Anne Curtis Captain Scott travelled to the Antarctic in 1901 – the first man in the world ever to go there. 978-0-00-742877-9 Interest band Diamond

The Dolphin King Saviour Pirotta A fisherman injures the Dolphin King and puts the lives of his friends in peril. 978-0-00-742879-3 Interest band Copper

Dinner with a Pirate Saviour Pirotta When Pedro the fisherman catches a swordfish, he decides to share his meal with a captured pirate. 978-0-00-742881-6 Interest band Ruby

Seal Skull Anne Curtis A boy takes home a seal skull that he finds at the beach. It has dark, empty eyes that stare back at him. 978-0-00-742883-0 Interest band Sapphire

Fire in the Sky Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom Discover the incredible true story of Sergeant Jackson when his plane was hit in 1945. 978-0-00-742886-1 Interest band Diamond

The Deadly Monster Linda Chapman Jack and Sam think their school trip to the museum is boring, until they see a glowing statue… 978-0-00-742887-8 Interest band Copper

Zara and the Fairy Godbrother Margaret Ryan When Zara wishes for a new dress for a party she doesn’t expect to see a fairy godbrother appear! 978-0-00-742889-2 Interest band Ruby

Winkie’s War Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom Follow the true story of Winkie, a carrier pigeon in WWII whose crew crash landed in the sea. 978-0-00-742894-6 Interest band Sapphire

Angel House Anne Curtis He doesn’t fit in at school; they don’t understand him there. But in Angel House he feels stronger and free. 978-0-00-742892-2 Interest band Diamond



Mission Mars Anne Curtis The Star Ship Orca is taking off on a mission to find a new planet for the people of Earth. 978-0-00-742871-7 Interest Band Copper


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