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Sip It, Dip It, Tap It Monica Hughes Look at a variety of different types of food from around the world 978-0-00-733490-2

Dip it! Tap it! Catherine Baker Join Dan and Sam as they have fun dipping and tapping. 978-0-00-742191-6

Pink B / Band 1B

Pips in Pots Alison Hawes Photographs of each stage showing how to plant your own pips. 978-0-00-733504-6

In the Net Jillian Powell All the different football skills needed to play the game, score and win. 978-0-00-733501-5

Got It! Charlotte Guillain Follow a young girl as she sets out to catch a crab. 978-0-00-742193-0

Red A / Band 2A

Pet Cat, Big Cat Alison Hawes What are the differences between your pet cat, and a big cat in the wild? 978-0-00-723587-2

Run, Jump, Hop! John Foster Comparing the way animals and humans move. 978-0-00-723586-5

The Big Red Bus Alison Hawes A little girl and her dad as they go for a journey on the big, red bus. 978-0-00-723585-8

Get Fit! Gina Nuttall It’s fun to get fit! Find out different ways to exercise. 978-0-00-742196-1

Chick to Hen Elspeth Graham Follow the life of a chicken – from its early days as a chick, to laying eggs of its own. 978-0-00-742197-8

Feelings Monica Hughes Examining a range of feelings through a little boy and his dog. 978-0-00-723592-6

Thick and Thin Alison Hawes Children compare and contrast different thick and thin things. 978-0-00-723593-3

Pond Dipping Alison Hawes If you dip a net into a pond, what will you see when you scoop it out? 978-0-00-723591-9

I Found a Sound Vic Parker How many sounds do you hear in your day? 978-0-00-742200-5

Pond Food John Townsend Take a look inside a pond and discover the food chain inside. 978-0-00-742201-2

Real Monsters Nic Bishop Follow the adventures of a monster-like lizard. 978-0-00-723598-8

Rock Out! Janice Vale A group of children make instruments out of junk. 978-0-00-723599-5

The Sun and the Moon Paul Shipton The Sun and the Moon both shine on Earth, but differ in many ways. 978-0-00-723597-1

Peas, please! Fiona Macdonald How do peas grow and how do they get from the field to our dinner plates? 978-0-00-742204-3

Frog or Toad? Sue Barraclough What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? 978-0-00-742205-0

Birds Jilly MacLeod Learn about a wide variety of birds from around the world. 978-0-00-723604-6

How to Grow a Beanstalk Janice Vale Discover how to turn a small bean into a tall beanstalk. 978-0-00-723603-9

The Rainforest at Night Nic Bishop Meet the animals and insects that live in the Rainforest. 978-0-00-723605-3

Gorillas Teresa Heapy Find out all about gorillas’ habitat, diet and behaviour. 978-0-00-742208-1

From Cow to Carton Vic Parker Ever wondered how milk gets from the cow in the field to your glass? 978-0-00-742209-8

Blue / Band 4

Yellow / Band 3

Pit Pat! Tip Tap! Jillian Powell Playing with paint, play dough and a sandpit. 978-0-00-733492-6

Red B / Band 2B

Pink A / Band 1A

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Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

Up to date resources for teaching and learning, helping motivate children across the ability range - from strugglers to the most able.

Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

Up to date resources for teaching and learning, helping motivate children across the ability range - from strugglers to the most able.