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Cover image taken from Once Upon A Timeless Tale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Illustration by Anna Walker. Published by Little Hare Books

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The Lucky One

diary Of a fOreiGn MinisTer

Krystal Barter RRP $29.99

Bob Carr RRP $49.99

The inspiring story of how a young woman defied a family cancer curse to save herself and offer the gift of hope to thousands of other women. It is a tale of love, courage and transformation that will inspire all who read it.

Six years after vacating his position as the longest-serving Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr returned to politics in his dream job: as Foreign Minister of Australia and a senior federal cabinet minister. This compelling diary provides an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day workings of a foreign minister.

saVinG ZaLi

dirTy secreTs: Our asiO fiLes

Lisa Venables RRP $29.99

Meredith Burgmann RRP $32.99

This is a moving story of a mother’s fight to keep her child alive and the medical miracle that made it happen. Heartfelt and beautifully told, this is a story of medical dedication, a child’s tenacity and a mother’s love.

In this moving, funny and sometimes chilling book, leading Australians open their ASIO files and read what the state’s security apparatus said about them. Writers from across the political spectrum including Mark Aarons, Phillip Adams, Nadia Wheatley, Michael Kirby, Peter Cundall, Gary Foley and Anne Summers confront – and in some cases reclaim – their pasts.

MisTer OwiTa’s Guide TO GardeninG Carol Wall RRP $34.99 From the publisher of The Help comes a moving true story of the unlikely friendship between two people who had nothing – and ultimately everything – in common.

The biG bOOk Of scandaLOus ausTraLian wOMen Kay Saunders RRP $32.99 Some are wicked, some are scandalous, some are downright mean and ruthless and some just went a little bit sideways. Meet the bad women of Australia: the femmes who challenge our ideas of what women should be - together in the one big book.

Paris aT The end Of The wOrLd John Baxter RRP $24.99 Through a lively blend of memoirs, reminiscences, and modern day adventure, John Baxter takes us into the heart of Paris during The Great War. Tracing the experiences of his own grandfather - an Australian serviceman who found himself in Paris in 1914 - Baxter explores firsthand the mythology of the period.

The hOTeL On PLace VendOMe Tilar J. Mazzeo RRP $29.99 Since the end of the 19th Century, the Ritz Hotel in Paris has been an international symbol of luxury and glamour. Penned by the Bestselling author of The Widow Clicquot, this is a remarkable and intimate snapshot of this famous hotel during WW2 and the people who inhabited it.

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wOMen Of sPiriT

under MaGnOLia

Anne Crawford RRP $29.99

Frances Mayes RRP $29.99

This is a collection of inspiring true-life stories of country women. These people have struggled through bushfires, floods, poverty, discrimination and accidents but have come out of it all smiling. The stories of the Women of Spirit are of hardship, triumph, resilience and love.

The author of Under the Tuscan Sun, Frances Mayes revisits the turning points that defined her early years in Fitzgerald, Georgia. With her signature style and grace, Mayes explores the power of landscape, the idea of home, and the lasting force of a chaotic and loving family. Our Price



ridinG This rOad

i’M TaLkinG

Joy McKean RRP $32.99

Kate Ceberano & Tom Gilling RRP $32.99

Australia’s Queen of country music, Joy McKean, takes us on the road of her life. Riding the Road looks at Joy’s career as a performer and song writer, her decades of touring around Australia and her marriage to Slim Dusty.

In her own unmistakable voice, Kate Ceberano takes us on a very personal journey from her suburban childhood, her immersion in the Melbourne club scene of the eighties and her rise to stardom at the age of fourteen when she fronted the wildly popular funk band I’m Talking, to the life of a female performer and recording artist in London, Los Angeles and New York.

The POwer Of bOnes

aLPhabeT sOuP

Keelen Mailman RRP $29.99

Melissa Doyle RRP $29.99

A heartbreaking tale of childhood poverty, abuse and racism that happily becomes an inspiring story of an extraordinary woman’s strength through adversity.

This is a funny, warm and personal memoir that reveals what it’s like being a regular busy working mum, who just so happens to have a job on the telly. Mel is a journalist, author and best known as the co-host of Channel 7’s breakfast program. Our Price



nurses Of The OuTback

sMaLL baMbOO

Annabelle Brayley RRP $29.99

Tracy Vo RRP $29.99

The work of a nurse is challenging enough, but when you add a remote location, the stakes are so much higher. Meet fifteen courageous people who prove that the outback runs on nurse power.

Tracy Vo is a Channel 9 journalist. Her parents were among Australia’s 1970s boat people. Small Bamboo tells of their extraordinary escape from Vietnam to create a happier life in Australia.


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criMsOn dawn

chesTnuT sTreeT

Fleur McDonald RRP $29.99

Maeve Binchy RRP $32.99

Laura Murphy will need to call on all her grit and determination to retain her beloved farm... But will her fierce self reliance close her off to the possibility of love? This is another great story from popular Western Australian author, Fleur McDonald.

Just around the corner from St Jarlath’s Crescent (featured in Minding Fanki) is Chestnut Street. Here, the lives of the residents are revealed in Maeve Binchy’s wonderful collection of stories. No one rivals this much loved author, for stories of warmth, kindness, love, loss - and life not always turning out as expected... Our Price



TrackinG nOrTh

LOsinG kaTe

Kerry McGinnis RRP $29.99

Kylie Kaden RRP $32.99

Kelly Roberts finds refuge in the rugged and remote cattle country of northern Australia, but when tragedy strikes she is forced to find a new life for herself and her children outside of Rainsford Station.

This mesmerising debut is part love story and part mystery. It tells the captivating tale of two lovers who are torn apart by tragedy and the secrets they kept of one devastating night. Our Price



The Tea chesT

The unknOwn wOMan

Josephine Moon RRP $29.99

Jacqueline Lunn RRP $32.99

A beautifully engaging novel set in the world of a boutique teashop. With rose petals, cinnamon bark and orange peel scenting the air, three women come together from very different backgrounds and learn to trust themselves, and each other, on their way forward. For readers who love the books of Liane Moriarty, Cathy Kelly and Monica McInerney.

As the day unfolds, lies are told, choices are revisited, family, friends and strangers are lost and Lilith Granger discovers it is exhausting being an unknown woman. This new novel by Jacqueline Lunn is a portrait of a woman who doesn’t know who she is anymore and a portrait of modern life.

safe harbOur

The ruby sLiPPers

Helene Young RRP $29.99

Keir Alexander RRP $24.99

When Darcy Fletcher drags a handsome sailor from a stricken yacht, she finds herself drawn into his mysterious world. Having saved his life, can she now rescue him from his dark past? Or will that endanger all she holds most dear.

Keir Alexander’s novel is a rare and moving story about the search for meaning. Bursting with atmosphere, an unforgettable cast of characters and set in New York, Ruby Slippers is a sweeping story of hidden treasures, forgotten histories and lost connections.

Our Price



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saPPhire skies

baLancinG acT

Belinda Alexandra RRP $29.99

Joanna Trollope RRP $32.99

From the pomp and purges of Stalin’s Russia, through the horrors of war and beyond – secrets, lies, enduring love, terrible betrayal, sacrifice and redemption all combine in this sweeping saga from Belinda Alexandra.

Susie Moran is a success. She has founded and run her own highly profitable company, and now her three daughters are all involved in the business. Rooted in the traditions of the Stoke-onTrent potteries, and producing charming, useable objects of distinctive design, Susie is justly proud of her family and her achievement – and has no intention of letting it change. But can the needs of a family business override the needs of the family itself? In wanting to preserve her business, will Susie lose something much more precious?

Our Price



afTer eVeryThinG

chasinG shadOws

Suellen Dainty RRP $29.99

Leila Yusaf Chung RRP $32.99

A group of friends reach their late fifties and discover that life can still present unexpected chances for new beginnings. After Everything is a wry, emotionally astute novel about beginning again and getting wisdom long after you think you’ve grown up.

What happens when a Jewish man marries a Muslim woman in Palestine in 1947? A debut novel of astounding force and compassion, Chasing Shadows is the story of Palestine’s demise and the loss felt across several generations.

The bLue MiLe


Kim Kelly RRP $29.99

Fiona McIntosh RRP $29.99

Set against the spectacular backdrop of Sydney Harbour, The Blue Mile is a tale of the both wild and calculated risks a city took to build a wonder of the world, and of those taken by ordinary people to save a great love, against all of the odds.

A fabulous stand alone historical fiction of love, war and betrayal from the bestselling Fiona McIntosh Tapestry takes us on a gripping journey from the 1970s into the England and Scotland of 1715.... Our Price



The POsTcard


Leah Fleming RRP $29.99

Su Dharmapala RRP $29.99

2002, Australia. When Melissa discovers a postcard addressed to ‘Desmond’ among her recently deceased father’s effects, she is determined to discover this person’s identity. She soon embarks on a journey that will take her across oceans and into the past…1930s London. After an affair, Caroline gives birth to a baby boy, Desmond. With her personal life in tatters and WWII approaching, she volunteers as a secret agent, smuggling valuable information into Europe for the British government….How do the two stories connect?

From the lush beauty of Sri Lanka, ravaged by bloody civil war, to India and its eventual resting place in Australia, this is the story of a precious saree and the lives it changes forever. This is a breathtaking story of beauty, oppression and freedom… and of an enduring love that can never be broken.


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The GirL whO saVed The kinG Of sweden Jonas Jonasson RRP $29.99 This is a new book by the popular Swedish author of the bestseller Hundred -Year -Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Quirky and utterly unique The girl Who Saved the King of Sweden is a charming and humorous account of one young woman’s unlikely adventure.

VOGeL winner 2014

MOunTain ash Margareta Osborn RRP $32.99 From bestselling author Margareta Osborn comes another sintillating rural romance with a devastating love triangle twist. After years of struggling as a single mother, Jodie Ashton has given up on love and passion. What she craves now is security and marriage to widower Alex McGregor, will certainly offer that. Needing space to decide her future, Jodie reluctantly agrees to a girls-only weekend at the Riverton rodeo ...

RRP $27.99 The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award is one of Australia’s richest and the most prestigious awards for an unpublished manuscript by a writer under the age of thirty-five. The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award has launched the careers of some of Australia’s most successful writers, including Tim Winton, Kate Grenville, Gillian Mears, Brian Castro, Mandy Sayer and Andrew McGahan. The winner of the Vogel Literary Prize for 2014 will be announced 22nd April.

The sTrays Emily Bitto RRP $24.99 This is the superb debut novel from prodigiously talented young author Emily Bitto. She reimagines the 1930s Australian art world with aplomb, and her characterisation is excellent.

The reTurn Silvia Kwon RRP $29.99 Silvia Kwon’s evocative debut novel is about one Australian family dealing with prejudice and change in the turbulent 1960s. The war is over. The enemy is no longer the enemy. But hate is hard to extinguish. The scars of war are not always visible, and they don’t always fade. The Return is a powerful story about love, hate and forgiveness that will stir your heart.

The Quick Lauren Owen RRP $32.99 Lauren Owen’s evocative debut novel tells the story of how one Australian family deals with prejudice and change in the turbulent 1960s. It is emotionally involving as it is suspenseful and it should establish Owen as an amazing talent.

The eMPress LOVer Linda Jaivin RRP $29.99 Peking 1944: Sir Edmund Backhouse is a man of many parts. Beijing 2014: Linnie is an Australian woman of uncertain provenance struggling to make a living in Beijing. And so how do two these worlds collide? The Empress Lover is a witty, playful, intriguing and ultimately very moving novel of identity and loss.

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The skin cOLLecTOr

Thursday’s chiLdren

Jeffery Deaver RRP $32.99

Nicci French RRP $29.99

Master of suspense and number one bestselling author Jeffery Deaver returns with the eleventh exhilarating novel in the Lincoln Rhyme series. The Skin Collector is the long-anticipated follow-up to the Bone Collector. Our Price

When psychotherapist Frieda Klein left the sleepy Suffolk coastal town she grew up in she never intended to return. But when tragedy strikes, Frieda has no choice but to return home and confront her past.



The Murder baG

The sOn

Tony Parsons RRP $29.99

Jo Nesbo RRP $32.99

This is the gripping first novel in an explosive new crime series by Tony Parsons, well known author of Man and Boy. If you like crime novels by Ian Rankin and Peter James, you will love this.

A brand new thriller from popular crime writer, Jo Nesbo, which sees a charismatic young prisoner escaping gaol to find out the truth about his father’s death. Our Price



Jacks and JOkers

The kinG

RRP $29.95

J.R.Ward RRP $29.99

Continuing on from the bestselling Three Crooked Kings, Jacks and Jokers opens in 1976. Terry Lewis, exiled in western Queensland, is soon to be controversially appointed Police Commissioner.

This is the newest instalment in J.R. Ward’s popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series. After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle - with the help of his beloved mate. Beth Randall thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated the last pure Our Price blooded vampire on the planet. The question $ is, will true love win out... or tortured legacy 99 take over?


Thief’s MaGic

Our Price



cOMinG in June Order yOur cOPy nOw!

deMOn chiLd

cOMinG in June Order yOur cOPy nOw!

Trudi Canavan RRP $29.99

Kylie Chan RRP $29.99

In a world where an industrial revolution is powered by magic, Tyen, a student of archaeology, unearths a sentient book called Vella. Once a young sorcerer-bookbinder, Vella was transformed into a useful tool by one of the greatest sorcerers of history. Since then she has been collecting information, including a vital clue to the disaster Tyen’s world faces. Thief’s Magic is the beginning of a brand new series from the bestselling fantasy author Trudi Canavan.

Australian bestseller Kylie Chan returns with a new, fastpaced adventure of magic, martial arts, and romance. This trilogy follows the story of John Chen and Emma Donohoe. They have just found out that Emma has Demon blood and they have suffered the miscarriage of their first child. Emma’s allegiance is torn: to fight for her kind, the Western demons she is descended from, or to stand alongside her beloved Xuan Wu.


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The ausTraLian bLue ribbOn cOOkbOOk

deLiciOus induLGe, deLiciOus sPice, and deLiciOus sLOw

Liz Harfull RRP $39.99

Valli Little RRP $19.99 each

Liz Harfull shares delicious recipes, heart warming stories and expert cooking tips from 70 of the best show cooks from all around Australia.

These three new books are packed with rich photography and beautiful design. Each contains essential recipes and is themed a particular occasion: Indulge when only a sweet will do, Spice, to add kick to your cooking and Slow, so you can savour your time in the kitchen.

LOcaL is LOVeLy Sophie Hansen RRP $35.00 Sophie Hansen is a freelance food writer and farmer on a property west of Orange. Local is Lovely is a collection of recipes and resources for people who love farmers and eating locally.

PhiLLiPPa’s hOMe bakinG Phillippa Grogan RRP $49.99 In this inspiring and generous book, written with Richard Cornish, Phillippa shares more than 140 baking recipes from Australia, New Zealand and beyond, gathered from family, friends and her travels.

induLGenT cakes The Australian Women’s Weekly RRP $49.95 This stunning volume of new and inspired cake recipes is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The cakes are delicious and included also are helpful baking tips and hints and step by step photography to guarantee success. Our Price



heaLThy eVery day Pete Evans RRP $39.99 Much-loved chef and television host Pete Evans shares his favourite recipes for energy and good health. Pete’s fresh and healthy paleo-inspired dishes are full of flavour and will leave you feeling and looking fabulous. Our Price



TasTy exPress

One dish TwO ways

Sneh Roy RRP $39.99

Jane Kennedy RRP $39.95

Sneh Roy’s new book is full of easy-to-make, easy-to-take, wholesome and adventurous cooking from this multi-talented food blogger. In Tasty Express Sneh invites you to share a delicious and fun-filled journey.

Jane kennedy’s new publication is the first genuinely family-friendly cookbook which is guaranteed to keep everyone happy at the dinner table. A perfect collection of recipes that can be served to kids then jazzed up for the adults with the addition of just a few ingredients.

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french fOr eVeryOne saMe saMe buT differenT

Manu Feildel RRP $49.99

Poh Ling Yeow RRP $39.99

After a recent trip to his homeland, Australia’s best-loved French chef, Manu Feildel, was inspired by a way of life that values the quality of food, and the importance of sharing it around a table each day.

Come on a new journey with Poh Ling Yeow with her long awaited follow-up to her best selling Poh’s Kitchen. The 100 new recipes are organised in pairs that share a common process, ingredient or texture. These mouth-watering recipes will inspire you to go in new culinary directions with familiar ingredients.

arGenTinian sTreeT fOOd Enrique Zanoni RRP $29.99 Bringing you authentic recipes that sit at the heart of the Argentina’s cuisine, Argentinian Street Food is divided into chapters that focus on different aspects of Argentinian food and how best to recreate it at home. The Argentinian atmosphere is carried through in the food photography and in the reportage that sets this delicious food in its rich cultural context.

anTOniO carLucciO’s PasTa Antonio Carluccio RRP $45.00 In his new book Antonio Carluccio shares his love of Italy’s favourite food. Pasta’s huge variety of shapes, textures and flavours makes it the perfect basis for every kind of meal, from sophisticated dinner parties to simple suppers at home. Our Price



asia exPress Marion Grasby RRP $39.99

This is braZiL

Enjoy your favourite Asian dishes every night of the week with this definitive collection of fast and easy recipes from Marion Grasby. In Asia Express she shares her knowledge of Asian cuisine in a fun and fresh way, providing quick versions of all your favourites without scrimping on flavour.

SBS RRP $34.95 With recipes covering every day snacks, lunches and dinners as well as ideas for entertaining and drinks, This is Brazil conveys the essence of Brazilian lifestyle and cooking with beautiful and vibrant photography and food suggestions for every occasion.

Our Price



TreaT PeTiTe Zilly Rosen RRP $24.95 There’s an Alice-in-Wonderland charm about teeny petit fours, delectable little sponge cakes, button-like macaroons in sugar-candy colours...and things you can just pop in your mouth and finish in a bite. Treat Petite takes a trend that’s on the up in expensive patisseries and luxury cupcake stores and shows you how to make it work at home.

Tessa kirOs The reciPe cOLLecTiOn Tessa Kiros RRP $49.99 This beautiful new publication from Tessa Kiros is a collection of recipes from some of her most popular cookbooks. Food from her Finnish and Greek Cypriot Our Price heritage appears along side other $ 99 dishes she has discovered on her journeys around the world.



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The wOrLd’s besT sPicy fOOd Lonely Planet RRP $29.99 Take a taste-bud-tingling tour of the world’s spiciest cuisines. Explore the culture behind dishes from Sichuan hotpots and Malaysian laksas to Mexican salsa and eye-watering hot curries. Bring the World’s spiciest foods to your home with this compendium of recipes!

ausTraLia readers diGesT sPeciaL ediTiOn RRP $50.00 This is an upbeat, quirky and affectionate look at Australia. Our Price



LOneLy PLaneT usa 8

ausTraLia a VisuaL JOurney

Lonely Planet RRP $39.99 each

RRP $49.99 This book represents the works of a community of photographers, each with their own unique perspective and interpretation of favourite locations within Australia.

These new guides from Lonely planet will provide the traveller with most up-to-date information on sights to see, accommodation, transport and much, much more. New Edition of Lonely Planet Canada is also available. RRP $39.99.

Our Price



naTuraL curiOsiTy unseen arT Of The firsT fLeeT The wOrLd’s GreaT wOnders Lonely Planet RRP $34.99 Have you ever wondered why the Tower of Pisa leans or how high a Redwood Tree grows? If you’ve ever asked ‘how did they do that?’, this book will unlock the secrets of 50 of the world’s most extraordinary natural and man-made wonders.

Louise Anemaat RRP $39.99 A sense of awe swept through natural history circles in eighteenth century London when the first ships returned from Sydney with their cargo of exotic animals, birds and plants and striking watercolour illustrations. This beautifully produced and designed book packed with stunning illustrations reveals fascinating new details about the artists of the First Fleet.

deLiciOus days in Paris

wOrLd aTLas – readers diGesT

Jane Paech RRP $35.00

RRP $80.00

Let food-lover and Paris expert Jane Paech show you around the city’s mille-feuille of history and culture, with its tempting pastry and chocolate shops on every corner. Taste camembert, champagne, strawberry tarts, meringues and macarons on Jane’s fourteen themed walks.

This beautiful new edition of the Readers Digest is a must have for every home. Our Price



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redback One

hisTOry’s wOrsT baTTLes

Robert Macklin RRP $35.00

Joel Levy RRP $29.99

In a career spanning twenty years Bonner shares with us the inside story of being out in front and often behind enemy lines. From sweeping into the Iraqi desert ahead of invading US forces to cripple Saddam Hussein’s communications to patrolling in wartorn Baghdad and being in the middle of the disastrous Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan this is a no-holds-barred account of what it’s like to live, eat and breathe SAS.

Joel Levy takes a light-hearted but informative look at fifty of the world’s bloodiest and most significant conflicts. Organised chronologically, this volume features some of the most disastrous military engagements ever fought.

LOsT bOys Of anZac Peter Stanley RRP $34.99 Australians remember the dead of 25 April 1915 on Anzac Day every year. But do we know the name of a single soldier who died that day? Lost Boys of Anzac traces the men who died on 25th April 1915 who they were, where they came from and why they volunteered for the AIF. It follows what happened to them in uniform and uncovers where and how they died.

Think Like a freak Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner RRP $29.99 Creators of the ‘Freakonomics’ phenomenon, Levitt and Dubner have turned what they’ve learned into a readable and practical toolkit for thinking smarter, harder, and different thinking, that is, like a Freak.

sTubbOrn buGGers Tim Bowden RRP $29.99 Outram Road Goal was a place even worse than Changi. It was a place where the deprivations were so extreme that there really was a fate worse than death. This is the story of group of Australian POWs who survived this horror camp through grim determination and larrikin humour.

unPrOfessiOnaL Jack Delosa RRP $24.95 Jack Delosa goes against the grain of traditional business and management thinking and tells you what you won’t learn about entrepreneurship in any MBA program. Packed with priceless insights, practical advice and real-life examples, Unprofessional offers a unique perspective for today’s forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

The fiGhT fOr ausTraLia Roland Perry RRP $32.99

Tax fOr ausTraLians fOr duMMies 2013-2014

In this masterful and gripping account, Roland Perry brings to life the bravery of our fellow Australians: from the forces engaged in brutal frontline fighting in the jungle, sea and air, to the backroom strategic campaigns waged by our politicians, and the sacrifices made on the home front.

Jimmy B. Prince RRP $24.95 Get the most from your next tax return with this essential guide. Whether you’re an employee, investor, small business owner, retiree or student, Tax for Australians For Dummies has all the information you need to get every cent you’re entitled to for the 2013–14 tax year.


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The wOMen’s heaLTh bOOk The Royal Women’s Hospital RRP $35.00 The Woman’s Health Book is a definitive guide to health and wellbeing for every Australian woman in each stage of her life. This volume has been written specifically by health professionals who specialise in woman’s health.


Buy a cop way y Bazaar & of Bright rec a free clo eive th tote bag

Bright Bazaar is a refreshing take on colour from one of the world’s leading interiors bloggers. From soft and delicate pastel hues to bright and bold colour statements, it is an engaging and practical book that equips the reader with the confidence and knowledge of how to successfully show their personality when decorating with colour.

Like My MOTher aLways said... Erin McHugh RRP $19.95 Erin McHugh has collected lots of wise and nutty sayings as well as funny advice that have been passed from Mothers to children for years. She has put them altogether in this attractive volume which would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

fashiOnabLy wOrn Leigh Ann Pow RRP $27.99 Offering inspiration and advice about everything from where to shop and how to secure what you want to what to do with your purchase, Fashionably Worn is a witty and wonderful guide put together by the former Associate editor of Vogue Australia.

sTePMOTher LOVe Sally Collins RRP $29.99 Stepmother Love tells the stories of ten women, including Sara Leonardi-McGrath, who have chosen to take on the challenge of making a positive contribution to the lives of their stepchildren. This groundbreaking book reveals how these women overcame grief, hostility and even disinterest to build loving, long-term, trusting relationships with their stepchildren.

The MaisOn saJOu sewinG bOOk Lucinda Ganderton RRP $39.95 For many years a byword for pretty and refined French taste, the esteemed haberdasher, Maison Sajou supplies the most discerning home sewers with their linens, embroidery silks and patterns, as well as an amazing array of sewing equipment. This book brings that sophisticated sensibility to twenty projects for you to make for yourself and your home.

The ausTraLian wOMen’s weekLy fashiOn: The firsT 50 years Deborah Thomas RRP $34.99 From the elegant outfits of the 1930s to the Hollywood-inspired evening gowns of the 1950s, from the psychedelic patterns and micro-minis of the 1960s to the bold and bohemian styles of the 1970s, this book charts the evolution of Australian fashion through the pages of Australian icon The Australian Women’s Weekly.

dOG GOne, back sOOn Nick Trout RRP $29.99 The gorgeous new novel from the author of the muchloved bestseller The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs is a wild and delightful ride through another jam-packed week in Eden Falls. This time, Cyrus Mills must figure out how to outsmart the evil veterinary conglomerate, win back his beloved’s heart, find a home for an orphaned dog, and detangle himself from an absurd case of mistaken identity

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MOsaic buTTerfLy nOTebOOk, abc beads and baLLOOn MaGic

LOw-cOsT PrOJecTs RRP $29.99 A colorful step by step guide to over 60 great projects you can do yourself.

RRP $14.95 each These children’s activity packs are fantastic value and will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Our Price



hOw TO cLean JusT abOuT eVeryThinG RRP $21.95 A must have for every home.

Our Price

995 each


Our Price



chiLdren’s birThday cards 20 different handmade children’s birthday cards in a handy box. Great fun designs perfect for the birthday boy or girl.

The iLLusTraTed direcTOry Of waTches

Our Price



RRP $89.95 A great gift for someone who has everything Our Price



Tea TiMe PainT and PreTend kiT Paint your own tea set and then enjoy tea parties for many years to come. Our Price



where were yOu? eVenTs ThaT chanGed The wOrLd

Press OuT and PLay Princess carriaGe

RRP $49.99 5 DVD set from the highly popular series. Do you remember where you were when……..?

RRP $29.95

Our Price



Our Price



Build your model, colour it in, apply stickers and then play. This has everything you need to create your own Princess Carriage.

The essenTiaL cOLLecTiOn ThOMas and friends

snOw whiTe and The seVen dwarfs

RRP $59.95

RRP $45.00

Children love Thomas. This pack of 5 DVDs will give them hours of fun filled entertainment. Our Price



This is a beautifully illustrated edition of this much loved children’s book that will take you, scene by scene through the movie, showing stories about the film’s Our Price production. $



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danGerOus creaTures

hOuse Of secreTs: baTTLe Of The beasTs

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl RRP $19.99

Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini RRP $19.99

Ridley Duchannes will be the first to tell you that she’s a bad girl. She’s a Dark Caster . She’s a Siren. You can never trust her, or even yourself when she’s around. She will be the first to tell you to stay away-especially if you’re going to do something as stupid as fall in love with her. Our Price



The Walker’s adventures continue as they battle to save their family – and the world – from a dark power. Hang on tight for another roller-coaster ride! This is the second book in the major new House of Secrets series and it’s going to be an epic.

reLeased May 20Th

brOTherhOOd Of ThieVes: The wardens Stuart Daly RRP $17.99 A secret brotherhood of treasure hunters. An invading army coming ever closer. Five young apprentices. The race is on. This new fantasy series is action- packed and will be great for fans of the Eragon and Ranger’s Apprentice series.

TrOubLeTwisTers: MissinG, PresuMed eViL Garth Nix & Sean Williams RRP $12.99 Magical twins, mystery and danger, unexplained events, and an Evil that refuses to be contained ...This is book four in the gripping series from fantasy masters Garth Nix and Sean Williams.

The LasT ThirTeen James Phelan RRP $14.99 These are the fifth and sixth instalments of the thrilling 13book series written by James Phelan and from the publishers of Conspiracy 365.

TrOubLeTwisTers Garth Nix & Sean Williams RRP $12.99 each Twins Jaide and Jack Shield are about to discover a secret - that they’re Troubletwisters and must defend the world against a dark, evil force. And they’re about to discover the powers that go with that secret. This is an exciting and mysterious major series from fantasy masters Garth Nix and Sean Williams.

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hey Jack!: The braVesT kid Sally Rippin RRP $7.95 When Jack hurts his ankle, he tries really hard not to cry. He’s not a baby! Surely he can be braver than that? Bravest Kid is the next installment in the popular Hey Jack series.


The adVenTures Of sir rOderick, The nOT-Very-braVe James O’Loghlin RRP $16.99 Roderick doesn’t want to be the knight who has to protect the kingdom! Isn’t there someone else who can do it? When war threatens, Roderick must choose between a chance for glory and doing what’s right.

crawf’s kick iT TO nick: The cursed cuP Shane Crawford & Adrian Beck RRP $9.99

biLLy b brOwn 8 bOOk POckeT MOney Tin Sally Rippin RRP $29.95 This gorgeous Billie B Brown Money box contains eight books from the best-selling Billie B Brown series

biLLy b MysTery sTrawberry Thief Sally Rippin RRP $9.95 In the fourth book in the Billy B Mystery series, someone has stolen all of the ripe strawberries from Mika’s garden! The Secret Mystery club is determined to work out who it was.

It’s the first footy game on the new oval and Nick with his team, the Cobar Creek Crocs, are desperate to win the golden cup. This time Nick’s not just playing for a win, he’s playing for his life!

crawf’s kick iT TO nick: fOrward Line freak Shane Crawford & Adrian Beck RRP $9.99 Nick has been named the captain of the Cobar Creek Crocs. It’s a dream come true, but the pressure is intense. He needs to get his team to work together, but they think he’s a power-hungry monster.

biLLy sLaTer PresenTs: Try TiMe Patrick Loughlin RRP $12.99 A junior fiction series for boys about a local boys rugby league team who get special coaching and advice from star NRL player Billy Slater.

cLeMenTine rOse and The seaside escaPe Jacqueline Harvey RRP $12.99 Clementine Rose and her family are off to the beach for a holiday. But when Lavender escapes during a storm, it’s all hands on deck to get the teacup pig back safe and sound.

biLLy sLaTer PresenTs: banana kick Patrick Loughlin RRP $12.99 This is the second book in this great little series.


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chOOse yOur Own eVer afTer: a hOT cOLd suMMer

TOM GaTes Tiny biT Lucky

Nova Weetman RRP $14.95

Liz Pichon RRP $15.99

This is a pick-a-path series giving the reader the chance to make decisions and choose how the story goes. In this first book it’s the last day of school and Frankie Jones is looking down the barrel of a long, hot, boring summer with only her guitar for company until…

‘Me, Derek and Norman need some serious band practice for the Rockwekly Bandbattle Audition. But I’m not panicking because we have loads of time... (I think?)’ The seventh amazing instalment of the Tom Gates adventures.

biG naTe in The ZOne chOOse yOur Own eVer afTer: hOw TO GeT TO riO

Lincoln Peirce RRP $14.99

Julie Fison RRP $14.95

Nate Wright is down on his luck. In fact he’s so far down, it seems it can’t get any worse…Until for some reason everything changes, and Nate is on top. All of a sudden, he can do nothing wrong! But how long will it last?

Kitty MacLean really likes Rio Sanchez but it looks like she might never get the chance to hang out to hang out with him until she makes a new friend. Should she go camping with her best friends or go to Paradise Point with a popular girl instead.

nO sTars TO wish On sPiriT aniMaLs bLOOd Ties Garth Nix & Sean Williams RRP $12.99 This is the third in a series of seven immersive novels and a breathtaking game. Erdas is a land of balance. A rare link, the spirit animal bond, bridges the human and animal worlds. Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan each have this gift – and the grave responsibility that comes with it.

Zana Fraillon RRP $15.99 A little boy’s spirit shines amid some dark truths in this tender and memorable novel about being taken from home and put in an orphanage. This is a remarkable, fable like story.

The adVenTures Of hOney POT bear: fOLLOw ThaT bee Garry Fleming RRP $19.95


Garry Fleming’s adorable illustrations come to life in this engaging tale about a cute little bear who is chasing a bee hoping to find some delicious honey. This is a delightful and informative book by the creator of Bollygum.

The aMaZinG a TO Z ThinG Sally Morgan & Bronwyn Bancroft RRP $24.95 Join this charming family of bears as they sing, chuckle and snuggle their way through a sunny afternoon. They delight in each other’s company and in the myriad of ways a baby can bring joy to everyday life.

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The adVenTures Of PinOcchiO Once uPOn a TiMeLess TaLes Jack and The beansTaLk Andrew Joyner RRP $12.95 Award-winning illustrators bring favourite folk and fairy tales to life in this stunning new picture book series. Anna Walker, Jonathan Bentley, Andrew Joyner and Mitch Vane give these traditional stories a new lease on life and a guaranteed pride of place on every child’s bookshelf.

GOLdiLOcks and The Three bears Anna Walker RRP $12.95 Goldilocks and the Three Bears was first published almost two centuries ago, and it was told as a folk tale for a long time before that. This is a very special volume with enchanting pictures by muchloved illustrator Anna Walker.

Carlo Collodi & Robert Ingpen RRP $39.95 In this handsome new edition of a classic tale, award winning Robert Ingpen has captured the rascally Pinocchio and his extraordinary escapades as never before, breathing new life into this enchanting story.

wOMbaT sTew Marcia K. Vaughan & Pamela Lofts RRP $15.99 First published in 1984, Wombat Stew is a modern day phenomenon in children’s literature. This year it celebrates 30 years in print.

The Princess and The Pea Mitch Vane RRP $12.95 The Princess and the Pea is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s best-loved fairy tales. With Mitch Vane’s delightful illustrations, this sprightly and irreverent retelling is destined to be loved a whole lot more!

The uGLy duckLinG Cecile Becq RRP $12.95 The Ugly Duckling is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most well-known fairy tales. With luminous illustrations by Jonathan Bentley, this is a fresh retelling of Andersen’s timeless classic.

Anna Walker has written and illustrated many award winning books for children, and her work is recognised internationally. Collecting snippets and treasures from childhood and the small details of life Anna Walker draws inspiration from the world around her to create stories and pictures that reflect curiosity and wonder. Working with ink, pencil and collage Anna develops her characters and creates her illustrations in a Melbourne studio, shared with various woolly and feathery creature.

The wishinG-chair aGain Enid Blyton RRP $19.95 Due to popular demand, this vintage edition of Enid Blyton’s most treasured stories are back in print. Now you can add to your collection with another volume in the Faraway Tree Collection.

The fairy whO wOuLdn’T fLy Pixie O’Harris RRP $24.99 The magic tale of the Fairy who wouldn’t fly was originally written and illustrated by Pixie O’Harris but has been adapted by Bronwyn Davies for today’s children in this beautiful volume. Find out how the banished fairy and her friends work together to return to fairyland.


Visit us today! The hairy-nOsed wOMbaTs find a new hOMe MuMMy, yOu’re sPeciaL TO Me Laine Mitchell & Kim Fleming RRP $16.99 My mummy tucks me in. She tells stories just right. We make secret wishes. She kisses me goodnight. Mummy, you’re special to me. Follow Little giraffe’s journey in this beautiful story to share with your special mummy.

Jackie French & Sue deGennaro RRP $24.99 The Northern Hairy-nosed wombat is one of the world’s most endangered species, even more endangered than the panda. This charmingly humorous picture book for young children is about this little-known endangered animal Our Price and the search for a new home for it. $


feasT fOr wOMbaT i wanT My MuMMy Tracey Corderoy & Alison Edgson RRP $14.95 It’s Arthur’s first day apart from his mummy and he really misses her. Even his fantastic dragon costume and favourite toy don’t cheer him up. ‘Raaargh!’ he roars grumpily. But luckily granny knows just what to do...

Sally Morgan & Tania Erzinger RRP $24.99 Poor old wombat! He thinks it’s much easier to stay in his burrow than to go out into the big world. But when he does finally emerge he finds lots of interesting things to do and friends to make.

The hueys in nOne The nuMber Oliver Jeffers RRP $24.99

hey MuM, i LOVe yOu Corinne Fenton RRP $18.95 Hey Mum, do you know how much I love you? This is a love letter, with gentle text telling mums how special they are.

The fearsOMe, friGhTeninG, ferOciOus bOx, bush bash! and The PiraTe whO had TO Pee RRP $24.95 each These great children’s hard cover picture books from the ABC will make bedtime reading so much fun. Our Price

995 each


Everyone knows that 1, 2 and 3 are numbers. But is ‘none’ a number too? This witty and lively pictorial debate makes counting interesting and fun!

LiTTLe buG bOOks: cOws say MOO, PiGs haVe PiGLeTs, MOnkeys LiVe in Trees and birds fLy Graeme Base RRP $9.99 each Cows say moo. But what sounds do other animals make? Pigs have piglets. But what are other baby animals called? Monkeys live in trees. But where do other animals live? Birds fly. But how do other animals get around? Graeme Base’s distinctive artwork comes alive in these beautiful fold-out books for the very young.


viC BaCCHUS MaRSH* (03) 5367 0922 BaiRNSDaLe* (03) 5152 5181 BaLLaRaT - STURT ST Formerly Book City (03) 5331 7411 BaLLaRaT - BRiDge MaLL* (03) 5331 6552 CHiRNSiDe PaRK* (03) 9727 3300 CROyDON* (03) 9723 5577 eCHUCa* (03) 5482 2902 FOUNTaiN gaTe (03) 9703 0790 HiLL OF CONTeNT MeLBOURNe (03) 9662 9472

MeRiMBULa (02) 6495 1292 ORaNge (02) 6369 1333 ROSeLaNDS (02) 9758 3597 TaMwORTH* (02) 6766 4454 TweeD HeaDS (07) 5599 3600 wagga wagga (02) 6921 8933

QLD DaLBy* (07) 4669 7768 KiNgaROy* (07) 4162 4142 MaCKay (07) 4953 2777 SMiTHFieLD (07) 4038 1786

MiLDURa* (03) 5023 1836


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SUNBURy* (03) 9744 1533 TRaRaLgON* (03) 5174 8499 waNgaRaTTa* (03) 5722 2591 waRRNaMBOOL* (03) 5562 4272

NSw aRMiDaLe (02) 6772 6000 ByRON Bay (02) 6685 7820

MOUNT gaMBieR* (08) 8724 9068

wa BUNBURy* (08) 9791 3755 COTTeSLOe (08) 9284 7070 KaLgOORLie* (08) 9021 7072 MaDDiNgTON (08) 9459 1218 wiLLeTTON (08) 9313 5164

CaMDeN (02) 4655 8068

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My barceLOna kiTchen RRP $45.00 nOMad RRP $59.99 Another beautiful book by stylist and bestselling author Sibella Court. Be inspired to create spaces that reflect your personality.

Fall in love with the food and culture of Barcelona with Sophie Ruggles’ beautiful collection of recipes, stories and images. Our Price



Our Price



sweeT sTudiO RRP $49.99

wOnders Of The wOrLd RRP $54.95

This book is guaranteed to bring out your inner Willy Wonka.

Let these images take you way from the everyday and get some great ideas for your dream holiday.

Our Price



Our Price



The cOMPLeTe asian cOOkbOOk ausTraLian naTiVe PLanTs

RRP $59.95

RRP $99.95

A new edition of Charmaine Solomon’s bestselling cookbook. The perfect gift for lovers of Asian food.

This is an indispensable reference for anyone interested in growing native plants anywhere in Australia, whether they be home gardeners, landscapers or professional horticulturalists. Our Price

Our Price





Green RRP $45.00 A great resource for every gardener. Covering plants, materials and gardening techniques.

a-Z Of cOOkinG secreTs Readers Digest RRP $50.00


More than 200 easy to follow step by step recipes that will to make anyone cook like a professional chef.

Our Price

Our Price



The cOMPLeTe sLOw cOOker RRP $27.99 A fantastic cookbook from bestselling, popular author Sally Wise. Her two most popular slow cooking books combined together in this great edition. Our Price








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