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We would like to introduce our newest Colleton River Plantation Club Members  Daniel and Julie Kinzie – Verona, KY  Arthur and Diane Hocevar – Bluffton, SC  John and Mary Lou Donkersloot – Sheldon, SC  John Hardy – Avon, CT  Taylor and Jessica Broughton – Louisville, KY  Thomas and Sandra Burcham – Huntington, WV 


Thomas and Ann Marie Neufelder – Bluffton, SC  Ivan Lendl – Vero Beach, FL  Gregg and Lori Mattison – Fort Wayne, IN  Ronald and Catherine Carmany – Medina, OH  Nathan and Stephanie Overholser – Savannah, GA 

A special thank you to photographer and fellow CRPC Member, Phill  Doherty  for lending the beautiful photo cover, Dock Marsh.   Additional photography complements of Zielenbach Photography. 

Rob Norton  Club President  


e had an exceptional turnout at our Annual Meeting in December, both in person and via our ever improving web-based facilities. We thank you for your interest and participation. We have posted copies of the slides presented on the Club’s website with hard copies available from Scott Jaccard’s office. We have had several opportunities to say “thank you” to our retiring President, David Kennedy. This is another. David concludes six years of service on the Colleton River Board of Directors, with no year more important than 2011. David’s approach to leading was framed by his traits of intelligence, intensity, and above all else, integrity. He leaves the Board now with an indelible impression left behind that we all will strive to emulate in our own individual way. We have kidded him a lot about his golf game and particularly his swing. In the interests of our own personal safety, we will call a “cease fire” to the roasting. You should know, however, that David was presented with a hockey stick adorned with a golf grip at a recent event! We offer special thanks to our two other retiring Board Members, Dale Baucom and Paul Zaffaroni. Dale served two years as Chair of the House Committee and one year as Chair of the Golf, Greens & Ground Committee. His energy and impact on our Club has been remarkable. Dale has been a thoughtful advocate for great things and great people. Paul will long be remembered as one of the most energetic and enthusiastic members of our Board. His Membership Development team was able to accomplish a wide range of outcomes with modest resources. He leaves behind a great foundation for our future.

T H E C LU B P R E S I D E N T Thank you to Past President, Drew Freed, for his hard work as Nominating Committee Chair, to all the members of the Nominating Committee, and finally to all the candidates who made the commitment to serve the community. We congratulate the newly elected Board Members - Dick Anderson, Michael Mavrogordato and Al Thiess. They each will play important roles in 2012 as we gear up to pursue our goals. The specific Committees for the year, which follow, include separate Committees for Golf and Greens & Grounds and we have plans for a new Committee that will focus on alternative product: Alternative Product - Dick Anderson, Chair; Architectural Review Board Tom McKane, Chair; Finance - Jerry Brenner, Chair; Golf - Michael Mavrogordato, Chair; Governance, Strategy & Asset Planning - Jim Rydzel, Chair; Greens & Grounds - Al Thiess, Chair; House & Ancillary - Sallie Lott, Chair; Marketing & Membership Development - Bert Einloth, Chair. By any measure we had a successful year in 2011. We approached a series of unique challenges in a systematic, thoughtful and transparent way. We all learned a lot in the process. We reconfirmed our commitment to the unique value and beauty of the Colleton experience. With all of the turbulence and uncertainty of the financial and real estate markets swirling around us, we had another well managed financial year with all major goals met; the golf was exceptional with rounds up and the courses in truly magnificent shape; we took steps to strengthen our food and beverage operations; and we witnessed the ongoing construction of an impressive number of beautiful new homes. Some of my US Marine Corps brothers

label the sounds emanating from the Parris Island rifle range as the “sounds of freedom!” I label the sounds of hammers banging or concrete trucks turning in our neighborhoods as the sounds of an exciting future for Colleton! As we plan our efforts for 2012, we cannot overemphasize the importance of our Management Team and the Colleton staff they lead. We have great people here. We need to continue to recognize and celebrate that and ensure that we give our Management Team the space, resources and confidence that they need to operate Colleton in a sound and focused way. Personal accountability will be critical dimension to the way we work. We have a lot to do this year and we continue to work on setting priorities. The output from the Membership “Discussion Groups”, so effectively led by Pam Arway and Peter Elder, will be a major focus early in the year. We will pay renewed attention to the vision of our community as “Simply . . . exceptional” and our invaluable Colleton brand. We are committing additional resources to a more robust marketing effort to get more rooftops into Colleton; rolling this effort out in a thoughtful, measured way will be a key priority. We will complete a new Long Range Plan with a financial counterpart this year. We will improve our communications with all key constituencies. We will continue to share our longer term plans and goals with the Membership. Surveys are good and necessary; quality communications require much more than that…

A Note From Norton



Not pictured: Tom McKane 

Rob Norton

Al Thiess


Alternative Product Chair

Audit, Greens & Grounds Chair

Jim Rydzel

Tom McKane

Sallie Lott

Vice President, Governance, Strategy & Asset Planning Chair

Architectural Review Board Chair

House & Ancillary Chair

Jerry Brenner

Michael Mavrogordato

Bert Einloth

Vice President, Treasurer, Finance Chair

4 Meet the Board

Richard Anderson

Golf Chair

Marketing & Membership Development Chair

Scott Jaccard, CCE  General Manager 


indness and generosity certainly describe the Colleton River Membership. We are fortunate to have so many so active in our local community throughout the year. As you read through this edition of the Communiqué you will see highlights of our Members being called to action this past holiday season. Operation Welcome Home certainly made the holidays more special for our troops returning home in December and, well, Santa’s letter to Colleton River shows just how important your efforts are. I also want to thank those who so generously donated to the Staff Holiday Fund. Your kindness touched the lives of many non-management employees enabling some to have had a little extra for the holidays that they may not have had otherwise. With fall golf and the holidays behind us, we look forward to the coming year. A new year is always a good time to review the year past and plan ahead. You’ll learn of Club activities and enhancements through weekly electronic communications. And, please remember that the minutes of Board meetings can be found on the Club’s website under Club Information/Board of Directors which are posted once they have been approved by the Board. This edition of the newsletter is one you’ll want to keep handy to help plan your activities at Colleton this winter and spring. Be sure to check the list of events in Christine Hall’s article and mark your calendars, particularly for the Second Annual Homecoming Weekend, which promises to be packed full of fun for the whole family. We are also looking to incorporate a Town Hall Meeting into the weekend and we will pass along more details as the weekend schedule develops. The debut of the Dye 3rd Floor during the Art Society Hobby and Collection Night on January 14th was a huge success, with over 100 people in attendance! If you were unable to attend this event, please feel free to view the new Dye 3rd Floor at your

R E P O RT leisure. We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to Bob and Lynn Burt for their generous donation of the window dormers. Summer will be here before we know it… To assist you with your planning for the summer months, please note on your calendars that the Club will be holding its annual Labor Day and Memorial Day barbeques on the Sundays preceding the holidays to better accommodate the needs of our Members who may be traveling during those weekends. Ed Romano’s article will share with you how we have realigned our Clubhouse Team and recast a number of responsibilities. Chef Matt, with his new culinary team now in place, looks forward to getting to know you and most of all meeting your expectations. All in all, I think you will be very pleased as we move into the coming year. More on your dining experience Throughout the winter, Tuesday dinner service will also offer an early bird special from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. when all entrees include a salad of choice and all wines by the glass will be half price. Saturday night is Pub Night! Join us Saturday evenings with happy hour from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and pub style dining featuring your favorite pub foods. To better accommodate our Membership, Sunday brunch and lunch service now begins at 10:00 a.m. and continues to 2:00 p.m. A limited menu will be offered Sundays from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and Grab & Go will continue to be available from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. I would be remiss if I did not remind you of the fun and enjoyment soon to be experienced at the new community dock. The first step, which was the completion of the new kayak storage rack, has been well received. Concurrent with the replacement of the existing dock, the workgroup is working hard to gather information to assist

with the development of rules and guidelines for dock usage. Planned activities will include sunset dinner and cocktail cruises, fishing and crabbing events and instruction, and lectures about marine life and environmental protection of our waterways and marshes. What a wonderful venue to enjoy the outdoors and the Colleton River. Last September’s Member survey which was designed to capture key demographics, gauge Member support for a variety of initiatives and concepts, and identify key differentiators for our community, was further advanced by Member discussion groups provided a wealth of information. I want to thank all those who participated in these very important endeavors. Special thanks go to Pam Arway and Peter Elder who devoted a great deal of time and energy to moderate the discussion groups and serve as conduits from the Membership to the Board. As always, your input and suggestions are encouraged and critical in helping us improve service in all departments. In previous newsletters, I’ve mentioned our Direct Line communications tool and want to remind you that it is a quick and efficient way for Members to submit a compliment, suggestion or concern (anonymously if desired) instantly via the Members’ website. Direct Line submissions are immediately directed to the appropriate Board or Staff Member. If action is required, the request is logged and followed up on until resolution. Knowing when a Member has a concern, or when a Staff Member has provided exceptional service, or when an area of operations needs our attention is invaluable information and helps us improve. In closing, I want to wish all a new year of health, happiness and prosperity.

General Manager’s Report 5


“I won’t forget the kids in need when they go back to school in the fall with backpacks filled with school supplies.”

Pictures: Top Right: Billy Adams, Alvin McKane, Mark Hyner, Jerry Hall, George Metzger. Above: Children enjoying their gifts from Santa.

6 Operation Santa Claus


quick note before I get real busy to tell you what a great job y’all did on Operation Santa Claus this year. I have to say that Colleton River for the 12th year in a row delivered beyond my wildest expectations, which could not have been done without a lot of hard work and involvement from everyone at Colleton. Contributions each year have increased since the inception of the fund and this year topped $30,000. I can only say incredible and thank you one and all. My lead elf tells me a record number of CRPC shoppers bought beautiful clothes and toys for over 200 of their neighbors in need identified through Bluffton Self Help, the school social workers, Family Promise, Island House, Children’s Center, the Marines, and Boys and Girls Club. Mrs. Claus also appreciates the gifting of books to the younger children. I sure appreciate all the teenagers you sponsored this year. I know you couldn’t have done that job without the expert help of Colleton teens: Abbey and Russell Freed, John Ziegler, and Hunter Boyd. I’ll be sure to put them at the top of my “Good List.” My elves are envious of the wrapping record that was set again this year by the CRPC Wrapping Team. Wow!!! Over 1200 packages wrapped in 2 hours. I sure wish I could find such good help at the North Pole. I understand 8 Delivery Teams in their trucks, SUVs, and cars have already delivered these packages. That sure beats my run in the sleigh!! I’ve been getting glowing reports from the agencies you support. Family Promise is so

happy that I’ll have a sack full of gifts to deliver on Christmas morning to the homeless families being housed in our area churches. Some children in need from our hard fighting Marines stationed at Paris Island are getting some needed clothing, shoes, and toys. For the first time this year, some teens identified by their teachers and the McCracken social worker are having a holiday that’s a little brighter It warms my heart to see the clothes closets for children in need filled at MC Riley, McCracken and Bluffton Middle Schools with pants, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and socks to keep the children warm. I just love to see the kids at the Children’s Center squealing with delight as they explore the world of learning through educational books, toys, and learning materials you provided. Mrs. Claus reports that Bluffton kids in grades K through 3, who have fallen alarmingly behind in Reading are hard at work on Saturday mornings in a Rising Star Reading Program with materials bought through Operation Santa Claus. This will be a holiday gift that will last forever and she couldn’t be more pleased. Operation Santa funds are helping to feed low income seniors through Meals on Wheels and the local food pantries will receive help as well. I won’t forget the kids in need when they go back to school in the fall with backpacks filled with school supplies. Colleton River has once again done a wonderful job and I know that all of you have enjoyed the opportunity to give and enjoy your time together through sharing this CRPC Holiday Tradition. Happy Holidays to all and to all a Good Night.

Bill Hirchert, CGCS  Director of Agronomy  



he Dye Course: The Dye Course continues to be in “tip-top” shape! The overseeded greens continue to provide a great playing surface: firm and fast. While it hasn’t happened yet this year, don’t be surprised if the fairways begin to show a more dormant look. This occurs each winter when the temperatures drop below freezing for more than a few days, causing the leaf blade of the plant to “curl” into itself, allowing only the backside of the leaf blade to be visible. As the temperatures begin to rise again, we will apply more paint to the fairways, giving the course a better appearance for the rest of the winter. The Nicklaus Course: The overseed is the best we have had so far and the greens continue to stay very healthy and roll true. In normal years, playing on a full stand of over-seeded rye grass doesn’t take place until late winter. However, this wasn’t the case this year as there was a full stand everywhere except for a few “problem areas” by Christmas. This puts us far ahead for the spring months. Upcoming Course Projects: In the month of January, we take advantage of the closure periods and perform as many projects as possible that would otherwise be disruptive to the Membership. The most visible this year will be work on the lagoons of the Nicklaus Course on holes #2 and #8, as they are the worst culprits for leaking on the property. Each year, we pump millions of gallons of

water into several lagoons on the Nicklaus for aesthetic purposes. If you recall, last year we repaired, in-house, the first lagoon on #7 with positive results. With the help of an outside consultant, we were able to find an alternative solution to the problem and save the club over $60,000 on that lagoon alone. We will attempt a similar repair to both lagoons on #8 and the first two on #2. The length of time for the project will not be known until after the height of the water is dropped and we are able to see the full extent of the project. We will be adding shell sand to the paths on the Dye Course during the month of January. As we work through this project, the paths will be bumpy until the surface is completely level and compacted. We appreciate your patience with our progress. Please note: Cart traffic on #2 will be limited during January and February to provide adequate playing conditions for the winter months. Other projects this winter will be routine and include: ◊ Trimming of all the native plants ◊ Adding and adjusting sand levels on all of the 400+ bunkers on the property ◊ Trimming suckers from trees and other plants throughout the property ◊ Transplanting of sea oats in the dunes on the Nicklaus ◊ Pressure washing all bridges, bulk heads, and wood structures ◊ Adding additional shell sand to cart trails ◊ Adding dune sand where necessary ◊ Testing all backflow prevention devices

Weekly CRGA Clinics starting in February: Lady Linksters Thursday 9:30-10:15 the CRWGA course CRGA Wednesday Clinic 11:00 12:00 the Nicklaus range JANUARY 31st - The Full Swing - The latest in golf instruction with David La Pour. Bring 7 iron. FEBRUARY 7th – Equipment - Let your clubs match your swing, get fitted by our certified instructors. 21st – Course Mgmt. and the Art of Golf Practical application with David La Pour. 28th – The Rules and Etiquette - Learn the latest 2012 U.S.G.A. rules & etiquette. 29th – TPI PowerGolf Boot Camp MARCH 2nd – Get Golf Ready - New golfer program every Friday in March 7th – CRGA Skills Test begins – Wednesday through Saturday for 9 weeks 16th – CRGA Golf School Full Swing 9:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Please note that CRGA Golf Schools, Clinics/Seminars usually require advanced registration and participation may be limited.

Turf Talk 7


T Matt Lucchesi, PGA  Director of Golf 

The heart and soul of the Club are its two championship golf courses, designed by Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye, and both ranked by Golf Magazine's “Top 100 Greatest Courses in the U.S.”

2/02/12   2/17/2012  3/1/2012  3/8‐11/2012  3/18/2012  3/22‐24/2012  3/29/2012 

8 Tee Talk

so you don’t have to post all of your scores twice (once on each system). Furthermore, linking your scores and having an accurate and up to date handicap index will be helpful to the golf staff when we conduct our golf events. For those Members whose scores we are unable to link, I recommend you ask your other club for a printout of your last twenty scores and send them to us before your arrival to Colleton River. Once we receive the printout, the golf staff will post With so many of our Members those scores into your Colleton holding Memberships at multiple golf clubs, a frequent question we River handicap file and you will be on your way to playing golf at get at Colleton River Plantation Colleton River with the correct Club is how to handle Members with multiple handicap indexes. If handicap index. If you have any questions, please feel free to you have more than one handicap index, the best solution is to merge contact any of the professional golf staff and we will be glad to assist your handicap files into one. you with this process. Through our GolfNet Handicap system and the GHIN Handicap Congratulations to golf staff system, we can likely link your scores using the International Golf members David La Pour, Brett Network (IGN). IGN enables us to Heisler, Matt Stewart, and Barry link your scores from both systems Pepper. Last month, Assistant he New Year is upon us and the golf staff is looking forward to carrying over a successful fall season into 2012. Many of our fall events reached the highest level of participation in several years, and I would like thank all of you for your involvement. The golf staff’s 2012 goals are to continue to provide exceptional customer service, top of the line merchandise, professionally conducted golf events, and superior golf instruction. Registration for our 2012 spring events will be available in a few weeks, as we know several Members need to plan accordingly.

Ladies’ “Souper Bowl”  Nine & Dine  Pro‐Lady  Homecoming Weekend  Couples’ Twilight  Men’s Club Challenge  Nine & Dine 

3/30/2012 4/1/2012  4/18‐20/2012  4/26‐28/2012  4/29‐2012  5/3‐5/2012  5/10/12  

Professional Barry Pepper passed his Player Ability Test (PAT) through the PGA of America. Passing this test now allows Barry to attend the PGA of America’s Level Three Checkpoint later this month. We look forward to Barry passing this last checkpoint and achieving his Class A PGA Member status. Additionally, I would like to recognize Director of Instruction, David La Pour and Assistant Golf Professional, Brett Heisler who were nominated for the HHI PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year and Assistant of the Year, respectively; and Head Professional Matt Stewart, who recently became the HHI PGA Chapter Vice President. It is certainly pleasing to see our Colleton River Plantation Club staff being recognized for their involvement in the PGA Chapter Association.

Mega Men’s Day  Couples’ Club Championship  Ladies’ Two Day Member‐Guest  Men’s Spring Member‐Guest  Couples’ Twilight   Men’s & Ladies’ Member‐Member  Ladies’ Closing Day



Overall Net Winners Dr. Joe and Jan Pittelli Bruce and Donna Schneider

Overall Gross Winners Phill Doherty and Mary Collins John and Barb Brophy

Flight Winners Nicklaus Flight: Low Net: Bill and Cindy Lewis; Keith and Lisa Symons. 2nd Net: John and Kathy Clancey; Tom and Claudia McIlvain. 3rd Net: Keith and Bev Jennings; T.L. and Lucinda Stebbins Dye Flight: 2nd Net: Roger and Barbara White; John and Beverly Mauermann. 3rd Net: Rob and Jane Muddiman; Brian and Nancy Leether.


Overall Champions Clarke Steele and Gary Duren Flight Winners Colleton River: 27 Clarke Stele; Gary Duren; 25 Taylor Broughton; Sean Conrad. Augusta National: 28 ½ Dr. Rick Sweet; Bill Wagner; 26 ½ Rich Torre; Dale Quigg. Oak Hill: 25 ½ Rob Muddiman; Bob Lamoureux; 25 Kevin Boland; Alan Davison. Pine Valley: 28 Hal Parrish; Trey Parrish; 25 Paul Zaffaroni; Greg Zaffaroni. Oakmont: 31 Fran Lyons; Tom Ruban; 25 Ray Smith; Mike Collins. Winged Foot: 27 Cam Binnie; Erik Fleishman; 25 ½ Todd Ryman; Josh Harrison. Kiawah Island: *25 ½ Chris Schaefer; Gordon Lovingood; 25 ½ Ron Waters;  Tim Penner. Merion: 28 David Hood; Jack O’Donoughue; 26 ½ Joe Bauer; Carl Baue.  *Won Tiebreaker

MEN’S, LADIES’ AND SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS November 12-13, 2011 Overall Champions Susan Somma and Jane Zwerner

Overall Champions George Metzger and Jim Adams

Ladies’ Division Lopez Flight: -7 Karen Anderson; Pat Fowler; -4 Cheryl Kish; Christine Rockett. Sorenstam Flight: -4 Kelly Petracca; June Buggie; -1 Marsha Murphy; MJ Rittenhouse. Pepper Flight: -14 Jane Zwerner; Susan Somma; -12 Mary McKane; Judy Russert. Inkster Flight: -3 Judy Ryan; Swanie Smith; +5 Amanda Binnie; Ginny Taylor. Men’s Division Nicklaus Flight: -6 Mike Mavrogordato; Mark Hyner; -1 Dick Anderson; Brady Hendren. Palmer Flight: -7 Keith Jennings; Mark McKinnon; -6 Robert Long; Rich Torre. Player Flight: -8 Rob Muddiman; Jim Buggie; -5 Skip Bornhuetter; John Faul. Watson Flight: -7 Tom Dobson; Wayne Smith; -6 Billy Adams; Chris Schafer. Hogan Flight: -10 Kevin Fegan; Tim McDougall; -2 Tom McKane; Lloyd Rothouse. Jones Flight: -17 George Metzger; Jim Adams; -9 Bob Stan; Jim Humphrey.

Men’s Kevin King

Ladies’ Cheryl Kish

Men’s Senior Dr. Lee Irving

Men’s President Flight Winner: Billy Adams Men’s Governor’s Flight Winner: Tom Dobson Ladies’ Net Flight Winner: Mary Collins

It was great having Lynn and the "Bogster" come out and catch me on the last hole. I was very fortunate to have won this championship! Dick, Tom and I had a very hard fought match with none of us more than two shots apart the entire round. Sometimes if you can just hang in there you end up getting lucky. – Kevin King

Winner’s Gallery 9

David LaPour, PGA  Director of Instruction  



012 is here and with it some exciting things for the Golf Academy. The Winter Series Seminars are in full swing, offering three seminars in January and three seminars in February. Starting in February, our clinic and golf school schedule will be slightly different. This spring, we will again be offering the CRGA Skills test each week for nine weeks, our successful new-golfer program “Get Golf Ready” and the new TPI “PowerGolf Boot Camp” designed to help a few select members hit the ball further. Be sure to check out the Equipment article below and take advantage of our Callaway, Titleist, Ping, and TaylorMade fitting carts, complemented by our own TrackMan launch monitor and CRGA certified instructors. As we continue our vision of operating the finest teaching program for a club community in the U.S.A., we hope you will join us in reaching our goal of creating a fun and productive learning experience for Members and their guests. Your PGA/ CRGA certified Golf Professionals are dedicated to helping you “Manage Your Golf Game” so feel free to take advantage of the programs offered this winter, and we look forward to seeing you at the club!


From the Equipment Building Block of the CRGA: Indian vs. Arrow Most of us have heard the expression “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” implying that no matter the equipment, it all boils down to the person swinging the club. As an instructor, I feel there is some truth to the old adage, but realize that it is not as truthful as it once was. I have seen first-hand new equipment resurrect and ruin a person’s golf game. I’ve also seen junior and new golfers pick up the game with modern equipment and do rather well. So what’s the skinny? Properly fitted equipment can make a significant difference in a golfer’s success and enjoyment. If you are a student that has recently been fitting with our TrackMan system or by one of our certified

instructors, the equipment change will not be noticeable. But, as you hit the ball, if you are staring down on equipment that you are not 100% sure is the right fit for you or may be outdated, you owe it to yourself to find out for sure. Of the seven Building Blocks that make up the Academy, equipment is one of them. We currently have state of the art ball flight technology (TrackMan); Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Ping fitting carts; and CRGA/PGA Golf Professionals trained to help you with this important part of the game. If you do come out for a fitting, I’d suggest separating the driver/woods fitting from the iron fitting because of the “fatigue factor.” For more tips on club fitting and demo days, read the excerpt from an article below that I wrote for a recent Callaway newsletter and happy fitting!

• Schedule a time during the demo day

with a trained golf professional/fitter • Stretch or warm up at least 30 min. prior to hitting new clubs • Tell the professional what you are looking for, if you are working on your golf swing, what changes you are making • Bring a couple of clubs from your set for comparison, usually a 6 iron and driver • Use a launch monitor (Callaway and Colleton River use Trackman) and a trained golf professional to help you change or adjust the club you are hitting • If you are feeling pressure to hit a good shot, relax and maybe tee the ball up a little to gain confidence • After the fitting see if you can play with the club on the course. At Colleton we use our fitting carts to make the club • Get a handout or report from your fitter on recommendations and specs • Enjoy the new clubs and play better golf! *The full article can be found on the Academy website

The CRGA Schedule can be found on page 7.

TrackMan™ Tech Tip: Launch Direction From the TrackMan Library, today’s tip talks about launch direction: Face angle will have a greater influence than club path in determining the launch direction of the ball.

• The initial launch direction of the ball always falls between the club path and face angle. • For drives, TrackMan has discovered that face angle accounts for roughly 85% of the initial direction, and for irons face angle accounts for around 75% (club path accounts for the remaining 15% and 25%, respectively). • If a golfer wants to lauch the ball in the direction of the target (zero launch direction), the player could either have both club path and face angle be zero, or the player could balance out the two so the net result is a zero launch direction. For example, a zero launch direction would result from a iron shot where the face angle is -2 degrees and the club path is +6 degrees (-2 @75% plus +6@ 25% equals 0).

What does this mean? Although forever connected, the club face at impact is more important than the path that got it there. Depending on what our students want to get out of their lesson, our Academy instructors are trained to look at both when working with a student and determine the path of least resistance and maximum success. If you are interested in checking your launch direction, contact one of our three certified TrackMan instructors for an appointment today and make a path to the middle of the fairway!Certified: David La Pour, Matt Stewart, and Brett Heisler.





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SPOTTERS 15 20 28 22 26 31 40 34 44 37 35 40


ell this was by far the best weather that we have ever had on the day of the Bird Count and the results proved it. As of today we have 2798 birds and 101 species. It is the second time that we have had more than 100 species in the 11 years that we have been doing this at Colleton River Plantation Club. It is also the second largest number of birders that we have ever had with 43. We had 16 guests from Hilton Head Island, Sun City, North Carolina and Georgia. I thank all of the Colleton Members who participated and for all of the fine photos that we received… some that I am sure you will see in future publications. Thanks again for a very successful event!

“This is the second time that we have had more than 100 species in the 11 years that we have been doing this at Colleton River Plantation Club.”

The Hilton Head Celebrity Golf Tournament is a fantastic event on all levels. It is great fun, good competition and it supports so many worthwhile children's' causes. Playing with celebrities (such as Terry O'Quinn of the hit TV show LOST) was an added bonus. Our Dye course, which was the site for Day 2, was spectacular and garnered much praise from celebrities and participants alike. It was a terrific showcase for our beautiful facility. Thank you to the entire Colleton Team for making this a memorable event. – Pam Arway. Pictured Left: Jim Buggie, Chris Schafer, Pam Arway, Paul Williams, Paul Zaffaroni. Right: Pam Arway




olleton River Plantation Club is well known for our elegant and pristine weddings and has been featured in publications around the southeast. The amenities and beauty of Colleton River make it the perfect location for a destination wedding.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club and please remember to visit the website, weekly email blasts and flyers for the details of all events and programs. All Club Event Reservations can be made by contacting the Front Desk at 843-836-4400. The Culinary Staff is happy to accommodate special dietary needs so please let us know of any when making your reservation. Are you considering hosting an event in your home? The Colleton River Event Team is ready to assist you in planning and implementing your private event. We offer a wide range of services and menu items from quaint luncheons to large cocktail parties and even ‘to go’ hors d’oeuvre platters. Custom menu items are available along with our traditional Lowcountry fare. For further details, please call the Front Desk at 843-836-4400. 12 Platinum Weddings

Guests of the wedding enjoy staying in the comfort of our eight onsite cottages and have use of many of the Club’s wonderful amenities. The benefit of having two beautiful clubhouses provides the opportunity for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day celebration to be held on property thus allowing your guests more time to relax and enjoy their stay. In addition to both clubhouses, access to the community dock is available for catered sunset cruises which can be coordinated onsite. Wedding ceremonies are held Christine Hall  on the lawn of both the Nicklaus Clubhouse, Events Coordinator   overlooking the Colleton River, and the Dye Clubhouse, over looking Port Royal Sound. Additional wedding party events such as bridesmaid’s luncheons or personalized golf outing coordination is also available along with the ease and relaxation of treatments offered in the tranquility of the Treatment Room. “Day of” preparations are seamless, made enjoyable with the convenience of everything just a step away. The planning process begins with an initial consultation with our onsite Events Coordinator Christine Hall, located in the Nicklaus Clubhouse. She is available to assist in coordinating every detail throughout the planning process. With over 15 years of experience and a qualified list of localresources, the planning process is enjoyable and with ease. For all non-Members who desire to hold their private event at Colleton River Plantation Club, the planning process begins with obtaining sponsorship from an existing Member. Our policies and procedures are structured in a way that protects the sponsoring Member and allows them peace of mind when sponsoring an event. Colleton River Plantation Club is truly the perfect wedding venue for those considering a destination wedding. If you or someone you wish to sponsor would like to hold their wedding at Colleton or is interested in further details please contact Christine Hall in the Events Department. Congratulations to Colleton River’s 2011 Fall Brides and Grooms: Saturday, September 10th ~ Matthew and Jessica Lane (Murray) Saturday, October 1st ~ Frank and Anna Fotia (Reid) Saturday, October 8th ~ Tom and Kristen Sellman (Curran) Saturday, November 5th ~ Colin and Lauren Eagan (Elder)



Sinatra and Pasta

Trivia Night continues to be a huge success and an event the Membership looks forward to! Begin with cocktails at 5:30 p.m., enjoy a dinner buffet at 6:00 p.m., and end with trivia at 7:00 p.m. Upcoming Trivia Night dates are February 9th and March 8th at the Niclaus Clubhouse. “Luck of the Draw” Trivia Night on March 8th will kick off our Homecoming Weekend, where teams will be determined by a random drawing and new minds shall meet to compete! For a complete list of Homecoming Weekend events, please turn to page 14.

Featuring The Bobby Ryder Band, Thursday, January 19th. Arrive 7:00 p.m. with dinner and Show at 7:30 p.m. in the Nicklaus Clubhouse. Enjoy a night in Little Italy, Jersey style, with Sinatra tunes from Bobby Ryder. Dance to "ole blue eyes” after you've eaten some Neapolitan specialties, or just sit back and listen to the sound. CALL FOR RESERVATIONS FOR THIS “DON’T MISS” EVENT!

ART SOCIETY WORKSHOPS Watercolor Workshop with Mary Ann Putzier at the Dye Clubhouse in the “New 3rd Floor Studio!” Wednesday, January 25th - 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Thursday, January 26th 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Friday, January 27th - 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. * Drop Cloths Required .* Join us for this spectacular three-day workshop. Lunch and afternoon snacks will be served. We hope you will join us!

SUPER BOWL PARTY On Sunday, February 5th in the Nicklaus Clubhouse from 6:00 p.m. - ? Have you made plans for the Super Bowl? The Nicklaus Clubhouse will open for this special event, as we share in this time-honored tradition and indulge in a little playful rivalry banter. The Super Bowl menu will include your favorite football fare and drink specials.

VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER On Tuesday, February 14th in the Nicklaus Clubhouse with live entertainment & dancing. Reservations held between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

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It was a very interesting group of people with many wonderful cars...many of which some of us always dreamed of owning. The picture shows a 1911 Cadillac...they had to crank start it and it started on a quarter of a turn! – Bob Stahl Colleton River Golf Academy Experience FORMAT: Putting, chipping, and bunker rotations to include basic shot overview, instruction, practice, and skills tests on each. TPI fitness evaluations and Trackman demonstrations included. Prizes awarded for top performers! Friday, March 9, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Nicklaus Putting Green Borland Par 3 Shootout - Men’s and Ladies’ Divisions FORMAT: Individual stroke play competition. Enjoy the company of your favorite golf pros as they play along! Prizes awarded for top performers! Friday, March 9, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Borland Course

Pictures: Left: Phil Capossela, 2011 Motoring Festival Chairman; Ted Allenbach, Director of Sponsorship; Scott Jaccard, CRP General Manager


The Colleton River Single Malt Scotch Society concluded another great year with our annual Christmas Party where we invite our wives to join us for dinner and dancing to the music of the Headliners, Hilton Head's premier music ensemble. The Scotch Society is a group of 40 gentlemen that meet monthly for dinner and tasting of the finest single malt scotch. We have over 100 single malts in our inventory organized by regions of Scotland. We invite distiller's representatives to bring us their latest releases to meetings for tasting and education of the finer points of Scotch Whiskey. - Jim Hooker

Nicklaus vs. Dye Golf Challenge - Men’s and Ladies’ Divisions FORMAT: Four-Ball, Match Play, Nicklaus owners versus Dye owners. Teammates will be paired randomly and will play two 9-hole matches, each with a different partner. After the first 9-hole match, each side will swap partners and opponents with the match playing in front or behind for the second 9-hole match. Points will be accumulated per hole and the total team points will determine the winners. Sign up individually as a Nicklaus or Dye owner. All participants must have verifiable USGA handicaps. Saturday, March 10, 9:00 a.m. Double Tee Start on the Dye Course Social Events We invite you to take advantage of any and all of the following social events during Homecoming Weekend. Choose from these “A la Carte” offerings: Thursday, March 8 4:00 pm - Town Hall Meeting at the Dye Clubhouse 5:30 pm - “Luck of the Draw” Trivia Night in the Nick Ballroom. Teams will be determined by a random drawing. Friday, March 9 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. - Sunrise Yoga at the Dye 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. - Women on Weights in the Nick 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. - Pilates in the Nick 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Bike riding available from the Nicklaus 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. - Round Robin Tennis Challenge Men’s, ladies’, and mixed doubles are played. Players are paired with different partners after each round. 3:30 to 5:00p.m. - Riedel Wine Seminar in the Dye Learn what a difference a glass can make to your favorite wines. 7:00 pm - Homecoming Welcome Party at the Nick Matches will be announced for Saturday’s Nick vs. Dye Golf Challenge. Saturday, March 10 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. - Aqua Aerobics in the pool The pool officially opens for the season! 9:00 a.m. - Bird Watching Tour from the Halfway Café 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. - Bike riding available from the Nicklaus 12:00 to 5:00 p.m - Colleton Open Home Tour by appointment 2:00 p.m. - Cooking Demo with Chef Matt in the Nick 7:00 pm - Blues & BBQ Closing Party at the Dye Winners will be awarded for the Nicklaus vs. Dye Golf Challenge. Live entertainment and casual attire, denim allowed! Sunday, March 11 10:00 am to 2:00 pm - Farewell Brunch at the Dye


n November 15th, volunteers for the Operation Welcome Home project gathered at the Nicklaus Clubhouse to assemble “Welcome Home” kits for the troops returning to Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Force Base in December. Colleton River Plantation Club, as well as eleven other communities and groups, participate in the project locally. Operation Welcome Home serves to provide welcoming kits to single troops and others if no family members are able to meet them upon their arrival. These troops are welcomed with a kit, which provides needed toiletries and snacks for their required stay at the base until their departure for home. These items are no longer provided by the armed services due to cutbacks. Over 2,500 troops returned to the two bases during the month of December from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Colleton River volunteers have assembled 80 kits for the troops since the program began in June. We can be proud that we have helped these troops, thanking them in a small way for their service and sacrifice for our country. All of the items for the troop kits were generously donated by Colleton River Plantation Club Members. The committee would like to thank all Members who donated items for the kits! Volunteers assembling troop kits on November 15th were Janice Adams, Becky Wobbekind, Sherry Steele, Deb Hendren, Linda Shettel, Sandy Wooster, Christine Rocket, Althea Hicks and Bev Jennings.

The Colleton River volunteers have assembled 80 kits for the troops since the program began in June.

This picture taken at the most recent Habitat for Humanity house dedication on October 22, 2011. Pictured from left are Colleton residents: Bob Grace, Jim Griebel, Alvin McCain, Dick Fowler (and Daytona), Steve Irgens, Bill McDaniel, Billy Adams (with Hogan) and Brian Sanford, Habitat's construction manager. Missing from the picture, but also active in Habitat are Dick Anderson, Andy Arway, John Clancey, Jim Cubbin, Jim Humphrey, Linda Irgens, Bob Schwartz and Bill Spadafora.

The 16th Annual Ladies’ Christmas Tea was a great success. The ladies were most generous with their donations of toys and food. The food, service and decorations were outstanding. - Mary Falvo Thanks to Mary Falvo for her vision in starting the Ladies' Christmas Tea so many years ago. Our staff continues to give us great food and drink plus an elegant setting for our special afternoon. - Harriett Miller

Giving Back 15



olleton River Plantation Club is a dream-come-true to the over 600 members who call it home. If you think Colleton River might be the place for you, join us for a few days. Treat yourself to two of the world’s best golf courses. Play a little tennis. Sample the delicious cuisine. Meet some members and make new friends.

… the water, the land, the Spanish moss, and so much more. So much more that we looked at various golf communities but were so enamored with Colleton

Looking back, we wonder sometimes how we got from point A to point B. In our case, point A was playing in a Member-Guest at Belfair in Bluffton. Life was good and home in Virginia had always been the place to be. Point B was purchasing a home in Colleton River Plantation Club only one month afterward. We’re somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but prior to this visit, we had never heard of Bluffton. Spur of the moment, spontaneous, and incredible. As I mentioned already, our story began with an invitation to play in the Belfair Member-Guest golf tournament in May. Our friends had bought a second home in Belfair, and had lived there on and off for the past couple of years. Our visit to the Lowcountry involved great golf, good food and fun with friends.

While here, however, we fell in love with the beauty of this place… the water, the land, the Spanish moss, and so much more. So much more that we looked at various golf communities but were so enamored with Colleton River Plantation Club that the decision was easy. The purchase of our home was accomplished via phone and email with our Realtor who was on vacation in Israel. It is amazing what can be accomplished when everyone works together. We settled in late June, not long after our first visit in May. Now we are furniture shopping, scheduling deliveries, and visiting our new home as often as possible, but never often enough.

River Plantation Club that the decision was easy.

Our initial visit was simple: fun moments, playing golf, enjoying food, wine and friends. How we got to point B so quickly is still hard for even us to believe. But point B is an incredible place to be. Most importantly, a community is defined by the people in that community. Those in the Colleton River community have been very welcoming. From walking into the clubhouse to driving down the street, we are met with smiles, greetings and great conversations. People even wave while driving within Colleton. We are not even sure we have met them, but it is contagious, so we wave back. We met our neighbor in our driveway while unloading boxes one day. Shortly after, she called us to say that she would like to host a party for us so we could meet some of our neighbors. Wow! That party was fantastic. The staff has also made us feel like a part of the community. The staff will always greet us, usually by name. They are thoughtful, considerate and professional. We see the beauty of Colleton River Plantation Club every time we come, beginning at the front gate. The people, the beauty of the Lowcountry, the outstanding golf courses and facilities, the abundance of so many other amenities, boating, kayaking, tennis, great restaurants, and much more makes this, for us, the place to be.

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his year has been a great year for the Colleton River Community Cats Program. The population has become stable, with only 5 new cats appearing in the community this year, which were trapped by our volunteers. Of the five cats, three were adopted into area homes with the help of the Palmetto Animal League and the Hilton Head Humane Association. All were neutered or spayed, and two were returned to one of the cat colonies in the Colleton River community.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.

Since the inception of our Program in 2007, volunteers have trapped a total of 77 cats in Colleton River, with 25 of those cats later being adopted. Our Program currently feeds 33 cats, several of which are fed by residents outside their homes, with the remainder fed in three locations within our community.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact any of the volunteers: Addie Christensen, Pam Davis, Pam Dyer, Bettygail Fulcher, Marilynn Glacken, Kathy Griebel, Althea Hicks, Merrelyn Rogers, Linda Shettel, and Polly Sten.

The Colleton River Community Cats volunteers would like to thank all Members who have donated to our program! Thanks to generous donations from Members, we are able to provide dry cat food and the services of local clinics for spaying and neutering. Colleton River Community Cats Program is a 501c3 charity. If you would like to donate to help the program, please contact Althea Hicks, 3 Laurel Hill Court, Bluffton, SC 29910. Checks should be made payable to “Colleton River Feral Cat Fund”.

Our program also receives lots of help and support from many members of the Colleton River staff. Sincere appreciation and thanks go to Scott Jaccard, Bill Hirchert, David Young, Kevin Dugger, Joe Thornburg, Jason Wallace, Guillermo Rodriguez, Karla Eibling, Officer John Heindel, Officer Marvin Sutton, and Chief Jerry Leitner. All have been very generous with their help!

We would also like to recognize Kevin & Lynn King, Mike & Marsha Murphy and Ben & Nancy Stevenson for taking great care of the outdoor cats that reside at their homes.

It was a great event! The golf staff and food and beverage team were outstanding. Also, the grounds crew had the courses in great condition as they always are. - Gregg Zaffaroni The Saturday shootout format was a nice way to end the Member-Guest. – Paul Zaffaroni My son and I looked forward to the Colleton River Member-Guest with great anticipation! We enjoyed our first golf tournament, like kids in a candy shop. The golf was great, the weather was great, the staff did a super job taking care of all of our golfers, the camaraderie between Member and guest alike was just what we hoped it would be… Great job! - Hal Parrish

Photos: Top Left: "Ocho" was trapped by our volunteers earlier this year after being spotted wandering on Whitehall Drive looking for food. He was adopted soon after that and is living happily with a loving family on Hilton Head, who sent us this photo. He is now known as "Bentley." Top Right: Jazzy is a charming fellow who has made his home at the Nicklaus Maintenance center for over two years.

Colleton Cats 17

INTO CRPC: Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes? Many times, I am inspired from something that I ate in the past or from cooking publications from the very best chefs. CRPC: What can you not live without in your kitchen? A staff that has the same dedication and passion for good food as I do. CRPC: What is the best cooking tip you can give to non-cooks? Don’t over complicate things. I would rather eat two components on a plate that are well prepared than five items that are poorly done. CRPC: What is your food guilty pleasure? Barbecue Potato Chips with Ranch Dressing CRPC: What is your favorite dish to prepare? Roasted Chicken with Apple Butter CRPC: What inspired you to become a chef? I saw an opportunity to make a lot of people happy by cooking good food while providing myself a better life than what I had growing up. CRPC: If you were to open your own restaurant, what would the cuisine be? The cuisine would be simple and elegant, using fresh ingredients and good cooking methods, with a nice mix of International foods. CRPC: Talk about your personal dedication to physical fitness: I did my first triathlon about 5 years ago to raise money for a friend that had been hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Since then, I have finished 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons, several shorter running races, and approximately 20 triathlons. I recently completed my first half ironman triathlon this past July in Geneva, New York. I enjoy competing in long endurance races. It’s the ultimate test of not only physical endurance, but mental toughness as well. I believe the mental part of the race is more difficult than the physical aspect. I think this prepares one for life’s challenges.

18 Chef Matt Tracy





CRPC: Who is your mentor? Mark Erickson, who I worked for at Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta. Not only is he a professional mentor, but also a type of life coach. He not only taught me a high level of cooking that focused on the basics, but also showed us all how to behave in a professional kitchen. He set the example each and every day I worked for him with his actions. He certainly set a standard that I try to live up to each day of my professional and personal life. I was fortunate to work with such a talented and dedicated professional.

Matt Tracy, CEC  Executive Chef  

I saw an opportunity to make a lot of people happy by cooking good food while providing

myself a better life. Career Highlights: • Nine years as Executive Chef at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida • Four years as Executive Chef at the Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC • Two years overseas at the American Club in Singapore • Three years as Sous Chef at the Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta, GA under the direction of Mark Erickson, a Certified Master Chef, who served on the Culinary Olympic Team • Graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York in 1992


Ed Romano  Clubhouse Manager 


s Scott Jaccard discussed in the Annual Meeting, we have realigned our front of the house service management team for 2012. With my newly appointed responsibilities, I will be focusing on overall Club operations including: Food and Beverage, Tennis, Fitness, LLG, Art Society, and Staff recruiting, development, and retention. I will ensure all standard operating procedures are in place for the Clubhouse and ancillary facilities, and I will plan and market all activities associated with these areas. With the grand opening of the Dye third floor and our new community dock drawing near, I will also be focused on programming opportunities for both venues. Furthermore, I will continue my training towards my CCM and placement as a future General Manager.

Please join me in welcoming Jay Johnson as our new Assistant Clubhouse Manager. Jay comes to us from the prestigious Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was the Assistant Manager of Food and Beverage Operations. He has a BA in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Business. He has also achieved his Level 1 Certification from The Guild of Sommeliers. He brings with him strong values, knowledge and new ideas to help mold the future of our Food and Beverage operations.

Jay Johnson 

Construction activity was strong in 2011 with 13 new homes completed. There are currently 12 new homes under construction with several remodels and 3 homes under final review. Given the activity in the second half of 2011, the ARB anticipates an active 2012. The ARB moved all the completed home plans on file to the Club’s server. This allows the ARB the ability to provide copies of the plans to its Members via email or to a local copy service. The ARB has reviewed and updated the guidelines incorporating various changes in areas such as landscaping requirements, building materials and new technologies. The guidelines are available on the Member website and copies are available at the ARB office. Several of the building appli-

As Assistant Clubhouse Manager, Jay’s focus will be to oversee dining operations and floor management. He will also have

ownership of men's cards, Scotch Society, wine dinners, package wine sales and men's golf groups such as Men’s Day. Future opportunities for Jay include the formation of a Colleton River Plantation Club wine society. Erica Pepper will continue in her roll as the Club’s Service Director, assisting Jay with the day to day dining operations and Staff training. Erica will also have ownership of trivia, Book Club, ladies’ card groups and ladies’ golf groups such as Ladies’ Day. As Event Coordinator, Christine Hall will continue to focus on Member events such as Member-Guest and Member-Member tournaments, and milestone events such as weddings, anniversaries and Member business retreats.

cations and forms have also been updated. The ARB has also approved a new Tree Policy and Procedure as outlined on the Member website. As the community continues to develop, we must maintain the natural forested appearance of the community, which greatly contributes to its ambience and value. The Tree Policy and Procedure, together with our Tree Removal Procedure, provides an easy and consistent system to resolve all tree concerns in our community. Please take time to read this policy and comply accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned guidelines and policies, please contact the ARB at 843-836-4494 or via email at

ARB STATISTICS   12/01/2011   

Nick   Dye    Totals 

Developed Homes        211    92      303  Completed Cottages      7      2          9  Under Construction       6      6        12  In Review Process          4      2          6 

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Colleton River’s Lifelong Learning Group has completed a very successful 2011 fall season. David Lauderdale returned to Colleton with very humorous tales of some Lowcountry characters that he has known. In addition, we welcomed photojournalist, Wally McNamee, took a wonderful kayaking trip, and traveled to Auldbrass for lunch and a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s farm. Tony Mills from the Low Country Institute brought live critters to Colleton for our education and enjoyment. Finally, we had an art show from photographer Ben Ham during our Member-Member tournament. LLG is excited to present to our Members our events and speakers for the beginning of 2012.

Doris Beedie, Bert Einloth, Sue Glancey 

LIFELONG LEARNING G ROUP “Challenges and Changes in Beaufort County” with Weston J. Newton January 26, Thursday – Dinner and Speaker at the Nicklaus. Chairman of the Beaufort County Council. Come hear about the challenges and changes the county is facing and how these issues might affect you in the coming years. Mr. Newton is a partner with Jones, Simpson & Newton, P.A. He received his B.A. from Washington and Lee University and his J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law. He is a graduate of Leadership Hilton Head/ Bluffton and was first elected to Council in 1999. Weston and his wife, Rose, live in Bluffton with their three young children, and are members of Church of the Cross.

“The Limitless Valor and Significance of the Black Troops in the Civil War” with Robert Eberly, Jr. February 23, Thursday – Dinner and Speaker at the Nicklaus. Attorney Robert Eberly, Jr., founder and former president of the Lowcountry Civil War Roundtable, will trace the trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumphs of the 54th Massachusetts and how these “valiant men of color offered proof positive that honor and bravery had everything to do with the character and integrity of a person and nothing to do with race...” Mr. Eberly is known for a lively speaking style and for his extensive understanding of the Civil War events and stories.

20 Lifelong Learning Group

Kayaking the Broad Creek Wildlife area with Outside Hilton Head. March 5. Stay tuned and check the Club website regularly for updates!

Dinner and Speaker, Carl Naylor, at the Nicklaus Clubhouse March 15, Thursday – Maritime archaeologist, Carl Naylor, offers a colorfully candid account of remarkable discoveries in the Palmetto State’s history and prehistory. Mr. Naylor’s distinguished career is highlighted by his firsthand account of serving as diving officer for the excavation of the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley in 1996 and the subsequent excavation of its victim, the USS Housatonic. Please mark your calendars and join us on these interesting LLG evenings.



he Nicklaus Ambiance Work Group which consists of Mimi Elder, Dale Baucom, Scott Jaccard, Mo Guffey, our new Member, Lynne Einloth, and myself have been very busy in 2011.

Working with the Design staff of J Banks, we have been looking at the Nicklaus Clubhouse, not to redecorate it but to transform certain areas into a more pub-like and comfortable environment, which is in keeping with the feedback from our Members. The purpose of this article is to update the Membership on our progress. Firstly, we have concentrated on the Pub and selected a color palette of greens, golds and browns, which reflect the view of the golf landscape into the interior. The schematic below identifies the placement of furniture and pub tables. The reconfigured Pub arrangement includes new lighter and smaller English-style bar stools on casters, enabling more Members to sit at the bar. It also includes 4 high copper -topped tables with bar stools for Member engagement and socializing. Members will be able to enjoy hors d’oeuvres or pub dining at these high top tables or sit in comfort at the 2 soft sitting arrangements or at additional low pub tables. A lovely Oriental rug will serve as a focal point for the room. The Nicklaus Pub plans will be posted on a Board in the Nicklaus Pub area to be available for Members to view. We expect this project to be completed by the end of March.

Sallie Lott  House & Ancillary Chair 

Members will be able to enjoy hors d’oeuvres or pub dining at these high top tables or sit in comfort at the 2 soft sitting arrangements or at additional low pub tables.


M I K E O ’ R E G A N & J AY G O O DW I N


Mike O’Regan  Director of Tennis  

Colleton River’s continuously expanding tennis programs are meant to interest all levels of players.

appy Holidays to our Colleton River Plantation Club Members! We wrapped up our inaugural “friendly” Ladies’ Interclub season in November. Although the scores were not reported to the league this year, we had a great season and won the majority of our matches. The Men’s Interclub season will finish at the end of January. As you all know, the USTA spring season will begin in February for most of you, with a

number of teams and levels playing out of Colleton this year. Our programming is back in full gear: We will be conducting the Men’s Clinics on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. and the Ladies’ 3.5 Clinics on Mondays at 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays we will have the Ladies’3.0 Clinics at 9:00 a.m. and the Ladies’ 3.5 Drill and Play at 10:30 a.m. We finished out the year strong with the Nick vs. Dye Challenge (Dye


ith the start of the new year, make your number one resolution to become a healthier, more fit you! Whether your goal is weight loss, toning, flexibility or just reducing stress, it’s important to set a manageable plan for yourself. Try to make healthy lifestyle choices that will become habitual instead of temporary. To fire on all cylinders, you need to monitor three aspects of your lifestyle. Talking with a certified personal trainer is a great way to get a customized plan for each of the following areas:


NUTRITION is the most important aspect of your health and fitness. The fuel you put in your body is going to determine how well your body runs and performs. Why ruin all of your hard work in the fitness center by eating unhealthy foods? A healthy lifestyle should include a well-balanced diet and the self-discipline to eat in moderation. Try to consume complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) instead of simple carbohydrates (mostly found in processed foods) and lean protein instead of fried foods. Here is an example of a healthy daily diet: Breakfast: Breakfast is important because it boosts your metabolism. Healthy options include Greek yogurt with berries or steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon. Mid-Morning Snack: Keep your metabolism going with a healthy snack! Raw almonds/walnuts/pumpkin seeds (8-12 pieces) or apple wedges with almond butter. Lunch: Try to consume a lean protein and 1-2 cups of fresh vegetables. Afternoon Snack: Try a fruit smoothie or some string cheese. Dinner: A light

won this year) and the Thanksgiving weekend Round Robin. We are finalizing the calendar of events for 2012, and we will send it out to all of you when it is completed. All of the courts were resurfaced this fall, and they are playing great! I want to wish you all a happy and healthy new year and I look forward to a great 2012 tennis year at CRPC!

dinner (similar to lunch) before best. This meal should consist of a lean protein and 1-2 cups of fresh vegetables. CARDIO is how you burn calories and work the heart. It’s not what you’re doing so much as the duration and frequency of what you’re doing that really matters. Ideally you should strive to have four 45 minute cardio workouts Jay Goodwin  per week at a moderate pace (a pace that Fitness Center Manager  enables you to carry on a conversation). Remember that if you don’t enjoy doing the activity, you will probably stop doing it. Try walking on the trail, cycling, taking a dance class or any other physical activity you enjoy. STRENGTH TRAINING will not only help give you a stronger and firmer body, but it also increases bone density and speeds up your metabolism - thus burning more calories. Start the new year with a complimentary fitness evaluation. The complimentary fitness evaluation is a great tool to help you begin making healthy lifestyle changes. It also gives you a starting point that you can use to keep track of your progress. The test will cover the following: Health Risk Appraisal, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Evaluation, Sub Max VO2 Cardiovascular Test, Body Composition Evaluation, Strength Test, Trunk Flexion Tests, and Nutrition.


Pub Hours


5:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

Sunday, Monday



7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Dinner


Wed, Thurs, Sat

11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Bar

Nicklaus Clubhouse



8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Tennis Center Monday-Friday




8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.



Lunch Hours

Mon (Tues-Thurs-Fri Grab & Go)

11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Sunday, Monday





11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Sunday Brunch

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Dining Hours

Bar Hours

Sunday, Monday



11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.




Daily, 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

NICKLAUS CLUBHOUSE Title COO/ General Manager Director of Golf Director of Instruction Chief of Security Executive Chef Director of Communications Clubhouse Manager Assistant Clubhouse Manager Service Manager Events Coordinator Administrative Assistant Nicklaus Golf Shop Front Desk Fitness Center Nicklaus Golf Shop Locker Room Manager Nicklaus Halfway Café

Clubhouse: 843-836-4400 Golf Shop: 843-836-4410 Main Fax: 843-836-4401 Executive Fax: 843-836-4403 Name Office # E-Mail 843-836-4444 Scott Jaccard, CCE, CMCA Matt Lucchesi, PGA 843-836-4410, ext 4415 David La Pour 843-836-4413 Jerry Leitner 843-836-4499 Matthew Tracy 843-836-4430 Julie Mercer 843-836-4466 Ed Romano 843-836-4400, ext 4432 Jay Johnson 843-836-4400 ext 4433 Erica Pepper 843-836-4400 ext. 4431 Christine Hall 843-836-4446 Barbara Van Peursem 843-836-4443 Matt Stewart 843-836-4410 ext. 4417 Julie Johnston 843-836-4400 Jay Goodwin 843-836-4448 Tee Times 843-836-4410 Steve Chambliss 843-836-4400, ext 4421 843-836-4460

CONFERENCE & TENNIS CENTER Chief Financial Officer ARB Administrator Accounting Member Accounts Human Resources Director of Tennis Dye Golf Shop Director of Agronomy Administrative Assistant

Tennis Shop: 843-836-4447 Accounting Fax: 843-836-4402 Tim Snyder 843-836-4400, ext 4429 Bill Campbell 843-836-4494 Rose Dodson 843-836-4427 Shannon Blake 843-836-4426 Diana Brown 843-836-4493 Mike O’Regan 843-836-4447 DYE CLUBHOUSE Clubhouse: 843-836-4450 Derrick Garrou 843-836-4420, ext 4414 NICKLAUS GOLF MAINTENANCE Main Number: 843-836-4480 Bill Hirchert 843-836-4481 Karla Eibling 843-836-4480


60 Colleton River Drive, Bluffton SC 29910  ***  (P) 843‐836‐4400   (F) 843‐836‐4401  *** 

Winter 2012 Newslettet  
Winter 2012 Newslettet  

The Colleton River Communique - Winter 2012