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Certifications validate qualifications and skills through industry-recognized exams. First-Year Seminar/Experience courses, taken in the first or second semester, help students make a successful transition from high school to college. Honors Education courses offer deeper exploration of general education subjects for qualified students. Learning Communities place small groups of students together in two or more thematically-linked courses with added advising or tutoring support when needed. Service Learning embraces the idea that giving back through volunteer work with a community partner is good preparation for citizenship, work and life.

Our colleges integrate a wide-range of HIPs into their courses and curricula to make students more globally aware, solutionoriented and

Study Abroad provides a credit-bearing, experientiallearning opportunity outside the United States.

workforce-ready. More HIPs are coming in 2020.

Technology Enhanced Learning leverages ePortfolios, virtual reality, mobile apps and online gaming to facilitate learning. Undergraduate Research is a credit-bearing experience in which students seek answers to challenging questions through scholarly inquiry, market research and experimentation. Work-Based Learning provides employment experience through internships, practicums, clinicals, co-ops and more.