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ew Orleans is still the location, but the historic Roosevelt Hotel is the new venue for ACD 2024. Originally constructed in 1893, the Roosevelt’s timeless elegance is a perfect backdrop for welcoming new Fellows and celebrating our history and mission.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

The meeting will begin Wednesday, October 16 with continuing education courses and extend through Thursday, October 17. A detailed schedule will be announced soon, but plan for a great mix of CE, College business, and fun social events.

We have much to celebrate together. In the spring of 2023, it was announced that the Board was wrapping up the creation of its first full strategic plan in more than two decades and initiating a formal search for an Executive Director. This spring, implementation of the strategic plan has begun, and the College welcomed its ninth Executive Director in 104 years, Michael Graham. Mike is an Honorary Fel -

low with a 30-year career in organized dentistry and brings with him an exceptional record of leadership and service.

The Board of Regents, led by President Terri Dolan, has begun the real work of strategic planning—implementing the plan. In the coming year, we will work through noted priorities that support the strategies, like streamlining the nomination form and refocusing our continuing education. Our Regencies and Sections have continued to recover from post-pandemic difficulties and strengthened ties with local SPEA Chapters. Much has been accomplished, and there is much to look forward to.

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SPRING 2024 vol. 53 | no.1 American College of Dentists NEWS The Stage is Set for the ACD 2024 Annual Meeting and Convocation NEW VENUE ANNOUNCED!
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The Passion that Fuels Us

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about six months since our annual meeting, where we gathered to “Rise and Smile” in Orlando, Florida. In my presidential address, I encouraged everyone to remember the passion that fuels us, the purpose that drives us, and the small things in life that make it all worthwhile.

Board Activities and Strategic Plan

Our recent Spring Board meeting was a wonderful opportunity to gather in-person at our national office in Rockville, Maryland. We conducted important business, reaffirmed our commitment to the College, and welcomed Mr. Michael Graham to his first board meeting as our Executive Director. It was a great time to share our passion for advancing the work of the College, the Foundation, and our new strategic plan.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the eJACD Winter 2024 issue. It highlights key moments from our 2023 annual meeting, introduces our 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, and celebrates our 2023 honorees. The new strategic plan, developed with input from

many members, guides our College’s focus on excellence, ethics, and professionalism in dentistry. The plan sets six clear goals:

• Evolving our leadership,

• Creating exceptional value for committed future leaders,

• Developing and refining essential resources,

• Elevating our communications and expanding our outreach,

• Infusing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in all we do, and

• Ensuring financial sustainability and responsible stewardship.

2 | ACD News | Spring 2024
President’s Forum
“As we look ahead, I am excited about the future and the upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. I hope to

see you there, where we can continue to build our fellowship, share our passion, and advance the mission of the American College of Dentists.”

Upcoming Events

One of the key activities during our Spring Board meeting was an interactive workshop to help develop the annual work plan and identify focus areas for the coming year. Additionally, we discussed the Ethics Summit titled “Breaking Down the Silos: Dentistry’s Ethical Responsibility as a Partner in Healthcare,” scheduled for September 12-13. A special thank you to Drs. Toni Roucka and Scott Tomar for co-chairing the planning committee for this important event.

Local and Regional Activities

I am grateful to our geographic Regents, who play a significant role in engaging Fellows through local, state, and regional activities. I recently attended the joint ACD/ICD/PFA annual awards luncheon at the Yankee Dental Congress. Dr. Julie Connolly organized a fantastic Regency 1 leadership meeting, which included outstanding SPEA student leaders from Columbia University, University of Connecticut, Tufts University, and Boston University. These events showcase the vibrant community that reflects our mission and values.

Additionally, I was hosted by the Oklahoma Section of the ACD, where I had the pleasure of meeting many Fellows at a bar-b-que dinner and the annual breakfast and awards meeting held with the Oklahoma Dental Association. It was an honor to induct the new ACD Oklahoma Section officers and meet the University of Oklahoma SPEA chapter and their faculty mentors.

These are just two examples of the great work being done locally to promote excellence, ethics, professionalism, and leadership within the American College of Dentists.


As we look ahead, I am excited about the future and the upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. I hope to see you there, where we can continue to build our fellowship, share our passion, and advance the mission of the American College of Dentists.

In Fellowship,

Dates to Remember &

Publication Information

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May 2024

Registration Opens for ACD 2024

May 2024

Deadline for Submissions to the Summer Issue of the ACD News

June 1, 2024

ACD 2024 Annual Meeting and Convocation

October 16-17, 2024

Deadline for Submissions to the Fall Issue of the ACD News

October 1, 2024

Deadline for 2025 Nominations

January 15, 2025


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ACD News | Spring 2024 | 3


ACD 2024 Annual Meeting and Convocation!


Interim Editor Appointed

Dr. Toni Roucka has been appointed Interim Editor of the eJACD. She is a Professor of Developmental Sciences and Director of Graduate Studies at Marquette University School of Dentistry. She received her undergraduate degree in nursing from the College of DuPage and her DDS from the University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Roucka also holds an MA in Bioethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Toni is a nationally recognized speaker on dental ethics and has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals on ethics topics such as social media and dentistry, sustainability in health care, and narrative ethics. She also authors a regular ethics column for the Academy of General Dentistry Journal, General Dentistry. She is a past president of the American Society for Dental Ethics, a Fellow of the American College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and Regent at Large on the Board of the American College of Dentists serving a four-year term.

The Stage is Set...

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Our strength lies in our commitment to our mission and in moving it forward, together. The Annual Meeting is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to engage with one another and with the mission for the betterment of the profession and society.

Please save the date and make plans to join us!

Click here to view the complete 2024-2029 Strategic Plan.

4 | ACD News | Spring 2024
New Orleans, LA
16–17, 2024 | The Roosevelt Hotel,
us at


OACD in 2024 and Beyond

ver the course of the year, we will begin an effort to renew the College’s sense of community for our Fellows – capitalizing on the inherent servant leadership qualities that define each Fellow. This is necessary given the ill effects of COVID on so many organizations and professions.

We will create excitement by:

Promoting the successful and impactful activities that support our mission,

Carrying out our new strategic goals, and Making it clear to all generations of dentists that the College represents the “Conscience of Dentistry.”

This journey has already started by:

• Rewriting our ethics handbook,

• Enhancing our online and in-person ethics resources, and

• Growing our strategic partnership with those organizations that support our mission –particularly with SPEA and new dentists.

In addition, we have begun a leadership training program, which will multiply our Fellowship’s voice throughout the profession.

These efforts will need greater resources, both Fellowship involvement and financial support. The College now represents about 2.6% of all practicing and retired dentists. We must significantly enhance our efforts to identify den-

The College now represents about 2.6% of all practicing and retired dentists. We must significantly enhance our efforts to identify dentist leaders of all generations and move them through the nominating and induction process.

tist leaders of all generations and move them through the nominating and induction process. Simply put, we need more Fellows in the active member category and those Fellows should reflect the changing demographics of our dental schools and new dentists. Furthermore, these servant leader Fellows must be willing to roll up their sleeves for the betterment of the profession through the activities of the College and ACD Foundation. Their engagement is key. We also will need to create a robust fundraising campaign for the Foundation, calling for a greater financial commitment from our active and retired Fellows.

The future of the College is bright, and our focus must be on those activities that move us forward. Let’s get started.

ACD News

The SHIFT3/ACD Leadership Experience

The ACD does a great job with ethics and professionalism training, excellence is hard to quantify, but leadership is often overlooked. At SHIFT3/ACD, 22 Fellows who are leaders in their Sections, or aspire to be, were enlightened by lectures on leadership, different leadership styles, and different paths to leadership. All of the lectures were very insightful, and all approached the subject of leadership in different ways. I attended in my role as President of the Foundation.

I enjoyed the interactions of the Fellows attending and getting to know Fellows from all over the US and Canada better. We were encouraged to sit next to people we did not know. That simple instruction, along with an icebreaker where we each shared an image that had a significant impact on us, were very effective ways to get a glimpse into the lives of our colleagues and form a bond. Learning more about other Fellows and their experiences with leadership was enlightening, and the faculty was top-notch.

In 2023, former Regent Paula Friedman established the Paula K. Friedman Initiative for Section Leadership Development as part of the ACD Foundation’s mission to support mission-essential projects and programs of the College. Thank you to Dr. Friedman and the Fellows who have contributed to the College at the Gies Fellow, Medallion or Benefactor level. If you need further information about the Foundation, please contact me or Mike Graham.

6 | ACD News | Spring 2024

Board of Regents Spring Meeting Highlights

2023 Awardees Honored

Two 2023 awardees who were unable to attend the October meeting were recognized at the spring meeting of the Board of Regents.

Dr. Leo Rouse, a 2023 William John Gies Award recipient, and Dr. Veronica Bikofsky, the 2023 Outstanding Service awardee, thanked the Board and spoke of responsibility and servant leadership.

Click to See Award Presentations

Second SHIFT Session Approved for 2025

“Each of us is a leader in some shape or form in our personal and professional lives. What was so special about this program is the opportunity to share experiences with individuals from different parts of the world, knowing that we struggle with the same issues and that we are not alone. Each of us has a different perspective, but the interactive discussion and collaboration of the participants, which this program brought to the table, enabled me to see other creative ways to broaden my outlook and my skills in order to aspire to greater levels of leadership. This, in combination with always treating people with respect and compassion and the ability to change course and adapt are key in keeping all committed, involved, and motivated to succeed. Many thank you’s!” – SHIFT3ACD Participant

In 2023, the Board approved a 2024 SHIFT Leadership workshop for local ACD leaders, and those who are interested in leadership positions, at the local level. The workshop was led by Dr. Sree Koka, Dean of the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry, and partner faculty from Career Design in Dentistry. The feedback was overwhelmingly favorable, and a second session has been approved for 2025.

SHIFT, Shaping the Future of Dentistry, builds leadership capacity in dentists. It is an intensive two-day workshop with lectures and discussion and is often described as transformative. ACD Leadership is considering a plan to continue the partnership nationally, with the focus eventually moving to Regency-level sessions led by SHIFTtrained ACD faculty.

ACD News | Spring 2024 | 7

ACD Bylaws


Board of Regents Spring Meeting Highlights

The Board of Regents has spent more than a year reviewing and updating the organization’s bylaws. The new bylaws will be sent to the Fellowship for approval later this spring.

Candidates Approved and Updated Nomination

Form Available

The Board of Regents gave final approval for 304 nominees to receive Fellowship invitations. The average age of this cohort is 50, which continues the trend of younger nominees and inductees into the College. Nominators have been notified and the Candidates will begin receiving information from the National Office May 1. Additionally, a streamlined nomination form is available from the National Office and online. The form combines the two-form process that has been in place for over five years and includes updated instructions and guidance.

New Online Nomination Form

ACD New Bylaws Executive Summary

Thomas Raimann, DDS Regent, Regency 5, Chair of the Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee was asked in 2022 by then President Richard Jones to review the ACD Bylaws. The Bylaws were found to have inconsistencies and redundancies, so the Committee decided that the Bylaws needed to be redone to reflect current practice and to better serve future Boards. Past President Robert Lamb requested the Committee continue that work in 2023. A review and recommendation were completed by the College’s attorney. The Committee has continued the work and presented the new Bylaws to the Board.

The following are highlights of the changes made to the bylaws:

• The classes of Fellowship or nomination process have not been changed, but the wording has been clarified.

• Some of the details of the process for nomination for Fellowship have been placed in the Board Policy and Governance Manual.

• Under Committees, an Education and Professional Development Committee and Audit Committee have been added.

• There are some changes to the committee language to allow more flexibility to the President to name members to the committees to reflect member’s abilities. For example, the requirement to be on the same committee for four years was eliminated.

• The process for investigating infractions of the Code of Conduct for Fellows and Affiliate Members was combined as they said almost the same thing.

The proposed bylaws will soon be posted alongside the current ones on the ACD website and will also be sent to all Fellows. After a review period, an electronic ballot will be sent to all Fellows to approve or disapprove the proposed bylaws.

You will see that the original spirit of the ACD remains in the Bylaws. They now reflect current practice and follow the laws of the State of Maryland where the College is incorporated.

8 | ACD News | Spring 2024

2024 Awards Approved

Each year, the Board of Regents carefully considers nominations for some of the highest awards in dentistry. For more information about ACD National Awards, please visit

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellows are non-dentists who have made exceptional contributions to the profession and society.

Dr. Elizabeth Carr

Mr. Thomas Elliott

Ms. Nancy Miller

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes an exceptional, lifetime commitment to service.

Dr. Thomas J. Harle

Dr. Lance M. Rucker

Distinguished Leadership Award

The Distinguished Leadership Award recognizes individuals having a record of significant and distinguished leadership in dentistry, public health, or national health policy while in a position of national or international responsibility.

Dr. Lynn Tomkins

Ethics and Professionalism Award

The Ethics and Professionalism Award recognizes exceptional contributions of individuals or organizations in the promotion of ethics or professionalism in dentistry. This award is made possible by a gift from The Jerome B. Miller Family Foundation.

Dr. Barry Schwartz

William John Gies Award

The William John Gies Award recognizes the broad, exceptional, and distinguished contributions of a fellow to the profession and society.

Dr. Nader A. Nadershahi

Section and Fellow Awards and Designations

Section Newsletter Award

Northern California Section

Jean Creasey, Editor

Model Section Designations

Colorado Section

New England Section

Washington Section

Lifetime Achievement Medals

Fellows who reach their 50th year of Fellowship are awarded a Lifetime Achievement Medal.

Andrejs Baumhammers

Kenneth C. Bentley

Moses J. Finder

John F. Hasler

George L. Humphrey

Sewell R. McKinney

David N. Plessett

Robert A. Uchin

ACD News | Spring 2024 | 9

Board of Regents Spring Meeting Highlights

2025 National Officer Slate Announced

The National Nominations Committee selected, and the Board affirmed, the following slate of officers.


Joseph P. Crowley (Ohio)

Dr. Crowley is a retired general dentist and a past president of the ADA. He is currently an At Large Regent and serves as Chair of the Membership and Finance Committees.

Vice President

Colonel Peter H. Guevara (Federal Services)

Colonel Guevara is Commander of the Fort Carson Dental Health Activity. He is currently the Regent for Regency 2 and serves as Chair of the Awards and Communications Committees.

President Elect

Carole M. Hanes (Georgia)

Dr. Hanes retired as Associate Dean for Students, Admissions and Alumni at the Medical College of Georgia. She currently serves as Treasurer of the College.

Support for SPEA

The ACD and SPEA Boards reaffirmed their partnership. Since 2009, our organizations have worked together to build an intergenerational community for mentoring and mutual support for our common missions.

SPEA meets with the ACD each fall, with a student-specific session directly after the ACD meeting. The ACD Foundation provides the Sections with matching funds for travel scholarships for SPEA students to attend.

A new initiative by SPEA to create a SPEA Alumni group received the full support of the Board. This effort will make it easier for SPEA graduates to keep in touch with both organizations.

Additionally, Robert A. Faiella, 2024 President Elect, will become President of the College and Teresa A. Dolan , 2024 President, will become Immediate Past President.

The Board of Regents also appointed as At Large Regent Sreenivas Koka, DDS, MS, PhD, MBA, Dean of the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry. He will serve a four-year term beginning after the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Nominations for Regent elections in Regencies 2 and 5 are underway, and the results will be announced electronically.

The next election will be held in March 2025, and will be for the following positions: Regents for Regencies 6 and 7, Vice President, and President Elect. The Treasurer is elected every two years.

Regents Report on Highlights from the Sections

The Board of Regents, including the Executive Director, made two dozen Section visits between the fall meeting in October 2023, and midApril 2024. In addition to regular meetings, the Regents reported that the Sections have held local ethics lectures, helped to host White Coat ceremonies, supported SPEA Chapters, sponsored ethics essay contests for dental students, and collaborated with other organizations to hold meetings and events for the dental community.

10 | ACD News | Spring 2024

From the Archive

In the spring of 2000, then-President Robert T. Ragan (Mississippi) noted the Board of Regents’ resolution that every Section with a dental school establish an ethics program at the school(s) within two years. When SPEA, a grass-roots, student-led organization, formed, the ACD was ready for them.

Dr. Ragan also spoke of the ACD as the “conscience of dentistry,” and the responsibility of that reputation.

The Board of Regents of the College passed a very meaningful resolution at the Spring Board meeting. Resolved, “that all Sections with dental schools have a viable ethics program or activity at the school within two years.” This resolution will no doubt cause panic, then hard work from some Sections. Just remember this, there are many models available. Section officers do not have to reinvent the wheel. Many Sections are presenting good ethics seminars or programs now. The Regents and the ACD office will be happy to help those that request assistance.

We have good resource people across the country. What a great way to fulfill the mission of the College. Ethics is, and will continue to be, a keystone of the College and its activities. I urge the leaders of the Col-

lege to take this resolution and start implementing an ethics program in your school as soon as possible. As I have traveled this year I have heard Sections mention that they would like to implement an ethics program.

The time to do so is now.

This past April I helped the Mississippi Section produce an ethics seminar at the University of Mississippi, School of Dentistry. Actual ethical dilemmas were studied by breakout groups with an ACD member acting as an advisor.

The students elected a spokesperson from each group and each person reported their conclusions at an assembly of all participating students. The reports then were discussed and various spinoffs were developed by the students with assistance from an overall facilitator. The outcome was beyond expectations. These young people showed that they are not only excellent students, but that they will be ready to take their place along side current educators, researchers, and practitioners. When I first became a Fellow of the ACD one of the first articles I read in our Journal was, “Ethics Are Like Good Manners, They Can Be Learned.” It never hurts us to brush up on manners or ethics. Just the interaction between Fellows and students reminds us of our own ethical responsibilities and prepares us to be better Fellows by following our mission.

At some point the College was labeled as the “Conscience of Dentistry.”

What a wonderful responsibility! But what an awesome responsibility. This was not invented by the College, but this trust was given to the ACD by the dentists of this great country. This trust is something we must continually work hard to preserve. Let’s prepare as Fellows of the ACD to implement these ethics programs and continue the mission of the College ... to promote ethics, excellence and professionalism in dentistry.

Best wishes to all. Have a great summer. Hope to see many of you at the Summer Conference.

ACD News | Spring 2023 | 11

College Cornerstone, the Ethics Handbook for Dentistry, Updated

For decades, nearly 10,000 copies of the College’s Ethics Handbook for Dentistry have been distributed annually to dental students as well as professionals with an interest in ethics. Many dentists received a copy of this cornerstone publication in the pocket of their white coat in dental school, and this continues to be a treasured tradition.

At Large Regent, Toni Roucka, was tasked to form a committee in 2022 by then ACD President Richard Jones to undertake a thorough review and update of the handbook. This work was completed and presented to the Board at the fall meeting in 2023, and the new handbook has just been reprinted.

Highlights from the new publication include an updated look at the ACD mission pillars and a restatement of our core values. There is also a perforated, pull-out

wallet card with the Test for Ethical Decision Making.

The College is often referred to as “the conscience of dentistry.” Perhaps no other project exemplifies this sentiment as much as the Ethics Handbook for Dentistry.

Although the handbook has been updated to reflect a more contemporary tone and reflect 21st century issues, it remains rooted in the College and Profession’s timeless values. It is a tangible reminder of our mission and purpose— to advance excellence, ethics, professionalism, and leadership in dentistry.

“The Ethics Handbook for Dentistry serves as a compass, informing our professional conduct and decision-making, and it reflects our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest level of integrity in all our endeavors.”


Ethics Leadership


American College of Dentists Board of Directors

American College of Dentists Foundation

American Society for Dental Ethics

Toni M. Roucka, RN, DDS, MA, FACD

Joshua D. Bussard, DDS, FACD

Nanette Elster, JD, MPH, FACD

Catherine Frankl Sarkis, JD, MBA

Matthew Sheriff, BA, MS

Pamela Zarkowski, JD, MPH, FACD

12 | ACD News | Spring 2024 Ethics Handbook for Dentistry Excellence

“The Ethics Handbook for Dentistry serves as a compass, informing our professional conduct and decision-making, and it reflects our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest level of integrity in all our endeavors.”

ACD News | Spring 2024 | 13
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News of Fellows and Sections

Our Fellows Embody the Highest Ideals

Teresa Dolan (Florida), 2024 ACD President, has joined the ADA Forsyth Institute as a board member. The Forsyth Institute is a leader in oral health research and clinical care focused on exploring the connections between oral health and overall well-being.

“People will forget what you said people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

We are all imperfect beings striving for unreachable perfection. This does not mean we cannot achieve excellence in our attempt. I therefore salute you all, not because you are perfect but because you attempt to be every day. The greatness of the American College of Dentists Fellowship is not about its constituents having significant wealth, vast intelligence, expansive power over others, exalted social status, nor lauded fame. Our Fellows’ preeminence exists in the spirit of service for others

through a leadership of consequence that always seeks to not only heal but to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our county’s citizens, who have granted us the sacred privilege of trust to be advocates for their quality of life. The common thread that’s inextricably woven into the fabric of service for others is kindness. It’s the language the hearing impaired can hear and the visually challenged can see. Kindness is timeless.

Share the smile your dentist has given you to radiate your kindness!

In January, Barry Cohan (Maryland) met with the University of Maryland’s new SPEA chapter, giving a lecture on ethics and practice management. In April, Executive Director Mike Graham visited this new chapter, celebrating their formation with nearly 40 students present.

14 | ACD News | Spring 2024
Fellow John Feeney with his twin grandsons. Dr. Cohan, UMD SPEA Meeting Teresa Dolan, President of the ACD

In January, Regents for Regencies 2 and 7, Peter Guevara (Federal Services) and Ned Nix (Northern California), visited Hawaii where Guevara gave nine hours of ethics lectures to the Hawaii Dental Association (HDA) and HI-AK Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Nix was invited as a guest speaker to the ACD-ICDPFA breakfast, which Colonel Guevara also attended. Dr. Nix gave a talk titled “Nichomachean Ethics: The Doctorine of the Mean.”

The Greater St. Louis Dental Society awarded Craig Hollander (Missouri) the 2024 Gold Medal. It is the highest award the society gives to an individual for being a leader in the field of dentistry and dedicating their career to advancing the profession.

ACD Kellogg Scholars

“Those lessons I learned underscore the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and continuous improvement in leadership.” – Dr. Oanh Le

In December 2023, the second ACD cohort of Kellogg Scholars experienced their first in-person session. Evan Schwarz (New York), Amisha Singh (Colorado), and Oanh Le (Northern California) are participants in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists’ leadership training through the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. This program provides a three-year intensive program in executive management. Shwarz, Singh, and Le shared reflections on the program and how it impacted them. Dr. Schwarz comment-

Peter Tan (Florida) was recognized by Representative Gus Bilirakis with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his service as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army. Dr. Tan was the DIMA Dental Corps Chief, the highest-ranking Reserve Dental Corps officer at the Office of The Surgeon General and the Pentagon. He retired as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon after 30 years of private practice.

ed, “The AAPD Leadership Institute Session 1 was nothing short of transformational.” Dr. Singh added, “One of the most powerful parts about this whole experience was the ability for this program to use the vehicle of education to help us gain clarity into our own identities as practitioners, as leaders, and as humans.” Dr. Le also said in her reflection, “Those lessons I learned underscore the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and continuous improvement in leadership.” This opportunity is specifically aimed at Fellows who are not pediatric dentists.

ACD News | Spring 2024 | 15
Col. Pete Guevara and Dr. Ned Nix Craig Hollander Evan Schwarz Oanh Le Amisha Singh

News of Fellows and Sections

Kristi Soileau (Louisiana) recently used ACD Ethics videos and facilitator guides for the LSU D-1 Professionalism course. These materials are available at, along with curriculum materials for D-1 and D-2 professionalism and ethics courses.

She also recently visited the Arkansas Section, which held its annual ACD Section meeting in early March. Tina Nichols is the Chair.

Kathleen O’Loughlin (Illinois) will receive an honorary Doctor of Public Service Degree from her alma mater, Tufts University, at the 2024 Commencement Ceremony. Dr. O’Loughlin was the ACD’s 2022 William John Gies Awardee. Additionally, she was the first female executive director of the American Dental Association, and the first female class president and valedictorian of her class at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Led by LaJuan Hall, Sampada Deshpande (Northern California), and many other ACD Fellows, the Northern California Section held a successful networking event with SPEA. This event connected dental students to leaders within the College. The Northern California Section has been hosting this annual event since 2021 and strives to build an even stronger program every year.

16 | ACD News | Spring 2024
LaJuan Hall and Sampada Deshpande Kristi Soileau, Regent for Regency 6

The American College of Legal Medicine recognized the leadership for two ACD Fellows, Bruce H. Seidberg (Western New York), and Daniel Orr (Nevada). Seidberg was the first dentist President and Gold Medalist of the prestigious legal medical organization comprised of dual degree physicians, dentists and attorneys. The ACLM also named a lecture in his honor in the legal dental conference he founded in 2007. Dr. Jennifer Unis-Sulivan presented Seidberg with the first Lifetime Service Award for leadership, dedication and service to the American College of Legal Medicine at their annual meeting in San Diego. Daniel Orr was the second dentist ACLM President. Dr. Orr is also a past president of the AADEJ and editor of the Nevada Dental Journal. Joseph Graskemper (New York) was recently elected secretary and is in line to be the third dentist elected to the presidency of the ACLM.

Section Spotlight: Colorado/Wyoming

Paul Bottone with a student awardee holding the school’s plaque featuring the names of all past ACD award recipients.

From right: Ryan Utsey, Kjeld Nelson, Zach Vigil, Lindsey Yates, Brett Kessler, Clifford Litvak, Daniel McCullough, and Andrew Snow. Ryan, Kjeld, and Andrew are all SPEA leaders.

The Colorado/Wyoming Section is proud to extol ACD Fellow and Alpha Omega (AO) Alumnus, Brett Kessler, as the first Colorado dentist to be elected as ADA President-Elect.

Lindsey Yates presented an award to Dr. Kessler on behalf of Section Chair, Gerald Savory, and the Colorado/Wyoming Section Board at a joint ACD-AO meeting on February 28, 2024. The unique award, a custom bobblehead, features Dr. Kessler crossing the finish line wearing an athletic uniform, a replica of the one he wore while competing in the Iron Man Triathlon.

Several leaders from the SPEA Chapter of CU School of Dental Medicine were recognized at the February 28 event as well. Ryan Utsey, SPEA Regent for Regency 7 as well as the CU Chapter President and Kjeld Nelson, Immediate Past Executive Chair, were recognized for their service. Andrew Snow is one of the incoming SPEA Co-Presidents for the CU Chapter.

ACD News | Spring 2024 | 17
Daniel Orr, Bruce H. Seidberg, and Joseph Graskemper.

News of Fellows and Sections

At the April meeting of the Oklahoma Dental Association, Robert Lamb (Oklahoma), President of the ACD Foundation, was honored. He was awarded the Dan Brannin Award for Professionalism and Ethics. This award goes to the member dentist who made significant contributions to the advancement of the principals and practice of ethics and professionalism in dentistry. Dr. Lamb was also awarded the Jim Saddoris Lifetime of Leadership Award, which was created to honor a member dentist who, through a lifetime of service, exemplified the spirit, the devotion and the commitment of its namesake, James A. Saddoris, a Tulsa dentist and 1986 President of the American Dental Association.

SPEA Update

Since our Annual Session in Orlando last October, SPEA has been abuzz with activity, diligently working to establish new chapters nationwide and meticulously planning an exceptional Annual Session in New Orleans October 18-19, 2024. During the Annual Session, we hope to further fortify the future of the dental profession by fostering meaningful dialogues in breakout groups, addressing pertinent disparities within the dental field through student panels, and listening to speakers. Furthermore, we are thrilled to nurture and expand our collaboration with the ACD. The Annual Session serves as a pivotal event for students to forge connections with ACD members in between speakers, in breakout conversations, and over lunch. This invaluable time fosters mentorship opportunities between ACD members and students nationwide, nur-

The Indiana Section recently held its annual program. Included in the twoday event was a D3 Ethics Dilemma workshop with students from the Indiana University School of Dentistry. The session was led by Odette Aguirre (Indiana) and featured the IU/ACD Ethics Dilemma videos available at

The session also featured the HineLaskin Lecture, where At Large Regent Toni Roucka (Wisconsin) spoke on sustainability in dentistry and the newly updated Ethics Handbook for Dentistry

“In SPEA, our focus is not on enhancing the association but on making the students better. We recognize that our achievements are intricately woven with the crucial support and guidance by the ACD.”

turing the growth of SPEA chapters and providing students with career and life guidance. In SPEA, our focus is not on enhancing the association but on making the students better. We recognize that our achievements are intricately woven with the crucial support and guidance by the ACD. Without their unwavering support and the meaningful connections they facilitate with students, the growth of SPEA would not be possible.

18 | ACD News | Spring 2024
Amber Alak SPEA Executive Chair Boston University, 2025
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Being active within your Section not only expands your network of local colleagues but also offers a valuable opportunity to engage in the current projects and initiatives making a difference in your community. Engage and unlock the potential for meaningful connections with other ACD Fellows. Contact the National Office at if you need assistance contacting your local leadership.

Thank you Dr. Robin Henderson, Regent for Regency 8, for the beautiful bronze sculpture by retired dentist, Jerry McKellar.

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The ACD Foundation Silent Auction mixes fun and fundraising each year at the Annual Meeting and Convocation. Sections donate special items from their regions that give a glimpse into the unique character of their part of the world. Individual Fellows are encouraged to contribute, as well. With a talented Fellowship, the Silent Auction has offered everything from a complete set of published novels to hand-turned bowls created by Fellows. Please contact the National Office at to learn more about getting involved.

Florida Section for a one-of-a-kind charcuterie board for the 2024 auction.
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