The Blue Mountain Review Issue 11

Page 37

Casanova Green

Mute Pantomime and be the branch. Close your eyes and camouflage. Be the guerilla soldier nestled in the trees ready to pounce for the cause of peace. Don’t disturb the cicada’s chirp or the native squirrel’s scurry. Let your sweat mimic rain that rests soft like morning dew. The natives are stirred. They smell your blood, feel your footprints and taste fear’s salt broth vapors. You must not move until time. Although the insects bite and sting and every liquid wants to leak, be silent. Early discovery equals a quick death.

Being Me My dreams interlock with yellow, red, and blue Legos wallpapered with scribbled verses from half-filled journals. The sounds of my thoughts blast and trumpet ideas while my heart is the kick drum keeping time for my actions dancing towards the finish line. Echoes and colors seem chaotic but this corner becomes sweet poetry, a flute solo in an empty room which rings clear forever.


Casanova Green is a writer, singer/songwriter, educator, pastor, and traveling minister and worship leader. He is a

2010 graduate of Ohio Northern University with a BA in Language Arts Education with minor in voice and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the Etowah Valley Low-Residency MFA Program at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. He released his first album, A Worshiper Mentality, in January 2016. Casanova is a member of the Southern Collective Experience and has been published in The Blue Mountain Review, the 2017 and 2018 editions of Reinhardt University’s journal Sanctuary, and various blogs. He has done extensive ministry work since the age of nine and serves as the Lead Pastor of True Vision Christian Community in Lancaster, OH where he and his family reside. I ssue