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Lora Dillard Bunch, Bonnie Medford

Imperfect Nightmare1 As exhaustion and delirium set in I lie here screaming on the inside while awkwardly silent otherwise. The weight of the silence and darkness is far heavier than it appears. The mysteries lurking in the night are mocking me with a teasing void. My mind full of chaos and torture from the hearts own ignorance and pure out stupidity. The flashing neon sign in my head simply reads “DONE” but, that’s a lie I’m trying to convince myself of.

Your Wedding2 I watched the swans at the reception and imagined scratching your wife’s eyes out.

Lora Dillard Bunch is an artist and writer, Wellness Professional, yoga instructor, reflexologist, polarity practitioner, Reiki practitioner and teacher living in North Georgia. 1


Bonnie Medford is a student in the Reinhardt University MFA program and is scheduled to graduate in 2018. Bonnie

started writing short stories and poetry when she was 12, but has given up the practice many times. However, writing keeps calling her back as a passion and a release of stress. She is grateful to the MFA program and its creator, Dr. Donna Little, for the encouragement to not just write, but to submit her work. Bonnie has been previously published in The Blue Mountain Review and Sanctuary.

24 | the BLUE MOUNTAIN REVIEW Issue 10