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Collaboration Global is a community of entrepreneurs who come together to support each other to grow. More than that they are creating businesses that have positive impact beyond their original function - they are building a business for good. We acknowledge that we are creating a new paradigm for what it means to do business, we operate in a space of love, connection and abundance. Which means we are always looking for ways to help others, both within the community and in our collaborations with others. In the community we learn from each other about personal development, business growth and how to create and manage successful collaborations. We understand we have a safe space to try things out, to dream big and we can allow ourselves to be authentic, vulnerable and brave. We practice our values of love, human being first and being collaboration to ensure we build a strong culture that is underpinned by our behaviours and powerful mindset. We also acknowledge that life is not a rehearsal and so fully intend to enjoy every moment spent in this great empowering energy. This publication was born from a collaboration and continues beyond the original collaborators. Our members write the articles, share their visions for the future and inspire us with their wisdom and hope for the future. The team collating, editing, proofing and designing the publication are all volunteers from our community and are committed to the cause of making our world a better place -one day at a time.