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This year, Cole River is working to expand where we still see growth and contract where we don’t. As always we strive to offer smart products at affordable price points, one-of-a-kind design elements that will set you apart from your competition, quality pick-me-ups at low price points, and a strategic expansion of our bath / spa category that will service your bath, gift, personal care, and décor customers all at once.

H  AND-CARVED HORN TURTLES Give the gift of good fortune! In many cultures, our hand-carved turtle is an ancient symbol of fortune, vitality, and longevity. HO-T191 Hand-Carved Horn Turtles, 2 x 2.5” (min 12)

Happy 2009! And what a year it promises to be. After spending 2008 being bombarded by political ads and campaigns, we all thought we might be able to sit back and enjoy a bit of down-time. Ha! Ironically, while we now have a very capable president in place, there will be no down-time to speak of. In fact, the work that will be necessary to rebuild this country is daunting, and the steps that we take must be smarter and more progressive than any we’ve taken in the past several decades. Within our own industry, we also find huge challenges. Our task to rebuild is great and requires such strategies as repairing consumer confidence and interest, timing our buys to better synchronize with seasonal spending trends, offering products that perform a function, please the eye, AND are reasonably priced, and positioning merchandise for careful and cautious consumers at ALL spending levels.

We have a couple of personal picks this year. First is our silkscreened lacquerware. We love the new technology of silkscreening on lacquered wood, but the photography we’ve featured is also lovely and deserves to be studied and admired. Another favorite is our 100% natural bamboo fiber bath amenities. Bamboo fiber, by nature, is anti-bacterial, extremely soft on the skin, and produced with care using only sustainable resources thus perfect for use in the bath. These items also provide for a bit of pampering, too, making them a smart gift choice for just about everyone who needs a bit of comfort these days. For now and throughout this year ahead, we wish you good fortune, steady sales and lots of inspiration. More importantly, here’s to good health, much joy, and plenty of laughter during 2009. We also thank you for your business. As always, we are grateful for your continued support

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full bloom home & gift

SILKSCREENED LACQUERWARE We’re in full bloom this season with our silkscreened lacquerware combination. Handmade with original photography and silkscreened, lacquered wood. Try this ever-fresh Dahlia Floral bouquet for a bold color statement at home. (See pgs. 8-9 for alternative design.) LQ-T449-FLO Lacquered Tray, Dahlia Floral, 13 x 19” LQ-W360-FLO Wine Arc, Dahlia Floral (min 2) Also featured: GL-T003 Glass Pitcher w/ Cups. (See pg. 13 for details) GL-V400 Tapered White Vase, Sm (See pg. 4)

 BEADED FLORAL WORKS New for Spring, we’ve paired our beads with new blooms this season in orange, pale pink, or natural-white flower petals. Multiple applications, including garlands, centerpieces, wreath detail, napkin décor, vase filler, place settings, buffet table, etc. GL-C609-ORG Long Floral Branch, Orange 25-26” (min 12/color) GL-C609-WHT Long Floral Branch, White 25-26” (min 12/color) GL-C609-PNK Long Floral Branch, Pink 25-26” (min 12/color) GL-C611-ORG Small Floral Branch, Orange 8-9” (min 12/color) GL-C611-WHT Small Floral Branch, White 8-9” (min 12/color) GL-C611-PNK Small Floral Branch, Pink 8-9” (min 12/color) a a SILKSCREENED  LACQUER FRAMES LQ-F400-FLO 3x3 Frame, Dahlia Floral (min 2) LQ-F401-FLO 4x6 Frame, Dahlia Floral (min 2) LQ-F402-FLO 5x7 Frame, Dahlia Floral

b b M  ILKY WHITE GLASS VASE COLLECTION (as shown on our catalog cover) GL-V400 Tapered White Vase, Sm, 2.5x5.75”d (min 2) GL-V401 Tapered White Vase, Med, 2.5x7.25”d (min 2) GL-V402 Tapered White Vase, Lg, 3x8.5”d (min 2) GL-V403 U-Style White Vase, Sm, 3.5x3.5”d (min 4)

GL-V404 U-Style White Vase, Lg, 5x6”d (min 2) c A  RT FOR THE TABLE – ART FOR THE WALL These dual-purpose lacquered panels come equipped to serve as both non-slip footed coffee table trivets or silkscreened photography for the wall. Handmade with original

photography and silkscreened, lacquered wood. Shown below in Dahlia Floral, also available in Bamboo (see pg. 9).

GL-C612-ORG Floral Tea-Light Wreath/Holder, Orange (min 12/color) GL-C612-WHT Floral Tea-Light Wreath/Holder, White (min 12/color) GL-C612-PNK Floral Tea-Light Wreath/Holder, Pink (min 12/color)

LQ-W001-FLO Wall - Table Art, four 10x10 panels, Bamboo Slkscreen Also available: LQ-W001-BAM (see pg. 4 for details)




a a B  ANGLE-O-MANIA Rich in color and design, these festive votive cups, coasters, and bangle boxes are hand-made by jewelry artisans with broken glass bangles. Available in Red, Pearly Orange, Spring Green, and Metallic Bronze. VOTIVE / TEALIGHT HOLDER 2.5” (Set 4 / color) JW-V001-BRZ Metallic Bronze JW-V001-GRN Spring Green JW-V001-ORG Pearly Orange JW-V001-RED Red ROUND BANGLE BOX 4.25dia x 2”h (min 2 / color) JW-B002-BRZ Metallic Bronze JW-B002-GRN Spring Green JW-B002-ORG Pearly Orange JW-B002-RED Red




BANGLE 4-COASTER SET w/ MATCHNG RIBBON 4 x 4” (min 2 Sets / color) JW-C003-BRZ Metallic Bronze JW-C003-GRN Spring Green JW-C003-ORG Pearly Orange JW-C003-RED Red b W  ILD BRUSH BROOMS Available with colored handles in Red, Orange, and Green, in 8” and 20” lengths. Use for sweeping or just to appreciate by hanging on the wall. NF-B302 Wild Brush Hand Broom, 8” (min 4/color) NF-B303 Wild Brush Broom, 20.5” (min 3/color) a a H  ANDBLOWN GLASS SERVING PITCHERS Cheer the crowds (or just the neighbors) with fruity, punchy, mouth-watering handblown glass serving pitchers and matching cups. Available in Cloud White, Tangerine, or Mint Julep. Glass items are handblown, thus sizing and color tone will vary slightly from item to item. SERVING PITCHERS 6.5”h, 40 oz/1200ml (min 2/color) GL-S100-WHT Cloud White


GL-S100-TAN Tangerine GL-S100-MNT Mint Julep MATCHING CUPS 3.5”h x 3” dia 8 oz / 250ml (Set 4, $2.50ea) GL-S200-WHT Cloud White GL-S200-TAN Tangerine GL-S200-MNT Mint Julep b 2  -TONE COTTON-WEAVE TABLE TOP Table it! We’ve transformed your favorite “rag rugs” to cheerful table top spunk. Each color-way is fused with contrasting thread-tones,

resulting in these 4 color-ways: Key Lime-Chocolate, Orange-Raspberry, Cocoa-Mousse, and Icy Blue-Lime. PLACEMATS, 13 X 19” (Set 4, ROLLED) LN-C001-LI Key Lime-Chocolate LN-C001-OR Orange-Raspberry LN-C001-CO Cocoa-Mousse LN-C001-BL Icy Blue Lime 2-TONE TABLE RUNNERS 13 X 90” LN-C001-LI Key Lime-Chocolate LN-C001-OR Orange-Raspberry LN-C001-CO Cocoa-Mousse LN-C001-BL Icy Blue Lime


c S  TONELIGHTS LQ-S250 Stonelights in Chartreuse, Red, Persimmon. Also avail in Black, Purple, Copper, Gold, Silver, Tiger, Tortoise, Spun Silk. d W  INDOW TRAYS AND WINE ARCS Our colorful, Cole River bestsellers in Red, Orange, Chartreuse and Black. LQ-T251 Window Trays, 15”sq LQ-W255 Wine Arcs, (min 2/color)



a B  AMBOO PANEL VASES A modern glass box-vase hides behind hand-tied bamboo lattice panels. Shown in Bright Green, also available in Natural Bamboo (see pg. 20). GL-V500-GRN Bright Green Bamboo Lattice Vase, Sm, 4 x 4h x 3”d (min 2) GL-V501-GRN Bright Green Bamboo Lattice Vase, Med, 6.5 x 9h x 4”d GL-V502-GRN Bright Green Bamboo Lattice Vase, Lg, 8 x 11.5h x 4.5”d b PEACE  ROCKS Speak your PEACE with our handlacquered Peace Rocks. A perfect gesture for friends (and foes), these paper weights are produced with real stones -- naturally lacquered with silver-leaf graphic overlay. Stones are harvested from coastal beaches and therefore each is unique and individual. LQ-S155-BLU Peace Rocks, Silver on Sky-Blue (min 2/color) LQ-S155-WHI Peace Rocks, Dk Brown on Cloud-White (min 2/color) LQ-S155-CHAR Peace Rocks, Silver on Chartreuse (min 2/color) LQ-S155-CHOC Peace Rocks, Silver on Earth Brown (min 2/color) c S  ILKSCREENED BAMBOO COLLECTION Go green and get personal with this lacquered photography closeup! A perfect cluster of beautiful bamboo stalks photographed and silkscreened upon a luxury handmade tray, wine arc, and set of coasters.


LQ-T449-BAM Lacquered Tray, Bamboo, 13 x 19” LQ-W360-BAM Wine Arc, Bamboo (min 2) LQ-C350-BAM Coaster Set 4 w/ Lidded Box, Bamboo (min 2 sets) b





a A  RT FOR THE TABLE – ART FOR THE WALL These dual-purpose lacquered panels come equipped to serve as both non-slip footed coffee table trivets or silkscreened photography for the wall. Handmade with original photography and silkscreened, lacquered wood. Shown above in

Bamboo, also available in Dahlia Floral (see pg. 4) LQ-W001-BAM Wall - Table Art, four 10x10 panels, Bamboo Slkscreen. Also available: LQ-W001-FLO (see pg. 4 for details) b S  ILKSCREENED LACQUER FRAMES LQ-F400-BAM 3x3 Frame, Bamboo (min 2)

LQ-F401-BAM 4x6 Frame, Bamboo (min 2) LQ-F402-BAM 5x7 Frame, Bamboo c V  ERSA-TRAY Our newest great bar-top / serveware fashion statement, this smart little tray is available in three of our favorite earth-tones. LQ-T351-WHI Versa-Tray, Cloud-White 9 x 12” LQ-T351-CHAR Versa-Tray, Chartreuse 9 x 12” LQ-T351-CHOC Versa-Tray, Earth Brown 9 x 12”

WINE ARCS New wine arcs available in coordinating colors. LQ-W255-BLU Wine Arc, Sky-Blue (min 2) LQ-W255-WHI Wine Arc, Cloud-White (min 2) LQ-W255-CHAR Wine Arc, Chartreuse (min 2) LQ-W255-CHOC Wine Arc, Earth Brown (min 2)


ALUMINUM SIDETABLE Purposeful, classy. Fully assembled. MT-T100 Sidetable, 12.5 x 12.5 x 22.5�h

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a G  LASS SERVEWARE Celebrate early and celebrate often with our new line-up of handsome glass serving accessories. Serving Glasses, from left to right: GL-T003-GLP 3”h x 2.5”dia, 7 oz. capacity (set/4) GL-T002-GLR 4”h x 2.5”dia, 7 oz. capacity (set/4) GL-T001-GLH 3”h x 2.75”dia, 7 oz. capacity (set/4) Also featured: LQ-T351-CHOC Versa-Tray, Earth Brown 9 x 12” . JW-V001-BRZ Bangle Votive/Tealight Holder, Metallic Bronze 2.5”h (Set / 4) JW-C003-BRZ Bangle Coaster Set, Metallic Bronze 4x4” (Set 4 w/ Ribbon) a

From left to right: GL-T002 Rocket Style Tumble-Up Decanter w/ Cup. 10” h, 28 oz / 750 ml capacity (min 2) GL-T003 Pitcher + Handle Tumble-Up Decanter w/ Cup. 8.5” h, 32 oz / 1000 ml capacity (min 2) GL-T001 Hourglass Tumble-Up Decanter w/ Cup. 8” h, 16 oz / 500 ml capacity (min 2)



b T  UMBLE-UPS A bedside water carafe or a Eurostyle wine decanter, our “TumbleUps” will be adored by guests and friends alike. Serving carafe comes with a matching glass cup/cover to keep freshness in and dust out. Additional cups sold separately.


c S  TONELIGHTS LG-S250 Silver and Black Stonelights (min 2/color) Featured w/ MT-K203 Kenzan Pin Frogs (min 2) for Ikebana-style floral arrangements. d P  ALM TRAYS MT-T001 Small, 12.5 l x 11.5”w MT-T002 Large, 20 l x 18” w b


a BEAN  POD TRAYS Sleek and roomy, fill our food-safe Pod Trays with fresh fruit, smoked salmon, and fresh lobster! MT-T003 Small, 24 x 5.5”w MT-T004 Large, 30 x 6.5”w b C  RATER BOWLS Unique and far-out -- like a walk on the moon. Food-safe. MT-B001 Small, 15.5 l x 10.5”w MT-B002 Large, 21.5 l x 13”w

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c C  APIZ WALL ART Available in our popular SmokyGold and, just for the fun of it, Pop-Red capiz. Made with uncut natural capiz shell – maintained in its original and natural form – as well as cut capiz discs all mounted on delicate wire branches. Ready to hang. CP-W046 Capiz Wall Décor in 18 x 18” (min 2) c

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a SPLATTER  SERVEWARE Tempt your buyers with our 3Tiered Pastry Caddy, Cake Stand, and our Splatter Bowl Trio series. Sure to be a hit, our enameled aluminum is food safe. MT-T600 3-Tiered Pastry Caddy, 18”h x 10.5”lg (bottom tier) MT-C100 Cake Stand, 10 x 5”h

a a

b b S  PLATTER BOWL TRIO MT-B550 Sml Bowl, 6 x 2” (min 2) MT-B551 Med Bowl, 8 x 2” (min 2) MT-B552 Lg Bowl, 10 x 2”


b a A  LUMINUM SPLATTER COLLECTION Make a splash with this fun, modern, aluminum serving collection. Food safe. Hand wash. MT-B540 Splatter Bowl, 13.5” dia $24.00 MT-T541 Square Splatter Tray, 9 x 9 x 2”h (min 2) MT-T542 Rectangle Splatter Tray, 17 x 10 x 2.5”h

c PUDDLE  TRAYS A perfect way to stage an assortment of snacks. MT-T550 Sml Puddle Tray, 12 l x 11/4 w x 2” (min 2) MT-T551 Lg Puddle Tray, 17.5 l x 15/8 w x 2.5”

b A  LUMINUM “SPILL” TRAYS Try our latest addition to the “splatter” family of aluminum serveware. Three food-safe tray sizes in a flat, easy to serve design. MT-T700 Spill Tray, Sm 8” (min 2) MT-T701 Spill Tray, Med 12” (min 2) MT-T702 Spill Tray, Lg 20”

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REACH VASES Three sleek yet versatile aluminum vases -- perfect with leafy ferns or tall pussy willows. MT-V001 Small, 17” MT-V002 Medium, 27” MT-V003 Large, 33”

a a A  LUMINUM POD TRAYS These contemporary-organic pod trays are versatile in both style and function. Update your console table or add drama to your buffet. Hand cast aluminum with white enamel finish. Food safe. Hand wash. MT-T575 Sml Pod Tray, 8.25 x 5.5 x 2.25”h (min 2) MT-T576 Med Pod Tray, 15 x 6 x 2.75”h MT-T577 Lg Pod Tray, 20 x 7 x 4”h

c A  LUMINUM SIDETABLE Purposeful, classy. Fully assembled. MT-T100 Sidetable, 12.5 x 12.5 x 22.5”h


b LONGHORN For the Texan in you… weighty, smooth, and hand-casted with a closed and finished base. MT-S001 Cast Aluminum Steer, 7.5 l x 6”h, b

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natural living gifts & accessories page 18

ORGANIC SOLA WREATHS Native to South Asia, the Sola plant is a delicate, annually harvested species with a soft white fiber previously used by artisans to make bridal “crowns” for traditional Indian weddings. We’ve reshaped and resized ours to bring you rich and natural wall décor wreaths. Delicate yet rich with nature, craftsmanship, and history. NF-W300 Rose Wreath (top), 9” (min 2) NF-W100 Chrysanthemum Wreath (center), 9” (min 2) NF-W200 Mums Wreath (bottom), 9” (min 2)

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NATURAL VASE FILLER Fresh, clean wood tones prevail this Spring through our new selection of organic branches and vase filler concepts. a N  F-B007 Handmade Root Formation, approx 16”d (min 4) NF-B008 Wood Rounds, approx 2”d, 250gm / bag (min 4 bags) b N  F-B002 Mistumata Branches, Natural - 3pcs / bundle approx 48” (min 4 bu) NF-B006 Faux Rattan Cattails, Natural+Brown - 6 pcs / bundle approx 26-28” (min 4 bu) NF-B001 Pearly Branches, Natural - 8pcs / bundle approx 32” (min 4 bu)


c NF-B005 Wheat, Natural - 40gm / bundle approx 24-28” (min 4 bu) NF-B003 Natural Branches w/ Wood Rounds - 3 pcs / bundle approx 32” (min 4 bu) NF-B004 Snake Grass, Natural 250gm / bundle approx 28” (min 4 bu)

a a B  AMBOO PANEL VASES A modern glass box-vase hides behind hand-tied bamboo lattice panels. Shown in Natural bamboo, also available in Bright Green (see pg. 8)


GL-V500-NAT Natural Bamboo Lattice Vase, Sm, 4 x 4h x 3”d (min 2) GL-V501-NAT Natural Bamboo Lattice Vase, Med, 6.5 x 9h x 4”d GL-V502-NAT Natural Bamboo Lattice Vase, Lg, 8 x 11.5h x 4.5”d b BAMBOO  STOOL A handsome and all-natural seating / footstool option. Pull out for parties indoors or poolside. Handmade with bamboo and Reza Jute Weave. NF-S100 Bamboo-Reza Stool, 16”h (min 2) REZA-JUTE CUBE Predominantly grown and spun in Eastern India, jute has evolved into innovative and ultra-soft hybrid blends. Our own Reza Jute-Cotton blend is Cole River’s new “it” fabric of choice. Try this comfy, all- natural, eco-friendly cube with dense cotton-fill. Comfy seating, cozy footstool, earth-friendly. NF-C100 Reza Jute Cube, 16x16x16



c M  INI VASE TRIO - WIDE These mini glass bowl-vases are perfect for full floral groupings, seashells, or any other little treasures. GL-V420 Set 3 Vase Trio - Wide, 4-5”h page 20


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BAMBOO – STAINLESS PASTRY CADDY Inspired by our 3-tiered aluminum caddy, we’ve produced a variation on the theme to enhance our green home story. Enjoy this piece and the quality and it delivers. BM-C001 Bamboo-Stainless Pastry Caddy, KD packing, 11d (base) x 15”h


a B  AMBOO – GLASS CAKE / SERVING STANDS A green yet modern approach to first class cake service. Thick tempered glass permanently tops a strong, all-natural bamboo wood base. Lovely to behold and a fit for even the most particular foodies.

b R  OLLED EDGE BAMBOO TRAY A quality bamboo board for chopping or serving, w/ non-slip rubber feet. BM-T314 Rolled Tray, 10”sq x 1”h (min 2) Also featured: BM-K307 Cheese Knife, 7” (min 6)

c TEA FOR TWO - BAMBOO STYLE Very necessary, very natural accoutrements -- for tea lovers of all types. BA-B408-WHI Whitewash Bamboo Tea / Vanity Tray, 14 x 6.5 (min 2) BA-B407-WHI Whitewash Teabag / Bud Box, 6.25 x 2.75 x 3.5 (min 2)

BM-C100 Cake Stand, Sm (min 2) 8.75 d x 3.5”h BM-C101 Cake Stand, Lg 12 x 5”h b


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b T  EACUP & SAUCER GL-C001 Cup and Saucer, 8 oz. (Set 4) a C  HEESE / SUSHI PRESENTATION TRAY It’s all in the presentation…and not just for sushi anymore!


BM-T316 Sml Tray, Wood-tone 8.25 x 4.75 x 1.25 (min 2) BM-T316-WHI Sml Tray, Whitewash 8.25 x 4.75 x 1.25 (min 2) BM-T317 Lg Tray, Wood-tone 10.25 x 7.00 x 1.5 (min 2) BM-T317-WHI Lg Tray, Whitewash 10.25 x 7.00 x 1.5 (min 2) Also available: BM-K307 Bamboo Cheese Knife, Wood-tone (min 6) BM-K307-WHI Bamboo Cheese Knife, Whitewash (min 6)

CREAM & SUGAR Lightweight, yet hardy glassware. GL-C003 Cream & Sugar Set, 8 oz ea. (min 2 Sets) SINGLE-SERVE STRAINER TEACUP Tea for one -- just add tea leaves. Lid keeps your tea hot. GL-C002 12 oz/350ml (min 2) Also featured: SH-S612 Natural Shell Teaspoon, 5” (min 4) BM-T316 Sml Bamboo Tray, 8.25 x 4.75 x 1.25 (min 2) BA-B405 Bamboo “Sauna” Tray, 11 x 9 x 2 (min 2) b

a a G  LASS TEAPOTS Slow down, take some time. Remember to breath, laugh, and drink tea! Enjoy your favorite blend (or ours) with our heat-resistant designer glass teapots. Complete with removeable strainers for those who love their tea-leaves. Available in two sizes: GL-T100 Large Glass Teapot 5 ¾” h x 9” spout to handle, 34 oz / 4-5 cup capacity (min 2) GL-T101 Small Glass Teapot 5 ¼” h x 7” spout to handle, 24 oz / 3-4 cup capacity (min 2) GLASS TEAPOT WARMER Just one tealight placed in the center of this floral shaped, heavyweight glass teapot warmer will keep your tea warm for as long as the tealight is burning. GL-T200 Teapot Warmer 2” h x 5 ¾” w Also featured: LN-B117-LTG Bamboo Placemat, Light Green 19x13” (min 4) BM-T317-WHT Bamboo Tray, Lg Whitewash 10.25 x 7 x 1.5” (min 2)

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b C  USTOM-BLENDED COLE RIVER TEA LEAVES Inspired by a love for tea, this season we’ve partnered with a master tea blender to customblend four best-selling tea-leaf varieties just for us. Even the most particular tea connoisseurs will be pleased! Enjoy ever-fresh tea leaves with our 2 oz. tin containers or buy our bulk-pack (4oz.) and keep your favorite blend around at all times!


Herbal C. A caffeine-free blend of hibiscus, lemon grass, cinnamon, chamomile, and stevia. Refreshing, flavorful, delicious. Earl Grey-Blue (a black tea). The traditional blend we all love with a seductive infusion of fragrant lavendar blossoms. Bath Time. Relax with a cup and pour the rest into your bathwater! A skin-soothing, herbal blend of jasmine tea, sage, french lavendar, rose petals, and calendula. Dragon Slayer (a green tea). This classic Chinese green tea boasts a lingering, earthy taste, while providing the antioxidant boost we all deserve.

2 OZ TEA TIN (min 6 Tins / Blend) TL-T100-HC Herbal C TL-T200-EB Earl Grey-Blue TL-T300-BT Bath Time TL-T400-DR Dragon Slayer

4 OZ BULK-PACK (min 2 Packs / Blend) TL-B100-HC Herbal C TL-B200-EB Earl Grey-Blue TL-B300-BT Bath Time TL-B400-DR Dragon Slayer

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BAMBOO A-FRAME WINE BOTTLE RACK Elegant, unusual, holds up to 9 bottles. BM-W315 Wine Rack, 15 x 5 x 15�h




a 12-BOTTLE  BAMBOO WINE RACK This 100% handmade bamboo wine rack stands elegantly alone or neatly in numbers. A green solution for the most serious of cellarmasters. BM-W415 12-bottle bamboo wine rack b B  M-W317-WHI Bamboo Wine Arc, Whitewash (min 3/color) BM-W317 Bamboo Wine Arc, Wood-tone (min 3/color) c B  M-W320 Whitewash Bamboo Wine Rack, 9-bottle capacity 

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a B  OWLS / SERVERS LQ-B342 Sml Bowl in Tiger or Tortoise, 9.75 x 4”h LQ-B343 Med Bowl in Tiger or Tortoise, 11 x 5”h b W  INE ARCS LQ-W355 Tiger or Tortoise, (min 2/color) c P  RESENTATION / SERVING BOWLS A recent addition to our tiger / tortoise collection…and a bowl so luxurious it deserves to be put on a pedestal! LQ-B331 Large Presentation Bowl in Tiger, 22 x 5”h LQ-P258 Solid Wood Pedestal for Large Presentation Bowl, Black 10.5sq x 2”h LQ-B330 Small Presentation Bowl in Tortoise, 13 x 3”h LQ-P257 Black Plate Stand for Plates or Bowls Ranging from 13-18,” Matte, 14 x 11.75” (min 2) 

a a T  IGER / TORTOISE TRAYS Enjoy our trays for every occasion. A most popular size for all purposes.



LQ-T349 Lacquer Serving Tray, 13 x 19” Also featured: LQ-B242 Pod Bowl in Pumpkin, 13 x 3.5” b S  TONELIGHTS LQ-S250 Metallic Stonelights in Copper, Gold, Silver (min 2/color) c LACQUERED METALLIC WINE ARCS LQ-W260 Wine Arc in Gold, Silver, Copper, (min 2/color)

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d a

b a

c c e d f

a S  HELL NAPKIN RINGS IN POUCH Polished, organic, fresh-water shell napkin rings add intrigue and glamour to your table. Set 4 in an organza pouch, perfect for gift-giving. SH-R603-PNK Pink Shell Napkin Rings, set/4 SH-R603-WHT White Shell Napkin Rings, set/4 b HORN DRAGONFLIES Horn dragonflies for table-top or gift. HO-D190 Dragonflies, (min 12) c HAND-CARVED HORN TURTLES HO-T191 Hand-Carved Horn Turtles, 2 x 2.5” (min 12) page 30

SH-M100 Mother of Pearl Magnets, 1” dia (Set 12)


b “  GUPPY” CONDIMENT SCOOP A sweet miniature serving scoop for your artichoke dip, your condiments, your spices. Cute as a button and useful, too. Made and cut from white, freshwater shell. SH-S610 Guppy Spoon, Shell, 2.5” (min 12)

d S  H-F621 Horn-Shell - Fork, 6” (min 4) SH-K622 Horn-Shell - Knife, 6” (min 4) SH-S623 Horn-Shell - Spoon, 5.5” (min 4) e M  OTHER OF PEARL MAGNETS Add a touch of luxury to your message board. Hand-carved, Mother of Pearl Butterfly and Blossom Magnets. Pack-12 assorted dark and light.

a H  ORN CRANES In Asia, the crane is a symbol of longevity. We have created Mother and Child cranes handmade from horn, a sweet and meaningful gift or tabletop accessory. HO-C193 Mother and Child Cranes, 2 and 3” wide (min 12, 6 per size)

f G  ILDED HAND-PAINTED BAMBOO DRAGONFLIES Our charming bamboo dragonflies are dressed and hand-painted in gold & silver couture. Set them anywhere and watch them balance upon the tip of their nose! Also available in red, orange, with white detailing. BM-D327 (min 12/color)

c R  OLLED EDGE BAMBOO TRAY Perfect for appetizers or party for two, w/ non-slip rubber feet. BM-T314 Rolled Tray, 10”sq x 1”h (min 2) Also featured: BM-K307 Cheese Knife, 7” (min 6) d H  ORN LEAF CONDIMENT CATCHERS Use this charming hand-made set of leaf bowls to scoop or just to hold your spices. HO-B192 Horn Leaf Bowls, 3 and 4.5” (set/2)


e H  ORN FISH & BAMBOO RODS Goin’ fishin’? These charming hand-made horn fish hang from a line and a 7” bamboo rod. Pop them into potting plants or use them to swizzle your Long Island ice tea. Whimsical and fun, however you might use them! Rod

is removable. HO-F194 Horn Fish, 2.5” & Rod (min 12) f NATURAL SHELL UTENSILS Olive fork, cheese knife, and condiment teaspoon…each of these elegant utensils is carefully

cut, constructed, and polished from freshwater shells harvested from the South China Sea. A perfect way to detail an elegant party spread. SH-F611 Fork, 5” (min 4) SH-K612 Knife, 5.5” (min 4) SH-S613 Spoon, 5” (min 4)

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BABY SOFT BAMBOO EYE SHADES Keep the lights low and the sleep coming. NF-B103 Natural Bamboo Eye Shades (min 12)

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a B  AMBOO – CHENILLE HEADBAND Using the softest of 100% chenilleweave bamboo, this is the one habit you’ll never break. Just rinse and hang dry this elastic one-size-fits-all hair band, that is if you ever choose to take it off! NF-B104 Natural Bamboo-Chenille Headband (min 12) b L ACQUERED SILVER LEAF BATH COLLECTION A lux addition to the bath. Our silver-leaf lacquer collection will dress up any bathroom interior. BA-S371 Bud Box, 4 x 4.75”h (min 2) BA-S372 Soap Dish with Ceramic Insert, (min 2) BA-S373 Boutique Tissue, (min 2) BA-S374 Tumbler with Ceramic Insert, (min 2) BA-S375 Vanity Tray, 9 x 12” BA-S376 Waste Bin, 10.5 x 10.5

PAKKA WOOD BATH COLLECTION As the world gets greener, the most interesting construction materials begin to surface! Meet “pakka” wood, a wood by-product produced with 100% recycled and reconstituted wood remnants. Reuse, reuse, recycle! Pakka is regarded as an “inert” wood product that does not warp and will not absorb water. Good news for us – so we’ve taken it with us to the bath.

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BA-P401 Pakka Wood Stuff-It Cup, 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5”h (min 2) BA-P402 Pakka Wood Soap Dish, 4.5 x 3.5” (min 2) BA-P403 Pakka Wood Tissue Box, Boutique (min 2) BA-P404 Pakka Wood Toothbrush Holder, 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5”h (min 2) BA-P405 Pakka Wood Sectional Vanity Tray, 12 x 6” BA-P406 Pakka Wood Waste Bin, 8.5 x 8.5 x 12 BA-P407 Pakka Wood Lotion Pump, 2.5 x 2.5 x 7”h

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BAMBOO – LOOFAH BATH AND SPA BRUSHES Commercial spa quality bath brushes. Using only sustainable pressed bamboo, we’ve produced a one-stop solution for skin exfoliation, improved blood circulation, muscle massage, or just a good scrub. NF-B200 Striped Bamboo Small Brush (min 12) NF-B201 Striped Bamboo Back Brush/ Massager (min 6) NF-B202 Striped Bamboo Loofah Scrubber (min 6)


a P  RESSED BAMBOO BATH COLLECTION A welcome addition to our growing bath collection, 6 beautifully constructed, saunastyle bathroom pieces made with our beloved, eco-friendly bamboo.

primed with essential oils to fill your bath, spa, closet or any other room with 3 aromatherapy fragrance options. Choose from Pine/Eucalyptus (pictured), Lemon/Green Tea, and Lavendar/ Lilac. Use in its drawstring pouch packaging or set about in Cole River’s clean looking and sizeappropriate glass containers (see pg. 20 for details).

BA-B401 Bud/Cotton Container, 4 x 4 x 4.25”h (min 2) BA-B402 Soap Dish, 5.5 x 4” (min 4) BA-B403 Tissue Box, 5 x 5 x 5.25”h (min 2) BA-B404 Toothbrush Cup, 3 x 3 x 4.75”h (min 2) BA-B405 Sauna Tray, 11 x 9 x 2 (min 2) BA-B406 Waste Bin, 10 x 6.5 x 12”h


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b N  ATURAL HOME FRAGRANCE ORBS A contemporary alternative to the old fashioned, dust-laden potpourri recipes, these natural wooden spheres have been

NF-F100 Pine/Eucalyptus Fragrance Orbs w/ Pouch (min 2/fragrance) NF-F200 Lavendar/Lilac Fragrance Orbs w/ Pouch (min 2/fragrance) NF-F300 Lemon/Green Tea Fragrance Orbs w/ Pouch (min 2/fragrance) Also featured: GL-V420 Set 3 Glass Containers, 5”h 

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a a CAPIZ  WALL ART Available in our popular SmokyGold and, just for the fun of it, Pop-Red capiz. Made with uncut natural capiz shell – maintained in its original and natural form – as well as cut capiz discs all mounted on delicate wire branches. Ready to hang. CP-W046 Capiz Wall Décor in 18 x 18” (min 2) b NATURAL LUFFA SPHERES A natural and functional décor accent for the bath, sauna, kitchen, or spa. Cross-sections of natural Luffa wrap a synthetic fiber core, we find the smallest of the 3 quite useful for an after-garden foot scrub!

a a S  MOKY GOLD CAPIZ BATH COLLECTION BA-C091-GLD Bud / Cotton Container, Smoky Gold 4 x 4 x 4.25” (min 2) BA-C092-GLD Capiz Bathroom Accessory, Soap Dish w/ceramic Insert, Smoky Gold, 6 x 4.25 x 1.5”h (min. 2) BA-C093-GLD Capiz Bathroom Accessory, Tissue Box, Smoky Gold, 5Sq x 5.25”h (min. 2) BA-C094-GLD Capiz Bathroom Accessory, Tumbler w/ Ceramic Insert, Smoky Gold, 3dia x 4.5”h (min. 2) BA-C095-GLD Capiz Bathroom Accessory, Vanity Tray, Smoky Gold, 11 x 9 x 1.75”h BA-C096-GLD Capiz Bathroom Accessory, Waste Bin, Smoky Gold, 8 x 10.5 x 9.75”h


b c

NF-S500 Sm Luffa Sphere, 2” (min 8) NF-S501 Med Luffa Sphere, 3” (min 4) NF-S502 Lg Luffa Sphere, 4” (min 4) c S  QUARE CAPIZ SERVING TRAY CP-T035 Square tray in Smoky Gold 17x17”, also available in Bronze Dusk.

b 1  00% BAMBOO BATH AMENITIES Our downy-soft woven bamboo fiber amenities absorb water quickly while keeping bacterial growth at bay. A perfect combination for daily use in steamy bathrooms and spas. Enjoy and pamper with these allnatural bamboo / bamboo-loofah discoveries. NF-B100 Natural Bamboo Soap Pocket (min 12) NF-B101 Natural Bamboo – Loofah Back Scrubber, 31” (min 6) NF-B102 Natural Bamboo – Loofah Shower Mit (min 12) p ag e 3 8

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b a REZA  JUTE CUBE Meet the new Jute! Predominantly grown and spun in Eastern India, this perpetually evolving fabric has been reworked and relaunched with innovative Jute-blends. Our own Reza Jute-Cotton blend is Cole River’s new “it” fabric of choice. Try this comfy, all- natural, eco-friendly Jute cube with dense cottonfill. Comfy yet firm seating, cozy footstool, earth-friendly. NF-C100 Reza Jute Cube, 16x16x16


b C  ANDLE BOWL/VASE Capiz candle bowls now available in our beautiful new Bronze Dusk color. Also available in Smoky Gold. CP-C025 Sml 4.5 x 4” (min 2/color) CP-C026 Med 5 x 4.5” (min 2/color)

c R  OOM PANELS The perfect solution to divide and conquer any interior space. Use as room or space or doorway dividers…or to diffuse light on your windows. Tab-top / tie-top construction, rod not included. JUTE / COTTON VOILE TASSEL PANEL Natural, lightweight, classic. NF-P120 Jute / Cotton Voile with tassels and tab-tops, (front) 34 x 84” (min 2)

a BRONZE  CAPIZ BATHROOM COLLECTION Our popular capiz bath collection also available in Bronze Dusk. BA-C091-BRZ Bud / Cotton Container, 4 x 4 x 4.25”h (min 2) BA-C092-BRZ Soap Dish with Ceramic Insert, 6 x 4.25” (min 2) BA-C093-BRZ Tissue Box, 5 x 5 x 5.25” (min 2) BA-C094-BRZ Tumbler with Ceramic Insert, 4.5 x 3”d (min 2) BA-C095-BRZ Vanity Tray, 11 x 9” BA-C096-BRZ Waste Bin, 8 x 10.5 x 9.75”h b S  MALL CAPIZ BOWL This breathtaking capiz mosaic bowl is available in Bronze Dusk or Smoky Gold. CP-B023-BRZ Capiz Bowl, Bronze, 9”d x 5”h CP-B023-GLD Capiz Bowl, Smoky Gold, 9”d x 5”h

SHEER NYLON-COTTON PANEL Elegant, feminine, clean, sheer. NF-P100 White Nylon-Cotton with tie-tops, (back) 36 x 84” (min 4)

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LACQUERED “SPUN SILK” BATH COLLECTION This set is top choice for those in search of a rich yet natural looking touch for an elegant master bath. BA-S361 Bud Canister, 4 x 4.75” (min 2) BA-S362 Soap Dish with Black Ceramic Insert (min 2) BA-S363 Tissue Box, 5 x 5.5”h (min 2) BA-S364 Tumbler w/ Black Ceramic Insert, (min 2) BA-S365 Vanity Tray, 9 x 12” BA-S366 Waste Bin, 10.5 x 10.25”h

LACQUERED “TORTOISE” BATH COLLECTION Our newest addition to our lux line of bath ware. BA-S381 Tortoise Bud Box, 4 x 4 x 4.5”h (min 2) BA-S382 Tortoise Soap Dish w/ Ceramic Insert (min 2) BA-S383 Tortoise Tissue Box (min 2) BA-S384 Tortoise Tumbler w/ Ceramic Insert (min 2) BA-S385 Tortoise Bath Tray, 14 x 6.5” BA-S386 Tortoise Waste Bin, Tapered Square 9.5 x 9.5 (8x8” base) x 12”h

b STONELIGHTS LQ-S350 Stonelights in Tiger, Tortoise, also available in Spun Silk (min 2/color)


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$ $ $ c  ALA BEADS M Used in meditation to keep focused and grounded, the 108-bead Mala has become a fashion statement for yoganistas, Buddhists, and jewelry officianados across the globe. We incorporated the sacred Tulsi wood bead, made from the stems of basil plants, and select semi-precious stones from India and infused our own fashion colors for a collection of jewelry that is both lively and inspirational.

a,b T  ULSI BEAD MALA NECKLACE w/ Pouch, 42” (20” doubled up), (min 3 / color) JW-M001-CIT Citrus JW-M001-ORG Orange JW-M001-BLU Blue TULSI BEAD BRACELET w/ elastic band, (min 3 / color) JW-B001-CIT Citrus JW-B001-ORG Orange JW-B001-BLU Blue


b c S  EMI PRECIOUS STONE / TULSI BEAD BRACELET w/ elastic band (min 3 / stone) JW-B100-RQ Rose Quartz JW-B100-ON Onex JW-B100-CAR Carnelian JW-B100-TUR Turquoise d,e S  EMI PRECIOUS STONE MALA NECKLACE w/ Pouch, 30” (min 3 / stone) $8.95ea JW-M100-RQ Rose Quartz JW-M100-ON Onex JW-M100-CAR Carnelian JW-M100-TUR Turquoise


SEMI PRECIOUS STONE BRACELET w/ elastic band (min 3 / stone) JW-M100-RQ Rose Quartz JW-M100-ON Onex JW-M100-CAR Carnelian JW-M100-TUR Turquoise

$ $ $ $

f S  EMI PRECIOUS STONE EARRINGS w/ STERLING SILVER WIRE (min 3 pr / stone) JW-E100-TUR Turquoise / Carnelian JW-E100-RQ Rose Quartz JW-E100-ON Onex JW-E100-CAR Carnelian (not pictured)

$ $ $ $ $


$ $ $ $ $ $ e




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cole river co. 420 N 5th St Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA

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Cole River Spring 2009 Catalog  

Cole River Spring 2009 Catalog

Cole River Spring 2009 Catalog  

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