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War Summit

FACE-OFF: Protesters sit down in front of the Hamburg riot police.

Photo: Rasande Tyskar

HELLFIRE: Advance notice of the G20 protests. Photo: Rasande Tyskar,

Photo: Tim Lüddemann,,

commentary not only about their concept of “civilisation” but also about Trump-inWarsaw conveniently forgetting to say that it’s US and NATO’s “policies” which end up generating the terror blowback that threaten “civilisation”, “our values” and our “will to survive.” And it will get worse. Starting next year, a Bundeswehr/NATO joint production, a ghost town built in a military training camp in Sachsen-Anhalt – incidentally, not far from Hamburg — will become a prime site teaching urban warfare. Austerity is far from over, and euro-peasants are bound to continue rebelling en masse. The temptation is sweet to identify the emerging new order as a Putin-Xi-TrumpMerkel world. But not yet – and not yet as multilateral. What we’re seeing is the trappings of multilateralism, but not yet the real | August 2017 | ColdType


ColdType Issue 144 - August 20174