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Just Imagine Corbyn achieved his party’s success without resorting to angry lefty ranting. His focus was on kindness, compassion, sharing, inclusivity and forgiveness. This approach held up a crystal-clear mirror to the ugly, self-interested cynicism of the Tory party

Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and blogger. He is a regular pundit on RT and has also appeared on BBC TV and radio, Sky News, Press TV and the Voice of Russia. He is the co-founder of the Campaign For Public Ownership @ PublicOwnership. His award winning blog can be found at www.neilclark66.

outraged – not even professional Trumpbashers. What made his comments even more shocking is that Iran has been fighting ISIS terrorism in Syria. But, of course, we can’t really big that up, can we, as it goes against the neocon narrative of Iran being “the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.” ‘Target states’ like Iran can never be the innocent, undeserving victims of terrorist attacks, even when they clearly are. It’s also worth remembering that when the US was hit by the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the Iranian leadership strongly condemned the act of terrorism and candlelight vigils for the victims were held throughout the country. There was no talk of the US falling victim to an ‘evil’ that they had ‘promoted.’  US shooting down YOUR planes inside YOUR own country is self-defense! Just imagine . . . if the Syrian government and its allies had spent the past six years funding, backing and training anti-government radical Islamist ‘rebels’ in the US Then the Syrian Air Force had started bombing the US and unilaterally declared its own ‘DeConfliction Zones’ on American territory to protect its ‘assets’ on the ground. After this, a US fighter jet that was attacking what the US government called ‘terrorists’ in Texas was shot down by the Syrian forces. Would the action be called ‘self-defence’?   And if the US and its allies then said they would treat Syrian jets bombing the US as potential targets – would they be cast as the aggressors? I think not. But if we reverse the two countries this is exactly what the US has been doing in Syria. They’re illegally bombing a sovereign state, but then say they’re acting in ’self-defense’ when that country’s military takes action  over its own

territory. The imperial arrogance is off the scale, but we’re meant not to notice. Don’t mention who’s arming the war! (if the ‘good guys’ are responsible)  Just imagine . . . if ‘the world’s worst cholera outbreak’ had broken out in a country which a close Russian ally had been bombing back to the Stone Age for over two years? And that the close Russian ally had been armed, trained and given logistical support by Russia. Don’t you think the Kremlin involvement would have been mentioned in this report here? But Yemen has, since 2015, been under assault from a Saudi-led coalition, which has been given every kind of assistance by the UK and US And, because ‘we’ in the west are always ‘the good guys,’ our responsibility for the human catastrophe in Yemen can’t be mentioned, in the same way as the UK/US role in transforming Libya into a terrorist-ridden failed state is also taboo.  Strange silence of the anti-censorship brigade Just imagine . . . if Russia, or Iran, gave the tiny country of Qatar a 10-day ultimatum to agree to 13 demands that included taking the international broadcaster Al Jazeera off air and Qatar changing its foreign policy. That’s after Russia or Iran had imposed and got others to agree to a diplomatic and trading embargo on Qatar. We can be sure that this obnoxious, bullying behaviour would have made headlines around the world, leading to widespread condemnation as well as calls for military action against Moscow or Tehran. But it’s that very close Western ally Saudi Arabia giving the ultimatum to Qatar, so there’s silence. Let’s keep shtum about the ’threats to media freedom,’ and carry on tweeting our attacks on RT, shall we?  CT

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ColdType Issue 144 - August 20174

ColdType Issue 144 - August 20174