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Issue 144

August 2017 Photo: Julian Stallabrass

TIME FOR A CHANGE? London’s anti-Theresa May demonstrators.

Pages 14-19

4|The G20 from hell|Pepe Escobar 8|pursuing some hard truths in syria|Scott Ritter 14|rise, like lions after slumber|Various Photographers 20 |covering fire|George Monbiot 22|the invisible empire beneath the radar|Jason Hirthler 27|branding agency and brexit|Peter Geoghegan & Adam Ramsay 30|The pill game|Marshall Allen 34|Why Palestine is still the issue|John Pilger 38|israel’s ever-more sadistic reprisals|Jonathan Cook 40|If THE US had killed isis leader|Neil Clark 44|Canada’s contribution to a Holocaust|Yves Engler 47-51|INSIGHTS|Kit Knightly, Edward J. Zelinsky, Steven Clifford, Linda McQuaig, Mark Hurwitt ColdType 7 Lewis Street, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada LG7 1E3 Contact ColdType: Write to Tony Sutton, the editor, at Subscribe: For a FREE subscription to Coldtype, send an e-mail to: – write ‘Subscribe’ in title header Back Copies: Download back copies of ColdType at or at ColdType 2017 | August 2017 | ColdType


ColdType Issue 144 - August 20174

ColdType Issue 144 - August 20174