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NORDICA A collection of book works from

Denmark · Finland Iceland · Norway · Sweden with Faroe and Åland Islands

Artists Leise Dich Abrahamsen (DK) • Megan Adie (US/DK) Kristoffer Albrecht (FI) • Maija Albrecht (FI) • Alt Går Bra (NO/FR) Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck (DK) • Märit Aronsson (SE/NO) Monica Aasprong (NO/SE) • Jim Berggren (SE) Jennifer Bergkvist/Sebastian Larsson (SE) • Nina Bondeson (SE) Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir (IS) • Thomas Bullinger (DK) • Sara Elgerot (SE) Leif Elggren (SE) • Carina Fihn (SE) • Tina Gjerulff (DK) Camilla Gunnar (FI) • Karin Hald (DK) • Christel Hansson (SE) Valgerður Hauksdóttir (IS) • Eva Hejdström (SE) • Lisa Him-Jensen (SE/NO) Kirsti van Hoegee (NO) • Andreas Vermehren Holm (DK/NO) Håkon Holm-Olsen (NO) • Eeva-Liisa Isomaa (FI) Alexandra Jegerstedt (NO) • Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson (NO) Edward Johansson/Ida Sondell (AX) • Áslaug Jónsdóttir (IS) Haraldur Jónsson (IS) • Emmi Jormalainen (FI) • Sarah Jost (SE/NO) Tero Juuti (FI) • Åse Eg Jørgensen (DK) • Tuukka Kaila (FI) Susanna Kajermo Törner (SE/NO) • Bent Kvisgaard (DK) Maev Lenaghan (IR/SE) • Jeannette Lindstedt (SE) • Mathias Løvgreen (DK) Alistair MacIntyre (UK/IS) • Svanborg Matthíasdóttir (IS) Hanne Matthiesen (DK) • Imi Maufe (UK/NO) • Karen Helga Maurstig (NO) Sakari Männistö (FI) • Elisabeth Rydland Nilssen (NO) Lina Nordenström (SE) • Anne Nowak (SE) • Litten Nystrøm (DK/IS) Ingiríður Óðinsdóttir (IS) • Vera Ohlsson (SE) Anne Marta Overaa (NO/SE) • Petra Rahm (SE/NO) • John Rasimus (SE) Jóna Rasmussen (FO) • Barbro Ravander (SE) • Katarzyna Roman (PL/NO) Ingrid Rundberg (SE/NO) • Anna Sailamaa (FI) • Eric Saline (US/SE) Juile Sass (DK) • Anna Snædís Sigmarsdóttir (IS) Thóra Sigurdardóttir (IS) • Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson (IS) Marja-leena Sillanpää (FI/SE) • Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir (IS) Elisabet Alsos Strand (NO) • Randi Annie Strand (NO) Svends Bibliotek: Hjördis Haack, Nina Maria Kleivan, Jesper Palm, Anne Marie Ploug, Bjarne Werner Sørensen (DK) Soffía Sæmundsdóttir (IS) • Milla Toukkari (FI) • Kristin Tårnesvik (NO) Yilei Wang (CH/NO) • Ulla West (SE) • Jessica Williams (US/NO)

Leise Dich Abrahamsen (DK) Instagram: @leisedichabrahamsen

Thoughts/Cph. My artistic work is a continuous study of colour, materials, form and composition. In this book I have chosen to match a selection of immaterial thoughts to create an “airy story.” So I played around primarily in blue.

Paper, cardboard, textile, pencil, thread, spray paint, acrylic paint | Drawing, painting, cutout, stencil, digital print, embroidery | Hard cover with pocket

Megan Adie (US/DK)

LIGHT/NIGHT Extraordinary Danish summer light and long winter nights. With sunrise & sunset times, day length, and times of astronomical, nautical, and civil twilight in Copenhagen from February 2019 to January 2020.

Hahnemühle 125 gsm and unknown office paper, ink | Letterpress, relief print, digital print | Concertina with tipped in folios

Kristoffer Albrecht (FI)

Vak upp Goya! · Wake up Goya! The book contains still lifes with Francisco Goya’s The Disasters of War. The poem Vak upp Goya!, which the Finland Swedish poet Elmer Diktonius (1896 - 1961) wrote in the 1930s, is filled with indignation of the Spanish Civil War. The pacifist message is just as valid today.

Paper | Pigment inkjet print | Soft cover concertina

Maija Albrecht (FI)

Untitled A drypoint print with incomplete images of crows observing the viewer and being observed. The stylized eye becomes a symbol for the blindness of a human. The birds’ gaze is clearer. They see the world sharply and live in it in harmony. Mitsumata and Ingres paper, board, ink, gouache | Drypoint, painting | Hard cover with folded sheet

Alt Går Bra (NO/FR)

Den Norske Idealstaten Book features prints from AGB’s project Den Norske Idealstaten, where people from different regions of Norway are asked about their dreams and visions for an ideal state. Publication explores the potential of an obsolete printing technology known as mimeography. Paper, cardboard, acrylic paint | Hand-printed on mimeograph machines Gestetner models 366 and 360 with hand-mixed ink. Electronic, hand-etched and typewritten wax stencil masters | Glue bound with soft front cover and fold-outs

Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck (DK)

Smørhul As a native Dane it seems foreigners think my country is a small, almost idyllic fairytale place – in Danish it would be called a smørhul (butter hole). I take a different view – and this piece is a reflection of that.

Simill Japon, van Gelder, and Clairefontaine paper, board, ink | Hand cutting, digital print, hand-rolled ink, peeled board | Hard cover sewn pamphlet in a slipcase

Märit Aronsson (SE/NO)

Det är när jag rör mig som tankarna kommer Thoughts, ideas and memories seem to surface in my mind especially well when I am in movement.

Paper | Woodcut | Concertina

Monica Aasprong (NO/SE)

design by Aron Kullander-Östling

Nomenclatur Nordica This book is a excerpt from Aasprong’s work, Mnemosyne Nomenclatur I-IX, a series of 9 books with no fixed order that together contain 2174 names. Mnemosyne is the greek goddess of language and memory. The names are structured after poetic principles. Paper, ink, thread | Digital print | Sewn multiple signature binding, no cover | Bound by Aron Kullander-Östling

Jim Berggren (SE)

Recall of Memory Memories. Images. Wordless poems.

40 gsm cellulosa (constant to aging) and Hahnemühle 240 gsm paper | Wood and PVC engraving, letterpress from photopolymer and type | Woven pamphlet in wrapper | Signed and numbered as an open edition

Jennifer Bergkvist (SE) Sebastian Larsson (SE)

Must be by the Book Behind the Swedish façade of humanitarianism, one of the world’s largest arms industries thrives. Combining experimental book design with activist research, this publication investigates the paradox in which political discourses of human rights and neutrality meet practices of arms manufacture and export. Paper, thermochromic ink | Screenprint, digital print | Perfect bound

Nina Bondeson (SE) Instagram: @ninabondesonart

Pitted 1 - 8 Pitted details of linocuts. The working title was at first the Swedish word Urkärnade but I found that the English word pitted had so many more interesting meanings, so that was my choice in the end.

Hahnemühle 240 gsm paper, ink | Linocut, letterpress from photopolymer and type | Soft cover woven pamphlet | Signed and numbered as an open edition

Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir (IS)

BLANDA Collection of screenprinted patterns originally made for textile printing.

Japanese and Murano 160 gsm paper, ink | Screenprint | Soft cover sewn pamphlet with paper band

Thomas Bullinger (DK)

GORM & THYRA - PUZZLE 18 loose postcards (3 sets of 6) together form the runic text inscribed on the Little Jelling stone. The text reads: King Gorm made these runic letters in memory of his wife Thyra, the pride of Denmark.

240 gsm paper, card from Brunnshaab Cardboard Factory, Viborg | Linocut | Loose cards in hard case

Sara Elgerot (SE)

Opening a book/Ghost of past Visual poem in book form. Based on the idea of memory, how it distorts, differs over time, with mood, context. Each book is therefore slightly different. The red thread references Norns in Norse mythology – a (metaphorically) bloody ending.

Paper, plastic, thread | Digital print | Soft cover sewn pamphlet with paper band

Leif Elggren (SE)

Royal Restlessness (2018) Despite the tragedy of Europe.

Paper | Rubber stamping | Five quartos gathered in paper band | Edition variable

Carina Fihn (SE)

A Different Star

Paper | Digital print, screenprint, typewriting | Soft cover sewing machine stitched pamphlet in glassine sleeve

Tina Gjerulff (DK)

HABITAT Findings from the garden.

Paper, ink, watercolour, pencil | Etching, aquatint, rubber stamping, mixed media | Soft cover concertina with rubber band | Edition variable

Camilla Gunnar (FI)

Mina tårar torkar så fort. How the environment and weather affects us.

Hahnemühle paper, board | Letterpress, linocut, drawing | Hard cover concertina

Karin Hald (DK)

Afsmitning When a newspaper has been printed the press is cleaned with the same paper as the newspaper is printed on. The excess colour makes a unique pattern, now a formalistic expression. Afsmitning is made from the paper the Danish newspaper Børsen is printed on.

Newprint, waste paper | Xerography | Sleeve with loose pages

Christel Hansson (SE)

The Ocean Calls · Havet anropar The ocean is our origin – powerful, untamed, in constant motion. But it is in distress. I let it speak in this book, engraved on copper. The message is piercing and challenging. The ocean’s voice leaves me no peace.

Hahnemühle 300 gsm paper | Drypoint | Hard cover concertina

Valgerður Hauksdóttir (IS)

Transparent realities The title Transparent realities refers to the concept behind this folded book of no words. The visual composition aims for interaction of elements that can be viewed from both sides and through the paper due to its transparent quality. Various Japanese papers | Lithography, etching, painting, collage, mixed media | Concertina

Eva Hejdström (SE)

av betydelse ... A collection of words and concepts important to me: origin-roots, knowledge and experiences, community, generosity, expectations (and surprises!), æsthetics, serenity, tranquility and time for all that matters. Cartridge 170 gsm, Nymphia 120 gsm, Bugra Bütten 130 gsm paper | Collage, xerography, rubber stamping, typewriting | Claire Van Vliet woven interlocking concertina with paper band

Lisa Him-Jensen (SE/NO)

Sublimasjon Sublimasjon is a book made up of a poem (in Norwegian) printed line by line on transparent paper, which gives the impression of the words fading away.

Tracing paper, thread | Digital print | Sewn pamphlet

Kirsti van Hoegee (NO)

A Surprising Tool The book contains pictures illustrating a levitating mountain and mathematical calculations by Katherin Jonson, one of the AfricanAmerican women working at NASA in the 1960s. It is about photgraphy and science and the story of astronomy.

Paper, tracing paper, ink | Risograph print, drawing | Coptic binding, no cover

Andreas Vermehren Holm (DK)

Værkets mindste enhed Værkets mindste enhed (La plus petite partie de l’œuvre or The smallest part) applies the poetics of the so called anastylosis method from reconstructional architechture in order to revive and unfold the approach to writing of ancient librarian Callimachus (310–240 BC).

Paper, ink | Letterpress from photopolymer, digital print | Quarto with postcard

Håkon Holm-Olsen (NO)

Form/Content The content is taken from two issues of the Danish magazine Populær Mekanik from the 1950s. One issue has become the pages, while the other has provided raw material for the collages.

Paper, vintage magazines | Collage | Sewn pamphlet in plastic sleeve

Eeva-Liisa Isomaa (FI)

Waterdiaries I am rewriting my private history into landscape and water. What we remember; how do we read that history? I want to mix timelines and break causality and create an imaginary space.

Hahnemühle paper, book cloth | Digital print | Hard cover concertina

Alexandra Jegerstedt (NO)

Grønn · Green The hand-coloured papers are samples from my painting practice, where I wish to liberate the colour from an objective context that causes the colour to become the subject itself. The text is written from the perspective of the colour green, resting on the colour’s own memory. Hand-coloured recycled paper (80 gsm brown and white), reactive textile dyes, thread, marker | Digital print, drawing | Sewn pamphlet

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson (NO)

A Sudden Crop A Sudden Crop is an artist book reduced to the A6 format by means of a mechanical cutting device. The treatment of the book resonates with the theme of a severed anatomy, as described in its now detached closing essay. Offset book paper, 13 mm colour stickers | Offset print, mechanical cutting | Soft cover, perfect bound

Edward Johansson (Åland) Ida Sondell (Åland)

The Art of Picnic (guide to everyday adventure) An adventure needn’t be complicated or go somewhere remote. But adventure is necessary for most of us to stay happy, even if we tend to forget this simple fact. This sets out to remind us of our true nature. Paper | Letterpress from photopolymer and handset type, linocut, typewriting | Soft cover concertina with pocket and inserts

ร slaug Jรณnsdรณttir (IS)

Still Growing Potatoes This book contains and illustrates memories from my childhood farm in a letter to my mother, who passed away years ago. It honors the underrated art of addressing subjects indirectly, discussing the potato harvest instead of loss, life and death. Paper, acrylic paint, thread | Potato and digital print, paper cutting | Soft cover concertina with sewn pamphlet

Haraldur Jรณnsson (IS) Instagram: @haraldur8525


Munken paper | Risograph print | Glued pamphlet with fold-outs

Emmi Jormalainen (FI)

It Doesn’t Bite We have an island cabin where these snakes live around the house. My grandma was really scared of the snakes even they are not poisonous. This summer grandma passed away. The zine is made in her memory.

Paper | Risograph print | Octavo in folder with pocket

Sarah Jost (SE/NO)

måste jag tala med er om träd för att få er att lyssna (do I have to talk to you about trees to make you listen)

The books contain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights cut apart and glued together randomly. The work is inspired by the poems To Those Who Follow in Our Wake, Bertolt Brecht and What Kind of Times Are These, Adrienne Rich. Paper, twig, watercolour | Digital print | Folder with sculptural contents

Tero Juuti (FI)

Uimapaikka Uimapaikka means swimspot. I lived in southeastern Finland as a child, and there were many excellent swimspots in our neighbourhood. The book is a map to one of my favourite ones.

Paper | Risograph print | Octavo

Ă…se Eg Jørgensen (DK)

A6 or As You Like It The book consists of several sheets of writing paper that by folding are adapted to A6. It is an intricate play with the concept of standard sizes, opacity, lines, folding and sewing accompanied by a factual text on A-paper formats. Office paper, thread | Digital print | Three folded and sewn pamphlets in a single soft cover

Tuukka Kaila (FI)

Migratory Trees Migratory Trees records the artist’s effort to participate in the troubled existence of oak trees on the move, both as living organisms and as commodities traded on the globalized market of raw materials.

Munken Lynx 200 gsm and Munken Lynx Rough 90 gsm paper, thread | Risograph print | Sewn pamphlet with fold-outs in glassine sleeve

Susanna Kajermo Törner (SE/NO)

hunddröm · dog dream I wanted to make books based on drawing, because drawing is what I mostly do. All the books in the series hunddröm· dog dream are therefore unique.

Paper, board, book cloth | Pencil drawing | Hard cover concertina | Edition variable

Bent Kvisgaard (DK)

Saxo Grammaticus · Gesta Danorum

excerptum breve

The two first chapters of the chronicle Gesta Danorum (The Achievments of the Danes) which is the oldest source of Denmark’s earliest history – written in the 12th century by Saxo Grammaticus at the request of Archbishop Absalon. Munken Pure, Elefantenhaut and unknown decorative paper | Letterpress from hand-set Garamond, hot foil embossing | Hard cover concertina

Maev Lenaghan (IR/SE)

Gård This book began as an attempt to capture the influence of seasonal change on my senses while living in Stockholm.

Paper | Letterpress, relief print | Soft cover sewn pamphlet

Jeannette Lindstedt (SE)

Idun’s Notes from July In Nordic Mythology, Idun is the goddess of youth and eternal life. In her notebook she writes in symbols and in a secret language about life, summer, seeds, farms and her golden apples.

Paper | Screenprint from original linocuts | Hard cover coptic binding

Mathias Løvgreen (DK)

Pommes Frites Sauce This little bag of never-degrading plastic filled with never-degrading liquid. It travels the world in a special bag made for bringing liquids on airplanes. Sauce for everyone.

Premium Nevertear polyester paper | Digital print | Single sheet structure in airline liquids bag

Alistair MacIntyre (UK/IS)

Stafurinn ð · The Book of Eth Bound in the manner of the old Icelandic saga manuscripts, the book is a celebration of the evocative letter ð (eth), the most distinctive in the Icelandic alphabet, and therefore emblematic of the nation’s cultural bedrock: the word. Ice, iron, pigment, paper | Mould-made ice-casts melted onto paper, digital print | Hard bound, open spine method based on medieval Icelandic tradition

Svanborg Matthíasdóttir (IS)

Pictures at an Exhibition Pictures at an Exhibition stems from photos taken in 1986 that I painted with oil on canvas, photographed, printed and painted. A picture of a picture of a picture of artists and pictures, present a new exhibition.

Paper, graphite, oil paint | Digital print, drawing, painting | Concertina

Hanne Matthiesen (DK)

Meditation In a busy and strange world: daily meditation helps you stay focused. HERE / NOW

Watercolour paper, ink, paint, pencil | Drawing, painting, writing | Single sheet structure in a folder

Imi Maufe (UK/NO)

Tilflukt ¡ Refuge Arrow signs tell us where to go. Since moving to Bergen, Norway I have been noticing yellow ones that read TILFLUKTSROM (Emergency Shelter). They are mysterious and not very helpful. The enclosed sign may help you find the way. Sign making material, paper, ink | Commercially manufactured sign, letterpress | Multiple edition object in envelope

Karen Helga Maurstig (NO)

Rekved · Driftwood In my family’s boathouse I found driftwood. My uncle Ingvald lived his entire life on a coastal smallholding. He collected the driftwood for fuel. Printing these pieces of wood visualizes the traces of the work and life of my uncle. Kozo Mulberry 52 gsm paper, book cloth, board | Takuhon ink rubbing, letterpress | Hard cover edition of two sewn pamphlets, four concertinas, and five map folds | Edition variable

Sakari Männistö (FI)

Läntisiä tunnustuksia Thoughts about happiness. Written by Finnish writer Riku Korhonen. The text has a very strong voice of Finnish melancholy and darkness – far from mind fullness, yet hopeful.

Zerkall paper | Letterpress from hand-set 10 pt Garamond and assorted wood type | Hard cover multiple signature binding

Elisabeth Rydland Nilssen (NO)

Gråstein Gråstein is a common Norwegian word for all stones surrounding us for which we do not know the correct description. A well-known expression in Norway, Å gjøre gull av gråstein (Turning stones into gold), which means transforming something worthless into something of great value. Arches Velin Johannot 125 gsm and watercolour 200 gsm paper, board, thread | Hand printed with acrylic colour and paste glue | Hard cover coptic binding

Lina Nordenström (SE)

ROOM / BOOK Back to basics – that’s my concept. My work is based on facts – as a strategy. Focusing on the most fundamental: the tool, the letter, the word, the format. The room. The book. Sirio Color 290 gsm, white and ivory 80 gsm paper, linen embossed paper, thread | Letterpress from hand-set Trajanus, Freihand, Futura, and Flott type | Soft cover dos-à-dos with sewn pamphlets

Anne Nowak (DK)

12 Måner 12 original works in one book called 12 Måner (12 Moons).

Paper, spray paint | Screenprint, spray painting | Unstitched pamphlet inside folder

Litten Nystrøm (DK/IS)

Ways (size to fit) Each page in the bookwork Ways (size to fit) contains the imprint of straw of varying lengths – confined to the A6 size page format. Direct and unique imprints present the randomly extending line drawn by the progressing straw. Paper, thread, book cloth, carbon paper | Carbon paper imprints from straw | Hard cover multiple signature binding

Ingiríður Óðinsdóttir (IS)

Vefur · Weave Fabric is a form of magic. The thread goes under and over another thread and it becomes a fabric.

Paper, ink | Hand printing | Concertina with covers

Vera Ohlsson (SE)

Contemplations Semi-abstract considerations.

Paper, board, ink | Intaglio | Hard cover multiple signature binding with exposed spine and gilded edges

Anne Marte Overaa (NO/SE)

Untitled As an artist, I am interested in norms and preconceived ideas. Symbols in the public realm seem solid. It is easy to assume they tell the truth. I started photographing broken signs and road surface markings and made these fragile booklets from the shattered images in my collection.

Newsprint | Screenprint | Sextodecimo folded poster

Petra Rahm (SE/NO)

Tåkestille Tåkestille is a word made up from the Norwegian words tåke (mist, fog) and stille (quiet, silent). It describes the atmosphere when lack of wind allows for fog, and the silence makes all sounds more clear.

Paper, ink | Inkwash | Soft cover concertina

John Rasimus (SE)

A Curse of Misspent Hours A pictorial book with no text and two blank pages if you want to use them to write your own text. Made to look like a sweet little book.

Yame Japanese and Hahnemülle 400 gsm paper, thread | Letterpress from photopolymer with hand colouring | Glued pamphlet

Jóna Rasmussen (FO)

KVIRRA KVIRRA is the title of Jóna’s book, meaning stillness in Faroese. It is in the stillness that Jóna finds her inspiration and where her visions and thoughts come to life. A quiet place where the artist’s voice is heard.

BFK Rives 270 gsm paper, lambskin leather, ink | Intaglio from carborundum, shredding, stictching, embosing | Hard cover concertina

Barbro Ravander (SE)

De här drömmarna har drömt drömmarna som ska komma These dreams have dreamt the dreams to come To Orlando and other time travellers. NU DÅ means NOW THEN in English.

Handmade and plain paper, beeswax, ribbon, pen | Letterpress from hand-set 36 pt Baskerville and 12 pt Berling antikva, paste paper | Hard cover multiple signature binding with wrapper and ribbon

Katarzyna Roman (PL/NO)

Hybrynorpedia The hybrynorpedia or an encyclopædia of nordic hybrids in which flora meets fauna and leads to a new creations of imaginary creatures living peaceful lives in cold northern lands, forests and waters.

Found paper, thread | Hand-carved and hand-printed rubber blocks, digital print | Soft cover machine stitched pamphlet

Ingrid Rundberg (SE/NO)

TOMBOLA A visual inquiry of childhood memories and relations through object, patterns, TV and drawing, focusing on the years 1978 - 1985.

Scandia 2000 Smooth 150 gsm, Mercur Bankpost and Alvøen paper, thread | Risograph and digital print | Pamphlet with attached cover band and badge

Anna Sailamaa (FI)

Pocket Flowers A flora of wild and planted flowers from the gardens, forests, wastelands and traffic ways. During summer months one can spend idle and solitary moments observing one flower after another. Every bud is a miracle to witness and the blossoms are observed with great curiosity and pleasure. Munken Print Cream 70 gsm paper, string | Risograph print | Two gathered octavos with string tie

Eric Saline (US/SE)

Livets Mening (EVERYTHING Vol. 4) This project is about the meaning of life.

Wood, ink, plastic, string, Japanese disposable tablecloth, eyelets | Lithography (xerox transfer), laser cut, woodblock print, custom relief roll, rubber stamping and spray painting | Box with artwork inside

Julie Sass (DK)

MEMORY OBJECTS, UNFOLD MEMORY OBJECTS, UNFOLD contains various elements that could be ‘unfold’ in a different setting, an exhibition for example. A theme of tracing/re-tracing is consistent throughout the book; working with what is there: given elements, shadows, light, lines formed by wrinkles. Fabriano,Yatsuo brown, Colorplan Imperial Blue, Kozo black/brown paper, silk, thread | Letterpress from hand-set Palatino, linocut, stitching | Signatures tied in soft cover, with pocket and string tie | Edition variable

Anna Snædís Sigmarsdóttir (IS)

Memories Old and forgotten things that once seemed to be essential now make funny memories. How you see the book is based on our different memories. Some of the objects are still in use and are too important to be only memories. Daler Rowney 160 gsm paper, ink, pencil, stickers | Linocut, digital print, drawing, collage | Soft cover concertina

Thóra Sigurdardóttir (IS)

Ástarstigi Díotímu eða · Diotima’s Ladder of Love The intriguing negative and positive spaces of stairs and ladders – referring to Diotima of Mantinea’s use of the ladder as a metaphor for philosophical understanding and insight in Plato’s Symposium.

Awagami Bamboo 170 gsm and light Japanese paper, board | Linocut, digital print, pencil drawing | Multiple layer concertina with soft cover in slip case

Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson (IS)


An agglomeration of ideas and extracts of works in monotype, risograph, silkscreen and drawing.

Marbled, rice and coloured paper | Screenprint, monotype, drawing, digital and Risograph print, rubber stamping | Perfect bound pamphlet

Marja-leena Sillanpää (FI/SE)

there are things under things The invisible parts, under the black ink, are something most of us think exist without seeing what is hidden. This is a way to focus on things with a possible past and a potential future.

Paper, ink | Digital print, mixed media | Perfect bound with soft cover

Sigurborg StefĂĄnsdĂłttir (IS)

Spor People leave their most permanent prints on this earth and unfortunately it looks as if the future is not bright for the coming generations. The pollution of the ocean and global warming is something we have brought upon ourselves.

Paper, ink | Monoprint | Non-adhesive hard cover with sewn pamphlet

Elisabet Alsos Strand (NO)

Messengers Origami carrier pigeons, letters and envelopes flung above a cut-out map of Berlin, folded as a map again. Remembering my friend’s last messages to me from this city, when I finally got there myself, he was gone forever.

Chinese paper, board | Frottage, origami, stencil, rubber stamping | Map fold in soft cover

Randi Annie Strand (NO)

IRIS Horizons meeting changing seasons and changing lights.

Inbe 44 gsm and Bib Tengujo 11-12 gsm paper, ink | Relief print, stencils | Sewn pamphlet with fold out pages

Svends Bibliotek (DK) Hjördis Haack

Overview THE DREAM. I’m flying over a magical landscape. Snowy mountains, deep valleys and river deltas. An unknown land where nobody has ever been before. This place I’m going to travel to.

Paper | Digital print | Stapled pamphlet

Svends Bibliotek (DK) Nina Maria Kleivan

ONCE STOLEN NOW FOUND Cut up technique. When I was 17 and in Russia I bought On the Dictatorship of the proletariat as a gift for my father. He had been a communist during World War II. When he died I took it without my mother’s permission.

Coloured 160 gsm paper | Digital print | Sewn pamphlet

Svends Bibliotek (DK) Jesper Palm

My Life Eight photographs of selected situations throughout my life are laid with transparency on top of each other. Finally, you can see the pictures together, forming a new picture, with tracks from all previous events.

Watercolour 165 gsm paper | Powder inkprint | Sewn pamphlet

Svends Bibliotek (DK) Anne Marie Ploug

Unordic State About nationality in the Nordic countries. A grey box with 2 loose sheets, one side brown with dark eye and the other side pink with blue eye. If the sheets are laid side-by-side, there are 2 eyes that look.

Mould made 300 gsm and grey 170 gsm paper | Woodcut | Two octavos housed in folder with pockets

Svends Bibliotek (DK) Bjarne Werner Sørensen

Mountain Walk The book is about the physical sensibility of ink and paper, based on an ink drawing that was scanned at very high resolution. With its close-up approach, the pages presents the viewer with solid texture and various density of hatchings. Japanese cotton paper, aqueous pigment ink | Pigment inkjet print | Sewing machine stitched wrapped back binding

Soffía Sæmundsdóttir (IS)

Landslag · Landscape Landslag in Icelandic means Song of Land. Landscape within me appears on the paper with words that describe landscape. This book is a song of the land - Landslag.

Arches 300 gsm and Hahnemühle 140 gsm paper, ink, pencil | Etching, lithography, monoprint | Soft cover concertina

Milla Toukkari (FI)

Neither Fish Nor Flesh Nor Fowl The book is an adaptation of a larger text-art project done during an artist residency. Lover’s-ear explored distance and closeness to otherness, and this book continues the search for the fragile connection one can establish with the world. Milled and handmade paper, book cloth, washi tape | Risograph print, etching | Soft cover single sheet structure with cloth band

Kristin TĂĽrnesvik (NO)

The unstable writing on the elephant plant Whose responsibility is it to collect research and documents on non-existing plants? The elephant plant is the first presentation of an upcoming collection of non-existing plants.

Newsprint | Screenprint, digital print, drawing | Octavo with poster in unbound signature

Yilei Wang (CH/NO)

BWV 774 As a musical instrument, paper folding is a way to obtain not only good ideas, but also to carry them out well, but most of all to achieve a cantabile style of playing, and thereby to acquire a strong foretaste of design.

Paper, gridded tracing paper | Digital print | Folder with folded insert

Ulla West (SE)

TEXTENS TRÄDGÅRD · TEXT GARDEN Edition of 12 unique examples of Text Garden. #1-11 consists of 11 texts about friends from old notebooks presented as autograms, with 15 pages dyed from different plants. #12 contains all 11 texts and it is my archive exemplar. Japanese Kawasaki and artist’s own handmade paper, linen, thread, plant dye | Infusions, decoctions, tincture, cyanotype, syncopes, autogram, typewriting | Sewing machine stitched wrapped back binding

Jessica Williams (US/NO)

Pieces (North) This small publication collects images from all the Nordic Countries – in no particular order – taken over the last few years by the artist. The pages can be rearranged to create unique combinations.

Paper, metal paper clip | Risograph print | Quartos held tentatively together by paper clip

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