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MATILDA STYLE NOTES: A go-to everyday compact bag, doubles as a clutch for versatility. DESCRIPTION: 100% plush leather, double zip pouch compartment, middle pouch compartment, detachable adjustable shoulder strap, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 16cm H x 21cm W x 3cm D COLOUR: Black, Emerald Green, Tan, Yelow, Camel

RILEY STYLE NOTES: Perfect day and night bag with a stylish lock that is a great feature of this bag. DESCRIPTION: 100% plush leather, turnlock closure, x2 compartments including front invisible pocket, main compartment, button magnet closure, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including one for mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 16cm H x 23.5cm W x 6cm D COLOUR: Black & Tan

YORK STYLE NOTES: Textures are the core to this bag mixing with exotic skins and plush leathers this bag is perfect for a carry-all as well as the ‘IT’ bag for the office. DESCRIPTION: 100% vintage leather / snake emboss leather, top handle, lift clip closure, external back zip pocket, detachable leather strap, internal zip pocket, x2 pockets including one with mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 28cm H x 34cm W x 12.5cm D COLOUR: Black & Grey

PENNY STYLE NOTES: Throw on this shoulder bag that will take you from day to night with effortless style. Slouches on the shoulder which gives your outfit a relaxed feel. DESCRIPTION: 100% plush leather, detachable leather shoulder strap, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 23cm H x 34cm W x 21cm D COLOUR: Black & Grey

VIKTOR STYLE NOTES: Add colour and texture to any outfit with a staple carry-all clutch. DESCRIPTION: 100% plush leather, dual coloured, fully lined, internal zip compartment, x2 internal pockets including one for mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 18cm H x 23cm W x 2cm D COLOUR: Camel & Yellow, Camel & Black, Floral & Emerald

SELMA STYLE NOTES: The perfect carry-all tote, perfect in size and shape to throw and go with ease. DESCRIPTION: 100% soft cow grain leather with suede top panel, polka dot cotton lining, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including for mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 28cm H x 39cm W x 17cm D COLOUR: Black

STELLA STYLE NOTES: A boho relaxed shape and style this bag will carry you all the way through summer. A slouchy must have. DESCRIPTION: 100% vintage leather, external flap zip pocket, button closure, x2 main compartments one front and back, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including one for mobile phone, adjustable shoulder strap, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 23cm H x 32cm W x 13cm D COLOUR: Black & Tan

BENNET STYLE NOTES: A staple to any girl’s wardrobe with pony hair flap which adds a luxe element. DESCRIPTION: 100% plush leather / pony hair, gold plated lift clip closure, detachable leather strap, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including one for mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 16cm H x 21cm W x 6cm D COLOUR: Black & Leopard

ASHLEIGH STYLE NOTES: This ‘IT’ tote bag is carried on the arm as a statement due to its fashion forward style. DESCRIPTION: 100% leather, push lock closure, internal zip pocket, x2 internal pockets including one for mobile phone, dust bag. DIMENSIONS (CM): 29cm H x 39cm W x 11cm D COLOUR: Black










The Mighty Necklace STYLE NOTES: Adds edge and a more relaxed feel to any outfit, punk rock accessories are this season’s must have. Perfect for layering as two necklaces worn together create a more dramatic look. Can be paired with a tee, shirt, knit or dress DESCRIPTION: Antique gold plated with crystal spiked pendant feature on chain necklace with adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 25.5cm Width of embellishment: 5cm Height of embellishment: 3.2cm COLOURS: Vintage Gold, Vintage Silver

Duchess Necklace STYLE NOTES: This necklace will transform the simplest of looks. The tonal colour palette will make this necklace pop against a plain tee or sweater. DESCRIPTION: Silver plated cotton woven necklace, crystal lined features finished faux pearl pendants with adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 14cm Height of embellishment: 4.5cm

Hummingbird Necklace STYLE NOTES: A soft touch of colour will bring out the fun in a casual look with a plain sweater and boyfriend distressed jeans. DESCRIPTION: Silver plated necklace with coloured stone and crystal pendant features with adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 21cm Width of embellishment: 4cm Height of embellishment: 4cm COLOUR: Silver

Game of Thrones Necklace STYLE NOTES: Spikes put a sharp edge on this mesh necklace making it perfect for layering with another one or other pendant necklaces to create texture. DESCRIPTION: Antique gold plated mesh necklace with round ball and spike pendant feature with adjustable 7cm extension . DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 17.5cm Width of embellishment: 1cm Height of embellishment: 2cm COLOURS: Antique Gold, Antique Silver

Seems To Be Necklace STYLE NOTES: The go-to make me look stylish piece that will give any casual outfit effortless cool. DESCRIPTION: Multi-strand mesh antique gold plated necklace with adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 19cm Width of chains together: 3cm COLOUR: Antique Gold, Antique Silver

Till Dusk Necklace STYLE NOTES: Pair this with a printed tee, distressed skinny or boyfriend denim to get an effortless music festival ready style. DESCRIPTION: Matte gold chain with matte silver ball chain with vertical pendants and adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 21cm Width of embellishment: 5cm Height of embellishment: 5cm COLOUR: Matte antique gold & silver

Tonight or Never Necklace STYLE NOTES: This striking piece layered over a tee paired with longer strand necklaces will add a splash of colour and texture to your outfit. DESCRIPTION: Gunmetal horizontal lined necklace, colour stones and crystal featured on sides and pendant with adjustable 7cm extension. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 19.5cm excluding extension Width of embellishment: 7cm Height of embellishment: 4.7cm COLOUR: Gunmetal

Make It Mine Bracelet STYLE NOTES: Add a splash of sparkle to the wrist, can be used for stacking or worn on its own. DESCRIPTION: Plaited chain woven bracelet with crystal stone feature on adjustable extension chain band. DIMENSIONS (CM): Length: 12cm Width of embellishment: 4.5cm COLOUR: Silver

Gypsy Arrow Cuff STYLE NOTES: Stacking bracelets is the season’s hottest look, pair with fine jewellery, friendship bands anything really! DESCRIPTION: Crystal encrusted arrow head featured cuff that is adjustable by bending. DIMENSIONS (CM): Embellishment: 1cm x 1cm COLOUR: Antique Gold

Empress Ring STYLE NOTES: Ooze statement glamour with the empress ring, pair with dress for a night out or casual it down in a silk shirt and cut off denim jeans. DESCRIPTION: Gold plated crystal featured outline with murky coloured stone. DIMENSIONS (CM): Stone: 2cm x 1.8cm Size 7 COLOUR: Gold

Flutterfly Ring STYLE NOTES: Create different styles as the rings can be worn together stacked or for a more refined look worn on different fingers. DESCRIPTION: x3 gold plated fine rings stacked together. x1 star crystal middle charm, bee charm and pyramid charm. Worn stacked together or separated on different fingers. DIMENSIONS (CM): Charm size: 0.6cm x .5cm each COLOUR: Gold

Triple Arrow Ring STYLE NOTES: Gypsy style relaxed boho ring. DESCRIPTION: Triple tiered arrow featured ring on antique gold band. DIMENSIONS (CM): Width of arrow: 0.7cm Height: 2cm Size s COLOUR: Antique Gold

Empire Cage Ring STYLE NOTES: Every fashionista’s must have. DESCRIPTION: Gold plated caged ring x2 layered rings joined via ring in the middle. DIMENSIONS (CM): Ring size: Size 8 on bottom and size 6 on top. Diameter: 20mm on top and 21mm on bottom COLOUR: Gold & Silver

Stardust Earrings STYLE NOTES: Wing cuffs/studs is the jewellery piece of the moment with the likes of the hottest celebrities sporting them. DESCRIPTION: Crystal wing shaped studs. DIMENSIONS (CM): Width: 3cm Height: 1.6cm COLOUR: Emerald Green, Black Crystal

Summer Love Earrings STYLE NOTES: A statement earring does not get any better than this. bursting with summer colour add an unexpected twist to a plain tee or sweater and dress it up on a night out. DESCRIPTION: Coloured stone tiered layered earrings on antique gold plated backing. DIMENSIONS (CM): Width: 2.5cm Drop: 6cm COLOUR: Coloured

Gypsy Triangle Earrings STYLE NOTES: Relax the look with effortless style with these boho styled earrings. Pair with beach waves, short jumpsuit, light denim jacket and ankle boots. DESCRIPTION: Bohemian styled arrow tiered layered earring with black enamel engraving. DIMENSIONS (CM): Width: 1.5cm Drop: 2cm COLOUR: Antique Silver

Love of Light Earrings STYLE NOTES: Perfect everyday piece for summer. Downtown effortless style at its best. DESCRIPTION: Aztec engraved pattern on triangle tiered earring on antique gold backing. DIMENSIONS (CM): Width: 3cm Drop: 5cm COLOUR: Vintage Gold

My Lady Earrings STYLE NOTES: Gracefully stunning with art deco styling, perfect piece for a cocktail or formal event. DESCRIPTION: Art deco style crystal encrusted drop earrings. DIMENSIONS (CM): Drop: 5.5cm Width: 1.2cm COLOUR: Silver















TERMS & CONDITIONS GENERAL 1.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Bowie Accessories, these terms and conditions shall be incorporated into all agreements present and future for the supply of goods to Reseller. 1.2 To maintain an efficient order process, all Resellers must provide all relevant business details prior to placing orders. This includes, trading name, ABN and address and payment details. 1.3 Changes to existing details must be notified in writing by reseller immediately to prevent delays. 1.4 By placing an order with Bowie Accessories, Resellers automatically agree to adhere to our trading terms and conditions 1.5 Bowie Accessories management reserve the right to refuse service. PRIVACY All business details and information from Resellers are held in the strict confidence. DISTRIBUTION 3.1 The Reseller acknowledges, that where and how the products are distributed and displayed will impact on the value of the Bowie Accessories brand. Accordingly, it is in the Resellers best interest that all products are sold on the basis that those products - Will only be sold to ultimate retail customers in the retail premise approved in your Trading Application, will be adequately an appropriately displayed and promoted in those premises, will not be sold on the internet or by mail order without prior agreement and approval from Bowie Accessories, will not be sold thru eBay or any other bid-purchasing style of website. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 4.1 You are not authorised to use the intellectual property of Bowie Accessories including look books, posters, postcards, images, photos, artwork and other copyright material in any media other than as notified by Bowie Accessories or without our written consent. Without limiting the foregoing, you are not authorised to use goods supplied by Bowie Accessories in any photo shoots, on websites, advertising or any other media without our written consent. If you wish to use such goods in promotional materials for your business, you must submit details of the goods and the details of such promotion to Bowie Accessories for prior approval. PRODUCT VARIANCE FROM SAMPLES & CATALOGUES 5.1 The Reseller acknowledges that Bowie Accessories products may include one off limited run materials that may, from time to time, vary the final products finish slightly in texture, colour or dimension. 5.2 It is confirmed that samples of the products may not exactly represent the final products delivered and that the final products may vary, in particular in the feature materials from samples viewed by the Reseller, but will be substantially the same. 5.3 Similarly, products represented in Bowie Accessories catalogues are provided as a guide to assist orders and may not exactly represent the final products delivered and that the final products may vary, in particular in the feature materials from samples viewed by the Reseller, but will be substantially the same. 5.4 Variances in products bring uniqueness to each item. Variances in product do not justify faults in items and will not be accepted as legitimate grounds for returns or credits. EXCLUSIVITY 6.1 Bowie Accessories DOES NOT and will not offer exclusivity to any Reseller based on the Reseller’s position respective to a competitor. ORDERS 7.1 Bowie Accessories cannot accept any order for goods below MOQ (minimum order quantity) of two products (which must consist of two products of the same colour and style). unless otherwise agreed by management.

7.2 All Verbal product orders will be processed at the risk of the Reseller. We encourage all resellers to provide written confirmation of product orders. 7.3 Product orders cannot be amended after packing and/or dispatch. 7.4 Bowie Accessories reserve the right to change prices without notice. BACKORDERS 8.1 Item/s out of stock at the time the Reseller’s order is entered, and/or picked, will be automatically placed on backorder, unless the item/s are discontinued. 8.2 If a Reseller does not wish out of stock item/s placed on backorder for their account, they MUST contact Bowie Accessories Customer Service, and their account will be set up so no backorders may be placed. 8.3 If the Reseller does not wish item/s placed on backorder for a particular order only, they must make this clear at the time the order is placed or within seven (7) working days. 8.4 Backorders will be shipped as soon as the stock becomes available and the Reseller agrees to accept all products as ordered when delivered. Backorders do not incur any shipping or freight charges if delivery is within Australia. 8.5 Backorders to be shipped internationally will incur shipping or freight charges to be born by the Reseller. CANCELLATIONS 9.1 Any order cancellations must be notified, in writing, by the Reseller prior to the orders despatch. 9.2 Failure by Resellers to notify of cancellations or amendments to orders prior to despatch incurs a restocking fee to the value of 10% of the cancelled invoice. PAYMENTS 10.1 Full payment is required prior to despatch of goods, unless otherwise agreed in Bowie Accessories. 10.2 Overdue accounts will result in orders being withheld until payment is received and processed. FREIGHT/DELIVERY 11.1 Bowie Accessories will ensure every effort is made to despatch available products on time to ensure efficient delivery. 11.2 Bowie Accessories provides documentation for all outgoing orders. 11.3 All costs relating to delivery or freight are to be born by the Reseller. 11.4 Damaged sustained during freight or delivery is not the accountability of Bowie Accessories. We encourage all resellers to inspect goods on delivery or within seven (7) days of receipt. 11.5 Bowie Accessories endeavours to meet all orders as placed, but for various reasons this may not be possible and accordingly Bowie Accessories accepts no responsibility for late or undelivered orders. 11.6 Orders that are requested to be split and/or delivered independently will incur a shipping or freight charge for each order to be born by the Reseller. WARRANTY 12.1 Bowie Accessories offers a limited warranty on all new goods purchased by our Resellers. 12.2 Bowie Accessories encourages all Resellers to inspect goods on delivery or within seven (7) days of receipt. Goods returned must be in it’s original packaging with swing tags in tact and dust bags or your return will not be accepted. 12.3 Please choose carefully as Bowie Accessories DOES NOT exchange or refund. 12.4 The Reseller must supply a receipt of purchase to accompany faulty goods returned by a third party or retail customer. 12.5 Faulty goods will be repaired, replaced, or credited at Bowie Accessories’s discretion. If an item is determined to have been used it will be repaired. 12.6 Notification of claims must be received within fourteen (14) days from date of invoice. 12.7 Claims/Returns will not be accepted without a Defective Goods Form completed by the Reseller. Forms are available on request from Bowie Accessories. 12.8 Credits are not redeemable for cash, only for use with the purchase of goods. 12.9 The Reseller has no right to deduct the Reseller’s returns claims that have not been subject to Bowie Accessories’s inspection and issued credit note.Such a deduction will be in breach of these General Conditions and Bowie Accessories may refuse further supply until such time that the Reseller pays in full all outstanding monies. Bowie Accessories Accessories places great value on the business given to us by all of our clients and prides itself in being able to offer quality products. These terms and conditions have been developed with both our existing and new clients needs in mind, for the continued success of all our businesses.

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