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MARY H. GALEY COTTAGE Dear Friend, We’re excited you are interested in the Mary H. Galey Cottage, the latest addition to Chautauqua’s family of lodging, meeting, and celebration venues. Over the past three years, the Chautauqua team has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate this important historic landmark, creating the ultimate Colorado mountain retreat for families and friends. Opting for this spacious 1925 cottage (which sleeps up to 12 and hosts up to 40) is one of the most authentic, beautiful and comfortable lodging choices you can make. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have, and in-person or virtual tours can also be arranged. We are eager to assist with any catering, meeting and other event services you may need. The goal is to ensure your escape to the Colorado Chautauqua is safe, hassle-free and uniquely memorable. Enjoy! Wanona Tara Director of Hospitality Sales Email: Tel: 303.952.1612






The Mary H. Galey cottage is nearly a century old. It was designed by an important local architect and was the long-time home of a courageous woman whose actions were instrumental in saving the Colorado Chautauqua.

The current Craftsman style structure replaced an earlier, smaller cottage, which was moved to the site from Boulder in 1899. Blanchard also built Blanchard Lodge, later known as the Red Lion Inn, located in Boulder Canyon.

The cottage was built for Mrs. C. J. Hindman (Mary Galey’s mother) of Tulsa in 1925 and is the first of nine “Blanchard Cottages” built at Chautauqua between 1925 and 1941 by Boulder architect, John J. Blanchard (1867-1956).

The Chautauqua Blanchard cottages originally cost between $4,000 and $5,000 to construct and are characterized by shed roof entrances and dormers, overhanging eaves, surprisingly open floor plans, stone chimneys and fieldstone fireplaces.

BLANCHARD STYLE COTTAGE FEATURES: • Craftsman style: rectangular, gabled 1 ½ story buildings with overhanging eaves • Shingled with horizontal siding below gable ends • Shed-roofed screen porches, shed hood entrances and dormers • Stone chimneys and fieldstone fireplaces • Wide doorways • Simple but distinctive interior trims • Stone or concrete foundations • Open floor plans



MARY H. GALEY Mary Hindman Galey (1922-1996) was the third child of Fidele and Clarence Hindman, who bought Cottage #1 at Chautauqua in 1918. From the age of four months, Mary spent every summer at Chautauqua until her death in 1996. In 1948, she married Thomas H. Galey, Sr., and had her wedding reception in the cottage.  In 1970, Mary and her husband purchased the cottage from Mary’s mother and moved in year-round, the first family at Chautauqua to do so.


Mary H. Galey was instrumental, along with other Boulder preservationists, in saving the Colorado Chautauqua from destruction. By the early 1970s, Chautauqua’s buildings were falling apart and its cultural mission had been reduced to showing old movies at the Auditorium. There was no money to repair the buildings and the City of Boulder, owner of the land, the Auditorium, and the Dining Hall, was considering not renewing Chautauqua’s lease, razing the buildings, and building a convention center on the site.

MARY GALEY AND R O C K Y M O U N TA I N J O E S AV E C H A U TA U Q U A : Other than attending Boulder City Council meetings, there seemed little Mary could do to prevent the extensive changes being proposed at Chautauqua. Then, she learned about a cache of early photographs taken by the official Chautauqua photographer, Rocky Mountain Joe Sturtevant between 1898 and 1912. From these prints, Mary and her son John, created a slide show to demonstrate Chautauqua’s historical significance to the Boulder community.   During the 1970’s Mary gave over 100 presentations to local organizations. In 1978, when the debate over Chautauqua came to a head, the seeds she had sown produced a citizens’ outcry against Chautauqua’s destruction. Pressure from the pro-Chautauqua faction resulted in the resignation of the entire Board of Directors and the election of new members, all of whom supported preservation of the historic Colorado Chautauqua.  In 1981, Mary Galey wrote The Grand Assembly: The Story of Life at the Colorado Chautauqua, now in its third edition. Mary received the Boulder Historical Roundtable’s first Square Nail Award for historic preservation in 1993.     7


PUBLIC TREASURE For many years, the Galey family discussed the possibility of selling the cottage to the Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA), steward of Boulder’s only National Historic Landmark and owner of 62 of the 99 cottages at Chautauqua, plus the historic Missions House and Columbine Lodge.


CCA had long been interested in purchasing the cottage, rehabilitating it, and making the historic cottage available to the public. In 2017, the CCA Board of Directors voted unanimously to purchase the cottage. Restoration of the cottage was completed in July of 2020.

ENJOY THE SAME S PAC E A S YO U R FAV O R I T E S TA R S ! In addition to serving as lodging and a venue for small private events and meetings, the Mary H. Galey Cottage also serves as a “green room” for visiting artists to the world-famous Chautauqua Auditorium, including David Crosby, The Indigo Girls, Keb‘Mo and many more!



MODERN AMENITIES Doing things thoughtfully takes time. The Mary H. Galey cottage project has taken the Colorado Chautauqua Association three years to complete. Immense care has been taken to preserve the historic integrity and charm of the original cottage, while creating safe, functional and comfortable living, meeting and entertaining spaces. While most of the infrastructure, including framing, electric­al and heating sytems were completely re­placed, very minimal alterations were made to the exterior or to the floor plan, other than those needed to make the cottage ADA compliant. All changes to the exterior of the cottage received Boulder Landmarks approval.


Where possible, original features of the cottage were restored, including the original stone fireplace. Additionally, salvaged materials were used extensively, including the white oak floors throughout the main level and the 1930’s cast iron wall sink in the main bathroom. The cottage is also furnished with vintage furniture donated to the Galey Cottage or taken from other Chautauqua cottages.



FOR THE AGES The legacy of Mary Galey lives on in what remains a vibrant arts and cultural scene and a thriving cultural residency program at Chautauqua. The design of the cottage was intended to reflect the timeless nature of her contributions and to pay homage to her legacy.   If someone from a hundred years ago walked into the cottage now, they might marvel at some of the more high-tech appliances and heating and cooling features, but they would likely feel at home at the same time. With its reclaimed floors, lime washed walls, fir trim, classic marble countertops, subway tile, light fixtures that reference the gaslights of the 1920’s, and historic furnishings  -  the cottage would feel familiar, comfortable and welcoming. 12

Someone from a hundred years in the future would likely feel at home as well, marveling that a nearly 100-year-old house could be so functional and accessible.  Unlike many of Chautauqua’s cottages, which were constructed quickly and intended for shorter stays, Cottage One (as it was known for many years) was a year-round home that housed a growing family. As such, it was equipped with a full kitchen, laundry facilities and multiple sleeping areas. Today, the cottage retains these features, with attention given to even the smallest detail.

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: • Vertical grain fir trim and salvaged white oak floors • Sliding barn doors on traditional cast iron mechanisms • Restored original stone fire-place • Refurbished cast iron sink and clawfoot soaking tub



HIGHLIGHTS This large 2,100 sq. ft. cottage has an open, flexible floor plan on two levels, providing plenty of private space, while also accommodating communal gatherings. It sleeps up to 12 and hosts up to 40.  

Second Level

An upstairs bedroom with a king bed and its own seating area opens into a beamed open loft space with two queen beds and two twin daybeds. The second level also includes a Main Level full bath and a mini kitchen adding to the flexibility of the layout. This works well for In addition to a living room, kitchen, dining different generations or multiple families, room and sun porch, there are two bedrooms each with their own floor. downstairs, one with a king bed and another with twins. The main level also includes a wet bar and two full baths, one of which is ADA accessible, and a concealed elevator to the upper level for patrons needing assistance. The state-of-the-art kitchen, with its custom cabinetry, marble countertops, and professional grade stove and refrigerator is designed for either catered or family cooking. The adjoining dining area boasts a large table, ideal for celebrating, entertaining and meeting. 


HIGHLIGHTS: • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 showers, 1 soaking tub) • Layout accommodates a variety of uses, including short- or long-term stays, small events, petite weddings and green room use by visiting artists • ADA accessible • Catering kitchen (marble countertops, high end appliances) • Custom, book-matched, knotty alder cabinets • Vintage furnishings • Contemporary art donated by local artists 15


ACCESSIBILITY As part of Chautauqua’s commitment to increasing accessibility, the Mary H. Galey Cottage was restored to accommodate persons of all physical abilities and complies with regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Among the accessible features in the cottage are an ADA-compliant bathroom and shower, vehicle access to an interior elevator, wider doorways and appropriately placed appliances.

SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability is at the forefront of every decision Chautauqua makes with respect to our lodging, public events and dining operations. The Mary H. Galey Cottage rehabilitation draws heavily on the latest best practices combining sustainable construction and historic preservation.


SUSTAINABLE FEATURES IN THE MARY H. GALEY COTTAGE: • Zoned, high efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems located on each floor • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) continually circulates fresh air, enhancing indoor air quality • Heat pump technology reduces energy consumption • 99% efficient tankless water heater • Highest achievable “R” value from insulation of building envelope • Energy Star-rated appliances • Low voltage lighting • Incoming air is pre-treated (heated or cooled) depending on the season • Energy Star, Low-E (emissivity), dual-paned porch windows

• High efficiency LED lighting • EPA low-flow, water-sensing plumbing fixtures • Multiple windows on all sides of the building to maximize natural light



HEALTH & SAFETY The health and comfort of allergen-sensitive and asthmatic guests guided decisions about many of the health and safety features in the Mary H. Galey Cottage, including the use of anti-microbial lime wash paint, wood and tile flooring, and easily cleaned mats, rather than rugs. And, although Chautauqua has many pet-friendly cottages, pets are not permitted in the Galey Cottage to protect those with allergies. Coronavirus Safety Measures All 62 Chautauqua-owned cottages, including the Mary H. Galey cottage, are inherently socially distanced, making them “naturally safe” compared to most other hotel and lodging options. Chautauqua guests never have to share lobbies, elevators, corridors or parking facilities. In addition, contactless check-in and adjacent free parking mean there is no need to interact physically with staff. Our cottages are also surrounded by nature and all have fully opening windows, allowing access to fresh air anytime. The Mary H. Galey cottage also has two, large outdoor decks, as well as the latest in air circulation systems. 18

Extensive health and safety procedures also include enhanced cleaning protocols and door seals indicating that these cleaning procedures have occurred prior to guest arrivals. Masks are required inside all Chautauqua buildings and for all staff. Guests can review the full Chautauqua Health and Safety Guide HERE. Non-Smoking Environment Smoking and vaping are prohibited in public spaces throughout the City of Boulder, including the Chautauqua campus and the Mary H. Galey Cottage. There are substantial fines for non-compliance. Fire Prevention and Mitigation The Mary H. Galey Cottage meets strict Boulder hospitality fire prevention standards, including decks that are constructed with pressure-impregnated fire-retardant-treated wood with a Class A fire rating.





The Mary H. Galey Cottage has a state-of-the-art kitchen and groceries can be safely ordered and conveniently delivered through our online Instacart service. But guests need not feel like they must cook every meal – or even turn on the stove for that matter.

A stay at the Mary H. Galey cottage is the ideal opportunity for your family or group to enjoy the many unique adventures Colorado has to offer. Possible experiences include horse-back trail rides, white water rafting, guided nature hikes, snowshoeing, yoga and more. Ask our Hospitality Sales team for suggestions!

On-site catering is available through Three Leaf Concepts, established caterers and long-time operators of the popular Chautauqua Dining Hall, just a short walk from the Galey Cottage. For your ease and convenience, all catering is arranged directly through the Chautauqua Hospitality Sales team. View sample catering menus HERE.

Meetings, Retreats and Events Our Hospitality Sales team is available to arrange meeting and event supplies, flowers, extra tables and chairs, and projection equipment. We can also put you in touch with local suppliers if you have more complicated needs.


To arrange catering, meeting, retreat and private event services, or an “Only at Chautauqua” experience during your stay, call 303-952-1612 or email



LOCAL ARTISTS The beautiful artwork in the Mary H. Galey Cottage would not have been possible without the incredible generosity and talent of local artists and our amazing sponsor Click on the image to access the artist’s website.


Kyonggeun Johnson “Ancient Reef”

Betsy Cole “Untitled 8672”

Evan Siegel “Ruined Lake at Duck Lodge”

Susan Weinreich “Front Range View” Donated by Jan Liverance

Charles “Al Fre

Steven “Untitl

Robert Striffolino “Red Twig Dogwood”

Unknown Donated by Betty Schware

s Tucker esco”

n Hook led #2”

Alli Gerrish “House of Cards”

Nijole Rasmussen “Flair”



DISCOVER WHAT MATTERS The Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA) has served as the continuous steward of the Colorado Chautauqua since its inception and is charged with preserving both the “site and spirit” of the Colorado Chautauqua. The spirit of Chautauqua is encapsulated in CCA’s values, which include lifelong learning, voluntary simplicity, love of nature and music, oration and the arts.

History and Background The Colorado Chautauqua was established in 1898 as part of the “chautauqua movement” that swept the country at the turn of the of the late 19th and early 20th century. It is the only continuously operating chautauqua west of the Mississippi.


Less than two miles from the famous Pearl Street Mall and a mile from the University of Colorado, the Colorado Chautauqua is Boulder’s most popular tourist attraction, known worldwide for its spectacular Rocky Mountain views, historic Auditorium and Dining Hall and 40 miles of hiking trails. It is also one of only 25 National Historic Landmarks in Colorado and one of only two with lodging.

CHAUTAUQUA HIGHLIGHTS: • Access to 40 miles of trails just steps from your cottage • Colorado “farm-to-table” bistro cuisine - (dine-in or takeout) at the Dining Hall • Year-round concerts, lectures and films at the Auditorium and Community House • 59 individual “naturally safe” rental cottages sanitized for your safety • A variety of cottages and lodges – ranging from studios to eight bedrooms • Hospitality team to support your private events and/or adventures • Two tennis courts, basketball and play court • Children’s playground • Picnic shelter • Large green space • Formal and casual gardens • Summer shuttle bus to University of Colorado and downtown Boulder 25


A PLACE TO REMEMBER • 300 days of sunshine – both summer and winter • Home to Colorado’s flagship university, the University of Colorado,

with the highest number of restaurants per capita in America • Walkable and bikeable with hiking

named America’s “Favorite College

trails, pedestrian malls and a variety


of bike rental options

• 45-minute drive from Denver International Airport • Spectacularly situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains • Abundant opportunities for outdoor fun, including hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, climbing and more • Vibrant music, arts, street entertainment and cultural scene


• Voted America’s “foodiest” town



MARY H. GALEY COTTAGE 1. Close to attractive downtown Boulder in the heart of the celebrated Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark 2. Overlooking the Flatiron Mountains and 40 miles of trails 3. Beautifully restored to blend the best of history with modern style and comfort 4. A model of accessibility and sustainable historic preservation in action


5. Naturally safer than other lodging or meeting options 6. Spacious and flexible layouts that sleep up to 12 and host up to 40 7. Worlds away from everyday life or a standard hotel 8. The ultimate, unplugged environment to either connect or retreat



MORE INFORMATION To reserve the Mary H. Galey cottage for your family or group and to arrange catering, retreat services, special accommodations and guest experiences during your stay, please contact:

Wanona Tara Director, Hospitality Sales 303.952.1623

Jessica Harrison Group Sales Manager 303.952.1618