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From the Editor… Oh man it’s a super issue of Coast Kids GC as we celebrate Fathers! Times sure have changed as fatherhood has evolved into more of hands on role. When my mother brought her children into the world, my Dad dropped her at the hospital and zoomed off to the pub to await the news of our arrival (we’re talking the 70’s though) and he sure made up for it – he was the one that raced me to the hospital in the middle of the night while Luke was rushing to meet us from work.  He even stayed by himself in the hospital waiting for the good news! These days our partners are there holding our hands through labour, they camp out in the hospital room helping with nappy changes, feeds and bath time. They do school drop offs and many change their careers to work around family life. You Dads are rocking it, so Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Spring has sprung so make sure you check out a revamp to our Eco page with some tips on gardening with the kids – it’s time to get planting! We also introduce a new column ‘What we know now’ looking back at how we have changed through the years and reflecting on what we could have done better – I love it! It’s also school holidays AGAIN so check out our new directory for some fun ideas and also save the date as Surfers Paradise kicks off their annual Kids Weekend 6/7 October and we’ll be there to share in the fun! Have a great month!


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Bring on Spring! what’s on in your local parks Dispelling the Myths Their wildlife hospital needs your help The low down on interest payments A lifelong guide to wellness

What the biggest boutique trade show has on offer What fun will you get up to?

Destry Puia – General Manager, The Arts Centre Gold Coast What’s the modern day difference?


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Jeni Bone Features Editor Jeni Bone has been writing professionally for 24 years, across newspapers, magazines, TV and online media, covering business, lifestyle and news, as well as in PR and marketing for global brands and media for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. With hubby Carlton, she does her best to raise Alex and Sophie with inquisitive minds, a love of learning and sense of community.

Fe Taylor Health & Wellbeing Fe is the director of Leaps & Bounds Children’s Fitness Centre, Fe Taylor Fitness and also the Children’s Health & Wellbeing Expo, held annually on the Gold Coast. Fe’s health and wellbeing programs are associated with the GCCC Active & Healthy Program.

Amardy Dhanoya Keeping It Real A proud stay at home mother of two beautiful children, daughter Marley 2yrs and son Kaius 1yr. Amardy teaches Zumba, a class for mums and kids locally on the Gold Coast. She has a background in media and worked in the industry for 10 years working in the magazine sector.

Jane Whittred Arts & Creativity Jane’s most rewarding role is that of a teacher. Having been artistic for as long as she can remember and now being a Mum to 3 young children. Jane is also a qualified Graphic Designer, registered School Teacher and owner of Mrs Red’s Art room.

Debbie Hogg Life Skills One of Australia’s leading Coaches & ANZI Coaching Coach of the Year 2010 Debbie is co-creator of ‘Life Skills Programs’ Social & Emotional learning programs for parents, she is passionate about ‘Enriching the Lives of Children’ and is a specialist in family coaching. Debbie is a trainer, NLP Master, author, mum to two girls and is a spirited & passionate coach who will encourage you to shine.

Tan Curtis

Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor & Facilitator

Tan is Managing Director of Fabic - a behavioural specialist centre offering clinical services, personal assessment, group training and public workshops. Tan is author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Challenging Change’ as well as creator of useful take-home tools and programs to support managing behaviour issues and creating positive behavioural interventions for people of all ages.

Cassi Cowlan


Cassi is the Naturopath at The Medical Sanctuary in Benowa. A graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine as well as the London College of Nutritional Medicine, Cassi has been lecturing in natural medicine for the past 5 years at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Cassi is trained in Live Blood Analysis and conducts this at the clinic.

Anthony Sherratt Daddy Diaries Anthony Sherratt is a full-time stay-at-home dad who juggles looking after his twin girls, lecturing at university and contributing to a variety of websites and publications. He’s finally thankful for his insomnia.

Dana Strong Communication Dana traded in international corporate communication positions with the likes of Motorola and IBM to launch her own strategic copywriting business so she could have the flexibility to make her family her #1 priority. Dana believes that clear communication is vital to parenting and to business, and she makes it her business to share her skills and experience with others.

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Coast Kids GC Reviews the Latest in Books, Apps & Entertainment

Apps for juniors Here are two new fun and informative apps parents and kids will love.

Word Wizard Ideal for kids learning to spell, Word Wizard can help with all those tricky, hard to pronounce words. Whether your child is just learning to read, or mastering tricky 5th grade spelling words, this app can pronounce and spell check any word, and involves your child in spelling quizzes and word lists. You can even input the words that come home from the teacher and make your own custom lists. Age group: 4-10 years. $2.99

Princess Fairy Tale Maker For the littlies, the Princess Fairy Tale Maker will make a lot of budding princesses happy! These princesses are not stuck in the tower – but rather scuba dive, explore space, and sail the seven seas. Just choose a scene, a princess (or a few), and other characters, creatures, and props.  Then they record the dialogue, (tapping the characters to make their mouths move) and play it all back to a standing ovation. The princesses come in all different shapes, sizes and races.  Really small kids can decorate the colouring pages with colours, bubbles, rainbows polka dots, and animated sparkles. Age group: 2-3 years

Books Dads - A Field Guide Just in time for Father’s Day, this charming little book is a collaboration between author, Justin Ractliffe and illustrator, Cathie Glassby, who together, explore some of the ‘styles’ and celebrate the diversity of dads. Learn how to identify the Sporty Dad, Nerdy Dad, Scruffy Dad and more, delighting in spotting the idiosyncrasies that make up our beloved dads. Random House, $19.95. WIN: One of THREE copies of Dads – A Field Guide. To enter, visit and hit the competition section.

Ethics: 101 Conversations to have with your kids Would you rather your child was smart or good? Academic achievement isn’t the only important aspect of raising children, parents also need to think consciously as to how to develop the next generation to be ethical thinkers and decent members of society. The main place children learn basic morals and ethics is not from school or religion but from their parents in the home. In the September release Ethics 101 Conversations to have with your kids, author Michael Parker prompts discussion by posing 101 ethical questions and their logical progressions. Age group: 10-15 years. Jane Curry Publishing $24.95.

Get a Financial Grip Paws A picture book about belonging! Paws, a curious baby bear who questions everything, is taught all about the big wide world by his father, Roman, a former dancing bear. Paws dreams of finding his own special place in the world so he sets out in search of it, putting himself in grave danger along the way. This curious little bear eventually discovers that his own special corner of the world is with his dad who loves him very much. Age group: 3-10 years. JoJo Publishing P/B$16.99, H/B $24.99.

6 | Coast Kids GC

Author, Pete Wargent used shares, index funds and investment property to become a millionaire at the age of 33 and quit full-time work. His new book is a detailed plan for achieving financial freedom at any age by taking control of your finances and implementing a holistic financial strategy. Get a Financial Grip looks at the psychology and mindset of success as well as looking at the asset classes that can be used to attain the leverage and returns to achieve financial goals. The author presents a comprehensive, but easy to understand plan for building and balancing a portfolio for generating wealth through compound growth. It shows how your money can work for you and give you the best odds of breaking the link between work and income RRP $24.99. More at WIN: One of FOUR copies of Get a Financial Grip. To enter, visit and hit the competition section.

Coast Kids GC

e g n a h C Sea One in four Gold Coast residents is born overseas. Here, Bree Eve shares her family’s story of migration, the challenges of making a new home on the other side of the world, and the transformations she is hoping their sea change will bring. My best friend, Dad My husband, Noah has always been a very ‘hands-on’ dad. Sure, our brand new baby boy terrified him at first. Frankly, Woody terrified us both (so little and yet so vocal!) The first time Noah took Woody out on his own, I remember I had to literally push him out the door. Noah took Woody for a walk around a local park. They watched a cricket match for a bit until Noah convinced himself that a cricket ball was going to fly into the pram (despite standing over 100m away from the action). So, they came home. But that was the turning point for father and son. Noah never looked back after that, loving every second with his boy. Noah still had the odd moment of selfdoubt. My favourite was when Woody was just nine months old and Noah was concerned he might be playing with Woody too much. Noah elaborated: surely he should be teaching Woody something as well? In all those countless hours Noah spent sitting on the carpet with Woody, he hadn’t recognised that he had taught Woody so much. He had taught him; how to play, how to invent a game, how to work together, how to build something and how to play a trick. These days, I see Woody do all of these things when he is playing, and I know exactly who taught him that all those years ago. And now I think about it, one of my favourite qualities in Woody is his uncontainable delight in little things; a funny noise, any type of clumsiness, splashing water and anything that topples over. These things make Woody fall about laughing. I can remember,

like it was only yesterday, Noah making Woody laugh with the same types of shenanigans when Woody was just a baby. Noah taught Woody to delight in little things which I think is such a beautiful quality in a child. But it wasn’t just bucket loads of laughter in the UK. When Woody was a newborn Noah left the house around 7am and often did not get home until 8.30pm. He missed Woody a lot and most evenings did not see him awake. Noah changed jobs when Woody was about 18 months old and they got to spend a lot more time together, which they both thrived on. But since living in Australia, Noah has freelanced from home, so has spent more time with Woody than ever before. And they both love it! Noah’s ability to make absolutely anything out of cardboard and paper has made him a hero in the eyes of our super imaginative four-year old. At first I was a bit jealous of Noah’s hero status, but then I realised that Woody wanted Noah to get up early with him every morning – and then I was okay with it. Woody thinks his Dad can do anything – which is the way I think it should be. I have heard Woody say, ‘My dad can fix anything’ and ‘Daddy is the best at lifting heavy stuff; like that chair and me’. But the best thing Woody says is, ‘You’re my best friend, aren’t you Dad?’ He sure is. Happy Father’s Day Noah.


I now call Australia Home! Alison Miles, Dentist, Mum to Alex 9, Bethan 6 and Max, 4 From Ashbourne, England to Main Beach. Lived on the Gold Coast since April this year. How did you come to live in Main Beach? A dentist who’d worked on the Gold Coast joined the practice I worked at in Ashbourne. He raved about his experience here and mentioned they were looking for a new dentist to join the team. I mentioned it to my husband and we thought ‘why not, let’s apply’, So, I phoned them, introduced myself, I emailed them my details and it went from there. It just felt like it was meant to be.

What happened next? I came over in January for an interview. I was here for 10 days by myself, just looking around the area. I was offered the position so we then just started the process of moving.

How was getting a Visa? Relatively easy actually. We had a fantastic migration agent. I filled in the forms she sent and she worked closely with company to ensure it moved smoothly. It’s a sponsored visa, not permanent residency.

Does this feel like a permanent move? We said we’d come for two to three years and see what the children thought. They love it here and are settling in well at school making new friends. As long as we’re happy here, we’ll stay. And we’re really happy!

What prompted you to put in that call to the dental practice in Australia? It’s not often a life changing opportunity like this presents its self. I think we would’ve regretted not doing it and always looked back and wondered ‘what if?’ My husband worked away a lot, which was hard on all of us. He just desperately missed the children. He was working long hours and there was no quality of life. We needed to change our work-life balance.

How did you think it would be different in Australia? You hear all these things about the lifestyle being different and you can’t quite comprehend it. You think, ‘what have they got that we haven’t?’ In England, we’ve got parks and we can go for walks and if we wanted to we could live by a beach. But it is different. For a start the weather is amazing and everything here is so geared up for children. Everything is sociable, friendly and relaxed. That’s what we were hoping for and that is what we’ve got!

How can you sum up what your family has got from the move? As a family we’re a lot happier. We do everything together here. We’re a lot more active; we walk into Surfers, the children ride their bikes and skateboards and I ride to work. We’re fitter and healthier. Also, we all seem more content. We’ve moved from a large four-bedroom detached house set in 13 acres to a much smaller three-bedroom apartment overlooking the beach, we only have one car and the children have less stuff, as it’s all in storage, but it has made us realise that we don’t need any of that. That’s not what makes us happy.

Coast Kids GC | 7

News… Pet Expo celebrates pets and people It’s on again – the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo, presented by the Gold Coast City Council. This year, this favourite family and pet-friendly event is celebrating its 10th Birthday. Entry is free and your pets are welcome. The Expo runs Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September 2012, Central Park Oval and Varsity Lakes Sports and Arts Centre, Central Park Drive, Varsity Lakes, from 9am to 4pm each day. With two stages and demonstration arenas, there’s an information session or display to suit everyone, as well as exclusive show specials on pet needs, products and services.

Give Camping a Go, for a cause! Reserve your campsite for Friday 16 November and for just $20, have a-fun filled night all in the name of a local community cause for this year’s Camp and Care with BIG4. Join the thousands of happy campers that take part in this charitable night of camping each year and pay just $20 to secure a site under the stars at participating BIG4 Holiday Parks, with all proceeds from the event going to local causes as chosen by participating BIG4 Holiday Parks. The unique national event will be held at a wide range of BIG4’s across Australia, with families and friends, couples, first time campers and seasoned outdoor adventurers all encouraged to explore a new holiday destination close to home.

Olivia and Jake from “All About Animals” TV show will be there, filming their program, and you can get your photo taken with them or perhaps get own pet on their show. Dr Katrina Warren and the Wonderdogs will attend, with trainer Kelly Gill, showing people how to tame unruly behaviour in our pets, answering training questions and posing with pets (and people) for photos as well. For something different, Amanda de Warren, medium and pet communicator will also be there, speaking with animals who have passed over and also the living! You can even book a session with Amanda. More at

Many Parks will be hosting additional activities over the weekend in celebration of the event including pancake breakfasts, face painting and BBQs to name a few. More at

Vienna Boys Choir For more than 500 years the Vienna Boys Choir (or Wiener Sängerknaben) has been an enduring symbol of Europe. In its first tour of Australia since 2005, the Vienna Boys’ Choir will feature 24 choristers between the ages of 10 to 14 performing a wide range of its inspiring repertoire from the Renaissance to works by composers such as Mozart, Johann Strauss and Schubert. The choir will perform at the Art Centre Gold Coast, Wednesday 12 September 8pm. More at or Tel: (07) 5588 4000.

Lift off for Bravehearts White Balloon Day National child protection advocate Bravehearts is calling for registrations to support its 16th annual White Balloon Day on Friday 7 September. The Australia-wide event will coincide with National Child Protection Week and is seeking to raise $500,000 to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. Schools, Councils and organisations around the country will participate in the event to help break the silence on child sexual assault and reduce an alarming statistic - that one in five children will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday. Equally as alarming is the fact that the assault is likely to be inflicted by someone known and trusted to the family. Bravehearts founder and executive director Hetty Johnston, said the money raised will support education, prevention and counselling programs. “White Balloon Day is about encouraging kids to come forward and break the silence, while we raise the necessary funds to ensure vital support networks and programs can continue.” She urged everyone to get involved and do their bit to help protect Australian kids on White Balloon Day. “It can be as simple as tying a white balloon to your letterbox or as grand as hosting a fundraising function,” she said. “Companies can host a ‘White Out the Workplace’ event with all employees dressed in white and decorate with white balloons. Schools across the country can hold a ‘Wear White Friday’ event. We even have people simply flying white balloons on their letterbox on September 7. Check out for event ideas, and to register, and receive a kit which includes posters, flyers, a donation box, balloons, a White Balloon Day guide and a letter of consent to fundraise.

Maria Nixon

Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal Continuity of Care Let us support you from conception to six weeks post birth 24 hour support l Your own midwife l Home visits Single visits l Birth plan advice Breastfeeding support l Medicare rebates available Rosie Blyth

8 | Coast Kids GC

Sharon Dalton

Ph: 5631 4222 l website:


DAD TIME Words: Dana Strong

Hey Dad – are you feeling left out of the parenting loop? Feeling a bit unsure of your role and abilities in the parenting department? Letting mum take the lead with the kids? It’s not surprising. Australian children actually spend very little time with their dads – especially without their mums also being present. The Australian Institute of Family Studies says many children get to spend as little as 30 minutes a day with their dads during the week. Don’t underestimate how important your relationship with your kids is, though. Studies suggest that children with involved and nurturing dads actually have higher IQs, better verbal skills, more advanced cognitive capabilities, are more emotionally secure, have better social connections with their peers, are less likely to get in trouble both inside and outside the home, and have better control of their emotions than kids whose dad’s aren’t actively involved with them!* So, Dad, if you’re feeling a bit unsure of your parenting abilities, or if you’re uncertain about how to contribute to raising your kids, here are five tips to help you make the most of your Dad time.

1) Put down your phone and turn off your computer

Your child needs your undivided attention. In this age of digital devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops – you can be connected to the outside world 24/7 – and miss out on being connected with your kids. Turn off your phone and give your child your total, uninterrupted attention, emails do not need to be the first thing you look at in the morning. Play, make memories, talk, listen, just ‘be’ with your kids. They matter a lot more than your ‘virtual’ connections, both now and in the long run.

2. Establish a ritual

Don’t be afraid to be alone with your child… your child will get to know you better, feel more comfortable with you, and love you for it! Create

a distraction-free ritual that’s just for you and your child, one-on-one. Whether it’s playing ½ an hour of ball with your child every Saturday morning, reading him a story every night at bedtime, or taking your daughter out for high tea once a month, whatever you do, make it special and make it regular so your child can look forward to it.

3. Be present – even when you’re not

With all the responsibilities of being a dad, sometimes it’s inevitable that you won’t be able to spend time with your child. That doesn’t have to stop you from letting them know you’re thinking of them and that you care about them. If you get home after bedtime, leave a note on their pillow for them to read when they wake up. If you have to leave before they get up in the morning, record a short video or voice memo on a device like an ipad, laptop or phone and leave a note on the breakfast table telling them to check it out. Stick a note of love and encouragement in their lunchbox.

4. Let them help

Kids love to help! Even when they say they don’t, usually they do if it means they get to spend time with you! Involve your kids in what you’re doing. Teach your child how to garden with you; let them chop veggies when you prepare dinner; let them help wash the car. Turn your chores into fun time with your kids! Sure, it might actually be messier and take more time, but you’ll find that your kids can be great helpers and great company – and they’ll remember their special time with you.

5. Listen

Don’t lecture. Don’t give advice. Don’t nag. Don’t preach. Don’t listen with one ear while you’re

concentrating on something else. Just really listen. Your kids want to share, and they want to know that they are being heard. Acknowledge and respect your child’s point of view. Watch their facial expressions, body posture and hand gestures. Pay attention to their tone of voice. Listen actively by nodding your head, saying “I understand”, repeating back to them what you heard, or asking for clarification like “what did you mean when you said….?” There are times to share your wisdom, to give your advice and to direct, but sometimes – often, in fact – your child just wants to be heard. Whether you live with your child or you co-parent your child, you have a very special role to play in your child’s life. Remember, fatherhood is the most important job you can have. Take time to be a dad today! *Source: The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children, Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, U.S. Children’s Bureau Rosenberg, Jeffrey., Wilcox, W. Bradford, 2006)

nanny... but what you really need is an Au Pair. You want a

A nanny would be a wonderful luxury, but an au pair could be more practical and accessible. Go on - what are you waiting for? One call is all • You actually DON’T need to pay au pair’s (up to 4 hrs a day comes free) • They are personally screened by us and need to meet strict criteria • They are chosen from polite, child aware backgrounds and cultures • They offer great opportunities for you and your children to experience foreign cultures • All you need to offer is a room and 3 meals a day

it takes to get back some time you deserve?

(07) 5520 4442


aupair-nanny-housekeeper accommodation

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Life skills

“Joy; A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” Chinese Proverb

The Joy of Family Play Words: Debbie Hogg

“Joy”, what is it? The dictionary defines it as “the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires”. Joy is a value, as peace and calmness are values. These are values that we all like to have in our lives; if we did have more joy in our life what would we be doing differently? What would it be giving to us? 10 | Coast Kids GC

Often, we operate from a place of being constantly on the go, when we arrive home from work or even turn around after leaving children to play, things are a mess. There will be clothes spread everywhere, empty cups scattered around, sticky plates, games, books, DVDs, craft paints and so on – nothing seems to find its way home. We often operate from a place of, ‘it has to be tidy and things need to be ship shape’, so onwards we go, barely sitting down after arriving home after a day at work. We gather all the displaced items into our arms and take on the thought of martyred sole survivor, which drags us further away from the joyful peaceful life we yearn for. Choosing to operate from this space supports feelings of being unappreciated, taken for granted and being unfulfilled, that sometimes pop up within us. In choosing to play in this space it’s important to recognise what energy we are projecting and what we are role modelling to our children. How often have we caught ourselves doing or saying something and said “Oh, I sound like my mother or father” or “this is exactly what my parents used to do”. After all where did we learn our patterns from? As we reflect on choosing to operate from this unappreciated space what impact does it have on our children. What we focus on grows. If we focus on mess and disarray we will get exactly that. It’s in this space that we don’t see the vivaciousness and playfulness of our children; we don’t notice our partner’s kind and supportive words or welcoming

Life skills smile when arriving home. We don’t give ourselves a moment to appreciate our home whatever the condition it’s in. All we see is mess and disarray then more and more because this is our focus. It’s a low and often lonely feeling and one that we think is difficult to change or move on from. Let’s ask the question: “Is that True?” No, it’s not true, we can change anything and all we do is shift the focus, remembering; what we focus on expands.

The more calm and peacefulness created in our homes the more harmonious and connected we are as a family unit and in understanding each other’s needs; the more time we all get to play!

• Run around in the park, let off steam, laugh and enjoy the fresh air. • Go fruit picking for something really different. • I have four jars with suggestions from the family, rainy days, free afternoons, free days or the whole weekend, we choose randomly depending on the time we have. • Grab annual passes at your local theme parks. • Go camping (even in the back yard for the children). • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, Rosie’s or contact Volunteering Gold Coast for options. • Play some board games (it’s a great way to connect with family and learn). • Have sleep-overs or do sleep-overs and have some quality time away from children. • Do a half hour family reading time, helps create great habits for the future. • Play a family game or two on the Wii. You have the power to change your thoughts, choose the right ones!

school readiness classes

ol Readines cho sC rS las Ou

Became a

es ss

Jo in

PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR SCHOOL with our ‘Smart Squirrels’ program in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment with qualified teachers.

Smart Squirrel! s

Small groups designed to build confidence and prepare your child for school Fun, hands on and interactive sessions, catering for all levels and abilities






Take a moment to give our partners a hug, smile at our children and listen to their stories, asking inquisitive questions, showing them we care. Play with them. Rest ourselves for a while because we deserve it. Once we have topped up our emotional tank of family love and joy, then coming from a place of love and gratitude engage everyone in doing a quick tidy up. Smile and make it fun, make it a game with special rewards. Ask your partner to help out with the tidy up game. Focusing on what our families can accomplish will bring joy into our lives as well as our families as a whole. The more we consistently, day by day appreciate and take notice of will contribute to our overall happy home life; the more all members will want to participate.

Suggestions for playtime:


Family life can be a beautiful, joy-filled experience when we deliberately look for ways to enjoy it.



l R ea din




tutoring for prep to year 12

KIDS WORKSHOPS THeSe ScHOOl HOlIDayS aT Dune cafe To find out more simply jump onto our Facebook page Bookings essential - Ph. 5521 0951

All sessions taken by qualified teachers One on one, or small group sessions Individualised programs specifically designed for each individual child Building confidence

Call now to build a brighter future for your child.

Call 07 5535 6926 today to find out how we can help your child

EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE 11, 43 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, West Burleigh, Australia 4220 Coast Kids GC | 11

Arkadia are of fering Coast Kids re aders 10% off their first order! Simply enter this code: CK712Launch at the checkout, bu t hurry, offer ends 30/9/12.

What we…


Lelbys Bean Bags

For the littlies Lelbys offers beautiful bean chairs in tones of beige and browns with splashes of pinks and blues. There is something for every taste to suit every room of the house. Their palates match contemporary living spaces and are 100% cotton canvas, using unique designs. Check out their matching cushion covers, owls and throws online!

You might remember Arkadia from the fantastic t-shirt giveaway we ran in our February issue. We are excited to announce that they have launched their online store Gold Coast duo, Ammber and Justin are both big kids at heart and capture that most precious of life’s seasons with their nostalgic, quirky and nature-inspired prints. Arkadia’s first range, ‘Taking Flight’ explores that childhood fascination with defying gravity and comes in onesies for bubs and t-shirts for children aged 2 to 8. Their site is an imaginative delight and they definitely one to watch!

Keep Your Cool

Craft Turntables These famous craft turntables are now back IN STOCK! What a great start to school holiday fun with this treat for the kids! They are awesome for keeping pens, pencils, textas, paintbrushes and all things crafty in a neat and tidy place that is easily accessed by the kids when its time for some serious colouring in! Available in navy, pale pink and red at Madison Jane, 2 Dawn Pde, Miami. 5679 1733

Fridge-to-go has a range of brilliant coolers bags, mini fridges and roller fridge that can keep up to 36 cans cold for up to 8 hours. Perfect for taking to the beach, BBQs, outdoor and sports events, day trips or any other occasion when you need to keep food and drink cool, Fridge-to-go® mini fridges come in three different sizes: Mini Fridge 6 (6 cans – RRP $34.95); Mini Fridge 12 (12 cans – RRP $46.95) and the Roller Fridge (up to 36 cans – RRP $104.95). More at

Amor Amor Bring a little bit of our Monster world into your child’s life… Unleash the artist within with this perfect little Artist Kit. It’s the perfect way for you and your kids to get involved in creating a unique piece. Even an older sibling or friend can create a fantastic gift. The possibilities are endless... The kit contains a white legging with black line drawing Monster illustration and a set of permanent colour fabric markers. RRP $40. 12 | Coast Kids GC

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FIFO dad returns FIFO -Fly in Fly out

A few weeks ago I was counting down the days when my hubby would be home. The closer it got the harder it became. It was those last few days that seem to drag on forever. Finally, he walked through the door and a sense of calm came over me. Everything would be easier now and the pressure would be taken off me. He had come home at night so the kids were both asleep and so I had him all to myself for the whole night. The kids didn’t know he had come home so I woke up with them and gave him a sleep in and it wasn’t till about 8am I told them both to go into my bedroom and say hello to Daddy. They just looked at me wide eyed, ran into the bedroom and jumped all over him. I got a bit teary eyed seeing the kids so excited. You see, his most recent trip was three months, so it had been quite a while since they had had kisses and cuddles from Daddy. As you can imagine the next few days were fun, laughter and lots of outings.

Words: Amardy Dhanoya The kids weren’t listening to him and because he hadn’t really disciplined them in such a long time they were starting to act out knowing Daddy wouldn’t say anything. After confiding in a friend I realised he was integrating back into family life after a long time working away and it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. Although he had been home on weekends many times it was like a holiday every time. I also needed to get used to living with someone again fulltime and realise that he would he would have his own way of doing certain things and I needed to accept that. There were a few things we had to sort out as parents and as a couple honesty and communication is very important. I had to be open and honest about everything that was bothering me and we had to sort out the smallest of issues. I didn’t want to leave anything unsaid because I knew if I did it would build up and eventually explode into something much bigger.

I was enjoying some sleep ins and having someone else cook, clean and bathe the kids, but then I realised I was starting to get irritated by little things he was doing, simple things like the way he was so relaxed about the daily routine or waiting till the kids were wailing from hunger in the morning before giving them breakfast, to the way he hung up the washing – the pegs don’t sit in the middle of the garment!

He also needed to be on the same page as me when it came to parenting. I didn’t want to end up being the unfair parent so we agreed that he needed to let them know when their behaviour was unacceptable and wouldn’t be tolerated. It didn’t take long for the kids to realise that Daddy had the same ideas as Mummy, not just about consequences after unacceptable behaviour, but also setting clear boundaries, praise and encouragement.

So in the week that followed I became more and more irritated by him and from my point of view he was undoing everything I had put into place over the last year and a half.

Routine is one big theme that is constant in my home. My kids have had a similar routine from a very young age and for them it works really well because they always know what’s going on. With

another baby on the way it is important for us to spend some quality couple time together which means making sure the kids are settled now that Daddy is home and having them in bed at the set times so we get our time together. We have good friends who baby-sit every now and then so we can have a few date nights. Things have slowly fallen back into place and I understand now that it was quite overwhelming for him to come back home after only having to look after himself for so long to a family who wanted his attention every minute of the day. With two young children and another on the way there isn’t any time to do nothing these days so we give each other space when we can. He might take the kids to the playground so I can have a relaxing afternoon or he might go for a skate to clear his head and we take turns with sleep ins on weekends. So at the end of the day I couldn’t be happier having him home it just took a bit of work from both of us. When your other half finally comes home for good from FIFO work, just remember to give each other time to get used to be a family again.


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Working for our future — today

Bring on Spring at Broadwater Parklands What better way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather than with Broadwater Parklands month-long festival of events this September! The Bring on Spring festival is jam packed full of family fun including music concerts, kids activities, outdoor movies and loads more!  There are cool activities on offer, from Be The Voice Singing Competition, to skateboarding demonstrations and even a roller skate night. For music fans we have the Gold Coast Acoustic Music Festival, as well as a concert featuring Australia’s Got Talent Winner Andrew De Silva!  Visit for event details.

A month long festival of events at Broadwater Parklands this September! Events include Be the Voice – Singing competition

Saturday 1 September Sunday 2 September

Skateboarding demonstrations and competitions

Saturday 8 September

Gold Coast 100 Bike Race

Sunday 9 September

Corvette annual concourse

Saturday 15 September Sunday 16 September

Gold Coast Acoustic Music Festival

Saturday 22 September Sunday 23 September

Roller skate night Concert – Andrew De Silva Australia’s got talent winner 2012 Dragon boat and lantern festival

Wednesday 26 September Saturday 29 September Sunday 30 September

Music concerts, kids activities, outdoor movies and loads more! For full event details go to or or call 5581 1617

Get active after dark! Looking for a late afternoon or early evening exercise option that doesn’t cost a fortune? Council’s Active & Healthy Program now has seven different weekly group training sessions on offer. These fun and energetic cardio and strength classes will get your heart pumping!

Locations include: • Kirra – Mondays 6pm

• Broadbeach – Mondays 5.30pm

• Currumbin – Tuesdays 6.30pm

• Robina – Wednesdays 6.15pm

• Burleigh Heads – Thursdays 6pm

• Ormeau – Mondays 6pm

• Upper Coomera – Wednesdays 6pm Check out location details at

September holiday fun Keep the kids entertained in the upcoming school holidays with Council’s Active & Healthy school holiday program.

For more information on these great events, or to find out more about the fabulous parks across the coast, visit 14 | Coast Kids GC

The program includes hundreds of options to keep the kids entertained these school holidays, with many free or low cost. The program is released two weeks before holidays commence, so remember to check out for all the info!

Green Goodness Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.

Gardening guru at Pandora Downs, Monica Brzezinski believes every child should have a chance to connect with a garden. “They can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence while learning to grow their own food,” she explains. “Taking the time to get children involved in a garden will improve their lives and build a strong relationship between them and nature”. “Children can learn many things about the world by watching and investigating,” says Monica. “Watching a seed grow into a plant is one of the miracles of life, as is observing worms and beneficial insects working harmoniously in the garden.” And gardening is a great way for everybody to relax and unwind. “Gardening with children has been shown to have a calming effect. Instead of being caught up in the rush of day to day life, slowing down to connect with nature can add a much needed space to relax.” As well as being great exercise and an antidote to TV, computers and high-tech games, gardening teaches healthy eating habits. “Parents can help their child plant a vegetable garden and watch how much easier it becomes to feed children healthier food choices. Siblings learn to work together and get along. When kids spend time and energy growing the vegetables they are more eager to eat them.”


Words: Jeni Bone

You don’t need anything special to begin a garden. “Only a few basic tools are needed, things most families would have such as a shovel, watering can, a bucket, wheelbarrow, garden cultivators, hoes and a hand trowel,” says Monica, adding that children can begin their gardens in terracotta pots if space is an issue. “Like anything in life, the success of building a garden comes down to how much you put into it. It all begins with the quality of the soil, which is the life force of your garden. Start with a good organic base soil, try and stay clear of soils/products in plastic bags. Besides the issues with the plastic, these products will have no life left in them.  To your base you can add homemade compost, mushroom composts and beneficial minerals. “When selecting your seeds and plants, use the best you can. Heirloom seeds and seedlings are totally natural and have not been genetically modified in any way. These plants will flower, come to seed and reproduce, teaching children the full cycle of life.” The choice of plants for the garden is also important. “They need to be quick, fun, yummy. I suggest for this spring would be strawberries, pineapple sage, lemon balm, purslane, cucumber, beans, small tomatoes such as Tiny Tim, Yellow Pear or Chocolate Cherry, basil, carrots, parsley, spinach, lettuce, mushroom plant, rocket, kale, Lebanese cress, sorrel, tatsio, bok choy, edible viola and sunflowers. Other fun projects to add interest to the garden are to build a scarecrow, add gnomes, fairies or dinosaurs.

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The general care and upkeep of the garden is something to try and establish right away. Daily hand watering, checking for weeds, bugs, should become as routine as brushing teeth. “Bugs can be an issue in an organic garden, particularly in Southeast Queensland and very disheartening. We’ve found the best and easiest method is a build a simple net made of mosquito netting available at Spotlight.” For inspiration and advice, people can visit Monica’s gardens and farm in Tallebudgera Valley. They also run open days and children’s holiday day retreats. More at

Great range of eco gifts Wooden toys & balance bikes Neoflam pots and pans BPA free baby products Handmade jewellery & handbags Books, DVDs & recycled stationery Organic & botanical skincare Free gift wrapping

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Health & Wellbeing

Dad’s Fitness in Focus

Words: Fe Taylor

As parents we all seem to find the juggle a challenge – trying to find time for your partner, kids, family life and incorporate work and managing the household. Finding time for your own fitness regime and keeping health and wellness a priority is something we all face. I was able to catch up with 3 Gold coast Dads to see how they manage to stay fit and healthy.


Heath Rackley is a new dad to 16 week old Claire. As the Aquatic Centre Manager for the Rackley Swim Schools at Burleigh, Miami and Robina, Heath definitely has his hands full! Along with partner Sarah Watson, they are adjusting to their new life as parents. Heath certainly has the bonus of a swimming pool outside his office door.


What was your exercise/ fitness regime before Claire arrived? 2 x 1 hour runs per week after work and 2 x 30min swims per week in my lunch breaks. Since the arrival of Claire how has your exercise regime altered? 1 x 1 hour run per week after work, 2 x 30min swims per week and a three hour mountain bike ride on weekends. Specifically what has changed for you in relation to your health and fitness and why?

Simon Pascoe is dad to Finn – 5 and Will 3. Simon is a Retail Systems Administator at Billabong. The two boys are at a great age and keep Simon and his wife, Jade active. What was your exercise/ fitness regime before the boys arrived? I would play Touch Football and referee a game once a week and I would go for a surf at least three times a week for a total of about six hours. How has this changed since becoming a Dad?

If you were given a day “off” from work and parenting, how would you spend the day?

I now play one game and referee two games of Touch Football each week, and I only Surf about once a month. I also ride to work three times a week. The kids are still occasionally waking at night and are very early risers, so surfing before work has bitten the dust in favour of a sleep in. I am still very conscious of getting enough exercise during a week so that my health and fitness do not suffer.

I would go free diving. It’s something I have not done in a while and I miss it. Then I’d cook up a feast of fresh seafood.

To do this I try and maximise the things I can do when I have the opportunity. I have increased the number of games that I referee at touch football

Not much has changed with the amount I do in relation to health and fitness, but the priority has changed and Claire does come first. I just fit it around family life.

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and have started riding to work. I also try to find some sort of exercise that I can do with the kids on the weekend. They are both at a good age to enable us to do the exercise stations at Burleigh beach front and are always keen for a game of soccer.

Evans & Company Family Lawyers

If you were given a day “off” from work and parenting , how would you spend the day? Sleep in till 8 or 9, what a luxury! Ride to Burleigh and buy some yummy food and have a picnic with my wife on Burleigh headland. Play a few games of backgammon and cruise for a bit. Then buy a couple of beers to watch the sunset with before heading for dinner and cocktails at Justin’s Lane Pizzeria.


Justin Justin Mitchell and wife Rachel have recently become parents to twin boys Kai and Luke. Last year the couple opened their shop, JM Stand Up Paddle Company at Palm Beach, where Justin is a Stand Up Paddle Instructor. Kai and Luke are 16 weeks old. Justin, what was your exercise/ fitness regime before the boys arrived? Stand Up Paddle and beach exercises 3 times a week for one hour and I would run twice a week for half hour. I surfed six hours a week went boxing four hours a week and off to the gym five hours a week. Since the arrival of Kai and Luke, how has your exercise regime changed? Stand Up Paddle and beach exercises twice a week for one hour when possible, run 30 minutes twive a week when possible. Specifically what has changed for you in relation to your health and fitness ? It is harder to get out and be as active as I would like as I have less time on my hands with twin boys. What priority do your health and fitness now take? It is now no longer a priority. My wife and twin boys are my number one priority with fitness following. If you were given a day “off” from work and parenting, how would you spend the day? I would go surfing or paddling in the morning, relax in the arvo and take Rach out for a nice dinner.

If you are contemplating divorce or separation, the team at Evans & Company Family Lawyers can provide you with expert advice. Dean Evans and Luke Brandon are both partners in the firm and are Queensland Law Society accredited specialists. Please contact us if you would like advice pertaining to any aspect of family law including: - Divorce and separation - Division of property -  Parenting matters - De facto relationships -  Binding Financial Agreements - The Court process -  Family dispute resolution - Inheritances and gifts from parents - Child support - Domestic Violence   Fiona Browne, a solicitor experienced in these areas is available to discuss any issues with you (obligation free and confidentially) and if necessary to arrange an appointment for you. Please contact us on (07) 5574 1888 or at   Evans & Company Family Lawyers Level 2, Evandale Place 142 Bundall Road BUNDALL QLD 4217 Coast Kids GC | 17

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Dispelling the Myths

Words: Jeni Bone

Family Law is complicated and separation and divorce can be a very emotionally charged experience. There are myths and generalisations we draw from the American system, thanks in part to our appetite for American TV. But they are not helpful if ever you need an understanding of how Family Law applies to property, children and maintenance in Australia. So, what are the facts and how can we negotiate the Australian system if the time comes that we find our relationship or marriage no longer viable?

If a separation is imminent, find yourself a reputable family lawyer and get advice on your options. Sound advice is like good insurance: you’d rather spend the few hundred dollars today than risk a few thousand tomorrow, especially when it involves your children and property. A well-instructed lawyer should be able to tell you within one hour what the likely outcome of a property division will be for you and you rights in relation to your children.

Pari Kshirsagar from Charles Cooper Lawyers sheds some light on these topics.

Parties to a family law dispute must attempt to solve their dispute outside court before the court will look at it in any depth. The Family Law Act prescribes a number of compulsory pre-action steps in financial and children’s disputes.

1. What is the first step if a couple decides to part? Acknowledging that a relationship is in its final throes and that it’s best that you both go your own way independently of each other is really the first step. Most people say they would like to have an amicable separation yet find it difficult to walk the talk when it really comes down to it. The difference between saying you want an amicable separation and having it is in limiting the quantity and quality of your communication with your partner. Keep your communication civil and factual. If you have itchy fingers and are emotional, write, but do not send. Write your thoughts on paper and sleep on them.


2. What is ‘mediation’? when is it an option, and how does it work?

Mediations and Conciliation conferences are two options for parties in a financial dispute to try and resolve matters between themselves before the dispute can go onto a trial in the Family Law Courts. Conciliation conferences are an option only if you have a relatively small asset pool such as $200,000 between the parties. In this case, both parties and their lawyers attend the Family Court building with a Registrar of the Family Court presiding. The parties then have a few hours to sort out all their differences under the guidance of the Registrar. Mediation involves a third party mediator (who is often a former Federal Magistrate or Judge, or

an experienced family lawyer) undertaking the role of the Registrar in the Conciliation conference. This person is mostly jointly appointed and costs the parties from $4,000 to $6,000 per day. These large sums of money are often worth it because mediation is used in disputes where asset pools are significantly more than $200,000 and if parties can come to an agreement, then it saves them a lot more than $6,000 in the long run! The Mediation or conciliation conference process is a fantastic way of trying to resolve matters between the parties and is the most important part of the whole process of separation. You have to be prepared; you have got to have your disclosure in place; you have to know the value of your assetsand liabilities; you have to understand the history of the relationship and look at the likely range of settlement before the Conciliation conference or Mediation; your lawyer should be telling you what the likely range is and that is what you should be prepared for; you should have the idea as to what your bottom line is so you can try and resolve the matter at the conference. Then you negotiate. If you reach an agreement at the Mediation or Conciliation conference then it must be documented then and there.

Set the facts straight about how to protect yourself in love. • Relationship Breakdown • Protect Family Property and Assets • Child Support and Parenting Orders • Separation and Divorce

• Superannuation Splitting • Domestic Violence • Spousal Maintenance • Prenuptial Agreements Lvl 4/64 Marine Parade Southport QLD 4215 Ph: 07 5532 2557

Coast Kids GC If you do not settle the matter at the Conciliation conference or Mediation then it is likely the matter is not going to settle until the door of the Court because you do not get together with the other party until then in most cases; and when you get to the door of the Court you have incurred all the costs of getting there.

3. Do the laws apply differently to married couples from de facto? Not any more. The Federal Government passed laws in 2008 that took effect from 1 March 2009 that allow de facto couples the same rights to property settlement and maintenance as married couples. These laws apply to both same sex and heterosexual couples. This means that from 1 March 2009 any couple who remained together after 28 February 2009 in an intact relationship, provided it complied with the definition of “de facto relationship” contained in Section 4AA of the amended legislation, was covered by the Family Law Act. Each state had their own system of dealing with de facto relationship disputes before then. If you are not married and are in a relationship, it does not mean that you are automatically in a “de facto relationship”. For legal purposes a de facto relationship is a relationship where a couple lives together on a “genuine domestic basis” and all the circumstances surrounding the relationship are important: its duration; the nature and extent of common residence; if a sexual relationship exists; degree of financial independence or interdependence; care and support of children; the reputation of the relationship; the ownership, use and acquisition of property etc. So sometimes the first step in a legal dispute may be proving the existence or non-existence of a de facto relationship!

4. When children are involved, is there different division of assets? The Court divides property by undertaking a fourstep process. It asks: 1. What are the net assets available for division between the parties? 2. What are the financial and non-financial contributions that were made by the parties? 3. What are the future needs of the parties i.e. the age, health, income producing capacity; whether one party has a child under the age of 18? 4.  After looking at steps 1 to 3, is the outcome just and equitable? Where children are involved, the real issues become: who looked after the children after they were born (from feeding and clothing - non financial contributions, to entertaining and school expenses - financial contributions), and who is going to look after them until they become independent adults. Once the Court has determined what the contribution based division should be it looks at the future, and at each party’s age, their health, their income earning capacity; whether either party has a child of the marriage under the age of 18 or any other person for whom they are responsible in determining what their needs for the future are going to be.

the amount payable by each parent taking into account their respective incomes and the time that the child spends with each of the parents. So, if you are on a high income and are not seeing your children at all you will pay much more child support than someone on a low income who only has their children half the time. The formula is applied by the Child Support Agency to your taxable income in the last complete financial year before the application is made. Child Support continues until children reach the age of 18. If a child reaches the age of 18 halfway through their last school year the child support assessment will continue until the end of the school year that year.  This means you may be paying child support for a child of 18½ years of age or more.

5. How long does child support continue and how is it determined?

Child Support can be extended by way of Child Maintenance for a child over the age of 18 under the Family Law Act. To satisfy the Court that it should make a child maintenance order for a child over the age of 18, an application must be brought shortly before or just after the child reaches the age of 18.  Then the Court has to be satisfied that the provision of maintenance is necessary to enable the child to complete his or her education; or because of a mental or physical disability of the child.

Child Support is governed by the Child Support Formula set out under the Child Support (Assessment) Act. The formula works by calculating

For more information visit or Tel: 5532 2557.

So, in a situation where a mother has three young children living with her and does not have a good income earning capacity and the father has got a good income earning capacity, there are likely to be adjustments of maybe 10% to 20% in favour of the mother depending on the size of the asset pool.

A personalised approach to help you understand and create a successful financial future for you, your family and/or your business.

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Help needed: Donate to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Celebrating 10 years of supporting conservation projects here and overseas, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors program was established by Steve and Terri Irwin to fund projects to support endangered species like tigers, cheetahs, rhinos, whales, orangutans, elephants, Tasmanian devils and native Australian wildlife. Closer to home, Australia Zoo’s major project is the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital which last year treated over 7,500 injured, sick and orphaned native animals, making it Australia’s busiest wildlife treatment facility. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital opened in March 2004, inspired by the memory of Lyn Irwin (Steve’s mum), who was a pioneer in wildlife care in Queensland. It was her dream to establish a wildlife hospital, and unfortunately this was not realised

until after Lyn had passed away. Lyn’s dream now provides a lifeline for nature’s innocent victims. This important work costs over $2 million annually to operate, with wildlife veterinarians and nurses on call 24 hours to treat patients that vary from koalas to snakes and frogs. The facility does not receive any state or federal government funding, and relies on the support of sponsors and donations to continue offering the free community service. Australia Zoo covers administration costs, ensuring all money donated goes directly toward the care of the animals.

at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are treated on a “no fee” basis, with the hospital’s operating costs met by fundraising efforts and the support of a small number of sponsors. New equipment is essential in the provision of these services. You can help by donating online at the new Global Giving page: australia-zoo-wildlife-warriors/

The hospital is located onsite at Australia Zoo. You can see all about the facility and its work online, as well as a regular ‘Patient of the Week’ segment on their Facebook page

Your support will enable Australia Zoo to purchase vital equipment to give the best possible veterinary care to each and every one of the patients treated at this incredible facility. The ultimate goal for each of these patients is release back to the wild and this new equipment is key to making this possible.

Now moving in to the busy spring season, Australia Zoo needs our help more than ever. All patients

More at hospital/index.html

Ph: 5530 1177

Friendly family environment in beautiful surrounds Fun school holiday tennis camps for kids aged 5-12yrs ~ Enrol NOW A unique academy providing tennis training for all levels Cardio tennis workouts for mums & dads plus social tennis & match play Internationally experienced coaching staff

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Daddy Diaries

The cruellest cut of all? Words: Anthony Sherratt

The Boss and I recently had The Chat. Not the one about marriage or babies, we’re obviously already well past those ones. No, we’re talking about “The Chat” that comes next in line. The one that ensures there are no more babies or surprises. The Boss likes to chant “happy wife, happy life”, but since she’s the wife that really equates to “make me happy”. She’s all for the idea and at first I barely shrugged. On paper it makes sense and I don’t have any objection to it really. And yet... And yet... I found myself hesitating. And I’m not sure why. I’m certainly not scared of surgery. I’ve only had one other experience and it was fine and there’s no lack of faith in the medical profession. I don’t equate infertility with a lack of masculinity at all, so that’s not it. Nor is there an impact on libido. And while a few days of pain isn’t exactly appealing, I recognise it’s only a few days. It’s even reversible most of the time. Quite simply it’s really not that scary. So why the hesitation?

I heard a very sad tale of a man who wanted his reversed only to discover that it’s not guaranteed they can be. In fact most doctors urge you to make the decision as if it’s permanent. I was told way too many stories about wives, girlfriends and daughters laughing at discomfort afterwards. And then there’s Mark who actually went back for seconds. He had the snip done after two kids thinking that “his soldiers had done the job”. But after a divorce and then finding a new love he had it reversed and sired two more before disarming his little warriors once more. For his part Jackson described the anticipation as unbearable. “It took hours. By the time three nurses had inspected the area I was a mess. When the fourth started drawing on me as if the doctor needed a target mapped out, I was ready to tell them anything.” Guantanamo Bay should take note. But during discussions it became evident that I wasn’t the only one pausing before pulling the trigger.

I turned to my friends for advice and anecdotes, and it has to be said that most who went through with the procedure have done so without incident or problems.

It’s a relatively cheap procedure at around the $600 mark but when Luke discovered the price tag he decided the new $500 surfboard would get priority. His wife was even more upset when she saw the pretty female face on it (it wasn’t hers).

But some of them have managed to put the ‘O’ in vasectomy. I’ve heard two horror stories of elephant-level swelling and pain that lasted for weeks.

Another friend, Lauren rolled her eyes as she recalled their lead-up chats. “It took me two years to convince him to get the DOG snipped. It was far worse with him.”

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Come and have a ball with us! Soccer for kids aged 18mths to 7 years

But the worst baulking examples were found online where I discovered way too many women who, when faced with their partner’s hesitation, took it as a sign he wasn’t committed to them. That somehow he was thinking ahead to other relationships where he would need to be fertile. None of it really explained why I was 96% fine with it but not jumping on board enthusiastically. I’m always brutally honest with myself so it’s very rare that I can’t explain the why of my feelings. My good mate Paul (himself a nurse who has been snipped), says he thinks it’s the genetic imperative of “survive and reproduce” and that subconsciously, it goes against nature, so maybe I’m just in too touch with myself? Whatever the reason, I’m not rushing into it, so we’re still talking about things that go SNIP in the night. She doesn’t want more children. Nor do I, for that matter, though the thought it could be permanent resonates a little sadly in the back of my mind. I have loved being a stay-at-home dad to two wonderful little girls and their laughter, curiosity and kisses. And the vomiting and pooping. And the screaming and the tantrums. The sleepless nights, worry… wait a second, why the hell am I hesitating?

You are never too young to start playing Soccer with classes available at these locations: Runaway Bay • Pacific Pines Southport • Carrara Burleigh • Currumbin New sessions launching in Ormeau • Varsity Lakes Coast Kids GC | 23


INTEREST - ING Words: Ron Gibson

Property prices, does anyone know which way they are heading? If you are a believer, own your own home or even if you are thinking about it, these few points might be of interest. Interest on loans for business or investment properties is tax deductible. So while you have non-deductible debt such as a debt on the house you live in, do not pay any principle off your deductible debt. Concentrate all your spare cash to paying off your home or personal loans. Interest is only deductible if it is incurred on a loan where the funds borrowed are used to produce assessable income. A trap for the unaware is if you bank your wages into your rental property line of credit, then draw the money back out to pay off your credit card at the end of the month, you will lose deductibility on the amount re-borrowed to pay off the credit card.

In saying that though it is interesting to consider a case where one spouse purchased the other spouse’s half of the original property. The interest on the loan for that half was then held to be deductible. Under normal circumstances the ATO may see this as an arrangement to reduce tax and not allow the interest, however in this particular case it was allowed as the spouses had a

If you keep this up in about five years you may lose deductibility for the whole loan.

disagreement as to whether to hold the property or not, so to resolve the issue

Thinking of selling your rental property? It may be in your best interest to consider any refinance or break costs before the sale. Generally speaking break costs incurred to refinance or payout a loan on a rental property are deductible‌ but break costs incurred at settlement when the property is no longer rented out are not deductible.

an arrangement with a tax benefit being the dominant purpose. If your situation

However, if break costs are incurred before the property is put on the market and as a result of putting the property on the market your tenants move out, then break costs may be viewed as deductible given they were incurred while the property was tenanted. Do you plan on buying a new home and keeping your current property as an investment? If so, the interest on the loan for your new home will not be deductible. Only the interest on the loan to originally purchase your old home will be deductible against the rent.

one spouse purchased the others share. In this case the ATO did not see this as is similar it would be beneficial to request a private ruling before acting. Do you have a number of private and investment loans and thinking of capitalising interest, a word of warning, there are a number of tax rulings regarding this so please seek advice on your particular circumstances before acting. Ron Gibson has over 12 years’ experience in the finance and accounting industry and practises in all areas of tax and accounting including, tax planning, strategy, structure, and compliance for Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. More at These are just general examples and may not apply to your situation, please get advice before acting on any of the information contained in this article.

Tax, Planning & Strategy Business Growth & Profit Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) specialises in providing personal professional tax and financial management solutions for individuals and businesses. We can assist in a broad range of accounting and tax matters from simple tax preparation, to business structure set-up and tax planning, business coaching and audits. Other services include proactive management reporting, budgets, cash flows and assistance with loans and insurance. If you would like to make an appointment (initial consultations are free) please call. (07) 5607 0695

Our office is located on Level 1 in the Big B Arcade, 50 James Street, Burleigh Heads. 24 | Coast Kids GC

Family Health

Could your child’s immune system be compromised?

Words: Cassie Cowlan

In the last 50 years, the prevalence of immune disorders such as allergic asthma, hayfever, sinusitis, bronchitis and atopic dermatitis has significantly increased in the developed world. Allergic diseases are ranked FIRST among the causes of chronic disease in children in Westernised societies. Many things in our environment can cause an allergic reaction, such as dust mites, pollen and grasses. As a practitioner of natural medicine, in today’s society I am seeing more and more that a common culprit is diet-related, and can really be affecting your child’s short-term and long-term health. This is not always due to an actual allergy, but possibly an intolerance. Because babies and young children’s immune systems are underdeveloped, they can be prone to allergies, and children can be more vulnerable to intolerances due to having a higher dose of food stuffs/chemicals than they can cope with for their weight. When assessing a child’s immune system, it is essential to take into account their gut function, as this is their “first line of defense” against the world. It has been reported that allergic infants have less beneficial bacteria in their gut, which reduces their

ability to ward off such nasties as staphylococcus aureus and clostridia. Also, if mum is an “allergic” type, allergens can also pass from the mother into the amniotic fluid during gestation, making the baby more prone to allergies. When conducting a natural health check, besides looking at signs and symptoms and checking diet and lifestyle, it is imperative to ascertain the health of the gut. One of the tools to do this is live blood analysis, using a darkfield microscope and a pin prick of blood which is viewed immediately in my clinic, giving an assessment of possible nutritional deficiencies, immunological disorders and gut health. When it comes to food, what is the difference between an allergy and an intolerance? A food allergy is an “immunological” reaction to a food… a disease that follows an immune system response to what should be a harmless antigen. Reactions include asthma, eczema or hayfever. Reactions are quick, usually within 30 minutes. Only the tiniest amount needs to be eaten. A food intolerance is a “pharmacological” reaction to a chemical in the food (similar to a side effect of a drug). Reactions include migraines, behavioural

problems, irritable bowel symptoms. Reactions are slower, up to 48 hours after eating the food, and are dose-related, so you can eat a little bit and be symptom free, but eat too much and “wham”. What are some symptoms my child may have? Look out for things like itchy eyes, itchy ears, dark circles under the eyes, constant runny nose or chest infections, always rubbing at their nose, failure to grow, restless legs, mood swings, fatigue, hyperactivity, unusual amount of temper tantrums or gut dysfunction such as bloating, excess wind, constipation or diarrhea. More at

New APProACH to Family HealtH Holistic Medical Doctors l Naturopaths l Homeopath Osteopath l Acupuncture l Massage l Energy Healing Kinesiology l Hypnotherapy l Yoga Choose the Holistic Medical Alternative for your Families Health Finally no longer a need to choose between “Conventional” and “Alternative” medicine when your children are sick. The Medical Sanctuary is a Holistic Medical Clinic where the practitioners understand family health because they too have young families. • General Practitioners practicing Nutritional Medicine • Children treated for Half Price* * Initial consultation only

150 Ashmore rd, Benowa Book today, you will feel better for it

5564 5013

5564 5013 Coast Kids GC | 25

Coast Kids GC

5 Stages of Health

a lifelong guide to wellness Words: Jeni Bone

In his latest book, 5 Stages of Health, respected cardiologist and media personality Dr Ross Walker debunks the myths of modern health and gives you the facts you need. This book is ideal for those of us who have constant niggles, maybe a chronic complaint, can’t lose weight, or feel persistently tired and often stressed. Over the past 20 to 30 years we have seen the emergence of the wellness industry – offering “wellness” in many forms. wellness centres, health magazines, internet sites and a variety of products promise cures for everything from wrinkles to Alzheimer’s disease and even haemorrhoids. Throughout the world people are spending thousands of hard-earned dollars each day on these products and services, hoping to look younger, feel younger and live longer. But does any of it work or is the bulk of it just a sham? In 5 Stages of Health Dr Ross Walker debunks the myths and hype of modern health and gives you the facts. You get the truth about what are the real modern killers, what you can do to slow the ageing process, what vitamins and supplements can make a difference and what you need to be doing to remain healthy in each decade of your life.

“Health has been commoditized, people are trying to sell ‘miracle cures’, and you have to be suspicious, because there is none. The secret of good health is happiness, peace and contentment. You certainly have much less disease than people who pill themselves!”

Throughout the world people are spending thousands of hard-earned dollars each day on these products and services, hoping to look younger, feel younger and live longer. But does any of it work or is the bulk of it just a sham? According to Dr Walker, we are living against our physiology, and our bodies don’t like the extra synthetic chemicals and chronic stress of living. “We were not built to take these additional stresses, and while we are leading much longer lives, they can be blighted by disease.”

Dr Ross Walker identifies the following as the 5 Stages of Health: Body Health – medicine works, science has done some

Genetic – find out what your family health indicators are, then you can address them

Emotional health

– impacts on your life. You need to

change the situation or your attitude to it

Mind Health

– is a contentious issue with some

doctors, but it’s an interesting hypothesis. You need to look after your mind health, meaning spiritual and cognitive functioning. With more than 30 years of medical experience

extraordinary things in the past 30 years

under his belt, Dr Ross Walker’s 5 Stages of Health

Environmental health – electricity, plastics and synthetic chemicals that we are exposed to

is a must-have health resource for people of all ages. Random House RRP $34.95.

• Orthodontic treatment for all ages • Interceptive and early treatment • Adolescent treatment with fully bonded braces • Clear, Gold or Metal braces, colours available • Adult treatment - conventional and surgical • Incognito and Invisalign - Invisible Braces • Dentofacial orthopaedics for jaw discrepancies • Registered specialist with the Australian Dental Board • Flexible interest free monthly payment plans

26 | Coast Kids GC

AOB Australasian Orthodontic Board



Pre-School, preparing for Prep Words: Jeni Bone

Kids grow and learn at difference paces – some are craving the routine and rigours of school at four and others are more inclined towards ‘gross motor’ activity that is a far cry from sitting, lining up, learning to read.

numbers, read, write

But, whether you choose state or private, one thing

learning classes (this is a new concept to the coast

and explore concepts and

express themselves – these are all skills that equip children to begin school with a flying start from day one.” Tanith has seen a rise in interest for her pre-school

all children have in common is entering the system

but is popular interstate), one hour sessions in which

that will demand of them certain basics from day

no more than eight children “learn through fun,


engaging games, optional homework to reinforce

According to Tanith Dixon, educator and founder of Let’s Get Smart, not all kids are created equal,

skills at home and interactive opportunities with peers and a teacher”.

will agree. “Children come to skills

Of course, many daycare and kindies offer pre-

at different times and ages, depending on cognitive

school classes with qualified teaching staff, but for

and physical development, and their motivation,

some for whom daycare is not accessible, Tanith

interest and whether families focus on it at home.

says these sessions are a great bridging step

es this which way:parents


“It helps build confidence and competence. Kids learn to socialise and respond to very simple frameworks, preparing them for formal classroom situations. Separation anxiety can be an issue for some children, so our sessions can involve mum or dad, and over time, they can gradually leave, so kids warm to the idea of spending time with their peers.”


Learning to hold a pencil, use scissors, the alphabet,


between home and school.

Many parents don’t have the resources or are not confident to impart the skills their pre-schoolers need, and the myths surrounding what really is required for enrolling in Prep can be confusing. “There is some testing in Prep which can be stressful for parents and their children,” explains Tanith. “Our program aims to give kids a head start, make them comfortable to encounter the classroom environment and enjoy it. Our small class sizes and opportunities for one-on-one tuition mean I can tailor the class to the level of each child. Kids may be reluctant to work with parents on learning activities, but very willing when a teacher sits with them.” Let’s Get Smart operates all year round with flexible class times between 9am and 2pm. It is centrally located in Burleigh Waters, with parking onsite. More at

Mums! Are you embarrassed with how your hair makes you look? Ladies, we understand, being a mum can be tough. You don’t have time to get your hair colour done or even spoil yourself with a blowdry, It makes you look tired, ungroomed, and worst of all… UNSEXY! No More!!! Now you can come with your kids to the hair salon, get your hair done while they play in our spacious play area with toys, books & TV. Blowdries $29

MuMs cut

(from) $40

Kids cut


dAds cut


(from) $59


(from) $55



(valued at $40)

with every colour service!

colour/Foils, cut & Blowdry pAcKAge (from) $99 L’Oreal professional Ammonia free colours! Professional hairstylists! Great Coffee!

1/38 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island Ph: 5570 2002 *offer valid for the month of September only Coast Kids GC | 27

What’s on

What’s on in… 1st September

1st - 2nd September

High Tea Buffet – What’s Love Got to Do With it? 10.30am till 2pm QT Gold Coast Hotel Surfers Paradise Charles Coopers Lawyers Kelly (07) 5532 2557

Gold Coast Show 9am till 9pm Parklands Southport Cnr Smith Street and Parklands Drive Southport

2nd September FATHERS DAY Currumbin Valley Spring Festival 9.30am till 2pm Currumbin Community Farm Campus 1226 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley (07) 5533 0312

3rd September

5th September

The Healthy Cooking Revolution – Healthy School Lunches 10am till 11.30am Baden Robina Park Billington Street Labrador (park next to hub) No bookings required Mona Hecke

Savvy Mama Connections - 9.30am till 11.30am Don’t miss this fabulous morning out on top of the world! Take the morning off! Connect with other mamas, get inspired and relax. Creche facilities available Skypoint Level 77 Q1 Resort 9 Hamilton Avenue Surfers Paradise Bookings essential

14th September

24th - 29th September

St Hilda’s School presents Alice in Wonderland 1pm and 7pm The Arts Centre Gold Coast 135 Bundall Road Surfers Paradise Box Office (07) 5588 4012

14th -23rd September Swell Sculpture Festival Pacific Parade Currumbin Beach Currumbin (07) 5525 6392

29 September

29th -30th September

FREE Kids Spinal Checks and Face Painting at Robina Town Chiropractic 10.30am to 3pm
 LVL 2 (nr Target) Robina Town Centre

Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo 2012 9am till 4pm Central Park Oval and Varsity Lakes Sports and Arts Centre Central Park Drive Varsity Lakes

Australia Fair Shopping Centre Pencil Case Painting & Decorating 10am / 11am and 12pm Bookings essential (07) 5556 6633

7th September

Footy Colours Day Wear your Favourite Football Team’s Colours to Work or School and Help Support Young People Fighting Cancer AFL / NRL / Rugby Union / Soccer White Balloon Day Educate Empower Protect Our Kids Bravehearts signature event held annually during Child Protection Week to raise awareness about child sexual assault and help empower survivors to break their silence

Sport… 1 September

GC Titans v Manly Sea Eagles 5.30pm– Skilled Park Robina

Community… 1 September

BeachCare Community Dune Care 9am till 11am –Duringan Street

Currumbin Alley Currumbin

8 September BeachCare Community Dune Care 9am till 11am – Pacific Parade

30th September Live at Bond 3pm till 5.15pm Bond University’s ADCO Amphitheatre University Drive Robina FREE EVENT Sharon Solyma 0420 859 350

(south of North Kirra SLSC) North Kirra

15 September BeachCare Community Dune Care 1.30pm till 3.30pm – Beach end of Montana Road

(opposite Mermaid Beach SLSC) Mermaid Beach

15 September BeachCare Community Dune Care 9am till 11am –

Harley Park (north of Charis Seafood) Labrador

22 September BeachCare Community Dune Care 9am till 11am –

27th Avenue Palm Beach

If you would like to place your event in our calendar, please email us at and add Calendar of Events in the subject line.

28 | Coast Kids GC



Behaviour Words: Tan Curtis

Our 10 year old daughter seems to lack motivation for doing her school work. She would rather do chores around the house than open that homework book and get into her study. What are some tips on motivating her to study more at home? I have been regularly heard saying that we can at times all be a “Master of Procrastination”. In my opinion there are two key reasons as to why any person procrastinates: 1. We don’t know what the next step is or

2. She is being asked to do homework at a time her anxiety levels, tiredness

2. The next step feels too overwhelming for some reason … a step we feel have a decreased feeling of control over and thus a feeling of increased anxiety!

etcetera are already at a heightened level. “If you were asked to write a report

Both of these reasons need to be investigated as to why your daughter is finding homework a non-preferred task! The list of possible reasons is endless. Some common reasons could include:

3. Is there a potential unidentified learning difficulty that could be impacting

at the end of your working day it might feel very overwhelming” on completing the required tasks independently? We are all born with natural strengths and natural weaknesses. If you have unidentified weaknesses with “organisation, planning, sequencing, auditory memory and/or auditory

Is it that:

processing” then knowing how to go from 0cm (our starring point) to 30cm

1. She fears failure and feels that if she even attempts to try she might fail. So, instead of trying and then possibly failing (an unwanted overwhelming feeling out of her control) she instead chooses to not try at all and therefore GUARANTEES failure (less overwhelming as failure is now within her control). The “NEED FOR PERFECTION” is one of the most debilitating rules/expectations we impose on our self resulting in guaranteed increased anxiety for many people. This “NEED FOR PERFECTION” is what children, teenagers & adults of many back grounds struggle with and is one of the most frequent topics of discussions during Fabic client sessions!

(our completed goal or task) can be extremely challenging. Again, a person will often choose to stay at 0cm (choose to fail) rather than facing their potential challenges and feeling of discomfort (leaving 0cm to attempt the 1st step). The key is to fist identify “What is it about homework that your daughter finds uncomfortable or challenging for some reason”.  Then we need to find ways of supporting her to be able to complete this requirement with a lessened feeling of anxiety or discomfort … that is, supporting her to develop the skills so she  has an increased feeling of control over the requested tasks.

Send us your questions on children’s behaviour to and put Kids’ Behaviour in the subject line

Behaviour Specialists > Understanding & changing any unwanted behaviour(s) > Adults - Adolescents - Children > Unwanted anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, frustration

> Social skills > Autism Spectrum Disorder > Asperger’s Syndrome

Call for more information on our upcoming regional workshops

> Pervasive Developmental Disorder > Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

FABIC Director Tan Curtis – Author of the highly acclaimed “Challenging Change... Behaviour Strategies for Life” For general enquiries email or call 07 5530 5099 FABIC National Behavioural Centre: Level One Worongary Town Centre, Worongary, Gold Coast QLD. Coast Kids GC | 29



One lucky reader will Harbour win A $100 just for town gift Card sending in a phot of their 0 kids in action ! Please include y ame, ag our location e and

child’s n

rif 4, Te Pouritanga 2, SaWildlife in Dayton 9, Currumb Sanctuary

Alex 7, Cocoon, Miami & it bb Ra

Dom i Gold 11mths, Coas t

Levi 4, d Maudslan

, az the dog Tia 7 & W od Burleigh o Groove & F Aida Gold C n 2, oast

30 | Coast Kids GC

HBG 0380 Ice Age 4 Coast Kids Mag 85x480 outlines.indd 1

Kids out and about on the Gold Coast. Email us your kids in action enjoying some fun in our beautiful city at

Ruby 2, Ella 4, Coolangatta

William 7mths, Broadbeach

Hun t Bila er 2, mbi

Billy 3, Burleigh Heads

Viona 4, Paradise Point

4, Kye ater w d a o Br

Coast Kids GC | 31

24/08/12 11:39 AM

Hotel Transylvania – fang-tastic promotion

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them. On one special weekend, Dracula has invited some of his best friends – Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Werewolf family, and more – to celebrate his beloved daughter Mavis’s 118th birthday. For Drac, catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem – but everything could change for the overprotective dad when one ordinary guy stumbles on the hotel and takes a shine to Mavis.

10 lucky Coast Kids GC families will win family passes to the Event Cinema Kids Movie Club screening of Hotel Transylvania, the hilarious new animated comedy from Sony Pictures, starring the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade and CeeLo Green.

Win one of 1 0 family Passes Enter onlin

coastkidsg e at and follow the links

As well as being among the first to experience this sensational film, our 10 winners will take home a super Hotel Transylvania pack with Torch Projector, A5 Notebook, Stationery Set and Colour-in Shirt. The Event Cinema Kids Movie Club screening will be held at Event Cinema Robina, Saturday 22 September. Winners will be notified 17 September. If you miss out, you can book your tickets at the box office or online at to see Hotel Transylvania and join the kids club. Check out all the groovy ghouls at

32 | Coast Kids GC

Food My kids love making chocolate balls – they can do these themselves now and it makes a great nutritious inclusion.

Picnic Perfect

Ingredients: 250g pitted dates chopped, ¼ cup maple syrup or agave syrup, 1 cup of almond meal, 3 tablespoons of raw cacao.

Method: Place in the food processor and blend ingredients well. Roll into small balls the size of a large marble and then roll in desiccated coconut and refrigerate to set. One of my all-time favourites would have to be my mum’s cob loaf sandwiches. She would cut the end of the loaf, and remove a tunnel of the bread from inside, then layer the loaf with meat, salad, cheese, mustard and then pop the end of the loaf back on! This would keep it moist and it was a little like a treasure chest when she sliced it at the picnic table.

Words: Fe Taylor

The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and spring has finally sprung!

Packing the picnic basket is a great way to get the

With so many fantastic options surrounding us on the Gold Coast we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect picnic spot. No matter which way the wind is blowing there are plenty of spaces to take cover and enjoy the GC at its best.

all the amazing springtime fruits on offer – fruit

Some of our great locations include:

Wraps, sandwiches, dips and crackers are all great

Currumbin Rock Pools, the foreshore along any of our amazing beaches, the extensive park alongside the Tweed River, and my favourites, Point Danger and Fingal Lighthouse – with the bonus this month of the whale parade returning south with their calves.

inclusions – and I love adding a grazing platter

Mum would also make a big chocolate cake too! I remember vividly the giant Tupperware cake container that she had in the 70’s and I loved seeing that go into the back of the car on Picnic Days!

kids involved, particularly with the planning. Ensure you have everything from your checklist and give them some responsibility for the preparations. When planning the picnic menu ensure you include

Create some springtime memories for your family and get out and celebrate our amazing backyard.

kebabs are always popular so cut the fruit and have the kids assemble the kebabs either at home or once we get to the picnic. Don’t forget some yoghurt to dip the kebabs into.

with lots of different choices including celery, carrot, dried fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, popcorn, rice crackers, and brightly coloured dips such as beetroot or basil, as well as some mini savoury muffins or baby quiches with a variety of fillings.

Checklist for the Perfect Picnic: 4 Tablecloth

4 Insect repellent – I love those sticky fly boxes

(obligatory check pattern) and table cloth weights

4 Food

covers to keep the bugs at bay and prevent food drying out

4 Plates, cups, utensils 4 Oil if you are cooking up a BBQ and BBQ

cleaner and utensils.

4 Paper towel 4 Hand sanitiser

– environmentally friendly and easy to keep in the picnic basket.

4 Glad wrap / alfoil and spare plastic shopping

bags for dirty plates etc.

4 Water 4 Ice / ice bricks to keep food and drinks cold

– and for the potential green ant bite

4 First aid kit

4 Sunscreen and hats 4 Pillows and picnic blanket

for post picnic


4 Bug

catchers / kite / ball / bubbles / magnifying glass / butterfly net and any other items to keep the kids busy and active – buckets, spades and towels if you are close to the beach, and scooters and skateboards if you are heading to a park with paths where the kids can ride.

Coast Kids GC | 33

34 | Coast Kids GC

Coast Kids GC

Get stompy with Dorothy the Dinosaur at “The Kids Weekend” Surfers Paradise will welcome Wiggles star, Dorothy the Dinosaur, headlining a very stompy-wompy show full of super sandy songs when Paradise Resort presents “The Kids Weekend”, October 6 & 7, an initiative of Surfers Paradise Alliance. Dorothy will be joined by her superstar friends, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, Fairy Clare and Henry the Octopus as the Surfers Paradise Foreshore is decorated by the dancing and laughter of children. Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Beach Party will set little feet stomping to a cavalcade of your favourite hits including Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?), Having Fun at the Beach and Monkey Dance. Hailed as Dorothy’s best show yet by creator and blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, it will be just one of the many attractions and events to feature on the kids’ super line-up in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise Alliance CEO Mike Winlaw says the free, star-studded event would provide oodles of razzle-dazzle for the entire family. “The Kids Weekend in Surfers Paradise is a jam-packed celebration featuring an abundance of free entertainment and activities laced with kidthemed events across two exhilarating days. There will be something for kids of all ages as the precinct bounds to life in a sea of colour and sound in a family-friendly atmosphere.” There will be plenty for kids to get hands-on with and for parents to get involved in too, including an array of creative workshops, ensuring a funfilled weekend that caters for kids of all interests. Kids will be presented with opportunities to play chef, street dancer, circus performer or magician, learning from the experts at free workshops including the Mini Chefs, Beat the Street dance workshop, Build-a-Bear teddy bear making, juggling and circus training and magician workshops. “Events such as this showcase the diversity of this spectacular entertainment precinct, right in the heart of Surfers Paradise – the events capital of the Gold Coast,” says Mike. 2012 Australian Street Entertainment Championship winners, Beat the Street, Acro the Clown and the Popcorn Pirate will also feature on the main stage. The stage will make an ideal home base for parents with littlies happy to dance away to the music or be transfixed by magicians. Drax 4 Kids, the children’s offering from coast icon Dracula’s will be spooking crowds with a show in the precinct on Saturday. Mini golf, a Spiderman jumping castle, juggling lessons, arts and crafts and market stalls are all part of the offering. On Saturday evening families can settle into the sand or grab a comfy beanbag under the stars and watch a beachfront screening of the family favourite, The Muppet Movie, at 6.30pm. The movie will culminate in a lively beach fireworks display. More at

Coast Kids GC | 35


ss a

a your cl

ion s r u c x fari E sland!


rld I p five o w m a to Dreet clicking and thet tvootes are G mos with the ! classes d to WIN e t s li t r o h s

bout Learn asie Aus e! Wildlif t c Extin s animal

m Get Mu d a D d n a E TO VOTE! N I L N O

ts Words: Bec Wat

e l y t S n I s Kid Tell your Nana, Tell your Neighbo urs!

Twice a year, retail buyers from around the world are invited to attend one of the biggest boutique trade only events Australia has to offer. Kids Instyle is the who’s who of the kid industry, showcasing the best selection of boutique, high-end kids and babies fashion and accessories there is on offer. A sought after event by many, we took the day off from being ‘Mum’ and boarded a plane; Melbourne bound, jackets in tow! As soon as you step foot inside the exhibition of Kids Instyle, you are immediately hit by creativeness and beautifully designed stands, the open plan layout and the overall prettiness of the event visually wows you. While every exhibitor there had amazing products, here are some of the stand outs for me. Terms & Conditions: The winning class must be a primary class or kindy class on the Gold Coast. The five classes with the most votes will be shortlisted and judged on their wildlife project. Each entrant (one vote per person/email address) enters online at www. following the competitions link – make sure you list your class name and school! To win your class must submit photos/summary of a Wildlife project you undertook to win (ideas online). The top five classes will be drawn on October 15, 2012 and have until October 22, 2012 to send in information/pictures of their projects. The field trip must be taken the first week of December 2012. Class sizes to not exceed 35 students and 5 guardians.

36 | Coast Kids GC

Mum’s with boys – you’re in for a treat with clothing label Furious Kingston. Their Vegas Summer collection had me itching for a little boy with their seriously divine fabrics, and the styling and colours of the entire range is fresh, vintage and very cool. Other fab boy clothing labels were And Me Too, Rock Your Baby and Smellies Clothing; which as the name suggests have scratch and sniff t-shirt designs. There is always an abundance of beautifully designed prettiness for girls clothing and accessories. Stands out were Helmschild, Rare Rabbit for their gorgeous accessories, Minette Mogo for their neon sunglasses and Oceanika MerFins; yes, mermaid tails for your little mermaid princess, along with beautiful swimwear. Amazing to say the least.

Let’s talk toys and decor. Flatout Frankie; cardboard designer flat pack toys. I love their concept and I loved their cardboard aeroplane upon their launch. I immediately was drawn to their new designs, the dinosaur and unicorn hobby horses in particular. Ozzilla for their Australiana educational products, Kiddimoto balance bikes and Incy Interiors’ beds and mini egg chairs are oh so chic. Bower & Beyond wowed us with their sleek baby rocker that morphs into a rocking toy, while Miniseri showcased their fun range of satchel style bags for the littlies, and I also really enjoyed the concept of Amor Amor Designs, where the kids can colour in their own clothing and cushions. Too much fun! Melbourne certainly put on a show for us, and the weather was reasonably nice to us Gold Coaster’s too! Now, what are you waiting for, go get googling on all of these very cool exhibitors! More information

The Good Fairies provide magical entertainment for all special occasions and tailor packages to suit any budget. Bringing along their special Fairy fun and excitement, the Good Fairies are dedicated to making sure your event is unforgettable and stress free! For fabulous birthday parties, fairy facepainters and balloon benders or fairy activity programs for weddings, christenings and corporate events, look no further than the Good Fairies. With over 18 years experience successfully entertaining children you’ll love everything about their personalised Fairy entertainment services.

1300 4 FAIRIES (1300 432 474) email: goodfairies@optusnet

website: Coast Kids GC | 37

s ’ l o o Sch

! ! t u o

Places to go and fun things to do. Keep the kids busy and happy these school holidays!


OSAUR AT MEET DOROTHY THE DIN L HOLIDAYS! SKYPOINT THESE SCHOO café with the Enjoy a high tea from the the Coast, on view ular ctac most spe one of the with play to while the kids get Dorothy the Wiggles favourite friends, favourite rosy Dinosaur! Enjoy her very m to 12pm 10a from day y ryda tea eve r 5. Plus be obe Oct – 22 from September new menu at amongst the first to try the s breakfast SkyPoint which now include daily from 7am.


Gold Coast Police Citizens Youth Club

BE ORGANISED AND TIC K OFF BOOKING VACATION CARE FOR SEPTEMBER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS The GCPCYC operates 4 fully licensed and accreditted childcare ser vices at Gold Coast PCYC Broadbeach Waters , Broadbeach State School, Surfers Par adise State School, Burleigh Heads State Sch ool Excursions planned for September holidays are Movieworld, Movies, Putt Bowling. For more informa Putt and tion please phone 55385201. m

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Fun Soccer for Boys and Girls Fun, exciting an d activities. Friend creative soccer related ly and safe envir onment for children to learn NOW in the GO the basics LD COAST! Delivering sess ions in Ch and Schools FR ild Care Centres EE TRIAL. P: (07) 3890 3338 info@gingerspo www.gingersp

Little Kickers Gold Coast runs a fantastic Mega Kickers sessions for 5 to 7 year olds which combines a series of activities that use imaginative play, familiar games, visual skill and creative participation to engage the interest of the child. The Mega Kickers philosophy is divided into three core areas: Play, Practice, understanding! Come and see what Little Kickers is all about and book a free trial during the school holidays now! Call Abbey on 07 5535 8640 or email

Get adventurous these holidays and take in the breath taking 40 meter long “Skywalk Cantilever” soaring 35 meters above the forest floor. From delicate ferns and dense vegetation of the rainforest floor alongside majestic strangler figs and ancient trees to rare orchids and the spectacular panorama in the higher canopies. Suitable for all ages Open 7 days from 9:30am with final walks at 4pm (closing at 5pm)

LEAP and BOUND into Fitness and Science these school holidays! Get active along with the kids in our parent and kid fitness classes! Fitness fun such as Olympic circuits, Old School games, Parachute games and so much more! Dates and locations will be launched on our WEBSITE from 20th September. The Leap into Science program will be running from October 1st for ages 7-14yrs.

To advertise on our school holiday page contact for more details. 38 | Coast Kids GC

GCS Tennis Clu b

School Holiday Tennis Camp Keep the Kids Ha ppy and Healthy During the Holid ays. We cater for all levels with time slots to suit your needs 2 hrs of Tennis (a m) 8-10 or 9-11 $19 3 hrs of Tennis (a m) 8-11 or 9-12 $25 4 hrs of Tennis (a Full day Tennis & m) 8-12 $29 Week 1 Dates; Mo Activities 8-3 $45 n 24 Week 2 Dates; Mo Sept – Fri 28 Sept n 1 Oct – Fri 5 Oc t

Australia Fair Come and play with us these School Holidays! Paint and decorate your own pencil case with Start Kidz Creating. Watch stunning aerialists perform daring spins and twists above your head! Paint and decorate your own t-shirt or come and meet ELMO! Visit our website for more details.

24 Pizzey Dve Me rmaid Email: info@tmgo Wts 4218 Phone 5572 34 22 www.goldcoas


Harbour Town





Hold onto your acorns kids as Ice Age is heading to Harbour Town these school holidays! Catch your favourite Ice Age characters Sid and Scrat in their hilarious free live show at 11am and 1pm daily from 1st – 5th October. There will also be a meet and greet daily at midday and lots of prizes up for grabs. See our website for more details TUESdAy 3 TO FRIdAy 6 SEpT (NEAR THE CINEMAS)


Ice Age Continental Drift™ & © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Industry Aerial Arts Fancy doing a Ko collage on canv mbi van as illusion artwork , an optical or make a 3D squid? Head to website for our school holiday wo and dates. Wor rkshop times ks from 2 to 3 hour hops range s and are ideal for Prep to year 7’s. Shed 1, (Rabbi t & Cocoon) 23 Hillcrest Pd e, MIAMI Ph: 0412 0262 07

Keep your kids stimulated and entertained these holidays with our craft and cooking classes for ages 3-10! Apple-frogs, fairy bread kites and fruity fish are just a few of the child-friendly cooking activities we offer. Our craft activities are also very child orientated, so at the end of the session, your child will take home something THEY made, as well as one massive smile. Ph: 5535 6926


rkshop is The Aerial Playground Wo - 16 yrs, 6 kids p kee to way at a gre days. No holi ool sch e thes entertained high energy experience required. Our of high flying workshops boast 3 hours , Aerial Silk ial Aer rn Lea fun! aerial atics and crob p,A Hoo ial Aer Hammock, rnationally Trapeze. Learn from an Inte or. Experienced Aerial Instruct Online at W NO k Boo and y avit Defy-gr or .au .com larts eria trya www.indus contact us on 0429 944 866


To advertise on our school holiday page contact for more details.

KindyROOO & BabyRO

hs) Infants (8wks to 12mt Toddlers (1-3yrs) Preschoolers (3-5yrs) s ion 45 min x 9 week sess

rough Play! uipment for eq Come & Learne inth e th Gym, on large skills, t for fine motor Discovery & Playtim & small equipmen at gross motor skills , music & movement & parachute lar bu sti /ve ce balan mat time. art/craft &

s, numeracy, Literacy, phonic for 3-5 yrs school readiness

d lished research-base ren ild ch for m gra an pro educational Australi of age. between 8wks & 5yrs taught by & d ne sig de KindyROO is d instructors. professionally qualifie

KindyROO is an estab


ions Mon, Tues & Fri sess sessions at RobInA Mon & Thurs and Waters Isl ar Cle Casey Hall

3 PH: 0411 109 85 tails

bsite for de or check out our we og ro www.kindy email: goldcoast@kin Coast Kids GC | 39

Coast Kids GC


the heart of Surfers Paradise The School holidays will be taken care of at Centro Surfers Paradise, with an abundance of fun for all members of the family in their entertainment precinct. Centro Surfers Paradise offers many opportunities for children of all ages, from making your own bear, at Build-A-Bear, to the latest games that test your skills at Timezone, or perhaps a game at our glow in the dark bowling alley, Surfers Paradise Ten Pin Bowl. Capture your memories in themed costumes from yesteryear at Old Time Photos and bring the fathers along to test their skills at the Australian Shooting Academy.  Learn to surf with lessons from the experts at Go Ride A Wave, or visit Discover Gold Coast to enquire about special discounts on offer to see the Gold Coast. Come along for a day, “Shop, Dine and Play” at Centro Surfers Paradise, where you can choose from 120 specialty stores offering the latest restaurants, cafés,

Centro Surfers Paradise is the Centre for holiday fun, right in the heart of Surfers Paradise and across the road from the Foreshore, which will come alive with a jam-packed program of events and special appearances from Dorothy the Dinosaur during The Kids Weekend, 6 and 7 October. Dorothy the Dinosaur will be performing live with her friends Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, Fairy Clare and Henry the Octopus, along with Clare Dee and the Dance-A-Lots, and will take to the stage and perform all the classic Wiggly hits. Rediscover the city, get ready for summer, and see why Surfers Paradise is the most popular tourist destination in Australia. Get your free “Shop, Dine and Play” pack (one per person), busting with discounts and special offers from retailers and tourism operators, from the Discover Gold Coast information stand.  Visit for more information.

fashion and entertainment.


Of VisiON & LearNiNg? SepteMber SpeCial


unlimited clas for one monthses ! Get your own group together private sessions for only $10* each (min.8)

Beginner to Advance students welcome Come and visit us in the heart of Burleigh Heads

Phone-0407 155 227

ttention problems may be caused by correctable vision disorders. ehavioural problems may be a sign of correctable vision disorders. orrection is possible. The earlier a hidden vision problem is found, the less a child will struggle or be frustrated.

Over 60% of children with reading or learning difficulties have a hidden vision problem that may not be detected by regular sight checks. Book online at

Level 1, 3/1712 Gold Coast Highway Burleigh Heads 4220 Qld. Conditions apply contact Mel for more information *private session times are outside of the timetable and bookings essential. *unlimited classes are for new students.

40 | Coast Kids GC

PH 07 5520 5900

All about her… news, info, tips, gadgets and much more.

Time for “YOU” There are few things nicer than having good hair days, especially when you’re a working, or just plain busy, mum! If it seems like your salon days are behind you because you’re too busy keeping up with commitments, then pay a visit to Kidiz Salon at Chevron Island, catering to the whole family.

your own DVD if you want, catch up on emails, or

The prices are family-friendly too! For dad, a cut is

just relax.”

just $29, while for mum it’s $40. Cut, colour or foil,

Owner, Moty Grau, whose salon Moty Grau Hair Gallery is adjacent, trained in Paris and worked for the main TV station TF1, honing his styling and colouring expertise.

for your scalp and there’s no strong smells. We don’t

Both salons use top of the range L’Oreal professional colours and products. “We don’t scrimp! All colours and bleaches are ammonia-free, so they’re better do perms or colour corrections at Kidiz, so your kids aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals.”

blow dry packages are also popular, at just $99. At just $29, a sleek blow dry for special occasions or just to look preened and polished is a great deal. Kidiz Kids Hair Salon, Shop 1/38 Thomas Drive Chevron Island. Tel: 5570 2002. More at

He says there’s no need to neglect your hair, just because you have the kids in tow. “At our kids salon, everything is customised for families. Parents can enjoy quality hair care and feel very comfortable knowing that we love kids and we can accommodate every style of hair, from dads and mums, to kids of all ages, including baby’s first trim”. “Our staff are fully qualified and trained to the highest level. On weekdays, we’re open for grownups who might want a cut, colour, foils or blow dry”. “There’s a play area for the kids, paper and pencils for colouring in, toys, big screen TV, TVs at each chair as well, so you can bring

At Chevron Renaissance we’re all about you too! CHEVRON RENAISSANCE 3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Clio Cosmetics Heaven Salons Princess Polly Jeweller y in Paradise Yours International Supre

Ce-Ci See & Seen Sobi Sweet and Vicious Nzket designs Chicabooti Coast Kids GC | 41

Cool sCulptIng Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that is great for those hard to budge areas such as ‘love handles’, ‘muffin tops’, abdominal and back areas. It is ideal for men or women who have been maintaining healthy exercise and eating routines and just have those stubborn areas they wish to get rid of.

Call now to schedule your consultation

Love Your Lips The lips are thinner and more sensitive to wrinkles than the other skin on our face, and they are a tell-tale sign of age and if they are not properly taken care of. According to the experts, lip health involves avoiding things that cause you to purse your lips, such as smoking, and vitally, keeping lips hydrated. Lips are easily forgotten when we put sunscreen on our faces. Thus, they are exposed to things like wind and the sun. So pucker up (not too much!) and lick your lips for this new season’s batch of smooth operators.

Lanolips Heavy-duty, 100% natural Lanolips 101 Ointment is made with 100% Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. This magical multi-purpose product has multiple uses such as extremely chapped lips, dry cuticles, dry, itchy skin and more. Plus, there’s a colour range, containing SPF 15 available in shades: Rhubarb, Rose, Apples, Sunshine and Dark Honey.


More at

LI’TYA lip balm

P 5597 4100

Suite 1, AHC House, 14 Carrara St, Benowa

Member of: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Plastic and Reconstructive Society of Queensland. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Corresponding Member of: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Past President of: The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

42 | Coast Kids GC

LI’TYA’s new Certified Organic Native Australian Lip Balm is a restorative and hydrating formula that keeps lips moist and smooth. These natural and nurturing organic ingredients impart a subtle scent of lemony eucalyptus, with Beeswax to condition, Coconut Oil to hydrate and Shea Butter to enrich and nourish lips. The addition of Avocado Oil to protect and heal and Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, ensures lips stay cool and soothed. RRP $26. More at

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Sunscreen Stick This SPF 15 Lip Balm is the perfect size to pop in your make-up kit. It contains no water, unlike other moisturisers which can contain up to 85 per cent water, so it will never make your lips drier and you won’t have to constantly reapply. Won’t freeze in the snow and is ideal for raw, chapped skin, as well as cuticles. RRP $3.50. More at

All about her...

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment Oh the many uses of this miracle balm! Ideal for lips, insect bites, blemishes, even nappy rash! There’s a tub and a tube so you can have one in every room and handbag! More at

Bee Princess Bio-Eco Lip Care Apivita’s pocket-size protector hydrates and leaves the lips soft and healthy thanks to olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, jojoba esters, honey and apricot extract. Protects from environmental aggressions thanks to vitamin E and geranium essential oil. Free of Parabens, Silicones, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil. RRP $11.90. More at

Skeyndor Corrective Instant Lip Contour Filler This wonder cream fills and lifts while it nourishes and hydrates to refresh the lip area, leaving it more refined and smooth. Its key actives of Cosmetic Hyaluronic Spheres work to fill out lines, while Pentapeptides relax the muscles. RRP $87 for 15ml. More at

Isn’t it time to give DaD a pampering this Father’s Day? 30 Min ultraceuticals Deep Cleanse Facial 30 Min back, neck & shoulder Massage 30 Min Mani/Pedi Duo


(Value $159) Valid until 30/9/2012

InjeCtables aVaIlable In salon now ultraCeutICals stoCkIsts

GIFt VouChers aVaIlable


beauty salons

Four loCatIons: suite 5 runaway shopping Village. P: 5528 9324 shop 202 tweed City shopping Centre. P: 5524 4455 shop 39 beenleigh Marketplace.P: 3382 0900 shop 3 Pinnacle Pines, Pacific Pines. P: 5665 9119 b o o k o n l I n e : w w w. b l u s h b e a u t y s a l o n s . C o M . a u Coast Kids GC | 43

Online Shopping Directory

Whether you’re pregnant, just had your baby or planning that secret make over, you will find the perfect garment in our beautiful and discrete Contour Garments 2012 collection.

44 | Coast Kids GC

Arkadia is a label for kids and the young at heart. They craft apparel that draws inspiration from the magic of nature, art, music, the joy in new discoveries, simple pleasures, vintage treasures and the nostalgia of our childhoods. Arkadia are offering Coast Kids readers 10% off their first order! Simply enter this code: CK712Launch at the checkout! Check them out at and

At Spaces Places you can find, artwork, furniture, soft furnishings & homewares. Shop from the comfort of your own home and Enjoy FREE DELIVERY NOW. We are ready to help you stamp your home with YOU!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend, or that special little someone, you’ll find maternity, children and women’s fashion essentials and accessories, You’ll also find plenty of lovingly handmade items.

What you know now… Destry Puia – General Manager, The Arts Centre Gold Coast With many years’ experience working with independent theatre companies, large metropolitan arts organisations and regional and metropolitan Councils, Destry Puia is committed to developing the artistic and cultural facets of the Gold Coast. Destry’s most important role is as husband to Poppy and father to three beautiful daughters, Taylor, Manaia and Kyra. What advice would you give yourself regarding taking time for your own interests and health? Outside of work, being with Poppy and my daughters is my only interest. I don’t really have time for anything else so my advice would be to work less and be home more. What about advice, help, mentoring that you wish you’d asked for? From whom and in which areas? Poppy’s mother passed away prior to us having kids and she was one of those old fashioned parents who basically took in everyone’s kids. She would have been such a great source of advice and support for us both when we finally did become parents and we often wonder what parenting advice she would have given had she lived longer. What would you have stressed less over? As a parent you tend to worry about what they future may have in store for your children, particularly when they are very young. However my daughters are growing into incredible young ladies who have a strong sense of who they are and a level confidence that I only developed in my thirties so I tend to worry less about what they will do in future and now am more excited about the potential of what the future holds for them. What would you have spent more time on? Simply being home around the family every night and doing my share of the domestic chores. Although I love my job dearly I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a regular 9 to 5 gig. I often end up spending 3- 4 night a week in a theatre or gallery somewhere and as much as I try to get either Poppy or one of my daughters to accompany me it is not always possible. Having said that I am sure that I would go stir crazy if I wasn’t doing what I do. What is the most valuable tip you would you give yourself, looking back as you became a new parent? To enjoy every stage of parenting. I remember when my daughters were newborns, you just wanted to get through the sleepless night and the changing nappy stage but before you know it they are in their final years of primary school, talking about college

subjects and what careers they want to get into. Now I find myself reminiscing back to when they were babies, completely reliant on Poppy and I for everything and remembering how incredible that felt. It’s your child’s birthday party and you could invite anyone famous – who would it be? Definitely Johnny Depp, he’s the celebrity for all ages! My daughters could play Pirates of the Caribbean with him, Poppy I am sure wouldn’t object to have Johnny around and later he could give me a few guitar lessons. Name 3 highlights of your family’s experiences you now treasure Growing up in NZ always being surrounded by cousins all the time. Summer holidays at Anaura Bay (which is off the East Coast of the North Island) and my Dad teaching me how to dive for kina and paua. Snorkelling with my daughters in the weekends in Evandale Lake. Unfortunately no kina or paua in the lake but lots of pretty fish. What are the events you wish you had spared time for, but missed? Just little things really like regularly picking the girls up from school, making it home for dinner on time, night tuck ins. Those everyday things that might not mean much to some but for me are really special parts of the day that I tend to miss out on more than I would like to. What motto would you bestow on your younger self to carry with him/her throughout life? I would have saved myself years of grief had I listened to my wife more often so my motto to myself would have been “Stop talking and start listening because you are in safe hands”. Favourite phrase or saying you over use? To cut a long story short.

Coast Kids GC | 45

Coast Kids GC

Dads… what’s the modern-day difference?

Cameron, dad to Amelia, 3 and Sienna, 3 weeks “I am more involved in my girls’ lives than my dad was. Back then, in the 80s, dads worked inflexible hours. Today we are more aware of work-life balance. There are more opportunities to engage. My dad was a police officer, so he did shift work. I try and do everything possible with my girls. I work from home so I have the ability to take Amelia to gymnastics, for example.”

Times have changed and perhaps adapting to the different stressors of the age, so too has the approach to fatherhood. Dads today are generally more active, more hands-on, more involved, and more determined than ever to engage with their kids as they grow. They told Coast Kids GC that “it’s all about the memories”.

Shoji, dad to Reo, 5 and Karen, 3 “When I was growing up in Japan, my dad was working all the time and rarely played with the kids. I own two restaurants on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and even though I only get one day off, I try to do as much as I can with Reo and the family around my work. We have a lot of fun. I am not really strict.”

Wiggly giFT For each Family

SkyPoint observation Deck, Level 77 of Q1, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise | Like us on

46 | Coast Kids GC

make special Dorothy roses to take home!

Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty & General Health


See Our Doctors if Quality & Experience matters to you!

Anthony, dad to Patrick, 5 “I think discipline has changed a lot. In my day, dads were harsher with the discipline – that whole generation I think, at home and at school, used the cane and corporal punishment. Things are very different these days. My wife works business hours and my work allows me to be more flexible, so I do the school run with Patrick, we play, there’s a good relationship between us.”

Dr Christina Cagas - GP General Health Dr Maria Macaspac - GP General Health Dr Islam - Weight loss/Anti-aging & Skin Cancer Dr Atia - Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Cancer IMMuNIzAtIONs & Flu VACs – NOw AVAIlAblE Beauty Therapists - Monika & Gemma, Nurse - Vicki

Wri Inject nkle ab from les $11/u nit

GP & Skin Cancer Consults Bulk Billed

OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm & Saturday 8am - 12pm

See our Nurse for a free cosmetic consult this month & get a free facial voucher worth $100* *Must present advert, offer ends 25th September 2012

Ph 07 5535 5170

Derek, dad to Alaire, 3 and four other children

Shop 122B Stocklands Shopping Centre Near the Big W entrance on the outside of the building next to Chempro Chemist.


“We are luckier to be able to be more involved in our kids’ lives. We want to be and we’re more willing to give things a try. Our children’s lives are a lot busier, they seem to need to be entertained more than we did. There are more options. I remember just roaming about, just playing outside, making up games, footy. It’s no better or worse now, it’s just that dads are expected to do more and they want to.”

Andy, dad to Louisa, 3 and Amelia, 6 “I was raised by a single mum, so I have nothing to compare it with. I just make it up as as I go along. My wife works as a doctor and I am the house husband! I’m a part-time muso and have gigs on the weekends.” I can’t imagine life any other way. Our home has worked like this for three years and we both enjoy it. I think I am a fun dad, there’s discipline, but I’m not particularly strict.”


Coast Kids GC | 47

Art projects

projects with Mrs Red

Words: Jane Whittred

I stumble across some very different art projects from time to time, including this one, which has been made from gelatine and food colours. It involves a couple of days drying times, so my advice would be to begin this project after school on Wednesday or Thursday and wait until the weekend to get really creative. You need at least two days from setting the gelatine to being able to cut into shapes and make sun catchers out from them. The ideas for these sun catchers are absolutely endless so although I have a couple of basic ideas here, let the kids go mad on what they want to create. Handling the gelatine can be tricky as there is boiling water, mixing the gelatine and adding food colours involved. It’s best for the kids to watch this process knowing that by the weekend they will have full control over what they do.

Materials you will need more “Imagination is n important tha knowledge.”

Gelatine (sheets or powder) Boiling water Food colours Flat plates, bowls etc for setting gelatine String or fishing line Scissors or stanley knife Paddle pop sticks, hooks or backyard sticks Hot glue gun may come in handy

A. Einstein

experience a world of cuisine at Chevron renaissanCe BarItalia l 5592 4700 Chelles @ Chevron l 5539 0062 Classic India l 55706132

CHEVRON RENAISSANCE 3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

48 | Coast Kids GC

Ristorante Renaissance l 5504 5401 Sardijionos l 5539 0080 Wa-ssam japanese l 5538 8836 Flames Gourmet Grill l 5526 8611 Uchouten japanese l 5504 6063

Art projects


s brother’ Gogh’s n a V t s Vincen Vincent’ llected r his e ft wife co a letters d n a to s g herself paintin dicated e d n io d it n recogn death a ork the w is h getting ed. it deserv

How to…

This first step has to be done quite quickly as the gelatine will try and set so make sure everything is ready to go. Choice of plate/bowl is up to you. I used plastic Tupperware bowls and the food colour did not stain them, which made me happy. No lining is required, as the gelatine will peel straight off once set. You want to get a very sticky consistency of gelatine and water so I began by adding a tablespoon of gelatine to a quarter of a cup of boiling water but then added a little more water. Pour into your choice of container, enough to just cover the base. Add a drop of food colour into the gelatin and swirl around with a spoon. Again up to you if you want to really mix the colour in or leave it with a swirl pattern. You will notice during this process that the gelatin is beginning to set. Now its time to leave the containers somewhere where they can remain still. I left mine on the outdoor table and the cold night didn’t seem to affect the drying time. Usually within 24-48 hours the edges begin to curl a little and you can then just peel the gelatin away from the base. The gelatin will be floppy but tough enough not to tear and you can either return them to the containers or put them down on a flat dry surface to keep hardening. Bubbles are unavoidable but I love the effect from them.

When the gelatin is going hard this is the time to hand the project over to the kids. Enjoy a group discussion about what they might like to do with it. It can be cut into strips, shapes or tucked into a cutout like in the example. This discussion is important because you cannot undo cutting! Use string, coloured wool or fishing line to tie the shapes to the frame and again, it doesn’t really matter what kind of frame you use, it can be coloured paddle pop sticks through to a nice thick stick from the back yard. Personally I find fishing line a little hard to work with, hence the coloured wool. And final piece of advice, if you own a ‘hunting’ breed of dog, in our case a Beagle, be careful where you lay your work. After I had photographed the sun catcher I left it lying on corner of backyard table and an hour later only the colourful string remained! Please visit for adult, teen and children’s art classes, birthday parties and events.

Coast Kids GC | 49

Coast Kids GC Directory A 1

B 2

C 3

EDUCATION AND TUITION 0415 889 578 Fun and social Pre-school education (3 – 5 years) literacy, numeracy and learning to write classes (run weekly) 4/12 Classic Way Burleigh Waters

mRs red’s Art ROom ART CLASSES

.... a creative space

Pre-prep - Wednesdays Adults/teens - Thursdays am/pm Prep - year 7 - Saturdays

Little Rugby now on the Gold Coast for children aged 2 1/2 to 5 years launching at various locations

Birthday parties - Sundays Ladies nights - Fri/Sat pm Art shop - Tuesday to Saturday

Phone: 07 5535 8640 or email

0412 026207 LittleRugbyGoldCoast?ref=hl

(Rabbit + Cocoon) 23 Hillcrest Pde, MIAMI...

Approved soccer training for kids aged 18 months to 7 years

FREE Kids spinal ChECKs Saturday, 29th September 10:30am - 3pm FREE spinal exams for kids and parents, with hourly health and wellbeing talks.

TAx, PLAnning & STrATegy BuSineSS growTH & ProfiT

A FREE fun activity for the entire family, plus special kid’s activities and face painting.

s Consult Bulk d le il B



Endovenous, KTP Laser & Advanced Ultrasound Sclerotherapy* BURLEIGH HEADS Stockland Ph: 5535 5170


Freecall 1800 731 328 PO Box 652, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213 Ph: (07) 5530 3500 Fax:(07) 5569 0805 Email:

Where learning’s a ball!

Arrow Insurance Consultant Services Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Limited ABN 17 005 482 726 / AFSL 254 544







Teaches children to read & write Educational & active games Multi-sensory games & activities Brain exercise Small group sessions Morning sessions (1 hr & 15 mins) Only $39.50 $20





Fully installed Organic Vegetable gardens urban Farms/Vegetable garden care

Behavioural Optometry & Vision Therapy Clinic Ph: 5520 5900

Vegetable garden building and planting Yoga, Meditation,Nutritional talk Raw food cooking demonstration and sampling Fun team challengers, Craft How to use a vegetable garden CHildReN’s GaRdeN WoRksHop/RetReat daY 28th september 2012

Ph: 5533 8894

50 | Coast Kids GC

See Dr Atia, Veins Specialist


Includes personal coaching on how to build a successful business in 30 days. Call Erica 0415 376 223

ph: (07) 5607 0695 Lvl 1 in the Big B Arcade, 50 James Street, Burleigh Heads.

No Need to Suffer From Unsightly Veins!

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Pacific Pines, Southport, Currumbin, Runaway Bay, Carrara, Ormeau Burleigh Waters & Varsity Lakes!

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Vital information on children’s health issues like: Scoliosis, colic, bedwetting, asthma & poor posture.

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Fun and Exciting soccer coaching for girls and boys aged 2-8

Our classes are fun and innovative with qualified and experienced coaches • Various locations across Gold Coast • Maximum 8 children per session • No registration fee • Discounts for siblings

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Do your eyes make you look older than you are? Book a free consultation to find out about this easy walk in, walk out treatment today

Keeping busy Mums in the know with short blasts of helpful, hip information including a weekly What’s On listing for families.


Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty & General Health

Burleigh Heads Stockland Ph: 5535 5170

Coast Kids GC | 51

52 | Coast Kids GC

Coast Kids September issue  

Fathers day issue of Coast Kids GC. The Gold Coast's best family magazine

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