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MAY 2020

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WHEN MINUTES COUNT, COUNT ON SAINT ANNE’S Now offering 24/7 Heart Attack Care For patients experiencing a heart attack, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI, also known as coronary angioplasty with stent) can make a real difference. Saint Anne’s Hospital has expanded our cardiac care to include 24/7 PCI coverage for the care and management of a type of heart attack known as ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

Make us your healthcare provider PRIMARY CARE Internal Medicine/Family Practice SPECIALTY CARE Allergy Testing & Treatment Cardiology Endocrinology, Diabetes & Men’s Health Gastroenterology Gynecology & Women’s Health Infectious Disease Neurology & Sleep Disorders Optometry & Ophthalmology Otolarynology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry & Chiropractic Rheumatology Pulmonary/Critical Care Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Weight Management WALK-IN CENTERS – 4 Clinics RADIOLOGY & IMAGING

We’re dedicated to your well-being. Prima CARE has become a recognized leader in medical care for southeastern New England communities. We’ve built our reputation with an excellent medical staff, diverse services and dedication to your personal well-being. Our carefully-selected team of more than 160 providers, including primary care physicians, specialists and professional support staff have been trained at many of the world’s finest universities and medical facilities. And they’re backed up by our comprehensive radiology, imaging and testing services to support your diagnosis and treatment. Prima CARE is large enough to take care of all your medical needs, but small enough to care for you personally. There is no need to go elsewhere. For the finest in medical care, choose Prima CARE. We’re by your side, and we mean it. Like us on FA L L R I V E R H S O M E R S E T H S WA N S E A H T I V E R T O N H W E S T P O R T H D A R T M O U T H





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Adapting the arts to COVID-19 by Steven Froias


Familiar voices

By Michael J. DeCicco


Spring services

Catch your breath By Dan Brulé

The kids are alright by Sean McCarthy



A breath of fresh air by Paul Kandarian




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Dateline: South Coast by Elizabeth Morse Read


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MAY 2020

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

Show Mom you care by Ann Katzenbach

Home alone: creative social distancing by Elizabeth Morse Read

ON THE COVER A breath of fresh air has never felt so relieving! Now that the warmer weather has arrived, signs like this one on Westport’s Gooseberry Island provide a helpful reminder to (safely) enjoy the outdoors. Photo credit: Amanda Deane

Thursday, June 18th Hosted by

Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Massachusetts invites you to participate in their Annual Health Expo scheduled for Thursday, June 18th 2020 from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. The event will be held outdoors on hospital grounds (tables will be set up under tents). This event is FREE and open to the general public – rain or shine. VENDORS are required to register by emailing Alice Rebelo, at – there is no registration fee. No phone registrations will be accepted 4499 Acushnet Avenue • New Bedford, MA 02745 • • P: 508.995.6900

es from Daily de partur iver wport & Fall R Pt. Judith, Ne

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The South Coast Insider | May 2020


FROM THE PUBLISHER May 2020 | Vol. 24 | No. 5

HERE’S A THEORY: the groundhog didn’t see its shadow, but it did come down with a nasty cough, and as such we’ve been stuck with a few extra months of winter. It’s been a while now—how is social distancing treating you? Hopefully you and yours and staying healthy and following all CDC recommendations: hand-washing, working remotely, eating well, and getting exercise. All of these recommendations are not just to ensure the health of the community, but also for ourselves individually. It’s important to take the time to remember to breathe, something we forget even under “normal”

Published by Coastal Communications Corp. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ljiljana Vasiljevic Editor Sebastian Clarkin Online Editor Paul Letendre Contributors Dan Brulé, Michael J. DeCicco, Steven Froias, Paul Kandarian, Ann Katzenbach, Tom Lopes, Sean McCarthy, Elizabeth Morse Read

your soul.

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On page 8, Ann Katzenbach reminds us that nothing, not even a

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circumstances. That’s why Dan Brulé is back on page 6 with another guide to mastering breath techniques that can calm your senses and center

pandemic, can vanquish a mother’s love. She’s compiled a list of local businesses that a gearing up for yet another Mother’s Day (it’s May 10, write it down). Any mother out there would agree: a reminder that you care means more now than maybe ever before. So you took a deep breath (or twenty, or a hundred) and you got Mom that bouquet… now what? Turn to page 10, where Elizabeth Morse Read runs

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down her top tips for making the most of staying at home. There’s more to it than Netflix binges and scrolling through social media!

Deadline 20 days prior to publication.

Maybe that groundhog gave us a few more months of winter, but that

Circulation 30,000

doesn’t mean that things have come to a complete standstill. There is beauty and magic and hope all around us—take a deep breath and look for it.

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May 2020 | The South Coast Insider


Waterfront and Estate Homes Additions and Alterations

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The author, center, amongst pupils and friends.



hanks to the coronavirus crisis, I am happy, peaceful, calm, grateful, hopeful, and inspired! But there is no denying that people are struggling and suffering at this time, and my heart goes out to everyone. We are unable to travel freely. Hospitals are overwhelmed, vital health supplies are depleted or lacking, businesses are closing, people are out of work, even church services and spiritual gatherings – just when we need them the most – are


By Dan Brulé not allowed or are being cancelled. But we need to remember that all this will most certainly pass. We have lots of reasons to feel grateful today and to feel good about the future. This crisis is awakening people’s creativity and compassion. And new unimagined opportunities will be waiting when we get out the other side of this craziness. Covid-19 is helping us to find all the weak links in our communication systems, our health systems and economic systems, and so we will be much better prepared going forward. Today, even as we are practicing social

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

distancing, we are coming together like never before! Millions of healthcare workers, scientists, and technologists are simultaneously focused on the same end. Thousands of studies and tests are underway, and they are being openly shared. I say that we should take advantage of this forced or unplanned pause. We are all locked down at home for a while. And so why not use the time to strengthen your immune system, strengthen your intuition, awaken your creative energies, and develop some new skills or talents? Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial

in times like these. Remember that the brain was designed to keep us safe, not to make us happy. And so it is always looking for danger everywhere in everything and in everyone. It keeps us on constant red alert. We need to get a handle on this ancient brain and consciously direct our thoughts and energy in positive ways. If you do not manage your mind and your emotions, you will cut yourself off from your spirit, and you will rob yourself of a lot of peace and joy and love – and health! Don’t lose sight of the fact that life is an amazing gift and we are all truly blessed. Use this time to deliberately generate gratitude for all that you have and all that is good in your life. Use this time to master your breath, because in the process of doing that, you will master your mind, body, and emotions. You will master yourself and life! This is a perfect time to apply the basic life principles that are taught in breathwork:

Here is an example of one of a great socially-distanced morning ritual you can use to create your own daily practice during your home lockdown. Take advantage of this unplanned opportunity to do some personal development: First words: Start your day with a few minutes of high-quality self-talk (use uplifting affirmations, power statements, mantras, etc.). Do this to preempt or override automatic, survival-based, or fearbased mental reactions. Hydrate: Drink a glass of fresh clean water to quickly fuel your body. And, while drinking it, deliberately generate feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Power up: Use breathwork to charge your system with life force energy. Practice the full yogic breath, box breathing, or slow diaphragmatic breathing for 5 to 20 minutes to counteract fear, anxiety, worry, stress, etc.

Use this time to master your breath, because in the process of doing that, you will master your mind, body, and emotions. Awareness: Quiet your mind. Develop focus. Become more conscious of your thoughts, observe your moods, your attitudes, your habits. Pay attention to your actions and your automatic reactions. Sense your personal boundaries and adjust them in healthy positive ways.

Donna Winn Branch Manager/Licensed in MA & CA

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Visualization: Envision yourself moving through your day with ease and enjoyment. See yourself successfully completing all your planned tasks.

Relaxation: Relax your body. Don’t let stress, tension, or anxiety build up in your system. Stay open and soft and flowing. Let go of your fearful reactions and don’t let the fear that is gripping the world spread to your mind and body.

Move: Stretch and move your body, your spine, joints, muscles. Do yoga, work out, dance. Focus on flow and mobility, flexibility and strength. Throughout the day, take a minute or two here and there to re-establish or maintain your positivity, optimism, courage, compassion, and healthy emotions. Uplift and inspire others.

Breathing: Energize yourself in a healthy and powerful way. Charge your nervous system and your immune system with pure life force energy. Use this time to strengthen your intuition and to connect with your spirit, your source, your center, your heart, your essence, your purpose, your mission.

Dan Brulé is a renowned pioneer in the field of Breathwork and one of the originators of ‘‘Breath Therapy.” For more techniques and information, read Just Breathe (available through Amazon), or visit, where you can learn about group classes and individual coaching sessions.

The South Coast Insider | May 2020



Show Mom You Care By Ann Katzenbach

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10 this year, a year unlike any other in modern memory. The COVID-19 virus has changed wedding plans, cancelled birthday and anniversary parties, emptied churches, schools, and many businesses. 8

Normally, one of the busiest days of the car for you. At Peckham’s Greenhouse year for local plant nurseries and florists, in Little Compton, there is no shopping this year, Mother’s Day looks like it might in the store. Call in your order and it will not include a restaurant or a trip to the lobe placed in a wagon in the parking area cal plant nursery. for you to load. On their helpful website, As we go to press with this month’s Peckham’s recommends buying a gift edition of the Insider, the shopping landcard that will not expire. They will also descape is further complicated by different liver. Visit or governmental decrees in Rhode Island call 401-636-4775. and Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, In Massachusetts, rules are a bit more plant growers are considered essential relaxed. At Avant Gardens at 710 High businesses because they sell herbs and Hill Road in North Dartmouth, Katherine vegetable starts. In Rhode Island they are essentially Fallon Gonsalves will delivery closed. This may have changed a custom bouquet to you by the time you read this, and or your Mother’s door. that would be a sign that we were getting through this difficult time. However, if you want to purchase plants on Mother’s Day (or any other day), in Rhode Island, you need to call ahead and place your order and it will be delivered to your car. At Chaves Gardens in Middletown, you can shop, but the number of customers is very limited. They will put ordered plant material in your

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

(LEFT) Village Gardens offer top-quality plants and customer service, in a beautiful setting with a friendly atmosphere.

Tracey says they are taking things one day at a time. They are keeping their inside space monitored for the number of shoppers and expect people will practice safe distancing. Payment is taken outdoors. They also take orders by phone for pick up and will deliver. Their website will have current information under “Nursery News.” Go to or call 508-998-8819. Some local growers and greenhouses are too busy to keep current on their websites, so you may not find out their news online. It’s worth calling ahead to be sure what to expect, but best to try this a few days in advance. On the Sunday of Mother’s Day the phones are sure to be busy. A garden gift that would probably please any mother who loves her garden would be some landscaping material delivered on the day of your choosing. A.G. Bettencourt at 821 Main Road in Westport will deliver mulch, loam, or stone. Bettencourts can also create a beautiful clamshell driveway for your home. Call 508-636-4009. Another possible garden gift would be consultation with a landscape designer. Bill Gil of Blisscapes Landscape Nursery in South Dartmouth (508-636-6535) specializes in native plants, a unique approach to planting your property and helping out the birds. Also in South Dartmouth, John Cate at Village Gardens does design and is an experienced pruner. Perhaps your garden shrubs and trees are in need of a good haircut. If you want something more creative than Floral Telegraph Delivery on Mother’s Day, Fallon’s Flower Design does not have a retail shop, but Fallon Gonsalves will discuss arrangements and deliver. She lives in Westport. Check out Fallon’s Floral Design on Facebook or call 774-319-0515. Whatever COVID-19 has to offer for Mother’s Day this year, it will still not be a normal Sunday. The focus for this annual day is no different. The best thing you can do to honor your mother in these strange times is just to show you care – a hug (if it’s safe), a phone call, a homemade dinner or a cake, a letter, or even a poem!

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The South Coast Insider | May 2020



HOME ALONE: CREATIVE SOCIAL DISTANCING By Elizabeth Morse Read emember the days when you’d bemoan the fact that you never had enough time to do X, Y, or Z? Well, given the new normal of stay-athome and social distancing, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands. Be creative and use it productively. Think of all those New Year’s resolutions you failed to keep up with! Now’s the time to get back on the wagon and catch up. Stay in shape with the free app #NTC (Nike Training Club) or with the many YouTube exercise classes. Walk your dog,


or clean out your garage or basement. Organize your financial records and legal documents. Empty out your storage boxes and create albums of your children’s old school photos, report cards, and awards. Learn how to cook healthy meals using ingredients you have on-hand. Read (or listen to) all those books you never had time for before. Floss your teeth. Start a pandemic victory garden – order plants, fertilizer, and gardening tools online, and get outside to plant flowers and veggies.

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN Instead of binge-watching, try binge-learning. If your kids are stuck at home, check out the free K-12 classes at, or sign up ($19.99/year) for the stimulating documentary streaming service at curiosity. com. Let them listen to children’s books being read by celebrities on the app #SaveWithStories. Or, why not finish that degree or professional certificate program you never had time to work on? Check out or coursera.

com. At the very least, don’t succumb to the temptation to binge-watch every episode of The Sopranos or Game of Thrones – learn something new on The History Channel, National Geographic Channel, or Discovery Channel. Check out the free coding courses offered by Amazon. Listen to the myriad podcasts, or subscribe to daily e-newsletters from reputable news sources. Listen to more music and watch less mind-numbing TV. Learn how to do just about anything on YouTube – yoga, knitting, scrubbing your copper-bottom pots and pans. Give yourself a homemade facial, manicure, and pedicure using ingredients you have at home. Take a bubble bath or condition your hair. Watch a YouTube video on how to give a good neck-and-shoulders massage.

WALLS ARE CLOSING IN Okay – so you may not be able to go to theatres, concerts, or visit museums, but you can always take a virtual tour of museums, zoos, and world-wide sites online (Google “arts and culture”) or watch live-streamed concerts – if you’re a Willie Nelson fan, for instance, check out Check out apps like #TogetheratHome to watch concerts performed by top-notch musicians. Attend a “distance disco” in your pajamas with DJs streaming live sets on Instagram. Even the movie industry is turning a profit by offering “home premieres” of the newest films – check out what’s showing on Prime Video, Hulu, Sling, DisneyPlus, Starz, and HBO. We are social creatures and actually suffer “skin hunger” when denied the comfort of a human touch, so reach out and “touch” someone on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype! Spend some time emailing old friends, distant family members, and work colleagues, or even try sending old-fashioned snail-mail letters or postcards to let people know you’re thinking of them. Or just pick up the phone and check in with friends and loved ones every day to assure them that they’re not alone in these frightening times. Reach out (from a distance) to help your community! Shop for a senior, check up on elderly neighbors with a daily phone call, drop off non-perishable foods at the local food bank, and thank the unsung

heroes who keep the wheels of daily life turning – a first responder, a trash collector, your mail deliverer, a grocery store cashier.

SPRING CLEANING Necessity is the mother of invention – now you have a higher purpose other than tidying up for nonexistent dinner guests. Sanitize your remotes, game controls, light switches, door knobs and cabinet/ appliance/faucet handles, railings and banisters, electric can opener, and telephones. Clean the bottom of handbags, shopping bags and backpacks, keys and

WE ARE SOCIAL CREATURES AND ACTUALLY SUFFER “SKIN HUNGER” WHEN DENIED THE COMFORT OF A HUMAN TOUCH, SO REACH OUT AND “TOUCH” SOMEONE ON FACETIME, ZOOM, OR SKYPE! fobs, steering wheels and gear sticks, credit cards, and zipper tabs. Replace everyone’s toothbrushes, especially after a cold or infection. Clean children’s toys regularly, and throw stuffed toys in the washing machine. Wash your windows inside and out. Use a nail brush and some white vinegar or diluted bleach to clean the grout in your shower stall. Grab all the hairbrushes and combs around the house and soak them in hot water with a little bleach to sanitize them. Take all the plastic trash cans, hampers and waste-paper baskets outside and hose them down (when was the last time you did that?)

SHOPPING TIPS Don’t turn into an actual couch potato! No matter how bored or anxious you may be, avoid the impulse to snack on junk foods and carb-heavy “comfort foods.” If you need to nibble, try oven-roasting root veggies and snack on them throughout the day. If you need to run errands or go grocery shopping, wear a bandanna or homemade face mask, and minimize your risk by leaving behind your cell phone and pocketbook – they’re germ magnets. All you need to carry is your driver’s license, bank/credit card, some hand sanitizer/ alcohol wipes and your own ballpoint pen for signatures (or to use as a stylus). Wear washable cotton gardening gloves or disposable gloves (or even those flimsy plastic bags from the produce section, if need be). Pull your hair back in a ponytail or clip it up to avoid touching your face and cover it with a cap, scarf, or hoodie. If you wear contact lenses, switch over to your spare eyeglasses for extra protection. Wear gloves when pumping gas, using ATM touchscreens, elevator buttons, or public bathrooms – and wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Minimize your outdoor shopping trips by keeping a detailed running list of essentials and don’t forget to check for irregular items that would necessitate an extra trip to the store if you were to suddenly run out – batteries, coffee filters, postage stamps, mouthwash, flea collars, disposable razors, etc.

LAUGHTER IS MEDICINE It may be hard to see anything funny about life these days, but finding a way to chuckle about the absurdity of our situations can alleviate a lot of that anxiety and boredom we’re all experiencing. Dance naked in your bedroom to loud music. Watch old Monty Python episodes. Send corny jokes or cartoons to your friends. Memorialize your boredom-busters by taking selfies while you clean the lint out of your clothes dryer or alphabetize your canned goods. Stay safe – stay indoors as much as possible! But make the most of your newfound time home alone.

The South Coast Insider | May 2020



Mrs. Weaver’s preschool class at Potter School says, ‘‘Friends please stay home and wash your hands.”



s educators in the South Coast deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, one of their greatest goals goes beyond tests and assignments. A major concern is communicating with their students and re-establishing the bonds and relationships that enable them to provide a successful education. The experience of online remote learning is a unique challenge that regional teachers and students are adapting to, as each school devises its own approach to instructing their students. “The main challenge we’ve had is that we miss seeing our kids every day,” says


By Sean McCarthy

Tracy Oliveira, Director of Teaching and Learning for the Dartmouth Public School System. “We want to talk to them and work with them. We want to see them face-to-face and see their smiling faces. We want them to stay connected to school and continue the strong relationships that they’ve built. “The teachers are reporting that the students love seeing their fellow students again.” “Having a non-traditional educational experience is a challenge for the kids and the teachers,” says Mike Devoll, Principal at Old Rochester Regional High School. “They rely upon the structure of a regular school day and it’s been a challenge for

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

many students to adjust. Our teachers have never worked harder because this is not their traditional experience. They’re working extremely hard and so far they’re doing a great job.” Old Rochester is employing a two-prong approach to their remote learning – synchronous and asynchronous. With their synchronous approach, students are going online for as many as four 30-minute classes a day, signing in as early as 9:30 a.m. With this approach students are logging onto video conferences that bring students together to work with their teachers, allowing them to receive instruction and support.

Time to learn With a-synchronous learning, teachers post assignments and lessons for each day, giving students a submission day and time to submit their work for credit. “The beauty of an asynchronous schedule is that we post the work and students can do it on their own time and even submit it before the due date,” Devoll says. “Everything is done on their own time. Some kids are working full-time jobs right now so they’re able to do their work when they get home. Other students are only able to do their assignments because they are sharing technology with other family members. “Some students really struggle with academic support and how they can get that attention is through the asynchronous approach,” Devoll says. “We’ve set up video conferencing for students who need extra support with their classes.” In Dartmouth, teachers are setting up Google classrooms, an approach that many have already had in place prior to the suspension of in-person classes. So far, more than 90 percent of students have signed on and are taking advantage of face-to-face learning. For the high school and middle school, classes are held on a daily basis while elementary students have classes every two to three days. Teachers can support students with emails and phone conversations. “Our teachers have really stepped up to the plate, they’ve got their students up and going,” Oliveira says. “Students are getting their assignments and the teachers are able to provide their feedback. It’s brick and mortar but we’re getting it done.” Both Dartmouth and Old Rochester have “pushed out” hundreds of Chromebook computers to students who do not have the technology necessary to do their online education. Most schools have been told that they will be able to return to their buildings no earlier than May 4. “We will continue until we get the allclear to return to the building,” Devoll says. “We’ve put a model together that works. I feel very strongly about the work being done by both students and staff and families. Our kids are going to be okay.”

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The South Coast Insider | May 2020



Adapting the arts to COVID-19 By Steven Froias

“While we can’t control the wind, we can adjust the sails.”


hat do you do when you plan and execute a monthly cultural celebration mean to bring people together, and suddenly everyone has to stay at home? You adapt. Quickly. For over 20 years, AHA! New Bedford has helped define this seaport city with an every-second-Thursday-evening-ofthe-month slate of events celebrating the rich culture and heritage of not only the city’s downtown, but all of the South Coast. The new policy of social distancing supersedes all that – yet creativity still yearns to assert itself. So, AHA! New Bedford goes on, just in a virtual rather than physical space. Scrambling to provide some much-needed mental health relief to folks cautioned to stay home after the coronavirus pandemic hit, the AHA! team


quickly created VAHA! – a virtual evening of online events with its many partners centered in downtown New Bedford. “The experience of pulling this together was like solving a problem: where are we now, what are the needs and opportunities, what is the mission of AHA!, what can we uniquely provide as a partnership and how can we both adapt and pivot quickly” says AHA! Director Lee Heald. “AHA! is a connector and convener as a function; we have a platform and are an umbrella. Our goal was to try and provide a connection and a way to engage, to think about what sustains each of us and what sustains the community, and to have a simple vision that everyone could both understand and get into,” she continues. The first VAHA! New Bedford premiered on Thursday, April 9, and Heald says planning has already begun for Thursday, May 14. “I am so grateful for the collaboration of

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

partners, the willingness of the community to be learners with us in this time of crisis, the gifts of the performers and artists which are shared with the prospect of being together in virtual space, and the experience of moving through this moment looking for what it is that we do together,” she continues. The downtown New Bedford graphic design firm, mediumstudio, quickly made any necessary changes to the AHA website,, to handle the virtual offerings and traffic. That’s the starting point for VAHA!. Its Facebook page, is being mobilized to feature and promote “live” events, as are the pages of AHA! partners. “I am in deep and personal gratitude for the responses all around. This time is a learning curve for everyone and we learn together,” Heald concludes. “I can see technology isn’t my strength. But, mediumstudio and Tanya Allain, who

has been volunteering by providing that expertise, have made a commitment to move in that direction.” She notes that a technology capacity grant from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts helped make it all happen. So, however long the crisis may last, arts and culture still have a home in New Bedford – and now, on the Internet – every second Thursday of the month with VAHA! See below for a rundown of how some other cultural organizations are adapting to the moment. In fact, most of them are VAHA! Partners. New Bedford Creative Strategist Margo Saulnier shared this information, and reiterates that all creatives are welcome to add #NBCreative as a co-host on any online content so that her office can help share the news with its followers. You can do that via their Facebook page, NewBedfordCreative, and also be sure to check for additional resources.

New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! We are working hard to create online content that celebrates our artists and our community during these difficult times. Log on to for details. The application for our Members Exhibition has been extended and will now close on May 22, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Zeiterion’s Creativity Classroom goes Virtual!

weeks, launching approximately by the end of June. See for more.

New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center We are staying positive and taking advantage of this break in the routine to focus on the research, writing, and planning necessary to develop our new permanent exhibit. We are all in uncharted waters to be sure. And while we can’t control the wind, we can adjust the sails. We will get through this, and when we do, we look forward to seeing you in person.

“Planning for next year has shifted due to the global health crisis, but we remain committed to the community and feel it is our obligation to provide respite through artistic expression.”

DATMA: Light 2020 Planning for next year has shifted due to the global health crisis, but we remain committed to the community and feel it is our obligation to provide respite through artistic expression. This summer, three prominent downtown New Bedford buildings will be lit by internationally renowned MASARY Studios in large-scale digital animations that spotlight our maritime industry – still the heart of our region’s economy. And a reflective light room, visible from sidewalks and city streets, will be installed by Soo Sunny Park, whose media are light and space. This spectacular project will be able to be experienced both day and night by car, bicycle, or on foot. The animated murals will be viewed in the same ways after sunset for six

For our part, we are exploring new ways to share our exhibits and collections online. We invite you to visit where you can find articles, podcasts, video clips, and more.

Waterfront Historic Area League WHALE is excited to launch a new live virtual tour series on our instagram throughout the month of April. We hope these weekly tours help us stay connected to our historic past and exciting future. The schedule for virtual tours will be shared on our Facebook page, Facebook. com/whalenewbedford.

The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center is holding online classes for adults (salsa dancing) and children (drama classes). Log on to for details.

Buttonwood Zoo Virtual Keeper Chats “While kids are home from school and the zoo is closed, we want to continue connecting you to the animals you love through educational videos each afternoon. Join us for a Facebook Live virtual keeper chat each day at 11 a.m., where you can spend time with our keeper staff and animals, ask questions, and learn from home. Learn more at virtual-visits.

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra Our pending strategic plan calls for a Family Music Resource Center page on our website to make classical music more accessible (and fun) to families. We thought we should get it started with online Learning in Concert videos. Find them at NBSO is also streaming a variety of concerts via our Facebook page, newbedfordsymphonyorchestra.

New Bedford Whaling Museum – from Home! A Digital Exploration Station “We know now, more than ever, that a museum is not limited to or defined by its physical campus. We have metaphorically broken down our walls to bring you content and activities you can explore from the home that will inspire learning, creativity, and contemplation. A new section of our website called Museum from Home is your new resource hub for tools to keep the family engaged, stimulate your imagination, and enjoy some of our spectacular exhibitions. Complete with trivia activities, virtual tours, and behindthe-scenes talks with our expert staff, you’ll beat the stay-at-home boredom! New content will be added each week so check back often for new activities to explore. Go to museum-from-home.

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Adult communities for 55+ Join our extended family! Safe, worry-free living with fun activities and friendly on-site management Oakwood

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— Equal Housing Opportunity —

by Michael J. DeCicco

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For senior citizens, the social distancing edict sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic is a grim gamechanger, isolating them from services they count on. But two of New Bedford’s normally busy local agencies are relying on a commonsense solution to this problem: a simple telephone call. The Immigrants Assistance Center (IAC) in New Bedford is now making 3035 wellness calls per day to the 3,000 clients that it services, many of them elderly, Executive Director Helena DaSilva Hughes said. The goal of these calls, she said, “is to check on whether they are okay, need medication, need food. Some of them have very low literacy and feel very


May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

isolated. We are calling clients and clients are calling us.” Hughes said the center’s eight staff members are focusing on the elder immigrant population this way so these people can feel they have a lifeline. The majority are calls for wellness checks and answering queries from clients for information and referral on immigration-related issues. Case managers are available during

regular business hours for phone consultations with clients. Meanwhile, informational resources about COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are available from IAC on the website, information that is being provided to clients in multiple languages. Currently, the office is closed to the public but it is still dedicated to reaching out to help its clients, young and old, Hughes said. “If we have to totally shut down, we can remotely work from home,” she said to reassure their clients. “We are prepared to support immigrant families as we have done for over 47 years.” Similarly, the New Bedford Council On Aging is using the telephone to take the place of the in-person services its senior centers across the city have had to shut down. Council director Debra Lee said the 2,000 New Bedford seniors it serves are telephoned at least every other day by its eight staff members divided up between the administrative office, 181 Hillman Street, and the Social Adult Day Care office at Brooklawn Park, 1997 Acushnet Avenue. The city COA is still offering Meals On Wheels, provided by Coastline Elderly Services which prepares its meals from Greater Boston area location. But the city’s senior centers and Brooklawn Park daycare center are closed. Transportation services, also, are closed until the end of April, “because you can’t have social distancing in a van that seats up to 12 passengers,” Lee elaborated. “Grocery runs try to fit eight, which still makes it not a good idea.” Under these circumstances, the council’s regular telephone calls to seniors, which includes a busy robocall system, is an essential service. “This social isolation is making seniors nervous,” Lee said. “It’s a normal condition for seniors, but not to this extent. That’s why it is important that they know our people are still reachable. There is still someone available, remotely. We are still just a phone call away.” For further information, the New Bedford Council On Aging advises city seniors to call 508-881-6250 or 211 for updates on COVID-19 related concerns.

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• Inpatient physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy

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• 5-Star Overall Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services • Resort-like amenities, including restaurant-style dining, a media center, spa and salon services and sweete shoppe

— HOURS — Mon. & Tue. 8:30-4:30pm Wed. & Sat. 8:30-12 Noon Thu. 8:30-5pm • Fri 8:30-6pm

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A breath of fresh air By Paul Kandarian

REBOOT. That’s a popular word in technology. Your computer, iPhone, cable, Alexa, acting wonky, screwing up? Shut it off and turn it back on. Refresh. Another popular one, if a sluggish Google’s grinding your gears, refreshing your browser usually helps it get back up to speed. Renew. That’s more personal, usually referring to ourselves, taking a break, getting a spa treatment, meditating, doing the Zen thing and practicing mindfulness, all that stuff that gets us to slow down, relax, chill out. And now our planet is doing exactly that. One very good benefit of a very bad situation – the pandemic – is that the planet is cleaning itself, due to drastic drop in human activity that for centuries now has been bound and determined to destroy it. Newsflash: there is not one damn thing we can do to destroy the planet. The planet will destroy us long before we can destroy it. And some are saying the pandemic is doing just that. I’m not a conspiracist, nor do I believe in the invisible man in the sky, so I don’t buy the God-is-pissed theory, either. But the fact is, we have screwed up our home for a long time. You know how if you let your house go to crap, don’t do maintenance, don’t clean up, don’t fix that leaky roof or the holes in your windows or the crack in the foundation, it will eventually

collapse around you? Your mother always told you, “Clean up after yourself.” Now Mother Nature’s telling us the same thing. Because that’s where we’re headed, folks – whether you want to believe it or not, the major reason being global warming, something a lot of people still don’t buy. They are the naysayers, the deniers, the head shakers. I prefer the term “idiots.” Our home is warming up faster than normal, and that’s a fact. And it’s also a fact that it’s due to our neglect of the environment for a long, long time. The science is there. And understandable. Even to idiots. And when man takes a break from mucking up the environmental works, the planet doesn’t waste time getting back to a normal it knew for the longest stretch of its life, that stretch being when man wasn’t on it mucking up the environmental works. Consider this: the planet is 4.5 billion years old. Modern man has walked it upright for roughly 200,000 of those years. This from The Guardian as of this writing in early April: “As motorways cleared and factories closed, dirty brown pollution belts shrunk over cities and industrial centres in country after country within days of lockdown. First China, then Italy, now the UK, Germany, and dozens of other countries are experiencing temporary falls in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide of as much as 40%, greatly improving air quality and reducing the risks of asthma, heart attacks, and lung disease.”

Chances are, we’ll get through the pandemic. And chances are, we’ll forget how clean our planet got while we were hunkered down inside not mucking up the outside.


May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

There is no denying that. This is science. What is not science but just my personal preference is I love how the Brits call roads “motorways” and spell “centers” as “centres.” I won’t even get into “lift,” “lorry,” “WC,” “roundabouts,” “pushing the pram,” or my personal favorite, “wanker.” Remember the very interesting History Channel series, “Life After People?” It used CGI technology to show what would happen to our planet if humanity just went *poof* (pandemic, anyone?), focusing on cities, buildings, bridges, etc., after a day, week, year, and so on. It was entertaining in a horror/sci-fi movie sort of way, to see the Earth rebound quite nicely, thank you very much, when we just went away and left it alone. The evidence of how we’ve mistreated our home is there. In China, the world’s biggest source of carbon, emissions were down about 18 percent this past pandemic stretch. Europe and all of the industrialized nations saw a massive drop in crap befouling our air. U.S. passenger traffic, a major source of air pollution, dropped by about 40% as of early April. The planet. Where we live. Our home. We’ve mistreated our giant blue house for too long. Global warming? Yeah, it’s a thing, a deadly thing, it’s happening and the pandemic isn’t gonna reverse that long-term – unless man is wiped out. But we need more than short-term memory to benefit from what the planet is telling us has been very long-term neglect. Many scientists say that after only several thousand years, maybe 10,000 (a veritable blink of the geologic eye; remember, Earth is 4.5 billion years old), there’d be nary a sign that man ever existed, that we were ever here. The memory of us would be swallowed up whole in a rebooted, refreshed, and renewed blanket of green and blue. Chances are, we’ll get through the pandemic. And chances are, we’ll forget how clean our planet got while we were hunkered down inside not mucking up the outside. But we can’t forget that, human race. Listen to your mother. Clean up after yourself. Treat your home nicer from now on. Don’t be a wanker.

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For complete calendar of events visit



A Note to Readers: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many venues and events are being closed, cancelled or postponed, sometimes at the last minute. Call ahead before making your plans. Stay up-to-date with local, state and federal developments related to the coronavirus outbreak by going to or, in Massachusetts, go to or call 2-1-1. In Rhode Island, call 401-222-8022 or go to Across the Region: Stimulate your child’s interest in STEM subjects by sending them to a summer Camp Invention program near you! Programs available in Westport, Dartmouth, Swansea, and Plymouth. For details, go to Camp Angel Wings, a two-day bereavement camp for children ages 6-12 sponsored by the South Coast Visiting Nurses Association, will be held June 27-28 at Camp Welch in Assonet. Early registration is encouraged and volunteers are needed. For more info, call 508-973-3426 or visit campangelwings. Pet Food Aid collects pet food and pet supplies and distributes them to food banks and senior centers throughout Bristol County, MA. Volunteers and donations gratefully accepted. For more info, visit or call 774-204-5227. Southcoast Health and the Buzzards Bay Coalition have created “Discover Buzzards Bay,” an initiative to promote active outdoor recreation. A series of guided monthly outdoor walks, called “Sunday Strolls,” and an online portal with information about more than 100 public places to walk, bird-watch, kayak/ canoe, fish, snowshoe or cross-country ski, can be found at discover – and check out and To learn more in Rhode Island, go to, or


The Salvation Army is always willing to accept your bagged/boxed donations – clothing, books, furniture, and housewares. To schedule a free pickup, go to

Bristol: Check out what’s happening at the Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium! Sign the kids up for summer camp starting June 22! For details, call 401-949-5454 or go to

My Brother’s Keeper of Dartmouth and Easton is looking for volunteers and gently-used residential furniture for South Coast families in need. Free pickup. Call 774-305-4577 or visit

Dartmouth: Find out what’s happening at the Lloyd Center for the Environment! Register early for the Spring Bird Walks May 2 and 7 or the Outer Cape Birding and Whale Watch Tour May 9! Sign your kids up for summer programs! For info, go to

Fill your baskets with local produce and artisanal foods! To find a farm, vineyard or farmers market near you, visit, pickyourown. org,, or localharvest. org. To find food and wine events, go to,, or Attleboro: Check out the Capron Park Zoo! Call 774-203-1840 or go to Or stroll through Mass Audubon’s Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Center. Sign the kids up for summer day camps! For more info, call 508-223-3060 or visit Bristol: Plan ahead for the 36th Annual Black Ships Festival in Bristol and Newport June 12-15! Three days of Japanese arts, crafts, food, taiko drums and martial arts at Independence Park! For details, call 401-846-2720 or visit

May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

Fairhaven: Mark your calendar for the free Buzzards Bay Swim Open Water Clinics and Event Orientations at Fort Phoenix on June 13 and June 20! For details, go to discover/events. Fairhaven: Applications are available for vendors for the 2020 Huttleston Marketplace starting in June. For more info, call 508-9794085 or go to huttleston-marketplece. Fall River: Plan ahead for the free 4th Annual Waterfront Arts and Music Festival at Heritage State Park on June 20! Music, crafts, food and fun! For more info, visit Fall River: Mark your calendar for the Day of Portugal Weekend June 18-21 at the Gates of the City! For more info, visit

New Bedford: Stroll along the Harbor Walk, a pedestrian/ bike path atop the hurricane dike in New Bedford’s south end. For more info, visit discover. New Bedford: Explore the city’s history at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park! For a schedule of walking tours and special events, visit

Plan ahead for the Newport Flower Show’s “Voices in the Garden” at Rosecliff on June 19-21! For details, call 401-847-1000 or visit Freetown: Mark your calendar for the 33rd Annual Assonet Strawberry Festival at the bandstand on June 21! Free family fun, food, crafts and music! For more info, go to Little Compton: Plan ahead for “Coastal Gardens of Little Compton,” a selfguided tour of 7 private gardens on June 27. Tickets on sale May 15 at the Little Compton Community Center and Partners Store in Westport. For more info, go to Marion: Explore the trails and properties of the Sippican Land Trust! For more info, go to Middletown: Get in touch with nature at the Norman Bird Sanctuary! Take a free guided Sunday Bird Walk! Sign the kids up for summer camps! For details, call 401846-2577 or go to normanbirdsanctuary. org. New Bedford: Register kids early for the Kennedy Summer Day Program at Fort Taber Park offered through the New Bedford Parks, Recreation and Beaches Department! One- and twoweek sessions starting July 6 include breakfast, lunch, and transportation. For details and registration, call 508-9613015 or go to parks-recreation-beaches.

New Bedford: Take a stroll through the urban greenspace of the Allen G. Haskell Public Gardens! To learn more, call 508-636-4693 or go to New Bedford: Remember our veterans! Explore the region’s military history at the Fort Taber-Fort Rodman Military Museum! For info, call 508-994-3938 or visit New Bedford: Mark your calendars now for the 9th Annual New Bedford Jazz Fest on Pier 3 on June 13! For more info, call 508-993-0772 or go to

$5 OFF *Salon Use Only

Salon and Mobile Dog Grooming 14 Center Street South Dartmouth, MA


Newport: Mark your calendar for the Newport Bermuda Race starting June 19! For info, go to Seekonk: Explore the outdoors at the Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, operated by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island! Sign the kids up for summer camp! For more info, call 401-949-5454 or visit Swansea: Eat Fresh! Eat Local! Head for the year-round farmers market at Stoney Creek Farm in Swansea! For hours and more info, go to Tiverton: Mark your calendar for the Annual Garden & Herb Festival on May 25 at Tiverton Four Corners! For more info, visit Wareham: To plan your activities in the Wareham area, go to or Westport: Take a springtime ramble around rural Westport! For more info, call 508-636-9228 or visit

Note that all times and locations listed are subject to change. Use the contact information provided above to confirm details with event managers before planning your activities.


S o u t h

C o a s t

Prime timeS M a r c h /A pr i l 2 02 0 • Volum e 16 • Num ber 2


waters Living large Hunt for treasure Season for seasonings Stitched together Rooster’s call

In times like these, it is more important than ever to stay engaged, entertained, and up-to-date on our community. Remember that you can read this month’s issue, and every issue, for free online. The South Coast Insider | May 2020





Cozy Kettle 366 Mariano Bishop Boulevard, Fall River 774-704-5196 Baked. Apple. Pancake. Do you really need to know any more than that? If so, then you’ll find a delicious and expansive menu, well beyond the Cozy Kettle’s signature dish. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast all day or some local staples for lunch and dinner, you’ll find it here with a smile. Put in your order using Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Gotchew.

Artisan Bake Shop 265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA Artisan Bake Shop has been creating award-winning cakes, pastries, and scratch-baked sweets since 2006. Open exclusively by appointment, they’re the superlative choice for custom-made baked confectionaries. Whether it’s cupcakes for a bridal shower, an awe-inspiring wedding cake, or a rustic dessert table brimming with pies and cider donuts, Artisan Bake Shop can make your sweet dreams a reality.



Kool Kone Sagres Restaurant 181 Columbia Street, Fall River, MA 508-675-7018 If you are looking for the best Portuguese Food on the South Coast, look no further than Sagres Restaurant. Located in the heart of Fall River, Sagres serves up some of the most authentic Portuguese cuisine you will find this side of the Atlantic. It’s an institution for a reason, so visit for yourself and see why!


May 2020 | The South Coast Insider

374 Marion Road, Wareham 508-295-6638 Kool Kone stands at the gateway to Cape Cod – a family-friendly watering hole for folks from the South Coast and beyond. Their sweet treats have made them famous, but the full menu, featuring friend clams, chicken parm, lobster rolls, and more, is what keeps the crowds coming back. When your summer adventuring takes you to the edge of the region, stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Your stomach will thank you!

Support local businesses! Order a favorite take-out meal, or make headway on some home improvements.


We’re preparing for when the stage lights come on again. Join us! Packages start at $20 per ticket.


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street • Sweat Tiny Beautiful Things • Fairview • The Diary of Anne Frank • Anna K. Plus! A Christmas Carol and The Prince of Providence Spring Hill 75 Laura Street, Tiverton, RI (401) 314-6752 Give your garden the love it deserves, with ten-dollar handmade statues sure to shoo away the winter blues! At the Spring Hill concrete statuary, you’ll find cats, owls, dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, squirrels, bunnies birds, pelicans, and more, all ready to watch your garden grow. See inside the studio for even more handcrafted art pieces.


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A.G. Bettencourt, Inc. 821 Main Road, Westport. MA (508) 636-4009 Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get into the garden! A. G. Bettencourt, Inc. has every landscaping product you’ll need. The company sells a variety of products including pine bark mulch, hemlock mulch, wood chips, loam, clam shells for driveways, four grades of stone dust, and other related products. Delivery is available in the greater Westport area.

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The “Inn” at Clifton offers a Careful Balance of Elegance and Affordability....... Imagine, living in a beautiful New England country inn that overlooks scenic Mount Hope Bay. Discover a carefree senior lifestyle that provides a wonderful new feeling of comfort and security. Contrary to living alone in a large oversized house, especially when assistance is needed, the “Inn” at Clifton can be significantly less worrisome and less expensive. At the “Inn” we have no typical apartments—each one is different and prices do vary according to apartment size, location and specific features. When compared to other assisted living communities, the “Inn” offers so much more. Clifton’s almost all-inclusive rates consist of amenities that many other facilities charge extra for, including.......  Three delicious Meals Daily  Personal Care Services  Green House  Medication Management  Scheduled Transportation  Walking Paths  Step-In Showers  24-hour CNA Staffing  Emergency Monitoring Systems  Library with Fireplace

 Daily Activities  Registered Nurses to monitor your health and well-being  Garden & Water Views  Walk-In Closets  Housekeeping and Laundry Services  Fitness Area  Non-Denominational Chapel  Whirl Pool Spa  And Much, Much More…

You have choices in retirement, make the “Inn” at Clifton one of them. We encourage you to call Diane, make an appointment and learn more about the advantages of our unique Clifton Healthcare Campus.......and compare.

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