Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, Inc. Annual Report 2019

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A nnual Report 2019

? Even h ope m ay seem bu t f u t ile, Wh en w it h t r ou bles you ?r e beset , Bu t r em em ber you ar e f acin g ju st w h at ot h er m en h ave m et . You m ay f ail, bu t f all st ill f igh t in g; Don?t give u p, w h at e?er you do; Eyes f r on t , h ead h igh t o t h e f in ish . See it t h r ou gh !

? Edgar A lbert Guest Gregory & Trivia Dozier, 2018 Leonard Dawson Self-sufficiency Award Recipient and Brand New Home Owners

VISION STATEM ENT Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, Inc. will educate families and communities on how to become self-sufficient. M ISSION STATEM ENT Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority promotes self-sufficiency and will strive to improve the quality of life of families through education, training, comprehensive services and advocacy. BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority will become the largest comprehensive human service agency in the state with measurable outcomes that will demonstrate that families are moving from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Tableof Contents Message from the CEO & Chairman


Community Services Report


Early Childhood Education Report


Volunteer Appreciation


Weatherization Report


Voices of Success Gala


Financial Report


Auditor Letter


Board of Directors


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Liberty County Early Head Education temporary Space, Jordye Bacon Elementary School

MessagefromTheCEO&Chairman It is indeed our privilege to present the Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority Incorporated 2019 Annual Report. There are growing needs within the communities we serve and our Board remains committed to ensuring that we deliver a continuum of programs and services that address the gaps and create opportunities for positive change within the lives of the individuals, children and families in our region. We?ve accepted the challenge to help those individuals and families find a way out of poverty, and are focused on making a positive difference for those who come to us seeking assistance. We are proud of the accomplishments achieved by our clients. We recognize that we could not

accomplish our mission without the support of our donors, investors, local governments, volunteers and partner providers; we acknowledge each of you for making this a memorable year. As a progressive organization, we reflect on the past to identify our strengths, find opportunities in the challenges, and develop partnerships and plans to increase success for every person who dares to dream big and work hard. The fundamental principle that drives the work of Community Action is the identification and creation of opportunities which allows individuals and families to strive towards a goal of economic stability and self-sufficiency, as we extend a hand up not a handout. As we continue to be responsive to the needs of the families we serve and the communities we are in, we look forward to your continued support of Coastal Georgia Community Action as we ?Help People, Change Lives and Build Families?.

Tres H amilton Tres Hamilton CEO

Charles Stewart Charles Stewart Board Chair


Seein g It Th r ou gh Edgar Albert Guest eloquently illustrates the Dozier family facing obstacles with a positive attitude in his poem, ?See it Through.? Several days before Christmas in 2017, Gregory & Tivia Dozier along with their five children found themselves up against a trouble; not only were they in danger of not being able to celebrate Christmas, they were in danger of losing their home due to lost wages. Even with a two-parent income, at minimum wage and five children, every dollar counted. Meeting it squarely, face-to-face, they decided to seek help from Community Action. Glynn County's Family Advocate completed a financial assessment and discovered that thier debt to income ratio was extremely high. Community Action believes in teaching to fish, not merely giving one a fish. The initial request for rental assistance was denied, but Mr. Dozier appealed the decision and ensured the Community Services Director that he was willing to do whatever it took to secure housing for his family. Financial counseling, supportive services and advocacy were offered to ensure that the Dozier family were on the course to success. If the worst is bound to happen, 'spite of all that you can do, running from it will not save you, see it through! the family faced many battles on their way to self sufficiency and Community Services was right beside them all the way! The agency not only provided rental assistance but facilitated in searching for a new home. Even hope may seem but futile, when with troubles you?re beset, but remember you are facing just what other men have met. The staff helped the Dozier family for find housing but because of the size of the housing needed and their budget, it proved difficult. After learning of the family?s desire to

become homeowners, the staff turned to its community partner, Habitat for Humanity. The staff completed an application for a Habitat Home and the Dozier family were approved. The building process began soon afterwards. You may fail, but fall still fighting; Don?t give up, whate?er you do; eyes front, head high to the finish. see it through! Gregory and Tivia Dozier dedicated their home March 2019. As a result of the Dozier ?s commitment and dedication to ?Seeing It Through,? they were awarded the Leonard Dawson Self-sufficiency Award at the Voices of Success Gala.


251 Increased savings through

76 Rental/Mortgage Assistance

Savings Account (Direct Deposit)

$72,785 households totaling

$443,885 Total for increased

43 GED obtained/classes attended 17 Post-secondary education obtained 13 Job Counseling sessions 27 Youth Leadership Training sessions 113 Budgeting/Debt counseling services

Savings AGING

4,104 Congregate meals served 42 Seniors served 14 Wellness Activities sessions

910 Volunteer hours LIHEAP/EAP

3,221 Energy Assistance and Crisis Assistance applications

$1,377,141 Totaling VITA

266 Total number of applications taken $1,034,850.50

Total Economic Impact

8 Savings Account Opened

The Community Services Division highlights the agency?s mission and operates according to the community needs assessment. It is primarily funded through the Community Services Block Grant and upholds the objectives set forth by the Georgia Department of Human Services.The key to this program is to reduce poverty, revitalize low-income communities, and to empower low-income families to become self-sufficient through a holistic approach.

EARLYCHILDHOODEDUCATION Coastal Georgia Community Action's Early Childhood Education Division provides comprehensive child and family development through the Head Start, Early Head Start and Pre-K programs. program for children birth to age five and their families, as well as pregnant women. The goal of the program is to improve child and family outcomes, including school readiness, by providing a continuum of comprehensive services that support children?s development and family functioning. Partnering with the Georgia Lottery funded Pre-K program to provide blended HS/Pre-K instruction enhances the quality comprehensive early childhood services to ensure children are prepared for their transition into school. Eligibilit y In meeting the selection criteria set by the program, families interested in the Head Start program must qualify for services. Eligibility is based on family income at or below the poverty guidelines level. Families with other situations including homelessness, children in foster care or receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are also eligible.

En r ollm en t By Cen t er Head St ar t

Ear ly Head St ar t

Fu n ded

Ch ildr en

Fu n ded

Ch ildr en Ser ved

Br yan *





Cam den *





Evan s





Glen n ville





Glyn n *





Liber t y*





Lon g





M cIn t osh










Wayn e*





Tot al




161 * Has Pre-K Classes

Fu n ded En r ollm en t Head St ar t


Ear ly Head St ar t

Head St ar t


Aver age M on t h ly En r ollm en t HS 98% EHS 100% Age of Ch ildr en Ser ved Pregnant Women 10 Under one 56 One year old 52 Two year old 43 Three year old 641 Four year old 380

Cu m u lat ive


Ear ly Head St ar t


Volunteer A ppreciation L uncheon

The Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon attended by 83 volunteers was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Darien, Georgia May on 8, 2019. Coastal Georgia Community Action more than doubled its services capacities, in the nine-county services area becuase of the 270+ volunteers. The luncheon committee recognized the outstanding Parent Volunteer, Community Partner, and Community Volunteer from each service site. "This Luncheon offers an opportunity to formally honor the efforts of the individuals and community groups who have raised funds; provided labor or transportation; helped out their neighbors; or any of the multitude of roles that volunteers play in our organization" - Tres Hamilton. (Photo of Retiring Board Member, Charles Jordan, singing "I'm Still Holding On")

Sharon F urman Par en t Volu n t eer Ms. Furman has served the agency for more than four years. She helps parents enroll their children in the Early Childhood Education programs of Evans County. Throughout the year you can find her assisting teachers with classroom activities and special events for students. With donations she secured, she ensures that our earliest learners have the best educational experience possible.

A N ew Beginning Church Com m u n it y Par t n er

E lizabeth H inson

From Backpack Buddies to Military care packages, "A New Beginning Church" is making an impact in Long County. This caring congregation kicks off each school year with a back to school event where they provide school supplies for students and seminars for parents in our programs. They set wonderful examples of good citizenship as they taught our children how to create care packages for soldiers deployed overseas.

Lif et im e of Ser vices For over 40 years, Elizabeth Hinson, dedicated her life to the "War on Poverty." In the late 70's, Mrs. Hinson began her tenure as the receptionist for, as she affectionately called it, "Coastal Area CAA." She finished her career as the Community Service Director where she served faithfully under the direction of Leonard Dawson. She didn't stop there! She continued to serve Community Action as a board member until her death October 19, 2018.

Robert Schwant

Com m u n it y Volu n t eer (n ot ph ot ogr aph ed)

Some Volunteers know exactly how they want to help; nothing more and nothing less! This exemplifies Mr. Schwants perfectly. For the past seven years, Robert Schwant has certified and administered the IRS certification for taxes preparers for the Volunteer Income Taxes Assistance Program. He was has been the lead volunteer for the last five years, without taking any incentive offered. With his help the team served 266 families resulting in a one million dollar economic impact.

Sch ool Readin ess Coastal Georgia community Action Head Start/Early Head Start curriculum supports developmentally appropriate practices which promote child growth and school readiness. High quality learning takes place through play and positive interactions. The program uses the Creative Curriculum System for Pre School which focuses on positive interactions and relationships with adults that provide a critical foundation for successful learning, social emotional competence, constructive purposeful play to support essential learning, a rich physical environment and teacher family partnerships. The curriculum serves as a framework for developing the children's learning experiences and classroom environment. Teaching Strategies GOLD is used as an ongoing means of assessment, which is aligned with the mandated 0 ? 5 Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (HSELOF). Each family has input into their child?s assessment process. There are two (2) parent/teacher conferences and two (2) home visits held during the program year. Children?s progress, areas to strengthen, and individualized goals are discussed during these meetings. The program?s goal is to give children and families the tools and experiences they need to help them make gains towards the five essential domains of school readiness. The Teaching Strategies GOLD Snapshot Report was used to gather data and graphs were formalized for analysis. The TSG Snapshot Report presented data on groups of children showing where they are in progression during each assessment checkpoint which is completed in the Fall, Winter, and Spring in the category of below, meeting, or exceeding expectation for development and learning. TSG assessment system is based on 38 research-based objectives that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, Georgia Early Learning Standards, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. The information from this report shows outcomes for children three times a year in Five Central Domains (Lan gu age an d Lit er acy, Cogn it ion , Appr oach es t o Lear n in g, Per cept u al, M ot or an d Ph ysical Developm en t , an d Social/ Em ot ion al Developm en t ) in support of children school readiness from the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five. EHS: (109 ch ildr en )-Teaching Strategies GOLD Winter assessment data. Of the 109 children in this report:

- 3% were Below Expectation with the -

highest percentage in Approaches to Learning 70% were Meeting Expectations with the highest in Cognition Development 28% were Exceeding Expectations with the highest in Social Emotional

Ribbon Cutting at Jordye Bacon Head Start Liberty County

Head St ar t : (956 ch ildr en )-The Teaching Strategies GOLD Snapshot Report includes children who were eligible (enrolled in the program for at least 30 or more days) to receive a Winter Assessment. Based on the data from the Winter Assessment it shows how the children in the Head Start program are progressing in the Five Central Domains for school readiness in the category of below, meeting and exceeding the requirements for development and learning. Of the 956 children in this report:



3% are Below Expectations with the highest percentage in Approaches to Learning and Language/Literacy Development 57% were Meeting Expectations with the highest in Language/Literacy and Approaches to Learning 40% were Exceeding Expectations with the highest in Social Emotional Development

M edical An d Den t al

Nu m ber of Fam ilies Ser ved

Children are assessed at enrollment to find out if they have an established medical and dental home. If they do not, staff works with families to identify a source of ongoing medical and dental care. Throughout the program year, staff partner with families to keep their child up to date on a regular schedule of preventative medical and dental care, and provide education to families regarding the importance of health and a child?s readiness to learn.

Head Ear ly St ar t Head St ar t Number of Families Served



Number of Two Parent Families



Number of Single Parent Families



Number of Families Receiving TANF



Number of Families Receiving SSI



Number of Families Receiving WIC



Number of Families Receiving SNAP



Number of Two Parent Families in job



Number of Single Parent Families in job training/school



Receivin g Feder al or Ot h er Assist an ce

Em ploym en t / Job Tr ain in g/ Sch ool

Tracey Walker, Detroit Lions, reads to Head Start students in Glynn County

St af f Qu alif icat ion s

Par en t Edu cat ion Level Head St ar t

Ear ly Head St ar t

Advanced Degree



AA degree, Vocational School or Some College



High School Diploma/GED



Teach er s: 1 Master 43 Bachelors 5 Associate Teach er s Assist an t s: 48 CC/Diploma/CDA

Less than High School



1 AA

M edical & Den t al Head Ear ly St ar t Head St ar t Number of Children Who Are Up to Date On A Schedule of Age Appropriate 948 Preventive and Primary Health Care ? EPSDT Schedule


Number of Children with Continuous, Accessible Dental Care Provided By a Dentist



Easin g t h e M in d of a Risin g Realt or Taneka Walden is a single mother of three children, including one enrolled in our Head Start Program. Because her child is in Head Start, it afforded Ms. Walden peace of mind knowing that her child was in a safe learning environment while she worked. During one of our parent meetings, we discovered that she was interested in getting a real-estate license. We encouraged her to go after her dream. Soon after, Ms. Walden completed the classes and obtained her real-estate license. Taneka is now a successful real-estate agent and constantly works hard to take care of her family. With her increased income, she eventually saved up enough money to buy a brand-new home to rear her children.

WEATHERIZATION Coastal Georgia Community Action provides Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) services in 6 coastal counties in southeast Georgia; Bryan, Camden, Glynn, Liberty, Long, and McIntosh Counties. WAP provides free home energy upgrades and helps low-income families (focusing on the elderly, those with disabilities, and families with children) conserve energy, save money, and live in healthier, safer homes. Weatherization diagnostic tests can even save lives by identifying dangerous carbon monoxide levels. An Oak Ridge National Lab evaluation found that ever $1 invested into WAP, returns $1.72 in energy benefits and $2.78 in non-energy benefits. Weatherization uses whole house weatherization techniques and sciences, which treat the house as a single energy-consuming system. By doing this, it helps reduce energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their home while ensuring the occupant?s health & safety. These conservation measures can result in significant energy and cost savings in excess of 20%. Single-family homes and manufactured/mobile homes are eligible. The weatherization program has a in-house certified weatherization crew, they also contract services with local heating and cooling (HVAC) and electrical contractors to install residential energy efficiency and conservation industry standard measures prescribed by an in person energy audit, using energy software and diagnostic testing, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) and Building Performance Institute (BPI) guidelines, along with Occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards. Energy-efficiency measures performed through the program may include: ·Air an d du ct sealin g ·Wall, f loor , an d at t ic in su lat ion ·Heat in g, ven t ilat ion , an d air con dit ion in g syst em im pr ovem en t s ·En er gy ef f icien cy im pr ovem en t s in ligh t in g ·Hot w at er t an k an d pipe in su lat ion ·Wat er con ser vat ion devices Clients are educated on the proper use and maintenance of the weatherization measures when the work is completed. Weat h er izat ion Hom es Pr ogr am Year 2018-2019 Cou n t y

Hom es Au dit ed

Hom es Def er r ed

Hom e Com plet ed

























Weat h er izat ion Ben ef it s ·WAP provides a safe and improved home environment, increases financial independence, and enhances the quality of life for Georgia?s income-eligible households ·Weatherization creates an average energy savings of $350 or more per year and reduces a home?s annual gas heating consumption by 32 percent ·WAP stresses the importance of a client?s health and safety by installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors ·Low-income households typically spend 19 percent of their total annual income on energy, compared with 3.5 percent of other residents. Often, these families cut back on other necessities to pay for energy bills ·Weatherization measures provide long-term relief for low-income families, protecting them from fluctuations in energy prices and supplies

Ch r ist m as Gif t s Com es in Dif f er en t Sh apes an d Sizes After spending 48 months living with relatives, a 65-year-old Army widow finally returns to her own home right before Christmas. Dangerous electric space heaters with long extension cords lined the halls of her two-bedroom home. When the gas stove started to be used to heat the home all night, relatives stepped in. They moved their family member in with them their home and contacted Community Action for assistance. After conducting an energy audit, The Weatherization Coordinator, found several air sealing issues. New kitchen range hood and bath exhaust installation in the home per American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards. The exhausts were vented completely out of the home to the outside which helps with smoke & moisture control in the home while cooking and taking showers. Health and safety measures were also addressed in the home with the installation of smoke alarms in each bedroom and carbon monoxide alarms in the main areas of the home. New low flow shower heads, faucet aerators and a water heater blanket were installed to help with water conservation. This home received 2 new window heat pump units to heat and cool the home. Attic insulation was also added in this home to help keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and 2-part foam was sprayed under the home to help with air sealing the plank flooring. She considered this as an early Christmas gift! ?I might even cook Christmas dinner at my house this year," she stated.

Voices of Success Gala

Mistress of Ceremony Melinda Ennis-Roughton, CDO Zerik Samples Golden Isles Youth Orchestra Rotary 6920 Governor Mike Muldowney, Lady Mary Shaw of Gilead Ministry Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Past- President Missy Neu Board Chairman Charles Stewart, Millard "Woody" Woodside, CEO Tres Hamilton, Human Resource Manager Lisa Wright (Left to right, top to bottom)

Coastal Georgia Community Action raised $25,000 at the Voices of Success Gala held December 15, 2018. The event, held at the Jekyll Island Convention Center, celebrated the past year 's success stories. Several awards were given out during the event to honor those who've made huge contributions to the work of Community Action. The most memorable was, friend of the agency, Woody Woodside, sadly he will soon retiring as the long-serving president of the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, who received the Community Image Award for his commitment and support of previous Executive Director Leonard Dawson, Tres Hamilton and the work of Community Action. "This was truly a night to remember. I am excited for the Dozier family and pleased to honor my good friend Woody with this well-deserved award. We are grateful to each indivdual and organization who attended, donated, and sponsored this galal." - Charles Stewart, Chairman

Dr. Steve Perry, Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Breakfast Keynote Speaker. Theme: The Dream in Action... Building a Community of HOPE

Boardof Directors Br yan Cou n t y Mayor Judy Cook Daphanie Harris

Cam den Cou n t y Lisa James Abra Lattany-Reed

Glyn n Cou n t y Commissioner Allen Booker, Secretary Dr. Robert Brown Mayor Cornell Harvey Michael Heiser Charles Stewart, Chairman

Liber t y Cou n t y Kenneth Howard, Vice-Chairman Commissioner Marion Stevens, Sr.

M cIn t osh Cou n t y Commissioner Charles Jordan Lauretta Sams

Board of Directors

COASTAL GEORGIA COMMUNITY ACTION "There is not hing new ab out p over t y. W hat is new, however, is t hat we have t he resources t o g et r id of it ." -M artin L uther King ,Jr.


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