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Sfrequent, and the pelagics are plentiful. is time of year, you can usually point your boat o shore and eventually run into the mecca. However, these sought-a er pelagic species are moving around through their migrations and nding them isn’t always guaranteed. Sometimes you just get unlucky running and gunning all day, on the hunt for birds, debris and weed lines. Whether you are out there with no signs of life or just can’t seem to get away from schools of undersized sh, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan to save the day and make the fuel bill worth it.

Having a deep-drop rig ready to go can save a day of o shore shing. Sword shing can be an epic day saver, but it takes quite a bit of time, gear and involvement to have a good chance. ere are a lot of opportunities for shing the bottom between the reef and the sword grounds.

With a set-up that can handle shing between 500 and 1,000 feet, you will have what you need to quickly pepper in some drops during your day, without spending too much time setting it up and packing it away. ere are a variety of edible aliens that can be targeted, or even snagged as bycatch, when shing in the deep, but pretty much all

onboard, in case you get hung on the bottom, or adjustments need to be made due to the current. Having the right weight is important, and it is pretty easy to tell a er a drop if you have put on too much or too little. I would recommend having 6-, 8- and 10-pound weights to make your adjustments with. ese leads can be extremely pricey, so look into some DIY methods if this is something you plan to get into.

Depending on what you want to target, there are a few variations you will want for your rigs. Utilizing 300-pound mono and sleeve swivels, space out up to ve hooks along the leader, making the drop-down leaders short enough that they won’t tangle with each other. Play around with di erent size hooks and spacing between them. If you aren’t sure what might be living on a newfound bottom spot, drop a rig with varied hook sizes, having the biggest on the bottom. It is also a good idea to a x a 6-inch, 50-pound breakaway leader to the lead to save the rest of your gear when you inevitably get hung up.

Searching for new bottom spots can be one of the most exciting parts about this type of shing. You might see ledges full of life on your machine, or you might see nothing at all, and still nd sh.

You can even look for changes in the waves on the surface that indicate depth uctuations on the bottom. Mark your spots whenever you get a bite, and start your own collection of o shore honey holes.

Sweet E’nuf Charters’ two-boat eet specializes in deep-dropping out of Marathon, Florida Keys. Call them at (504) 920-6342 to book your trip this summer. Follow Capt. Quinlyn on social media @captainquinlyn.


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The handle is made from genuine natural bone, and features decorative wood spacers and a hand-carved motif of two overlapping feathers— a reminder for you to respect and connect with the natural world.

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For many anglers, yellow n tuna settle right into the sweet-spot of the tuna shing world. ey’re bigger and stronger than black ns, while being far more approachable than giant blue ns. ey’re fast and strong, and they school up, sometimes crashing baits on the surface. ere’s so much to like about this tremendous game sh, and it doesn’t hurt that limits are relatively liberal in most places. Did we mention that yellow ns are made of the delicious meat known as ahi in sushi bars?

Here are three of the best destinations where you can test your strength against a few yellow ns. Win the battle, and you’ll eat like a king.

Venice, Louisiana:

One of the most consistent places in the world for catching yellow ns is out of Venice, e “Yellow n Capital of the World.” Tuna are a year-round possibility here in the Northern Gulf, where the Mississippi River produces rich currents and rip lines that roll out to hundreds of oil rigs and undersea mounts known as lumps.

Summertime brings better weather and calmer seas, when getting o shore more quickly and comfortably can reward anglers with mixed bags of mahi, wahoo, snapper and tuna in the 40 to 80-pound range. However, peak season for giant yellow ns is in winter, and triple-digit sh become the norm when the bite is hot. Fish heavier than 200 pounds are a de nite possibility.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

On Mexico’s Paci c Coast, where the landmass begins to curve east, Puerto Vallarta is positioned within range of some of the most proli c tuna grounds in the world. Outside of Banderas Bay, a series of islands and deep-sea banks draw in tuna like clockwork at certain times of year. ese are some of

yellow ns here, but shing is best from July through October, with a typical peak season of August and September. With runs of 36 to 125 miles to reach the shing grounds, anglers must commit to long days on the water or overnight trips. e rewards can be huge. A low-end average sh weighs 80 pounds out of Puerto Vallarta. Big ones weigh 350 pounds or more.

Outer Banks, North Carolina:

e Outer Banks get a lot of attention for giant blue n tuna that move through in the winter months, but yellow n tuna are around all year. With the Gulf Stream averaging 30 to 45 miles o shore and all the bottom structure on the Continental Shelf, large schools of yellow ns are frequently encountered along with many other pelagic favorites.

Unpredictable weather makes the deep winter months of January and February a crapshoot, which leaves October through December and March through June as prime time for catching yellow ns. ey run a little smaller here, with 25- to 65-pound sh being normal catches, but the action is usually fast once you nd them. Charters ll limits quickly, with doubles and triples coming tight when you troll through a school of them.

For more great destination shing, visit


Multiple Lake Erie Options

It is shaping up to be another phenomenal season so far this year. All species in Lake Erie have been biting well this year from walleye to catfish. June is a great month for nice weather and fast action fishing. As we move into June the post spawn walleye will begin to get hungry. There will be pockets of fish for casting-anglers, a couple miles from shore around the reef complex to the islands area and beyond. These fish will be caught by casting gold Colorado bladed worm harnesses in 20-30 feet of water as the annual bug hatches start to occur. Normally the big mayfly hatch happens early to mid-month and will fuel an excellent bite in the west end of the lake, north of west sister island. Fish will be feeding heavy on the mayfly larvae and when weather allows the travel there, the fishing is excellent, and the boats will be plentiful. Also, the deeper waters on the Camp Perry Firing range such as the B-C-D cans and the bass islands will be holding fish, likely spread out for trolling-anglers. Anyone who plans to troll has many options on what lures to use but if wanting to troll worm harnesses a 1, 1-1/2, or 2-ounce inline weight with a variety of color harnesses trolled 30 to 60 feet behind planer boards at 1.2 to 1.5mph should get you a couple fish in the box. If wanting to avoid getting your hands dirty in worm dirt, “Michigan Stinger” spoons are a popular, easy option. Trolling these behind 40ft. jet divers at anywhere from 30-60 feet behind planer boards should also box a few walleye for you. Lastly, your regular stick baits such as bandits, reef runners, and even flicker minnows can be productive in getting some bigger fish. For other species, smallmouth bass fishing will be good with many nice fish to be caught in 12-20ft. of water on tube baits and drop shots as they finish up spawning. Also, many of the white bass will still be hanging in the Sandusky and Maumee rivers early in the month to finish up their annual spawn. After they leave the rivers they can still be caught at river mouths/piers in the early mornings and evenings. Panfish will also still be in many of the marinas off the lake and taking minnows and jigs under a bobber. Lastly, catfish may provide some nightly fun anywhere you can get a line wet. Sandusky Bay and river are great places to wet a line for a night filled with many big channel cats. Either way, expect a fish filled June and remember any day on the water is better than a day at work. See ya out there,




Lake Erie’s July variety of fish to catch

According to creel survey data found within the annual Ohio’s Lake Erie Fisheries status reports, produced by the ODNR, Div. of Wildlife, July provides outstanding fishing for a number of sportfish species. Since 2020, this publication has been split into 2 separate publications- a 30-page ‘Angler Report’ and the more detailed, 88-page ‘’Annual Data Report.’’ As water temperatures climb in July, Walleye fishing peaks in the lake’s Central Basin. Anglers based in towns such as Huron, Vermilion, Cleveland, Geneva, Fairport, Ashtabula, and Conneaut know that this is their time to shine.

Anglers who launch or dock in these towns are not surprised when a “Garbage can lid” size Freshwater drum (Sheepshead) is caught, but a bigger thrill occurs when a Steelhead trout snatches their trolled spoons or crank baits. The primary bad news that can come with such hook ups are the collateral damage of crossed lines that often occurs during their reel-sizzling runs and acrobatic leaps. White bass are not shy about grabbing spoons either, with some of them exceeding the 16-inch “Fish Ohio” mark. A “jumbo” Yellow perch is a real possibility if using a worm (spinner) harness.

Walleye fishing in the Western Basin is still very productive all summer. However, the 2022 creel data shows that private angler Walleye catches in the Western Basin dropped substantially from July (142,724) to August (56,317). However, this can be explained by the 250% increase in fishing effort for yellow perch documented in the report from July to August.

Unlike the Central Basin, which has seen dramatic declines in the perch population, the Western Basin has produced slightly-below to aboveaverage hatches for each of the past 10 years. Because anglers have been unable to consistently make good catches of this “Erie Gold” and knowing that yellow perch populations are still strong, the Division of Wildlife (DOW) studied perch behavior in the Western Basin over the past few summers. Spiny water fleas, an invasive European zooplankton, have become perch’s preferred food source when available. They concluded that when July’s water temperatures exceed 75 degrees, it suspends Spiny water flea reproduction (cloning), forcing perch to seek alternative prey. This opens a window of time that makes perch vulnerable to shiner-baited hooks like the “good old days” that many of us fondly remember. The window re-opens in mid-October when the Spiny water flea population declines again after water temperatures dip below 50 degrees.

Channel catfish drawn into the Sandusky Bay to spawn are finished by July and disperse throughout the channels and shorelines. Multiple chances to fight these abundant fish that commonly range from 10 to 20 pounds can provide a heavy workout, but smaller specimens are more appropriate for the frying pan or smoker.

Smallmouth bass fishing effort peaks lakewide in July too according to the report. Many tables of data used for Lake Erie’s fisheries management are available by going to the link below and clicking on the desired report.

Article by: John Hageman. He now writes approximately 125 articles per year after retiring from the Ohio Sea Grant/Stone Laboratory - The Ohio State University’s Lake Erie biology station at Put-In-Bay.

Photos by John Hageman:

• July remains a good time for Sandusky Bay catfish

• Perch taken last July in the Western Basin- a peak period to fish for the species

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Portage - Mogadore area

a Dennis. get slowing the Monday boat has and Fly-Fishing fly (who and on a As I The the on 4 words. This and can

Brag Board

do it again someday. Stage 4 cancer is a terrible thing, my prayers are with them. P.S. I have never had such a touching guide trip as this one. Sometimes we need some sunshine and a great fishing trip to help us put life in perspective.

Ron Slater is a fishing guide on the Portage Lakes in Ohio, he can be reached at 330-780-3652 or email


Summit - Portage - Mogadore area

On July 25, 2022, I had the privilege of guiding for a very special true friend, by the name of Dr. Eric Dennis. He is in a battle with Stage 4 cancer and wanted to get out on the water when the treatments weren’t slowing him down. This trip was like no other, when I got the call, I dropped everything and made plans for Monday morning to guide for him. He wanted to use his boat too, just to give it a good workout.

Mr. Dennis is a well-known fly-tying champion and has given many demonstrations and talks about fly tying and fly fishing. One of his flies can be seen at the Fly-Fishing Museum in Vermont. He is planning on doing some fly fishing in Montana with his son and friends soon (who are all dentists), but for now, we were bass fishing, and it was a beautiful morning for it. When we pulled up on our first area, at Turkeyfoot lake, Mr. Dennis landed a huge bass that weighed in at a little over 6 pounds! As I was taking a few pics, we were all smiles and laughs. The fun and friendships we make on the water may be the best

part of what fishing has to offer.

do it again someday. Stage 4 cancer is a terrible thing, my prayers are with them. P.S. I have never had such a touching guide trip as this one. Sometimes we need some sunshine and a great fishing trip to help us put life in perspective.

Ron Slater is a fishing guide on the Portage Lakes in Ohio, he can be reached at 330-780-3652 or email

For advertising opportunites, please contact:

After about 4 minutes we went across the lake and on his first cast there, he landed another huge bass, a 4 pounder this time. Our excitement was beyond words. It is not often you hook into back-to-back lunkers. This will always be a special day for Dr. Eric, his wife Mary and myself. We will never forget it and I hope that we can

Office: (740) 899-0591



What kayak fishing means to me

The sport of Kayak Fishing is about much more than catching fish. It’s about love, compassion, selflessness, and friendship. While I was in Portugal last November 2022 representing the USA Kayak Fishing team and completing in the Kayak Fishing World Championship, a good friend said something that I will never forget. “We are competitors on the water only, off the water we are family” - Miguel

North Central Ohio Lakes Report

Catfish seemed to be the theme at most north central Ohio lakes in August, but September should bring cooler temperatures and the crappie, bass and saugeye bite should heat up some.

Charles Mill anglers are still catching hybrid striped bass near the dam and occasionally bellow the dam. Large flathead catfish are being caught in the northern end of the lake. I just visited the campground there, it looks like a great place to camp, with some sites right on the water’s edge.

Yesterday I got back from Center Hill Lake in Tennessee where the 2023 Kayak Fishing World Championship was held. I wasn’t a competitor this year, but I went out to visit with my international fishing family, support all of the world-class anglers competing while representing their countries and make a difference in this world. During those two weeks I was constantly reminded exactly what Kayak Fishing is truly about. Competitors from all over the world met up at Center hill lake to represent their countries, not as competitors, but as a family. We unselfishly supported each other and made incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

At Clearfork, anglers are catching muskies near the spillway. Fishing Report by Chris at The Island Trading Post in Mifflin, Ohio, check with them for supplies and bait.

Happiness is amazing, it doesn’t have to be yours for you to enjoy it. It’s never been about one individual; it is about all of us. Through compassion, love, and

At Pleasant Hill Reservoir, Knox and Kokosing lakes, anglers are mostly chasing catfish and bluegills, but in September the bass and crappie should start hitting again. Steve Philpott

The Island Trading Post

One stop shop and unique store for all your shopping needs, groceries, live bait, frozen shad, fishing poles and tackle, handmade crafts, sodas, DVDs, firewood, ice camping stuff, clothing, automotive, toys, lottery, pull tabs, head shop, Delta 8, 9, 10 products and more. Come in and check out The Island Trading Post.

60 Maine Street, Mifflin, OH (419) 908-4041

selflessness we are influencing the next generation, and making this world a better place. THAT is what Kayak fishing means to me. There are many great ambassadors in this sport like myself that are here to share our knowledge, answer questions, and guide you along the way so that you too can experience what we frequently experience day in and day out. We want YOU to experience the magic we’ve all come to love. We all love to catch fish but there is no greater feeling than helping someone new get into the sport and helping them shine. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Eastern Ohio Muskingum Watershed Lakes

Clendening Lake. Known for having the largest undeveloped shoreline in Ohio, Clendening Lake is described as one of the best fishing lakes in the region by local anglers. Clendening Lake features 1800 acres of water surface with three public launch ramps. Anglers will find largemouth and smallmouth bass, saugeye, channel and flathead catfish, crappie, and bullheads. Clendening Lake Marina offers docking, boat rentals, fuel, boating and fishing supplies, and concessions. The lake has a 10-horsepower limit.

Piedmont Lake. Located both in Belmont and Harrison Counties near the village of Piedmont along SR 22. Piedmont is a 2270-acre lake. Secluded bays make for great bass and muskellunge fishing, (a state record was caught here!). It also has catfish, bluegill, crappie, perch and saugeye. There is a 10-horsepower limit and two public launch ramps. Piedmont Marina offers boat rental, docking, fuel, boating and fishing supplies.

Tappan Lake. Located along SR 250 northwest of Cadiz. Tappan Lake is a 2,350 acre lake with two public launch ramps and is home to an abundance of channel and flathead catfish, white bass, crappie, bluegill, and saugeye. It has a 399-horsepower limit and there’s a marina with boat rentals.

Seneca Lake. A 3,500 acre lake stocked with catfish, white bass, striped bass, largemouth, bluegill, crappie, perch and walleye. It has a full-service marina that provides boat and motor sales, service, rental, boating supplies, bait, tackle, and licenses.

Leesville Lake. A 1000 acre lake located between New Philadelphia and Carrollton off Rt. 22 in Carroll county. It has a great reputation for Muskie fishing, as well as northern pike, catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, perch and saugeye. It has two public launch ramps, a 10-horsepower limit and two marinas.

Atwood Lake. Located in nearby Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties off St. Rt. 212, is a 25-horsepower lake which offers 1540 acres of water surface. It has two public launch ramps and two marinas featuring boat rentals, docking, fuel, boat sales and service. It stocks northern pike, catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, perch and saugeye.

Information for this report provided by The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. They can be reached at (877) 363-8500

71 77 76 Cos ho cton Knox Stark Wayne Ho lm es Carroll Richland M ed ina Ashland Tu sc arawas Harrison Su mmi t CHARLES MILL LAKE PLEASANT HILL LAKE TAPPAN LAKE CLENDENING LAKE ATWOOD LAKE LEESVILLE LAKE

Fishing Pro Advice: How to Get Sponsors

As a lifetime angler in the bass fishing world, I have been asked many times how to go about becoming a pro angler and getting sponsors. Of course, the first thing and probably the most important, is that you really have to love fishing! I became interested in fishing as a young man as my father would enjoy taking my brother and sisters catfishing on Friday nights. (Taking a kid fishing might just change their life).

The next thing that you need to do is to reach out to the tackle companies that manufacture the products that you enjoy using and that have produced for you. Or reach out to companies who you think would like to advertise. Show them your tournament and event schedule and show them how their name is going to be seen. Check to see if they have a show or seminar coming up and offer to help set up or tear down, etc.

You can then start to represent them formally or informally and demonstrate that you believe strongly in the products. It is important to be an ambassador for the sport as well and remain dedicated to the improvement and enlargement of the fishing world by working with youth groups, etc. Sponsors like to see their name out there so wear or display their logo as often as possible.

Being a professional angler is more about connecting with others, I have so many great memories and I have met so many great people who have shared much with me. As a professional guide and angler, I still enjoy fishing just for fun and can’t wait to get out on the water and make that first cast. I would like to thank my sponsors who have supported me for so many years as I couldn’t have done this without them. Here are just a few: D&W Fasteners, Blakemore Roadrunner, Daaichi Hooks, Pline, Gambler Bang, CastCray Outdoors, Smelly Jelly, and the Angler Magazine...

Stay true to what you love... Hope to see you on the water

Ron Slater, Pro #808

6 OHIO JULY COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THE ANGLERMAG.COM Ron Slater’s Portage Lakes Guide Service (330) 780-3652 • Bass • Walleye • & More

July - Bringing in a bowfin

Bowfin are unique and unlike any other species we have in Ohio with an aggressive demeanor. Native to Ohio but commonly mistaken for the invasive snakehead, identifying a bowfin is simple. It has a scale-less head and elongated dorsal fin that covers half the length of its body accompanied by a shorter anal fin. Most range between brown, green and cream colors. Mature males have a significant black spot on its tail with a yellow-golden ring around it referred to as a halo. During spawn in the spring the males have prominent highlights of bright lime green/turquoise on their pelvic, anal and pectoral fins giving them a beautiful rainbow effect. Nests are guarded by the male longer than other fish species for about a month. Bowfin are ambush predators with plenty of sharp teeth preferring vegetative backwaters, swamps and can withstand turbulent lakes. The closest relatives to the bowfin are gar which have the ability to exchange gases within their gills allowing them to breathe in air and water allowing them to remain in low oxygenated waters, surfacing to gulp air. Bowfin have been aged to 30 years and date back over 200 million years ago. These prehistoric fish are covered in slime making them almost impossible to hold onto. If you get lucky enough to fight one of these on the end of your rod, be sure to check your drag to make sure it is not too tight or too loose. They are quick in the water giving you an intense fight the whole time. Bringing in a bowfin is a magical experience and an even better one during spawn to see these amazing colors. We have gotten lucky bringing them in this year on fresh cut bait on lakes and river outlets. These fish aren’t really known as a sport fish here but are highly underrated as one. Article by Allison Benoit - Benoit Fishing Outdoors with Allison and Gabbie Benoit!

They can be seen on Facebook at: groups/1171466856857523/?ref=share&mibextid=S66gvF

Or on YouTube at: benoitfishingoutdoors

COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THE ANGLERMAG.COM JULY OHIO 7 Vinton County, Ohio 74815 U.S. Highway 50 Albany, Ohio 45710 TELEPHONE: 740-698-0000 RACCOON CREEK OUTFITTERS Ohio’s Premier Kayak & Accessory Dealer
Photo: Author with a nice sized bowfin



Summertime is the very premier time for anglers to introduce newcomers to this great sport. Panfishing with rudimentary gear, simple methods and readily available access to appropriate water is the most effective, productive way to initiate a burgeoning fishing career for anyone of any age. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Savvy instructors and mentors will be aware that the attention spans of youngsters are notoriously short. Even older newcomers to the sport will likely need some quick gratification to hold their attention. Don’t start out with complicated gear best suited for intricate walleye rigs or swim jig delivery for largemouth. Start out by remembering or researching nearby shore locales that are safe, easily accessed, and notorious for near-shore numbers of rock bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, or white bass. Smaller ponds can be ideal, even if different specific species may be limited. Strongly consider not fishing yourself at all, with the exception of an occasional hands-on demonstration.

Options for new fishermen might include simple cane poles, pre-packaged spincast (closed face) combos, and for the older rookies perhaps a light or ultra-light spinning combo. Line for all choices should be in the 4-6 lb. range. Floats (bobbers) might be the simple red and white plastic examples in most instances. If fishing along a stream or other spot featuring a lot of rocky outcroppings, you may wish to have available some cork or balsa floats that are less likely to bust upon impact. Hooks should be in the #6 to #12 sizes so as to be neither too big-resulting in a lot of missed bites, or too-smallresulting in too many swallowed hooks. Volunteers should be mentally prepared for lots of mistakes and accidents along the process. No one likes to be laughed at or in any way ridiculed. Instruction should be provided in such subjects as varying depth settings, vertical jigging (perhaps off docks or bridges) and accurate bait placement.

Remember to bring along a camera to record that first fish and other steps on the way to enjoying one of life’s most memorable and cherished activities. A great help is a memorable and enjoyable first foray into the sport that involves catching a nice supply of easily accessible panfish, and for an added bonus, a nicely prepared meal of their catches afterwards.

Article by: Jack Kiser, host at Buckeye Angler. You can reach him at the Buckeye Angler site on Facebook.


Score From the Shore in Calm Conditions

The surf can be bountiful and as easy as shing can be when the seas are calm. On a recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico’s calm shores, I was certain I was going to catch them at will. To the naked eye, conditions were as good as it gets, but many fellow anglers fell short of their dreams on this beautiful day. Here are some modi cations I made on the y that allowed me to come out ahead of most others.

is day provided us with glass-calm seas, clear water and bait everywhere, but one key ingredient was missing, substantial tide. What most of us focused on, including myself, were the calm conditions. is is always the draw for trout shing on the beachfront in Texas, and it is seldom the norm.

I did research the tide, and it was an early high

heading out, which, once again, seems perfect. However, the slope on the graph was a slow outgoing tide, not one that was going to trigger many bites on its own. Once I realized this and watched others leave empty handed, I decided to search for places that would encourage the slow outgoing current to increase in velocity. I sought out guts in the bars perpendicular to the shore. ese same guts have the potential to cause dangerous riptides, and they can also be the best place to sh. You typically see these guts by studying the waves, but with no waves I had to use my polarized glasses. ankfully, the water clarity made this an easy task. I drove along the beach looking for these, and once I spotted them, I stood on the back of my truck to increase my elevation to identify the best ones.

I’d found my pattern. Now the catching could begin! Keep in mind, as slow as the tide was moving, it did not create a dangerous situation

(always be cautious of rip tides on the beach), but it did speed up the current enough to trigger a good bite. I thoroughly worked all edges of these guts, nding most bites on the back side where the tide pulled bait from the shallow gut to the deeper second gut.

When the tide is slow, I like to try and get a reaction strike by throwing something a little di erent or working my lure erratically. On this day, I was throwing a rattling so -plastic paddletail. I also picked one with a bright green tail to stand out from the millions of bait sh traveling the rst and second guts. All of these tactics combined allowed me to salvage a day when most le with empty stringers.

e beachfront can be a great place to sh, and it’s fun for the kids. My boys enjoy wading beside me, and when the shing is over it’s time to play at the beach!

PHOTO COURTESY OF KNOCKIN TAIL LURES® Capt. Michael Okruhlik is the inventor of Knockin Tail Lures® and the owner of DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO GET OUT ON THE WATER... Visit Us Online To Find Your Nearest Dealer

Alaska shing season started o with a bang for anglers visiting Ketchikan, Alaska. Halibut shing charters produced great catches of halibut, paci c cod, lingcod and rock sh. Salmon shing trips resulted in big king salmon while we awaited the arrival of silver salmon and pink salmon.

Early season typically is more inconsistent than the deep summer months of July, August and September. With that being said, our guests enjoyed better than average shing to start o the 2023 Alaska shing summer.

Fishing tours for cruise ship guests and y-in anglers spent the majority of May bottom shing. ese sheries consist of shing near and o shore waters for halibut, cod and rock sh. Deep-water jigging for halibut had guests reeling in keeper-sized halibut as well as oversized halibut ranging from 10 pounds to 120 pounds. ere’s nothing quite like the thrill of hooking into these deep sea dwellers, and the delicious white meat holds up well when frozen and shipped back home to the lower 48.

Halibut weren’t the only species caught during our halibut shing charters. Paci c cod were a staple while bottom shing for halibut. Cod were concentrated in large numbers on the sandy ats eating a variety of bottom rigs. Traditional halibut shing rigs with glow-in-the-dark squid and cut herring caught the majority of Paci c cod. We also found great success jigging for cod with metal jigs and so plastic swimbaits.

Following up halibut shing with rock sh and lingcod jigging made for a combination catch that had everyone smiling. We do this in shallower water with light tackle. While catching pelagic rock sh such as yellowtails and duskies, we also caught big lingcod. With such a phenomenal bottom shing area, you’re never quite sure what will grab the end of the line. Giant lingcod make a trophy catch for anyone visiting Alaskan waters.

King salmon shing opened June 1. Everyone rejoiced at the opportunity to pursue this iconic sh. Big king salmon catches came in throughout the entire southeast Alaska region. Ketchikan is known as the salmon capital of the world, and it didn’t disappoint. Herring Cove and Mountain Point were the rst areas to open up. is resulted in large numbers of anglers trolling for prized king salmon. As we look forward for the entirety of the region to open, these were the rst areas where big catches came in.

Over the next couple months, the shing will continue to heat up! Halibut will continue to show up in larger numbers as the water temperatures increase. In addition, the salmon shing will see a big burst of silver salmon and pink salmon to combine with the larger king salmon. It’s all happening now!

For more information, visit www.ketchikan or call (907) 617-4717.

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Most of the time the saying is true, bigger baits equal bigger sh! Although elephants eat peanuts, a big bait pro le is something big sh sometimes can’t resist whether you’re shing the open ocean or the Great Lakes. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple years experimenting with lures that are larger than what my previous comfort zone was for bass. It is pretty special to see what gets curious to come look at or bite these big baits.

ere are many di erent types of swimbaits on the market, but I’ll break them down into two styles to keep it simple. ere are hard, gliding-style swimbaits with treble hooks and there are so -body swimbaits. Each has a time and a place, and both attract some very big sh.

Depending on where you are in the country and the size of the forage in your lake, a normal meal for a bass is usually much bigger than you would think. Bass have huge mouths to accommodate large prey items. A two- or three-pounder has no problem at all swallowing a 6- to 8-inch bluegill whole. I’ve seen 10-plus-pounders eat gizzard shad up to 14 inches long! Trying to exactly duplicate the larger bait sh in your lake with a natural presentation is the key to drawing attention to your arti cial lure.

With hard swimbaits, my rst choice is a shad imitation. Most of the places I sh are full

of shad, and shad seem to be a favorite food source for bass.


Crappie are another forage species people sometimes forget about. Lately, when throwing big baits

over deeper water, I’ve caught some big sh with crappie down in their throats.

With so swimbaits, I usually go to a bluegill imitation. I like so baits because they are more weedless, and you can creep them through the grass or along the bottom in places where bluegills live.

Big swimbaits can get mighty expensive. If you are just getting started with them, I would suggest sticking with the more a ordable baits that get good reviews until you get your con dence up. en you can dive into some of the larger, more customized lures.

Learning to sh big baits is best done by getting on the water and doing it. Just get out there and experiment with retrieves until you nd out what works. Of course, throwing giant lures requires special equipment. I like 13 Fishing’s a ordable Defy for a rod. It’s an 8-foot swimbait rod that handles most big lures with ease. I pair this with a 300 sized reel, like the 13 Fishing Concept A3 and some 20- to 25-pound Seaguar Abrazx.

I hope this article sparks someone’s interest to get out there and throw a big bait. Once I stepped out of my comfort zone, I discovered it to be one of the coolest and most fun ways to target big bass all year long. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media if you have questions about these tactics or any others.

Tyler Woolcott is a professional tournament angler and guide. Check out his website at www.tylerwoolcott

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really realized that I hooked a monster. Adrenaline started pumping hard and the fear of losing it almost sent me into a panic. I was alone, facing the biggest cat sh I ever seen in 23 years.

Italy’s River Po has done it again.

Last week, MADCAT pro sta er Alessandro Biancardi caught a 9-foot-long wels cat sh that will likely replace the IGFA world length record for the species. e monster wels measured 285 centimeters (9 feet, 4.2 inches) in length and stands to beat out the existing record by just 4 centimeters, or about an inch and a half.

Biancardi is a veteran cat sh angler who has targeted wels for more than two decades. He landed his potential new record a er a more than 40-minute battle while shing solo in an aluminum


e giant sh ate a so -plastic paddletail shed on a jighead.

“In silence, I approached the rst spot and a er few casts a powerful bite arrived. e sh stood still some seconds before starting a very complicated ght, between strong currents and a lot of submerged obstacles,” Biancardi wrote in a blog post. “I calmly managed to ght what I felt to be a prehistoric sh. I followed it for 40 endless minutes. When it surfaced for the rst time, I

“I tried gloving its mouth two or three times, but it was still too strong,” he wrote. “I decided to go in shallow water trying to land it from shore, and a er few tries, I managed to land it! I tied the sh to let him recover from the long ght then I suddenly realized that the boat was not anchored, and it was going away in the current. I was forced to have a swim to recover it with all my stu .”

Biancardi then called some friends from a nearby sh camp to come help him get a good measurement on the beast. A er taking measurements, the sh was released. Without a weight, it will not be considered for the all-tackle world record, which stands at 297 pounds, 9 ounces for a sh caught from the Po back in 2010.

For more, go to https://madcat-



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The sun was just cresting the mountains and the moon was low in the west as Capt. Ron Ratlief, of Ron’s Fishing Guide Service, and I began shing for redear sun sh on Arizona’s Lake Havasu. is trip has been on my bucket list for years. I just never made the time, which is ridiculous considering Havasu is pretty much the Holy Land for bream shing.

Havasu is a large Colorado River reservoir on the Arizona/Colorado border. In recent years, the lake has produced a series of world-record redear sun sh, with the current mark standing at 6-pounds, 4-ounces. Havasu’s freakishly large redears are due to a plentiful food source of invasive mussels that have in ltrated the system. e lake also holds some enormous bluegills, which I came to nd out over two days shing with Ron and a third day with my buddy Zac Mickle.

You could feel it was going to be a hot one—over 100 degrees— as the cool morning air evaporated with the sun. A er all, Havasu is an oasis in the middle of a desert. We started the morning sight shing coves. Havasu’s water is as clear as the Keys, and I half expected to see bone sh swimming by. We searched several coves and saw lots of sh, including bluegills, carp, cat sh, giant gizzard shad, tilapia, green sun sh and small stripers, just

to name a few. We also found some redear sun our target species, but they were small, a pound or less, and we were looking for big ones!

We moved to plan B and headed to deeper water. Havasu has the most man-made attractors and brushpiles I’ve ever seen. might be a bunch in South Carolina’s Santee, but you would never see them. e crystal-clear water makes everything visible, and as the sun got higher, we could see even more. We saw structure clearly in 18 feet of water with large redears on it. I dropped a night crawler on a jig head down, and BAM! I had a good bite! We landed a nice redear heavier than two pounds and continued hitting deeper brush, where we saw some big ones and caught a thick 14-incher that was pushing 3 pounds. A er several other sh in the 1 to 1 ½-pound range, Ron suggested we move back to a cove for a few last casts before heading in.

In the cove, I got hammered by a good one, which upon landing was about the same size as the 2-pounder from earlier, but it looked more like a bluegill. I was thinking it might be a hybrid between the two species, which was later con rmed.

If you like bream, you need to check out Havasu. It is a beautiful lake in the desert with some giant redears and bluegills. I might not have

caught a world record this year, but I’ve already booked next year’s trip.

Check out Gary Turner’s shing adventures on his YouTube channel at @FishingWithGary.


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Check out the crazy markings on this Pennsylvania bass!

Recently the American Fisheries Society Black Bass Conservation Committee (BBCC) posted photos of this striking, black-splotched largemouth bass on its Facebook page.

During the old days of chumming, lots of shermen used glitter in their chum, but we sure didn’t talk about it. Why? It was a serious sh-catching secret, and it works as well now as it ever did.

Of course, back then we hadn’t heard of microplastics. We didn’t equate those tiny ashy akes with pollution. Traditional glitter is made with aluminum and plastic, which is a really bad thing to be throwing in the water. ankfully, today there is biodegradable glitter made of plant cellulose. is more environmentally friendly product enables us to keep using our old tricks without doing harm to the ocean.

When you add biodegradable glitter to your chum, the oils coat

every single small piece of glitter. When it hits the water, each piece of glitter becomes sh attractant. As it slowly spreads through the water column, it catches sunlight and re ects it. e oil onboard each small piece of glitter leaves a trail that only a hungry smart sh would care to follow.

You might ask how do I know that glittering chum works? Well, when you start getting hits and landing sh, open the sh box and take a look. You know how glitter is. It gets everywhere and sticks to everything. Well, your sh box and the sh in it will be coated in glitter. Trust me.

Capt. Judy Helmey runs Miss Judy Charters o the Georgia coast. Check them out at

e photos, by professional bass sherman Grae Buck, show his wife Jessica Buck holding a sh with melanosis. e post goes on to explain that this condition is when something a ects the pigment expression in the skin, turning it black. Termed blotchy bass syndrome, it has been found in black bass species in waterbodies across the United States with increasing frequency.

“While a truly melanistic sh would be all black, we more commonly see parts of the sh black, irregular blotches, spots, or ns,” the post reads. ese crazy colored sh show up from time to time, and previously it has been explained as a genetic mutation. In its explanation of this sh, however, BBCC pointed to research being conducted at the U.S.G.S. Eastern Ecological Science Center in West Virginia.

e research found that this blotchy skin condition is actually caused by a viral infection, an emerging novel adomavirus. Researchers have not pinned down a cause yet, but a U.S.G.S. report suggests higher incidences of blotchy bass syndrome in disturbed-water systems, with a potential link to chemicals. ere is currently broad ongoing research to try and determine the causes and e ects of this infection.

TheReturn of a

Follow the BBCC at

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Home of world class fishing on the beautiful Watauga Lake, rugged Doe River and designated trophy trout stream, Watauga River


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