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JUNE 2022

20 ATM Dive Watch just $99

“You simply will not find a better made precision dive watch for such an unbelievable price.” –– George Thomas, Noted watchmaker & historian


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Your Greenlight to A Deep Dive Without Going in the Red E

At just $99, the Evergreen Diver goes deep without going overboard on price.

very year in Basel, Switzerland, the world’s best-known luxury watchmakers gather to display their new timepieces. It’s a great event for spotting timepieces that standout–– in performance and in personality. We saw one impossible to ignore: a precision dive watch with an arresting green dial. But we also saw the five-figure price tag and knew we could bring our customers that exact same precision and stand out appeal for a whole lot less. The Stauer Evergreen Diver is that timepiece. Built like a submersible battleship with a stainless steel case, caseback, and band, the Evergreen Diver is water-resistant down to 660 feet or 20 atmospheres, a feat facilitated by a hardened crystal and screw-down crown. Green On Your Wrist AND In Your Pocket. You could pay an awful lot elsewhere for this verdant virtuoso, but the majority of the cost is in the big designer name upcharge. We think those guys are all wet. This is how you own a top-of-the-line dive watch without helping pay for some marketing guy’s yacht.

“Whether you’re looking for something to wear in the ocean, the office, and everywhere in between, a diver’s watch is for you.” — Business Insider, 2018

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Wear the Evergreen Diver for 30 days. If you’re not completely happy, send it back for a full refund of the item price. Limited Reserve. A watch of this caliber, with a price that won’t drag you under, takes 6 months to create and won’t stick around for long. Call today! Stauer Evergreen Diver Watch non-offer code price $399 Offer Code Price $99* + S&P Save $300

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• Precision crystal movement • Stainless steel crown, case, caseback & band • Screw down crown • Magnified lens over date window at 3 o’clock • Water resistant to 20 ATM • Fits wrists up to 8 ½"



14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. GDW159-01 Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

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Packed with more fish stopping features than ever before, the PENN ® Slammer ® IV takes a tradition of excellence to a whole new level. An 8+1 sealed stainless steel bearing system with Hydrophobic Line Roller Bearing makes the reel as smooth as it is tough. The Slammer IV drag system was upgraded to provide wider range. And the reel body and spool are now


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Find your

EDGE “Caught this kingfish in the gap between two storms using SiriusXM Marine.” — Captain Jeff Fletcher “Hooked Up”, 32' Cape Horn Gulf Breeze, Florida

Captain receives complimentary service.

See recommend fishing locations for popular gamefish including kingfish, tuna, billfish, wahoo, mahi and swordfish. View plankton and temperature fronts, weed lines, and more — plus the latest satellite weather, sea conditions and forecasts. Get all that and SiriusXM entertainment on your Raymarine Axiom display.


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Bad to the Bone Full tang stainless steel blade with natural bone handle —now ONLY $79!


he very best hunting knives possess a perfect balance of form and function. They’re carefully constructed from fine materials, but also have that little something extra to connect the owner with nature. If you’re on the hunt for a knife that combines impeccable craftsmanship with a sense of wonder, the $79 Huntsman Blade is the trophy you’re looking for. The blade is full tang, meaning it doesn’t stop at the handle but extends to the length of the grip for the ultimate in strength. The blade is made from 420 surgical steel, famed for its sharpness and its resistance to corrosion. The handle is made from genuine natural bone, and features decorative wood spacers and a hand-carved motif of two overlapping feathers— a reminder for you to respect and connect with the natural world. This fusion of substance and style can garner a high price tag out in the marketplace. In fact, we found full tang, stainless steel blades with bone handles in excess of $2,000. Well, that won’t cut it around here. We have mastered the hunt for the best deal, and in turn pass the spoils on to our customers. But we don’t stop there. While supplies last, we’ll include a pair of $99 8x21 power compact binoculars and a genuine leather sheath FREE when you purchase the Huntsman Blade. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Feel the knife in your hands, wear it on your hip, inspect the impeccable craftsmanship. If you don’t feel like we cut you a fair deal, send it back within 30 days for a complete refund of the item price. Limited Reserves. A deal like this won’t last long. We have only 1120 Huntsman BONUS! Call today and Blades for this ad only. Don’t let this beauty you’ll also receive this slip through your fingers. Call today! genuine leather sheath!



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By Capt. Quinlyn Haddon




he transition into the summer months brings calmer days more viable for offshore fishing. This is the season when waterways become flooded with snowbirds and weekend warriors, although current fuel prices may keep the pressure off those hot offshore numbers. With mahi season in full swing in the Atlantic, scouting the ocean for signs of life offshore is easily most exciting this time of year. Trolling for mahi near weedlines, diving birds and floating debris is extremely productive. These fish will eat just about anything they see, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get a hookup on a banana peel. A trolling spread for mahi doesn’t have to be elaborate. Four lines or less will get the job done. Their penchant for jumping and swimming zigzags on the surface makes tangles in the spread an unfortunate reality. Lines can be kept short, as mahi will eat near a moving boat. While fishing in heavier weeds, shorter lines allow lures to skip more to kick off grass. Lures that don’t like to rid themselves of grass can alternatively be more easily observed and manually cleared with this method. Keeping the lines short also increases the chances of a hooked fish bringing the school of mahi-mahi with them to the boat. The farther back the lines are when a mahi is hooked, the more


JUNE 2022

time the rest of the school has to lose interest in following their buddy. Once a hooked mahi is boatside, leave them in the water as a swimming, codependent chumbag. The rest of the school often follows them, giving you a chance to hook up to more. Have something on your boat to cast out in this situation. Nearly anything will do when the school is in a frenzy. Jigs, lures, cut bait, live bait, possibly banana peels. Sometimes mahi will turn their nose up at certain baits, but the key can be entirely within the presentation. They usually prefer a bait that is teasing them and just almost out of reach. Alternate between letting the bait fall and twitching it away from them. At times, you might get ready to leave a closed-mouth school only to finally have your bait crushed as you quickly reel in the pitch bait. If this is the case, they might just be in a mood to chase something moving more quickly, and getting back on the troll may be a better idea. Diving frigates and floating debris attract more than just mahi-mahi, and there are epic sightings to be had in the open water, everywhere in between.


From marlin to whale sharks, calm summer days offshore are as good as it gets. Calmer and sunnier days provide above average visibility, making once in a lifetime encounters harder to miss. Keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled. Capt. Quinlyn Haddon fishes for Blue Magic Charters out of Marathon in the Florida Keys. Call (504) 920-6342.


Tim Barefoot


n a time when we are in full-throated offshore (and inshore) fishing, I’d like to address the meaning of the title of this article. We all want to put gadgets on the boat to make it more efficient and comfortable. What I’m getting ready to say may offend some folks, but the ones who actually fish for results—rather than to look good or appease mom and the kids—will get it. Less is more means the more open deck space I have, the better the dance floor is when the action starts. Period. I want a clean deck, free of “toe breakers” and stumbling blocks commonly referred to as seats and coolers I have to squeeze by. When there’s a fish ripping off drag and changing directions, I want open lanes to move up to the front of the boat or around back. You see, I’ve reached a point in life that I’m going to catch the fish I want to catch, the way I want to catch them. I troll some, but it’s early in the day to locate stacks of bait and fish. When the sun comes up to the 10 or 11 o’clock position, I start posting up with the Rhodan or drifting with a kite or float baits out. I keep a bait near the bottom and baits in

the middle water column if they are marking on the recorder or when we are getting bites on the deeper baits. What we do mid-morning is a result of how hard the current is running, the wind direction and speed or a combination of these things. If I could recommend one thing to make your boat rigging most complete, it would be a Rhodan or some other trolling motor that will keep you in place, or slow your drift with the kite directly out behind you, like you are trolling with the kite out. This will allow you to fish the lower levels of the water column for the wahoo bite in the middle of the day with lighter tackle and lighter weight jigs, and also drop a bait in front of Mr. Grouper while on the drift. Keep an eye on the recorder as you are making these long drifts, and mark the areas of bait, fish and bites so you can run back up and make the same drift again. I said all that to say this: Who says you have to use a ballyhoo trolled at 6 or 8 knots to catch fish? Slow it down to a drift or post up on a mark and catch the pelagic and bottom fish while flying the kite or with float baits. When you’ve got all that going on, excess comforts or gadgetry sometimes impede your fishing rather than making it easier. Stay tuned to upcoming videos illustrating this style fishing, but remember to keep the deck clean. Less is more. See more from Tim Barefoot at



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Found: 1,600-Year-Old Roman Gladiator Coins Hold the Glory of Rome In the Palm of Your Hand


hen your famous father appoints you Caesar at age 7, you’re stepping into some very big sandals. But when that father is Emperor Constantine the Great, those sandals can be epic! Constantius II, became Caesar at 7, and a Roman Emperor at age 20. Today, he is remembered for helping continue his father’s work of bringing Christianity to the Roman Empire, as well as for his valiant leadership in battle. But for many collectors, his strongest legacy is having created one of the most fascinating and unique bronze coins in the history of the Roman Empire: the “Gladiator’s Paycheck”.

the Gladiators Paycheck

Roman bronze coins were the “silver dollars” of their day. They were the coins used for daily purchases, as well as for the payment of wages. Elite Roman Gladiators—paid to do battle before cheering crowds in the Colosseum—often received their monthly ‘paycheck’ in the form of Roman bronze coins. But this particular Roman bronze has a gladiator pedigree like no other! Minted between 348 to 361 AD, the Emperor’s portrait appears on one side of this coin. The other side depicts a literal clash of the gladiators. One warrior raises his spear menacingly at a second warrior on horseback. Frozen in bronze for over 1,600 years, the drama of this moment can still be felt when you hold the coin. Surrounding this dramatic scene is a Latin inscription—a phrase you would never expect in a million years!

Happy Days are Here Again The Latin inscription surrounding the gladiators reads: “Happy Days are Here Again” (Fel Temp Reparatio). You see, at the time these coins were designed,

the Emperor had just won several important military battles against the foes of Rome. At the same time, Romans were preparing to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Rome. To mark these momentous occasions, this new motto was added and the joyful inscription makes complete sense.

A Miracle of Survival for 1,600 Years

For more than sixteen centuries, these stunning coins have survived the rise and fall of empires, earthquakes, floods and two world wars. The relatively few Roman bronze coins that have survived to this day were often part of buried treasure hoards, hidden away centuries ago until rediscovered and brought to light. These authentic Roman coins can be found in major museums around the world. But today, thanks to GovMint. com, you can find them a little closer to home: your home! Claim your very own genuine Roman Gladiator Bronze Coin for less than $40 (plus s/h). Each coin is protected in a clear acrylic holder for preservation and display. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies your coin. Unfortunately, quantities are extremely limited. Less than 2,000 coins are currently available. Demand is certain to be overwhelming so call now for your best chance at obtaining this authentic piece of the Roman Empire.

Approximately 17-20 mm

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We invite you to examine your coin in your home or office—with the confidence of our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Reserve Your Coin Today! These Roman Gladiator Bronze Coins are not available in stores. Call now to reserve yours. Orders will be accepted on a strict first-call, first-served basis. Sold-out orders will be promptly refunded. Roman Gladiator Bronze $39.95 +s/h

FREE SHIPPING on 4 or More! Limited time only. Product total over $149 before taxes (if any). Standard domestic shipping only. Not valid on previous purchases.

Call today toll-free for fastest service

1-800-558-6468 Offer Code RGB181-02 Please mention this code when you call. • 1300 Corporate Center Curve, Dept. RGB181-02, Eagan, MN 55121® is a retail distributor of coin and currency issues and is not affiliated with the U.S. government. The collectible coin market is unregulated, highly speculative and involves risk. reserves the right to decline to consummate any sale, within its discretion, including due to pricing errors. Prices, facts, figures and populations deemed accurate as of the date of publication but may change significantly over time. All purchases are expressly conditioned upon your acceptance of’s Terms and Conditions ( terms-conditions or call 1-800-721-0320); to decline, return your purchase pursuant to’s Return Policy. © 2022 All rights reserved.



S I T U AT I O N By Gary Turner


hether it’s a mess of channel catfish for supper or trophy blue cats, I love catfishing! From Texas to Virgina and Nebraska to Florida, I have caught catfish all over the country. Some of my favorite locations are the Santee Cooper reservoirs in South Carolina and the mighty Tennessee River in the stretch from Tennessee into Alabama. Here’s some information on how I catch them in lakes and rivers. These fishing styles will work for catfish all over the country.


I use Abu Garcia 7000 reels with an egg sinker, swivel and 6/0 to 8/0 circle hook. If you are looking for smaller fish, downsize your hooks and baits. Bait can be fresh cut bream, shad, hotdogs, nightcrawlers or even chicken breast chunks. All of these work. On Moultrie, you can anchor up and wait, but usually you can cover more area drifting. Set your rods all on one side of the boat and let them drag along beside or behind the boat. If there is no wind, you might need to troll. If there’s lots of wind, you might need to drop drift socks or a bucket to slow your drift. For this setup, you can use the same reels and baits, but you will need to change your terminal tackle. Use a three-way swivel to attach a slinky, Lindy weight to the bottom eye on 6- to 12-inch piece of 10- to 20-pound leader. You want your weight line to be lighter than your main so if the weight snags you don’t lose your whole rig. On the back eye, use 24 to 36 inches of heavier leader to your hook. Some people also put a small cork a few inches in front of the hook to keep the bait just off the bottom.

Santee Cooper is one of my favorite destinations for big catfish and smaller eaters, too. It’s actually two lakes, Lake Marion, the upper lake, and Moultrie, the lower lake. These lakes both have giant flatheads, huge blues and eating-sized channels. When fishing Lake Marion, I like to anchor up, cast out a bunch of baits and wait. If no bites in 30 minutes, I change locations and try again. There ON THE RIVER are flats and standing timber, and you just keep When fishing the Tennessee River from moving until you find feeding fish. Sometimes you Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee to Alabama’s mark lots of fish that aren’t feeding. Lake Pickwick, I usually go much heavier on

equipment. I go with Penn Fathoms on Big Cat Fever Rods with 80-pound braid main and 100-pound leaders, sinker slides for bigger weights, and 8/0 to 10/0 hooks, depending on how big the baits are. Sometimes a double-hook rig improves your odds. Skipjack, fresh or frozen, is the preferred bait, with bream and shad as backups. Don’t be afraid to use giant baits in big water. There are some giant fish down there! In rivers, where’s there’s a good current, you can bottom bump. This technique is also popular on the Mississippi River. You slow the boat so the current carries your lines downstream. Use just enough weight so your baits walk and bounce along the bottom. This is very productive and allows you to cover lots of water. Another thing we do sometimes where the river is fairly flat and slow is to slow drift with all the rods and lines straight down and the hooks just off the bottom. If you are marking good fish, make several passes over them. Sometimes this will fire them up. I hope this helps you catch more and bigger catfish next time you go. Please remember, if you are not going to eat it, don’t kill it. Gary Turner is a regular contributor to Coastal Angler and The Angler magazines. Contact him at

GEICO.COM/BOAT • 1-800-865-4846 • LOCAL OFFICE GREAT LOW RATES | MULTI-VEHICLE DISCOUNT | SPECIALIZED AGENTS Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. Boat and PWC coverages are underwritten by GEICO. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. © 2022 GEICO. 21_782312631

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The MOB+™ is a life-saving device for your boat. It provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch, and stops the engine should you fall overboard. Connect up to 4 people at the same time.

Complies with new USCG regulation regarding mandatory emergency lanyard use 12 NATIONAL

JUNE 2022


Now available at: & (Online only) Or find your local retailer at

5 YE See read

e of The Angler Magazine! omEdition lcOhio WtoeThe Who knew a simple thing like fishing could have such an impact on our lives? I am over 60 years old and still remember my first fish. My Dad took me to Charles Mills Reservoir near Mansfield when I was very young. I actually lassoed a catfish and drug it in sideways, (which made it seem very large and heavy). The fish wasn’t hooked very well, but I was, and I have been fishin ever since. Later my Mom would let me go to a farm pond down the road by myself when I was eight years old. There I caught a huge two and half pound bass and ran back home with it. My Mom, (bless her heart), cleaned it and cooked it for me. Who knew such seemingly little events would end up being some of my fondest memories? Thanks Mom and Dad.

Lake Erie tributaries, to big rig fishing for catfish in the Muskingum River to catching sauger in the Ohio River and saugeye at Buckeye Lake. Ohio is a great place to fish and make memories, so, take a kid fishin, who knows, maybe he or she will grow up and be the CoPublisher of fishing magazine someday. Wishin’ you good fishin’ Steve Philpott Co-Publisher The Angler Magazine – Ohio Edition Office: (740) 899-0591 Photo by Steve Ph ilpott Photo by Adam Philpott

Some of my family’s best trips and funniest experiences were associated with fishing. From having my son Mitch hook my hat and throw it in the lake, to people falling in the water, there was always fun times associated. The fishing was just a good excuse for getting outside, away from electronics and the world. On one trip I took the family to Rose Lake in Hocking Hills State Park. My then three year old son Jared fell in and was completely submerged. He was okay, my wife didn’t think it was funny but the rest of us sure got a good laugh. One of my favorite trips was when we took the whole family to the AEP Lakes in Southeastern Ohio. We hiked two miles to a lake just full of bass. My wife fell in on that trip. She didn’t find that funny either, but I was chuckling when she wasn’t looking. Half of us got lost on the way back to the car, but it was a great trip! I sincerely encourage you to take a kid fishing as often as you can, and Ohio is a great place to do that in. There is such a diversity of species and method’s for catching them: from charter fishing at Lake Erie to fly fishing for trout in the Mad River and steelhead in the

Photo by Mitch Philpott

Play & Stay Shores & Islands Ohio is more than just a place, it’s a feeling. Discover something new with each adventure. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned regular, experiences here stay in your heart for a lifetime. Find your Lake Erie Love at


JUNE 2022


Anchors Away Marina

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5925 E. Saylor St. Marblehead, OH 43440 419.734.1395

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Crabby Joe’s and Crow’s Nest Restaurants on Premises ∙ 280 Ft. Gas Dock

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∙ East Harbor State Park Next Door

∙ Rack Storage

Get Ready for a WILD Time!

After lakes condit condit the m possib by far all typ prime techni spinne favorit and b on the

Ron S 3652 Servic


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Children’s Admission (3–6 years) Valid for up to 6 people with coupon. May not be used in combination with any other offer. Expires 12/4/2022.

267 S. Lightner Rd • Port Clinton, OH 17 miles west from cedar point • 1-800-521-2660


JUNE 2022







Pro Tips

Structure fishing for Bass

Structure fishing is certainly the key to success on every body of water that you will fish, no matter what state you are in and here in Ohio, we have plenty. If I am fishing from a shoreline, I focus on any types of laydowns such as fallen trees, tree stumps, lily pads or other types of cover that will offer an ambush point for a hungry Bass... If fishing from a boat, basically the same technique applies. The only difference is that you can cover more water and deep-water structure. I look for old bridges, roads and any old foundations from homes or barns that were perhaps flooded many years ago. I once paid a visit to my area zoning office and asked them if I could get a map of a local lake that used to be farmland before it was flooded. They were a great help, they printed me off 2 large copies, I was amazed. These maps really helped during my guiding trips...But yes, always look for some type of structure no matter where you fish. It will make a huge difference in your day out.

Bass fishing during the Summer Heat

Ron Slater’s Portage Lakes Guide Service • Bass • Walleye • & More

After Guiding and fishing most of my life on so many of our beautiful Ohio lakes and reservoirs, I have studied and adjusted to so many different conditions. Flexibility is important since there are so many different conditions that Ohio fishing throws at you. During the heat of late June and the month of July, I try to get out on the water as early in the morning as possible. I focus on “skipping” at docks as much as possible, as this is by far my favorite way of fishing. As the sun rises , this is where bass of all types try to stay because it is their comfort zone, as these areas are prime ambush points for easy prey. My largest bass have come from this technique. Finesse fishing is so exciting! Later around noon I switch to my spinnerbaits and crankbaits, it is always fun to bring in a nice one on your favorite lure; but the true fun lies in the people that you meet along the way and being able to share your experiences with them. Until we meet again on the water take care of yourselves. Ron Slater. Pro#808. N.P.A.A. (330) 7803652

(330) 780-3652

Anglers - come check out our huge inventory of rods, reels & all your fishing accessories. The Fin has it all!

Visit one of our 6 locations in Northern Ohio or our website - ASHLAND 652 US HIGHWAY 250 E • 44805 419-281-2557 MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS 18030 BAGLEY RD. • 44130 440-243-9400

CANTON 4080 BELDEN VILLAGE ST. NW • 44718 330-493-8300 BOARDMAN 1138 BOARDMAN-POLAND RD. • 44514 330-729-1300

MILAN 12400 US HIGHWAY 250 N • 44846 419-499-1700 ROSSFORD 27171 CROSSROADS PKWY. • 43460 567-331-6300


JUNE 2022


June Report

Fish On! I can't think of another way to get started thinking about June than how great May finished up. If there was a fish you thought about trying for, somewhere on the western end of Lake Erie they were there, hungry, and ready to be caught. From walleye to bluegill, we can hope this great fishing carries into June. Walleye will be in a post spawn feed mode and many fish will be hanging around the deep flats north of the reefs and west of the islands. Normally deep-water areas around West Sister Island, Rattlesnake Island, and the Firing range are good areas to look for some fish. The fish will be suspended and on the bottom, don't be afraid to vary your depth to get the pattern set up on the school you’re fishing. If there is a nice "walleye chop" break out the worm harnesses and get to casting. With a good drift, a casting harnesses can be some very fun fishing! I like to use 28in. harnesses with a #4 Colorado blade. If you're into trolling or don't have a drift to move you over the fish, try trolling the crawler harnesses behind planar boards from 1.5-1.9mph or using Tru-trip divers ahead of some Yeck or Michigan stinger spoons trolled at 1.9 to 2.4mph. Both techniques are successful, but the spoons won't require any bait and normally keep away other species of fish. Another major target species, bass, have been on fire and still should be biting as you read this. As they finish up spawning, they will also be in a post spawn feed mode with many other species and will hit about anything. Productive baits for smallmouth will be mostly tubes and drop shots, while largemouth will be shallow on spinnerbaits and flipping soft plastics. White bass will be in the rivers early in the month but as they leave the rivers, look to the lake shoreline and piers for seagulls diving on minnows, it is very common to see these fun fighters within casting distance for some non-stop action on any type of a minnow looking bait. June will also be a great time to look for catfish anywhere, expect great results with a worm or shrimp fished on the bottom, especially in Sandusky Bay. Lastly, bluegill in the marinas will be on fire biting small baits and it is always a fun time getting the kids out and catching a nice meal. Wherever your line casts, expect good things this month as Lake Erie never disappoints!

Captain Bill Dorsey

P.O. Box 1538, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

(614) 679-4449


As always if you're looking to book a walleye or perch charter ask for me at Sea Breeze Charters @ 877-616-7780 ( and ask for Capt. Jonny Fickert.

Tips on how to prepare for an Offshore Lake Erie Kayak Fishing Adventure There are many things to consider when preparing for an offshore adventure kayak fishing on Lake Erie. A few of the most important items are as follows: Knowing the current and future wind, weather, and wave forecasts for the area you plan to fish.

Lake Erie Kayak Fishing Guided


Always wearing a coast guard approved PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Wear the proper thermal safety gear for potential cold-water dangers, a drysuit should be worn anytime the water temperature is below 60 degrees. Leave a float plan with a friend or family member, and let them know where you plan to launch, what direction you plan to travel, and what time you plan on returning. Carry a handheld VHF radio to contact nearby vessels or the Coast Guard in the event of an emergency. Carry a whistle, compass, snacks, sunscreen, and plenty of water. An Airhorn might be a good idea too. Be Highly visible with bright clothing and bright safety flags, while also keeping a watchful eye on the horizon for incoming vessels. It’s optional to go out but mandatory we make it back. A guide service can help you learn the ins and outs of kayak fishing safely, can take you where the fish are, and best approaches to catching them. Lake Erie is one of the best freshwater fisheries in the world; chasing monster walleye, steelhead, smallmouth, and other species from a kayak is a fun and exciting experience. Chuck Earls (216) 296-9157 4 OHIO

JUNE 2022 Chuck Earls - 216.296.9157 | Chuck Earls - 216.296.9157

We spend 6+ hours off shore chasing Lake Erie Legends! Take home your catch or let it swim away for another day, the choice is yours! See you on the water!


Lake Erie's Largest Walleye Fishing Tournament 2022 Walleye Fall Brawl October 15 - November 27 Kayak, womens, and kids divisions

Each entry is a chance to win a Chevy Silverado! Enter to win a two person elk hunt and receive a free Fall Brawl sweatshirt

Custom painted crankbaits, casting and trolling harnesses, spoons, apparel and more! Steve Hammer (419) 565-3398 Located with Sandusky Bait Co @ The Shelby Street Public Boat Ramp 101 Shelby Street Sandusky, OH 44870

Registration deadline- October 12th at midnight

Register at or scan the QR code

Others insure boats, we assure boaters! Innovative boating insurance, leveraging proactive, risk-reducing technology to keep the most exciting aspect of your life stress-free. Fishing Equipment On-Water Towing Boat Recovery Assistance Tag Coverage for your cell phone in case it falls overboard

Boat insurance for boaters, by boaters.


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Marine Sales

See Our Current In-Store Sale at IN-STORE HOURS MON, WED, FRI 9-8; TUE, THURS, SAT 9-5; CLOSED SUNDAY

Professional Boat Brokerage 145 SE Catawba Rd. Port Clinton, OH 43452


1987 Marinette 1989 Carver 2018 Four Winns 1993 Tiara 1987 Tiara 1990 Tiara 2000 Pursuit 2001 Proline 1992 Tiara 1984 Sea Ray 2005 Proline 1993 Tiara


41 Marquis DC T-350hp Crusaders 38 Santego Sale Pending! Vista 375 T-350hp MerCruisers 3600 Convertible Sale Pending! 3600 Convertible Sale Pending! 3100 Convertible T-350hp Crusaders 3070 Offshore T-250hp Yamahas 30 Express T-225hp Mercurys 290 Sportboat T-271 Volvos 270 Seadancer T-270hp Crusaders 23 Sport CC Sale Pending! 220 Sportboat 230hp MerCruiser

201 N. GAMBLE ST. SHELBY, OHIO 44875 419.347.3007


1 FREE LURE* with ANY PURCHASE JUNE 1-30, 2022

n One FREE Den-Select Lure With Any Purchase. Limit 1. In-Store Only. Must Present Coupon At Time Of Purchase.



• Marina • Charters • Bait & Tackle Shop • Beer Cave

Our family has been operating the marina since 1921. While we have offered fishing charters and marina services for years, we have recently expanded into other services






B 6965 E. Harbor Rd., Marblehead, OH 43440

(419) 734-1143 6 OHIO

JUNE 2022



Se 53


URS 9-8; 9-5; DAY

ST. 875 007



e nd x-



Luxurious Townhouses


AT? G A BO ing TOWeINplenty of poaurtk

We hatov get in and


Fish off your deck in our catch-and-release pond


Charter Boats Available thru Mark I Sport Fishing

BAIT&TACKLE Shop Top of the Line Gear

Live Bait Wells

See us on Facebook at /baysedgebaitandtackle 5359 E. Bayshore Rd, Port Clinton, OH • 419-732-6155 • COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM

Located in the Lake Erie’s Western Basin with quick access to Lake Erie Islands JUNE 2022


Summer is Peak Time for Sandusky Bay Channel Catfish Everyone knows about Lake Erie’s legendary walleye fishing, but in recent years Channel catfish are also getting the attention of anglers far and wide.

There are multiple publicly and privately-owned places for Catfish anglers to launch small boats in the Sandusky Bay, but boatless anglers can find great action all around it.

In the Sandusky Bay, the population and sizes of this popular North American species have been sharply growing, likely due to water quality improvements, according to Ohio Division of Wildlife Lake Erie Fisheries Administrator Travis Hartman.

The most popular and roomy are the “Twin Bridges,” parallel to State Route 2, where anglers can enter from the south from the Village of Bayview or from the north using Yetter Road in Port Clinton.

Several licensed guides now operate charter services for trophy catfish there.

Rip-rap boulders used to protect the road from erosion and swift currents funneled through the bridge channels provide the habitats that attract Channel catfish.

Their pontoon boats provide roomy, stable fishing platforms just minutes away from their docks for up to 6 clients during each morning and afternoon trip - that can be arranged to last for 4 or 6-hours. During my trips with them, we were almost continuously busy with fish ranging from 1 to 14-pounds. The guides have no preference either way, but we elected to release all but 10 smaller ones that I took home to smoke for some friends. Their bait of choice is raw shrimp, threaded on a 3/0 Kayle hook. Nightcrawlers work well on catfish too but draw unwanted attraction of White perch and other pesky bait-stealers. The Sandusky Bay has vast expanses of uncrowded water containing high numbers of fish; an almost assured chance of landing 10-pound-plus trophies; and fair odds of netting one over 20 pounds. 8 OHIO

JUNE 2022

Ohio daily fishing limits allows one Channel catfish of 28-inches or greater per angler with no limit on smaller fish. The Ohio Dept. of Health’s fish consumption advisory recommends limiting meals of Sandusky River/Lake Erie catfish to once per month due to PCB and Mercury in the sediments that bottom-feeders bio-accumulate as they age. However, fish under 18-inches can be eaten with less concern. John Hageman now writes approximately 125 articles per year after retiring from the Ohio Sea Grant/Stone Laboratory - The Ohio State University’s Lake Erie biology station at Put-in-Bay. PHOTO: A quadruple catch of Channel catfish taken simultaneously in the Sandusky Bay last June (John Hageman)



LIKE NO OTHER INNOVATION DRIVES SUZUKI ON THE WATER Unparalleled throttle response and silky-smooth shifting along with the outboard is in a class of it’s own. With Suzuki Marine’s reputation for going to make memories that will last for years to come.


5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY applies to qualifying purchases of Suzuki outboard motors sold and delivered to the retail purchaser, for pleasure (non-commercial) use only, from April 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. See Suzuki Limited Warranty for additional details. Suzuki, the “S” logo, and Suzuki model and product names are Suzuki Trademarks or ®. Don’t drink and drive. Always wear a USCG-approved life jacket and read your owner’s manual. © 2022 Suzuki Marine USA, LLC. All rights reserved.

Mark Your Calendars for the 2022 Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament!


ong considered the granddaddy of all kingfish tournaments, the 42nd year of the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament (GJKT) is slated for July 22-23 out of Jacksonville, Fla.’s Jim King Park at the confluence of Sisters Creek and the St. Johns River. Started by local businessmen in 1980, the GJKT has spawned the interest of generations of anglers, and the inaugural event was held in July of 1981. Out of its success, Jacksonville Marine Charities was born and serves as the operating arm of the GJKT. Proceeds from the event will support marine science research, preservation and education. To date, well over $400,000 have supported these ventures. Traditionally the tournament draws thousands of spectators, who enjoy the daily events and the parade of boats arriving to weigh their catch. This is as close to stadium spectating as it gets, because boats of all sizes and almost every make will make their way to weigh in. It’s great to root for the underdogs in the small boats. There will also be good food and plenty of drinks in the Liar’s Tent as well as entertainment. And don’t forget the Boatique, where you can purchase some very nice tournament shirts. Since it’s inception, the GJKT has been a multi-day event, but with the

uncertainty of fuel prices, as well as a sputtering economy, the board of directors of the GJKT has adopted a format change. This year we have moved the tournament fishing days to Friday and Saturday. Friday will be the General Tournament Day. That’s right, it is a one-day general tournament day. Anglers may weigh in two of their biggest fish and the Ladies can weigh a Lady Angler fish. The Largest Kingfish and Largest Aggregate places, as well as Largest Ladies will all come from that one day of fishing. Saturday is dedicated to the Kids Jr. Angler Tournament, and fishing will end at 2 p.m. on Saturday. All awards will be Saturday evening. These changes will save you the whole second day of expenses that normally come with tournament week, such as lodging, fuel, bait, etc., as well as saving you from using up vacation days from work. The tournament payout will still be the same! Anglers still fish for the best prize in the game, a 25-foot Contender with twin Yamaha 150s, rigged out and valued at over $160,000. Also new this year, the tournament will pay down to 20 places in Big Fish and 20 places in Aggregate as well as 10 places for Ladies! The rewards are bigger than ever, and you’ll save the added expense and wear and tear of that second day. So do your homework and be ready for game day! The GJKT looks forward to having a great event. For more information, please visit





JUNE 2022


If your device has an LCD that has faded over time, or want to inquire about possible repair options for your unit, give us a call or visit our website!

ard of e have ay will eneral sh and sh and come Kids Jr. urday.

When things go south on the water, make sure you have towing from TowBoatUS. It’s the biggest and best towing service around, with 600+ boats on the water, the red boats are ready to help at a moments notice.

es that as well


he best ut and own to Ladies! se and r game

Details of services provided can be found online at TowBoatU.S. is not a rescue service. In an emergency situation, you must contact the Coast Guard or a government agency immediately.



his summer, staying cool and protected from the sizzling heat is no sweat for the Sun & Water Collection from Reel Life. The collection features a cooling, quickdry fabric with 360 degrees stretch that will keep you super comfy on and in the water. From hoodies and long sleeve tees to boardshorts, the Sun & Water Collection has something for everyone willing to dive off the boat or relax on the white sandy beaches. COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM

JUNE 2022





JUNE 2022




If you read my column last month, I introduced the topic of true long-distance lures. This month, I’m going to present the elements of a lure that allow it to be cast a long way. I hope this helps you select lures that achieve excellent distance and action. Shape: A lure that’s built for distance is elongated so that the widest diameter or width is no more than a quarter of the lure length. Width adds air resistance, which results in lost momentum and poorer performance. On the other hand, counter to what some may think, very slim lures are also not the best. Unless most of the weight is at the very end of the tail, a super slim lure will These see-through pencil lures illustrate tumble with air resistance weight placement for an optimized on a cast, which has balance of casting distance and fishing a negative effect on action. They also demonstrate proper distance. ratios between length and width. The longest distance lures have their widest diameter at a fifth and a third of the length of the lure, from the tail. Buoyancy: There is no doubt that sinking lures cast farther than floating lures with a similar shape. Within reason, the more dense a lure is, the farther it will fly. Depending on the brand, these can be called “Super Long Distance,” “Bullet” or “Rocket” type lures. Unless you specifically want a topwater presentation, you want a lure that sinks at rest if you’re after distance. Weight Position: To impart the most momentum to a lure in the casting movement, the majority of weight should be located between the tail and a third of the length from the tail. Total Weight: This one depends on angler preference as well as the rod being used. There are situations when light tackle is called for. However, for pure distance, regardless of a lure’s dimensions, there’s a weight range between 1.5 and 4 ounces for most anglers and most rods to deliver the most efficient casts. That can be narrowed down to a sweet spot of 2.5 to 3 ounces in most cases. Only trial and error will dial in what works best for you and your needs. Appendages: The denser the lure, the better it is for the distance. The catch is, high density may impact swimming action. The best lures offer the best of both worlds. Appendages such as side wings provide lift in the water when a lure is retrieved, which provides action without sacrificing casting distance. Next month, we’ll speak about types of long distance lures. Legendary angler Patrick Sebile is a world record holder and an award-winning designer of innovative lures and fishing gear. Check out his creations at

Franchise Opportunities Available Nationwide!

PUBLISH YOUR OWN FISHING MAGAZINE! If you love the outdoors and dream of being in business for yourself, now is the time to choose a Coastal Angler or The Angler Magazine Franchise.

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Don’t see your location? Ask one of our specialists about franchise availability in your area.



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he Suzuki DF2.5 portable outboard is the smallest Suzuki 4-stroke to date. Weighing just 30 pounds, the DF2.5 is the lightest Suzuki 4-stroke motor ever built. Suzuki is also proud to note that the DF2.5 meets the rigorous EPA 2010 and CARB 3-Star Ultra Low emissions standards. A 2.5 HP single cylinder OHV 4-stroke engine, with 4.15 cu. in. displacement, generates plenty of power for small tenders and inflatables. It features easy-to-pull recoil starting with Suzuki Pointless Electronic Ignition. No battery is required for this remarkably simple and reliable system. Drawing held 8/1/22. Winners announced on Facebook. 18 NATIONAL

JUNE 2022


exter’s Versa~Flex provides a superior ride utilizing patented torsion technology. Uniquely designed with independent suspension, Versa~Flex allows your boat trailer to pull smoothly and safely, matching all types of road conditions. Versa~Flex mounts direct to the trailer frame to add stability and reduce flex. Each wheel-end is attached with a splined system that delivers maximum adjustability for your ride height. The one-bolt design can also be easily changed if damaged. Dexter offers Versa~Flex in capacities ranging from 3700 lbs. to 7000 lbs. to match your application. For peace of mind, Versa~Flex is backed by a 5 Year warranty. Dexter is committed to providing its customers with the most durable, highest level quality, and performance torsion axles on the market. All axles go through rigorous safety and quality testing, so you’ll have no concerns of damage to precious cargo due to road shock. Their unique independent axle suspension means a smoother ride for your trailer and a greater peace of DEXTERAXLE.COM mind for you.



the marketplace. Mitzi Skiff became the brand for skinny-water anglers who value simplicity and functionality. A Mitzi does everything the pricier skiffs do, yet they are affordable enough for any angler to own and operate. About 30 years later, Mitzi has expanded to offer 15’, 16’ and 17’ skiffs that all perform the purposes of the original design exceptionally well. Continued innovation has made Mitzi a boat other builders imitate, and they still come at a significantly lower price point than the competition. The 17’ and the 17’ Tournament have become the brand’s hottest sellers. “The 15’ took the micro-skiff market by storm,” said Brad Grubbs, who owns and manufactures Mitzi Skiffs in North Carolina. “Since then, the brand has sort of evolved toward the 17’, which works just fine as a multi-purpose boat. It really is a very nice boat, notwithstanding the price point.” The Mitzi Skiff 17’ is a stripped-down and customizable version of the 17’ Tournament, which comes with the options Grubbs said most of his fishing customers were asking for. Both boats draft just 7 inches loaded, they pole easily, they pole straight, and they reach speeds into the 40s with a 60 hp engine. While the 15’ is a one or two-man boat that’s at-home on the flats, the 17’ can fish three people and it’s got better range. The 17’s primary purpose is still as a flats boat, yet it also doubles admirably as bay boat. “It’s not just a flats boats; it’s a little bit of an open water boat, too,” Grubbs said. The 17’ features a modified V-hull with an 11-degree deadrise at transom. There’s no hull slap, and rolled gunnels knock down spray for an exceptionally dry ride. They are built for light weight to run shallow, yet they are solid and durable to stand up to long years of heavy use. From hideaway pushpole holders to flush-mount hardware, Mitzi has obviously put some thought into making decks clean and fishable for fly anglers. Large, clean and stable casting decks are something Mitzi has become known for. “Keep it simple stupid, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” Grubbs quipped. f you’re a shallow-water angler, you might already know the story behind the legendary Mitzi Skiff. In the mid-1990s, Tom Mitzlaff started toying For nearly three decades, Mitzi has built skiffs for anglers more interested in with ideas to build a boat for his own use. There was nothing affordable fishing than in spending a lot of money. It’s a philosophy that works. on the market with the shallow draft, clean layout and quiet maneuverability Mitzi Skiff boats are available exclusively through select dealers. needed for fly fishing the flats. So, Mitzlaff built the original 15-foot Mitzi Skiff. For more on Mitzi Skiffs, go to It didn’t take long for anglers to take notice, and that boat revolutionized






LET’S GO! 25’ C-Hawk CC

tented nsion, safely,

reduce imum easily m 3700 Flex is

urable, l axles erns of nt axle


JUNE 2022


AndAlusiA MArine & powersports inc.

Headquarters For All your Boating needs Xpress

1707 River Falls Street, Andalusia, AL 36421



(334) 427-1428



All kinds of parts and accessories in stock and ready for delivery!

certified full line YAmAhA deAler! GreAt service!


CHOOSE FIBERGLASS PONTOON HULLS FOR THE BEST BOAT RIDE EVER StyleCraft Boats Makes Proprietary Fiberglass Pontoon Hulls


luminum has dominated the platform boat industry for years, until now. Move over aluminum, fiberglass pontoon hulls are the way to go for so many reasons. StyleCraft Boats creates multiple versions of the popular pontoon boat, all based on proprietary fiberglass pontoons with a racing hull design. The advantages of fiberglass over aluminum are great for the boat owner. Starting with the design, StyleCraft Boats uses A&M Manufacturing fiberglass pontoon hulls with a successful track record of a quarter century. The unique design is not round but flat on the bottom. This produces a very shallow-running boat with a draft of just 8 to 10 inches. The flat bottom pontoon also enhances the boat’s performance. Getting on a plane is much quicker, and the boat quietly glides across the water with less friction. As a result, less engine horsepower is needed. Less horsepower means less fuel demand. With today’s gasoline prices, this is a huge plus. Ever see an aluminum hull with welding scars that weaken the aluminum, bent fins or creased sides? The durability of fiberglass eliminates these issues. The fiberglass on a StyleCraft Boat is 1/2 inch thick, with much more body than aluminum of equivalent weight. StyleCraft Boats can take the abuse and mishaps with little to no harm. And should the boat have an accident, the fiberglass can be repaired back to new condition. No one enjoys boat maintenance, and fiberglass pontoon hulls are extremely user friendly. The very nature of aluminum causes electrolysis in saltwater, which deteriorates from corrosion on the hull surface in a big way. Not so with fiberglass. StyleCraft even coats the bottom of the pontoons with a special “SharkSkin” paint layer to reduce biological

growth of both plants and animals such as algae and barnacles. StyleCraft fiberglass pontoons always look clean, sleek and higher end. So, what’s it going to be? The smart STYLECRAFT BOATS.COM choice is fiberglass pontoon hulls from 1-855-STYLECRAFT StyleCraft Boats for that next boat purchase.



JUNE 2022



f A r s w d m

W B b i

N m a g

The Return of a

S T s

L s c

L t Custom Built Quality Outdoor BBQ Products Since 1989

Pig Cookers, Patio Grills, Smokers, Customized BBQ Trailers

For More Info 1-252-236-4464 6043 Hwy 301N, Elm City, NC 22 NATIONAL

JUNE 2022



Flip Flip Hooray! A perfect symbol of fun in the sun for only $79


ere’s a memorable beach moment: You’re basking in the warm sun, toes in the sand, letting the gentle turn of the foam-capped waves lull you into a state of complete relaxation. As your eyes scan the endless horizon of blue on blue, you’re rewarded with a school of dolphins making their way across the sea. There’s no denying their signature shape as they leap from the water. If you don’t see anything else extraordinary the rest of the day, you can take solace knowing you’ve witnessed one of nature’s most playful and intelligent creatures in their natural habitat. Why not re-create that special toes-in-the-sand moment with our Blue Topaz Dolphin Pendant? The beloved sea mammal has been captured mid-jump in sterling silver. And, tucked into its fins is a full two carats of shimmering blue topaz. Nothing captures the shimmering color of the ocean in the midday sun like blue topaz. With its sparkling clear blue color and high refractive index, blue topaz is one of the top-selling blue gemstones. And with our special price, you have quite the catch. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy the Blue Topaz Dolphin Pendant for 30 days. If it doesn’t pass the test swimmingly, send it back for a full refund of the item price.

A full two carats of shimmering blue topaz set in sterling silver

Limited Reserves. A full two carats of genuine blue topaz set in sterling silver for this price is as rare as a dolphin sighting. We cannot guarantee availability for long. Call today!

Limited to the first 1900 responders to this ad only! To show exquisite details, pendant shown is not exact size. Chain sold separately.

“Enormously popular, significantly intelligent and scientifically sophisticated, dolphins are amidst the most beloved animals among people.” — Dolphins-World “This sterling silver dolphin is absolutely beautiful and the blue topaz is like the color of the ocean” — Vivian, Cabool, MO


Blue Topaz Dolphin Pendant non-offer code price $395 Offer Code Price Only $79* + S&P Save $316!


Your Insider Offer Code: DPP336-03 *Special price only for customers using the offer code.

® 14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. DPP336-03, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

• 2 ctw blue topaz; ½ ctw The Ultimate Diamond Alternative®, DiamondAura® • .925 sterling silver setting • Sterling silver chain sold separately

Stauer… Afford the Extraordinary.®

Rating of A+





uccess stories are often driven by individuals with the ingenuity and work ethic to recognize and fill a need in the marketplace. The longevity of a dream results from a commitment to quality and continued innovation. Parkit360° is such a story. In 2009, when founder Steve Houle brought his electric trailer dollies to market, it was the culmination of years working to fill a niche need. About a decade later, with business booming, Steve has passed down the same work ethic and problem-solving spirit to his son Stefan Houle, who now manages the company and continues to produce the planet’s most advanced trailer dollies for happy customers worldwide. None of this happened overnight. Steve is a problem solver and the son of a millwright. He grew up around a machine shop using his mind, hands and machines to build things. He credits his father for instilling in him work ethic as well as the business sense to turn good ideas into marketable solutions. “I’ve always enjoyed building solutions to problems I saw around me,” Steve said. “Being able to turn this hobby of mine into a career has been hands down the greatest experience of my life.” Years ago, a problem manifested itself in dramatic fashion when Steve and his wife purchased a 27-foot cabin cruiser. On their maiden voyage, the wind blew them into another boat while maneuvering out of the docks. That costly mishap set Steve on a career path devising tools to maneuver large objects safely in small spaces. “The same week, out of pure necessity, I developed my own bow thruster, spending countless days testing, developing, and finally bringing this product to the market,” he said. “We received great feedback from the release.” That bow thruster became Sideshift, which revolutionized bow and stern thruster technology to make docking large boats easier. But Steve didn’t stop there. “Backing a trailer into a tight spot can be the most frustrating experience in the world. I know firsthand,” Steve said. “I found this gap in the market and I aimed to do my best to fill it.” Thus, Parkit360° was born. Steve started small, collecting feedback from RV enthusiasts and boaters and building prototype trailer dollies in his garage shop. “My number one priority was to help individuals trying to fit their boats or RVs into a small spot in their garage or yard,” he said. After seven prototypes, Steve finally built a product he was satisfied with. He began selling units one-off on ebay. Since then, Parkit360° has grown along with its reputation as a superior product. The company now

occupies a 12,000 square foot facility with numerous employees building thousands of units per year. And as the passion for a product passes on to the next generation, Stefan is tasked with continued improvement to trailer dollies that are already more powerful, more versatile and easier to use than anything else on the market. Check out Parkit360° at


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