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Athe cooler waters of great depths, deep-water grouper are some of the better tasting sh in the ocean. of deep-water grouper we target o coast of the Florida Keys are snowy grouper and yellowedge grouper. ey are found in depths of 400 to 1,000 feet.

Yellowedge are open year-round, and they can be a little di cult to nd. ey congregate in localized areas in depths between 600 and 800 feet. You might nd snowies and tile sh where you nd yellowedges, but this is not true the other way around. When you nd an area with yellowedge grouper, mark it, save it, and do not over sh it. Keep your harvest light, and this honey-hole will produce for you again in the future.

When making a deep-dropping rig, use larger hooks on the top and bottom of a ve-hook rig. Mustad 11/0 circle hooks provide excellent hookup ratios for this kind of shing. A x larger baits on these hooks, with the bottom intended for yellowedge, and the top intended for snowy grouper. Pepper in smaller ones in the middle for tile sh.

e nice part about dropping ve hooks is you can play with a variety and see what works. e best

to do what it is made to do.

Bait selection can vary greatly, so use anything and everything. I use chunks of fresh sh, with skin that will stay on the hook longer, for my top and bottom hooks, and squid in the middle. At least one hook should have some greasy, oily, stinky squid for deep dropping.

When it comes to catching deep-water species such as grouper, tile sh, barrel sh and rosies, you don’t need to break the bank to get a reliable electric set-up. e lower priced reels can handle these and can be paired with a rod and stacked with line on a budget of $1,000 to $2,000. I don’t recommend buying these used, as everything electronic on the water has a shelf life, and you never know how they were cared for previously.

With mahi-mahi still prevalent in o shore waters, and with snowy grouper still in season, the timing is perfect to hunt yellowedge grouper. If you aren’t interested in the trial and error of searching the depths of the vast ocean by yourself, Sweet

Tesoro spinning reels feature a carbonite high-output DFD drag system with Cal’s drag grease that puts out over 55-pounds of fsh stopping power. Built with strength and protection in mind, Tesoro features an IPX-7 full-body waterproof design and proprietary ALUMILITE body, side plate and rotor. With an interchangeable screw-in handle system and fve models from 8000 to 20000 size, Tesoro spinning reels are sure to complement any big game saltwater arsenal. TA-140000HA

Capt. Quinlyn Haddon and Sweet E’nuf Charters at (504) 920-6342, and on social @captainquinlyn.
E’nuf Charters’ two-boat eet is available to help put you on the grouper.
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BILL DANCE SIGNATURE LAKES to Solidify Tennessee as the Heart of Fishing in the Southeast

Bill Dance Signature Lakes will connect the world’s most-loved angler with some of Tennessee’s most excellent natural resources – its lakes. is program is intended to make Tennessee a best-in-class destination for anglers worldwide.

With the new initiative’s goal to improve and enhance Tennessee lakes, increase visitation and honor Dance’s legacy, Tennessee will invest $15 million in improvements above and below the water at 18 lakes that bear shing legend Dance’s stamp of approval. Tennesseans will bene t from increased stocking, habitat and sheries management and improved access for shing and boating. e collaborative e ort between Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee Department of Tourist Development seeks to solidify Tennessee as the heart of shing in the southeast and drive economic activity across the state.

“I’m unbelievably humbled and excited to be involved in such a helpful project that will bene t so many people and our natural resources in my great home state of Tennessee,” said Bill Dance. “You can bet your favorite lure this project will have a ripple e ect for a mighty long time, not only giving the weekend sherman but tournament anglers a wonderful shery as well, thanks to the great state of Tennessee and my friends at TWRA.”

Bill Dance Signature Lakes touches 39 counties, including 22 at-risk or economically distressed counties, and is an essential step in helping those communities create new revenue streams through increased visitation. Fishing generates $1.2 billion in economic impact annually and supports 7,480 jobs across the state.

Bill Dance Signature Lakes includes nine large reservoirs with a proven track record for quality shing for a variety of sh. In partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, reservoirs will receive new or upgraded best-inclass ramps to improve public access for both recreational and tournament anglers. Each of the 18 lakes will see such above-water upgrades as courtesy docks, ample parking, additional access points, shing piers and signage, to name a few. Several smaller lakes, many which are located within Tennessee State Parks, will be managed intensively by TWRA for Bill Dance approved family shing with regular stocking to ensure the best chance for success.

Projects are slated to begin in 2022 and near completion by the fall of 2024. For more information, see

8 NATIONAL AUGUST 2023 COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM Fishflagstellthestory! Catch all 4 Hanap‘a “slippahs” from Scott Hawaii FAMILY RUN IN HAWAII FOR 90 YEARS
Hanapa‘a - Mahi Hanapa‘a
- Ono
Hanapa‘a - Ahi
Fish flags inspired by
Marine Flags. @fishflags
Hanapa‘a - Marlin
Sun Dot
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Summer is in full swing causing the water temps to consistently stay in the upper 80’s, this can cause the inshore fishing to be very tough! However, one fish that is abundant in our area this time of year is the Tripletail, and when it’s HOT we go Tripletail fishing! In this article I am going to go over a few key things to help you get on your next Tripletail.

1. DON’T wake up early. That’s right, go ahead and sleep in! Tripletail are mainly caught by sight casting at them, therefore we need the sun to be a little higher to be able to see down into the water and spot them. I typically plan to start my Tripletail trips around 10:00 AM.

2. Look for anything floating. Tripletail love to nose up to structure and debris in the water, don’t pass anything floating without giving a close look and a couple casts. Common things to look for: crab trap buoys, floating grass, logs, cooler lids, and even Gatorade and drink bottles. LITTERALLY anything that you see floating on the surface, has the potential to hold Tripletail.


3. The right rig. When it comes to Tripletail fishing, the right rig is everything! The main rig I use for Tripletail is a slip cork rig. The slip cork rig is essential because it allows you to quickly adjust the depths that your bait is suspending in (I typically start shallow and adjust my cork deeper). The hook I use is a BKK #2 circle hook, which is perfect for medium size shrimp. The size line that I use is 30-pound braid to a 5 foot 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. The main bait I use is live shrimp.

These are the main 3 things that will get you out there and landing more Tripletail. For more information on Tripletail fishing or any other form of inshore fishing be sure to check out our YouTube channel “Southern Salt”. Good luck, be safe, and tight lines!!

Tips o
CaTCh More ripleTail
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ecently on a fishing trip to the Tombigbee River with a good friend, we were pursuing a fishery that is often overlooked in summertime: crappie. There are a lot of people who believe that crappie fishing is mainly a spring and fall fishery, however, summer can produce some of the most consistent bites you’ll find all year. Here’s how I’ll break down water when fishing a new location, or a favorite location I haven’t visited in a while.

First, I will use my side scan to locate stumps, lay downs, and brush piles and mark them on the GPS. Second, since my boat is equipped with forward facing sonar, I always circle back and check them again whether I saw fish or not on the side scan. Next, I’ll use the forward facing sonar to check lay downs and stumps on inside bends of the main river system as well as eddys. I’m usually looking in 8 to 20 feet of water. Forward facing sonar is also a fantastic tool to chase open water crappie that aren’t on structure. On the recent Tombigbee trip we found our better fish in open water suspended out in 5 to 7 foot deep in 14 feet of water.

As far as tackle and gear I use a variety of rod lengths. I have everything from a 5 foot dock shooter all the way to a 13 foot rod I use to drop a bait directly down on a fish. My preferred approach is casting. We used a combination of a 6’ 6” casting rods as well as a 9’ rod with a 1/16 or 1/32 oz Delta Jig Co. hair jig with 4lb test and tied with a loop knot to catch our crappie on the recent Tombigbee River trip. If the fish are a little finicky and deeper I will use a 9 foot rod with a 1/32 oz jig with a small split shot above it. When choosing colors I let the fish tell me what they want. I usually start with three different colors: a natural color like Grey Ghost, a white (Frost), and then either an orange or black variation like Kajun Kricket. The Tombigbee fish went crazy for Frost. Summertime fish are also willing to eat a minnow dropped into a laydown or by a brush pile.

Summer Crappie Fishing

If you encounter finicky fish, you may need to downsize your bait in summertime to 1 1/4” or even 1”. One thing that I have noticed with a lot of crappie fishermen is that they will sit on a spot too long. If you pull up to a spot and catch fish pretty fast and they just shut off, try fishing a little deeper or change color or profile. If I haven’t caught a good fish or got a bite in 10 to 15 minutes, I am moving on. There’s plenty of water to to fish this summer with lots of crappie to catch! Hope to see you on the river

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Nautical Knowledge “101”

Recreation Boating Education Class

July 22nd-23rd 8:30-5:30 (Both Days)

This is a Recreational Boating Education Class That Includeds: Chart Familiarization, Docking and Anchoring Theory, Weather, VHF Radio Use, GPS, Magnetic Compass Use, Planning a Voyage, Emergency Actions while Underway, Life Jacket Use, Knot Tying, Tides, Man Overbaord Theory, and SO Much More. This is a full 2 Day, 16 Hour Class

August 7th-9th OUPV Captains Class (Class Full)

Sept 11th-23rd OUPV Captains Class (Evening Class)

Call: (941)-268-6622 OR Sign Up Online @


The USCG Navigation Rules of the Road (NAVRULES) are regulations which aid mariners in safe navigation, just as driving laws aid vehicles in safe driving. The NAVRULES are legally binding and applicable to each and every boater. This week we will discuss Rule 14 (Head on Situation). Rule 14 is written for two power-driven vessels that are meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses and a + risk of collision exists. The rule states that each vessel SHALL (one of the few times the USCG uses this word) alter their course to starboard so that each vessel shall pass on the port side of the other. This situation shall also be deemed to exist when a vessel sees the other ahead or nearly ahead and by night, you would see the masthead light of the other vessel in a line or nearly in a line and both sidelights (red and green) and by day you would observe the corresponding aspect of the other vessel (looking at her bow head on). If you are in doubt as to whether such a situation exists you shall assume that it does and act accordingly. The majority of boaters do not understand this rule because many have no formal boating education. Many will turn port, speed up or do nothing at all and hit you if you don’t depart from the rules and prevent a collision. Remember, sounding the danger signal on your boats whistle (5 short blasts) as early as possible if the other vessel is violating the rules is always the right answer if you have doubt or believe the situation is dangerous. Sounding this signal may at least get their attention and cause them to maneuver out of your way.

Captain Jack R. Sanzalone is a 30-year submarine veteran and licensed USCG Master Captain and Assessor with 42 years experience. He is the owner of The Captain School Orange Beach, Al and teaches both basic and advanced boating education. You can contact Captain Jack at: or by visiting his website at

Under The Nautical Knowledge Link
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Catching Triple Tail on the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coasts can be an exciting and rewarding experience! Here’s a guide to help you in your pursuit:

Know the Triple Tail: Triple Tail are distinctive fish that often float near the surface, mimicking debris or structure such as buoys, weed lines, or floating objects. They have a flat, triangular-shaped body and can grow quite large. Understanding their behavior and habitat will increase your chances of success.

Season and Timing: Triple Tail are generally present in the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast regions from spring through fall, with peak activity during the warmer months. They prefer water temperatures between 70°F and 85°F. Early morning and late afternoon are often productive times to target them.

Locations and Structure: Look for Triple Tail near structure, such as buoys, channel markers, crab trap floats, weed lines, and floating debris. They often gather around these areas, seeking shelter and hunting for food. Focus your efforts near the mouth of bays, inshore channels, passes, and barrier islands.

Tackle and Bait: Medium to heavy spinning or baitcasting tackle is recommended, depending on the size of the Triple Tail you’re targeting. Use a 7 to 8-foot rod with a medium-heavy to heavy power rating and pair it with a reel that can handle 20 to 40-pound test line. Fluorocarbon leaders in the 20 to 40-pound range are also essential due to Triple Tail’s sharp gill plates.

Live Bait and Lures: Triple Tail can be caught using live bait such as shrimp, crabs, or small baitfish. Present the bait near the fish or structure, allowing it to drift naturally. If using lures, try using small jigs, soft plastics, or topwater plugs. Bright colors or those that resemble small fish or shrimp are effective choices.


Techniques: When you spot a Triple Tail near structure, approach slowly and quietly. Cast your bait or lure beyond the fish, allowing it to drift naturally towards the fish’s line of sight. Maintain a distance that won’t spook the fish, as they can be sensitive to noise and excessive boat movement. Once the Triple Tail strikes, set the hook firmly and be prepared for a strong fight.

Regulations and Limits: Ensure you familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations and catch limits for Triple Tail in the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast regions. Regulations can change, so always check for the most up-to-date information to stay in compliance with local rules and regulations.

Remember to practice responsible angling by releasing undersized or excess fish and respecting the marine environment. Enjoy your time on the water and good luck in your pursuit of Triple Tail! We sure did thanks to Nathan Rich of Mobile, Alabama! He caught a beautiful specimen and gifted it to me for this amazing recipe!!!


1/2 cup softened butter

2 lbs tripletail, cut into serving sized portions

2 tbsp mild Cajun seasoning, such as Rouse’s Cajun blend

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 cup key lime juice

1/4 cup fresh orange juice

12 slices of lime

8 slices of orange (your fruit slice needs may vary)


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

2. Lightly butter 9x13 inch glass baking dish, set aside

3. Dr y filets and season with Cajun seasoning blend and a little bit of kosher salt. Then place seasoned filets into buttered baking dish

4. Place 1/2 tablespoon or so of butter on top of each piece of fish. We used too much butter the first time we made this, which took away some of the beautiful tartness of the fresh citrus. If your fish servings seem to need more butter due to their size, 1 tbsp should be okay.

5. Pour lemon, lime, and orange juices into baking dish and cover fish with citrus slices

6. Bake in 325 degree oven until fish is opaque and flakes easily with a fork. (Start checking your fish at the 20-25 min mark)

7. Serve this summery baked fish over pasta or quinoa. Grits would be great too!


1 box of your favorite linguine

3 cloves garlic, minced

Juice of one lemon

3 tbsp jarred pesto, we like Barilla

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Half a 10 oz bag of baby spinach

2 tbsp chopped Italian parsley

1 tbsp olive oil

Zest from lemon


Cook linguine in salty water until just under al dente. Usually 2 mins less than the recommended time featured on the packaging. Drain and rinse and set aside

1. Sauté garlic in olive oil over medium high heat in a large 12” pan for a minute, or until fragrant.

2. Add 3 heaping tablespoons of jarred pesto to pan and cook 30 seconds.

3. Add cooked linguine to pesto and garlic and toss to coat.

4. Add lemon juice and toss again

5. Add Parmesan cheese continue work ingredients through the pasta evenly

6. Cut heat fold in the baby spinach. The remaining heat should wilt the spinach, but you can use low heat if your pan cools quickly

7. Sprinkle with parsley and lemon zest, then turn onto large serving platter.

Note: Taste a piece of pasta to check for acidity. You may like to add more lemon juice. Capers would be a great addition as well.

(The citrus butter left in the dish can be spooned over the filets before serving and can also be used as a great pick me up to any butter based sauce.)

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t’s gonna be a hot one. Hopefully the storms will go easy on us, and allow us plenty of time to catch some fish. Early mornings are definitely going to be the best times to be on the water this month. This is when water temperatures will be at the coolest, and Fish will be feeding the best.

We will still be focusing on our Trout over shells and structure. However, we will be looking over deeper structures to find cooler water. Reefs in water in the 8-10 foot range are a good start. Of Course if you have diving birds and slicks in shallow water that is always a safe bet. The Carolina rig with live shrimp or croakers works best in the deeper water. The Boat Monkey, with 2 feet of leader, and a 1/0 or 2/0 khale Hook With Live Bait is what we like in the shallow water. We normally get a big push of huge white trout this month, so hopefully they will show up mixed with our speckled trout. Kept cool and eaten fresh, white trout are fantastic eating.

My favorite thing to do in August is to chase the big fish. The sharks and bull reds are at their best this month. I am a big fan of drifting


Ithrough schools of lady fish with big baits. A big live mullet, white trout, or a big chunk of lady fish always seems to get hit drifting through those schools. I still using the Okuma Coronado, spinning reels. The bait feeder(free spool) option makes life very easy. Just set it and forget it. Once the line starts peeling off spool, start reeling, and the big 8/0 circle hook will find the corner of the fishes mouth when the line comes tight. Use 60 to 80 pound braid and that should handle anything that swims in this area.

The triple tail should be their best as well this month. Keep an eye out, and check any marker, buoy, and or floating debris. These fish can be anywhere, from way off shore to right off our beaches. Get a big live shrimp near them and hang on.

Are offshore boat has been doing very well on the red snapper and cobia. Labor Day is just around the corner which will mark the end to snapper season for now. From what we are hearing, fresh bait, and or good live Bait have been the game changer this year. Big fresh live croakers, mullet and or pogies have made the difference for bigger snapper.

By mid month, the kids should be going back to school, and a lot of folks will be getting ready for dove, deer, and duck season. Yes, it will be hot, but the crowds should thin out.

Bring plenty of water, be sure and watch out for any bad weather, and go have some fun on the water.

COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM AUGUST 2023 MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 21 Gulfport Harbor, MS - Aug 2023 Date High Low AM ft PM ft AM ft PM ft Rise Set Moon 1 Tue 10:23 2.4 8:52 -0.5 6:13 7:51 2 Wed 11:19 2.3 9:25 -0.3 6:14 7:51 3 Thu 12:10 2.1 9:47 0.0 6:14 7:50 4 Fri 12:58 1.7 9:56 0.4 6:15 7:49 5 Sat 5:47 0.9 1:44 1.3 8:24 0.8 9:47 0.7 6:15 7:48 6 Sun 5:01 1.1 10:06 0.7 6:16 7:47 7 Mon 2:45 1.4 4:02 0.5 6:17 7:47 8 Tue 3:22 1.7 4:43 0.2 6:17 7:46 9 Wed 4:08 1.9 5:28 0.0 6:18 7:45 10 Thu 5:01 2.0 6:11 -0.1 6:19 7:44 11 Fri 6:00 2.0 6:46 -0.1 6:19 7:43 12 Sat 7:08 2.0 7:13 -0.1 6:20 7:42 13 Sun 8:21 2.0 7:33 -0.1 6:20 7:41 14 Mon 9:28 2.0 7:50 0.0 6:21 7:40 15 Tue 10:22 2.0 8:09 0.1 6:22 7:39 16 Wed 11:06 1.9 8:26 0.2 6:22 7:38 17 Thu 11:47 1.8 8:41 0.3 6:23 7:37 18 Fri 12:26 1.6 8:50 0.5 6:23 7:36 19 Sat 4:29 1.1 1:06 1.4 7:39 1.0 8:50 0.7 6:24 7:35 20 Sun 3:36 1.1 1:52 1.2 8:39 0.9 8:39 0.8 6:24 7:34 21 Mon 2:25 1.3 5:21 1.0 9:43 0.8 8:08 0.9 6:25 7:33 22 Tue 2:31 1.5 11:15 0.6 6:26 7:32 23 Wed 2:56 1.7 2:21 0.5 6:26 7:31 24 Thu 3:35 1.9 3:49 0.2 6:27 7:30 25 Fri 4:26 2.1 4:50 0.0 6:27 7:28 26 Sat 5:29 2.2 5:44 -0.2 6:28 7:27 27 Sun 6:42 2.3 6:32 -0.3 6:29 7:26 28 Mon 8:03 2.3 7:14 -0.3 6:29 7:25 29 Tue 9:22 2.3 7:50 -0.2 6:30 7:24 30 Wed 10:35 2.2 8:16 0.1 6:30 7:23 31 Thu 11:45 2.0 8:32 0.4 6:31 7:21




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CRAPPIE TIPS for Deep Summer

Spring is long gone and so are the quick limits of shallow-water crappie. at doesn’t mean you can’t go load the cooler with some slabs for a sh fry; it just means you’ll have to work a little harder. Here are a few tips to help you catch crappie when the weather and water are hot.

Trust the Electronics: Sonar is your best friend when crappie move deep. You might know where good brush and structure are on your lake, but you won’t know where the schools of crappie are until you spot them on the graph. Use side-scan to look under docks and around points, ledges, ditches and creek and river channels. Don’t even bother wetting a line until you’ve located sh with your electronics.

Find the Shade: Crappie don’t like the sun, and deepwater docks or piers can be the mother lode on bright days. Even underwater structure like ledges, humps and creek channels provide shade. Pay attention to the location of the sun, and then start searching the side of a given piece of structure that will provide some shade.

Go Early: ere’s no sense baking in the sun for a few sh when you can load the boat in just a few hours before and a er daybreak. Boat tra c and water temps are both lower in the morning, which means crappie and the small bait sh they feed on will be most active. In the morning, crappie move shallower up on the humps and ledges to chase bait. ey are more likely to bite when they are actively feeding.

Troll the Humps: O shore humps that top out at 15 feet or deeper will hold crappie this time of year. ey’re even better when there’s brush on them. Early and late, or if there is some dam-generated current, the sh will move

up to feed on these humps. ey suspend o the sides when the sun is high or the water is still. Slowly pull a spread of jigs or small, deep-diving crankbaits or spoons over and around humps where you’ve located sh. Pay close attention to how deep your lures are getting and add weight if you need to get them deeper.

Shoot Docks: Main-lake docks with 15 or more feet of water under them are comfortable places for crappie to hang out when the water is warm. Shoot lightweight jigs as far under these docks as you can, and let them sink slowly to the bottom before beginning a steady retrieve. If there are sh under a dock, they usually won’t let that jig hit the bottom.

Drown a Minnow: A school of crappie suspended o structure at 15 or 25 feet over a 40-foot bottom can be a frustrating scenario. You see them on your electronics, but they are slow to bite. Try dropping a live minnow down there where you’re marking sh. en just let it sit. e bites will be light, so pay attention.

COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM AUGUST 2023 NATIONAL 11 Scallop Season OPENS June 15 on Dixie County Coast Where the Suwannee & Steinhatchee Rivers Meet the Gulf of Mexi Your Spearfishing Headquarters. 7610 Industrial Ln. Suite 8H Tampa, FL. 33637 813-867-3250 SCALLOPINGFREEGUNRIGGINGEQUIPMENT&LOBSTERING Use code coastal10 for 10% OFF your order An average tow is $750 or more but with an Unlimited Towing Membership, BoatU.S. covers the costs. At a fraction of the price of a tow – it pays to belong. JOIN TODAY! Details of services provided can be found online at TowBoatU.S. is not a rescue service. In an emergency situation, you must contact the Coast Guard or a government agency immediately. we cover the cost why get towing?

Re-Discover Old Florida Waterfront Charm

The Perfect Vacation Getaway for Fishing, Boating & Outdoor Enthusiasts

n a dark, muggy morning, we eased into Campo’s Marina in Shell Beach, Louisiana.

By Gary Turner

We picked up 150 live shrimp for our rst day, and every morning began the same way for the rest of the week.

5 a.m., and it would be getting light at 5:30.For some of us— Dewayne and Blake Pro t, Darrel and I—this was the rst time we had been to Shell Beach in search of giant red sh,

Nestled on six lush tropical acres of pristine waterfront directly on the Indian River Lagoon, take a step back in time to experience the very best of Old Florida charm with modern conveniences and services to make your stay truly memorable and unforgettable.


Kingfsh Lodge includes a wide screenTV and bar for small gatherings

Sailfsh House features a wide covered wrap-around porch for larger groups

• Boat Trailer Parking on site w/ Water and Power

• 250 Foot Dock w/ Covered Area

• FREE Ice / FREE Guest Dockage

• Cable TV, Hi-Speed Internet

Cover NEW

• 2 miles to the Ft. Pierce Inlet

• 12 miles to the Gulf Stream



• Laundry, BBQ Grilles and FREE use of our Kayaks


3011 N. Indian River Dr., Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

massive sheepshead and gator trout. Touted as the “Best Inshore Fishing in the World,” Shell Beach did not disappoint! e red sh shing was incredible! We hooked some giants, some we never even saw!

We shed spinning gear and 17- to 20-pound line with 2/0 circle hooks baited with either live shrimp or chunks of fresh blue crab. We also used two di erent techniques. Some of us popped a Cajun under cork. I used a Carolina rig, with the weight on my line, then a barrel swivel and an 18-inch leader terminating in my 2/0 BKK circle hook with a live shrimp.

Now… back to the sh we never saw! We shed some ats right where the tall marsh grass met the canals. e water was usually less than a foot deep. We would cast right next to the grass and wait for sh that were cruising this edge in search of food. en it was on! Your line would cut a wake as the sh ran for deep water and peeled drag. ese sh used any structure or rocks they could nd to break o . Even when they ran to deep water, they just kept going. We broke several lines before deciding to pull up anchor and chase the next big one.

at worked well, so we started chasing down lots of big red sh. Blake hooked one with the popping cork that broke him o . Later, we spotted the cork in the shallows and eased up to try to net it. Just as we got to it, the sh took o and was never seen again.

e days were hot, in the low to mid 90s with pop-up thunderstorms every day. One day we even spotted two waterspouts. We did our best to dodge all that, but we did get wet a few times. e last 30 minutes of daylight were always the most productive. We shed rock walls and hooked up several big red sh each evening. Mixed in with the red sh were some giant sheepshead that fell for the same tactics as the reds. Blue crabs are everywhere. You can catch them with a long-handle dip net or rod and reel.

Shell Beach is in St. Bernard Parish on the Gulf Outlet Canal near Lake Borgne, just 30 minutes from New Orleans. We plan on going back next year.

Check out Gary Turner’s YouTube channel @FishingMagicWithGary.

Vacation with Travel
in full
Reservations and Information: (772) 349-2206 ect. All accommodations are completely cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival
Your Health and Safety are our utmost concern. COVID-19 CDC Guidelines are


Embrace your Scandinavian side with a 7" blade

If you looked out your window a thousand years ago and saw a fleet of Viking longships coming your way,you knew you were in trouble. For roughly two centuries, the Vikings voyaged, raided and pillaged wherever they pleased. As expert sailors and navigators, they reached as far from Scandinavia as Iran, Constantinople, North Africa and the New World in their quest to expand their kingdom.

A mini sword. Too organized and too aggressive, no one stood in a Viking’s way. That’s exactly the message that our Viking Blade sends. Crafted from Damascus steel with brass inlay, this 12" full-tang knife is essentially a mini sword. Paired with its hand-tooled leather sheath, this knife belongs in the collection of any avid aficionado.

Join more than 322,000 sharp people who collect stauer knives

The steel of legend. For centuries, a Damascus steel blade was instantly recognizable and commanded respect. Renowned for its sharp edge, beauty and resistance to shattering, Damascus steel was the stuff of legend. While the original process has been lost to the ages, modern bladesmiths have been able to re-create Damascus steel to create the best blades imaginable.

Sure to impress, naturally. Combining natural strength and natural wonder at a price that’s hard to beat, the Viking Blade is a study in Damascus steel that’s sure to impress. And should you ever find yourself facing a Viking horde, a flash of this knife will show that you’re not to be messed with.

Don’t delay: Order within the next week and we’ll offer this blade to you for just $99, a savings of $200! That’s the best bang for your buck we can possibly offer: our Stauer® Impossible Price. Get your hands on one of the fastest-selling knives in our company’s history today.

Knife Specifications:

• 12" overall length. 7" Damascus full-tang blade

•Includes genuine leather sheath

Viking Blade $299 $99* + S&P Save $200

California residents please call 1-800-333-2045 regarding Proposition 65 regulations before purchasing this product. *Special price only for customers using the offer code.


“This knife is everything promised. Beautiful beyond comparison. And completely functional. Love it.”

— Gene, Auburn, WA


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Tennessee Angler Breaks His Own State Record

Aer a grueling 15-minute battle while shing solo, angler Micka Burkhart successfully netted and boated a 122-pound blue cat sh from Tennessee’s Cumberland River on June 28. e sh is a pending state record that should top the 118.7-pound record mark, which Burkhart set himself at Barkley Reservoir last September.

e whole ght can be viewed on a video posted to Burkhart’s YouTube channel, with the action climaxing as Burkhardt breathlessly pleads with the sh and promises to release it if he can just get it in the net.

Burkhart’s monster blue o cially weighed 122.3 pounds and measured 57.5 inches long, with a 42.25-inch girth. It ate a white bass head shed on 40-pound-test line. A er transporting the sh in a large livewell on his trailered boat to get o cial measurements, Burkhart returned to the Cumberland River and successfully released it back to the Stewart County stretch in northwest Tennessee near the Kentucky and Missouri borders. In a Facebook post, Burkhart reported that he also caught 69- and 72-pound blue cats on the same day. at’s a mighty ne day of shing.

e IGFA all-tackle world record blue cat sh weighed 143 pounds, even. It was caught from Kerr Lake, Virginia by Richard Nicholas Anderson in June of 2011.

The Return of a

To watch Burkhart catching the new state record, go to

Custom Built Quality Outdoor BBQ Products Since 1989 For More Info 1-252-236-4464 6043 Hwy 301N, Elm City, NC Pig Cookers, Patio Grills, Smokers, Customized BBQ Trailers

This Is How You Walk the Walk

Comfort and class go hand in hand with our Walking Stick Collection. Yours for ONLY $59 each!

They call walking the “perfect exercise.” It gets your heart pumping, clears your head and fills your lungs with fresh air. Not bad, but we found a way to make it even better. Before you take your next 10,000 steps, add a little strut to your stroll. Take a Stauer Walking Stick anywhere and I promise that you’ll feel like a conquering hero. Heads will turn. Doors will open. Its powers will astound you.

What’s the secret? Pure class. Our Stauer Walking Sticks are a tip of the top hat to turn-of-the-century tradition. Today these tributes to a gentleman’s power, prestige, and posture are fetching as much as $200,000 at auction. But only Stauer can deliver a modern version of these vintage classics that looks and feels as good as the original for $59 each!

Stauer Walking Stick Collection

A. Derbyshire $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

B. Earlsford $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

C. Knightsbridge $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

D. Hinwick Hare $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

E. Gentleman’s $79* $59 +S&P Save $20

• 36" long • Imported Eucalyptus wood

• Etched & sculpted solid brass handles with varying finishes

• Rubber tips • Supports up to 250 lbs.

• All models available in 40" height—call for details.



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Experience the comfort and class of our exquisite Walking Sticks for 30 days. If you’re not feeling the power and prestige, simply send it back within 30 days for a refund of the item price. At Stauer, we walk the talk. Limited Edition. Only 500 each available for this ad only! These handcrafted beauties take months to craft and are running (not walking) out the door. So, take a step in the right direction. Call today!

“An excellent walking stick. Solid and elegant. Perfect for a night out. Well crafted.”

– J. from Pacific Grove, CA

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Stauer… Afford the Extraordinary . ®

Exquisite walking sticks not shown actual size.
A. B. C. D. E.
Rating of A+
16 NATIONAL AUGUST 2023 COASTALANGLERMAG.COM • THEANGLERMAG.COM Perfectly Seasoned SAVOR THE SEASONS in Upcountry South Carolina 864-233-2690 Every season is the best season to explore the many treasures in the Upcountry. ANDERSON  CHEROKEE  GREENVILLE  OCONEE  PICKENS  SPARTANBURG

A Time of Porpoise

Amemorable beach moment: You’re basking in the warm sun, toes in the sand, letting the gentle turn of the foam-capped waves lull you into a state of complete relaxation. As your eyes scan the endless horizon of blue on blue, you’re rewarded with a school of dolphins making their way across the sea.

There’s no denying their signature shape as they leap from the water. If you don’t see anything else extraordinary the rest of day, you can take solace knowing you’ve witnessed one of nature’s most playful and human-like creatures in their natural habitat.

Why not re-create that special moment with our Balinese Dolphin Pendant? We’ve captured two dolphins mid-jump in sterling silver crafted in the Balinese style. Tucked between these beloved sea mammals is a full carat of shimmering blue topaz. Made by some of Indonesia’s finest artisans, this pendant is an absolute steal at JUST $29! That’s what we call our Stauer IMPOSSIBLE PRICE!

Nothing captures the shimmering color of the ocean in the midday sun like blue topaz. With its sparkling, clear blue color and high reflective index, blue topaz is one of the world’s top-selling gemstones. The Gemological Institute of America lauds topaz for its hardness, noting that blue topaz is known for its intense color that’s better than aquamarine. With this special price, you can score quite the catch. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy the Balinese Dolphin Pendant for 30 days. If it doesn’t pass the test swimmingly, send it back for a full refund of the item price.

Limited reserves. This pendant is already one of our best sellers this year. A full carat of genuine blue topaz set in .925 sterling silver for this price is as rare as a dolphin sighting. We cannot guarantee availability for long. Call today! This offer is limited to the first 1,900 responders to this ad!

Jewelry Specifications:

• Made in Indonesia

• Blue topaz and .925 sterling silver

Balinese Dolphin Pendant (1 carat)

$299 $29* Save $270

*Special price only for customers using the offer code.


Your Insider Offer Code: DNP141-01

Impossible PriceONLY


What Stauer Clients Are Saying About Our Topaz

“Just lovely! Would recommend it as a purchase. Thank you STAUER.” — Mary L.

Stauer, 14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. DNP141-01,
MN 55337
One carat of shimmering blue topaz set in sterling silver for  $29

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