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The Story of Pinocchio

By: Allyson Staton and Christina Novak

Once upon a time, in a far away Italian Village lived a free spirited puppet maker named Viola. Viola worked in a small shed right outside of the town. She was very proud of the puppets she had made and the greatly detailed work she put into them. However, there was one little puppet that was special. This puppet could talk, move, sing, and dance; just like he was actually alive! This little puppets name was Pinocchio. Pinocchio and Viola had become great friends ever since Viola made him. Thankfully, the problem with Pinocchio was that he always told the truth and did not keep any secrets, this was good because when he does this, Viola’s nose begins to grow! You think that is bad? Well Viola was not blessed with a dear little nose like you and I, so Pinocchio being truthful helped her to grow a pretty little nose!

Viola was very sad about not having a nose like the other people in the town. She constantly got made fun of and felt as if she would never fit in. The only one who accepted her was dear Pinocchio. Little did she know that the wonderful puppet would help her be a normal girl like everyone else.

Pinocchio was a truthful little puppet, he was always honest and never ever lied. He couldn’t even keep secrets he was so honest! Viola always said things like, “If I had a dollar for everytime you told a secret, I’d be rich!”or, “If I got a piece of candy for every time you are honest I would be fat!” and sometimes, “If my nose would grow every time you told the truth, I would have a huge nose!”Then it hit Viola, was there a way she could have her nose grow through the help of Pinocchio? She remembered an old wizard at the top of the hill that could probably help them out.

Viola told Pinocchio about the wonderful idea she had thought of and he replied, “Ehh, I don’t think this is such a great idea. The wizard can be very tricky and something could go wrong.”Viola ignored the little puppets opinion and set off to go see the wizard with loyal Pinocchio right by her side. The wizard’s house was a very long walk all across town, down the valley, and up on top of the hill. Viola was determined to get there, no turning back now. She was excited to see if the wizard could help her, and if so, what he had in store for her. She was hopefully going to become a normal girl.

When Viola and Pinocchio arrived at the wizard’s tall, dark, and scary house, Pinocchio begin to shiver with fear. Viola was brave and was not going to turn around now. She walked up to the old shaky home and knocked very softly. She knocked twice, the second time the door opened with a loud, slow creek. She peeked inside, when she was startled by dear old Pinocchio. “Viola let’s go home, this is nonsense, this is absurd, this is a BAD idea!”Viola rolled her eyes and grasped Pinocchio by his strings. She tip-toed inside until she saw strange, neon lights coming from a room. “That must be the wizard!” Viola stated excitingly. The young lady and small puppet peered around the corner to see the great old wizard.

Behind the door was a tall, slender man. The man wore a golden robe with a golden hat to match. He had a long white beard and tiny glasses. As soon as he heard the footsteps behind him, he turned around quickly. Pinocchio was shaking more than he ever had in his life! Viola was starting to become fearful of the man and waited to see what he had to say. When the man spotted the two, he said with a loud boom, “Who are you?”Viola stuttered back, “I, I, I’m Viola...and this, this is my puppet, Pinocchio. Are you the wizard?” “Indeed I am, what are you here for?”Stated the wizard. Viola began to tell the wizard her problem and idea. He stood straight faced and listened intently to what she had to say.

When Viola was done telling the wizard what she had to say. A small smirk came across his face. He looked over at his wall of potions and said, “I think I have something just for you.”He went over to grab a bright green potion off of the shelf. He put it in a large pot. “I need a string from the puppet boy and a piece of your hair,”The wizard said abruptly. Viola and Pinocchio gave the wizard what he needed quickly. He began to stir the ingredients together. The wizard poured the liquid into a rusty cup and told Viola to drink it. She drank it with a bitter face. It did not taste good at all. As soon as she was done, the wizard said “KA-BOOM!”Viola and Pinocchio passed out. The woke up in Viola’s puppet shop.

Viola woke up in a daze. She was confused and her head was aching. She rushed to find Pinocchio and there he was in his room asleep on the bed. She shook him and screamed, “Pinocchio, Pinocchio! Are you okay?”Pinocchio awoke and felt a bit dizzy. As he straightened himself he looked at Viola and said, “I told you going to see that wizard was no good.”Viola was defensive, “How do you know that? Tell the truth, let out a secret, say something! Let’s test this out!” Pinocchio was annoyed with Viola and decided he would tell her that. Viola’s noseless face wiggled and a small bump started to stick out where a nose should be on Viola’s face.

Viola was overjoyed, she was growing a nose! She finally felt normal and was proud of herself for thinking of the brilliant idea to see the wizard. Pinocchio felt like this was still a bad idea. Although he was happy to see Viola so smiley, he still thought the worst was yet to come. He told Viola this and she replied, “Nonsense Pinocchio!�Viola ignored everything Pinocchio said and did not even think twice about the wizard and his sketchy ways. Pinocchio was right, the worst was yet to come. Poor Viola did not know what was in store for her.

From every secret Pinocchio revealed and every truthful thing he said, Viola’s nose grew and grew and grew. Viola was very proud of her nose but it was starting to become too big. She thought about how long her nose would be in a week if Pinocchio kept going on about being truthful. Viola was starting to think that she should have listened to Pinocchio and that he was right. If he kept being truthful and telling secrets, her nose would stretch around the world! She knew she had to do something, maybe if she went back to the wizard, he could undo the spell for her. She had always wanted a nose but she would rather be herself with no nose, than a big, long one. She finally realized she was great the way she was and wanted to go back to her old self.

Viola apologized to Pinocchio for ignoring him and going to the wizard when she should not have. She told Pinocchio how she would go back to see if he could undo the spell and Pinocchio saw a red flag. “I forgive you Viola, but that wizard is tricky. Maybe there is another way. You should not go back to the wizard.�Viola knew that Pinocchio was right but she had to see the wizard if she wanted to get rid of this spell. Pinocchio knew Viola too well and knew she would go anyway. He decided to go before she could, to protect her.

Pinocchio set off in the middle of the night while Viola was sound asleep. He walked long and far until he came across the old house that belonged to the wizard. Pinocchio had fear rushed all throughout his little wooden body. As he knocked on the old door, it slowly began to open. When he walked inside, the wizard was no where to be found. He started to call out for the wizard and looked everywhere he could, but he just could not find him. Pinocchio knew the wizard was a tricky old man, but he didn’t like the looks of this.

Pinocchio looked inside and around the house, he went out by the hill where the house stood and looked all around him. Suddenly Pinocchio felt a big push and he fell down into the water. Pinocchio couldn’t swim, he did not know what to do, he saw a big fish coming ahead and it swallowed him whole. Pinocchio sat inside of the big fish, sad that he failed Viola. He just hoped she wouldn’t go see the wizard. That tricky old man was no good. Pinocchio was hopeless at this point.

Viola woke up the next morning ready to go see the wizard. She just could not find Pinocchio. She started to panic and forgot all about the wizard. She had to find Pinocchio, he was her best friend! She searched all around the house, all around the little town, and even on the outskirts of town. She then decided that if she couldn’t find him anywhere on land, maybe he was lost at sea. She knew Pinocchio could not swim so she borrowed a boat from the boat man and set out at sea. At first she had no luck, but then she came across a giant fish. The fish looked at Viola and whispered. Viola could not make out what the fish said, but then something amazing happened.

Lots of water started to flow out of the big fish’s mouth. Viola was in awe at how this was all happening when suddenly a small figure was heading straight towards her. She opened her eyes wider and saw her dear, old, little Pinocchio. She cried out to him with joy. When Pinocchio heard Viola’s voice he felt so relieved and happy.

“Pinocchio!”Viola screamed with joy. “I was so worried about you!”“That old wizard is sure tricky Viola. I don’t ever want to see him again. I’m sorry about your nose, but, we can’t go see the wizard.”Pinocchio felt bad to tell Viola they could not undo the spell when all of a sudden, a glorious light beamed in the sky. Down came a flawless, beautiful angel. Pinocchio and Viola wondered why this glorious angel was coming down from the sky and what it meant. The angel appeared and said, “My name is Sophia, the angel of friendship. You two have shown what true friendship is. Sacraficing and putting each other before yourselves. You know the true meaning of friendship and for that I will undo the wizard’s spell and watch over you.”

Viola was so happy the spell would be undone. She was glad she knew what the true meaning of friendship was. Pinocchio felt achieved and was proud of himself and Viola. The angel then asked, “Viola, would you like a permenent sized nose? I can grant you that wish.”Viola did not want to change. She loved herself the way she was just like she loved Pinocchio the way he was always being honest and he loved her. “No, I think I will stick with what I got, but thank you,”Viola said with a smile. The angel said her farewells and went back to the beautiful light in the sky. Good old truthful Pinocchio, Viola and the puppet shop would live happily ever after.


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