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columbus north high school//columbus, in//volume xii//issue 1

CONFERENCE indiana members Pike

Red Devils Red & White Lawrence Central

Bears Maroon & Gray Southport

Cardinals Cardinal & White Columbus North

Bull Dogs Blue & White

Franklin Central

Flashes Royal Blue & White Bloomington North

Cougars Maroon & Gold

Bloomington South

Panthers Purple & White

Perry Meridian

Falcons Navy Blue, Light Blue & Silver

ALL-CONFERENCE indiana athletes women’s men’s golf tennis

Austin Smith Sean Mahoney Brandon Hedrick Chase Harris

Taylor Gohn Erinn Sutton Allie Smith Sydney Cox Katie Luken

men’s soccer


Matt McKain Axel Rosado Dylan Lax

Andrea Behling Katie Kaiser Alex Reid


women’s soccer

Jarrett Brownfield Kollin Carman Luke Kleinhenz Nick Kruse Chirs Shillings

men’s cross country

Evan Scruton Gabe Ocasio Andrew Diehn Christopher Kelsey Corbin Brooks Andrew Bieriger

Morgan Proffitt Kayliegh Steigerwalt Katie Dana Emily Wheeler

women’s cross country

Jessica Richardson Virginia Steilberg Siri Retrum

SPORTSMANSHIP STATEMENT Conference Indiana is committed to the practice of sportsmanship in all athletic competition. Sportsmanship is positive behavior that stems from generosity and genuine respect for others. Sportsmanship is graciously accepting victory or defeat and also the calls of contest officials. For spectators, sportsmanship includes cheering FOR the athletes, NOT booing or saying or doing things to put down athletes, coaches or officials. Sportsmanship is a team effort. The cooperation of athletes, coaches, officials, students, parents, and other spectators is needed. Please support our athletes by BEING A GOOD SPORT.

CONFERENCE INDIANA HISTORY According to the 1998-99 Conference Indiana Athletic Handbook, 10 schools agreed to form one conference and made a commitment to participate as a member for a minimum of five years. All sports, with the exception of football, began conference play during the 1997-98 school year. Football began conference play in 1998. Conference Indiana merged South Central conference (SCC) and the Central Suburban Athletic Conference (CSAC), and in March of 1996, the name “Conference Indiana” was chosen.

fall sports



David Clark

Asst. principal Asst. principal

John Green Susan Scott

PRESSURE STAFF project coordinators:

Katee Holman Haedyn Scaglaski photographer:

Katie Stowers Shelby Beatty designer:

Emili Hefler bussiness manager:

Tori Newkirk advisor:

Rachel McCarver


Patrick Angle Heather Caplinger CJ Copeland Taylor Decker Keonna Durham Chris Gorbet Karly Hiquet Rachel Kimsey Katie Kutsko Gabby McLemore Kaitlin Miller Gabe Ocasio Calire Ownes Rean Pedigo Megan Peterson Ellen Pheral Ashley Roberts Erica Stewart Nick Stroia Blaike Travis Emily Wasson Laurel Wolfe Ali Ziegler

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The Fall Media Guide is published by Columbus North High School’s Public Relations Information Bureau Staff. To support on the cover, platinum, gold, silver, bronze or blue & white levels, please call 376-4260. enrollment: 2400 address: 1400 25th Street columbus, IN 47201 phone: 376-4431 fax: 376-4291 web:

ATHLETICS complex Named for Indiana Hall of Fame basketball coach and athletic director, the WIlliam L. Stearman Athletic Complex entrance welcomes athletes, fans and visitors to the Charles “Chuck� Newell Natatorium, Memorial Gymnasium and Hall of Fame. Other features include an auxiliary gym, a state-ofthe-art weight room as well as a training room, gymnastics and wrestling practice facilities.

philosophy CNHS supports 20 different IHSAA-sponsored sports, plus cheerleading and Pepsteppers, that offer 50 teams of approximately 500 students in grades 9-12. The athletics staff consists of 62 paid positions which include coaches, certified athletic trainers, athletics director, treasurer and secretary. CNHS is a voluntary member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association which has directed the overall pattern for interschool athletics in Indiana since 1904. Control of the IHSAA rests with high school principals and legislative body to represent five districts. CNHS is District 3. CNHS is a charter member of Conference Indiana along with Bloomington North and South, Lawrence Central, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Pike and Southport. The purpose of the conference is to simulate interest in a well-rounded athletic program, to promote sportsmanship and a friendly understanding among member schools in all interschool relations.

Profile The BCSC Athletic Program shall provide positive opportunities for student athletes to learn to compete in sports and in life. Successful student athletes are those who make healthy choices and who give their best effort in the classroom and community, as well in practice, and competition. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitude, responsibility, hard work, and commitment are equally as important as skill development.

venues Rick Weinheimer course at Noblitt Park

Harrison Lake Country Club

Memorial Gym

Richard Wigh Soccer Complex

Robert G. Chappel Tennis Center

Max Andress Field

jeff hester athletics director

cindy mccoy admin. assistant

Wayne roberts assisstant athletics director

Tim bless strength coach


Women’s soccer

FRONT: Sarah Ferguson, Elizabeth James MIDDLE: Morgan Proffitt, Malissa Hofmeister, Ashley Roberts, Kayleigh Seigerwalt, Kelsie Carlson, Gabby Sims, Erica Alessi, Emma Smith, Macall Twaddle, Karly Hiquet BACK: Coach Mike Spock, Erica Stewart, Vanessa Staublin, Tricia Souza, Michelle Amlung, Emily Storkman, Becky Ream, Marie Schwartz, Kenadie Carlson, Michelle Murphy, Courtney Smith, Coach Megan McCormick

pressure point “The satisfaction of winning motivates me to play my best.” sophomore Ericka Russell

Coach Mike Spock How you deal with pressure: “We look to control the things that we can control. If you weren’t coaching: “I’d be running.”

from the team “Pressure gets in the way of my mentality and playing my game. It makes me make more mistakes.” sophomore Morgan Proffitt “Pressure justs holds me back most of the time.” freshman Autumn Elkins “[Pressure] psychs me out.” sophomore Christina DeSanto

seniors Erica Alessi

Emma Brown

Parent(s): John and Lynn Alessi Plans after high school: Hanover to study psychology Plus side to pressure: “I love pressure it gives me an adreneline rush.”

Parent(s): Sam and Lynn Brown Plans after high school: College Pressure prevention: “Concentate on the fun things.”

Sarah Ferguson

Karly HiQuet

Parent(s): John Ferguson and Katina Sadtler Plans after high school: College Be doing instead: “I have no idea. Soccer is my life.”

Parent(s): Barry and Nancy Hiquet Plans after high school: College for occupational therapy or graphic design How to deal with pressure: “I try not to think about it. I remember I do soccer for fun.”

Tessa Lane

Emma Smith

Parent(s): John and Cindy Lane Plans after high school: College How to deal with pressure: “I just play the best I can.”

Parent(s): Theo and Amie Plans after high school: Major in vocal performance Advice: “Always push yourself, compete with your teammates. But most of all have fun!”

Courtney Smith

Macall twaddle

Parent(s): Joe and Cindy Plans after high school: Major in Public Relations Where it has taken you: “It has taught me that working hard is a reward in itself whether or not you see a direct outcome.”

Parent(s): Russell and Jane Twaddle Plans after high school: Go to college for pre-med Plus side to pressure: “It’s a motivator to give your all.”


men’s soccer

FRONT: Sergio Jimenez, Tony Gonzalez, Chase Francouer, Cameron Robertson, Christopher Gorbett, Devon Orben MIDDLE: Ethan Smith, Alex Kaiser, Daniel Vazquez, Eric Perry, Dre Abedian, Nate Kaplan, Reid Wilson BACK: Mac Goggin, Adam Parkhurst, Stuart Hobbs, Weston Kostrzewsky, Hunter Sims, Erin Prentiss, Coach Andy Glover

pressure point “I try not to think about what I am going to do as much.” sophomore Jacob Phillips

Coach andy glover How you deal with pressure to win: “By getting optimal performance from the team.” Random Fact: “I didn’t play high school soccer.”

from the team “To deal with pressure, I focus on what I need to do to achieve what I’m aiming for and let nothing get in the way.” sophomore Chris Gorbett “I love how I feel after a game when I played my best, especially if it helped the team win. ” sophomore Reed Wilson “When I feel a little pressured, I always play better.” sophomore Shunya Miyashiro

Kevin Chon

Sebastian Davila-Lara

Parent(s): Eric and Euryoung Chon Plans after high school: 4 year college Advice: “Always give 110% and try yout best 110% of the time.”

Parent(s): Mario and Griselda Sanchez Plans after high school: College How you deal with pressure: “I don’t think about winning, just having fun.”

Oscar Diaz

Sam Ferdon

Parent(s): Norma Mendez Plans after high school: Marines Miss after high school: “All the fun times before, during and after practice.”

Parent(s): Steve and Mary Ferdon Plans after high school: Purdue Plus side to pressure: “Pressure makes you perform better. You do your best when there’s pressure to succeed.”

Stuart Hobbs


Parent(s): Andrew Hobbs Plans after high school: College Pressure prevention: “Keep a level-headed mentality. Don’t get too caught up on the wrong things.”

Parent(s): Greg and Karol Kostrezewsky Plans after high school: College Pressure prevention: “Try not to take things too seriously.”

Adam Parkhurst

Eric Prentiss

Parent(s): Barry and Beth Parkhurst Advice: “Hard work will get you to where you want to go.”

Parent(s): John and Lisa Prentiss Plans after high school: College-MBA in business How to deal with pressure: “I try to rally the team and increase the intensity while still trying to play our brand.”

Hunter Sims

Daniel Vazquez

Parent(s): Ted and Lucretta Plans after high school: College Advice: “Work hard and be faster than everyone else.”

Parent(s): Joaquin Vazquez and Mari Cruz Rosete Plans after high school: Go to college Miss after high school: “Other players and coaches.”



women’s golf

FRONT: Jaewon Jung, Erin Sutton, Allie Smith, Jamie Rothbart, Lauren Backmeyer BACK: Coach Scott Seavers, Sam McQueen, Sydney Cox, Emily Morris, Isabelle Hyer, Coach Brett White, Not pictured: Hannah Kestler

pressure point “I feel like if I don’t play well. I will be letting down my teammates, coaches, and parents. sophomore Emily Morris

Coach scott seavers If you weren’t coaching: “If I weren’t coaching I would be playing more golf, spending time with my daughter and possibly starting a new club here at North.”

from the team “I would rather feel pressured, it helps me push myself to do better.” junior Jamie Rothbart “(I am motivated by) getting a better score than last time. “ sophomore Hannah Kestler “(What motivates me is) knowing what the outcome could be.” junior Allie Smith

seniors Sydney Cox Parent(s): Mike and Carlyn Cox Plans after high school: Go to college and play golf (Major in business). How to deal with pressure: “In the game of golf, you take one shot at a time. Winning is always the goal.”

Erinn Sutton Parent(s): Kim and Tom Sutton Plans after high school: College to play golf and major in elementary education. How to deal with pressure: “I just play my game and don’t let the pressure get to me. ”

Platinum Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc.

1334 Washington 11

men’s tennis

FRONT: Pascal Lee, Ravi Narsinghani MIDDLE: Coach Kendal Hammel, Jake Heyerdahl, Daniel Hicks, Matthew Prall, Andrew Goen, Chase Harris, Kable Walton, Conner Milllwood, Coach Robin Cain BACK: Sean Mahoney, Slater Long, Krishan Marsinghani, Sam Heale, Luke Red, NIck Zacharias, Ernest Xi, Mack Morrison, Adam Davis, Johnathan Brougher, Not pictured: Justin Sublette

pressure point “I mentally block everything and just focus on winning the next point.” junior Ravi Narsinghani

Coach kendal hammel How you deal with pressure: “I feel like I handle team pressure very well because we are prepared to play.”

from the team “Smacking balls into the fence. It gets my anger out.” junior Slater Long “The feeling of winning motivates me to play my best.” sophomore Pascal Lee “If you win, it feels even more awesome.” junior Jake Heyerdahl

seniors Adam Davis

Chase Harris

Parent(s): Mark and LuAnn Davis Plans after high school: College Plus side to pressure: “It keeps me on my toes.”

Parent(s): Doug and Jan Harris Plans after high school: Four year college How to deal with pressure: “Calm myself by listening to music prior to playing.”

Sean Mahoney Parent(s): Bill and Melissa Mahoney Plans after high school: Majoring in psychology at Butler Be doing instead: “I would be doing nothing. Tennis is my life.”

Matthew Prall Parent(s): Jerry and Brenda Prall Plans after high school: Purdue or Rose-Halman for engineering Advice: “Stick with it, don’t give up.”


1029 Washington St./4205 Jonathan Moore Pike



FRONT: Chae Douglas, Gabe Holt, Kobi Cook, Chris Shillings, Evan Sonderman, Keenan Noel, Derek Trepanier, Matt Stott ROW 2: Vanand Abedian, Keith Barrett, Luke Carr, L.J. Roederer, Luis Arreola, Will Rinehart, Jake Reed, Mateo Rodriguez, Alex Perr ROW 3: Tyler King, Zach Schroer, Justin Schulz, Christian Miller, Julian Humes, Jacon Howarth, Josh McCoy, Matthew Brown, Troy Federle ROW 4: Joseph Gedeon, Shannon McDonald, Kyle Kamman, Taylar Summa, Nick Oliver, Jamaal Halliburton, Shaquille Ash, Trace Fetterer Zak Ruehman, Nate Red, Alec Friend ROW 5: Jesse Tompkins, Arturo Delgado, Andrew Easton, Jermaine Jones, Austin Sizemore, Alex Cornn, Conner Marshall, Dayton Moore, Solomon Knight, Thomas Shoaf, Michael DeDomenic ROW 6: Andrew Millspaugh, Ethan Brown, Eli Teague, Luis Cambron, Jonathan Alessi, Zach Holt, Luke Minniear, Brandon Hopkins, Phillip Bennett, Trevor Sebastian ROW 7: Kaitlin Miller, Chris Rees, Jaden Wilson, Jeremy Paul Ryan, Christian Williams, Zane Gale, Justin Dampier, Jacob Yoder, Deonte Dismuke, Dalton Leslie, Matthew Mahoney, Ryan Murooney, Sarah Gwin BACK: Coach Kyle Mikkelsen, Coach Shane Teague, Coach Brian Muckerheide, Coach Trent Hillenburg, Coach Michael McBride, Coach Tim Bless, Coach Lou Sipe, Coach Aaron Karrer, Coach Teaneum Clark, Coach Nick Williams, Jason Perry, Michael Piekarski

pressure point “Don’t think about it; just do it.” junior Alec Friend

Coach Tim Bless How you deal with the pressure to win: “Though not always because there is a very real pressure to win from many angles, I try my best to focus on the process (give 100% each day, stress fundamentals, build relationships). When I’m comfortable with the process, I’m usually at peace with the outcomewin or lose.”

from the team “I’d rather feel pressured because I play better. “ junior Matthew Mahoney “[The plus side to feeling pressure] makes you play harder.” sophomore Dalton Leslie “[Pressure] causes you to think so you play slower.“ junior Michael DeDomec

seniors Vanand Abedian Parent(s): Julie Abedian Plans after high school: College How to deal with pressure: “Try to suck it up and win.”

Luis Arreola Parent(s): Ulisses Meza Plans after high school: College Miss after high school: “Hanging out with friends and playing games.”

Keith Barrett

Matthew Brown

Parent(s): Keith and Vivian Barrett Plans after high school: Go to college Plus side to pressure: “Competing better.”

Parent(s): Philip and Shirley Brown Plans after high school: College Advice: “Don’t ever give up.”

Luke Carr

Kobi cook

Parent(s): John and Candy Carr Plans after high school: College Where it has taken you: “Football has made me more confident and aggressive.”

Parent(s): Clifton Cook Plans after high school: Play college football Pressure Prevention: “Have dedication and patience and you’ll get what you deserve.”

Chae Douglas

Troy Federle

Parent(s): Rawle amd Avril Douglas Plans after high school: Four year college How to deal with pressure: “Stay calm and cool.”

Parent(s): Cliff and Julia Federle Plans after high school: Engineering college Where it has taken you: “Football has made me a better man and given me more discipline.”


Gabe Holt

Jacob HowartH

Parent(s): Louise Holt/Kevin Plans after high school: College Plus side to pressure: “It makes me perform better because I have a desire to win.”

Parent(s): Dave and Vicki Howarth Plans after high school: Purdue Advice: “Don’t quit during 2-a-days it gets easier.”

Julian Humes

Tyler King

Parent(s): Michael and Kim Humes Plans after high school: College Plus side to pressure: “It gives you what you need to win.”

Parent(s): Mike and Joy King Plans after high school: College Advice: “Play hard.”

Josh McCoy

Christian Miller

Parent(s): Charlie and Cindy McCoy Plans after high school: Play college football Miss after high school: “The relationship with the team.”

Parent(s): Steve Miller, Michael and Coey McBride Plans after high school: West Point or Princeton to play football. Advice: “Go hard everyday.”

Keenan Noel

Alex Perr

Parent(s): MeShelle Noel, Ray Gibson Plans after high school: Attending Ball State Plus side to pressure: “The feeling of victory.”

Parent(s): Andrew and Deb Perr Plans after high school: College How to deal with pressure: “Pretend that nobody is watching.”

Jake Reed

Will Rinehart

Parent(s): Casey and Laurie Reed Plans after high school: Play at IU Plus side to pressure: “Fatigue is no longer a factor.”

Parent(s): Jerry and Judy Rinehart Plans after high school: Undecided Miss after high school: “The atmosphere during the games.”

seniors Mateo Rodriguez

L.J. Roederer

Parent(s): Ray and Maria Rodriguez Plans after high school: College Advice: “Play because you love it, not because it’s cool.”

Parent(s): Scot and Terry Roederer Plans after high school: College Pressure prevention: “I focus on doing my job on the field.”

Zach Schroer

Justin Schulz

Parent(s): Bill and Deb Schroer Plans after high school: Go to college Where it has taken you: “To new heights.”

Parent(s): Robert and Janet Schulz Plans after high school: College Plus side to pressure: “Makes you work harder and go harder.”

Chris Shillings

Evan Sonderman

Parent(s): Kristy Moore Plans after high school: Play college football Advice: “Work hard, it pays off.”

Parent(s): Thomas and Therese Sonderman Plans after high school: College How to deal with pressure: “Take everything one step at a time.”

Matt Stott

Derek Trepanier

Parent(s): Mike and Natalie Stott Plans after high school: College Advice: “Safety first, then teamwork.”

Parent(s): Ron and Dina Trepanier Plans after high school: attend a 4 year college, studying marketing/business Miss after high school: “The bond with my teammates.”


Women’s Cross Country

FRONT: Emily Duke, Allison Grana, Mackenzie Caldwell, Maria Espinoza, Regan Pedigo, Sydney Keaton, Katie Stowers, Aly Bowman, Katlyn Westmeyer, Madison Woodard MIDDLE: Jaclyn Gill, Katie Waskom, Mackenzie Harris, Richelle Berry, Rachael Sollman, Alice Zhang, Macey Thornburg, Abbie Todd, Jessica Richadson BACK: Megan Montgomery, Olivia Kelley, Jamison Davis, Laurel Wolfe, Caryn Wolfe, Bethany Gill, Bethany Westbrook, Hailey Hirsch, Erin Shuffett

pressure point “When you get really nervous it’s hard to concentrate sometimes, you just need something to calm you down.” junior Katlyn Westmeyer

Coach Rick WeinHeimer How you deal with the pressure as a coach: “I try to concentrate on what I can control and maximize the benefits of those things.”

from the team “If you think about other things other than running hard, it’s difficult to get the best possible outcome.” junior Erin Shuffet

“I don’t like pressure, but I know it helps so I would rather feel it.” freshman MacKenzie Caldwell “I decided cross country because it is an easy sport to carry on after high school because it pushes me to be a better person.”

junior Bethany Westbrook

men’s Cross Country

FRONT: David Benson, Andrew Baldwin, Kaden Eaton, Karsin Tays, Gabe Ocasio, Sam Starnes, Kevin Rudzinski, Jerad George, Wes O’Dell ROW 2: Kyle Burton, Jonathan Baldwin, Andrew Diehn, Christopher Von Hoene, Kevin McKinney, Tim Hofmeister, Joshua Beiriger, Michael Keller ROW 3: Matt Meyer, Bryce Nystrom, Samuel Ford, Brian Federle, Blaike Travis, Adam Leclerc, Evan Scarbrough, Christopher Kelsey, BrBACK: Will Newman, Alex Harris, Alex Albers, David Powell, Mike Solik, Eric Scher, Nick Coffey, Michael Hudecek, Andrew Beiriger, Michael Sublette, Aaron Vaillancourt, Evan Scruton

from the team “Sometimes you get nervous and you can’t perform as well as you want.” sophomore Karson Tays “Pressure is often difficult to ignore if it persists and difficult tasks are good tests.” freshman Christopher Von Hoene “Sometimes you can get really nervous and forget your race plan and not race as smart as you planned.” sophomore Bryce Nystrom

pressure point “I might forget my race strategy or go out too slow or too fast.” sophomore David Benson

BRONZE D. Rick Colglazier CLU, CHFC 812-372-4400 Columbus Internal Medicine 812-376-9427 Frank Anderson Tire Co. 812-372-0261 Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept. 812-379-1740 19

Jonathan Baldwin

Andrew Bieriger

Parent(s): Dave and Theresa Baldwin Plans after high school: Mechanical engineering at Purdue Miss after high school: “The competitive team and working hard.”

Parent(s): Paul and Lisa Beiriger Plans after high school: running in college Where it has taken you: “It has shown me what it means to train hard.”

Kyle burton

Allison Grana

Parent(s): Bryan and Brandy Burton Plans after high school: A career in the field of history Advice: “Listen to Coach and take advantage of every day.”

Parent(s): Tom and Laura Grana Plans after high school: Pharmacy Plus side to pressure: “It causes me to push harder and run faster.”

Hailey Hirsch

Tim Hofmeister

Parent(s): Dan and Andra Hirsch Plans after high school: Elementary education Miss after high school: “The environment that the team creates as well as my second family.”

Parent(s): Monte and Jan Hofmeister Plans after high school: Run at and division I or II school Be doing instead: ”I would probably be playing a different sport.”

Gabe Ocasio

Jessica Richardson

Parent(s): Larry and Karla Reed Plans after high school:Run for a division I college Plus side to pressure: “I can use it as an extra adrenaline boast”

Parent(s): Joe and Brenda Richardson Plans after high school: Major in finance or economics Advice: “Don’t waste a heart beat. Use every single day.”

Abbie Todd

Katie Waskom

Parent(s): Steve and Cindy Todd Plans after high school: Registered nurse or pediatrician Pressure prevention: “Do anything to calm myself and stay positive.”

Parent(s): Larry and Anne Waskom Plans after high school: College How you deal with pressure: “I focus on the race ahead of me and listen to certain songs.”



FRONT: Jessica Schultz, Quin Shoultz, Emily Scheidt, Sydnee Jackson, Julie Reece, Alex Reid, Audrey Lewis BACK: Coach Megan Shaff, Molly Rinehart, Rachel Ozols, Rachael Miller, Kasi Prohaska, Coach Shannon Burch, Coach Kathy Cox

pressure point

“Pressure in a way gets me pumped up but yet nervous.” junior Julie Reece

Coach Megan Shaff Do you feel the pressure: “No. We work to be our best each and every day. Some of the winning or losing is out of our control, so we work to control ourselves.”

from the team “I prevent myself from cracking under pressure by just trying to relax.” junior Emily Scheidt I try to motivate myself to do my best and to stay focused on playing.” freshman Morgan Fox “[Pressure] makes me think too much about something and I have a stronger chance of messing up.” sophomore Hannah Ballard

seniors Rachel Ozols Parent(s): Chuck and Jean Ozols Plans after high school: 4 year college vocal performance How to deal with pressure: “I try to stay calm and do the best I can every time. Pressure is almost always good because it gets everyone pumped.”

Alex Reid Parent(s): Kord and Kim Reid Plans after high school: College and play volleyball Pressure prevention: “Remembering that volleyball is a team sport and that my team is also feeling the pressure, so we can work through it together.”

blue and white Raft to Rafters State Farm Hoosier Sporting Goods That Special Touch First Financial Bank 23


FRONT: Lindsey Hladik, Meghan Bailey, Niki Prestel, Kristi Fier, Mikah Rushalk, Courtney Crompton BACK: Molly Elifritz, Kelsie Bevis, Toni Bennett, Shelby Newkirk, Balli Mitchell

pressure point “I just try to have fun and it makes everything work out.” sophomore Payton Nowling

from the team “I stay confident and breathe.” freshman Kathryn Notestine

Coach katie schadenfroh How you deal with pressure: “You have to learn to stop and breathe. Not taking anything personally is very important.”

“I just strive to do my best. Honestly, I don’t get pressured.” junior Meghan Bailey “I would rather feel pressured because being pressured motivates me to do my best.” sophomore Lexie Cain

seniors Kelsie bevis

Kristi Fier

Parent(s): David and Rebecca Bevis Plans after high school: College: major in business Advice: “Make high school what you can. It goes by fast.”

Parent(s): Jim and M’lss Fier Plans after high school: Go to the Kelly School of Business at IU How to deal with pressure: “I just breathe and laugh it off.”

Lindsay Hladik

bailli mitchell

Parent(s): John and Lisa Hladik Plans after high school: College Pressure Prevention: “Act like no one is watching you.”

Parent(s): Greg and LeaAnn Mitchell Plans after high school: National Guard or 4 year college Advice: “Don’t stress and have fun.”

Niki Prestel Parent(s): Dan and Jill Prestel Plans after high school: 4 year college Plus side to pressure: “It makes me work harder because I don’t want to mess up in front of a crowd.”


Bull Dog Booster List Mark and Kit Akins Brian and Becca Ballard* Mike and Carol Behling and Family* Paul and Lisa Beirger Debra Bennett Tim Bless and Family Joe and Debbie Brougher Scott and Beth Burbrink Mark and Jennifer Carlson David and Rachel Clark* Susan and Dave Coffey Family* Pam Cunningham and Family* Jeff and Kathy Cunnington Tim and Suzanne Diehn Jim and Mary Ellen Duke Alan and Judie Eddleman Denise Engle Patty and Ron England Lance Farmer and Family* Brett and Lora Fathauer Steven and Mary Ferdon Jim and M’Liss Fier Rick and Janine Ford Dr Nathan and Sarah Frasier Barry and Sarah Gill Bill and Rinda Goins Ned Goodall and Family* The Grana Family* Mark and Renee Gorbett John Green and Family* Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas Grimm John and Kathy Hall Cindy and Brad Hamilton and Family* Jan and Doug Harris and Family*

Jeff Hester* Bonnie Hicks Barry and Nancy Hiquet Jan and Monte Hofmeister Dave and Vicki Howarth Vince James and Family* Augustine Jung and Eunmee Yi Anne Keaton Eric and Theresa Kelsey Mickey, Jenny, Betsy, Maggie, and Emily Kim Pete and Kathy King Greg and Carol Kostrzewsky Lou and Marth Kremple Steve and Denise Larson* Hung Geun Lee Jim and Carla Lemke Chris and Melissa Lewis and Family Julia Dunlap Likens Steve and Susan Long Bill and Melissa Mahoney Jan Matchette Paul and Cheryl McAvoy Cindy McCoy and Family Dave and Jo McKinney Tim and Laura Millwood and Family Brian Mocherheide/ Amanda Clary Gary and Kelly Moody Jim and Chris Newkirk and Family John and Connie Oliver Chip and Julie Orben* The Perr Family Jason, Jennifer, Sam, and Hannah Perry

Charlotte and John Prohaska Marsha and Randy Proffitt Brian and Annette Purdue Jeff and Linda Reece Kordell and Kim Reid Jerry and Judy Rinehart and Family* Doug and Deb Roese Todd Roberts Wayne Roberts* Rick and Christi Russell Bob and Gabrielle Ryan Scott Seavers Jim and Karin Scarbrough Dand and Sharon Sharp Tim and Linda Shuffett* Ted and Lucretia Sims and Family* Stephen and Patty Sollman Mike and Lisa Spock Derek and Kristi Stewart Bill and peggy Storkman Bill and Shannon Tompkins Tom and Stephanie Thornburg Steve Tyler Anne and Larry Waskom and Family* John and Janice Wolfe* Wes and Dina Woodard James and Brenda Vogel Clyde/Angela Xi Chitra Zacharias Patrick and Denise Zaharako Sheryl and Bill Ziegler*

Special Events Mooresville Scrimmage - Friday, Aug. 13 Hamburger/Hot Dog

East/North Game - Friday, Aug. 27 Mahoney’s Fish

Franklin Central - Friday, Sept. 10 Taco Salad

Pike - Friday, Sept. 24 Mahoney’s fish

Southport - Friday, Oct. 15 BBQ

* Denotes Booster Board

Sponsored by:

Are you a member of the 2010-11 Bull Dog Booster Club? Join now! Supports Columbus North Athletics - All sports Donated $430,844 to CN Athletics between 1985- 2008 Raised funds for the CN fitness facility opened in Fall 2003, North/East Turf Project installed summer 2006 and press box for Soccer Complex 2007 Partnered with CN Journalism to bring you the All Sports Media Guide for fall, winter and spring. Look for your name in the Booster Club Membership Listing. Sponsor student/athlete financial assistance fund, sports physicals, tailgates, Blue & White Spirit Day, concessions, soup cook off and elementary basketball tournament. All Columbus North students benefit from the fantastic fitness facility. Our goal is to achieve 100% membership from Columbus North families. If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask a board member or let us know when you return the form below.

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JV/freshman teams FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRONT: Neal Shaw, Sergio Armendariz, Riku Nakajima, Andrew Jones, Mike Nielson, Chase Chapman, Robert Booth, Rusty Campbell, Kenny King ROW 2: Cody Carr, Steven Couch, Jacob Lashley, Roarke Moody, Edgar Garay, McKinley Royalty, Julian Laboy, Tolby Taylor, Lucas Lavaux ROW 3: Frank Sessions, Randall Rothrock, Andrew Schwartz, Michael Vogel, Joey Gerth, Chase McNealy, Mason Newkirk, Kayl Walton, Jaset Wells ROW 4: Francisco Avitia, Caleb Schryer, Jared Newkirk, Jacob Barnette, Luke Teague, Justin Skiruin, Jacob Prewitt, Logan Lunsford, Tyson Clark BACK: Coach Kyle Mikkelsen, Coach Shane Teague, Coach Nick Williams, Coach Michael Piekarski

JV WOMEN’S SOCCER FRONT: Caroline Pflueger, Jaclyn Gill, Christina DeSanto, Becca Fogler, Kaci Tompkins, Shelby George, Rachel Hart, Autumn Elkins, Katherine McAvoy, Gabby Sims BACK: Coach Mike Spock, Emma Brown, Ellen Hacker, Hannah Bailey, Haley Meek, Tessa Lane, Sara Vanderkolk, Erika Russell, Kaydee Akins, Kelsey Smith, Coach Megan McCormick

FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL FRONT: Kenzie Mace, Tessa Krempel, Kristina Shulz, Nikki Mason, Allie Purdue, Shannah Hercamp, Morgan Fox, Devon Roese BACK: Brianna Goins, Coach Megan Shaff, Jessica England, Emily Wilkerson, Mara Krempel, Sydney Wendel, Coach Shannon Burch, Coach Kathy Cox

RESERVE MEN’S SOCCER FRONT: Blake Hurd, Chase Spurling, Matthew Verplank, Austen Wilson, Mauricio Rosas MIDDLE: Omar De Luna, Sebastian Davila, Derek Baker, Ryan Curlin, Juan Ramirez, Sam Delemp BACK: Coach John Sadtler, Seth Vincent, Bill Gretsinger, Nathan Parkhurst, Jacob Phillips, Zach Barnes

JV MEN’S SOCCER FRONT: Ben Davis, Matthew Verplank MIDDLE: Shunya Miyashiro, Jake Stewart, Steven Benson, John Basile, Jackson Grimm, Tyler Gerometta, Andy Conrad, Isaac Lax, Sam Ferdon, Keaton Voegerl, Bradley Shaw, Joe Bridgeman, Coach Jerry Smith BACK: Oscar Diaz, Luke Lyvers, Rob Hughes, Kevin Chon, Mason. Engel, Will Bridgeman, Christian Rodriguez, Riley Belding, Hugh Hamill, Nick Waskom, Parker Hirsch, Not pictured: Coach Pence

JV CHEERLEADING FRONT: Kuresha Moore, Mayce Kinsey, Allyson Turner, Chelsea Wieland, Claire Owens BACK: Payton Nowling, Avery Zeller, Hannah Thompson, Lexie Cain, Erin Jones

FRESHMAN CHEERLEADING FRONT: Tiffany Schutte, Courtney Lucas, Karly Noland, Mallory Meyer BACK: Lauren Tucker, Natasha Adams, Kathryn Notestine, Shae Fox

JV VOLLEYBALL FRONT: Gabrielle McLemore, Diana Hilycord, Jessica Mao, Amanda Pittman, Kristen Clark, Kelsey Cunningham, Sydney Nickerson BACK: Coach Megan Shaff, Hanna Ballard, Katie Burbrink, Brenna Eddelman, Regan Cunnington, Coach Shannon Burch, Coach Kathy Cox



FOOTBALL 8/27 9/3 9/10 9/17 9/24 10/1 10/8 10/15 10/22 10/29 11/5 11/12 11/19 11/27

East Bloomington North Franklin Central Lawrence Central Pike Perry Meridian Bloomington South Southport Sectional Sectional Sectional Final Regional Semi-State State @ Lucas Oil

7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00


8/28 9/4 9/11 9/16 9/18 9/25 10/6 10/12 10/16 10/23 10/30

Rushville Invite Martinsville Classic Brown County Classic Columbus East Flashrock Invite Culver Invite Conference Indiana Sectional Regional Semi-State State

10:00 9:00 9:30 5:00 10:00 9:00 4:30 5:00 10:30 10:30 1:00


MEN’S SOCCER WOMEN’S SOCCER 8/28 8/31 9/2 9/3 9/4 9/9 9/11 9/16 9/17 9/18 9/20 9/21 9/23 9/28 10/2 10/7 10/9 10/13 10/16 10/23 10/30

East Bloomington North Franklin Central Hoosier Cup Hoosier Cup Lawrence Central Pike Perry Meridian Cantebury Classic Cantebury Classic East Central Bloomington South

Southport Seymour Jennings County Secional Sectional Final Regional Regional Final Semi-State State

4/8:00 5:30 5:30 TBA TBA 5:30 10:00 5:30 7:00 11:00 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:00 2:00 6:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 TBA TBA


8/28 9/1 9/3 9/8 9/13 9/15 9/18 9/20 9/28 9/30 10/2 10/6 10/9 10/11 10/12 10/14 10/16 10/20 10/23 10/30

East Franklin Central Zionsville Lawrence Central Pike Perry Meridian Cantebury Bloomington South

Batesville Whiteland JV Greenfield Central Southport Hamilton SE Secional Secional Secional Sectional Final Regional Semi-State State

4/8:00 5:30 5:00 5:30 5:30 5:30 1:00 5:30 6:00 5:30 11:00 5:30 10:00 TBA TBA TBA TBA 7:00 TBA TBA



MEN’S TENNIS 8/31 9/1 9/2 9/4 9/7 9/9 9/11 9/14 9/16 9/18 9/21 9/30 10/1 10/2 10/5 10/6 10/9 10/16

Franklin Central East Lawrence Central Central Pike Perry Meridian CN Invite Bloomington South Southport Silver Creek Invite Greenwood Secional Secional Sectional Final Regional Regional Semi-State State

5:00 4:15 5:00 9:00 5:00 5:00 9:00 5:00 5:00 10:00 4:30 4:30 4:30 9:00 5:00 5:00 10:00 10:00


WOMEN’S GOLF 8/31 9/1 9/4 9/7 9/8 9/13 9/14 9/15 9/18 9/25 10/1 10/2

Center Grove Franklin Hall of Fame Martinsville Martinsville JV Conference Indiana Columbus East CN jV invite Sectionals Regionals State State

4:15 4:45 1:00 4:30 4:30 10:00 10:00 4:15 TBA 8:30 8:30 8:30


VOLLEYBALL 8/31 9/2 9/4 9/7 9/9 9/11 9/14 9/16 9/18 9/18 9/18 9/23 9/28 9/30 10/2 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/9 10/12 10/14 10/21 10/23 10/30 11/8

Franklin Central Lawrence Central North Central JV/V Pike Center Grove Jennings Co. Perry Meridian Brownstown 9th Tourney Roncalli Tourney New Albany Tourney

Martinsville Scottsburg East Richmond Bloomington Floyd Central Franklin East Southport Seymor Sectional Sectional Regional State

5:30 5:30 9:00 5:30 5:30 JV/V 5:30 5:30 9:00 9:00 10:00 5:30 5:30 5:30 9:00 5:30 6:00 5:30 9:00 5:30 5:30 TBA TBA TBA TBA


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